The Fundamental Conflicts Between Islam And Qadiyaniyat By Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kandhelvi (r.a)
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The Fundamental Conflicts Between Islam And Qadiyaniyat By Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kandhelvi (r.a)






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The Fundamental Conflicts Between Islam And Qadiyaniyat By Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kandhelvi (r.a) The Fundamental Conflicts Between Islam And Qadiyaniyat By Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kandhelvi (r.a) Document Transcript

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  • 2 Detail of bookName of the book : The Fundamental Confilicts Between Islam And QadiyaniyatNumber of pages : 24Written by : Hazrat Moulana Mohd Idrees KandhalviEdited by : Moulana Mohd Abdul QaviPrice :15Published by : Barakaath Book Depot Hyd. Available at:  Office Majalis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Hyd.  Maktaba Faiz-e-Abrar Near Akbari Masjid Hyd.  Hindustan Paper Emporium Machli Kaman Hyd.  Barakaath Book Depot Sayeedabad Hyd.
  • 3 FOREWORD In a Hadith, dress has been compared to religionbecause the way the dress protects/safe guards thehuman beings, their identity and the dress is means forbeauty, in the same way, the religion also protects the lifehere and hereafter, prepares one’s life and is identifyingsource. As soon as a baby is born, it is dressed up and asit grows up, the new dresses are required in line with itsgrowth/age. And then a time comes when it enters into itsyouth and reaches peak in terms of abilities and strength,and at this stage the dress that decors it is most fittingand remains the same for ever and doest not necessitateany change. Similarly the man kind for its culturaldevelopment needed and were provided sharia (code oflaw) and Moahmmed SAW (pbuh) was sent and apostleat the time when the mankind reached fully developedcultural form (tamaddun). So the Shariat (Islamic code oflaw) that descended along with prophet Mohammed SAW(pbuh) was with such glory that it remains until dooms dayand mankind does not need any new Sharia (Islamic codeof law). This fact has been informed by Quran in thefollowing verse.                                            This is a clear announcement that with MohammedSAW (pbuh), the chain of prophecies has been sealed and
  • 4the mankind under the guidance of Sharia (Islamic code oflaw) of Mohammed SAW (pubh) will do its journey untildooms day. Because the sealing of prophets is thecollective consensus of whole muslim nation (umma) andit is also accepted faith that after prophet MohammedSAW (pbuh) any one who claims prophethood and hisfollowers are zandeeq (who promote infidelity as Islam andmisguide others) and without doubt are out of Islam. Unfortunately under the influence of british in india,Mirza Ghuam Ahmed Qadiyani has claimed fals eprophethood and his followers to cheat innocent muslimssay that Qadiyanis are also muslims and the way there areso many sects in Muslims, and there are trival differencesbetween the sects, similarly Qadiyani has just trivaldifferences. But this is mere cheating andmis-understanding because between Muslims andqadiyani it is not just one or two differences or conflicts butall of the fundamental articles are conflicting and differing. In this connection, there is an important article titled“MIRZAYIT KA USOOLI IKHTILAF” by renowned scholarof Islam and Muhaqqiq Hazrat Moulana Mohammed IdrisKandhelvi (R), previous Sheikhuttafseer (Master ofQuranic Exegecis) Darul- uloom Devband, Shaikul HadithJamia Ashrafia Lahore. Moulana Idris is one of the highlyesteemed and distinguished scholars of Islam. The threeworks of Moulana, “Mariful Quran” in line of Tafseer
  • 5(Quranic Exegesis), “Attalluq Assahih (arabi)” Shara ofMishkat Shareef in line of Hadith and “Seerat-e-Mustafa”(three parts) are the most exemplary works left behind byhim for the muslim nation (umma). Narration and beliefwere his two special aspects. He had regular writings onIslamic Belief /Creed and in all his writings the orationalstyle is fully reflected. Due to this Moulana Idris had a veryimportant part in Rejection of Qadiyaniyat and in thisconnection this booklet is a great work. Hazarat Moulana Kandhelvi was a great scholar andhis writings were also scholaric and used to be in schoolicstyle. Now a days due to down-trend in Urdu language ithas become very hard to explain to the new generation.Allah may bestow his blessings and rewards on myrespected friend Moulana Mufti Ghayasuddin Saheb, whocalled upon Hazrat Moulana Abdul Qavi Saheb totransform this booklet into easily understood language andMoulana Abdul Qavi Saheb has accomplished it withgreat beauty and responsibility. In fact the ease and stylehave made this writing doubly rewarding and scholarsand muslims in general both alike can benefit out of it. Inthis booklet, 10 fundamental conflicts in light of writingsfrom Mirza himself have been discussed. If any personwith intention of seeking truth, reads this, will surely andundoubtedly know and understand that Qadiyani is Kufr(infidelity) and it is not one of the sects of Muslims. But it
  • 6is treachery against Islam and an evil effort to take off theprophethood from Mohammed SAW (pbuh) and crownhimself (Mirza) with prophethood. One of the aims of “Majlis-e-Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabawwut” Andhra Pradesh is also to publish mostbeneficial books on this subject of Rejecting Qadiyanit andensure that these reach all the muslims and this booklet isone of them as an humble effort. Allah may reward Hazrat Moulana Idris with Noor inhis grave, also reward graciously Hazrat Moulana AbdulQavi and protect the whole Muslim nation(umma) fromthis fitna (religious chaos, tribulation, corruption andmischief and spreading of it), and reward us sinners tobecome the dust of the path of this blessed movement, sothat on the Day of judgement along with our wrong doingswe can present our humble efforts and have an excuse togain Shifaat (recommendation) of Mohammed SAW(pbuh) as we have no other ways and means of salvationexcept hoping for the mercy of Allah and hoping forShifaat of Mohammed SAW (pbuh).                  Khalid Saifullah Rahmani (Khadim “Majlis-e-Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabawwut” Andhra Pradesh) 15 Jamadi ul Ula, 1426 June 24,2005
  • 7    PREFACE Islam is a whole and complete religion and it isAllah’s las t Sharia (Is l am ic c ode of la w ). A ndMohammed SAW is the last of all the prophets andapostles sent by Allah Subhanahuwatala. It is thecollective consensus and faith of all the Muslims thatafter Mohammed SAW (pbuh) neither a prophet comesnor a holy book will be sent, neither there is a need for it.Innumerable verses in Quran Karim and Hadith Saheehhave reaffirmed this faith and belief. From the time of Mohammed SAW (pbuh) itself,some wretched and unblessed people have denied thelast prophethoodness of Mohammed SAW (pbuh) andclaimed themselves to be the prophets but all of themhave been sent to their destiny. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani is also one ofthose unfortunate and wretched people, who in thebeginning to allure muslims, called upon them to workfor benefit of Islam and it was a deceit and then whenhe succeeded to some extent, he exposed his ownpurpose by claiming himself the guardian of Islam andthen Mahedvi and then Maseeh and finally claimed
  • 8himself to be the prophet and the last of the prophets.Some ignorant Muslims who are not aware of trueconsensus or faith or belief, have been caught in thisweb. And this movement now has taken a shape ofworld wide fitna. But the learned Ulemas right from thefirst day have been on watch out and have been takingc a re o f t h ei r r e s p o ns i bi l it y t o s a f e g u ar d t h eKhatm-e-Nabuwwat (end/seal of chain ofphrophethood) and inshalla continue to do so until thelast nail is hammered into the coffin of this fitna. Hazrat Moulana Idris Saheb Kandhelvi is a greatscholar. He was a commentator of Quran and ShaikhulHadith. He authored lot of religious knowledge books.He als o made aware the muslims of this “FitnaQadiyaniat” and warned to be on watch and he collectedand c om piled the quotes and faiths of M irzaGhulamAhmed Qadiyani from their own books whichprove that Qadiyanis are not Muslims but they followsome other religion than Islam. Meaning, the religion of Islam which HazratMohammed SAW brought to mankind, and which wasaccepted and followed by the Companions of HazratMohammed SAW,and companions’ followers, theHeads of all schools of thought, and Jurisprudence,experts and commentators of Quran, Muhaddeseen,
  • 9Scholars, Virtuous personalities and all Muslims is adifferent religion from that of which Qadiyanis areclaiming and following. There is difference of skies andearth between the two religions. This booket was in old hard style language wiseand scholaric. On the insistence of Hazarant MoulanaMufti Ghayasuddin sahib, I have taken up the task ofre-writing this book in easy language so that all muslimsin general can easily benfit out of it. Allah Subhanahu watala with his grace andgenerosity bestow acceptance of this book and protectall the muslim nation (umma) from turning away from theright path and from going astray. Mohmmed Abdul Qavi Nazim Idara Ashraful Uloom,Hyderabad 18 Jamadi ussani,1424
  • 10                            Many people are in a misunderstanding aboutqadiyanies that " it is also a sect of islam, just they arehaving some conflict in some trivial and secondaryaffairs, which is also found in other islamic sects."Thatswhy they slink away from admiting that qadiyanies areMurtad (infidels) and are non-muslims. However it is wrong to think that qadiyanath is oneof islamic sects (Muslims of other school of thought).Such type of thought is due to lack of knowledge andawareness regarding the basic princples of islam._ It isvery unfortunate that many muslims dont have thecorrect knowledge of islamic fundamentals. It is an admitted fact that " each and every religionhave its own princples and beliefs, which are thepeculiar and distinctive features of that religion." Itmeans on the basis of these princples that religion isrecognised and distinguished from other religions.Therefore islam is also having some basic beliefs andlaws. If any one sticks himself to these fundamentalsand have conflict in other matters then such a conflict is
  • 11called as a "trivial conflict" and such a person is still inIslam and he is named a muslim. But if any one haveconflict with these principles itself and had crossed theirlimits, then such a person is no more a muslim, he willbe treated as murtad (infidel) or non-muslim. This type ofbasic conflict is found between the muslims andqadiyanies so the qadiyanic sect is infidel and is out ofislam. In this booklet this basic difference will beexplained to some extent, so that the misunderstandingof muslims may get away and the real matter may beknown : 1.Q ad iy anies them se lve s c la im t o havefundamental conflict with us: It is not the only claim of muslims that qadiyaniesare having basic and faith related conflict with islam andmuslims, they themselves say that their conflict withmuslims is not trivial but it is fundamental. For examplesee the tex t of their book " Majam uah fatawahahmediyah" " It is completely wrong that there is sometrivial conflict between we andnon-ahmedics(muslims). Because denying the onewho has been appointed by Allah(i.e., one who issent by Allah) is infidelity. Our position (Muslims) areatheists of mirza sahebs appointment(his prophesy).
  • 12Now say how can this conflict will be a trivial one."(Fatawa ahmediyah According to us the opposition of qadiyanies withislam and muslims is fundamental not trivial. And theqadiyanies themselves also say the same. So by this itis known that qadiyanath and islam both are differentreligions. 2. Religion also changes with the change ofprophet: Due to the change of prophet religion and tribe alsochanges. For example if anyone believes only in Esa(p.b.h) then he is a christian and one who believes onlyin Musa (p.b.h) is called a jew. He is not eligible to benamed as a Muslim or Muhammadi. In the samemanner if any christian or a jew starts to believe inHazrath Muhammed (p.b.h) and admits that he is thefinal messenger then he is not mentioned as a jew orchristian rather he is mentioned as a muslim. Mulsimsbelieve that Hazrath Muhammed(p.b.h) is Allahsprophet and his final messenger. Where as qadiyanies__ admits Mirza Gulam Ahmed qadiyani as their prophet.For example it is written in _ their book "Tatimmahhaqeeqatul wahi" I swear by the god who is havingmy soul in his hands he had sent me and named menabi (prophet) [Haqeeqatul wahi]; The true god
  • 13is the one who had sent his prophet in qadiyan(Daafeul-bala So when we came to know that qadiyanis prophetis different, then he faith and religion of both are alsodifferent. Hence the followers of mirza gulam ahamedqadiyani can be mentioned as mirzaee, gulamee orqadiyani, but they cant be metioned as a musim or amuhammadi. 3. The series of prophets came to an end: It is the basic and unanimously consented faith ofall the muslims that Hazraht Muhammed(p.b.h) is thefinal prophet of Allah, and no prophet will arrive after himtill the doomsday. This is the faith of all the companionsof prophet tabayeen and all the religious scholars ofmuslim nation in the light of quranic verse                                  (al-ahzab:70) and v arious ahadith, And all had adm ittedunanimously that hazrath Muhammed(p.b.h) is the finalmessenger and the series of prophets came to an end athim. No new prophet will arrive know. It is a fundamentaland basic belief of islam in which no islamic sect ishaving any type of conflict. ( As far as the issue ofHazrath ESA(p.b.h) he was a prophet sent before our
  • 14prophet (p.b.h),and in the same state he was raised tothe sky, Whenever he will arrive, his arrival will be toissue the religion of our prophet (p.b.h), he will not arrivewith a new prophecy therefor there will be no effect ofhis arrival( in the end) on being our prophet the finalprophet. Agains t the faith belief of all m us lim s theqadiyanies believe that the chain of prophecy didntcame to an end at Muhammed(p.b.h). Gulam Ahamedqadiyaniss claim that: "How can you gain those favours withoutprophets and messengers? so as to make you reachthe d e g r e e of f ai t h a nd l o ve t he a r r i val o fmessengers occasionally is essential and throughtheir intervention you will gain those favours." (lecture siyaal Koot “I am not any new messe nger, manymessengers came before me (Al-hukum 10th April1908) our claim is that we are messengers andapostles" (Al-hukum 5th March 1908.) In this way Gulam Ahmed qadiyani makes his owndifferent belief i.e., the continuity of the series ofprophecy after our prophet Muhammed(p.b.h) andestablishes a false claim of his prophecy. And his
  • 15followers admit Gulam Ahmed qadiyani as their prophetnext to Muhammed(p.b.h) and change the meaning ofthequranic verse which clearly mentions the end ofprophecy so they give an inappropriate explanation ofour unanimously consented belief in this way: “Allah the almighty had endowed HazrathMuhammed (p.b.h) with a seal, means god hadgiven him the seal which is not given to any otherprophet in order to spread the excellencies. That’s     why he was named as (   )" (Hashiyah haqeeqatulwahi Through this and many other such explanationsmiraza and his followers want to say that the meaningof the word ‘Khatam’ ( ) is not ‘final’, but it means astamp with which he puts seal and shows his nation thathe is a prophet. Where as the whole muslm nationbesides mirzaess unanimously agreed that Muhammed(p.b.h) is the final prophet as it is explored in many sahihahaidth. So the first thing in islam on which the wholenation unanimously convinced is ‘the person who claimsto be a prophet is a liar, he must be killed. So in the lifespan of Muhammed_ (p.b.h) itself when a person called"aswad anasee" claimed to be a prophet, our prophetMuhammed_ (p.b.h) asked one of his companions to killhim. So was beheaded. Again Abu-Bakr Siddiq_ (R.d.a)
  • 16dispatched a force under the leadership of Khalid binWaleed (R.d.a) to kill musilamah (a big liar). Somusilamah and his 28000 followers were sent to hell.Similarly talaha asadee claimed to be a prophet, soabu-bakr(R.d.a) had given the order to kill him. So hewas also killed. In the same way when a person namedHaris claimed to be a prophet, Khalifa Marwaan killedhim by the collective decision of the companions ofprophet and tabayeen. In the time of Khaleefa HaroonRasheed a person was killed according to court’sjudgment for claiming to be a prophet. This shows thatHazrath Muhamm ed (p.b.h) is the final prophetaccording to islam and muslims. After him no newprophet will arrive. Who ever claims to be a prophet nextto him will be a murtad (infidel) and who ever obeys himis also an infidel. It must be known that the punishmentof infidelity in islam is to slay. Even in the religion ofqadiyanies also the punishment of the one who rejectstheir prophet or even a khalifah (successor) is to slay.That’s why nooruddin qadiyani says: “God made me the successor, neither I can besuspended through your words nor any one have theability to suspend me, if you keep on forcing, then keep inmind I am having Khalid bin Waleeds (plural) whom willpunish you like infidels"(Tasheed-ul-azhaan vil:9
  • 17 4. Being Obedient to Muhammed(p.b.h) isenough for salvation: All the muslims had collectively admitted that tohave faith in Hazarath Muhammed(p.b.h) and to followhim is sufficient for the success in the here after. But it isnot enough in qadiyanies’ view. Moreover (it needs tohave faith in mirzas prophecy) until a person didn’t havefaith in his prophecy he is an eternal kafir (infidel) anddeserves the hell. It is forbidden to marry him. It is notproper to join his funeral. Just go through: “ Who ever is having adversary with us is a jew,christian, idolator and hellish" (Tableeqh-e-risalath “every one who received my invitation anddidn’t accept me is not a muslim". ( “Infact our enemies became hogs ofdeserts and their women are worst than dogs."(Durr-e- Mateen “all those muslims who hadnot included themselves in the oath of allegance ofmaseeh mouood ( the maseeh who was promised tosent in past) whether they had heard his name or notthey are infidels and non- muslims" ( It means crores of muslims all over the worldwho don’t believe in the qadiyani’s prophet are infidels,idolators and hellish in qadiyanies’ view and only thosepeople (qaiyanies) are mulsims. (we seek allah’s
  • 18protection) 5. Whose Quranic interpretation is actually reliable? It is the firm belief of muslims that only the quranicinterpretation of Muhammed (p.b.h) is actually reliable.In the Quran itself Muhammed (p.b.h) was mentioned asthe interpreter of the holy quran. If his explanation is notfound then the interpretation of his companions andtabayeen (their followers) will be reliable. But mirzas ah ib an d his f oll ow er s s ay th at on ly m i rz a’ sinterpretation is reliable even though his explanation isagainst to sahih ahadith and the whole ummath (muslimnation). See what he says: “There is a big difference between we (me) andMuhammed(p.b.h) because I always receive the aidand support of God" (Nuzool-ul- maseeh “Thefoundation of my claim is qur an and divinerevelation which descended on me. Yes we presentthose ahadith as a support which are according toquran and are not against to my divine revelationand we throw the other ahadith as waste scraps"( tofah-e-goldviah, Its clear that this conflict of qadiyanies with muslimsis also fundamental and faith related (non trivial) which
  • 19separates the qadiyanies from Muslims and makes theirreligion a religion besides Islam. 6. Isn’t the Quran God’s final revelation…? Muslims believe that Quran is the last book ofAllah and believe that now Allah will never bring downany other revelation or book till the last day. Butaccording to qadiyanies the claims of mirza areequivalent to Quran and to believe in them is asimportant as to believe in Quran. Reading the artificialand self prepared revelation of mirza is also a form ofworship as the recitation of Quran. The revelation ofmirza is also a miracle like quran. Ler us once gothrough their belief: “The Diving Revelation Of God Descended onme to such an extent that if it is totally written it willnot be less than 20 parts." (Haqeeqatul-wahi 91) .“The pleasure and faith obtained by quran, cannotbe obtained through any other books. Similarly thepleasure and delite obtained by r eading therevelations of maseeh mouood cannot be obtainedby reading any other book. Hazrath Maseeh mouoodis appointed to teach his revelations only to his clan.It is obligatory for ahmadian tribe to believe and actaccording to his revelations" (an- nubuwatu fil-
  • 20 7. Is Jihad Forbidden in Islam…? According to Islamic belief jihad is a form ofworship and its command along with all its details willremain as long as Islam remains. Jihad’s mention,incitement and its laws are present in countless placesof Quran and hadith. But mirza’s claim is “the commandof jihad is demolished with my appearance. It isabsolutely forbidden especially to wage a war againstbritish. So after my appearance there is no jihad withswords, a white flag of peace and freedom has beenraised from our side. “Who wages a war is an enemy of God, one who believes in it is an atheist of prophet, now leave the thought of jihad oh! Friends, It is forbidden now to wage a war and fight for religion" (arbaeen no:4 “In time of maseeh mouood(Mirza gulaamahmed) the command of jihad was absolutelydemolished. Fighiting with infidels is forbidden forme."( Khutba-e- ilhamiyah “Helping the britishgovernment and erasing the thought of jihad’swicked issue is a good thing" (ejaaz-e-ahmedi
  • 21 8. Who is d istinguished o f all pr ophet sMuhammed or Mirza…? It is the firm belief of islam and muslims that theprophets are the most prominent of all the humans,especially our prophet (p.b.h) is the most distinguishedof all prophets. Any person (however virtueous he maybe) is not equal to a prophet. On contrary to this thebelief of mirza and qadiyanies is “Mirza is not onlyprominent than all the prophets but he is also prominentthan Mohammed (p.b.h)" “ T he r e i s a l o t o f d i f f e r e nc e b e t w e e nMohammed (p.b.h) and us because I always receivethe aid and support of God." (Nuzool-ul-maseeh“Leave the rememberance of mary’s son, GulamAhmed is better than him" (Daafe-ul-bala “Mohammed (p.b.h) has arrived again in us withadvanced glory than what it was oh akmal Thosewho wants to see Mohammed(p.b.h) must go toqadiyan and see Gulam Ahmed". (paigaam-e-Sulah 24March 1916). M ea ns G ul am Ahm ed is ( w e s ee k al la h’ sprotection) the rebirth of Mohammed(p.b.h) and in hissecond birth he appeared w ith more adv ancedcapabilities than before.
  • 22 9. Do qadiyanies have same beliefs as we haveabout Esa(p.b.h)..? Hazrath Esa (p.b.h) is Allah’s prophet with highdetermination and quran had announced his chastityand his honor and mentioned his mother as siddiqah(the most faithful) and the chaste. All the muslims havethe same belief about him. But it is beyond our capabilityto explain what type of beliefs mirza gulam ahmed ishaving about him and the way he percepts in his glory,because just its imagination also makes out hair erect.But to understand the beliefs of qadiyanies see a fewexamples: “If maseeh the son of mary would have been inour age then he will be unable to do those thingswhich I can and he can’t show those miracles whichare apperaring from me." (Haqeeqat-ul-wahi “3three paternal and maternal grand mothers ofmaseeh were prostitutes. He was born with theirblood". (Zameemah anjaam-e- aatham “Also keep itin your mind that he (maseeh) is also having a littlehabit of lying." (zameemah anjaam-e- 10. Who was addressed in the following versesMirza or Muhammed(p.b.h)..? More Over mirza determines that the innumerable
  • 23verses such as                                  Etc., which were revealed in the eminence    of Mohammed (p.b.h) are related to him where as thewhole muslim nation unanimously agreed that these arerelated to Mohammed (p.b.h.). Besides this qadiyanies also believe that: “The land of qadiyan is like meccamukarammah and madeena munawarrah." (Baraheen-e-ahmadiyah pno:557). “T he m os que o f q ad iy an is eq ual t oMasjid-e-aqsa (Al-fazal 1915 “Visiting qadiyan is equivalent to haj" (al-fazavol24, 64) “Those who see Mirza are equivalent to thecompanions of prophet."(Al-fazal vol 24,pno:64) “The graveyard of qadiyan is better than all thegrave yards on the Earth." (malfazath-e- But where as the muslim beliefs are exactlyopposite to it. Any how these are some examples through whichwe want to prove infront of muslims that “Though thereiligion of Mirza and his followers is different from Islam,
  • 24they claim to follow a religion parrel (equivalent) toIslam.” So they can’t be muslims. Their claim of beingmuslims. is nothing but an attempt to deceive muslims. Qadiyanies must have to come in open and saythat their book, their prophet and their religion aredifferent. They must giveup to present their falseprophet, their false book and their false religion as Islamand actual Islam. And also muslims should have tounderstand their(qadiyani’s) false propaganda and theirunsound and useless interpretations. They should rejectthem and stick to their real and true religion. Becauseneither they (qadiyanis) are muslims nor they have anytype of concern with Islam and its fundamental beliefs.May Allah the almighty safeguard the faith and beliefs ofmuslims and keep away from all types of deception andfraud.