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Muntakhab ahadith

Muntakhab ahadith






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    Muntakhab ahadith Muntakhab ahadith Document Transcript

    • MUNTAKHAB - - AHADITHASelection of Ahiidith Relating to the Six Qualities of Da wat and Tabligh IKALIMAH TAYYIBAH II ~ALAH I ILM AND DHIKR II IKRAM-UL-MUSLIM I I IKHLAS !IDAWAT AND TABLIGH[ Compiled by: Hadrat MauHina Muhammad Yousuf Kandhlavi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) The sole authorized translation done under the personal supervision of Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlavi ANNAYYAR KARACHI - PAKISTAN
    • IMPORTANTAllah Subhanahu Wa Ta 31a has blessed Muhammad ~ with~words of wisdom which are concise but comprehensive in meaning.No language including English has the capacity to adequatelytranslate this all embracing wisdumUnder my personal supervision about 10 Ulema, Scholars andtheir assistants with a good background of Arabic and Englisb havecontributed to this English translation of"Muntakhab Ahadith"These men who have a prolonged association with the work ofTabligh and have a deep insight as to the nature of the work havediligently worked together to bring out a translation which I hope isclose to the meaning of the words of HadithThe worldwide scope of the work ofTabligh makes it essential that inevery place only one translation be read. It is therefore requested thatno further attempts be made to translate this book into EnglishHowever, if at any place it is felt that the translation is not consistentwith the meaning of the Arabic text, kindly inform me. Inshallah Iwill be pleased to try to make the necessary amendments (Maulana) Muhammad Saad Kandhlavi ANNAYYAR 152 Block - 3, B.y.J.e.H.S., Bahadurabad Karachi - Pakistan Ph. & Fax: ++92-21-4938006, E-mail: nayyar40@hotmail.com
    • CONTENTSPHONETICS vPREFACE viiINTRODUCTION x KALIMAH TAYYIBAH~fu 1Belief in the Unseen 30Belief in the Hereafter 67Success in Compliance with Allahs Commandments 101 I;lALA.T PRAYERSFard - Obligatory Prayers 121Salat in Congregation. . ... ..... . ........ . ... 143Sunnah and Nafilah - Non Obligatory Prayers 173Khushuand KhuQu - Fear aud Devotion in Prayers 213Virtues ofWuQu - Ablution 225The Aamal and FaQijil of the Masjid -Deeds and Virtues ofMasjid 235 ILM AND DHIKR KNOWLEDGE AND REMEMBRANCE OF ALLAH SUBijANAHO WA TAALAIlm - Knowledge 241Inspiration by Qur an and ijadith 265DHIKR (Remembrance of Allah Taala)Virtues of AI-Quran 268Virtues of Remembering Allah Ta ala 299Du a -Supplication and Dhikr-Remembrancesas narrated from Raswullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam 354 111
    • IKRA.M-UL-MUSLIMGENEROUSLY FULFILLING THE RIGHTS OF A MUSLIMThe Dignity of a Muslim.. ... 395Excellence of Conduct . 410The Rights of Muslims .424Strengthening the Bonds of Kinship . .480Warning against Harming Muslims 488Reconciling differences amongst Muslims 512Helping Muslims 518 IKHLAS SINCERITY OF INTENTIONSincerity of Intention 527Belief in Promises of Allah and Hope of Rewards 540Condemnation of Riya - Deeds with Intention of Being Seen 544 DAWAT AND TABLIGH INVITING TOWARDS ALLAH TA ALA AND CONVEYING HIS MESSAGEDawat and its Virtues 557Virtues of Going Out in the Path of Allah 592The Etiquettes and Deeds ofthe Path ofAllah 614 A VOIDING THE IRRELEVANTAvoiding the Irrelevant 655BIBLIOGRAPHY 673 tV
    • PHONETICSArabic Names of Transli- PronunciationLetters Letters teration Alif a a, i, u, aty ba b As in English...;:" ta A soft dental, like the Italian t...;;., tM th Very near to the sound of th as in thing. jim j As in English.: I)a I) A strong aspirate, as in hnl!.C.t kha kh Guttatal, like the Scotch ch in loch.:, dal d A soft dental.~ dhaI dh A sound between dh and z.J ra r Same as in English.j za z Same as in English...r sin s Same as in English.J> shin sh Same as in English.d ~ad ~ A strongly articulated sw.JP <;Ia<;l <;I A strongly articulated thoj" la I A strongly articulated palatal t.j; ?a ~ A strongly articulated z.t. ayn A guttatal an, the pronunciation must be learnt from an Arabic teacher.t ghain gh A strong guttatal gh.J ill f As in English. v
    • J qaf q A strongly articulated semi guttaral k. .:l kaf k As in English. J Jam I As in English. ~ mlm m As in English. U niin n As in English. C ha h As in English. J waw w As in English. ~ Hamzah Pronounced as a, i, u, preceded by a very slight aspiration. ~ ya y As in English.Short Vowels - Fathah a As in English. - ~ Kasrah Oammahu As in English. As in English.~ Harnzah Pronounced as a, i, u, preceded by a very slight aspiration.J5 Shaddah Kalla Pronounced with a sustained emphasis on that letter.Long Vowels.;,. " a Long vowels. .,Yo U~ I Vt
    • PREFACE PREFACE PREFACE All praises to the Sustainer of the worlds, and grace,honour and salutations on the Chief of Apostles and Seal ofProphets, Mul;arnrnad, his family, companions and those whofollowed him in an excellent fashion and invited mankindtowards Allah, till the Day of Resurrection. This is a reality which can be stated without any ambiguityand exaggeration, that in the Islamic world of today the mostvigorous and effective, useful and all-encompassing effort, isthe struggle of the Tabl"ighl lama at whose center is situated atthe Tablfghf Markaz Nizamuddin, Delhi (Indiap). The scope ofthis effort and its impact is not restricted to the Indiansubcontinent, or Asia, but extends to many continents and to ahost of Islamic and Non-Islamic states. The history of such campaigns and revolutionary orreformative movements shows that, after passage of a period oftime, or when the scope of the effort enlarges greatly (speciallywhen, by means of it, the attainment of certain advantages andleadership becomes apparent) then such weaknesses, unwantedobjectives and neglect of the original goals set in, which reduceor even totally wipe out the true influence of the work.(I) In this assertion and testimony, there is no negation of the importance of all those useful efforts and movements which cater to the reality and needs of the present times. and which also create the ability to counter the prevailing trials and tribulations. Here, the objective is only to acknowledge and highlight the effectiveness and vastness of the efforts being made from the Tablfghi Dawat and its Movement, in a positive manner. VB
    • PREFACE PREFACEHowever, the Tabllghf effort (as far as the knowledge andobservations of the writer go) has, to a large extent been savedfrom these tribulations up to now. It is quite evident that the nature of this movement is basedon giving others priority over oneself (despite ones direneeds), a passion for sacrifice, a quest for the pleasure of Allah,a desire for reaping rewards in the Hereafter, respect andhonour of Islam and Muslims, humility and submissiveness toAllah, the proper fulfillment of religious obligations, with adesire for further advancement, a preoccupation with theremembrance of Allah, refraining as far as humanly possiblefrom unprofitable and unnecessary preoccupations andundertaking protracted journeys, while enduring all sorts ofhardships for the pleasure of Allah Sub:1anahil wa Ta ala, havebecome a regular practice. These special characteristics and distinctions of this workare attributable to the sincerity of its first preacher (SheikhMuhammad Ilyas Rahmatullahi aIaihi), his preoccupation withAllah, his prayers, struggle, sacrifice and, above all, theacceptance of this work by Allah the Exalted. Beside this, it isalso a consequence of those principles and preconditions whichwere declared essential by its first preacher, from its veryinception, and which he always insisted on and propagated. Tothink about the meanings and responsibilities inherent in theKalimah, to acquire knowledge of the virtues of fulfilling allforms of obligatory worship, a consciousness of the virtues ofknowledge and the remembrance of Allah aIong with apreoccupation with the remembrance of Allah, respect forMuslims with an appreciation and fulfillment of their rights, tocorrect the motives behind every action, so that it is donesincerely and solely for the pleasure of Allah; to refrain fromall that is irrelevant, and an enthusiasm and consciousness ofthe virtues of travelling in the Path of Allah. These are thoseelements and characteristics which have protected this viii
    • PREFACE PREFACEmovement from becoming a political, material organization,geared for obtaining material benefits, fame and authority, andso it has remained a purely religious movement aimed atattaining the pleasure of Allah. These principles and elements, which have beenconsidered essential for this movement, have been derivedfrom the Quran and Sunnah. They serve as its guardians toobtain the pleasure of Allah and protect Deen (religion); andtheir sources are the Qur an and Prophetic practices andtraditions. There was thus a need that all the relevant Qur anic versesand AhadIth (Prophetic practices and sayings) be compiled in abook. Praise be to Allah that the second preacher of thismovement of inviting towards righteousness, SheikhMul)ammad Yusuf (son of the first preacher, Sheikh IlyasRahmatullahi alaihi) who had a very profound andcomprehensive knowledge of books of Al)adIth, has collectedall the relevant principles, rules and precautions from theiroriginal sources in the form of a book. He has been socomprehensive and thorough that this book is not merely acompilation of these principles, rules and instructions, butperhaps an encyclopedia, in which, without being selective orbrief, all of these have been mentioned with their relativeimportance. It is perhaps the will of Providence that thewriters fortunate and worthy grandson Sheikh Saad (MayAllah prolong his life and bless him with further works of thisnature), has assumed the responsibility of publishing this bookfor general benefit. May Allah Ta ala grant acceptance to thiseffort and service, and make it most beneficial. And this is nothard for Allah. f-i<}11~~~~:; Abul Ifasan Ali Nadavi Diiirah Shah Alllmulliih Riii Haraily V.P. 10 Dhi Qadah 1418 H ix
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONAllah Sub1)anahii wa TaaIa says: Indeed Allah conferred a great favour on the believers when He sent among them a Messenger (Muhammad 1;)allalliihu alaihi wasalIam) from amongst themselves (being human, people can easily benefit from his distinguished qualities), reciting unto them His verses (by means of these Quriinic verses, inviting them and advising them) and purifying them (of sins and correcting their conduct) and teacheing them the Book (Quriin) and AI-l,Iikmah (his Sunnah), before which they were in manifest error. Ale-lmmn 3: 164In the context of the above verse, Sheikh Sayyad SulaimanNadavi RaQmatullahi alaihi writes (in the preface of a bookabout Sheikh MUQammad I1yas RaQmatullahi alaihi and hisreligious movement) that Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam was given the following Divine obligations ofprophethood: Invite towards Allah by reciting the verses of theQuran; to purify peoples undesirable traits; and to teach themthe Book and Wisdom (Sunnah),It has been substantiated by the Quran and AJ;adfthe- SaMJ;a(confirmed traditions) that the Ummah (followers) of the Lastof the Prophets, Sallallahu aJaihi wasallam, was Divinelydeputed for the guidance of all peoples (nations) of the world,Allah SubQanahil wa Taala says: ...... os "" .....J Jif:" Jj, ~ij J)~ 4 w~u ...,...G.u ~~r...:;,r ~ I;~" :JW JIl... . " ... " ... ~ , ,- .... [ . :i.>r< Ji] ~I (0 Mnslims) You are the best of the peoples, you have been seut towards mankind, to enjoin good and forbid evil. Ale-lmr.n 3:1 IO x
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONThis verse clearly implies that the Muslim Ummah is thedeputy to the Prophet, in his ordained obligations of invitingtowards righteousness, enjoining good, and forbidding evil.Hence, the obligations entrusted to Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam - invitation through recitation of the Quran,purifying people of undesirable qualities, and teaching theBook and Wisdom - became the prime responsibilities of theMuslim Ummah as well.Therefore, Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam taught hisUmmah to spend their life and wealth in inviting towardsAllah, learning and teaching Divine knowledge, rememberingand worshipping Allah. The Saoabah gave preference to theabove deeds over all worldly preoccupations. They weretrained to practice these A mal (actions) under allcircumstances with complete dedication, patience, andforbearance, withstanding all forms of difficulties andhardships. And they were taught to benefit others bysacrificing physically and materially.In compliance with the command: 1:.. " Ii " :.~ ~). " " ~ .~lp.-J>- Alli J J~J " .. " " " ... And strive hard in Allahs cause, as you ought to strive, AI-/:Iajj 22: 78the Saoabah strove in the manner of prophets with piety,austerity, discipline, self-sacrifice, and giving preference toothers. Thus, an environment was created in which emergedmodels of excellence, who became the elite of the Ummah.The era in which the deeds of RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam were collectively practiced by the Ummah wasdeclared to be the Khair-ul-Quriin (best of all the times, or thebest period of the Ummah).Then in successive periods, the religious elite of the Ummahspent their full effort and energy in fulfilling these Propheticobligations. The luminance of these self-sacrificing efforts isstill illuminating the world of Islam. Xl
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONIn recent times, Allah Sub!:Janahu wa Ta ala placed in the heartof Sheikh Mu!:Jammad Ilyas Ra!:Jmatullahi alaihi a restlessnessand anxiety over the erosion in Islam and a burning desire tocorrect this state of the Ummah. In the view of the religiouselite of his times he was unique in this respect. He used toremain restless and concerned for the revival of all that wasrevealed to RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, by AllahSub!:Janahu wa Ta ala, in the whole world. He advocated, withresolute determination, that any effort for the revival of Deencan only be effective and acceptable when it is done in themanner of RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.Therefore, such Dois (those who invite towards Islam) need tobe developed, whose desires should be consistent with theknowledge, action, thought, perception, passion andcompassion of the Prophets. Not only should they posses astrong Iman and virtuous deeds, but their inner aspirations andtheir manner of invitation to Islam should be like those ofprophets. They should cherish a fervent love of Allah and Hisfear, and a state of intimacy with Him.In character and habits, they should adhere to the Sunnah of theProphet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Their love or hatredshould be for the sake of Allah. The motivating factor behindtheir inviting to Islam should be a deep compassion and mercyfor Muslims, and kindness for all the creation of Allah. Theoft-repeated Divine principle for prophets, "Our reward issolely with Allah," should be their hallmark. They should haveno other objective except the pleasure of Allah.They should have such a passionate desire for the revival ofDeen in the world that it keeps driving them, away of theirroutines, in the Path of Allah; while their lives and wealthbecome mere instruments in attaining this objective. Thereshould be no notion of personal authority, status, wealth,property, honour and fame; not even a desire for personal restand comfort. Whether sitting, standing, speaking, or walking;every act or move should be geared in this direction. Xll
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUC110NTo revive the ways of RasfllulHih ~allalIahu alaihi wasallam inthis effort and bring all facets of life according to theCommandments of Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala and the Sunnahof RasUlullah ~allalHihu alaihi wasallam, and to equip thosestruggling in this path with the above mentioned qualities, theSix Points (of Tabl"igh) were prescribed. All the contemporaryscholars and religious elite supported and commended these sixqualities.Sheikh Yiisuf Ral)matullahi alaihi, son of Sheikh IlyasRal)matulIahi alaihi, dedicated his whole life, strivingrelentlessly with a zeal directed to promote the work in thisdirection and raise a group of workers equipped with thesequalities. These qualities have been derived from reputablebooks of Al)adIth, biography, and history. He compiled athree-volume book "l:layiit-u~-Sahiibah" which gives arepresentative glimpse of the life of RasiilulHih ~allallahualaihi wasallam and his companions RaQiyalIahu anhum. Bythe Grace of Allah, this book was published during his lifetime.The Sheikh had compiled another book of l)adIth, MuntakhabAhad"ith, in respect of these six qualities (six points). However,prior to the final compilation of this book, he left for hisheavenly abode. ;:,AI) ~l Gr; ~t G!Sheikh Mul)ammad Yiisuf Ral)matullahi alaihi spoke tonumerous close friends and colleagues about this collection ofal)adlth. He used to thank Allah, in gratitude, and was wellpleased with this collection. Allah alone knows whataspirations were in his heart and how he wanted to present thecollection, to make it illuminating and effective. However thisis how it was destined by AlIah.By the Grace of Allah, the Urdu rendering of MuntakhabAhad"ith has already been presented (Jamadul-Awwal 1421 i.e.September 2000). Now this collection of al:Jadlth with itsEnglish translation is being presented. In translating this book,it has been tried that the language remains simple and easy to Xlll
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONgrasp. For the clarification of the meanings of certain aJadIth,some sentences have been added in brackets. Besides this,some explanatory notes have also been added.Since the Sheikh could not review the draft of the book,considerable effort had to be made to correct the text ofaJadIth, and to make a critical analysis of the transmitters, andto classify the al)adTth as Sa!zl!;, lfasan, or Daif (technicalterms used in the classification of JadIth) and an explanation ofthe difficult words of l)adIth. All the sources consulted havebeen referred to at the end of the book.All precautions were taken in accomplishing this task and agroup of scholars have substantially shared the burden. MayAllah Subl)anahil wa Ta ala bless all those associated with thisventure with an excellent recompense. However, human erroris always there. It is an earnest request to the scholars of Deenthat they may kindly inform us of any amendments that may beneeded. This collection was compiled by Sheikh YilsufRal)matullahi alaihi for a specific objective, the importance ofwhich has been adequately explained by Sheikh Sayyad AbulHasan Ali Nadavi Ral)matullahi alaihi. It is, therefore,important to save this collection from any amendments orbrevity.Allah SubJanahil wa Taala appointed Prophets AlaihimusSalam to disseminate His word and knowledge for the eternalsuccess of mankind. To benefit fully from these branches ofsublime knowledge, it is essential that fervent belief be builtaccording to this knowledge. While reading or listening to thewords of Allah or Rasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, oneshould consider oneself completely ignorant. That is, belief inhuman experiences and research should be replaced by thebelief in the unseen, and the heart should affirm that everyword, read or heard is the absolute truth.Among the etiquettes of reciting or listening to the Quran isthat one should imagine that Allah SubJanahil wa Ta ala is XlV
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONaddressing him; similarly when one sits to read or listen to!)adlth, one should think that RasiiluIHih SallalUihu alaihiwasallam is directly addressing him. While reading orlistening, the effect of the words will be proportionate to thegreatness and respect that one has for Allah and his Prophet andhow attentive one is. :;I ....J .... ... " .J I> " " ..ul---: "~~:6·:c1..:: . ..s~J;"1 JI J)[;; 1;....:.1~jJw J~~ --.-... . ... ... ... ... " . . ....,. " I-~ u.:I { II ~ I <:.LQ ti.:1; 8,) 0)~ 0J1 ~ i;>; ~ [A r :;.JUI]Allah Subi)anahii wa Taala says: When they listen to what has been sent down to the Messenger (Mul;l3mmad i;lallallahu alaihi wasallam), you see their eyes overflowing with tears becanse of the truth they have recoguised. They say: Our Rabb! We believe; so write us dowu among the wituesses. AI-Maidah 5: 83.... ... J [. "• I TI"1 n "~J ""->- u~ u,r- u,r" I , n., ", ,II , ,."j ;j:i ....... do"" ~ ,11 .. ....... I - ~~ ~: W ... n. J . J l " .... ....... ": " , [lA-IV:".)!] ~; ,;it~li)jfr-:..~l{ijj;.tI~:u.u.~1Allah Sub!)anahil wa Taala says (at another place): (0 Mul,lammad) announce the good uews to My slaves. Those who listen to the Word and follow the best thereof (i.e. worship Allah alone and repent to Him and avoid Taghiit etc), those are (the ones) whom Allah has guided and those are the men of understanding. (Az-Zumar 39: 17·18)It is reported in Bukllarl:~;. ~~.};~I.lJ1 ~ ,; :J~ ~cJl ,f~.lJ1 ~)i).;;;ri--¥Jll :; U~ I;~ 91~ .ft i, ."- tIS ~~ uw ~kJ~1 (.sp..,lI,)))~~1;JJ;j1 :I)~~~)J~I;~:I)~ Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah i;lallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When Allah decrees a matter in heaven, the angels strike their wings in fear and submission to His word. The decree of their Rabb sounds to them like (the chimiug of) a chain ou a smooth rock. When their hearts are relieved from fear, they ask one xv
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION another what did your Rabb say? They reply that whatever He said is tbe Truth, aud He is the Most Higb and the Greatest. (BukharI)In another n31Tation from Bukhiirl.i i~; J;- ~Sli J,)~j J~)$:i 1; ~IS;] ~ ~.;. ~.illl ~) .".3i:; (i.S)~1~J) Anas Rat;liyalliihu anhu narrates that whenever Nab! ;>allalliihu alaihi wasallam would say something (important) he wonld repeat his words three times, so that they are understood.Therefore, il will be proper to read a i)adHh lhree times. Oneshould be engaged in this knowledge with discipline,suppressing ones personal desires. Practice to read and hearattentively, lovingly and respectfully. Conversations inbetween should be avoided. An attempt should be made to sitwith Wut;lu (ablution), in the position of Tashahhud, withoutreclining. The objective is that the Quran and words of i)adHhaffect the heart. Such a fervent belief be built on the promisesof Allah and His Prophet that it creates an earnest longing forDeen - the force which makes us perform every actionaccording to the Sunnah of Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam, and to consult the scholars of Deen, for a systematicguidance iil performing our deeds (actions) correctly.I begin this book with an excerpt from the Preface of the book,Amani! AI1biir Shar/l Ma ani! Athar by Sheikh Mui)ammadYiisuf Rai;lmatulUihi alaih. This book is a commentary onImam Tai)awi Rai)matullahi alaihs famous book of i)adHhMaani! Athiir, on the life and sayings of Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam and his companions. MulJammad Sa ad Kiindhlavi Madrassah Kashiful Uloom Basti Nizamuddin Aulia New Dehli, India xvi
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Quotation from the Preface ofbook Amaniyal Al}bar SharI} Maaniyal Athar by Sheikh Mol}ammad Yousuf Rahmatullahi Alaihi .".... ;;:; ........ " ....;;; .. "0.... ;;; J " 1 ~I ~I}- ~ ,?lAJI jj; ~::;1 1 ~I ~I ~ ZJa:g~! IJW~I ~ ~~I ;»,,4;JI ~ :l:g: 1~L:.JlJ~~1 Jj~ ~I;JI ~ t;jrJ ,~lA1~, ~H ~J li:~ 6 oE:; ~~~I ~ ~ ~i:JIJ ~~IJ .,?~ ~; J ~01 ~ 4-~ j~J ~] -I}- JwJ :~niilll 0~1J ,. ,I~II ~"I . ). ~ )iJ";)J~ , ~~ .ii, . I / J .~ ~~, L.~t ->, ~ri, +. J ~J li:~ ~ o~ lA dA ol.$:-IJ ~J cjlll jJ;. J;i ~L.}lJ §;t;.:JlJ~ .... .... .... ............ ~J ,~r ~ ~ ~ lA ~ ~I ~11 ~ ~J ~~J:W ~ ~ ~I}­ ~~ o<~ ,. /1.." ~~~ ~~:, ~ ~ ~r 1>I;..~,j,.1 iL:L;J, 4j~ ) . ) crJ v-f" ~ J . jA-4 ~ , - ("" I£ -, " , "f~1 J;. Jw ~I Jt ;~ y~ ~~I -?I;:;: .~I ~ ,?LJ~I ~ t~jt lA ~I);::i J ,?LJ~I ~ jJ.:.:J ~I ~~~ ~:JJ, ~jeJ ~J.:TJ 09; ~yt J ~~:~: 1Jilll ~)J ,;:Iy.:.;JIJ ;:lA~ lA~~J .:I.)I:U ~ j~ J~ ~ ,~TJ J?: JS , , ~)~ ~I ~~I ~ ~j~1 fi1.~ ~ ;j J~r :;~I ~I~ ~~I ;j J;:-J~ ... . ... .... ..... .... J" J....... ........ " .. .;.... <) .... J ... J I" ~~I J~U )~~ )d ;~J )~~I ~)jl ~ }sl J?: JS J ~~ §~ ~ .... ........ ~ , ....::..i( :; ~ II " ~ ~I, I ",~I -.i , ~- lA L,::... lA ,: I :I~ lA L r" J.;-- .J. l$:" ~J, , J-fy rY ~J )&j!~ J. r ~ ~ J~~ Joj;:j "?~~J -?~~IJ ,,?I;~J ;~IJ g~:u, ~ IJ~J "t~ ~ak...1 -Ju ~. t::ir -<,;. ~lJ~~J""""J~t ~.;t ,~.@i ,~La.~.Juci; (""~,/J~~~q--J~ ~ .i~i I -(T-, " ;.,c·r 1... .... J <) J .... J;;;; .... .... Q J <) J J , <) J~~I .I~" . 0 .!;.,;::... 0 " lA ..r ~J Iyo 1,,1":,-, ·1C:-1·.. I~ Ij I: a..:.......LQJI ". I;:" I :-- , J~J"""" ~ ~J)&J It:"~~ J~ .1.11 I; r:--) .tAi, )L,d ~ .:;t. A~i, iiG-JJ J~~ ii~~I ~r- ~ .tAi, ("" ,.r-- ., ~II J ,.,.J , :I~ilJ ("" > ~ ~ IJ . ? " .~~IJ §;~ )~J ~I~IJ )~I ~ ~LJ~IJ ~t~l~jJ , , xvii
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION All praises be to Allah Sub1)anahl1 wa Ta ala, Who createdman, so that He may lavishly spend His bounties on him.Bounties which do not exhaust with the passage of time. Theyare from such treasures that never deplete by spending and thatare beyond human comprehension. In human beings, Allah hashidden such jewels of inherent capabilities that, if found andapplied, will entitle him to benefit from the treasures ofAr-Ral).man (The Most Beneficent). And by means of which hecan attain such success as to dwell eternally in Paradise. Allahs salutations be upon Mu1)ammad Sallallahu alaihiwasallam, the Chief of all Prophets and Apostles, the onebestowed with the distinction of interceding for the sinful, andthe one sent as a mercy and blessing to mankind. AllahTabaraka wa Taala had chosen him, to lead all Prophets and toconvey His message to mankind before creating the Pen andthe Preserved Tablet. He was selected to describe His bountiesand boundless treasures which can neither be counted norreckoned. Allah disclosed to Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wasallam thosebranches of knowledge, relating to His Magnificent Self, whichwere never unfolded to anyone. Allah revealed to him those ofHis glorious and illustrious attributes, which were not disclosedto anyone before; neither a close angel nor an Apostle. His(The Prophets) heart was opened and he was empowered withthe capability to comprehend all the hidden qualities placed inmen-qualities by means of which men can achieve a proximityto Allah Taala, and seek guidance in the affairs of this worldand the Hereafter. Allah Sub1)anahl1 wa Taala taught RasUlullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam the ways of correcting the deeds of humanbeings. Deeds which are continuously coming out from themwith every passing moment. The correction of deeds forms thebasis of success in this world and the Hereafter, and wrongdeeds result in deprivation and failure in both the worlds. xviii
    • INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION May Allah Sub1)anahu wa Ta ala be pleased with theSa1)abah Ra<;liyallahu anhum. They acquired from NabiSallallahu alaihi wasallam that most honourable and virtuousknowledge which came out from the blessed niche ofprophecy. Knowledge which is so vast that it surpasses thenumbers of the leaves of trees and the drops of rain. Then theycommitted it to their memory, and preserved it in the mostbefitting manner. They accompanied the Prophet on journeyand at home, and participated in all his pre-occupations:Da wah (preaching), Jihad (striving in the cause), Ibadah(worship), and social affairs. Then they learned to practicethese deeds according to the Sunnah of RasUlullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam in his company. Blessed are the Sa1)abah, who acquired knowledge and itsapplication directly from RasUlullah SallalUihu alaihiwasallam, without any intermediaries. Furthermore, they didnot restrict these branches of knowledge to themselves; ratherthey conveyed this knowledge and wisdom to others - thus,illuminating the universe with Divine knowledge and spiritualprophetic deeds. As a result of their endeavours, the wholeworld became a cradle of learning and scholarship. Menbecame fountains of light and guidance; and they became thestandard bearers for establishing worship and Khilafat (the ruleof Allah on the earth). XIX
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH I fmml KALIMAH TAYYIBAH • ,.-Vl .......... :;; ..... _ " ..:i.l J~J ~-:& ~.ul ~ "j. J ~ / 0 •• / / NONE IS WORTHY OF WORSHIP BUT ALLAH; MUijAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH. IMAN The literal meaning of [man is to believe in someones words relying solely on his authority. In religious terms, it implies belief in the Unseen relying solely on the authority of the Messenger of Allah Sub1}anahu wa Taala. VERSES OF QURANAllah Sub!)anahu wa Taala said toHis Prophet:And We sent no Messenger beforeyou except that We revealed tohim: There is none worthy ofworship except Me, so worshipMe. Al~Anbiya 21:25
    • KALlMAH TAITlBAH 2 imiinAllah Sub!)anahii wa Ta ala says:The believers are only those whosehearts tremble with fear wheneverAllah is mentioned. And when Hisverses are recited to them, theseincrease their faith; and in theirRabb (Sustainer) they vest theirtrust. AI-Anla! 8:2Allah Sub!)anahil wa TaiUa says: :JW J~) ~ -"//,,,,1/ .:;, • -:" ~f~And so, as for those who believe in ~ G;.u It iy.. • ..:..:J.:!J I L. j j." .... ,........Allah and hold fast to Him, He willcause them to enter iuto a Mercyfrom Him and (bestow on them) aBounty; and He will guide them toHim along a straight path. An-Nisa 4:175Allah Sub!)fmahil wa Taii.la says:Indeed! We do help OurMessengers and those who believein the life of this world and on theDay (of Resurrection) when thewitnesses will stand up. AI-Mumin 40:51Allah Sub!)anahil wa Taala says: :JW Ju)It is those who believe (in the 1; D~ 3~ i;.:: I: &JlOneness of Allah and worshipnone but Him Alone) and do notmix their belief with Zulm (bywronging themselves, that is, byworshipping others besides Allah),for them (only) there is peacefulsecurity and they are the rightlyguided. AI-Anam 6:82
    • KAUMAHTAYYIBAH 3 lmlinAllah SubQanahu wa Ta ala says:And those who believe are intensein their love for Allah. AI-Baqarah 2: 165Allah SubQanahu wa Taala said to :JW J~JHis Prophet:Say! Verily, my Salat and mysacrifice (of animals) and myliving and my dying are for Allah,Rabb (Sustainer) of the Worlds. AI-Anam 6:162 AIJADITH,i:~ ~~)~, ~~~I :~ ~ :Jj.:..) J~ :J~ ~.iiI~) i;; ~J:;-"~)) .9~~ ~ Y" .";;,k,, ,..;;).JI; cS:;~1 ii,C;1 Ati~jj ,iill ~1-- ~1" o§:JJ ii ai~ , ~ ,,~~ ~ :~) .iJlo..!~I~:..JS.~l:::!Y"!,~1. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahsallallahu alaihi wasallam said: lman (faith) has more than seventybranches; the snperior most is the saying of La ilaha illal/ah (Thereis none worthy of worship except Allah); and the inferior most is theremoval of an obstacle from the way; and lfaya is a branch of lman.(Muslim)Note: The essence of lfaya is that it restrains a man from evil andprevents a man from neglecting the obligations that he owes toothers. (Riya<)-us-~alihln)::.::,,;. JI ~I ~ ~;; :~ ~I :Jj.:..) J~ :J~ ~:ii.I~) ~:):;-~ , /1 .....1,) .i~:J~~A~)~J;2. Abu Bakr Ra4iyalliihu anhu nanates thai RasUlullah sallallahualaihi wasallam said: He who accepts from me the Kalimah, which Ipresented to my uncle (Abu Talib at the time of his death) and herejected it, this (acceptance) will be a means for his salvation.(Musnad Ahmad)
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAH 4 lmiinJj:.J ~ :J.;l ,tJ:;~t IJ~l;,. :~ ~ Jj:.:; J~ :J~ :.:s.:il>I~:; i;:"; ~:;-I" ,c....J.,;.r.h!IJ ......I.JJ .:il>1 ~! J! ~ J} ~ IJJS1 :J~ !G~! ~W ;,;:jJ !~......1 ~ / ~ / ~ t/Y~.rll.~3. Abu Hurairah RaQiyaWihu anhu narrates that RasiilulliihSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Renew your Imiin! It was asked: aRasulalliih! How do we renew our Imiin? He said: frequently SayLa ilaha illallah. (Musnad A~mad, Tabaranj, Targhjb)jlJi~1 :J~~~IJ:":":;~ :J~$.i.~J~4J~G:-:;-t;Y~.Ji~.:!-~Y4~}-~~~~1.u :Jl.iJ.s.Lrl~j) .~~J.:.;Jl ~1.$.:Ul ~t;k, 4~ Jt ~ n"~:~J~""-~4. Jiibir ibne-Abdulliih RaQiyallahu anhumii narrates: I heardRasiilalliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: The best Ohikr(remembrance of Allah) is La ilaha illallah, and the best Ou a(supplication) is Al!wmdulillah (All praises be to Allah). (Tirmidhj)Note: This Kalimah is the basis of the entire Oeen. Without thebelief in Kalimah, neither Iman (faith) nor Aamal (deeds) areacceptable. All,iamdulillah (All praises be to Allah) is said to be thebest Oua because praising the One who is the most generous,amounts to asking him for his help or favours. (Ma;oahir !:Iaque)~~.i.1 ~tJt~ :i.;;.J~ ~ :~~I J:":":;J~ :J~:.:s.:il>1 ~:;~;,:";~J:; -0I.e. :JtiN".r!I"J J .;I;S:iI, :;~I ~ 0:,.;)1 Jt,:,,;aij? ~~I ylJ,:J:J ~ ~l Yo~. :~)d...~~l~)4J-,rf~~,)y~~~..f~~J.:>­5. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: Whenever a slave (of Allah) saysVi ilaha illallah sincerely, the doors of the skies are opened (for it toascend) until it reaches the Arsh (Throne of Allah, and is readilyaccepted) provided he abstains from major sins. (Tirmidhj)Note: To say sincerely means that it is free from pretence andhypocrisy. Abstaining from major sins ensures its rapid acceptance,and even if it is recited without abstaining from the major sins, it isstill beneficial and rewarding. (Mirqat-ul-MaIat~)
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 5 lmiin;h:;;f!:G- $:iil~)~GoJ,:;i~~j ;1:u,ZsJ:l~ :J@:?I:u,J.~:;-;ti !~I Jj.:.) ~ oj :Gll ;~I JA1 ~~;~ JA :J~ ~ ~I ~ 8- :J@~ Ji-l ~ JS,I.:. L:i*1 ~ ~ F.~" , ;; F I _F } I.ai) iJJlI ~l ;J~ ~:I}Jlj ~* ;Jj :Jlij ,;,;1 ~: J J -; ~ ~ F . _~i,,I.>~ J..I ,;" j:1. wS::J ,J;,;;;; :dl~ ,.;.~ ~I :J@:J.~ ~ ;":". H -:i~.. ~I.>/J ~ ;;"":1.>_ J F~ ;11 ~ . 1",..-. - HJ}.I).jI)"I).c..-i"" .iJ:l js. ~1l>1 ~~ Jr;I oj1J@ ~ ,~.,;;JI,Jb;J i :d1J GI , f/...li))~,U~....Oo6A.1~))6. Yala ibne-Shaddad Raqiyallahu auhu says that my father Shaddadnarrated to me in the presence of Ubadah ibne-Samit Raqiyallahuanhuma who verified the narration. He said: We were present withNab! SallalIahu alaihi wasallann. He inquired: Is there any strangeramongst you, meaning thereby, the people of the Book? We said: No,o Rasiilallah! He then asked us to shut the door and said: Raise yourhands and say La i/aha Wallah. So, we raised our hands for a while(and recited the Kalimah). Afterwards Nab! SallalIahu alaihi wasallamlowered his hand and said: Al!wmdulillah (All praise be to Allah). 0Allah! Verily, You have sent me with this Kalimah and have orderedme to convey it and have promised me Paradise on it, and verily, Youdo not break Your Promise. He then said addressing the Sal)abah: Oh!Do rejoice, for Allah has forgiven you! (Musnad A~mad, TabaranT, Bazzar,Majma-uz-Zawaid)::..u~ ~.:.,,, ~1l>1 ~l~l~ J~ 4 ~ ":~~I J@ :J@~.iill~)); J:;. -v F 0 . ,oJ_ 0 ,. ~-~ • I~o J,JF;;, ~_;~J; "lJ.Jj "lj<.::.Ji ,J; ,,~j.Jj "lj :JIi ~J; "~j.J j "0 :<.::.Ji ,~I J"-; ~~ ~ .~. I, _ • 1_ • _ ~ _ • IF ,0) _ • I~ , ~ ~Zs! <,j;1 f)~ J; "0.Jj ";J :JIi ~J; ";J.J j "[j<.::.Ji ,J; "[j.Jj "[j :JIi ~AIV:~J~ly~IY~l.5)i.i...:Jl~I)) .)~7. Abu Dhar Raqiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallal1ahu alaihiwasal1am said: Whenever a slave of Allah said La i/aha Wallah anddied believing in it, he surely entered Paradise. I asked: Even if he hadfornicated and even if he had stolen? He replied: Even if he hadfornicated and even if he had stolen. I again asked: Even if he hadfornicated and even if he had stolen? He repeated: Even if he hadfornicated and even if he had stolen. I asked the third time: Even if hehad fornicated and even if he had stolen? He emphasized: Even if hehad fornicated and even if he had stolen, despite your disapproval
    • KALlMAIf TAYYlBAIf 6 Imiillo Abu Dhar! (Bukharj)Note: Abu Dhar Ra(liyallahu anhu was surprised that despite suchmajor sins, how could a man enter Paradise while justice demandedthat he should be subjected to punishment Hence, Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam said emphatically to remove his astonishment thatdespite the disapproval of Abu Dhar, the man will enter Paradise;implying that even though he may have done sins, but because of hisIman he will turn with repentance and get his sins forgiven; or Allahwill, out of His Infinite Mercy, forgive him and send him to Paradisewithout any punishment or after a punishment In any case, He willeventually send him to Paradise, (Muariful I:IadJth):;j ./):.; ~ ~~~I ./):.; :~ ;1 J~) j~ :j~ ~ ;;1 ~) )j;~ :;. -/ ~ ~~ ~ ~, I ,,~~ ,,- ~ ~ • ~, ::<i cs4. )ti :u;l ~ ~ ,;,£ .ft L>.r!j .;.L.; Of) ),j.w, f) ~;f t:. L»~ :I ? ;j:llu<lSTL5;1~Vi";-il.,"-:ir ft!" <" ! 01, -": yo..,4,)" , !") . ) y Jl! F;:" )y.w" ) ";-1;""11 0: ~·I"i. :.-- l.;it. ~I~l;J! ~~~Q :)j;~)j:;lL.j~ .4J):;.:.i;;1 ~!;J!~ ~I~~~y,lill9<- ~:;))j;~ ~ .:p1ti ! ~I : ~j;ij:...;., ~j ~;f t:. ~)):.; ~ ~j ;;1JijJ",WI"Jj ~Ol ~ ~.;::.; lL. ~ :jlil ~&I <i 9<- j;i1:.J)j;i;. ~ ~f ~1 f v~1 hi>,.f<,.J J,.L-o J, .r- ~ ~ "-<"" l.lo8. J:Iudhaifah Ra(liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasiJIullah SallalIahualaihi wasallam said: Islam will gradually fade as the design oncloth fades, until neither Siyam (fasting), nor Zakat (cf,Lfity) norNusuk (religious devotion and sacrifice) will be known. In a certainnight, the Qur an will be lifted from the hearts of men leaving not asingle verse on the earth, and only a few groups of people willremain, of old men and old women, saying: We found our forefathersreciting the Kalimah La iliiha illalliih, so we are reciting it Silahibne-Zufr said to J:Iudhiiifah Ra(liyallahu anhu: How will theirsaying of La iliiha illalliih benefit them when they neither knowSiyam, nor Zakat, nor Nusuk? J:Iudhaifah Ra(liyallahu anhu evadedhim. So he repeated his question thrice, each time J:Iudhiiifah evadedhim. Then, after the third time, he turned and faced him saying: 0Silah! It will indeed save them from the Fire. (Mustadrak I:Iakim)
    • KALlMAlI TAYYIBAH 7 Imiill t, f/"~jJ ,~ijJ)AJJ)J.I.r.WJIr.JIOIJJ .~~h~ ~b J.;i A~: P!~;;9. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyaWihu anhu narrates that RasiHulHih,sallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: He who says La ilaha iI/allah, itshall benefit him (be a means for his salvation) though before that hemay be afflicted by what (Punishment) is to befall him. (Bazzar.TabaranT, TarghTb)(j~y"~?Hj:~~Jj:..:J~ :J~$ ;j,1~:~J~14:f -.j :il4i1j ~~ :I:."JI ~l Z;; ~~~ J~ til tj ~Jj ;J~ ,J;)~ ~tii,1;.,:J1 ;~:"Jj i)j;.J ~:i ~J) ~~ ,.,;,1 ~l ~l ~ ~ji.c":."Ji .~:J~j ,~I Ji ~? ~E:; 011 ill;.":";15" )j,~~) ~:i J;oj~lj " / / / /,;:;1 .:r .:l4Jlj i-#Ijj ~ 4-tj ,,;wI i~~ 4J~ ,~~) ~ ,iiJ1 .:>~ / / /.~ ,/ -:,/} / 0,0,/ /;/ 0/ /" / / J;WjJlJ~..LojAJj~l.:~~ :~J).r.JI~J) (C-!"w) .~;j -?~ ~~ ,;~hJ -:Jy.1JI / " / / Y/I • -"IJ)lt-,~IJC,J~c,- )",u10. Abdullah ibne-Umar Ra<;liyallahu auhuma narrates thatRasulullah ,sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Shall I not inform you ofthe advice of Nul) Alaihis Salam to his son? They said: Indeed doinform us. He said: Nul) Alaihis Salam advised his son saying: 0my son! I advise you to act upon two things and forbid you fromtwo. I advise you to say: Ui iliiha illal/ah; if it were placed in onepan of the scale. and the skies and the earth in the other pan. it wouldoutweigh them. And if these (the skies and the earth) were to forman invincible circle, it (the Kalimah) would break through the circleand would reach Allah Taala. And I advise you to say:Subhanal/ahil Azim Wabihamdihl (Glory be to the Most ExaltedAllah. and Praise be to Him). as it is the worship of the entirecreation, and by it. their sustenance is allotted; and I forbid you fromtwo; Shirk (polytheism) and Kibr (arrogance) because these two evilsseclude one from Allah Taala. (Bazzar. Majma-uz-Zawiiid)y.:, 4Jj.i;~ i;¥~~ ~l :~~I J~ :J~~;j,~:~19Jl;.jJ,:f - .l.A~1 ~ ji Ijj:J ":";l5"j ~~ ~ t).i? ~ J.J 4l;;JJ J..;,j ~l.s).JI~ , v/,..JJIJ)1 ~ ,~I J~ J.u~)) ~y.i ~JJ
    • KALlMAH fAIT/BAH 8 lmiinII. Tall)a ibne- Ubaidullah Ra<.liyallahu anhu nanates thatRasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed, I know aKalimah which if recited by a dying man, will be a means of solacefor his departing soul and will be a light for him on the Day ofResunection (this Kalimah is Vi ilaha illallah). (Abu Yala, Majma-uz-Zawaid)i J~;; ;G)I~ty.; :J~ ~~I ~j (Jij. ;";~~)~.i;,1 ~);j ~ - y ~ " ~ ~~ ~ , ;;; _ _ _ - ::: • / J" " _ • 0 _ _ , ;;; ,I.:>t5 ~I il,j i Jtl . WI· ,.., i" .:>- ~ ",-1. A.J.i ~ .:>15 ~ il,jl ) " .:>"~ ~Cf!.I".r-":"!- r~" cs:: ) " ~/",,::: ,J" Pi ~t.J>i:~ i:,i.:>j. ~;-JI ~~ ~ J _I " / - • J Fe 0~.:>j. ~ ~ ~ .:>15"),...1il,jt .I Jtl;; Vf:~).s:~~W :Jw..1Jj-.,J-!IS}~~~JJ(~.w0"~?JAJ) .a~~ ~12. Anas Ra<.liyallahu anhu nanated (in a long nanation) that Nabr~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Each and every such person will beliberated from Fire, who had said La ilaha illallah, and in his heart,there was goodness (Yman) equal to the weight of a grain of barley.After them, every such person will be liberated from the Fire whohad said: La iliiha illallah, and in his heart, there was goodness(Yman) eqnal to the weight of a grain of wheat. After that, everyonewill be liberated from fhe Fire who had said: La ilaha illal/ail, and inhis heart, there was goodness (Tman) equal to fhe weight of a particleof dust. (BukharI) I I _ J J " J } J J -. _, • JS-;:;i :Jj.ii ~ ,.:ill Jj:..) ~ :Jj.ii~I~) ~;:~IJ ~I...yl ~ - ,..i;,1 ~~~1J,;J1:J1:,1;;" ~- " . ,. ,,- ~*-~l..;¥.i;,,:.l;:.;1~L;J ~J):c, c.,;;Jj~ ~ "",,, th~i"JJ .4J~:;.;~;j+i~~~;,61:~J;:.J~13, Miqdad ibne-Aswad Ra<.liyallahu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: There shall notremain on the face of the earth a mud-brick house or camels hairtent, (in any city, village or desert) in which Allah will not cause theKalimah of Islam to enter, either with a big honour and love or witha submissive humiliation-either Allah will honour fhem by makingthem from among the people of the Kalimah, or disgrace fhem bymaking them live as subjects of fhe Muslims. (Musnad Ahmad)
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 9 [man~I~; J":iJ ~W I.G! iJ J;;;, ,:::.i 1i.J, ....., ~) J" , ~.I:.. ~ ii;, Jo"J.r" . . ". J-!. . <J"""-~ ; II"" Y) "T~!~! ~~ii,~:W~~lt!:J~j~yJ;lUJ~~I~~d»1 J~j :iJ)..;~1 ~ ~ ~ , ~~" J"" " ~":;;", .;..Jl ~W.i ,p. c:5 .Li Csi1 ,;111 J~j ,~ ",ij .lil o ;. "... " 1/ ." I J~ .Gi .G-i ~j ~ij J.iJ F ,-_.:Ju- ~~ r , ,~ .Ii,::";~hi::"2.<;:·,~;)i~h:;H) ,.l. ~ii;IJ:" , ,.Y ,.7"..r. l,,$~. i,,:i-,"1..:.;,,: Iii ~ ~, Q ~ :j ii:.~1 ii;I J.":- ~ ,~81 ~1 ~ .:jj ~~I ,.,," "" " """ ", "" " :J! ,<.; ~ ~1iS! ,, I~:~; "=";ji :cli J! ~)~ Ii: & ~ :J!~,Ii: ~~~ii:.)1 tl)~ Ii:~W :J~:dA~1 :.:Ji~I~~ 1, jlJ :J~j,;:>1~1 , , ,~1;)1$" ~j ~:l;i;)1$" ~ ~~ ~I tlj ~4l;i;)1$" ~ ~~ iH tlj~:l;i ;)1$" ~~~t ~~~ ~1 ~1 ~ ~j ,~~ :jJ.;,1 ~j ~ d»1 ~~j~ Zsl ~1~~I ~ Js. ~ J!j ~ ~ Si..;1 j1 ~ :}~ ,: ii,I ~ ~j ~1 ,: J!j :J I:,)j ~ ull~~ ~:dG- ~ ~~;1 ~ .¢:o1 G;!j ~ ~I ~1 ~;)j$i ~1.=.,y..)~ j~~;.i Jy ,~~ ~ :"1:f!1 ~ ,.p ~].r:i ~~:iu ~j Wu ~ " . , 0", ". ,rl..-"JJ:). j J,:-:i ~;B-ji I~~ .:,Jo.;ij ,~.J-il:.:..i ,f ~ I :j :ij},- P:; 1"1" :~J" ••• oI.4i I.o~~~o;...,~up ~~14. Ibn-e-Shimasa Al Mahri Ral)imahullah narrates that we werepresent with Amr ibnil-A~ Ra<;liyallahu anhuma while he was inthe throes of death. He was weeping continously and turned hisface towards the wall. . At this, his son consoled him saying: a myfather! Has Rasillullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam not given yousuch glad tidings? Has Rasillullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam notgiven you such glad tidings? He then faced us and said: Verily themost excellent thing that we prepare (for ourselves) is the testimonyof La iliiha illalliihu wa anna Muljammad ur Rasiilulliih (There isnone worthy of worship except Allah, and that Mul)ainmad is HisMessenger). Indeed I have passed my life through three phases.The first phase was that there was no one more bitter in hatredtowards Rasillullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam than myself, and noone more desiring to seize an opportunity to kill him than myself!And had I died in that state, I certainly would have been of thepeople of the Fire. Then, Allah placed Islam in my heart, I came toRasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and said: Give me
    • KALlMAHTAYY/BAH 10 lmiinyour right hand so that I may pledge allegiance to you. He extendedhis right hand, but I withdrew my hand. At this, he asked: Whatstops you 0 Amr? I said: I want to make a condition. He said:Make a condition of what? I said: That I be forgiven! He said: Didyou not know that (the acceptance ot) Islam eradicates the sinscommitted before it and Hijrah (migration) eradicates the sinscommitted before it and that fjajj (pilgrimage) eradicates the sinscommitted before it.And (thereafter) no one was more revered to me than Rasiilullah.)allallahu alaihi wasallam. And I could not bear to fill my eyes(with the sight) of him out of reverence for him. And if I were askedto describe him, I would not be able to do so, as I never looked athim to my fill; and had I died in that state, I would have beenhopefully amongst the people of Paradise. Afterwards, we weregiven responsibilities regarding which I know not how I have fared.(This was the third phase of my life) So when I die (see that) I amnot accompanied by a wailing woman, or a fire. When you haveburied me, mould the mud upon my grave (in the shape ot) a mound,then remain standing around my grave for such time as it would taketo slaughter a camel and distribute its meat, so that I may feel solacefrom you, while I see what reply I give to the messengers (angels) ofmy Rabb. (Muslim)~:Jk&,~<G.:,.Abl !yJ,;,iIJI tt:~~ JU :JU~.iil, ~)~ ~ -1 0 r .l:~J" ••• J#l~.rJJ!Jl;~~,p..l-o"JJ.D~jj1~~1~~IS. Vmar Ra<)iyalliihu anhu narrates Nabi .)allallahu alaihiwasallam said: 0 son of Khanab! Go and announce amongst thepeople that indeed none shall enter Paradise except the Muminun(believers). (Muslim) ~ .~",I;l.llL,A..I.i u~ ~i tt~.J :J.i ~ &fI.:f ~.iill~) J,;l:",f ~ -, j " " I" """".>J uw,s.,...,J1 " "",. :<l,iJ ci""kllOIJ) (~.wI"".>J) .I;l.:.i ,~U !~~.J Yo .h.uJ)t-JJ.liJ16. Abu Lailii Ra<)iyalliihu anhu narrates that Nabi Sallalliihu alaihiwasallam said: Woe to you 0 Abu Sufyiin! Indeed I have come toyou with (the success ot) this world and the Hereafter, so acceptIsliim, and be safe. tTabaranI, Majma- uz-Zawaid)
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 11 lman,,: ;; ;;";~I ~ji ~l5 1; :j~ ~ ~I ~ :J~:w. ,l,1 ......) ~j:; - V~l5:;; GI ~;j j:#] ~,L~ jl;.:.;i i):,:,;. 0l ~ ~l5:;; GI ~:,j !.:;-)~,: Ii; , ~ 10 <: .: • vo • ~ ;) ••• i.oYil1 y.JW y )II% y~ ,,;)<;.,1, 0)) ,~ir ct,l:Yl ~17, Anas Ra<;liyallahn anhu narrates: I heard Nabj Sallallahu alaihiwasallam saying: When the Day of Resurrection will take place, 1will be allowed intercession, so I will say: 0 my Rabb! Send toParadise whoever had in their hearts a mustard seed of Iman (AllahSubl)anahu wa Taala will accept my intercession), so they will enterParadise. Then, I will say: Send to Paradise whoever had in his heartthe smallest particle (oHman). (BukIJiirT)JAijGI ~~,iI ~j :¥~J~ ~ &?I.f :w.,l,I ......:, &~:WI ):~" ~J:; -, 19~l ~ y::; ~ ~ jib. 0l ~ ~l5 :;; I;.-;j :Jw ,l,1 j~ ~ )81 ~81!"" ~L>-jUI,: "11 <.S: , :i4S~F;ic:;J1 ~ <.S: •• " :j~jl;l"J.r, • ;·I.Ii~~Yo • . ;4 ~. • • "J: , ~ .r YY;),Jw.~j"~J.oiJ.Y Jt.<.,Io)J . ~:ii~ <.I:,.u&.fu 4 )io·H18. Abu Sajd Al KhudrI Ra<;liyallahu anhu reports that NabISallallahu alaihi wasallam in a Hadith Qudsi narrated: When thepeople of Paradise will have entered Paradise, and the people of theFire will have entered the Fire, Allah Ta ala will say: Take out fromit whosoever had in his heart Iman equal to the weight of a mustardseed. Accordingly, they will be taken out from the Fire, havingbeing burnt and blackened. They will be cast into the River of Lifefrom where they shall sprout afresh, as a seed sprouts on the bank ofa torrential stream. Have you not seen how it comes out yellow andcurved? (BukhlirT)~ !~I Jj.:.)~ :J~ J.i,-) :.Jt.:.. ~ ~1 Jj.:.) ~j :w. ~1 ......) a.lAl ~,j :;. - ~ .. ," ,~" "I" ". "1-"",,,,,,-,,),.swoJJ (~.w,) .~j.o -:.;I.i " I.,:, .:.ll<.L:..j ~ .:.lly.:. 1; :JI! ~il4i11 0, """. Y", , t/ ~.uI..wJJ19. Abu Umamah Ra<;liyaIlahu anhu narrates that a man askedRasUiullah SaIlallahu alaihi wasallam: 0 RasUiallah! What is Iman?He replied: When your good deed pleases you and your evil deedgrieves you, then you are a Mumin (believer), (Mustadrak :liikim)
    • KALlMAH 111 YYlBAH 12 imiln~ :;1; :J~ &J, dbl Jj.:o.J ~ 0 ~,l,1 Zs".J, It; iI 4; <t~I;" -y.","i~J,I.uIY"r1-"JJ~j.:o.J~~) G. , - db~" Zs".J:; .o~~1 , r*~~)~.J , ,o:riJ"" .~)il~~J20. Abbas ibne- Abdul Mugalib Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He has indeed tastedthe delightful flavour of [man; who is pleased with Allah as Rabb,and with Islam as Deen (religion) and with Mui)ammad Sallallahualaihi wasallam as (Allahs) Messenger. (Muslim)Note: It means that whosoever worships Allah Subi)anahii wa Taalaand leads a life according to Islam with complete obedience toRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam along with a profound lovefor Allah Subi)anahii wa Taala and RasiiluIIah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam has indeed tasted the sweetness of [man.~1 :~~~! ij~ ~j 9 . J-:; ~ :J~ ~ ~I . Zs".J;I;j -y ;.. ~,l,! , .~ .;; .oi .:,s:; .oij ,,ill. l 0i l <:oJ1 ~ .oij ,~I~ 4,0 9 :;";i AJ j.:o.Jj .:ill .0jS:i 0 . , ::; JJ 0, 0 } , " JI ,, :~J,u~~3Jj.,-4(-»~J) .~8~~J..at~lo~L:S" ~l~21. Anas Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates Nab! SallaIIahu alaihiwasallam said: Whosoever possesses the following three qualitieswill have tasted the sweetness of [man: The one who loves Allah andHis Rasiil more than anything else; the one who loves a person onlyfor the sake of Allah; and the one who hates to return to Kufr(disbelief) as he hates to be thrown into the Fire. (RukharT),db. ~j ,db.:";1 :; :J~ 0 ~ db! "Jj.:o.J ;j ~ ,l, Zs".J i;~1 UJ ;j-Y Y,<lJi..,aiiJ u~) b4j js- J)JJI Y4 .~j~y.i I)J ·~~11 ~I ~ ~,~J ,;u, ~J tA"rl)22. Abu Umamah Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Anyone, who loves for the sake ofAllah alone and hates for the sake of Allah alone; gives for the sakeof Allah alone and withholds for the sake of Allah alone, has indeedperfected his [man. (Abu Diiwud)
    • KALlMAN TAYYIBAH 13 iman V./Vi)~·)I~J,.j+.,J4J) .~j23. IbneAbbas Rac;liyaIlahu anhuma narrates that Nabi Sallallahualaihi wasaiiam asked Abu Dhar: a Abu Dhar! Which hand-hold oflman is most trustworthy? He replied: Allah Azza wa Jail, and HisRasiil know best. He said: Friendship for the sake of Allah alone,love for the sake of Allah alone and hatred for the sake of Aiiahalone. (Baihagl)Note: It means that from amongst the branches of lman, the mostlasting and invigorating is that, in ones dealings whether be it formaking or breaking ties, for love or hatred, one looks solely to thepleasure of Aiiah and acts according to His Commandments, leavingaside all his personal desires.i~~F)j~:;I:;JJ:£:~ ;111 J;:)J~ :J~~ihl <s-") .;.u~J~j::i -H ••/r....,.i.,j) lj.~ ~C<J:,i~j~:;I:;J J:£j24. Anas ibne-Malik Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallaIIahu alaihi wasallam said: Good tidings to the one who hasbelieved in me and seen me; and good tidings seven times over to theone who has believed in me and has not seen me. (Musnad ADm.d)~ ~ y~ ,illl .lll * * ~ Illb :J~ .1>1 ~) 4;. ,;. .?-:,51 ::i -r 0Y ~ ,,., ;,], ~ <.S, J 01 .: I t:!; illS "" •. I p<-, • )..r-:... "" ~ .l, " ~ J Lii :J ~,~ .!J ,j ~,.1>1 ;~(~c~ :J WI!JjJ 1 lot.:! t~~ ~ ~1 ~1 i" :(/.i:;: ~,. ., <r..r- -Y!Y ~Ii" T I" ; . 0~1 . ~t/·,.,~". ~, 1 1 ~J!. ..T , ,, .•) " • n ,I .,....ilI";I)),,,,-"",.J)~Ij,.r$t.~~.I>-I.i,. :Jli)"sW")) . ::lw,25. Abdul Ra1)man ibne-Yazid Ra1)imahullah narrates that somepeople mentioned the Sa1)abah of Mu1)ammad Saiiaiiahu alaihiwasallam and their Iman before Abdullah Rac;liyallahu anhu. So,Abdullah said: Verily, the prophethood of Mu1)ammad SallallahuaIaihi wasallam was clear and obvious for anyone who had seenhim. And I swear by the One, besides Whom there is no one worthyof worship, no believer has a faith better than the belief in theUnseen. He then recited (from AI-Bagarah 2:1) Ali! Liim Mfm DhiilikalKitiibu Iii rayba fih ...bi! Ghaib "This is the Book (the Quran),
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 14 lmlillwhereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqiin:pious and righteous persons - who believe in the unseen!" (MustadrakHakim),~I;l ,: :il JI ;;~jtilf, ~ :J.P) ~~ :~~ ~~I~) +l!~; q-i:; -y, ::, I "-: ~, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~,,~~ ~::,i,u, ~;l;»Jj ~:~i ~I :~L! ~~;l:;;.r;J jltilf, &;2 :"~i J.i.i ~L! •• /......1.,)) ;JJi~j~: I~T26. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<)iyalliihu anhu natTates that RasiilulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I wish that I could meet mybrothers. The Sa!)abah of NabT Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam asked:Are we not your brothers? He replied: You are my compauions, butmy brothers are those who will believe in me without having seenme. (Musnad A~mad)~ tilf, ~I ~.P) ~:;.; G;i~~ ~.&,~)~, ~~4 ~J:; -YV~l u~ :~~ eJ..;;;", JI>; J 11~ ,,1,;11? ,:>";"..:cJ..; ~~~ :~~ ~T) ~ ~L;S"I)~:":"j ~~"Q ~T):;.j} !~I ~.P) ~ :~~ !~ ~ ~ ~~ ,~t;;l ~~ ~ ~, "!~: ~1? ;~I J;iI ~ ,.J:":;;~!~ J:s. ~ ~~ ,;j,J.j. :~~~;j 11~ ~;:;lj";j IS-r.J ~ ~/ .1~ ".t f.!") ::1;-;, ~:..:.,):.:r.:r ~H !.&, J)",J- :J ~;;I::I .) :"t,.T. - J , "l>" ,--, ,.y /t .....I •,)) ..J:":;;~ !~J:s. ~ ~~ ,;j ,J.j.~;j,J.j.27. Abu Abdur Ra!)man Al Juhaul Ra<)iyalliihu auhu uarrated thatwe were sitting with Rasiilulliih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, whentwo riders appeared. When he saw them, he said: These two menseem to be from the tribe of Kindah, Madh!)ij! When they reachedhim, it became evident that they were, in fact, from Madh!)ij. One ofthem came close to him to pledge allegiance. Upon taking the handof Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, he said: 0 Rasiilallah!What will be the reward for the one who has seen you and believesin you and verifies (that which) you (have been sent with) andfollows you? Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam replied: Goodtidings for him. So he passed his hand over the Prophets haud andleft, having made his pledge. Then the other came forward and tookthe Prophets hand to pledge allegiance. He said: 0 Rasiilallah! Theone who believes in you, and verifies you and follows you, although
    • KALlMAHTAYY/BAH 15 [manhe had not seen you, what will he get? He replied: Good tidings tohim, again good tidings to him, and again good tidings to him. So hepassed his hand over the Prophets hand and left, having made hispledge. (Musnad A~mad).f1 ~;y,.) ::>1-;.-1 ~ ihij:~;1>1 J~) J~ :J~ ~..1.I~) ~y:sJ;j -H,<..;JI; J>-j JW;1>1 J>- <.>;llitllp, ~Ij,~ ~:;Ij *,,:;1 ",G>:ll ~i;~j? 4-~:!:; :;..;-~ 4-;Oj 4;i~G:;";-~ 4-i;~ i;1.~ :";15 ;y,.)jill 4-:-";l 1 ~ V:~ ) ,.w.i j bij.:o.- )l~y~ ,~)l:>..,l¢J) .r;>1}:-128. Abu Musa Rac)iyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah sallallahualaihi wasallam said: There are three types of people, who will havea double reward: A man from among the people of the Book (Jew orChristian), who believed in his Prophet and (also) believed inMui)ammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam; a slave when he fulfils hisduties to Allah as well as the duties to his master; and a master of awoman-slave who brought her up in an excellent manner andeducated her with the best of knowledge and then set her free andmarried her, for him is also a double reward. (BukhiirT)Note: The objective of this padIth is to explain that a double rewardwill be recorded in respect of each and everyone of their deeds,compared with those of others. For example, if anyone offers saIat,he will receive a tenfold reward and when anyone from these threepersons does the same action, his reward will be twenty-fold. (Ma?iihirl:Iaque)~Li.; ~;l>IJ~)~~ :JIil~..1.~)fji1~ :J~..1.I~)i:.)I;j -y~~1.;,j;~i;i~ :J~ )ji~~I-..1.1 I).;, :.f;ji1 JIil ,.f;yl j:..j ~"~I~~ I~ " , m.4>-i"JJ .!~~,~j;<;l~,~~I~,~j.j29. Awsal Rai)imahullah narrated that Abu Bakr Rac)iyallahu anhuaddressed us saying: A year ago RasiHullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam stood at this very place where I am standing. Andthereafter, Abu Bakr began to weep. Then Abu Bakr Rac)iyallahuanhu said: Ask Allah for Afiyah (well being) as no one has beengiven anything better than Afiyah after Yaqln (certainty in faith).(Musnad A~mad)
    • KAUMAHTAYYIBAII 16 imlind,;;" Jjl :J~ f@> ~I ~j $~I~) ~i;,. i.f~] i.f", :~ J J~ Y -r". , •• / ~_/~ , ,J. I t YV/V"4~~JJ+d"J) . .f"JljJ>4~ lA~WJJij~)lj~4~"JI~,L> - / / ~ ~30. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that indeedNabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The beginning of thereformation of this Ummah was due to firm belief and abstainingfrom worldly pleasures, and the beginning of the decline of thisUmmah will be due to miserliness and long hopes. (BaihaqT)~)S-Ji~~ ~ of@> #J<J:"::! J~J~ ~..1lI~:! rJ,;J J, ~ Y -r" , --JliJ-.L.rlJ) .U!k"t:y,ij t:,,~ j:ill.:.;WI ~j) L;$ ~~j ~Ji J;. ,i»1-ft HI t <") ,JiIJJsylljy, ,~.;,-->~....31. Umar ibnil-Kha(lab Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed, if you put your faithcompletely in Allah, as it ought to be, then surely you will beprovided sustenance as birds are provided for. They leave in themorning with their stomachs empty and return in the evening dulyfilled. (TirmidhT) ~~~ ~, / J:% ~ J ~ loW.r.:: "", J" H:: (eJ:..ui . i ,: ;·:O.lill . .lil ~ !!-. - -n . I; "" .lill ,J", " .r .;?.....- 15f), " . l>- .. <.ilfi, ,i»1 Jj.:..) J;! I~~I ;.5 ,Ij ;j lln.iil ~):,~ I~ ~ i1If, ,i»1 Jj.:..:! ~~j I;;;;:, ~ ~j !;...::. ~ i1If, #JI :Jj.:..) J;! ,;.i!4 ~J6: ; d b ;;)j / / F ~ "" /. ~ / / I;;; ~~, ~ / /. J ,~ ,I~U uij:b- ~..b~ll..,,)t :JLil I~;i.41~lj U~.J.i i1If, ;ill Jj.:..) I~~;;;;y..:,j;,. j ~~ ~j ~SIi ...ill!I :,: i; ~:.,:. ,. I;::;:; :J~ I 8.:.. ~:Ii;j J,j ,: ~i:: .t! I~ .;~), •••• ~4~~;,roY:(l.S)GWI~IJ)32. Jabir ibne- Abdulliih Ra<;liyallahu anhuma nanated that heaccompanied Rasiilullah Sallallahu a1aihi wasallam in an expeditiontowards Najd; and when Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam wasreturning from this expedition, he was with him. At noon, theyreached a valley, full of thorny trees. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam dismounted and the people dispersed amongst the trees,seeking shade. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam rested under atree and hung his sword on it. We slept for a while when RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam suddenly called us, and there was a
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 17 [mullBeduin disbeliever with him. He said: This (Beduin) drew my swordat me while I was asleep: So I woke up, while the naked sword wasin his hand and he said to me: Who can save you from me? I said tohim three times: Allah! Rasiilullah .)allalliihu alaihi wasallam didnot punish him and sat down. (BukharT) +uc;J;:)WJJ~ ~~,~j.1I~)~~jJ#:J)~,h;J~;j -11:J~ .~;j.:J~~~~j.::J~,;IJ::)~~~:J~!+uc;J.i,)~~-:Jlc; ~ .~. ~F ~F,~ v~ij ,i,;J.u1 ~ ~ c:.J; :Ji.l ~~; Ii:; W ,u;.a;.- ~ Js:J L>~ F F .F " , F F I , , ; ,~I ~ Jl:,61 jrs-j ,~~~ ~ J) .fj J:,6j jlS-j ,<s~4i .slJ;lj-iJlj).wo,,)) .4i )Y~j.:~ ~I J~ ,~8IJAhl; ~1 jlS-j,~ ~j)jl;; ,r~/ r)l..,)I).:,H....~~ly~,~33. .)alii) ibne-Mismar and Jafar ibne-Burqan Rai)imahumallahnarrate that Nah! .)allalliihu alaihi wasallam asked Harith ibne-Malik: How are you, 0 Harith ibne-Malik? He replied: A Mumin, 0Rasiilallah! He asked: A true Mumin! He replied: A true Mu min.Nab! .)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: For every fact, there is areality. So what is the reality of your Iman? He replied: I haveturned myself away from the world, and pass my nights awake (inworship) and pass my days in thirst (fasting). And as if I am seeingthe Arsh (Throne) of my Rabb when it shall be brought, and as if Iam seeing the people of Paradise visiting one another therein, and asif [ am hearing the howling of the people of the Fire! At that,Rasiilullah .)allalliihu alaihi wasallam said: (Harith is) A Muminwhose heart has been enlightened. (Mufannaf Abdur Razzaq);u, ~t,;.;l :J~ (~l.,Jw~I:l?:Jj ~ tsfil; ~.11~) f:c;;j -1t"J) . 4-); J ~I tl6::;; ~ ~I Jiw J oi; ,i:; ~~ ~ ,~I ~ "~j _ F F _ flY It.I_i34. Maiz Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! .)allalliihu alaihiwasallam was asked which of the deeds are most virtuous? He said:Iman on Allah the One, then Jihad, and then an accepted Bajj. Thesesurpass all other deeds (in excellence), as the distance between therising of the sun and its setting in the west. (Musnad Ai)mad)
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 18 [mallJ~ 9iJi~~Ji ~~I ~~)y~1 j~ :J~~.iill <:.2)~~t ~J~ -10:~9Q~,~i~,i;l,~)9Q~,~i~,i;l,~!~~~~h.>j;; ~ ~ ~ ;~I:~~<J~) ~ t, :ri ),~Ij)~,J".r-5 .:f~I..,..,~ ,~jt~y.i"Jj .~35. Abu Umamah Ra<)iyallahu anhu uarrates that one day theSal)abah of Rasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam mentioned aboutthe (luxuries of the) world in his presence. So, Rasiilulliih Sallalliihualaihi wasallam (drawing the attention of the Sal)ahah to emphasizestrongly the importance of the topic) said: Behold! Will you notlisten? Behold! Will you not listen? Verily, a simple, humble hardylife emanates from Iman. Verily, a simple, humble hardy lifeemanates from Iman. Meaning thereby, a hardy life with simpleclothes and giving up luxuries of life to such an extent that a personsskin becomes dry. (Abu Dawiid)Note: This does not mean that Iman is limited to a hardy life butIman encompasses within itself numerous distinguished qualities.W:J~ ,i~, :J~ ~~ 9Q~1 .:.~ :J~ ~ .iill <:.2) ;, :" J J;:" ~ -1" ~ ~ ~ F H/f~[o))(~..wl~JAJ) ~~1~ :J~~~~l36. Amr ibne- Abasah Ra<)iyallahu anhu asked: Which [man is thebest? Nab! Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam replied: Hijra (generally itmeans migration). And then asked: What is Hijra? Nab! Sallalliihualaihi wasallam replied: To forsake evil. (Masnad AI)mad)*,~I}JJl !~IJ~)~.:.li :J~~.iilI<:.2)~I~4J~~~ -lV.j. f I~ ~~ ":":TJl :J~ ,j~ :~d ....);;~,}j ,j~ 1:-;.1 ~ :.Jl:,H ~ji , " ~:~ ) r,>,-)I ...h."" J t"~ y~ ,~oJ)37. Sufyan ibne- Abdullah Aththaqafi Ra<)iyallahu anhu narratedthat I asked: 0 Rasillalliih! Tell me something most important aboutIslam, so that I will have no further need to ask about this fromanyone after you. He said: Say, I believe in Alliih, and be steadfasttherein. (Muslim)Note: First, to believe in Alliih and in all of His attributes, thencomply with His Commandments and those of His Messenger. This[man and compliance thereof ought not to be transitional but shouldbe held steadfastly to. (Maeahir ~Iaque)
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 19 [man~~~I t;:~jill J;::; J~J~ $illl~:; ..,.,WI J. " " "" Jrs- J. jill 4:;-(/ " (J:.) .j ~~~I ;W 01 -.illl I~U ~I y.:JJ1 ~ w- ~~1.,; Y ~ J1;.,;i....ail)) ,~I J~ ~1..l.iJ ,..:;..+~ JY-.rA"6J1J)J~1 Jtf<.t~~..l? ..lA ;JiJ ~~ ¢IJ) I j "",.ill38. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil-A~ Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narratesthat RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily, the Iman inyour hearts becomes worn, just as clothes become worn out andtaltered. So, keep on asking Allah to renew the Iman in your hearts.(Mustadrak Bakim):":;:j 1.0 ~i:;. Jjjc;.J-.ill, t!:~ ~I J~ :J~ ~.illl ~):;.;~:;. -,.~ loli:~jP" .jjl.:AlJJI..:--JJk;J-:-~>J~OJj ,~j~(tl ~1A)j:w,~:.39. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nabi Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily, Allah has forgiven my Ummah the evilpromptings or desires of their hearts, as long as they do not act uponthem or speak of them. (BukhiirT)~~J! :.jw ~~I,;,~jY.fU<t>:- :J~~.illI~):;.;~J:; -I.t:!? ~1 :J~.;.Ai :I)~ ~rJ~j ~ j :J~ .~,;.k;i 01 U.l;.;.1~ 1.0 ( _,n rt :P-!)". .J~)}L.r")J~":-~~OJ)~~140. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that some of theSal)abah Ra<;liyallahu anhum came to Nabi Sallallahu alaihiwasallam and asked him: We find that, in our hearts, arise suchthoughts that we would be ashamed to talk of them. He said: Well,do you indeed feel like that? We said: Yes. He replied: That is pureIman. (Muslim)Note: This means that when these thoughts instigate you and, farfrom believing in them, you do not even want to ulter them, thenindeed this is the sign of perfect Iman. (NawawT).illl 4~ ~~ ~ 01 ~;~ Y IJJ:S1:~ Jbl J;::; J~ :J~ ~.illl~:; i:;; ~J:; -I , I "j, """.rI""j""""""J-<.. i"JJ .~j~J~0J;i41. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullah
    • KALIMAHTAITIBAH 20 lmiinSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Testify frequently La ilaha illal/ah(None is worthy of worship except Allah) before a barrier (death orillness) comes between you and it. (Musnad Abu YaIii, Targhib)illl ~ ~ i;Ji ~ ~j 2JlA ;;:~ ;"1 J~) J~ :J~ ~ .lil ~)~,z ;j - t Y r:r!J • .:.J,o.:roi,)i~JJJ.J-:"~~~JJ .G:;;:;42, Uthman ibne- Afran Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He, who died knowing (andbelieving) that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, willenter Paradise. (Muslim):il>1 ~i ~ ~J 2JlA ;;:~;"I J~) J~ :J~ ~.lil~) ~~.;~,z;j -t r ,~q,j~J.o..-..,~~J:i¢IJ) .i;Jr~~ J;.43. Uthman ibne-Afran Radiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahll alaihi wasallam said: He, who died knowing that Allah isTrue and He exists, will enter Paradise. (Musnad Abu YaIa) ~..,; ;:. "I -:" ~~ " I ~, ," ., , ~ ,~ , F, o~ , 0 ~;; ~ I i) "1 i:iill ~ :;1 :JW.iil1 J~:~:.,.:JI ~ ,~ , J~ :JI.i ~ .iill ~) (#;f -t t,~c...""J"J,",jI.r-JI"JJ .~I~~) ~~; ;;j~~;~)u~) - - H"/Y.r--I1tc,J144. All Ra<;liyallahll anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahll alaihiwasallam said in a f.ladTth Quds! that Allah Ta ala says: Indeed I amAlJah, there is none worthy of worship except Me; he whoacknowledges My Oneness enters My fortress, and he who entersMy fortress is safe from My Punishment. (Shirazj, Jami-u,-saghjr)(:<. .ft Y;l?-.J.i:,:L!;,;, J,f ~ ,~ :J~ ~~ .lil~: y~;j - t c,: ; .i ~ ,~;:~;~sit.:!,~!i;,,; ~j i;,l?- t ~~j ~j).t. Y:-:, !;"I J~) Ii :J~Iii ~J~ ?~li:~ ~I J~ ?~ji ~;j J# ,(.@:i;:,~ if;~ q.>i ~ ;:;:b;-.li, ~~:~ ~I J~ ,<i~)j,~ I~ ~lj;j~). ~ ,.i.;.j.lil~)~).- i ~1 ¥~ , ~ " ,, ", ,- " " " " , , . . .. "I ~ Ii :JLi! i"~ ~~ J;Yj <!.J!.lS a ",J ,," "?~.J"..lj ~I)~j !;ill J~: lA..;lJ Jl~ "t ,I" ft5 ",~~I .J4ij,;.;S:;~}IJ) ,~I~j.!..ln:,.t.j :Jill
    • KALlMAN TAYYlBAN 21 lmlill45. Makl)iil Ral)imahuWih narrated that a very old man, witheyebrows drooping over his eyes, came and said: 0 Rasiilallah Aman who had betrayed, fornicated, and not left any wish or aslightest desire (whether permitted or forbidden) but fulfilled it; if hissins were distributed amongst the entire population of the world, theywould be destroyed thereby. Can his turning with repentance beaccepted? Rasiilul1ah SallaWihu alaihi wasallam asked: Have youembraced Islam? He replied: As for me, I bear witness that there isnone worthy of worship except Allah, Alone, without partner, andthat Mu1]ammad is His slave and Messenger.NabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Then, indeed Allah will keepforgiving you and replacing your evil deeds with righteous ones aslong as you are faithful to the words of this Kalimah. At this, the oldman exclaimed: 0 Rasiilallah! And my betrayals and myfornication? NabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam replied: And yourbetrayals and your fornication. The old man then turned and leftsaying (out of sheer joy): Allallli Akbar, La ilaha il/al/ah. (Talsir ibnKathir):J~ w. ;<Jj:.) ~J~~.);,I~) .,...,IAII J. Jr-<- J.;1.1 4 ~ -t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - , / ~ , , I ~~ ~ ~ / ,;;. .~J ~ & .., J :;i ;C;uJI" r.f. qJJJ cs- l.i: -" )IJ. " , ..:l>1 .:JI, , " r "~I ,, I~ ·T· . J .,h:.::., j!.~0··L;~I <:" 2J;Ji,1 no;:; I~ V"/ c:; 1:Ji;:J ~ 1~ v-; I.,.. l5,~ .r-: ~ .~ ~ ..T" . ,:1 I:" .r~-: I,.i , /i:,;. G~::.u 0t ,J; :J~ !~) ~,~ :J~ ~)J.; ~1 :J~ 12» ~,~ :J~,~ I~ 01 ¥1) .);,1 ~t Jt ~ ~j ¥14;i ill!." c;..;l ,~j;JI : 1:1~;.J.i; ~ <i~ / ~/;; 1 J/ / 0 I ) ~ / ~ _ ~ J!,:Jl<i ~..::J¥I ~+> ~ ;;,Jlh.fl ~+> ~ !~) ~ :Jj4 ,.!.1Y:";;"1 :Jj4 ,Alj:.»): iii) -S¥I ~t1J~~illh,Jl)~ ~ ,>}.",.:.)I~:,.;l :J~ .~ ~ d~:rJ ~~ Lo Y4 ~~.f-.;.-~.Jwo- 1..i.k. :Jl!J.s~ yJ ~IJ) .~~ ~1 ~ ~ ~ ~) ,Jj~1 YI"~;~)"" • .;,;~46. Abdullah ibne- Amr ibni] As Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates: Iheard RasiilulJah Sallallahu alaihi wasaJlam saying: Indeed Allahwill summon a man from my Ummah in the presence of the entirecreation on the Day of Resurrection and ninety-nine scrolls (of evildeeds) wil1 be unrolIed in front of him, while each scroll (length)being as far as the eye can see. He (Allah) wil1 ask: Do you deny
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 22 [mananything (written) here? Have My scribes done any injustice to you?He will say: No, my Rabb. Allah will say: Have you got any excusefor it? He will reply: No, my Rabb. Allah will say: We have with usa good deed of yours, and verily, today no injustice will be done toyou. Then a piece of paper will be brought forth written therein willbe these words: 4i.:?))O~ 1~~¥fJ~~1I ~~41~i§~t ¥t I hear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I hear witness that MOJ;mmmad is His slave and Messenger.Then Allah will say: Go and have it weighed. He will say: 0 myRabb, what is (the weight of) this paper as compared to all of thesescrolls? Allah will say: Indeed there will be no injustice to you. Thescrolls will then be placed in one pan (of the scale) and the piece ofpaper in the other pan. Thereupon, compared to the weight of thepiece of paper, the pan of scrolls will begin to fly. And nothing canoutweigh the name of Allah. (TirmidhT):} ),.!i>I~!;,l) i ~ ~:~ ~<J~ :~~ ~iil <$") .:s}.:.oi~1 i;.<. ~:; -t V -- " "" "·.!i>1 j.Js, i :~rJ~,jj ,~~I ~Y. i1J,,f ~ ~t4--,~j.: :";<".!i>1 j.Js, i ~I Jj:.» _,1-,0 oJ:; 0,0~")J.h...,J~IJ~IJ"I.r.bIiJ"-i"J)·9 wS ~ ~;G,JI J.;:-,i it ~~I ~y~i~, ,,,o/.lJJ)~..:.Jw47. Abu Amrah Al AnsarI Racjiyallahu anhu narrates that NabISallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I bear witness that there is noneworthy of worship except Allah, and that I am His Messenger. Anyslave (of Allah) who meets Allah with this belief, this Kalimah willkeep him away from Fire on the Day of Resurrection. In anothernarration: Anyone who meets Allah on the day of Judgementtestifying these two, (Oneness of Allah and Prophethood ofMuljammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) shall enter Paradise, despiteall his sins. (Musnad Af:lrnad, TubaranL Majma-uz-Zawaid)Note: Commentators in the light of this and similar a1)adIth state thatsuch a person will enter into Paradise either his sins being forgivenby the Mercy of Allah or after he has withstood punishment.(Mu ariful J:ladTth)
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAll 23 [miin:}l)iI,~!~! :i ~1:i;·l I~ ~;~ :J~ ~ &fil .jt<.iI, ~)~~ ;i>~:; -t A" ••• "-,~,,,Oi;j,lJJlyC.r--"J ("-<.i>J, ...........J) .;;(;)l ,)01 ~4,;, J~) It~:";)48. !tban ibne-Malik Ra<;liyallahn anhu narrates that Nab!~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Anyone who bears witness thatthere is none worthy of worship except Allah and that I am HisMessenger can never enter Hell or be bnrnt by its fire. (Muslim).,;,1 ~l~l :i ~l~:;:~;J~)J~J~$ill ~" ~ ~)..;,l:;i~Gi~j:; ~ ,,~ , -t ~..,...."J~"J) .)01 ,;;(,;~ 4i ~ 0W,1):J~ ~)jj;l J~) I~ 01) tI/10-<149. Abu Qatadah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates from his father thatRasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who bears witnessthat there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and thatMuhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and his tongue frequentlyrecites it while his heart is contented with it, the Fire shall not bumhim. (BaihaqT):i~j ~.~;~) .:.,~~~~ :J~ ~&fiI.jt<..,;,I~)~ J ?,,;,::; -0. ~~ - ~ J 0 I" I, "~) ~~, ;;,1 n ~/,",-i"J .4l..l>1 P~!yiY~J! .!.lJ;Bji;illJ......)Jj..l> ~!.u;50, Muadh ibne-Jabal Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab!~allaIl1ihu alaihi wasallam said: Anyone who dies, bearing witnesswith the certainty of his heart that there is none worthy of worshipbut Allah and that I am His Messenger, will be forgiven by Allah,(Musnad Abmad)~ :J~-q;-]I~~~)1";:)- ~; J~)01t<.iI ~)~~J,,",j:; -0 .,;,1 J J-). ,, :J ~ I~";:(; :J ~ ,cl;J;;:., , ;,1 J ......) (; . . :J ~ !I",.:r., ", (; .. . . j ., ", . " I;.,;,,;,: :;; , ~ ~. ,~ ~ ~ ~ ; ; , ;; F I ~", ~ • F ~ " ~ ~F, ~!0;; Ii.-f ,;ill J~) ..Gwi)..l>1 ~l.ut 1 wi ~;G-i~ ~ :JIi Lj~.L.Ii~)".~ 11tJ~ Y/t~:: :i .:,.01 ~y?-1 ~j 1;1 J~) ~ :J~ )01 ~·.,;,I~:;" ~~~O~~~:J~ .~/ Yo:";,"" ~}~4"""",""4,,,,,I>.,I"J ,Wu~}~.ILU~?lj51. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilulliih
    • KAUMAHTAYYlBAH 24 lmiillSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said, while Mu adh Ra<,liyallahu anhuwas riding behind him on the same camels saddle: 0 MuMh ibne-Jabal! MuMh replied: Here 1 am at your service, may you beblessed, 0 Rasiilallah! He again said: 0 Muadh! He again replied:Here I am at your service, may you be blessed, 0 Rasiilallah! Mayyou be blessed, This happened thrice, then Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Anyone who bears witness that there is noneworthy of worship except Allah and that MUJammad is HisMessenger truthfully from his heart, then Allah will save him fromthe Fire, Muadh said: 0 RasOlaliah I Should I not inform peoplethat they may rejoice? He replied: Consequently, they will dependon this alone (and give up their good deeds), However, Mu adhRa<,liyallahu anhu narrated this iJadith, at the time of his death, forfear of the sin (of concealing knowledge). (BukhaIT)Note: Commentators give two explanations to the AJMith in whichHell (Fire) is forbidden, only on bearing witness of Ui iliiha illallahuMU(lammad-ur-Rastilullah "There is none worthy of worship exceptAllah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah". One isdeliverance from eternal Punishment of Hell, i.e. they would not bein Hell forever like unbelievers or polytheists, though they would bein Hell for such time until Punishment for their sins is over. Thesecond meaning is that bearing testimony to La ifiiha illallahuMuJ:zammad-ur-Raszllullah encompasses the whole of Islam. Onewho testifies to this truly and thoughtfully will indeed mould his lifeaccording to the tenets of Islam. (Macahir l:Iaglle):;M~I~ji~CG.,q81 ~j~~1 J~ :J~~iirl ~)i;.;~J:; -or ~ ~ ~ ~"WI, o ~I "="~" ,,-,,lY "JJ ("-wI ~J"J) .~ ,p ~ L;.)I.>- , "" .iiI1 ~t Alt ~ J(j _ ,.v, .,.;,52. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The one who says La ifaha illallahwith all the sincerity of his heart will be the most blessed by myintercession on the Day of Resurrection (BukharT)Ii ;;~.;.,;.;~ ~1~~I:~~IJ~ :J~~I~)~Ii<.~~:; -01""JJ ("-wI) .~I.j ~ ~t1::...;~,~ ~ ~~ ~1 Jj.:.) JI:, "," ~t;Jt ~ ~1 I/f~i
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 25 lman53. Rifiiah Al Juhanl RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that NablSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I testify before Allah tbat any slaveof Allah who dies, bearing witness truthfully from his heart that thereis none worthy of worship except Allah, and that I am the Messengerof Allah, and maintains righteous deeds, will certainly enterParadise. (Musnad A1)mad)~~ ~l :J~ ~,.1.1 J~j ~ :J~ ~ 1; ~j ,;,J.;JI J ~:;. -~ t.,» .1;1 ~~l~ ,~8 .ft1; ..:,;. ~l:"u1 ~.:.,~ 0 ~ ~ ~ 4l~ ~ 4 II" 1,~.u.wljJ~Lo:~l""J~I.b?~~~..I,:oo l,u :JljJ~l..J54. Umar ibnil-Khanab RaQiyallahu anhu said: I heard RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Verily I know a Kalimah, whichno slave of Allah says truthfully from his heart, and then dies in thatstate, except that Allah will surely forbid him from the Fire; thatKalimah is La ilaha illallah. (Mustadrak I~akim) .. ~./, ,,"," :,1"":-:: ,:;""._, " ,.;;, .,iw"f ill l ~ ,~.iiI 1,u; 1 w :JL! <lalj ..... .iill ~j :>~L.a;1 ~~.:r -~ ~..:; ,: :;:.. 4~S 4l~ :;j GI ~:1; ;j;,.:;j ~~L:.o 4l~ :;4 ~j ,~LC ,.1.1..G~ 4l VI!I ",,1),;IIt- ,,;,........ ~"»),),.,J) .;,;.,~1~-1; ~j:J~ :"j;,fj55. lyyaQ Al An$arl RaQiyallahu anhu ascribes to RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam that he said: Verily La iliiha illallah is aKalimah regarded precious by Allah. It has with Allah a high status.And it is a Kalimah that he who says it truthfully, Allah will sendhim to Paradise, and he who says it insincerely, it will save his blood(life) and protect his wealth (in this world) but when he will meetAllah on the Day of Judgement, He will take him into account.(Bazzar, Majma-uz-Zawaid)Note: The Kalimah becomes a source of protection for ones life andproperty even if it is said insincerely. This is because he isapparently a Muslim and as such he will neither be killed nor hisproperty confiscated as is done with a fighting unbeliever.:;1.:,;,.;1;~!~! ~ ~ ¥ :;:!@, ~I J~ :J~ ~1;1 ~j ,j!1:aJ1 }:..:t.1:;. -~, -, / " ,~ / ~Ah;"Ji"J) .• G~ ;1;1 ls ~~; ;,)L:.!4.i56. Abu Bakr Siddlq RaQiyalHihu anhu narrates that Nabl Sallallahu
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 26 lmlillalaihi wasallam said: He who bears witness to La ilaha illallah--there is none worthy of worship except Allah, with his heartverifying his tongue, shall enter Paradise from any of its doors hewishes. (Abu YaHi):; ii ~ .ljJ:; 1)Jl;J I)J+!:4f,:JI J~ :J~ ~~I ~j;y,:sJ:; -cV ~:;,~, - ,,~ ~ ~ ~ , :::" I _~. ~, ~t""" ,,",,C< ~")J",.,>JI J ""~J,w-i ")) .;G,;,JI J>" 4! !?I..o ,),1 ~l Nl ~ ~I ~ 1.~/I""J)i57. Abu Musa Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that NabT Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Take good news, and give good news toothers, that he, who bears witness to La ilaha illallahu-- there is noneworthy of worship except Allah and is truthful in his testimonythereof, will enter Paradise. (Musnad A1)mad, Tabaran], Majma- uz-Zawaid)~J~I~! Al! "i ~ ¥ :;:~ #ll J:":j J~ :J~ ~~, ~j ~I;j:UI.si:; -c/ ~ ~ ~ ~:JhJIJil./1 ~1"IJj.}",.rYt""".GI;y.; ~ :J:":jJ~ I~ ..)o~~58, Abu Darda Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that NabT Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: He will enter Paradise who sincerely bearswitness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and thatMu!)ammad is His slave and Messenger. (Majma- ul-Ba~rnin)~)~ ;) c.;i) GI ..:J;.;:~ #ll J:":j J~ :J~ ~ iii ~j..,.,ii :; -c ~~ ~ / ~ .~ " ,,/ ,;:; I ~,~/. 0/ ," /"~F • ~opIJ;» J:,.:,j ~ ,)" ~!, :..I!, l :JJ~ j!=.:J ,..,..,.lJ4 j>.:.>i ;;,,~ 4?, ~i / / ~;jJ i;;i:;;";1 :~IiJ, j..:JIJ ,ti~ G1l;. ~J G..) d5i ~J ti:G,J c:.i ~ :.iliJi " " tcj~t":>:J ~~":"""..l?.rJ)lo,.:JJ!J~)l~J) .:J.P59. Anas Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: When I entered Paradise, I saw on both of itssides three lines written in gold. The first line read: La ilahaillallahu Mul;ammad-ur-Rasiilullah (There is none worthy ofworship except Allah, Mu!)ammad is the Messenger of Allah). Thesecond line read: What we had sent forth, we found (the reward)thereof, and what we had consumed, we benefitted from it, and what
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 27 lm{fnwe had left behind, was a loss. And the third line read: SinfulUmmah and Ever Forgiving Rabb. (Jami-u,-~aghjr)~ji ~ :}I)i:):~ ~I J~ :J~ ~..j,I~) (s~I,.;.j~I?U~; ~~;j -,.".ilIJ..-lIY""JNI"JJ .)81 ~..j,1 ~f ~l;UI",,) ~,~..j,1 ~l Jloq J~ ~~I ,t 1I:ri),)..~.:dll<l.:o:"JA.!~60. !than ibne-Malik Al An~arT Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates thatNabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Not shall a slave (of Allah)appear on the Day of Resurrection having said Ui iliiha illalliihseeking only the pleasure of Allah, except that Allah will forbid theFire upon him. (BukhiirJ)"",);.1 1 ;l:U1 ~)~;; ~ :J~ ~;U, ~j.:.);j~..j,1 ~)?U~; ~i;j -, I.L>JIlJ~c.JI"JJ <1 1 ~..j,rJ 4J)U ,§i5"> ~GilJ ~~I r~l):J~; ~ ~);U, ) yo,.,. /y ~Jj.w))~b:- ~~ J)L:...~I~":"~61. Anas ibne-Malik Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that NabT Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: He who departs from the world with. sincerebelief in Allah alone Who has no partners, and having establishedSalat and paid Zakat, departs in such a state that Allah is pleasedwith him. (Mustadrak tUikim)Note: Sincere belief means that he was obedient from the core of hisheart.~) ,,~1! :.;ll~j;;~1:.i :J~ ~;UI Jj.:.) ~j~~1 ~))1 ~,j;j -, y~ ~ J " J~) ~ J ~ ,,~.} 0 ~" J ~ } • ~.P-u ~, ~ ",~i I;;",;; j: : ..r: ~..I ~ U--..I~, ,:,,1;;", L.:.IJ5 ;;";;, .bt.::. ,,;1..:.], ~ Ul ~, J , ..I ~ ~..J~" fv/o~ioIJ) (c..::,w,)62. Abu Dhar RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Indeed, he is successful who has sincerelydedicated his heart to [man and purified his heart (from polytheismand hypocrisy) and kept his tongue truthful, and made his Nafs, theinnerself, satisfied (by the rememberence of Allah), and kept hismanners upright, and lent his ears to listening attentively (to thetruth) and his eyes observing (with the light of [man). (Musnad A!)mad)
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 28 lmiill~.&I ~:; :Jji; ill< ;1.<J}:o) ~ :J~ ~.&I~) ;1.14 J. 1-:-:; -, !"J ~ j.,I.<l ",",~ O,}) .)81 :y-.l ~ ~)J.rW A;Ai :;:; ,~I :y-.l ~ ~, ll.rW YV. :~j"" • ..;.....063. Jabir ibne- Abdullah Ra<)iyallahu anhuma said: I heardRasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He, who meets Allah,not ascribing any partner to Him, enters Paradise. And he, whomeets Allah ascribing a partner to Him, enters the Fire. (Muslim)~ .;,,~:; :Jji; ill<;1.1 J}:o) ~ :J~ ~ .&1 ~) ~(.,j, J. i.l~:; -, t "~ )Jl-ill ll,lIg",JJ.< .)01 ~.&I~:; ~ ~ ;1.u, ll.rW64. Ubadah ibne-Samit Ra<)iyallahu anhu said: I heard RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He who died not ascribing anypartner to Allah, Allah indeed forbids the Fire upon him. (AmalulYaumi wal Lailah lin NasaT)ll.rW ~ ~:;.;,,~:; :Jji; ill< ~I ~:Sf ~.&I ~) ;)~.;. ifl~I; - H ," f/.tJj)~;A;•.A "l ~~L:..,.,lJ.r-$JJ~.r.W~j) ·:Jffi:J ~ ~ ~ ~~65. Nawwas ibne-Sam an Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that he heardNab! SallaIliihu alaihi wasaJlarn saying: He who dies, not ascribingany partner to Allah, indeed, forgiveness becomes incumbent forhim. (TabaranT, Majma- uz-Zawaid):.:..li ~~ ~I:C ~ ~ ,;to,; Ii :J~ ill< &;J1,;f- ~.&I~) ~tO,;:; -",~I:Y-.l ~;1.~ llA~ ~j~ .;,,~:;;]1 ~~ <;)~.;:.>T ~i1;]; :J~ .~ 1r All I),.~ .J ~ I""f". if81 JI• c,r .iil 1 J J-") IS. """O}).r- ~ 0Ii " • "",~ I ,0·1 ,,~.!Jl 0 , •. : 0,; .~/ ,,,,,,"I.}JI,,,kJ166. Mu adh Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahu alaihiwasallam asked: 0 Muadh! Did you hear a sound last night? Ireplied: No. Nab! SaJlallahu alaihi wasallarn then said: Verily, anangel came to me from my Rabb, and gave me the good tidings thatwhoever from my Ummah dies, not ascribing any partner to Allah,will enter Paradise. I said: 0 Rasiilallah! Should I not go out to thepeople and give them these good tidings? Nab! Sallallahu alaihi
    • KALlMAHTAYYlBAH 29 [mallwasallam replied: Leave them (on their own), so that they maycompete in righteousness. (Tabariinj)Js.;»1 J;. ~ .:s~.:ur !~~ ~ :J~ ~ ~I; :":".&1 ~j f.:; ~~:;--w:;i ?;JI Js.;»1 J;- t~ :J~~:Jj:.jj.&1 :Cll :J~ ~;»I Js. ?;JI J;. V, ?;JI.~~,:il ~~:; .:,..ti~ ~jJ;,j~ ;»1 Js. ?;JI J;.j ,~~Ij~~j·.&II)~ t t:~ J; ......:Jl",J"ui~J:)..u1,.,.Jl~ ,~~IJ) (~..wl)67. Muadh ibne-Jabal Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab!Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: 0 Mu adh! Do you know what isAllahs right upon His slaves and what are the slaves rights uponAllah? I replied: Allah and His Rasiil know best. He said: Indeed,Allahs right upon His slaves is that they worship Him, and do notascribe any partners to Him. And the slaves rights upon AWihSUbl,1anabii wa Taala is that He will not punish anyone who does notascribe any partner to Him. (Muslim)~j ~4:ilA~iil,~:; :J~ ~;»I Jj:.jtl$ibl ~j ...... L;<. JI.j -~A ~~ ~ / ~ ~ / /t- ,~ ""I ""-) ,h ""s:J1 J ciphJl .,)) .j.J1 .. (i;; ;OJ &1 ~ t.:.1 J,;,i; ~..i..&=II~}J ;JJJ....p~If. l vjJ.iI})68. Ibne- Abbas Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He, who meets Allah not ascribingany partner to Him, and not having killed anyone, will meet AWihwith the least burden on his back. (TabaranI, Majma-uz-Zawaid)~~ ~ ~j ~;»~:ilA ~ .:.,~:; :J~ ~ c)l.j :":".&1 ~j;j;:;- -~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ / ~ ,,~ ,oj -")}t-,,,J" J~c,.))""s:JIJcilphJ"J) .•G ~I "fIJij &1 ~~;j ~;-69. Jar!r Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahu alaihiwasallam said: He who dies, not ascribing any partner to Allah, andhas uot shed blood unjustly, will be sent to Paradise, from any of itsdoors he desires. (Tabaranl, Majma- uz-Zawaid)
    • rKALlMAN A IT/BAN 30 Belie/in the Unseen BELIEF IN THE UNSEEN Believing in Allah Taala and in the Unseen Truths, and believing in all that Ras iilulliih fiallalliihu alaihi wasallam has presented as a certainty, and rejecting material experiences, human perceptions and mortal pleasures, if they are contrary to w hat has been revealed to Rasiilulliih fi allalliihu alaihi wasallam. Belief in Allah Taala and His Attributes, His Messenger, and in Predestination. VERSES OF THE QURAN(When the Jews and Christianssaid as their Qiblah and that of theMuslims was the same, how couldthey be punished? Answering thesethoughts) AlHih Sub1)anahu waTa ala said:It is not righteousness that you turn :A~;..J~; wi ~ ;Jyour faces towards the East ortowards the West but righteousness (;1; (; .;Jf ;.. Wi.; ""jj~ ..;~1 ,- -- ----is this that they believe in Allah • .:: -i:;(/ . ~i( /T(/ ...;,~and the Last Day, : ~ !.J /:~ ~>=IJ "" ;..
    • KALlMAH TAIT/BAH 31 Belief in the Unseenand in the angels, and the Books,and the Prophets; and to give their J<: jJ( JI;:; ~r; > <9twealth, for love of Him to ~/i(J ~~( ~ . .sJ> <...::;. ,,~relatives, the orphans, the needyand the traveller and to those who :.;;C~( / ~I cr.J _,; J /_> ~T &.C.::.::W _, -ask, and to set slaves free andestablish Salat and give Zakat. J;:; ~ji ;;11 X::lj ....,...,~)( j:; , / /And those who fulfill their oaths(treaty) when they make one, and III ~} ~~ 6;..;:i~ ;§JI ~those who are patient in extreme ~iJ ;t.::,QI ~ ~pi; h>~~poverty and illness, and at the time t} / -::~ ,/ .... { .Ii: ;: .",of stress during battle. Such are !;i.e;. i.>:;;l ~j "",1:;) i:0the truthful and such are the pious. A/,,-::}~. . ;.J. ./ /~/ AI-Baqarah 2:177 [ VV"A!I] 10/ "pi ~ ~jJAllah Sub:lanahii wa Ta ala says:o mankind! Rememher Allahsfavours to you. Is there anyCreator other than Allah Whoprovides for you sustenance fromthe sky and the earth? None isworthy of worship but He. Howthen are you turning away (fromHim). Hilir 35: 3Allah Suh:lanahii wa Taala says:The Originator of the heavens andthe earth! How can He have a sonwhen He has no consort, and Hecreated all things and hasknowledge of all things? AI-Auam 6:101Allah Sub:lanahii wa Taiila says: :JW J~JHave you seen the semen that youemit (in the womb of the women)?
    • KALlMAH fAIT/BAH 32 Beliefitl the Unseen A c",;.;- ~ .. f- ~c ~-ii:; ~/1/Do you create it (transform this ~ (.)~ ~ TA..j~;:; ..semen into a perfect human being), [oq,-OA:~}I]or are We the Creator? AI-Wiiqiah 56:58-59Allah Sub!)anahu wa Taala says: :JW JIi)Have you seen that which you A .-- n, I" ~.« lo/ "-/j}>- " (:,,-,,1cultivate (sow into the ground)? A").. -.:;" >",": 1: )/.J./"-;; ..;..-.:....Is it you who cause it to grow, or lo/ uri)1 yo F r"r..Jj ..:.;1.are We the Grower? AI-Wfiqjah 56:63-64 [t-i:WI}I]Allah Sub!)anahii wa Taala says: :JW JIi)Have you observed the waterwhich you drink? o0Y? ...Ji (Oi ~:jIs it you who cause it to come :ft p9j.:ii ~ ~;2]) ;J:down from the rain-clouds, or areWe the Causer? @5)~HIf We willed We could turn it 1ffi ~~ ;~l;; fG jbitter. Why then do you not givethanks? O~~~Have you observed the fire thatyou kindle? ¢ 5-1SJ Ji ~8i ;S;:01Is it you who have grown the tree -"~-: i/-- .... 1 .,:.~ rOL:.l1 .,.:.;. ~i f-::/// ..,.,k·.. . .~ /1/that serves as its fuel, or were Wethe Grower? AI-Wiiqiah 56:68-72 [vr-A:WI}I] ¢ G}>~riAllah Sub!)anahu wa Taala says:Indeed, Allah is the One Whosplits the seed and the pit (of fruitsetc. for sprouting). He brings forththe living from the dead, and thedead from the living. Such isAllah. How then are you turningaway?
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAH 33 Beliefin the UnseenHe is the Cleaver of the daybreak;and He has appointed the night forresting in tranquility, and the sunand the moon for calculating(time). That is the measuring ofthe Mighty, the Wise.And He is the One Who has set foryou the stars that you may beguided by them, in your course inthe darkness of the land and thesea. We have explained Ourrevelations for people who haveknowledge. And He is the One Who has produced you from a single soul,and has given you a place ofresiding (on the earth) and then anabode (in your graves). We haveexplained Our revelations forpeople who have understanding.And He is the One Who sendsdown water from the sky, withwhich We bring forth vegetation ofevery kind and from them Webring forth green blades, fromwhich We bring forth the thick-clustered grain; and from the date-palm, from the pollen of whichspring lush bunches bending withtheir weight; and gardens ofgrapes, and olive, andpomegranate, alike (featured) andunlike. Look at their fruits whenthey bear fruit and ripen. Indeed,herein verily are signs for thosewho believe. AI-An am 6:95-99
    • KALIMAH TAYfIBAll 34 Beliefin the UnseenAllah Subl)anahu wa TaaHi says: :JW JIl)So praise be to Allah, Sustainer of ~:}J( y:;~ .;>~«I .;..:; >Lj:( ~the heavens, and Sustainer of theearth, the Sustainer of the universe. O~y:;And to Him (Alone) belongs I.<.~~/ u::.; J 0~<~1 , . X 7ciT ~ _~ ~/ COMajesty in the heavens and the > ,>r !., /i ,,earth. And He is the Mighty, theWise. AI-Jiithiyah 45: 36-37 O . "~ J~ [~v-n:";,"I] ~JAllah Subl)anahu wa Taala said toHis Prophet:Say! 0 Allah! Possessor ofSovereignty! You givesovereignty to whom You will, andYou withdraw sovereignty fromwhom You will. You exalt whomYou will, and You abase whomYou will. In Your Hand is (all) thegood. Indeed, You are able to doall things.You cause the night to pass intothe day and You cause the day topass into night, and You bringforth the living from the dead andthe dead from the living, and Yougive sustenance to whom Youchoose without limit. Ale Imr.n 3:26-27 [~v- n :j,,,.,. JI]Allah Subl)anahu wa Taala says:And with Him (Allah) are the keysof the unseen (of which) none butHe knows. And He knows what isin the land and in the sea. Andthere is not a leaf that falls
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 3S Beliefill the Unseenbut that He knows about it, and nota grain (seed) in the darkness ofthe earth, nor a thing alive(organic), or dry (inorganic) butthat (it is noted) in a clear record.And He is the One Who takes yoursouls by night (when your areasleep), and has knowledge of allthat you have done by day. And Hebrings you back to life each day sothat a term appointed (your lifeperiod) be fulfilled. And afterwardunto Him is your return. Then Hewill proclaim unto you what youused to do. AI-An am 6:59-60Allah Sub~anahii wa Taala said to :JW J~)His Prophet:Say: Shall I choose for a protecting S)<~I( .k~ Q,; lJf ~1 ~ jifriend other than Allah, theOriginator of the heavens and the ;:8 l (..t:: • j ,>- __ J"j /"1(- -!.J Jearth, Who feeds and is never fed? [ [:rW~I] AI-Anam 6:14Allah Sub~anahii wa Taala says:And nothing exists, except that Wehave treasures of it. And We donot send it down except in anappointed measure. AI-1:!ijr 15:21Allah Sub~anahii wa Taala says:Do these hypocrites seek honour,and power at the hands ofdisbelievers? Verily, then to Al,lahbelongs all honour and power. An-Nisa 4: 139
    • KALlMAH fA YYlBAH 36 Belief in the UnseenAllah Subl)anahii wa Ta ala says: :JW J~jAnd so many a moving (living) Q.1 ~ -] ;fI~ ;;. J:i:..{; --.... . ....::- ,creature carry not their ownprovision. Allah provides for them c::- .YJ :-(C;! / I-:>~~ ~1 ~_.<Jl ~> ~ r".,J ~».. u~IJand for you. He is the Hearer, theKnower. AI- AnkabUt 29:60 [, 4) tylAllah Subl)anahii wa Taala said toHis Prophet:Say (to mankind): what do youthink, if Allah took away yourhearing and your sight and sealedyour hearts, Who is there otherthan Allah Who could restore it foryou? See how We display Ourrevelations to them? Yet still theyturn away. AI-Anam 6:46Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala said toHis Prophet !)allallahu alaihiwasallamSay (to mankind): Have youconsidered, if Allah made the nightunending for you till the Day ofResurrection, is there anyone apartfrom Allah who could bring youthe light? Will you then not hear?Say (to mankind): Have youconsidered, if Allah made the dayunending for you till the Day ofResurrection, is there anyone apartfrom Allah who could bring younight wherein you rest? Will youthen not see? AI-Qa~a, 28: 71-72
    • KALlMAH TA YYlBAH 37 Beliefill the UnseenAllah Subl)anahil wa Taala says: :JW J~)And of His signs are the ships, like .;;:31 cj c!9J ;,,;;.: 0:J(floating) mountains in the sea; ~g-j? ~,If He wills, He calms the wind so & :;S:G~ 0iT i(; &)( ~ ~ w~that they keep still upon its surface. ---- ~~t ,,{-- -- "" . ~ (C ,,/Indeed, herein are signs for every .;r,;." if"!- ~J <!Jl; ~ ,:,~ zg~patient and grateful (heart).Or (if He wills), He causes them to eF/,:Z;~~~;iiperish, on account of that whichthey have earned and He forgives [n-n:<5,~",",I] ¢Amuch. Ash-ShUra42: 32-34Allah Sub!)anahil wa Ta ala says: :JWJ~) -,:",. -- ""/ .. / ." /J./ /-", ",///And indeed We had given Dawild J~ y,.,;,.; ~ 0",10 41, -IAJ-lgrace from Us (by saying): a hillsGlorify Allah with him! And (0) jJ DI ~" ,.v.. ~ "~ilr >/ - ~~birds you also. And We made theiron soft for him. Saba 34: 10 [ ·L] 0 :";l(Allah Sub!)anahil wa Ta ala says:(Because of the mischief of Qaliin)We made him sink into the earthwith his dwelling. Then he had nogroup and party to help him otherthan Allah, nor was he of thosewho could save himself. AI-Qasas 28:81Allah Subl)anahil wa Taala says: :JW J~J " ""Then We revealed to Milsa y~ " ~ wI Z;; Jl / , r::...;;(saying)! Strike the sea with yourstaff. And (as he did this) it J 5~ ~~ ~r ,;]~
    • KALlMAH TAITIBAH 38 Belief in the Unseenparted, (causing many through ~ ~( /~ /..J; ~ .... ~-- ;ilj? Li~ways) and each part was like ahuge mountain. Ash-Shuarii 26:63 [W:,r-J,JAllah Subi)anahu wa Taala says:And Our ordaining (a thing and itscoming into being) is but one actlike the twinkling of an eye AI-Qamar 54:50Allah Subi)anahil wa Ta ala says: :JW JIiJ >- -.: "J/ .>"/~,J J/ ---;Indeed He (Allah) is the One [ 0"--"".~I] ~;.~ G ,:;t;L AI "1 Alone Who creates and He is theOne Alone Whose Orders prevail.AI-A rat 7:54Allah Subi)anahil wa Taala says:(Every messenger gave the samemessage to his people; worshipAllah) You have none worthy ofworship but Him. AI-Arat7:59Allah Subi)anahu wa Taala says:And if all the trees on the earthwere pens, and the seas, with sevenmore seas to help it (were madeink), even then the words of Allah(describing His wonders, grandenrand majesty) would not beexhansted. Indeed, Allah isMighty, Wise. Luqman 31:27Allah Subi)anahil wa Ta ala said to :JW JIiJHis Prophet:Say! Nothing befalls ns save that ,/~C: Gh y ~"~:: j j
    • KALIMAH TA YYIBAH 39 Beliefin the Unseenwhich Allah has decreed for us.He is our Protector, Lord andHelper; (so there is some good inwhatever befalls US), and in Allahlet the believers put their trust. At-Tawbah 9:51Allah Sub1)anahii wa Taala says:If Allah int1icts you with hurt,there is none who can remove itbut Him; and if He desires goodfor you, there is none who canrepel His Bounty. He causes it toreach whomsoever He wills of Hisbondsmen; He is Forgiving, theMerciful. Yunus 10:107 AHADITH:J@ !~~1 ~ ~1;. &f.u J~ J;,;.; 0 $ ill ~) -"~ )1 ,;. -v • §ljJ; - -- ~~ §~~) ? .:,.J~~jl)~I) ,;,41 ~JW) t"~ j;ll) ;;~~j~j ~~11 )I;~ : J@ .!j?;.)!f ~ )~~ ~j) ~I~I) ..,.,~I) )8) ~~ ~j) ?.JJI - - , _ -• -- - _ I _. - _ _ - J / 0 -/ _ I J.-I» (",yo "-!"" ~ ;..hi J») .~ .l.ii &~ ..:.W I~ :J! !~ .l.ii ~~ ..:.W ~,~/ ......i70. Ibne-Abbas Rat;liyallahu anhuma narrates that JibraIl AlaihisSalam asked Nab! Sallallahu alaihi wasallam: Tell me what is [man?Nab! sallallahu alaihi wasallam replied: [man is that you believe inAllah and the Last Day, and in the angels, and the Books, and in theProphets, and that you believe in death, and life after death, and thatyou believe in Paradise and Hell, and the Accountability, and theScale (of deeds), and that you believe in all (aspects of) destiny, itsgood and its bad. JibraIlAlaihissalam said: Then if I do that, have Ibelieved? Rasiilullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam replied: If you dothat, you have believed. (Musnad A~mad)
    • KALlMAH TA YYlBAH 40 Beliefin the Unseen,~~)~);;),iiI~~j~j ~Q~I :J!! ~&fJI~~;;1 Cs-iJiJi~:sJ:;.-V , , o:~)" ~~IwI4~JI;"""""~U:}::"~~J) < ;:i4~ji),~jJ71. Abu Hurairah Rac.liyaWihu anhu narrates that Nabl SallalIahualaihi wasallam said: Iman is that you believe in Alliih, and Hisangels, and meeting Him (in the Hereafter), and His Messengers, andthat you believe in the Resurrection. (BukharT) ~:;..: :JJ-ii ~ ~I ~;;i ~;;I Cs-iJ -,JlJJI.j ~:;. -v ~ . , J} " •~ j;ll) ;ll::",ji ~C;:;.llJ """:"Y,J.~O~L.1JJ~ioJ) .,:: : ~ ~~1 ~ ~.Y.t zd ::r~~ ~ ~ .t"~ ,, / -"))ie:- Jj72. Vmar ibnil-Khanab Rac.liyallahu anhu narrates that he heardNabl Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He who dies believing inAllah, and the Last Day, it will be said to him: Enter from any of theeight doors of Paradise that you wish. (Musnad AI)mad)~;T J4Q~Ih:~ !!~~:$,iiI<J~JJ!! :J!!~:&ICs-iJ.~J,iiI4:;-V" , , ·~tu :;~~ ~I Q ~j <,,:..i u .::..;J.S:j ~Iu :;~~ :Ih~ II Q ~t Ii;] dQlr, " J I.r", ., J r-, " , ,Jl y:5i cSf~I~):;) ,;;1 ~,iill ~ ;,]III~:li ~1~)::,j ,~u,J!~J _ _~ • ~. J ~ .~, J J I:;; ~ ~ ~ ~ J ~ ,:;; ,., j) .;;"il , 4.L.:..>..<lu,("" y -J r- ,(".u.J ~Il.:n" ~j ,:,lo.:.:J ~" Z, ,(""l/ I ("" ,- .1." y r r , -I, , . .illu y AA:ri)(o..;4~J}-"iJ" J":"..! ~.f ~~ ~~ 1.i.A :JliJ..s.i..o..rl l 73. Abdullah ibne-Masl1d Rac.liyalliibu anhu narrates that RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily in the heart of man, a thought is stirred by Shailiin, and a thought is stirred by an angel. As for the thought stirred by Shailan, it instigates towards the doing of evil, and falsifying the Truth. And as for the thought stirred by the angel, it urges towards the good, and confirmation of the Tmth. So he, who finds in his heart the thought of doing good and.affirming the Truth, should know that it is (guidance) from Allah and should praise (and thank) Alliih, and he who finds in his heart the other thought (from Shailan) should seek refuge in Allah from Shailan, the accursed; and then Rasl1lulliih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam recited this verse from the Quran, "Shailan makes you fear poverty and bids you to commit evil deeds" (Sarah Baqarah 2:268)(TirmidhT)
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 41 Belief in the Unseen , ,.,)) .;..s:J :#i~..),1 IAI:~;I1 Jj.:o) J@J@ ~ ..),1 ~) ~"):UI ~;; -yt 4,~/.:t~(74. Abu Darda RaQiyaIHihu anhu narrates that RasUiullahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Revere Allah (hold Allah in thehighest regard, the Exalted, Majestic and Glorious), He will forgiveyou. (Musnad A~mad)I! :J@:J1 Jw) .!J)9;11,y. <$) ~ ~ &fJ1,y. ~ ..),I~) 3 ~J:; -YO i<-i" !.$.l~ S• ,IY"o~ • " .~iUi,;~,~,· , , (-:: ::1;,, ,,~ 1~·.ltll:";;· <.5, !:p~ .f"- ~ J ~c--.s- ~ f" , I ".~~~ ,::;;(.:; ~l2~~ !.$?~I!,~~j"J~"~ ,<;;.u:; ~lJW.• (-;, !,.l~ S ,(- <i <.5,.,......,..... ,:J. <-"~-I ~~ !.$.l~ IS "~r, ~.. . . I""""" 0,. <:,.~ Y""" 0" <-i;. . . <-:-~ir, 1 J ;:. 1 / • ~ • / !.".l~S·~I·· ji;:·,Li,~,:,,·.u"~IU·, ~" r ~ I$J . . . J ~ J ,~. ~ /,. /;; ;; I.·.li lI1U"·L.~; -I-r J,!,"" ~ / ) • J~f"T) ~)10.:J !.$?~I! ,,,,;i::j :;;, Ijl;i:)) J~.$};o ,jl;i:)S .I:.::: ~ r.s; cli1 1) ~ .. <-: ......,) if ) ~ ~ ,;is ,~) . <-. ;1) H ~ <", ... / ~ ~ / 1~)..J.i j;1 ,~ ; ~~ 1 0/ .~ 1 ~ 1/ , 0 1 ~~~:: / ~~ ":· .....1· I~·.....u;jf 1~·I·5 C_" " 0" ,.(". T" "Ii"i .1 J1) 1""""":" .,.-.s- J ~.J~,.JI".f:".JrJ yo.I:.l~ ".oj ~,<"- -<-.:( ,.(-. T -<-i101: !:.l~IS,~ -""" ~ cli1~ Ics:: Y I"""": J ~ ,J I".f:" J 1"-J yo , . , ."" . • v-~ ~ ~~:f;;; ~ ~1 ~ ~ ,;j~ 9W1J.S" ,: :6;~ ,,,,)w ~I) }:v::,j ;~l ~) ~,~ ~i ~~1 ~ ~l !,:,?~ I! ,;JI ~;i li1 WI,~I ~.t" yC ~;)) .:. ;i ~~:; j1; ~ ~1 ? :G,) :;) (..)" ~ ,:,;;,. :G,) .VY,,,,;)75. Abu Dhar RaQiyallahu anhu, narrates from Nabl Sallallahua1aihi wasallam in one of Hadlth Qudsi that Allah Tabaraka waTaala has said: 0 My slaves! I have indeed made oppressionunlawful upon Myself and have made it unlawful for you, so do notoppress one another. 0 My slaves! All of you are astray. exceptwhom I have guided, so seek guidance from Me, I will guide you. 0My slaves I All of you are hungry except whom I have fed, so seekfood from Me, I will feed you. 0 My slaves! All of you are naked,except whom I have clothed, so seek clothing from Me, I will clotheyou. 0 My slaves! Verily you commit errors day and night, and Iforgive all sins, so seek forgiveness from Me, I will forgive you. 0
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 42 Belie/in the UnseenMy slaves! You will not be able to harm Me, and succeed in such apurpose; and neither will you be able to benefit Me and succeed insuch a purpose. 0 My slaves! Even if the first and last of you, menand jinn, were as pious as the one with the most pious heart amongstyou, that would not cause any increase in My Kingdom. 0 Myslaves! Even if the first and last of you, men and jinn were aswicked as the one with the most wicked heart amongst you, thatwonld not cause any decrease in My Kingdom. 0 My slaves! Evenif the first and last of you, men and jinn were to stand in one plainand ask of Me, and I were to give everyone what he asked, thatwould not decrease what I possess even to the extent of the waterwhich a needle when dipped into the sea can take out from it. 0 Myslaves! They are only your deeds which I pnt to your account andthen pay you in full for them, so he who finds (therein) good, shouldpraise Allah, and he who finds otherwise should undoubtedly blameno one bnt himself, alone. (Muslim)?~ ~ ~ "Ill J~) ~ ~~ :J~ ~iil,~) a?~1 ;:"::..oJ;j -V,~I :..w~ttij.,~:;.:,J...:..jl~,~Gi~I;j~~:~Gi~j.;,.:,~·iil,~~ :J~~) . .:..Jf· , ".s~: i:,;i·,s-.i".~tl;;~ q=- ~<.r~"" <.r-)~"" ~<.r y)y. " "11 1:<."1 :III:~ :~tl I:~"i Ito,,,,,,, .. 14~li>IJi 1~1";~},""Y",.J--"J)~~~~t~ICo76. Abu Miisii Al Ash arf narrates that Rasiilulliih $allalliihu alaihiwasallam stood amongst us and made five statements: I. VerilyAlliih Subi).iinahii wa Taiilii does not sleep, nor He seeks to sleep. 2.He lowers the scale (of sustenance) and raises it. 3. The deeds of thenight are lifted up to Him before the deeds of the day. 4. And thedeeds of the day before the deeds of the night. 5. His veil is Light(between Him and His creation). If He were to raise it, the sublimesplendour of His Face would set ablaze all His creation up to whereHis glance reaches. (Muslim)Note: The verses and ai).iidlth in which the faces, eyes, hands or otherphysical traits of Alliih are mentioned, are allegorical. Their meaningis beyond human comprehension.~ji l:;,~;"t~iil, ~t:~ ~I J~) J~ :J~ $iill~) ""~ .}.I.)- -vv1J.i;y ~ Co ,1)J.i;;y.;.:. Jw:, .iJ)1;l ~:,JI:;.i: ;:.,;; ,.~ ti:;. ~ ~~ J1;.. ~
    • KAUMAH fAIT/BAH 43 Belief ill the Unseen rllt J->J1",.",,,J,lI W1e-1-A< .;::;;;" ~!~ j~77. Ibne-Abbas Ra4iyallahu anhuma narrates that RasUlulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily Allah TaaHi has createdIsraffi Alaihis Salam. From the day he was created he has beenkeeping both his feet in line, not raising his eyes. There are seventy(veils of light) between him and the Sustainer, Blessed and Exalted.If he were to come near any of those (veils of light), he would be setablaze. (Ma,iibI!)-~us-Sunnah)~~j -:;lj J" :J.i~ J~ f!j ~I J~j tl ~..l>1 ~j Jjl,; ijljj;j -VA~. v, .::.>~, jJ 1..T ·· ~ "",,~,-,-- ""J I",)~~ 5 ,"" "- .• J"";}i"-!,-: ~" ~ ». ,A 0; ...T : ,,,"" ",,, --" ~ u ~J ->." """~ ~ U~ .......... ~. ", ···~,i ~,/t J->JI """,,,J,lIWI e-I-A< .~;;.~78. Zurarah ibne-Awfa Ra4iyalliihu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam asked Jibrall Alaihis Salam: Have youseen your Rabb (Sustainer)? Jibrall Alaihis Salam trembled andreplied: 0 Mu1:Jammad! Indeed between me and Him are seventyveils of light, if I were to come close to any of them, I would beburnt. (Ma,abTI)-~us-Sunnah),~:IG~~j :J;:-j>..l>1 J~ :J~ f!j~1 J~jtj~..l>I~ji).~~J;j-V~<UlJi;:-:S~jc~j} :J~jj4Jljj;JJI<~,~ lib:·i~.$%~I~ :J~j.,)) .~Jij~ ~I~I !~) "WI ~;.:;; ~iSj!~ z..i C ~~;S~ .J)~lj t / t :~),;.WJ.;-4.!;, rwISJA.lj....--I ;r.S)~79. Abu Hurairah Ra4iyalliihu anhu reported from RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam narrating in a BadHh Qudsi that AllahAzza wa Jall said: Spend, (0 man), I shall spend on you. And thenRasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The Hand (treasures) ofAllah is full and spending day and night continuously does not effectits fullness. And he said: Do you see, what He spent since Hecreated the sky and the earth? And His Arsh (Throne) was over thewaters. Indeed this has not decreased that which is in His Hand? InHis Hand is the Scale (of justice), whereby he raises and lowers(people). (Bukharj)
    • KALIMAHTAYYIBAH 44 Beliefin the Unseen,-,}oiJ ,~~I ~Y..JJ~.iil ~ :J~ i@; &,JI ,f~.iill i$".i i;,:;~J;j -A.,,,,ell d.. Jw " Jj y" ,c;)""")J ~Y"Ji.!J~ Ji ,~ ~ :JJ,ii io-l ~::~:~.U . J J J • /: ! J, J vrA"~)80. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu reports that Nabl Sallallahualaihi wasallam in a f.Iadlth Qudsi narrated: Allah shall seize theearth on the Day of ResulTection, and fold the sky in His right hand,then He will say: I am the King. Where are the kings of the earth?(BukharT)Note: The attribute of seizing the earth, folding the sky, the Hand ofAllah, and the like are all Truth, the reality of which is beyond ourgrasp as it does not have any resemblance with the attributes of thecreations. Allah has no resemblance to His creation; neither in HisEntity, nor in His Attributes, but in words alone. Allah and HisAttributes are far above the comprehension of any of His creation.~ ~ ~J ~l; ~ ~ ,-,} :Jt:i@; ~I :Jj:..i J~ :J~ ~.iill i$".i)~);j -A ~Y+::; t-!"J ~,lj~J ~t~c;"I<;:iJj t-! y ~ ~~~j 4J;J <~,j,j,~y; , iJs. ,L.:.1Jw,~1:lli ~J,Ir.:S" ~J *.¥ ~ ~j ~ ~J:I;i) ~IJ ,~G J, J ~ " J.J .{ J " ; 0 J ~ , J " ),.,)) .~ i-","" ,;;;:s <1 ..:;,,~?jl ,ill l Jt ill)"" <;:J.;;.:;.,J, Jt ~jJJ .fJ.il n Y~)"" .".,..w) &J;~J},},"~y",,,,".f-r-"",,,","".Lo JliwJ..jJ81. Abu Dhar Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily I see what you do not see, and I hearwhat you do not hear. The sky creaks (with the Greatness andMagnificence of Allah), and it is its right to creak! There is not.therein. the space of four fingers, but that an angel is lowering itsforehead in prostration to Allah. By Allah! If you knew what Iknow, you would have laughed little and wept much, and you wouldnot have taken pleasure from your wives in beds, and you wouldhave gone out to the tops of the lofty heights, supplicating ferventlyto Allah. Indeed. I wish that I were (but) a plant to be plucked (fromthe earth)! (TirmidhI)ft i.i~ ~I ::,:~. !J j; ; ~,~!:i@; ~11 :J.:,.:,.i J~ :J~ ~~ i$".i i;:; ~J;j -A ~ .GI~,~~j:;~J..cIJ
    • KALlMAH TA YYIBAH 45 Belief in the Unseen .:rr ;l:Jl v) iaJ ~ ~t, ::1 r~ ~I;All ~ ~.ill ~l r~ ~~l ~ J, J • ,r"":f ~f , J. I, ~~)I :~I :~I :,r·;j, 1>~WI j!WI ~I :~I jijil ~::i:h ;: p:l t:: II ~~I ~I ~I~I ~WI LWI ~,WI j.:I;h t. Gill Jj~ J;; J:.:.;;J, ft:"" cs-:- "C, I ".,.11 r-:- 1""- r-r-., JoWl .(;" ".(1 ;1 )y-- ) r - . ~;II . 1;"1" -"I.:A.:kJJ1 J , J J/. • .. , , ;; J" • " ,.-.-- ~ ~j~)I~le)1 ~I .:,.;l~I;,;fhJ.;l.~,k.;~1 ,: :;;h 1>41 ~I ":~I tsJ) ~I t>tJI :J.;»I J;jl ,:§ ~ Ii ~W :?WI ~I J.;.~, ~I) ~WI ~I)I ~#ll ~ ,::: ;il ~ I:~;h ":"1.r r. l CS;I~I CS;II y ..r:. ~ tkJI" ~I J~I f < r; I ~ i; il ).I:;h . "II "i .i . L.cil .r: ) t,iJ1 ~~ WI ~1}~lj ~>WI); ,p~ ~(; :";jj~1 ~I 1,;::;1 , . .:~I ~]I oS~I)I JWI ti:W c>?~1 :,jiJl ~81 ~GoJ ~WI ~I rio>. V:~)" ••• liIl;L-iJ~J.>--:",-!<"-:-":!.f ~.b-IJ.A, :Jli Jl.SJ.o.rJloIJ)82. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily there are ninety·nine namesof Allah; one hundred less one, he who memorizes them entersParadise. He is Allah besides Whom there is none worthy ofworship, He is: :;;)1 Ar-RaJ.tmall The Compassiouate ~)I Ar-RaJ.tlm The Most Merciful ..LWI AI-Malik The King :"j~ Al-Quddiis The Most Holy i~1 As-Salam The Granter of peace and Free of all Blemishes ~~I Al-Mumill The Granter of safety and security ~,:!j, AI·Muhaimill The Guardian of all things ;;il AI· Azlz The Mighty ,,;,;,i, Al-Jabbiir The Overpowering ~I Al-Mutakabbir The Greatest in Majesty JlWI AI-Khiiliq The Creator "A AI-Barl The One Who brings creatiou into Being j~1 AI-Mu~awwir The One Who designs and gives shape to the creation
    • KALlMAH fAITlBAH 46 Belie/in the Unseen JW!I Al-Ghaffar The Continually Forgiving ,~I Al-Qahhar The Most Dominant ~~)I Al-Wahhab The Most Generous Bestower ~Ij)i Ar-Razzaq The Provider t. GJiI Al- F atta/:t The Opener to the way to victory And mercy ;.#il Al-Alfm The All Knowing ~_WI Al-Qabi{! The Withholder of sllstenance and Life ~~I Al-Basi( The Plentiful Giver :,,;WI AI-KhaF14 The Abaser I:JI,JI AI-Raft The Exalter ~I AI-Muiz The Giver of honour and dignity ~,wl AI-Mudhil The Giver of disgrace t:! II As-Sam! The All Hearing ~I AI-Ba~fr The All Seeing ~I AI-lfakam The Indisputable Judge :Jj;J, Al-Adl The Just (~I! Al-La(if The Most Graciolls ;,;.i Al-Khabfr The All Aware ~I Al-lfalfm The Clement ~I Al-A.zfm The Incomparably Great ,:#, Al-Ghafiir The All Forgiving Jj81 Ash-Shakiir The Grateful Rewarder and Recompenser ~I Al-Aliyyu The Most High :,;,$jl Al-Kabfr The Most Great ¥il Al-lfo,{fz The Protector ,~ til Al-Muqft The Sustainer and Controller of all Things ... :,~il Al-lfasfb The Reckoner J;JI AI-JaW The Majestic , }:it AI-Karfm The Generous and Benevolent " ~,JI Ar-Raqfb .:.:,.:j, AI-Mujfb The Watcher of all fhings .. ; The Answerer and Responder ~)I AI-Wasf The Vast in His Knowledge and Goodness ;..~;j AI-lfakfm The Most Wise
    • KAUMAHTAYY/BAH 47 Belie/in the Unseen ~j~)Al-Wadiid The Most Loving ~ AI-Majid -, The Glorious and Exalted ~L;i, Al-Bliith The Resurrector of the dead ":/" Ash-Shahid The Witness ~I Al-lfaq The Absolute True in His Being and Attributes J;>~I Al-Wakil The Trustee :)1 Al-Qawi The Most Powerful ~I AI-MatTn The Most Firm i,J~1 AI-WalT The Loving Patron and Supporter ~I AI-lfamTd The Praiseworthy ~I AI-Mu1.z§T The All-Knowing t>~l Al-Mubdiu The Originator of Creation ~ AI-MuTd The Recreator of Creation ~I AI-Mu1.zyT The Giver of Life !~ :3: 1 Al-Mumil The Giver of Death ~I Al-lfayy The ever Living ;.J.iil Al-Qayyum The Eternal Sustainer ~)l Al-Wlijid The Self-Sufficient ~W Al-Mlijid The Grand ~I~I AI-Wli1.zid The One :;~, AI-AlJad The Single ~I A~-Samad The One Who Depends on none and all others depend on Him )~WI Al-Qiidir The Most Powerfully Able j~ Al-Muqtadir The Prevailing it1i:j, Al-Muqaddim The Advancer ?~I Al-Muakhkhir The Delayer Jj~1 Al-Awwal The First ""~1 , , ~IJ;JI Al-Akhir Az-Ziihir The Last The Manifest :;.<;i, Al-Bii(in The Hidden JI~I AI-WiiIT The Governor J,;;:i, AI-MutalilT The Sublime ).1 AI-Barr The Amply Beneficent y~ll At-Tawwiib The Acceptor of Repentance : ;"h Al-Muntaqim The Avenger ,:oil Al-Afwu The Pardoner
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 48 Belief in the Unseen .Jjj)1 Ar-Rauf The Benevolent, Sympathetic ~~~ Malik ul Mulk The Ruler of the Kingdom Jj;,jJ; Dhul Jalali wal The Sustainer of Majesty and 1 /1) Ikram Splendour " ~I Al-Muqsi! The Most Equitable ~,;JI Al-Jami The Gatherer ~I AI-GhanI The Self-Sufficient, Independent ~I Al-Mughnl The Granter of Wealth and Sufficiency ~WI AI-Maniu The Depriver ~&JI A(j-l)arru The Afflicter of Harm ~81 An-Niifi The Granter of Benefits )~I An-Nur The Light ,",,~I AI-Hadl The Guide ~,.;il AI-Badl The First Causer and Creator ",til AI-Baql The Enduring ~ o}1 AI-Warith The Inheritor :";;)1 Ar-Rashld The Perfect Director )~I A~-$abiir The Most ForbearingNote: Allah Subl;anahii wa Taala has many names as mentioned inthe Qur an and Al;adith. Of them, ninety nine are in this l;adIth.(Mazahir-e-l:Iaque)Gl.:,_:.J1 I~~~ :~ ~ I)~::,;f ).:.11 ~j "",..1lI~) ~ J ~ ~ ~ ~ &1;;. -11" ~, ~, "." ~ ~ ~,,, ,,,, ~, ), I ~~.. ~, ,,~~~~ ,. ","" .u .r< ," JJ"," .us ,I .4:.oJ .illI~1 .illl .r i2.:JWJ~O .illl J j t! ,.:..1j" ~ . <: ["") Yo["") ,,["" :.. V"jI ). .. .) If/o~iJ) .-(.l;.-183. Ubayy ibne-Kab RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that once theMushrikln (polytheists) said to Nabl ~allallahu alaihi wasallam: 0MiiI;ammad! What is the lineage of your Rabb? Thereupon AllahSubl;anahii wa Taala, sent down (Siirah Ikhla~): "Say (0Miil;ammad)! He is Allah, The One. Allah, the Self-Sufficient uponWhom all depend. He does not give birth, nor was He born, andthere is none comparable to Him". (Musnad Ai)mad)
    • KALIMAH TAITIBAH 49 Belie/in the Unseen~ .~l:) ~l :J~ ~Ls~ A.;;,iS:J ~1 ,.:iJ,J1 <J ::,S:;iJ:, ~/,.:, ,.:iJ,J1 <J ::,S:;iJ:~: TJ:;iJ:, ,:J~ iJ:, :U)iJ .$~I ~I UI:, ,1:J:,lul l;.)1 :J~~ .s~l"~"~: ,:.;1~ t o,V.,:~),..v....:J1.ili1.u}>.:J~,-»~I~IJ) .~t~ ~84. Abu Hurairah Ra<.liyallahu anhu reported that RasillullahSallallahu a1aihi wasallam narrated in a HadIth Qudsi that AllahSubl)anahii wa Ta ala said: The son of Adam belies Me and it wasnot right for him to do so. And he has abused Me, although it wasnot right for him to do so. He accuses Me of lying by saying that Ishall never resurrect him, as I had originally created him; and heabuses Me by saying that Allah has taken a son, while I am the Self·Sufficient upon Whom all depend, neither have I been born, nor hasanyone been born (to Me), and none can be compared to Me,(BukharT)<L:..::;,:t0l Jlji, ~ :J~ ~;>I Jj:oj ~J~ ~lul -2ji:;; ~:f -/Ie)~,~, ),~,),/~" 0,,_ ~/,,)~1.(iII;";i.(iI1 :1}:"k.lJ; I}ll 1;~r.(ilI~~J.WI.(iII~:1.i.>JLii?"y"16:; Ii ~ ~:. 5:, I"SiS ~~t.:.i:f ~ ~ ,:;;1 I~ <J ::,S:; iJ:, :J)i iJ:, j.t; iJ V":~);e7-LAJlo~,~Jl.~y.i~J) .~J85. Abu Hurairah Ra<;1iyallahu anhu narrates: I heard RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: People will not cease to askamongst themselves (about Allah), until (they cross all bounds) andsay: Allah created creation, but who (then) created Allah? Whenthey say such a thing, say to them: .:<-<J . cC, I ", i ,-"" :;;.1 Iyo- <Y" "") :J )I."") :US. i ~Ilul :;;.1lul Allah is One, Allah is the Self,Sufficient upon Whom all depend, He did not give birth, nor was He given birth to, and there is none like (comparahle to) Him.Then spit lightly on your left side three times and seek refuge (inAllah) from Shaitan the accursed. (Abu Dawjjd. Mishkat,u!,Masabil))" i,~:T:;I~~j; :JWluIJ~~~IJ~ :J~~lul-2ji:;;~J:f-/l ~- ;; ~,) ~o >;:; /. ~;;,"J.... 0; 0 j.l<"Jw" J} "" oS )I>..JI " " . j~l) J;lJ1 .:,.Jii ,y:.~1 .s~ ,~"ul ui:, ,j>"ul Vfl:~J~~JS
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 50 Belief ill the Unseen86. Abu Hurairah Ra<.liyallahu anhu reports that Nabl SallalHihualaihi wasallam in a BadHh Qudsi narrates that Allah Subl)anahu waTaala has said: The son of Adam hurts Me by abusing Time (era),whereas I am Time (era). Authority of all affairs is in My Hand andI alternate the night and the day. (Bukhiiri)~cS~1 J$.:,;:..I:1;.1 c;.:~~1 J~ :J~~..),I ~)(s?~I; J.o~J:; -AV, .•• • Jlj) JA~101JN.i:illJ}Yl.i;l.!i}?YI~1J) .~jJtj~~~:J):J ~;~ ,~ ~ VrVA:~)87. Abu Miisa Al Asharl Ra<.liyallahu anhu narrates that NablSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: No one is more patient overinjurious words which he hears than Allah! Men (the Mushriklll)attribute a son to Him, yet He keeps them in a state of well being andprovides for them! (Bukhiiri)~,~,GS~~,Jl~.k..),IJi;.~ :J~ ~~lbl~..),I~);.~~J:;-AA", .. Jw ~I .....) .... J "" ,,.J-o .,)) .~ "I;; ~ Z#) bl :.;yJl ~~;~ ~ ~ ~ ,~, ~ <")88. Abu Hurairah Ra<.liyallahu anhu reported that Nabi Sallallahualaihi wasallam in a BadHh Qudsi said: When Allah had created thecreation, He wrote in His Book which is with Him above the Throne:Indeed My Mercy prevails over My Anger. (Muslim);r ~I ~ c;. ~j:JI ~)J :J~ ~ ~I JJ.:-) bl ~..),I~) j;~ ~J:;-M.,)) .:1;.j":;:... j.j c;. ,~II".A..),I ~ c;. J;.~.J" ,:1;.j ~/C:- c;. ,;;;.;;1 /~ 0-// ~ / Ju-,_ / ·.!5:.kI:: .I:, ~/ ~ .I., ~~ ~ va, :rJJ" ••• Jw.ill~)J.A..,.i...,;~~89. Abu Hurairah Ra<.liyallahu anhu narrates that RasfllullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily if the believer were to knowwhat punishments Allah has (for the transgressors), none would haveany hope left for His Paradise, and if the disbeliever were to know ofthe Mercy of Allah, none would have despaired of His Paradise.(Muslim)
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 51 Beliefin the Unseen i?~i 4;j I;;;;Ifi ~) ,;;)k~ 4;l ,~I~lj r4;ilj ~~Ij ~I ::,;; ~~Ij~.~ ,.1.--01)) ~t.:.Q1/. / ~;l&< ~ ,~ ~/ ~J.&l /;;, f/ {lAJ.i/ ~ ~ J, , r J I J • / /, • • J 0 ,..- ,", ~y,. " T,~.I- )~J ,Jcr-~Y ,Q,Vf:~) ••• • JW~~)~J mv~) .;W.,JI~~,~j;;.;t;<iI~Ji;;iSI>~ :~").,;)90. Abu Hurairah Ra(liyallahu anhu narrates that Nabl Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily Allah has one hundred Mercies. He hassent down from these one Mercy among the jinn, men, animals, andcreeping insects. By it, they (all) show kindness to one another, andby it, they show mercy to one another, and by it, a beast showskindness to its young; and Allah has withheld ninety-nine Mercieswhich He will grant to His slaves on the Day of Resurrectiou.(Muslim)And in another version of Muslim: When it will be the Day ofResurrection, He will complete them with this Mercy (and that is, Hewill bestow upon His slaves the complete one hundred Mercies).(Muslim)i1;II>h;:·J, ~;ill ~j.:..) ~~,J :j~;Jj t<-:i»I~) yJ,;,Ji- y;.<.:; -~ ,d jw ,;:;;,,:,1j i:b ;:; aj~ :Ji;:.1 ~I J ~ :-:;;"j 1> ,~ ~i ~/ • -;; I • / /.) / / /" ~ ,. I / -" J:l 01 ~)~ ~j !;1Ilj:l :8Hpl J L>..uj ;;;~lb ijJi ~+- 0 J;i:~;111 Jj.:..)J"",l,,-) .... .,;y"~.,) .~~~~~~~<~,;.;.~.ill:~,ii.1 Jj.:..) jw ,:..;.ji ~VA:ri)" •91. Umar ibnil-Khanab Ra(liyalHihu anhu narrates that someprisoners (of war) were brought before Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam, and a woman from amongst the prisoners was searching(for her child). Upon finding the infant among the prisoners, shetook him, placed him with her body and began nursing him.Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said to us: Do you think thiswoman can cast her son into the fire? We replied: No, by Allah, solong as she is in a position not to cast him. Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Indeed, Allah is more Merciful to His slavesthan this woman is to her son! (Muslim)
    • KALlMAH fAIT/BAH 52 Belief ill the UJISeenJ@ i1Il ~I;.L ~ .I~ ~;.;.Ji ~j I~j ~)I ~I :~PI.j j,.j " I "~),,,,f,lI).rWI,-)yL ,,-,)1><,)101) .;111 i;.;.j~; ~Ij;~ ~ :&,I;i;J92. Abu Hurairah Raqiyallahu anhu narrated that RasUlulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam stood up for Salat, and we, too, stood upwith him. A villager, while he was engaged in Salat, supplicatedloudly: 0 Allah! Bestow Mercy on me and Mul)ammad and do notbestow Mercy on anyone besides us! When Nab! Sallallahu alaihiwasallam (completed Saliit and) offered Salam, he said to thevillager: Undoubtedly you have confined a very vast thing, meaningAllahs Mercy. (BukharT)~ !~,y,:W.:,...X.s~lj :J@ii ~;>I~~j:;~,il1~jifi;~j:;-~l~t ,~, CLj .s~~~ji~j ..sr.;~ ,&:,.:.0; ~j .:.,?.*-.a,;~1 ~~ ~ ~I &,~ r A"~)" •• ,"c.,~1 Yy)WL "J--o .,)) .)81 7~j ~;)1593. Abu Hurairah Raqiyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: By the One in Whose Hand is thelife of Mu1)ammad. anyone from mankind, Jew or Christian, whohears of me and then dies without believing in that with which] havebeen sent, will certainly be among those who go to Hell. (Muslim)J~ioJ0 j,.j ~ ~J~.i; CiG.-,J~~il>1 ~j;>14 J /.>: :;-~ f/ I} ~ J /, J ~ 0 ." ... ~ ~ ~ ! J ,/ ~,;, J JI.L> ~G:! ,, :1}Ai ,"~ ..:...l.iJij wu :;.;JI "t :~ JLiJ ,~u -<it :~:. Iiij ~0;;.J1 t[ :~ J@j ,~u.s :~ J~ ,~;,j I;;~ :J@,~~I.:u, yL;,-l::,j ,~I:> ~j~~l; 4-;i~j 1)1:> ";;~jP:b :I)~ ,b~,;,;~WI ~ j~ ~j jl.:u,y~ ~ ~I.:ul ~ ~ :;j ,;,;~WI ~ J51j jl.:u:f:> . ... Iihj WU ;;.JI t :~ J@j ,~0;.it :~ J~ "iii;:.i lAo h :I)~....il t ti,1 :ill ~ 1~": t ti,j::,j ,i1Il ~ :~,.:uj ,WI :JI.:u~ :I)~ ,b~,,";~, WL ,,-,)1><,)")) .!"81::;; jj $ ~j (..il, ~:ill ~ I:~": ~:;j VYA.:~J~,1ilIJJ"")",:r:--!94. Jabir ibne- Abdullah Raqiyallahu anhuma narrates that someangels came to Nab! Sallanahu alaihi wasallam while he was
    • KALlMAH TAYY/BAH 53 Beliejin the Unseensleeping. Some of them said: Verily he is sleeping. And others said:Verily, his eyes are sleeping but his heart is awake. Then they said:Undoubtedly, there is au example for this companion of yours. Oneof them said: Then set forth an example for him. Some of them said:He is sleeping. The others said: His eyes are sleeping, but his heartis awake. Then they said: His example is that of a man who has builta house and offered therein a feast and sent an invitor. So, whoeveraccepted the invitation, entered the house, and ate of the feast. Andwhoever did not accept the invitation did not enter the house, nor didhe eat of the feast. Then the angels said: Interpret this (example) tohim so fhat he may understand it. Some of them said: He is sleeping,the others said: Verily, his eyes are sleeping, but his heart is awake!Then they said: The house stands for Paradise, the invitor isMui)ammad SallalIahu alaihi wasallam; whoever obeys Mu!)ammadSallallahu alaihi wasallam, obeys Allah and whoever disobeysMu!)ammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, disobeys Allah. AndMu!)ammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam has distinguished the people(fhat is, through his message the good is distinguished from bad andthe believers from the unbelievers). (BukharT)Note: The sleeping of the prophets Alaihimus Salam is differentfrom that of common people. A man during sleep becomes unawareof his surroundings and happenings; whereas this is not the case withprophets. Their sleep relates only to their eyes, whereas their heartscontinue to be devoted to Allah Sub!)anahu wa Ta ala. (Bazlul Majhiid)j45 ..,.1I~~~J~~! :J~ ~c)l;~.1I~)~y~j~-~o~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"lbU,,~~,~c,:il,·..oIU1",/ ,::il~jI, jc:J~~oj :j ,:.. . ·r .1-. 1$,) ~:-"""- .)1$, .T<S1") r.T· ,/~ /~, ,,~~.~~ ~. I )_~,/ )~~- ~ ,,//,~15:,; I.r;.:.tl ~ l.ilu, .;:..i.l>J ,Ip:.! ~ JS- ~J 1j.J~ tl ~~ ~ l.ilu,:; ~J ,~: ~ ~ tJ~ ~lbl :; ~ ~i1 ~~J ~U.:4~ v( /r:~);~lllIJJ"")":~IJ.J~Y~->J~I"IJ) .:;;Jl~~~~ ~ ~~ y.lS-J~~95. Abu Musa Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that NabY Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Indeed my example and the example of whatAllah has sent wifh me, is that of a man who came to some peopleand said: a my people! Verily I have seen the (enemys) army withmy own eyes, and indeed I am a sincere Warner, so protect yourself!So. a group of his people obeyed him; and left at night proceeding
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 54 Belief in the Unseenout stealthily till they were safe. While another group of themdisbelieved him and stayed at their place till the morning. So, thearrny attacked them at dawn, destroying and annihilating them.Hence, this is the example of the one who obeys me and followswhat I have come with (Qur an and Sunnah), and the example of theone, who disobeys me and disbelieves in the Truth which I havecome with. (BukhiirT)Note: Traditionally, Arabs attacked at dawn. Those who wished toavoid this danger, travelled in the early part of the night.~ :J~ ~ ~I Jh,tk;JI:; ~~ .G,J~ ~.ii>1 ~j S"",~ J,iill ~:;. -~,~ ,1:1< ~ ,j1 ~j ,~lj~1 ~ ~Iy, ~ ~~) ~ ~ t L, ~j:; J !,iill J~j , ,~~j~y, ~ ...j~j :A! ,: Ii; ,~~:;I ~,iilI:";" J~ ,~,iill ~~j;;") ?lJ~ ~ ~ ~ c, / / , J // ,~ ~) ,. :. H~ .)I.:.,iU) Gj ~:. JW ~&1" G.:..;.j~ ~ ~ :.., .&1 ~j ~ " Jl.i.i ~~ .&1 (.5 ~y;.S:;i ~1) ,~~,~.:.,.ji .:>,ul) :J~) ~ ~1;.::s,;.:J :J~,~~j ".!.4.>-i"JJ~I~~ U1)r~I~~ iJ:i i/I! ~ ~;:.s-j) J;:;:il96. Abdullah ibne-Thabit Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that Umaribnil-Khanab came to Nab! Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and said: 0Rasiilallah! Indeed, I passed by a brother of mine from (the tribe of)Qurai~ah; so he wrote me some comprehensive (passages) from theTorah. Should I not show them to you? (Abdullah) said:Thereupon, the face of Rasillullah SallalJahu alaihi wasallamchanged colour. Abdullah ibne-Thabit then said: So I said to Umar:Do you not see the expression (of anger) on the face of RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam? U mar Ra<)iyallahu anhu (realizing hismistake hastily) said: ,. ~ / ~ I~, ~ ,:/" ",,-~. G, ~iV .GJw.&uw· r)"". ),,1 ,) ) :,) We are pleased with Allah Taala as our Rabb and with Islam as our Religion and with Mul.Jammad (>allallahu alaihi wasallam as His Messenger.Abdullah said: At that the anger of Nab! Sallallahu alaihi wasallamsubsided, and he said: By the One in Whose Hand is the life ofMu!)ammad, if Miisa were to appear among you, and then youfollowed him, and forsook me, you would indeed go astray. Verilyyou are my share from amongst the nations, and I am your share
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 55 Belie/in the Unseenfrom amongst the prophets (your success thus lies iu following me).(Musnad Abmad)oJ1:; ~1i,W1 ~).;.~~IJ.S :J~ ~;111 J~jb1~1il.$:"ji;.;:.,..J;j-W"J) .J1:ill:d~:;),i,W,:y-:i ~li,j :;J~ ~J~:;) 1;111 J~j ~ :I)~ VI"A. :riJ,~.ililJ . . . . . )~~I~~1"""4,..s)~197. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiUuIlah~allanahu alaihi wasallam said: All of my Ummah will enter intoParadise, except he who refused. The ~a1)abah said: 0 RasUlallah!And who would refuse? He replied: He who obeyed me enteredParadise, and who disobeyed me, refused! (BukharT)?;.S-~j ~~ i~ Ji>1 Jj:.j J~ :J~ ~..»I.$:"j J?; Ji>1,4;j -~A.}"~J)~ ~J.,- :l.$J.rl 1JIi ,,, Y/LJCr-}.>Y-:l1 ~IJ) .~:. ~ ~ ~ ~;t ~~ " tv" ~IJ 1# t"""~-, J",..,)I ~1598. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasUluIlah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: None of you wouldattain perfection in Iman, until his desires are made subject to that(Deen) which I have brought. (Sharl)-l.lUs-Sunnah Iii BaghawI, Jami ul-UlOm wal I:Iukum)c:;:" ~jJj 01~ ~:~ Ji>1 Jj:.j:.J J~ :J~ ~..».$:"j -;.t!c..;. ~1;j -~ ~~ ~1:;) o~:;~1)~~:.J J~~L:;;;~ :G-~~ ",li~.r.J~)J ,L,-" ,_A, ,,,,,~.:r-" "- I.i> ,J") ,,;","",)) .~ j ~ ~tS ~1:;) ~1:ill Y VA:~), ... . W4 .k:-199. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah~allaIHihu alaihi wasallam said to me: Sonny! If you can keep yourheart, morning and evening, devoid of deceit and ill-will towardsanyone, then do so. Then he said to me: Sonny! And this is mySunnah, and he, who revives my Sunnah, has indeed loved me; andhe who loves me will be with me in Paradise. (TirmidhT)
    • KALlMAR TAlYlBAH 56 Beliefin the Unseen , ) , " J _ y:Ii ~tIl> ~I ~:;.; Jij :I}~ ~Jl~ iti.iiS 1)Y1 Qj ,til> &;JI i;~:; ~}L:.; /, --:: ~;;.,~ ~/{~~:/,.~~ ,)-~,~~ ;~,~/ .:, ,:;://~,~ "UI :f 1J!j <I~I j;.UI J.:.>I U! UI .01 :10-".1.>-1 JUi.! <r"U .o)";.l ~~.w .o;U .311 Ptil> ~I Jj.:.)~F~ <I~1 ("jj~ ,WI Jpl G :;i J~j ,)lJHj ~:UI~:,.:..jr-HJ-P1 ~d :J,<-l.iil 1.,<-0;.;:.:1 ..s" j ~hJ.S-) 1J.S-,~li,.JI~:I·J ~ t.!"" cr:"" I""" ),,1""" ",.;,1 . r-.f., I"" ..} ~}, """ ",)l><.J "J) .~.:,.;li:..,2.:;~):;;"WI (";1j ,:J:,1j J.;.lj o.r:~),clS:.J100. Anas ibne·Malik Rac)iyallahu anhu narrates that a group ofthree (men) came to the houses of the wives of Nab. ~allalHjhualaihi wasallam asking about the worship of Allah by Nab.~allallahu alaihi wasallam. So when they were informed, it seemedless (than their expectation). They said: Where are we, compared toNab. ~allallahu alaihi wasallam when Allah has forgiven his pastand future sins. So one of them said: As for me, I will offer ~alatthroughout the night forever, and another said: I will fast forever andI will not break my fast. And another said: I will forsake women,never to marry. Then RasUlullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam came tothem and said: Are you the ones who have said such and such?Behold. By Allah! Indeed I am the one who fears Allah mostamongst you, and the most pious amongst you. Yet (in spite of that) Ifast, and break fast, and offer ~aJat and I sleep (at night) and I marrywomen, so whoever turns away from my Sunnah is not from me!(BukharT) 1 .I~ )-!..r~:l~;..,~,JI~IJJ -}~t J-I10 1. Abu Hurairah Rac)iyallahu anhu narrates that Nab. ~allallahualaihi wasallam said: He who holds fast to my Sunnah, during thetime of corruption in my Ummah, for him is the reward of a Martyr.(Tabarani", TarghTb):) ,;.;j~ dj :J~ %J;>I Jj.:.) ~1~;,%1 w.)~1 0~~:; - . y.} JylJ,y.;+l ,iJ,jJl .}.,;)" 1"1 "J) .* Cj ~I yGS ~: F ~ 1>1:aS v • Y,.l~ )J.QJ j102. Malik ibne·Anas Ral;imahullah reports that a saying of
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 57 Beliejin the UnseenRasiHullah .$allallahu alaihi wasallam had reached him in which hesaid: I have left with you two things; and you shall never go astrayas long as you hold fast to them: The Book of Allah, and the Sunnahof His Prophet. (Mua!!a Imam Malik)§}:.. :;;; ~y. ~;1.1 Jj.:..) ~j :J~;:< .11 ~) ~)L:., 0 .,f~)1 ,;. -, • r~J. ~~ ~l :y.) JW ,.:,..j1.il1 ~ ~jj ~~I ~ .;j)~ ;;:I;~J. §I:-;JI~ ~I ;;jol.kJi c : - - ),.11 <.SJ"",~). ~ ~.11 J J-")" G.:JI ~~;, I~W ~" . l), ) .:.11 , ·:,,2, .-j .J , ,, G -,"""" ,t Y;;,j ~~ 4i~ >~I ?ti~j ;J-~lj ,I:,;:$ ~~I ~ ~ ~:; :.;~ ~ ,& :;..k-I.fJ w4:)<I~ ,:;J~I J~I] ~w;jl 2,j [.s:" ~ ~:I~ ~ ~~ :!l);1 ,J J}! ~c,./".s~"p1 ~Lo:J .:L..J,-! J.:,:.:JI J ~Lo:- ~ Yl.:~ ~ c..."L.o- IJA :JIj) .SJ.o .f-II ~IJ) .:Jl::lo ,4lI.?-....,..£103. Irba<,l ibne-Sariyah Ra<,liyalliihu anhu narrates that one dayRasiHullah .$allalliihu alaihi wasallam after the morning .$alat, gaveus a profound heart rending sermon, causing the eyes to flow andthe hearts to tremble. So a man said: Indeed this is a sermon of onebidding farewell! So what do you enjoin upon us, 0 RasiHallah?He replied: I enjoin you with Allahs Taqwii (fear and obedience)and to hear and obey those in authority, even if he be an Abyssinianslave! For verily whoever lives amongst you, shall see manydisagreements. And I warn you to beware of innovations in Deen,for verily they are misguidance. So whoever amongst you findsthose times, he must adhere steadfastly to my Sunnah, and theSunnah of my rightly guided Khulafii (successors). (TirmidhI)~~ ~~~ w~<.Sl) ;f,;1.1 J~)~h;.~..11 ~)""~ .);1.14 ;j-- • t , ~ , , ~ ,.:;;;Jk)J~~~~~}:i~§~Jl;J-~l!~; :J~j4.;.jJ~;LJk) , ._ ,) , 0 .4.;.)o..l!j dj; .~T i J;1.lj ,i :J! ,~,& ,"I~;~ ~:~ ~I J~) .:,..,>~" • f VY :-)" ••• .,.....iJI"~-y4~"J) .;f,;1. J~)104..Abdulliih ibne- Abbas Ra<)iyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiHullah .$allallahu alaihi wasallam saw a gold ring on the handof a man; so he removed it, threw it away, and said: How doesanyone of you want to place a burning coal in his hand? It was said
    • KALIMAHTAYYlBAH 58 Belie/in the Unseento the man, after Rasiilullah .)allallahu alaihi wasallam had left:Take your ring and benefit thereby. He replied: No! By Allah, I willnever take it, as RasiilulIah .)allalIahu alaihi wasallam had thrown itaway. (Muslim)Note: It is forbidden for men to wear golden ornaments. <...:-J -:..ILl -.0 ~, ~ F ~ J F F ) I" ,FF·",ww"II.i,"iJ< ijlP:1Ido - Y Y <.> J <J.?: "" "~l I~~:i ~)J .., ~ ~ . ,r6:"JiN/ ;~~J";"~ ,: :;~.~)1 Jp i).;" ~, :?; l.;f-~! ~~ ;fil· :/. :1_; ~ <r: ~..11 J" J ~ , i r.,. ~,- ,..:1-; ..11) :~~,:, r IT."" .J"; , )-. ,IS ,,: ;i.;.G-, .....i.Jw· I".1?j fi:;l i;,;)1 i:)} Js.~! JJ;l;")l,J ~ ~ Js. i.J ~1.r:~1 ~j;ilj ~~ ::..d5 " " F,} " F F F F ",rrt:~),I.rJk~}~jyJ..l:-<ry~,...»N~J)105. Zainab Ra(!iyallahu anha narrates: I called upon UmmeI:IabTbah Ra<)iyallahu anha, the wife of Nabi .)allallahu alaihiwasallam, when her father Abu Sufyan ibne-f.larb had passed away.Umme I;Iabibah asked for a perfume, containing some yellowsubstance Khaliiq or something else. She applied some of it on amaid, then, rubbed the two sides of her own face (with it) and thensaid: By Allah! I have no need of fragrance but that I heardRasiilullah .)allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: It is not permissiblefor a woman, who believes in Allah and the Last Day, to mourn overa deceased for more than three days, except over a husband, which isfor four months and ten days. (Bukhari)Note: Khaliiq is a type of combined fragrance of which saffron is amajor ingredient.~;;I JJ.:.j ~ ~~I .;:.:~ ~I JL kj ~1 ~.ibl ~j.;.J!~;~:;. - .,~! ~j ,~:c;., ~j (J;" ~j~;:" if::r 4J .s:i~I-.; :J~ ~4J ;:i~I-.; :J~ "V, :ri)" • ..1IIJ~:i..o~<-:J4,..s)~I~IJ.l .,: :~;f~~~ :J~,:J~J/.JH106. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<)iyalliihu anhu narrates that indeed a manasked Nabi .)allallahu alaihi wasallam: When would be the LastHour, a Rasullallah? Rasiilulliih .)allallahu alaihi wasallam replied:What have you prepared for it? He replied: I have not prepared for itwith mnch of .)aliit, nor .)aum, nor .)adaqah; but I love Allah and HisMessenger. He said: (On the day of ResUlTection) You will be withthose whom you loved (in this world). (BukhiirI)
    • KALlMAH TAW/BAH 59 Belief ill the Unseen~t !~I .j;:)~ :.jt.il ~ ~I Jt;y.) <I>:- :..:J~ ~il.I;s.:-) ~~:;. - •V<iI. ,:.li) ..... II .::...;..~ ~) "Io.>y ~ V"_I$~. ;. Ie;) ~ l..T~I$;.- .::...;..~ ~. "~-v, 1$;. .::...;..~ l..$.-.~ , 1:1-,... II • ~ ~ ,... II ..:J» ,::.iiYJ ciY ::"j~ l~tJ ,~tj.;t:;1 ? Ji"1 W~jSbt ~.} ~.i~;ji~ ,~I) ~ ~i : :>;.~I~: ~tJG <;;:.11 ~ ~)~I2;:.:, ~t ~1 "11 .1.:, Jf ·lJ11 ,:..".., ~J.rJ ) ,..J,I =- Y":l. ." ,j" i:J ~ 1: J C: , ""r-J"";.J?, ~: :1 4 is; " "u , " ~ ~ .. ~ ~,.;; ~ I J~.,)) ,~c ~IJ ~ 1-4-JIJ ~~J ~ ;} ~ fl. ~I ;.;.; ;;.,ul ~ d~}j r/V ..l.iJ)~W rJoSJ.oWI J1.J"""".:r..iil4".r.J- ~I JI,,; ),ul:>:-)J.h....JiJ~J;.;:1J107. A.ishah Ra<,liyallahu anha narrates that a man came to NabI~allanahu alaihi wasallam and said: 0 Rasulallah! You are morebeloved to me than myself, and more beloved to me than my wifeand wealth, and more beloved to me than my children. Indeed whenI am in my house and I think of you, I lose my patience until I visitand see you. When I remember that you and I are going to die. Iknow that as you enter Paradise, you would be elevated along withthe prophets; and if I enter Paradise, I fear that I may not see you.NabI ~allallahu alaihi wasallam did not reply to him until JibraIl,Alaihis Salam came with the following verse: , / ~ . ~ ~,./ ~ ,,}~ , "~1-4-JIJ ~~IJ ~I Ji ~.iltI;;;1 ;;.,ul ~ d?JI! J;:]IJ.ilt1 ~:;J ._I,I( .r-,""- J He who obeys Allah and His Messenger, they are (will be) among those npon whom AUah has bestowed a special bonntifnl favour (reward); as they will be in the company of the Prophets, the $iddTqfn, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. CTabaranT, Majrna-uz-Zawaid)Note: $iddlq means the one who has a surpassing degree of strengthoflman and Yaqll!.:rG ,~Jt ~:G,1 ~ :.j~ @j ~I .j;.:,) tl ~il.I;s.:-) i;;:,,;]:;, - . A ~ ",~} ~J V t .:,.:l) !!iJI"""d);y."";""L ~")J ,~c;J~~cil)y;"-";";,:,; ,,:,~ -yjS:i108, Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyalIahu anhu narrates that indeedRasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: From those people ofmy Ummah who intensely love me will be some who will
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 60 Belief ill the Unseencome after me. Each one of them would desire that he could see me,even in exchange for (sacrifying) his family and wealth! (Muslim):t .~,t;}~~":"::J :J~ iiJ>~Jj:ij0j~·iJ,~Ji;.;~I;j-.~)JO"d)~ <$. ~ c~·iJ1 <$. .:i.. •.. - , . j - -.:1.1j,JI, ..s~ ,re I. , , J: ~j 1(-1 y ~j -,,ay...aJ1t""YJ-:J:--J1 Y4~~JJ .~~ ;j:-~j ,;JI$ JWI J~ ~)fj ,1~j W,~)109. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyalJahu anhu narrates that indeedRasUiullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I have been givensuperiority over the rest of the prophets in six respects: I have beengiven words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning; Ihave been helped by fear (in the hearts of enemies); and capturedenemy assets have been made lawful to me; the earth has been madefor me a place of worship and ceremonially pure; I have been sent tothe entire mankind; and the line of prophets ended on me. (Muslim)J~J ~ :J~ ~ ~ J~J ~L;. ~·iJ,1 ~J ~)L:.. J Jli~;j - • " F , F F,.JJc...~Ilf""~"".l.o ,JIi)~WI")) (~.wl) .~Ii-i~j~l~j~ :j~ ~~I t, A!Y i$"j.J.wIJJo~ ~110. Irba<,l ibne-Sariyah Ra<,liyallahu anhu, the companion ofRasUiullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam narrates: I heard RasUiullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Verily I am the slave of Allahand the seal of prophets. (Musladrak I;lakim)~ ~ ,t;}11 jAj ~ 0[ :J~ ~ ~I J~J 0j~iJ,1 ~)i;; ~J;j - ~ ~)j.; .:rOI ~ ~lj ~ ~ &y ~[:.:w,.j t:.;.~ t:,;;p ~J p.,) .~I i-i~ Ufj u~ :J~ ,y YYl ~~ ~J.j,J, :~)~j:J ~~";;j ,..~ro:~),~II"";>-Y4,..s)~11 L Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed my example and theexample of the preceding prophets is that of a man who built ahouse, perfected and beautified it, but left a place for one brick in acorner. Now, people move around the house and marvel at its
    • KALlMAH TAYY1BAH 61 Beliefin the Unseenbeauty but also say: Why a brick was not placed in this corner?RasUluWih SallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: I am that brick; and I amthe seal of the prophets. (BukhiirT)J !~)ij. 4 :J.ij,~ y. ~ ~1.:iJ.; 2S- :J~ ~.iul i$!)I~;1 J> -, YI;t:.i ,.11 ~t.:,~.:..it.:, 1; ,~~ ~-.11 ~I ,:i.I~;:";·.11 ¥I ,y~ ~1 ~~~~~~,~.Io ~~/o::;/~, ,~~~, ll j.#i;.J ~~, j.#iwi~," ;~:"I; ;;11 WI~r, ,~~~~ ," :;:,1 ~ ~~, ,~O~ / ; ; / J / ~ _ }} o~ I, ~__ / /, } /,/,~..:iJI¥~~~lljj:rai;.J~~,jj:raiWIJ.i ~<?0 ,;u..:iJI¥ ~" ••• .iJh:.:,..~..l.?y-!~.:r-~J.>-J.A:Ji}l.SJ.orh~I)J .~1 ~~~J~JU,~l~) Yo" :~)112. Ibne- Abbas Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates: One day, I was(riding) behind Nab! Sallallahu alaihi wasallam; when, he said tome: 0 lad! Indeed, I will teach you (some) words of wisdom: Guardthe Commandments of Allah, He will guard you! Guard theCommandments of Allah, you will find Him before you (Allah willhelp you). If you ask, ask from Allah alone; and when you seekhelp, seek help from Anah alone, and believe that if the entiremankind gathered to benefit you by anything, they cannot benefityou except by that which Allah has written for you! And if theygathered to harm you with anything, they can not harm you exceptby that which Allah has written for you. The pens of destiny havebeen lifted, and the (ink of the) scrolls has dried! (TirmidhT)Note: The decision of destiny can never be changed. f • f /v;;IJ)l~ "b.... /,l}~.,r-kJl ~IJ)J ,..:;ill ol..I~)J i"sily:.kJljI 13. Abu Darda Ra<;liyanahu anhu narrates that Nabi Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: For everything there is a reality; and no slaveof Allah can reach the reality of Iman until he believes that what hadbefallen him, could not have missed him; and what had missed him,could not have befallen him. (Musnad AI)mad, TabaranT, Majma· uz·Zawaid)Note: One must believe that whatever befalls him is predestinedfrom Allah, and he does not know what good is hidden in it for him.
    • KALIMAH TAITIBAH 62 Belie/in the UnseenBelief in destiny gnards ones Iman and is a protection from thepromptings of Shaitan.:J~ ~~I ;)r)~ :;)~Q.:.1>,~).".,tJ;J?;~4;;- t:J,~j :;)~,~ .:..ill;;,:, ;;:",:;)~j 91~1 ~~(J;! ~ }.?i;&1 .:,.j- WtA:~),~ )~.ij,~~.TJIc. .,."..."c,,.,L-o")) .~W,p114. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil-A~ Rac,liyallahu anhuma narrates: Iheard Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Allah hadwritten the destiny of the entire creation fifty thousand years beforehe created the skies and the earth. He said: And at that time, HisThrone was upon the water. (Muslim)~ JlU~jj<..iil1 bl:~~1 Jr);)~ :;)~::".iill~) ~I;):U;;; - ,c WI .....i.)) .~j~j~)lj~j~I.;:j~j~:~~~~4115. Abu Darda Rac,liyallahu anhu nmrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed, Allah Azza wa JaIl hasdecided five things for every slave; his time of death, his deeds (goodor evil), his burial place, his age and his sustenance. (Musuad Ai)mad)~:,; ~ :;)~ ~ &fJ,f Q..iill~) ~1;,. ;; 9J;; 7 :;"..; J?;; - ,, Ally....!.)) .~};j~?~:illu,~:,;J>-.:,JI116. Abdullah ibne-Amr Rac,liyallahu anhuma narrates that NabiSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: No person is a true believer until hebelieves that destiny, good and bad, is from Allah. (Musnad Ai)mad)~:,; J>- ~ ~:,; iii> ~I Jr);)~ :;)~:.:.. .&1 ~) ~ ;; - IV~ : ~:i~~:;j 9j.J~~:;j ,j>Ju,~ ~I Jr)J!j:.1>1 ~l~l "i ~lf" ::~)L, ,., t Q:~)( • • • • )~~~~~I iJfSU:-1o":-411.S...>y:llo)) . )jjj~ ~~J _..;;}Jl ,117. All Rac,liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: No slave of Allah is a true believer, until hebelieves in four things: 1. He bears witness that there is none worthyof worship except Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah; andHe has sent me with the Truth. 2. He believes in death. 3. He
    • KALlMAH AITIBAHr 63 Belief in the Unseenbelieves in the Resurrection after death, and 4. He believes indestiny. (TirmidhI)~¥;)~l !~4~;~G,)I:;i~~J~ :J~..liI4::)·~:s]Y- 1/~,~.<-:_iilb;:.jlA~"(-:,i~L:,,,jlA~LI:; " .o~"I;i,;, • -, -.<.1""1" ) , •• <.1""1". ~?, -t,··I ,~) YJ . J" ,..,....,., ," · c , . . ~ ;"1·4) ~ J, ;11 "", ~ ~ ,q JW..:il1 I J IA Ji .01 .J" , , ",; ,1"- " " ) , . J"!."". ..:ill " * " J" Jo-JJ Jo-J oJ" : ~ " i 1~:J ~~l ,~~ .s, .cr. ~- ,~ ?J-" ? ~ • , hs.. ..r .I" j. ~l(- ,~~ ~ oj ~ ~~ . . . " I ,J, tV, , ,~, ".AI, ",y~ ")" Ji "j) .~.:,.;J.i 1.1.> ?- J":"IA:; :Jj.ii ~ ~I118. Abu l;Iaf~ah Ra1)imahuuah narrates that Ubiidah ibne-$iimitadvised his son: Sonny! Indeed you can never taste the reality ofImiin (faith) until you believe that what befalls you could not havemissed you, and what missed you could not have befallen you. Iheard RasUluuah $a1lallahu alaihi wasallam narrating in a ijadIthQudsi: Verily the first (thing) that Allah Taiilii created was the pen,then He ordered: Write! It (the pen) asked: My Rabb, what shall Iwrite? He Commanded: Write down the destiny of everything that isto take place until the Day of Judgement. Sonny! Indeed, I heardRasiilulliih $allalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: He who dies uponbelief other than this, is not from me. (Abu DawUd):JJ.i;i is;i; 1"C:,J~..li1 J1)J~ ~ ~I; ~:ii>I~) ~IA J..,.i j Y F , ~ - 1, ~j~ ~),$1 :J~ ,~I;: c.,bii~j,..li ~) I;~ ,i.~ ~):sj ,~~):sj ,ill.; ~):sj J 0 ,I, ., . ~, ,. "," 10"y15 ,,-,,I>.,IoIj) .~i~ J.!.l!.iS ~~j;,~1 L~HJWI w~~ri~i~<?r ,c~c:~),)Jll119. Anas ibne-Miilik Rac)iyallahu anhu narrates that NabI$allalliihu alaihi wasallam said: AlIiih has appointed an angelincharge at the womb of the mother. So the angel proclaims: 0 myRahb! It is now a drop of sperm (fertilized ovum); 0 my Rabb! It isnow something that clings. 0 my Rabb! It is now a piece of flesh.When AlIiih wills to complete its creation; the angel asks: 0 myRabb! What shall I write about it, male or female? Whetherunfortunate or blessed? How much will be its provisions? Then, whatwill be its age? So, all that is written while it is still in the motherswomb. (Bukhari)
    • KALlMAHTAYYIBAH 64 Beliefin the Ullseen~!J ,~~.;h~~~,;.J~~!:~~<Jj:.J J~ :J~~1iJ~J~j:;- ~.I.uJIlJcS~_.oI"J) .wlili ~:;J w>yl ili~J::,j ,~~I Ajl~jl;r1iJ, r :~),t~~ .r...a)l.i~l:o:-Lo,-:",~ ,~.J--:.r-..:...o...l>­120. Anas Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily. the magnitude of the reward isproportionate to the magnitude of the affliction. And indeed whenAllah loves people He afflicts them, and those who accept it gladlyreceive Allahs pleasure, but those who are displeased receiveAllahs displeasure. (TirmidhT,Ibnmajah)"~tWI; ~ il>Jj:.J..:JL..:J~~~~Jj~1iJ~Ji,j~:;.-m~~f~~,~jjj~)~.2u1~(J ,~~:;J;~lul~yl~:Jf~fU~:J ~tHt:J ill, .:,.£ A~! >i ~ j ~ r .:;,; y.,L:;. ~~ J ~ ~~tWl ,.. t v f :~) ,tt.",i)lh:-1."l,:.-l....,.J:S _loS )L%.,JI ~J) . }:t~J if121. Aishah Ra<;liyallahu anha, the wife of RasUluIHih Sallallahualaihi wasallam, nanates: I asked RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam about the plague, So he informed me that it is apunishment (that) Allah sends upon whom He wills; and verily,Allah has made it a source of mercy for the believers. Anyone whoremains in his place patiently, at the time of an epidemic of plague,anticipating (reward from Allah), believing that nothing shall befallhim but what Allah has written for him, then (by destiny, if he isafflicted by plague there) will be the reward of a martyr for him.(Regardless whether he dies or not because of the plague). (BukhiirT)Note: Another [JadIth clarifies the order of the Sharlah, that ifplague breaks out in a region, whoever happens to be there shouldnot leave, and who is outside that locality should not enter.Therefore, this !JadIth grants solace for the one who stays patiently inthe locality of the plague. Plague is considered a communicabledisease in which lymph nodes enlarge mainly in the neck, armpit orgroins, The patient generally dies on the second or third day, (Fatl.lUI-Bari)Some scholars have termed every epidemic disease as plague.(Takmilah Fathul Mulhim)
    • KAUMAHTAYYlBAH 65 Belief in the Unseen .V/t~wJ.J""N#L.lI~",,", .;:i5"~~122. Anas RaQiyallahu anhu narrates: I served RasiilulUili Sallallahualaihi wasallam for a period of ten years from the age of eight.During this period, he never scolded me for any loss that took placeat my hands. And if anyone of his family scolded me, he would say:Leave him, for indeed, if a thing was destined, it had to happen.(Ma~abTI:1-l) us-Sullnah)~ ,{~,,.~JS~,&IJ~)J~ :J~$.ilI$f)~J.&~~- H ,y", :~J)~~~JS" ~4~~}) <,...;S::hJ~l123. Abdullah ibne-Umar RaQiyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Every thing is destined,even mental weakness and intelligence. (Muslim)Jl ~jj~&;iI~J,J~,&1 , . J~) J~ :J~~.ilI1 $f)i).;)~-, ~ t;:!j ,~~j ,,&u,~lj ::J~i~;t,; J:s.:.J>f"~ ~:}j ,,,,,/0.1 1«J,J ~,&y (l~ ,j.d .w. t,;j ,~" j.l.i Jj;}:Jj ".I>j 1.1> (lIS" -::..w ~ y ::JAi ).j ;r cl;L:.oi ~;;: ~ / / ,/" 1 -, -",,0 /., ,__ " , WVt :~)" , , , ).Al~l.,~1 y ,,.......,)) .,;>Ik,: ~ , ~ ~124. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: A believer who is strong is betterand more beloved to Allah than the one who is weak, although bothbear goodness. Aspire for what benefits you, and seek help fromAllah; and do not give up. And if any adversity befalls you, do notsay if I had done this or that, it would have resulted in such and such.But say, Allah so destined and did it as He desired. For verily (theword) "if opens the way for the work of Shailan. (Muslim)Note: For a man to say that "if I had done this or that it would haveresulted in such and such" is forbidden when it is used in the contextof negating destiny; and to say that destiny is nothing but relyingsolely on ones planning and efforts is a situation in which Shaiiingets the opportunity to remove his belief in destiny.
    • KALlMAH TAITIBAH 66 Belief in the Unseen~ ~~~i (j]I~!J ~1:~.i<I:":)J~ :J~~.&I~);::; .ti.f- ~ 0~), 11,11 ~ 1#1) .&1 I)~ ,t#j~;}y,:.J,J;- ..:..~;; ~.:,.;J;]I ~J)...;J- JAJ) .~tk" ~1~ ~ L> ll)~ ~;S~ ~I csflM.., /~;i>1 <,ij}Ji .I~:: ·1 ~;.; J-r jAJ"Lil~" J :~IJIL" ojl I "".,u w, C.? (~.w125. AbdulHih ibne-Masud RaQiyallahu anhu narrates thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Behold! Indeed, theTrusted Spirit Jibrall Alaihis Salam inspired in my heart thatundoubtedly no one shall die until he has consumed in full hisallotted sustenance. So fear Allah and, in your quest for sustenance,be dignified and upright. The delay in your sustenance should notlead you into seeking it by forbidden means. For undoubtedly thatwhich is with Allilh, can only be obtained by His obedience. (SharI!. usSunnah IiI BagawT)~ ~!,i;11 JW ~);;.; ~ ~~ ~j~,.&~) +l!L>; -,.lJ<. ;j- n~ ~ I 0 ~ J I, :;; , , " 0 , "~.<", ::1 ..s- ~r. - <or J.r- 1""":JW.iJJIClI:"":IIJLai<"C"I··~" , "" ..., ~ yo ~J ~ <~i~ ~,..... J> Jk<J>;-)..,. "JI>", "JJ .J;S) ~j;i»1 ~ ~ jA1-I:I~ li~ ~~126. Awf ibne-Malik RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! "w:""Sallallahu alaihi wasallam gave a decision between two men. Andthat the one against whom the decision had been given, tnrned awayand said: J;f)~:i ,,.;,, ~ (Allah is sufficient for me, and what anexcellent Disposer of affairs is He). Thereupon Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam remarked: Allah Taala condemns inadequateefforts. Therefore, carry out your affairs diligently and intelligently.However inspite of this, if a matter overpowers you then say:J;f) ~:i ,,.;,, ~ (Allah is sufficient for me and what an excellentDisposer of affairs is He). (Abu DawUd)
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 67 Beliefill the Hereafter BELIEF IN THE HEREAFTER VERSES OF THE QURANAlliih Sub!)anahii wa TaaHi says:o mankind! Fear your Sustainer.Indeed! The tremor of the Hour(of Doom) is a tremendous thing.On the day when you see it, everynursing mother will forget hernursing, and every pregnant onewill abort her burden (foetus) outof fear; and you will see mankindas drunken; yet, they will not bedrunk, but indeed punishment ofAlliih is severe (because of whichthey will appear drunken). Al-~Iajj 22: 1-2Allah Sub!)anahii wa Taala says:(On the Day of Resurrection) Andno close friend will ask a friend(about his condition).Though they shall be made to seeone another. The guilty man willlong to be able to ransom himselffrom the Punishment of that Day atthe price of his children,And his spouse, and his brother,And his kinsfolk whoeversheltered him
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 68 Belie/in the HereafterAnd all that the earth contains; sothat it might save him. But never! AI-Maarij 70: 10-15Allah Sub!)anahii wa Taala says: :JW J~JAnd think not that Allah isunaware of what the wicked do.He is only giving them a respite tilla day, when eyes will stare (interror),As they come hurrying on in fear,their heads upraised, their gaze notreturning (back) to them, and theirhearts empty (of any hope ofbetterment because of thecircumstances of extreme fear onthe day of judgement). IbrahIm 14: 42-43Allah Sub!)anahii wa Taala says:The weighing (in the Balance) onthat Day is true. As for thosewhose scale is heavy, they arethose who are the successful.And as for those whose scale islight, they are those who will losetheir ownselves (by entering Hell)by denying our revelations. AI-Araf7: 8-9Allah Sub!)anahii wa Taala says: ,/ -:;,..,> ,,/>,. <>" ",/ > .;;:/ 0~Y~9.w~Gardens of Eden! They (who havedone good deeds) will enter them .. .wearing armlets of gold and pearls ~jl"; ~~ u: ~d~~
    • KALIMAH fA YYIBAH 69 Belie/in the llereafterand their raiment (clothes) thereinis silk.And they say: Praise is to Allahwho has put away grief from us.Indeed! Our Sustainer isForgiving, Bountiful;Who, of His Grace, has given usabode in the mansion of eternity,where no toil touches us, nor canweariness affect us. Fatir 35: 33-35Allah Subl:Janahu wa Taala says: :JW J~JIndeed! Those who feared (Allah)will be in a place secure. $ ~ ~u:: ~ ~?j( 5lAmid gardens and springs. $y~~;-::~~Attired in silk and silk embroidery, ~~~J ~~ ~ 0~"0~facing one another. A/ <:~ ~~And so it will be. And We shallwed them to fair maidens withwide lovely eyes.They call therein for every varietyof fruit, in safety.They taste not death therein, savethe first death. And He has savedthem from the doom of Hell. Q~A bounty from your Sustainer. j~~~,~~j~~That is the supreme triumph. Ad-Dukton 44: 51-57 [oV-O :OI>--0IJ Q ;.~:i
    • KALlMAH TAITIBAH 70 BeIiejin the HereafterAllah Subi)anahu wa TaaHi says: :JW JIl)Verily the righteous shall drink ,-,;,r ~ 0;~ :;C::Ji ~lfrom a (cup of wine) flavouredwith Camphor from a spring of ~I"lbl~( ~r V ,)J ;.p.-~ ---Paradise called Kiifiir.A spring from where the slaves ofAllah will drink, causing it to gushforth (wherever they wish)abundantly.They (are those) who fulfil theirordained deeds sincerely, and theyfear a Day whose evil will be widespread (to one and all).And they feed, for the love forHim, the poor, the orphans, and thecaptives,(Saying:) We feed you, seekingonly Allahs countenance. Wewish from you no reward, northanks.Verily we fear from our Sustainera Day, hard and distressful.So, Allah will save them from theevil of that Day (for theirobedience and sincerity) and givethem a light of beauty and joy.And their recompense shall beParadise and silken attire.They will be reclining therein onraised couches; they will findtherein neither (the heat of) a sunnor the bitter cold.And the shade of the trees is closeupon them; and the branches offruits thereof will hang low withintheir reach.And amongst them will be passedaround goblets of silver and
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 71 Beliefin the Hereafterbeakers (as) of glass,Crystal clear, but made of silver.They will determine the measurethereof, according to their desire.And they will be given to drinkfrom a cup (of wine) mixed withZanjabll (ginger flavoured),From a spring called Salsabll.And youths of everlasting youthwill serve them; when you look atthem you would think they were asscattered pearls;And when you look there (inParadise), you will see a delight(that cannot be imagined) and agreat dominion.Their raiment will be of fine greensilk, and gold embroidery. Theywill be adorned with bracelets ofsilver; and their Sustainer willslake their thirst by giving them apure drink Himself.(And it will be said to them):Verily, this is a reward for you;and your endeavour has fonndacceptance. AI-Ins.n 76: 5-22Allah Sub1)anahU wa Taala says:And those on the right hand, whatof those on the right hand?(They will be) Amongst thorn-lessLote trees.And clustered plantains with fruitspiled one above another.In a shade long extended.
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAlI 72 Beliefin the HereafterBy water flowing constantly.And fruits in abundance.Neither out of reach, nor forbidden(perennial).And on couches raised high.Verily, We have created them(maidens) of a special creation.And made them virgins.Beloved of their hnsbands only,equal in age.For those of the Right Hand.A multitude of those (of the RightHand) will be from the firstgenerations (who embraced IsHim). A / ~.. / 9",And a mnltitude (of those of the 10/ 0J::J I ~ ;J!.JRight Hand) will be from later [t· -rv :WI)I]generations. At-Waqiah 56:27-40Note: According to another interpretation the previous generationsmeans people from the previous Ummah; and later generationsmeans people from this Ummah. (Bayanul Quriin)Allah Sub!:lanahu wa Ta ala says:Therein (Paradise), you shall have(all) that you desire; and thereinyou shall have (all) that you askfor.A gift of welcome, from (Allah)the Oft-Forgiving, the MostMerciful. Fu"ilat 41: 31-32AlUih Sub!:lanahU wa Taala says: :JW JliJAnd indeed for the transgressors,will be an evil journeys end. $ T~;:J 0::"~ 8~
    • KALIMAH fAIT/BAH 73 Belief in the HereafterHell, where they will burn, an evilresting place.This is indeed so (for thetransgressors)! Boiling fluid and A»///rotting wound discharge; let them ~c;wJ Q ,/-;:taste it. .Y", vAnd other (torments) of similar " • ".,jl,~ I....: .-"...- 0 .r>-~-kind all together. ~wad 38: 55-58 [oA-o o:~~JAllah Subi)iinahu wa Taiilii willsay to the dwellers of Hell:Depart you to that which you usedto deny!Depart you to a shadow (the smokeof Hell-Fire which will risebecause of its excess ahd then fallapart) in three columns.Neither shady (for cool comfort)nor any use (shelter) against thefierce flame of the Fire.Verily! It (Hell) will throw sparks(huge) as forts (these sparks whenthey rise will be like great forts).(Then these sparks when they will A »-." J ).)./ -- )..~t/ V~~f.lbfall on the earth) they will become [n-~~:v)L.)IJas if they were yellow camels. At-Mursaliit 77: 29-33Alliih Subi)iinahu wa Taiilii says:They (dwellers of Hell) shall havea covering of Fire above them anda covering (of Fire) beneath them(This is that torment). With whichAlliih does frighten His slaves. 0My slaves! Therefore, fear Me! Az-Zumar 39: 16
    • KAL/MAll fA ITIBAll 74 Beliejin the HereafterAllah Subl)anahii wa Taala says:Verily, the tree of Zaqqiim,Will be the food for sinners;Like molten brass, it will boil intheir bellies,Like the seething of boiling water.(It will be said to the angels): Seizehim, and drag him into the midst ofthe blazing Fire,Then pour over his head the y~ ~ <~t :i) If 0 (torment of boiling water. $.~ .,:;Ji A,· --, /·1/ .,Taste (this)! Verily, you thought lo/(~lj,;.::Jlu;~tJ:you were mighty and generous.Verily! This is that which you ~ -;,,;;:;, <f! % C; I~ 0tused to douht. Ad-Dukhan 44: 43-50 [0- -( ~:"~.ullAllah Subl)anahii wa Taalii says: :JW JIlJIn front of him (every rebellious t.:. -::»/>~// T//" ~ ~ ~..J(f" <~lJ ~transgressor) is Hell, and he will bemade to drink boiling festering $~?water.Which he will sip, but will beunable to swallow it, and deathwill approach him from every side,yet he will not die; and in front ofhim will be a harsh torment(becoming ever severe, and he willcontinue to sob for an eternity). IbrahIm 14: 16-17
    • KALiMAHTAYY/BAH 75 BeUejin the Hereafter A~ADiTH~ !,ibl Jj.:.)~ :~ ill ~) ):;y,1 J~ ~ :J~ $ ill ~) u"~ JI d- -, y V ~ ~,olJ) .C;;)J ,rlJ11~tj iJ) .~~j ":"i:.~lj 41~j ~~ w,:::: :J~ ,: :: T q, V:~) cWlyl ~ JJ-",J J"""~ .~.f.:r- ~J..:>- ~ :JIj J.s.LyJ127. Ibne-Abbas Rm.liyalIahu anhuma mUTates that Abu BakrRa(iiyaIHihu anhu said: 0 RasiilalHih! Indeed you have aged! Hereplied: (The Siirah) Hiid, Al-Waqiah, Al-Mursaliit, Amma YataSaaliin, and Idhash Shamsu Kuwwirat have aged me. (TirmidhT) " ,,,) , ",, -.:ill~) "Ij~:; ~ ::.b- :J! ",,-:illl~) Z,1.,;)1?; ~~;; . -, Y1~J;i~j ,.11;. .;jjj ,~~,;;~T~ ;i~1 ~~ ,~~j :J~~,~Jljdi!1 4;J1 .k~~ ,1; J I"· ~ I~ J!I I;,. iJ )~:., "~I ,I ;-~ I ;;~ ,Uil ;;,;& isL:.. ~Ir:- ~ )) ~ ; ...,-,; , riJ To-; To . " " • . . ;" 0;;,, "o;;~/ I."J;;~J",~>-." I,i ~ ~,, ~ -.0:: <.S "-". w· <.r" f""" ~ t;;";"II"GJ<~.li"!"·· ~,. Y; , ,~!""", 0, ,~I ci)~ ~ .;.<-~::;; ~ ~j 8 :f~ ~j ~~j ,~~ ,ibljj ,~ 4J li Ac: ~;:"-6G~) ~j ,~~jll ~ k;,<- ~j ~y,: 4.~< ~l;Jj ,i.;,;., ~)j i~ ."F~ ,,,_J,." ;;,;;_ ,,:6i i:; i i~j! ~! Qt.w.i";";!<.? f-:JI el)j it~w. G~,~,.lll ~j.:.)~H~:.;.1 G~)I ~ t,j "i! a:~ ~ )Jlj "ij ?:~ c;;)J~ +l!~J ~::;;j~tj "p;:..,ibl~j 1;:;,<~ w,i iJjSi~I,ib~ ~~ J~ ,)~~I ~ ~Js.I~j.I;~I iJJi}:Jj iJ)~ ,,~.t ~~ y.;.T iJ~ J.;. ,~G ~~ J:j iJ;) J:i~ Vf l"Cl:~) .}I5:.U~J~j4JJ~.:.iJJIyL! ,~oIJJ . u~128. Khalid ibne·Umair Al Adawl Ra(iiyallahu anhu nanates thatUtbah ibne·Ghazwan Ra(iiyallahu anhu in a sermon after glorifyiugand praising Allah, said to us: Undoubtedly, the world hasanuounced its termination; and has turned on its heel in a hastyflight; and what is left are but a few drops, like the residual drops ina bowl which the drinker sucks out. And indeed, you will all betransferred (at death) from the world, to a never·ending abode. Sodepart with the best deeds with you. For verily, it has beenmentioned to us that when a stone is cast from the edge of Hell, it
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAH 76 Beliefill the Hereaftercontinues to fall for seventy years but will not reach its depth. Andby Allah, Hell will be filled (with men and linn). So, does thissurprise you? And it has been mentioned to us that the expausebetween the two panels of the door of Paradise is (a jonrney of) fortyyears, yet a day will come, when this expanse will be packed due tothe large crowds of people. And verily, I have seen that time, wheu Iwas the seventh among seven (sal)abah) with RasUlullah sallallahualaihi wasallam, we had uothing to eat but leaves of trees, until thecorners of our mouths became festered with ulcers. And I managedto acquire a piece of broad cloth which I divided between myself andSad ibne-Malik.So. I wore it to cover my lower half, and Sadibne-Malik wore the other piece. But, today each of us is an AmII(Governor) of a city amongst the great cities. And verily, I seekrefuge in Allah that I should ever consider myself great whereas I amregarded low by Allah. And verily, never is there a prophethood(and its ways) except that gradually it goes into oblivion, untilworldly kingdom takes its place. So, in the near future you willrealise and have the experience of other governors. (Muslim)Note: The characteristics of prophetic ways is that justice isestablished and people develop an indifference to this world and thelove of the Hereafter prevails. Whereas in worldly kingdoms, thesecharacteristics are not usually found. (Takmalah. Fathul Mulhim)~j:..) ~ ,{I~;IS W5- ~;., Jj:..);1S :.:J~ ~j ~;I Z$f) ~~:;. - ~ ~c;,<-ul ,.... : ~.·.i,,;.2:~);J:J··.n.·;·itJ· ;..r--.f; ~ CT! "" .!itl I- J ~J" r ) I"""" ~ .r: C"7 ,,~, ·T· • ···"". . >J • r ,-;,. ,~~ .~ ( " r .b..~ 2._·~,.G ;1~JI.:;,< J" I~;" J ~.;", ..c! i,..:.a; or . ~ !;q.,,;,.r-. 1""", "J r :,:.. ;, J "Yoo:~) ••• )y.AJIJ~~..l..:.?J~~>.:J~I~129. Aishah Ra<;liyallahu anha narrates that whenever it was herturn for RasUlullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam to spend the night, hewould go out at the end of the night to Baq" (graveyard) and say:Peace be upon you. 0 dwellers of the abode of believers. Thetomorrow, which you were being promised about. has reached you atirs appointed rime; and Allah willing, we shall be joining you. 0Allah! Forgive the dewellers of Baq" (Muslim) .j t.;i:i.J .. c; ;rj:~ ;. Jj:..) J~JY;; ~ •;., Z$f) ~I:w, 0 ~~i ; :;. - 1". .
    • KAUMAH TAYYlBAH 77 Belie/in the Hereqfter V,ll,V:~)"" .~JJI~1,;j130. Mustawrid ibne-Shaddact RaQiyalHihu anhu narrates thatRasUlulIah SalialHihu alaihi wasallam said: By Allah! This worldcompared to the Hereafter is like one of you dipping his finger in theocean and then observing the quantity of water on it. (Muslim)~:.,w.j; - i ~I;:; .:,.$.il :J~ ~ ~I ;~iill Zs:":J A J ?I:c" ~ - H . , .Y4,,::-~J.:o-l..iA :Jjj)~..i.4yJj4J) .#H Js. ~J lA~ J ~ ~: ~:; y;LJ1J ,..;;jJl ~ l"tO:~)"" .~;;I,)..;r~C-!.J.:o­131. Shaddad ibne-Aws Ra4iyallahu anhu narrates that NabTSallaJlahu alaihi wasallam said: He is wise and shrewd who takesaccount of himself and prepares for what is after death. And he isweak and incapable who follows his desires and yet pins high hopeson Allahs Mercy. (Tirmidhi)~~:J rill !? Al&. ~ ~I c.;;1 :J~ I;i~ ..il Zs:":J;.&-.).I.:f - ,y,?~ Ij~ ~fr1 :J~ ~,-",Ol ~;lj ,,-,,,01.r.Si:; !~I &.J Ii :Jill )GJ~I9:01 -,jyi., I~; ,~l;S~1 (;~} ,;.;jl ~Jj5 ~ ,?~-I;I-j;:"1 ~Y;S-jj~ r:r- o,)L:....!J ~I ,) ~lrbJl 01)) ,)l...=>-4 .u.-..o .J!I 01)) :~ .~~~ ~ljJ 00/ • .til}}132. Abdullah ibne- Umar RaQiyallahu anhuma narrates that Icame to NabT SalialHihu alaihi wasallam, being the tenth one of tenSa1;labah. A man of the An/far stood up and said: 0 NabT Allah!Who is the wisest and the most resolute amongst people? Hereplied: He, who remembers death the most, and prepares mostdiligently for death before it overtakes him. Undoubtedly, these arethe wisest. They have acquired the nobility of this world and thedignity of the Hereafter. (Ibne-Mjah, Tabar.ni, Majma-uz-Zawiiid);";")1 J tf.;:.1;,.j ,~; tf.;:. ~ ~11;,. :J~ ~ ..il Zs:":J ;1>1 4 ~ - ~ ,.,. 0 ~ . ; * ~ I ~ ~:JUli ;;yl J ;~I ~-:- ~ ;";"yl J ;~II.Lo Jllj!A.f ~ ¥j,~ -:-};:. . ,
    • KAUMAll TAIT/BAll 78 Belie/in the Hereafter~~j ,~l U... ; ;~I I~j-~, 1t>-1 :.ijl - ~, ~ <1;,.1 ~j ,~W1 I~ ~ ?I/F~?J;?O-;;~ /J-/~?lJ;~-;;? 0. /~ J?}~.i)¥, l..Lojd..Lo"-4J 1..Lo,(k;;.I.:ljj, 1..Lo"-4JI..Lo,(k;;.I.:ll <fr~1 )~I.hb:J1 . . t , :~) ,4.l y. )J-oil-J...,..,,-! ,u: )t:.:..:J C1J)133. Abdullah RaqiyalHihu anhu narrates that NabI Sallallahualaihi wasallam traced a square and traced a line in the middleprotruding out of its border and traced smaller lines up to the one thatwas in the middle and then he said: This middle line is man, and this(square) is death surrounding him (decreed life-span). And the lineprotruding out of the square shows his hopes. And these smaller linesare the incidents (to take place). If one incident misses him, he ismangled by the other. And if it misses him, he is mangled by yetanother. (BukharI);J,JI ,~;T:; ~~9Q :J! ~~tj~iil~:,~.;. ~~:;. - 1"tJl,.JJ""c.... ......i.,JJ .;~ Jjl ~4i1 ~j ,~4ilili ~j ,~I ~ -.;;. ;J,Jlj tOf!1 ""J)t"",~Jl,.Jc.. i ....134. Ma1)miid ibne-LabId Ra<,liyalHihu anhu narrates that indeedNabI Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: There are two things that theson of Adam dislikes: Death, although death is better (for a believer)than trials (which endanger his faith); and scarcity of worldlybelongings; and this scarcity of worldly belongings results in lessreckoning on the Day of Judgement. (Musnad Ahmad)~j "6 ~ ;-;&, ~;; :J~ ~d»1 J:":": ~ :J!~iil ~:,ij" ~J:; - 1"01..0 r.s" u<,j;jWI.fl .G~; ;~Ij -: ~:iu,;;Tj ;1";J:":": I~~ tlj.11 ~t ~l" f. t!ol,j.JIJl,.l.,J1 J~ yo. .:.,oWl135. Abu Salamah Raqiyallahu anhu narrates: I heard RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He, who meets Allah testifyingthat none is worthy of worship but Allah and that Mui)ammad is theMessenger of Allah, and believes in resurrection aud in reckoning,enters Paradise. (AI-Bidiiya wan Nihayah)
    • KAUMAHTAYYIBAH 79 Beliejill the Hereafter~~~t;:..~,~-i1 :~I~):UII.5:l,~ :.j~ ~.iill ~)~I~):UI~:J> - 1"~ I~j¥ ~ ~~j ~l :J~ if;J, ~I J~) ~ ~t :JLii It-¢t;:..~ J~)I ~.~c ;_;;"~}~~~}O}o~~~} ~,/V""~I ~",~,.,») T;I ,;[1;1 u;..;,:..;1 "I ~I!" jll4l1l.>j;L,.i136. Umme Darda Ra<;liyallahu anha narrates: 1 enquired from AbuDarda: Why do you not go and seek for your guests what men(usually) seek (fine food and drink) for their guests? So he replied: Iheard Rasillullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Verily, beforeyou is a very difficult pass! The heavily burdened shall not crossthrough it with ease; so, I desire to keep myself light for that passage,(Baihaqi)Note: Men seek fine food and drink means that his wife wantedhim to take out time and effort to earn, if not for his family, then atleast for the sake of his guests.J;iJ;- ~;.i~;.;Jj 11) ~~~l5 :J~:;1.iill~) ~~J."td~:J> " , -, l"VI·J~if;J,.iilIJ·"I·JLii~I~· ·c,;, ,c;~GJi GiI,,,j;;jI,i ::::;"J"" ., )-J", . ~<.S:""J<.S:"" J J . J" ~",~,lz t,j to ;:;. i i>IJ ,to ..:.;1.,lz. t,jto w ~~ i:~1 JJ(> .... J ::;, JJ1 ""I • ~Io:,...~{"" ~ /J---~ "_ ~~ ~J_ v~ ~-.[- ~ ".~ ~, ; ~ ~ - J ~ " _ ~ ~ ~ ,J"J".lorl"») ,to ~i p.iJlj ~t.k.i I~ c.ii) ~:if;J,iiJl J;:") Jlij :JIi to l,!". A:~), •••• .r.AJ14$.~~,,~Loy~.~..f~~J,:..137, HanI Ra!)imahuIHihu, the freed slave of Uthman Ra<;liyalHihuanhu narrates that when Uthman stood by a grave he would weepuntil his tears wet his beard. So, he was asked; When Paradise andHell are mentioned, you do not weep, but (why do) you weep at this(sight of the grave)? So he replied: Indeed, Rasillullah ~allallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily, the grave is the first stage among thestages of the Hereafter; if one is saved from (the Punishment of) it,then what is to follow will be easier. And if one does not find safetyfrom it, then what is to follow shall be more severe than it. AndRasillullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: I have not seen a sightmore horrifying than (the Punishment of) the grave. (TirmidhT);.;Jj : :;il;~ ~t) 11t if;J, isfJI ~l5 :J~~.iill~) ~~.;. ~~:; - 1"/~ )""-14 "J")ll,») .J~ ~~I;l~ : :PI~ :li)t:.Jj ~.;.,;.~ IJJ!.;,I :JLii~
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 80 Belief in the Hereafter138. Uthman ibne-Affiin Ra<;liyallahn anhu narrates that when NablSallallahu alaihi wasallam used to finish the burial of the dead, hewould stay at his grave and say: Seek forgiveness for your brother andbeg steadfastness for him; as indeed, he is now being questioned. (AbuDawud)~$-t:..u c;i}-L.:)j, ~I J~) y,: :J~ ~,..l~) }:~~, ~J ;j-I~~ IJ#~ ~ril c;} ~~;~j ,?Illli ~~A ~A ;.i)5"1 ~ iJ:i! t,;1 :J~ ;J~~,/ ,., /~} ~ ;;-- -,;; ,. -..;..,;; ui) ,~JOlI";";;uIJjQ;i~ ll~ ji;.<J ~ ?~;.J "~ I,?YJI ,?I.illl ~~A j; ~ /,::,-- . ;,;; - .t,; ,~) ~y; :j;~h;j J~::.dJ,:..;.i,;~ ,i~ ,~:~I ~ul)";,,jll ~u{)~iJiI , / - 0 - ... / -" ,I , ", 0,.:..L,~:;-. c;j.:.J ~l;":rfJ ~j;ll &;lJ I;~ ~l:~ ~~:;;:"";J.;;;s ill~ ",il:J J- ~"!5:i1 WI ~I-.i~ IiI QI J-I"::"li:J :~~, ~ -i;.:J t :-i :J- ~ .r :I 1.1; . "" lJ- , .. e.-"U -~ - .. , 0 - " 0 -" . ,,, , ). - ~q ":,J! ;"j.-f) ~j;l &;lJ;~~!:~~ ~~ ;i:; ~J .;;;s ill t,;i ;Ai l) ~y;~I J~) J~ :J~ ,~>G>bJ;;)~~J>. ~~::I:i :J~ ,~~:;-" cS:f,:.J~~I~,)~iJi~::,:~:-.:J..1l,~) :J~~~y.:J:~y,;~~y"G,)j,:J~"..A.:",,jIJ-I" ~l;.t:;,~J-;:~i~1,W~" . ·;;t,;~,::-;jt,; "j~ 4....S: ;. - ~/:.~ .. ,-> ,,~ j ~ ~ - ~/. M • :""I.i.>JUJ"-"jl"J) .)81);. ~i~:,1 ,~I"",~)~L,:,)?i1 dl:)j,~1 J~)J~ " , " / " ! f, :~J";J1.W~~l.bf~J~i~~"""4,"rl.f-~~~139. Abu Sald Ra<;liyallahu anhu nalTates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam, while entering his Masjid saw some personslaughing in a manner that their teeth were visible. He said: Behold! Ifyou frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures, that is, death, itwill distract you from what I am seeing (your excessive laughing). Soremember frequently the destroyer of pleasures, that is, death. Forverily, not a single day passes upon the grave but that it cries outsaying: I am the house of exile; and I am the house of loneliness; and Iam the house of dust; and I am the house of worms. When a believingslave of Allah is buried, the grave says to him: You are most welcome!Indeed, you were the most beloved to me of all those who used towalk upon me. So now, when you have been placed in my charge andyou have been brought to me, you will see my excellent treatment.Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam then said: So the
    • KAUMAIITAYYIBAH 81 Beliejur the Hereaftergrave expands for him as far as the eye can see; and a door ofParadise is opened for him,And when an immoral slave of Allah or an unbeliever is buried, thegrave says to him: You are most unwelcome! Indeed you were themost despised by me of all those who used to walk upon me, Sotoday, as you have been placed in my charge, and you have beenbrought to me, you will soon see my treatment towards you,RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The grave then closes onhim until its one side meets the other, and his ribs get intermingled;RasUluliah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam then (illustrating) placed thefingers (of one hand) between the fingers (of the other hand), Headded: Allah sends upon him seventy serpents; if one of them wereto breathe upon the earth, it would not produce any crops as long asthe world remained; they will go on biting and lacerating him untilhe is brought forth for his Account on the Day of Resurrection,Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The grave is either agarden from among the gardens of Paradise or a pit from among thepits of Hell. (TinnidhT)f) !~G,. ~ ~ ~I.,I~)~ G,.:f :J~ $:111 ?) il~; ,1:,;11;j -, t·.r wts-;j" G.:..l;. ~..iI1 J"" o,J""""- ~ y,J " )-) ,.:.i:Q; t,j. ,;11 JI :.!:;~ ~ ~~I"~ • J!,," , .il~~;il~IJi:~:" :JI.iA A.:..l)tl) ,.,....j~l.J: ~~:; ~ ~:4~:J;.WI Gj]) , )), ~) ," " 0.;:"-;," F ~,", .<.&1 <$.) :~J.:i ~& .J :4) iJi,n .u~ , " ~ ,) , , ~.. , . . iJ~";;i; :JIi ll)li J i !" r ,, .J • "" "II !"" " ;; , I J" J" J J, J" J ,~~ ~ :s,ul ~]I 1.1.0 IA :4) ~ij.i;i ~~1 <S;i, :Jj.i;i ~~, IA :4) ~ij.i;i~: ~j} ~I yGf :"1) :J~ ~:!.li~~ IA:J :~~~ ,~ ~I J~) -;J~ J~~.;_,J1:, , .wI ~ .;;)~ :S4 ;J:l:.. :Ii ~j ,~I ~ .G :S,G;h :J~ .:Jl:..:J ,~i"i ~ ~;j ~:J :J~ !,:I.:J ~ j) ~.-;;!j :J~.wl Jl44;j Iydlj .wI~~~~~~~-;;~:J~k~~j):W:J :J~;;yj:UilS:h~t:J:J~,:s~:,j ~.IA.IA :J~ ~~, 1A;j ~~~ ,:s~:,j ~.IA IA :J~ ~2.li):; :;j~ .G :S,G;h ,:s~:,j ~ .IA .IA :J~ ~~ ~ :S~I ~] ~ IA :;j ~~~~.-;;!j :J~ i.j, Jt 44;j lydl:J ~GJI ~.;,Ii:J ~GJ ~.;;;~ ylS- ~j ,~I
    • KALlMAfl TAYYIBAfl 82 Beliefin the Hereafter";i1L..J1 yo ,JI;y.i "J)~l.:;.j 9 J!;; ?~ ~:;a;:; :J~ ~~:; lAY. tVO"":~J"" • .r.i!1140. Bara ibne- Azib Ra4iyallahu anhuma narrates: We went outwith RasUiullah SallalHihu alaihi wasallam along with the funeral ofa man from the Ansiir until we reached the grave, which had not yetbeen completely dug. So, Rasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam satand we sat around him in silence as though birds were perched uponour heads, and in his hand was a stick with which he was makingmarks on the ground. He then raised his head and said two times orthree times: Seek refuge in Alliih from the Punishment of the grave.He then said: (When a believer is buried in the grave), and twoangels will approach the buried person and make him sit, and thenask him: Who is your Rabb? He will reply: My Rabb is Alliih. Thenthey will ask him: What is your religion? He will reply: My religionis Isliim. Then they will ask him: What do you say about this manwho was sent to you? He will reply: He is the Messenger of Alliih.Then they will ask him: What makes you certain of that? He willreply: I read the Book of Alliih and I believed and I testified in it.Then, a Caller will announce from the heavens: My slave has saidthe truth so spread for him a bedding from Paradise and dress himfrom the clothes of Paradise, and open for him a window towardsParadise. The joy, pleasant breeze and fragrances of Paradise willreach him, and the grave will be expanded for him as far as his eyecan see,Then Rasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam mentioned the death ofan unbeliever: Verily, the soul of an unbeliever shall be returned tohis body. Two angels will approach him, and make him sit, and askhim: Who is your Rabb? He will reply: Alas alas! I do not know!Then they will ask him: What is your religion? He will reply: Alasalas! I do not know! Then they will ask him: What do you say aboutthis man who was sent to you? He will reply: Alas alas! I do notknow! At this, a Caller from the heavens will announce: He has lied.So spread for him a bedding of the Fire, and clothe him with the Fire,and open for him a window to the Fire that its heat and scorchingwind reach him, and his grave will close upon him until his ribs areintertwined. (Abu Diiwiid)Note: The announcement from the heavens about an unbeliever, hehas lied, means that he is pretending to be ignorant; though in fact
    • KALlMAIl TAYYlBAIl 83 Beliefin the Hereafterhe had refuted AIHihs Oneness, His Prophet and Islam. (Maarifull:ladTth)Jjj~;.i~eJI~!:.;;lI~!:~~IJj.:.)J~ :J~~iiJI~).;.1!~J.;;j - t j-JI I~JJ)~~ :.;>~~~:~irj"t5:i;.lii ,~wdt:.· j~G ,;;~j~~)81~iI~Jl~ :~Jli;L~~)J~4-A;tt+~f :Jjij~jjll.~~~~~ . .1~~J:Ji.:...:s-~ :Ai JLi;! )3l5jlj~G.J1 ~jj ;:0- ~I:r.l ,~I~ I,;i;,~..lll~~j:";aij ,,: :1; ~j .:..;), ~ :JLi;! .f81 ~~ ~ Jjr 2S ,:~;f ~ :J~ ~)I~js;J~~.4~~lS)~~))_·~~~:;~~C:pj~~~~~;J~~~ ~VI:";),piI141. Anas ibne-MaIik Rw;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily, the slave of Allah, when he isplaced in his grave, and his companions depart, he indeed hears the beatof their sandals, and then two angels come to him and make him sit andask: What did you use to say of this man, MU1ammad Sallallahu alaihTwassallum? As for the Mumin (believer) he will say: I bear witnessthat he is the slave of Allah and His Messenger. It will then be said tohim: Look towards your dwelling in Hell; Allah has replaced it with adwelling in Paradise. He will then see both the dwellings.And as for the MWliifiq (hypocrite) and Kiifir (unbeliever), it will be saidto them: What did you use to say concerning this man? He will reply: Ido not know; I used to say what the people were saying. It will then besaid to him: Indeed, you knew not, nor did you follow those who knew.Then, he will be beaten by hammers of iron, causing him to scream, thesound of which will be heard by everyone around him except men andJinn. (BukharT)J JLl; ~ J;. ~l2J1 ~~ ~ :J~ ~ ~I Jj.:.) ~1 ~ ..lll ~) .;1 ;j - t r , , } J / I J ~ J ~ ,~I>..""l.."C,,..L-.o"J) .otl!lotl!l :J~:G-i,ft"L:.JI~y;ij :.,Ij),h .otl!lotl!l :.,i)~1 "VCl,,.V:~) ,;>1..0) /1 iJ~~142. Anas Ra4iyaUahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: The Hour of the Day of Resurrection will notcome until there will be no one left in the world who says Allah,Allah. And in another narration: The Hour of the Day of
    • KALIMAH fAITlBAH 84 Belief in the HereafterResurrection will not be established so long as there is someonesaying, Allah, Allah. (Muslim)Note: This means that the Day of Resurrection will occur when theworld becomes devoid of Allahs remembrance. This !:Jadlth alsoexplains that the Day of Resurrection will not be established so longthere is a single man saying: a people! Fear Allah and worship Him.(Mirqat).«8 ~Ir ~ ~~ j;,l2J1 ~~ ~ :J~ $> &,JI; ~..j,I~:;» 4:; - t I Vf· I;~),,i,,c.LJy}y~.~~IJJ143. Abdullah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! ~a1lallahualaihi wasallam said: The Last Hour will come only upon the mostwicked people. (Muslim)Z) J~:UI t.;;::iJff,;»1 J~: J~ :J~ ~ih~:,)?.;. ;»14:; - t t~..j,I, ;j,~~~)I:,1 ,:;;~)1:,1 ,~ji~~:~:H~)1 ~~l o ~ ~J ~, ~IJ~ J J-;~~0" U&. V""" ,~t", 81 ~I",.<",:>, ~ "J"-,y.)f oW. s" f"!./,,y., "1 ,, , " " v . , ~ . , """", ,",~. ,~ ,,-; ~o 1 ~ ~~::; ~~ ~ ~ .. ,. <./) .. )~~ rL:J !C~ i, ~, ,~ ..JJI,"",n~JiAl.ooUlj .... 1 . ~I;" .., "" I~ "j.j, I·i. 1St,;.; ..r:.l-I" ),.t.. ,&;j;.:J ~. ~; u;:: u- {- ,;. 1 ~1,,~ ,;:~i ~I~ "~I :,1;,;. ~ i~;l.> ~N I:;..w-, j 1:":" <-:, ) ,.t.. . ~ ~; ~ ~ M "~)y;-< ) ~"" ~.;"~ t· ~ .;.;.1 r-- . . "" v 8 ) .r! ~ ,<":~~ )J"A .r J"i. L:.:.JI ) j ~ I" ~ ~ / ,c,;;j,,:. / n :J ~;.~ .i; /o~u... JJij ~U,JG L,j :~.i .. ~:~ ~~~ ~t <r~ ~d:.·~! (T J~~:/. d#(~~ ~,~ .;, , r - ., ~ / , 0 J J.• / YO.T" .T" ~~ J.;..f A;~ ~ i ~ ,~~ ~ ~ fJ ,~ a~ :<: ~ ,~j~ ~l~ ~1 ;) ~j ,~tij~ ~ ~ " J J J } ~~ / ~ ~ I ~,"" ,"" .JIj,J, .... ,1,.I:I!..· " ••.• Ji .JIj ~ ~ .,~)~ .."ifF .r.u--)~"" )). "~)) ,.~I~~~ 1~~?19~~ -tGl1 ~~~,~ ~~:ijkJ4i~jbJ~~~~ ,:rGl .~J~"~" J:;; ,J J JJ, :;, _r.,"~J~ J,1.f-j"1 :J~io- ,uy~~~(o->~) ,;.s:i:J l,;a :01 414 :J~io- lA ~I~, ~~,~ J~~ J~~~~ji~.l.i :JIj ::,:~. 0 ,;. :) jJ~ -fl l J.S ~ :J~ ~;..> ~ :J~ ,p ~ .," ... J",.ul (Jf ci yC,~ "JJ .~G:; .:.; ~~ ~ji :"u1) i;.? ~I:J) ~ vrA"";J • • ~ ~,~ J J ~, ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ty,~) ty,~ ~:~ ~I JLil 10+"Y,),3;.,);o;.? «8 JS-~; J-:j<JJ,))
    • KAUMAH TAYYIBAil 85 Belief ill the Hereafter(l$)1S:...., ...... I..:,III.>}J :.u) -:-4 i.SJI.:>Y ~J) (~..l:>J) ,~l) ~J ::,.:~ !J j;. 3) ~~ lVlI,,,,, 144. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra<)iyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiiluIHih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Dajjal will appear in myUmmah and remain for forty; 1 do not know whether for forty days,or forty months, or forty years. Then Allah will send Isa ibne-Maryam resembling Urwah ibne-Masiid. He will seek out Dajjaland then destroy him. Thereafter, people shall remain for sevenyears without enmity even between two persons. Then Allah willsend a cool breeze from the direction of Syria; whereupon none shallremain upon the face of the earth whose heart has the tiniest particleof Iman, except that his life shall be seized by this breeze.. Even ifone of you were to enter the innermost recess of a mountain, it (thebreeze) would enter even there and seize him.Thereafter, only the most wicked people shall remain who are asunstable as birds (easily startled) with a tendency to wickedness withthe intelligence of beasts of prey (who have little intelligence andshow violence and anger), neither knowing right nor objecting toevil. Then Shailan will appear to them and say: Will you not complyto my commaud? They will say: What do you command us? Hewill then order them to worship idols (and they will obey him).Abundant sustenance will be granted to them and apparently, theywill enjoy a good and luxurious life.Then the Trumpet will be blown; and everyone who hears it willbend one side of his neck, and raise the other, listening attentively.The first to hear it will be a man plastering a water tank for hiscamels. Then he will collapse senseless, and die and so will all thepeople with him. Then Allah will send down rain resembling dew,causing the bodies of the people to sprout like plants from the earth.Thereafter the Trumpet will be blown a secoud time, and the peoplewill rise looking around. Then it will be said: 0 people! Hastentowards your Rabb! The angels will be told to restrain them for theyare to be questioned. Command then will be given to bring forththose who are to go to Hell and when they asked what proportion isto be brought forth, they will be told it is nine hundred and ninetynine out of every thousand. That will be a day which will makechildren grey haired; and that is the day when the Shin will be bared(Muslim)
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 86 Beliefir, the HereafterIn another narration It IS stated: Hearing that nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine out of a thousand will be doomed to the Fire (of Hell),the $al)abah were deeply grieved and it showed on their faces. ThenRasfllullah $allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine will be from Yajiij Majiij (Gog and Magog) and onefrom you. (BukharT)Note: Shin is one of the allegorical terms used in the Quran like faceand hand. It is a special attribute of Allah. We should believe in itin the same manner as we believe in the existence, life, the hearingand seeing of Allah. (Tafsir UsmanD.In a tJadlth of Sa!]I!] Bukhari and Muslim narrated by Abu SaIdKhudri Ra9iyallahu anhu, Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam isquoted as saying: Allah Azza wa Jail will bare His Shin and then allthe believers, men and women, will prostrate themselves before Him;but there will remain those who used to prostrate in the world forshowing off and for gaining good reputation. Such people will try toprostrate (on the Day of Judgment) but their backs will be as stiff asa single column.Dajjal is the Great Deceiver who will appear near the end of theworld and will claim to be God and will be killed by Isa alaihisSalam at his Second Coming.+i ;»1 ~L:.»;.;.;i.:.4: ~ ;1<);.:.) J@ :J@ ~.iill ($f) r:·· ~J ~ - t c J:. w~~1 t.: .1) Wj.<ll;..81 - ~ I " I ; ~~ / J} / ,~ ~ )), ~ /0 /0~&fl y;":"i eft J..ij ~~ wl5J ~ ~4:; j;,.,....,.~ .... I.uJ")",(,.rII.,)J .&j;11 ~ J;S)I ~j.iill (~;" :I)j:~ Jili ftY~ :~),)~,,)L;;.j"~Lo>Y4145. Abu SaId Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasfllulIah Sallalliihualaihi wasaIlam said: How can I enjoy life and be at ease, when theone entrusted with the Horn has placed it to his mouth and has lenthis ear attentively, waiting for the order to blow it. This statementseemed to bear heavily upon the Sal)abah of RasUlulliih Sallallahualaihi wasaIlam, so he said to them: Say: &j;" J<bS) ...";,, r:;:.;. (Allahis sufficient for us! The Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust!)(firmidhT)
    • KALIMAH TA YYlBAH 87 Beliefin the Hereafter;;)1 ~ ;.f~j ~jj J$. :"81 ~j;l ~ /,iJs-~ ~j.i? ,~I ;::d~t;Qi1 , , I!_, , I," ,I,), J~::, ,~;;- J~ ,,:,s:;::;~::,~)Jl,,:,s:;::;~::,,~::~ J ,,:,s:;::; ~1J-j"~))9 J~ ~~,:i>;"1 Jj.:..) )GI::, :J~ L:G,j J;51 ~:; VY· "I:~J;;i.ol:Al1146. Miqdad Ra<,liyalIahu anhu narrates: I heard RasiilulIahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam saying: The sun shall be brought close tothe creation on the Day of Resurrection until there is one milebetween it and them. Mankind will sweat according to what theyhave done; the sweat reaching to the ankles of some, to the knees ofothers, to the waist of others, while some will have their mouthscovered by the sweat. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam pointedhis hand to his mouth. (Muslim)i,SIi ~t;Qi1 ~Ji :"81 ~::i>;"1 Jj.:..) J~ :J~ :;<".1lI~) i;; ~J;; -tV~ J-"!. . J . 1 J J-") is "",:,ci" !.1l ., , • :"0 " ~ t£.,J . )t£., iLi: t£., :JG.:,,1 .r-::~YJ,-""" , iiii" , J " " I " I ,OF J" ;;;; " ~! ,~.r.)~II;:: :;"f ~ :>?.l~lol!i~;-~.$,uI"~ :J.l~~.r.)~-r aJJ-.j J Y4 :->~..lIo- lolA :Jii) u;J...? ~JJ *,~J "iJ;. J5 ~j.4- y~ ;:, ~ ~~ ,.., t T:ri);.J~Trl147. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Mankind will be assembled on theDay of Resurrection in three classes, one walking. one riding and onewalking on their faces. It was asked: 0 Rasiilallah l How will theywalk on their faces? He replied: Verily, the one who made themwalk on their feet is able to make them walk on their faces. Theywill avoid with their face every obstacle and thorn. (Tirmidhj)~~ ;G-1 ~ ~ ~::i> ;"1 Jj.:..) J~ :J~ :.;<. ~I ~) rG- ,;. ::>,tS. ;; - til~Gl~::, ,~I~~~~~~<.>}i-,li~~jb ,~~ji::;;::,::;;~~)~~)::, )811)i~ ,~::, <~ )81 ~ <.>}i -,li ~~::,;;~::, ~~ ~ ~ <.>}i -,li ~ VOH:~J" •• • )wy )r~Y4,..sj~I~IJJ .g;.J148. Ad! ibne-J:latim Ra<,liyalIahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalIahu alaihi wasallam said: There is not anyone of you but that
    • KAL1MAH TAYY1BAH 88 Beliejin the Hereafterhis Rabb will speak directly to him, without any interpreter betweenthem. Then he will look to his right, and he will not see anythingexcept what he had sent ahead from his deeds. And he will look tohis left, and he will not see anything except what he had sent ahead.And he will look in front of him, and he will not see anything exceptthe Fire in tront of his face. So protect yourselves from the Fire,even if it should be by half a date. (BukharT)~I :~~ ~:} J~ ~ ~I ~ :~~ ~,3;I~) ii;~;; - t~j~~:~1 :J~~"l " " : " . . ,,3;, :~ :~.j·~IQld· GL:...-" l>- .J"".e>; . ·11.:,t.:..JI~ . 1.5" - J- r-7--.. ci7 t Aj.4? ~lj) (~.J.:>JI) . ~~ 1~1 ~ ~~ ~ ~fi ~~l ~j ~:Jl ,~ )J~ ~G?149. Aishah Ra<;liyallahu anha narrated: I heard Nabl Sallallahualaihi wasallam saying in one of his Salat ," cc:...,..· ~.;II, .r---:, • ~ I""" o Allah! Make my acconnt easy.When he finished his Salat, I asked: a Nablyallah! What is easyaccount? He replied: That ones book of deeds be looked into andthen he be forgiven. Verily, a Aishah! He who will beinterrogated on that Day will be ruined! (Musnad Ai)mad)IS~:;~~ :J~ ~ ~I J,;.:,)):..;j~,3;1 ~)Zs~:JJ1 ::~"~;; - e."",, J~4.·j~II.;.,t 81":....1.1;;,·,· ,3;IJ~ .J,~uJl"· ". <.r......, . "(~ . .r <.J ~.Ji, ~ y,:r <J" Jf IS.. ". ~J!. uJl l~i.f..-.. J.PJI).;...,II . ,.,15 " ~I ")J .~ft.J1 ~plS" ~ ~~ ~ ~~I Js. j)";~)~..a.J1150, Abu Sald Al Khudrl Ra<;liyallahu anhu approached RasiilulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam and asked: Inform me who will be strongenough to stand on the Day of Resurrection, about which AllahAzza wa Jall has mentioned: ~t o;.,) :,..81 r ~ji (The Day the people ji;will stand before the Rabb-Sustainer of the worlds). He replied: ThatDay will be so shortened for the believer as is the (the duration of)obligatory Salat. (BaihaqI, Mishkat)
    • KALIMAll TAYYIBAll 89 Beliefin the Hereafter:;.J~) ~~I ~:P-~ ,~~I:;.i) ~I ~j ~ ~~ ~j:;.i.j;:;J..}.) ~ 1 f t :~J" ••• ~~r-?U~J.:>.-4.:.0y~,U:~?I~I}).~~~ ~)-!~ ~~ , ,151. Awf ibne-Malik Al Ashjal Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates thatRasiilullah .;allallahu alaihi wasallam said: An angel came to mefrom my Rabb, and gave me the option to choose between half of myUmmah going to Paradise, or my right for intercession. So I choseintercession (so that my entire Ummah benefits from it and none isdeprived) and it is for those who die without ascribing any partner toAllah. (TirmidhT)~ iL;S:i.r"~~I.~:;d!j di<Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~.&I~)?l!~;.,,-it:; -, 0y I f":~), •••• ~I""W:,~J.>-<l,,;..lY4~.f~~C-l...;>-.iAJl,jjl..$J..yJICI)J .~t :152, Anas ibne-MaIik Ra<)iyallahn anhn narrates that Rasiilullah.;allallahu alaihi wasallam said: My intercession will be for those ofmy Ummah who have committed major sins. (TirmidhT)t ~ ;(;QJI ~ji ~lS ,i:!1. ,iill :Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~.&I ~)?l!~ ,;. .,,-ij:; -, or I ~ J ~ J J, I,,,, J J F FO , J J 0fl) ,4J.;..:.J :JJ.i;L~ J 8 t-G 1::>YJ.¥~~T .:>yt;l,~ ~ ~ .:,..81 J , I J J J, , l I ,:" J , ,, ~.," j" :J,n"~.I., y-W,· . 11I":::<lJI.!· I·U~·......J4, r-=- .r.."J ,,:I.;..:.J .T"" 1"1:> - ~.r ~ ,~ .I." r-=-,~~J5"J, (J) 4ili 0 . ~I;_ " ~~, ,(:t ~ :JJ .T"" ......J" ~ Y4.:i ,..:ul F AlIi luI J • J Ai~i . J~ 1<" r J , ,~,r-=-.r.." j" J - ,~~~U,,:iuj :J j! ....y - , j" ~U "4jtl~·"I~·.<,i J ,,:i..:...:J :J.T"" ~ ~Y- • ,r-=-.r.." j" :i:i " ~l:l,,vt,;,.J1 :. Il:s.~U ,~~I .j~ ~ ~, .~j ~~ ~:: sli) J ~i~ J) J; : : " , , J . , I J" ~ ",~t-GI) ,,k;J J.:-) ,;;,u ~:.Jj) ~) C:ijl !..G ~ :JI.i,;i "~L. AJ ~i)~ !~ :J~ ~ J ~lS :; ~ t.;U J!WI ::J~ ,~j ~ !4) ~ ::J)U!~ 4 :J~ I~~ ~ ~t ~ ,~~ ~ol:~ o~~ ~~I ~ ~~ ~~ ,~4i~::J~ ,~1 ~j !4) ~ ::J)U t: ~i ~I) ,J.;; J,:.» ,,:,,u ~ Jlj ~l) tiJ I~~;J ,;iU I.:r::- ,:>~I .... ;J~~ oj i)i :J1b...li j ~lS v ;~; -.f r.:r:- .T Y r.j" "i.;U ~ ~~!,J" * ~ "~...,,,-; .~ T"; ....... ~U ,,,1.;1 J J ,,~ t-..,..J ciJ" c ) l~ ~ ,oli" , ) ~o 0 - :J lri IkL:,., :J .f; I" ,J.obs.J1 !"~ l"h o~~ - , ~ -;; t " _,~J~lS:;t;UJ!WI ::JJ.i;i ,~l~j !4)~ ::J)U ,J~i~j ,J.;;J,:.»
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAll 90 Belie/in the HereafterJ!i.iti ,~81 ~ ~81 ~ )8 ~ ;;;ti ~~l~ y-; ~ ~ y~ ;:,1 ;:,j ;:,jJiJ,~LJ)~) !~~ :Jtij~G:J ~,~ ,~~II:~~~U~~ljl~~~~ ,~~::Jj.i;L~1 ~~ J[ iJ~:;,;l J ~iJl !.:;.,.> Ii :J)ti ,J;; ~rJ ,:.k;!J.:<j ,~1%~ ,-"N"), .~ ~[J~ i :J~:; ~:;,;~ ~:;~<j :;Ii;.sj ~)>:.j ~~j Vo .:~) ••• • JW...,.,)Il$:;~": ;;" :JW.iill J~~1li~.> Zs~:JJ }:~" ",,3:;. cqi};-;~ .,,!j)6:.A . . ~ l:;J .:,.,,i:i <:~J,;,.;-;1 ~~~~j ,iJ~jj~j iJPI ~j )8 ,~ ;j JLii ~ ~I)j .,,! ~ :}. I nlj ~ );~ ~ ,:hi ~ I~ ~ iA ji ~!"f,~ ~ ~ " ;1 lIS iJ y: f ...; :J" ~ !"""""II ~ ~ i:.J1 Cf" w- iJy: f ~ "t:>J, j ·rr " ~ ,, ".::" j . ,.; ,;.i ".ojj H ~ ~ i:,;J1 1li~;j :;~I,rul <~ ,J ~ ,~ ~j ~fi t-!I;.!I - ~ -- ~ -- , ~ _ , J _ 0 ~ - - - - --. J 1 J J ::;-~ ioJ iA I::k<i~.> :.:J}j.i;i I- ~;;;I.> W ~I!#: :JjAi~" y.u ;-~:.wJj ,~Zsj !l.i.> Ii :iJ)~ "~~:.wJj.:.~ ~ :J~ <:,;.JWI ~ I~j ~ _ _ J __ } __ --, } } __ -- I ff,~, ,l,j}IJ<)o;;;..... ~, ,<,",-,,,)).Iolif ,~~ ~i)!~w.~ :Jj.i;i 11.(.>153. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<;Iiyallahn anhu narrates that Rasiilullah$allallahu alaihi wasallam said: On the Day of Resurrection,mankind will be in confusion. Then they will approach AdamAlaihis Salam and say: Intercede for uS before your Rabb. He willreply: I am not eligible to intercede, you should approach IbrahIm, ashe is the KhalIl (close friend) of Ar-Ral)man. So, they will approachIbrahIm Alaihis Salam, but he will say to them: I am not eligible,you should approach Musa, as he is KalImullah (who speaks to AllahTaala). So, they will approach Musa Alaihis Salam, but he willsay: I am not eligible, you should approach Isa, as he is Riil:mJIahand Kalimatullah (the Spirit of AJIah, aud Word of Allah). So, theywill approach Isa Alaihis Salam; but he will say: I am not eligible,you should approach Mul)ammad $allallahu alaihi wasallam. Thus,they will approach me and I will say, I am the one to intercede.So I will beseech my Rabb; and He will oblige me. Then He willinspire me with such words that I will praise Him with, but I have noknowledge of these words now. So I will praise Him by thosepraises and will fall in prostration. Then it will be said: a
    • KALlMAllTAYYlBAll 91 Belief in the Hereafter Mul)ammad! Raise your head; speak, you will be heard; ask, you will be granted; intercede, your intercession will be accepted. So, I will submit: 0 my Rabb! My Ummah! My Ummah! (Have mercy on it). It will then be said: Go and take out of the Fire whoever has, in his heart, Iman equivalent to a grain of barley. So, I will go and obey as commanded. Then I will return and praise Him again by the same praises and will fall in prostration. Then it will be said: 0 Mul)ammad! Raise your head; speak, you will be heard; ask, you will be granted; intercede, your intercession will be accepted. So I will beseech: 0 My Rabb! My Ummah! My Ummah! Then it will be said: Go and take out from the Fire whoever has, in his heart, Iman equivalent to a particle of dust or a mustard seed. So, I will go and comply with the command. Then I will return and, praise Him once more by the same praises and will fall in prostration. Then it will be said: 0 Mul)ammad! Raise your head; speak, you will be heard; ask, you will be granted;iutercede, your intercession will be accepted. So I will implore: 0My Rabb! My Ummah! My Ummah! Then it will be said: Go andtake out from the Fire whoever has Iman, in his heart, as much as thesmallest, smallest, smallest grain of mustard seed. So I will go anddo as bidden.And then, I will return for the fourth time and praise Him by thesame praises and will fall in prostration. Then it will be said: 0Mul)ammad! Raise your head; speak, you will be heard; ask, youwill be granted; intercede, your intercession will be accepted. So Iwill urge: 0 My Rabb! Permit me (to intercede) for anyone who hassaid La ilaha Wallah. Thus, Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala will say:By My Honour, and By My Majesty, and By My Grandeur, and ByMy Sublimity; whoever has said La ilaha Wallah, I will certainlytake him out of the Fire. (Bukh.rT)And in the narration of Abu Sajd Al Khudrj Rac,liyallahu anhu: (Inreply to the urges of Rasiilullah SallalHihu alaihi wasallam for thefourth time) Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala will say: The Angels haveinterceded, and the Prophets have interceded, and the believers haveinterceded, and none remain except the Most Merciful of theMerciful. He will then grasp a handful from the Fire, taking outthose who had not done a single virtuous act, and who had beenturned to charcoal. He will then put them into a river of life at the
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 92 Belie/in the Hereafterentrance of Paradise, called Nahar-ul-Hayat (the River of Life).They will be revived like the seedlings that sprout in the silt carriedby a flood. And they will come forth like pearls; around their necksshall be straps of gold. The dwellers of Paradise will recognize themby these straps as those whom Alliih had released from the Fire andmade to enter Paradise without having done any good deed. ThenAllah will say to them: Enter into Paradise, and whatever you haveseen is yours. So they will say: 0 our Rabb! You have given uswhat none was given in the world! He will reply: For you I havesomething better than this. They will say: 0 our Rabb! What couldbe better than this? He will then reply: My Pleasure, and now I willnever be angry with you. (Muslim)Note: lsa Alaihis Salam has been referred to in this 1)adlth asRiihulliih and Kalimatulliih, as he was born without a father on theCommand of Allah: Kun! (Be! and it became), and by a breath ofJibraTI Alaihis Salam (as commanded by Alliih) in the collar of hismother causing him to be a soul and a living being. (TafsTr ibne-KathTr)~8 ~~} ~~ :J~ ~ &;J.:f ;@~..iil ~j ~,;. ;)~;j - ct<).:IIJ ~ ~ ~l.! l5J~1 ~jJ .~::Q~6:;j1 ~j~ ~ i ~ ~.#~ ~ ~ ~~ - - C:~J154. Imran ibne-Husain Ra<;liyalliihu anhuma narrates that NablSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: A group of people will come out ofthe Fire by the intercession of Mu1)ammad Sallallahu alaihiwasallam and enter Paradise; they will be called the lahannamfn(people of Hell). (BukharT)~~Qje ~ i:; ~ ~ ~t :J~ ~;II Jj.:.j ~~.iill ~j ,:~-. i.<J;j - cc J ., ~ • ~ J • ~. F J ~O • J #-Ji.? ~)!~:;~J ,~: ~I!t" i:;~J .~!:.<J!t" i:;~ .",,8 - -- ytt :~J"" .tAII~Jy.H·:·"Y~.:r-:"~~I..l.A :J1,jJl.S.Lo.rIl~J) .~155. Abu Sald Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallalliihualaihi wasallam said: Verily, amongst my Ummah. there will besome people who will intercede for a nation and some who willintercede for a tribe, and some who will intercede for a small group,and some who will intercede for a single man, until they enterParadise. (TirmidhT)
    • KALIMAlf TAYYlBAlf 93 Belief in the HereafterJ~) J~ :~~ (~;. ~~ ;iJ ~) i;; ....J:; ii;~ :; - " $ ..J,IJ ~ J"ItS" , <-Ij~, ~W ..::.:..; ,k .11 ;~.:>c; .r-~jJi;c;~I1,,,,~,, ·~..J,I ,ft ("""J.T"" ,J .,",.r-.p, ,i;l ; II ..r-.JJ._, ~ 0 ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ 0 ~ J ~ J ~.-: J~J. B-~:; ~:.J;f <,lftll J[IJ};.Ji :JI.l ~<,lftll ~ %;)o:Sf i,s-Ji:; d It-~:ell~~~j ,~~jl-f::Sf.i ,~G:-yl 1:;:;;.WI ~~ ,~yl ~~~:r ~j:·t.,;;)jI:"II "" .ll:JIJ~j· .; " .1.,.1," )·.JJ-i,.r- ~~ <J.j ~c?",." .f::"c?"r-r- Y :.101".11 I~,J"J ~",~,,, "r t, ~Gid~ ii1:: U~ .101 .11 ? ~J :J~~ ~I" II -" ))0 . " ,.r- ~~ j ) ,ft""~"J) .I.i<; ::,:~: j~;J ~[ !~~, i;; ~J:,jJ:S~I:; )81 J. ;:,,)~:; (.ti , " tA I:~) 4JAJ ?~ljAi,j~iy~156. Ijudhaifah and Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhuma both nanatein a lengthy narration that Rasiilullah .!)allallahu alaihi wasallamsaid: The qualities of trustworthiness and kinship will be sent andwill stand on the two sides of the $iriit (the bridge over Hell), rightand left (so as to intercede for those who cared for them or object tothose who disregarded them). Then the first amongst you shall passover it like lightning. I said : May my father and mother besacrificed for you what is meant by "pass like the lightning?" Hereplied: Do you not see how lightning passes and returns within theblink of an eye! Then, (the next in rank) would pass like the wind,and like a swift bird, and like a fast runner. That is, everyone willcross according to hi s deeds.And your Nabl .!)allallahu alaihi wasallam will be standing on (the$irii;l saying: 0 my Rabb! Grant safety! Grant safety! Until suchpeople will come that due to the weakness of their deeds, they willonly be able to crawl. He (then) said: And on the sides of the Siriithooks would be sllspended ready to catch anyone whom they wouldbe ordered to catch. So, some will escape wounded and some wouldbe piled up in Fire. And by the One in Whose hand is the life of AbuHurairah; Indeed, the depth of Hell is seventy years. (Muslim)till~t ~I d pJ tii ~ :J~ llJ, &?I . ; ~ ..J,I ~).;.J!c;,;, ~1:; -, "V~ ".:l~i :; ~ ~. ~ I _ ~ ~ I c> .ill .JY" l.lo :JI.l ~t: IS l.lo c;:ell ,J~:"II) ~L:i Gi~ .fr": . , ".<11 lJr; . , r - - ,UI . ,, , oj ~ • t. ~ ; ,o/t" :~jJPyJJY~~J~~JJ.j1f~~ 11~ ,~)157. Anas ibne-Malik RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Nabl
    • KALlMAHTAYY/BAH 94 Belie/in the HereafterSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: While I was passing throughParadise, I found myself by a river on the two sides of which weredomes of hollow pearls. I asked: What is this 0 Jibran? He replied:This is the Kauthar that your Rabb granted. Its soil was the mostexcellent musk. (Bukhari) ~y.:~ ~I Jj.:<j J~ :J~ I;j:;, .ill ~j .,...,iOl J J?, J ~I ~:;. - ell ~j;?J ,~ ~ <:bf ~~J (~~) ~ ~f oj~j (~~ 041))),~ ~~ " ··~Jy.::J~!y~ ~/lJ) .lJ.if oJ.;; ~ ~ ~ Yr ~ ,~~ r~ ,,~v,:~)158. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil-A.s Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates:RasiilulHili Sallallahu alaihi wasallarn said: My pond (Al-Kauthar) isas large as a months journey and its sides are equal. Its water isbrighter than silver, and its fragrance is more delightful than musk.And its drinking cups are (as numerous) as ilie stars in the sky.Whoever will drink from it shall never feel thirst thereafter. (Muslim)Note: The distance of one months joumey implies that the size ofAl-Kauthar is so large that it will take one month to go across it. ~;t.;::i~J w,y. &;i~ ~[:~ ~I Jj.:<j J~ :J~ :..:s.ill ~ji~:; - e ~ ~":*.}-.:r-~~I..lA :JliJIoG.i..>yJI/lI J) . ~; JIJ ~ft ~j5i ~i y:-j! ~lJ ~; )1) ~I ~ - - - Yi f !":~J .fy-JI :i..i....<,}~::o; loy~159. Samurah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrated that RasUlullah Sallallahualaihi wasallarn said: Verily for evelY prophet there is a pond, andindeed they will vie with one another about which of them will havethe largest number coming down to it. I hope, indeed, my pond willbe the most heavily attended. (TirmidhI).ill 4t J[ i ~i ~:; :J~ ~ ~I.f:..:s .ill ~j ~~I .;. i,~:; - , .Jt lAuH ;:.~j :Jj.:<jj ~I ~ ~ ~jj :Jj.:<jj~ I~ ~jj;j~;; ~ ~j :i,G, ,Ij Pl ~ ~l5 ~ ~ iWl ~I ~;j ,~)~Jij ,~;,wlj cl tj)j ~jA rIN:";," • ,,,,,~IJ"I"J"~j,,,,,,,,}..,JI"J) .• G. ~i~~~-ryI~ 160. Ubadah ibne-Samit Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates iliat Nabl
    • KALlMAH TAYYIBAH 95 Belief in the HereafterSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Who bears witness that none isworthy of worship but Allah, the Alone, without any partners, andthat Mu~ammad is His slave and Messenger, and that Isa AlaihisSalam is the slave of Allah, and His Messenger, and His Word thatwas granted to Maryam Alaihis Salam and a Spirit from Him, andthat Paradise is a reality, and that Fire is a reality, Allah will indeed,send him to Paradise whatever his deeds may be, JunadahRagiyallahu anhu added in his narration: He may enter from any ofthe eight doors of Paradise that he wishes! (Bukhari).:s?~ .;.,:,~ :Jw .ll J~:~ ~ Jj.:..j J~ :J~ ~.ll ~j i;;;SJ:;. - ~ ~ ~ >/ / / ... ,,~ - , F / 0 •~}" j,:: ~ oJ) ) <:,iii ,r;...,.JJ ~ "J) ~oJ,;i "J) ,,:,Ij ~ "J ~ ::,;.,JL;.]I 7 / ~ ~) 1/ , ~ • / ~ rY fl,~,,, , .. ~I ~.},,,"~""< ""c;,j",») ,~~I O;} ~ ~i T:;.:J-."!;..w161. Abu Hurairah Ragiyallahu anhu reported that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam in a !:1adHh Qudsl narrated that AllahTa alii has said: 1 have prepared forMy pious slaves that which noeye has seen and no ear has heard, and which has not entered into theheart of any man. If you wish, recite: ~1~);} ~ ~j t,:,..ii;.:w~ And no one knows what delights of the eyes have been hidden from them! (As-Sajdah 33: 16) (Bukhiiri)J -!,j.:..e).d~~ Jj.:..j J~ :J~~i» ~jZs~~ ~.;.~:;. - ~ y , 1""":~)" ••• ~I u.,.,.}~~,.oy~,-»Lo=Y4jJ . ~ ~J t.;J..u1 ~ .~ /;;;/ p:.:. ~ .162. Sahl ibne-Sad Al Saldl Ragiyallahu anhu narrates thatRasiilulIah Sallanahu alaihi wasallam said: The space that a Whipoccupies in Paradise is better than the world and what it contains.(Bukhari).,: ~1 "~ ~~Iil;1 ~jJ~ :J~~i» 9:01 ~ ~ ~ ~~JjeJ. :,1;.5~1 "",jlyl.il):~ Jj.:..j. . . )~ J! ~I;ILI ~) ,~ ~) ~j;l:;. -~,. . ~;i~ cl:O,~F). ci:"!~) -~.. Too::). , ,,, ~I ."1:; :",~ 1;~::~:i.J),,;~:-;~,:,.w,i;, .. OA.:ri) ,)I.:lIJ~J,i.,py~ ;U:)~141J)
    • KALIMAH TAITIBAH 96 Beliefilt the Hereafter163. Anas Ra<,liyalUihu anhu narrated that Rasillullah Sallallahua1aihi wasallam said: The length of any of your bows, or the spacethat a step occupies in Paradise, is better than the world and what itcontains. And if a woman of the women of Paradise were to lookupon the earth, the entire space between Paradise and the earthwould become illuminated and filled with fragrance; and her scarf isbetter than the world and what it contains. (Bukharl)p.."i ,i;":; ~1 ,} ~l :J~ ~ ~I "" ~ ~ .iill ~J i:;;; ~J :f - f"" ,.s)I>..J",)) .~~:,~ ~)~ I:: :. ~ll) .)1) ,~; ~ ~ i.i~ 4J,Jo ~ .:,.,>1)1 t /I,/:~J~ JAA-oJ1 J.tlj164. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! SallalHihualaihi wasalJam said: Verily there is a tree in Paradise that a rider,travelling under its shade for one hundred years, will not be able tocross it. Recite, if you wish: lJ~~J (in shade long extended).(AI-Wagia 56:30) (Bukharj)~ ;:,ltS:~~1 ~1 ~l :J~ BJ, ~I ~ :J~ ~.iiI~) l~:; - ,C:J~Y~I JtiW :1)~;:,~~);:j~~) ,;:)J;i~J;:~~) ,;:,y.~),~,,)) ..:,.DI ;:, ~ ~ ~J C:, :11 ;:, ~ ,~1 rf:"} 8-JJ ,0:,,;,. v, c":~).4htJW..:;,.JlQ..,p~Y4165. Jabir Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates: 1 heard Nab! Sallallahu alaihiwasallam saying: Verily the people of Paradise will eat and dlink,and they will not spit, nor urinate, nor defecate, nor blow their noses.The Sal)abah asked: Then what will happen to the food (that theyeat)? He replied: It will produce belching and sweat like musk.They will be inspired to recite the glory of Allah and (His) Praise,just as they breathe! (Muslim):~G ;~Gi :J~ BJ, ~I;; $.iill ~)i:;;;~1Jz»;J~ ~1:f -" ~ ". ". ". F " " . ,r.r ~ F ,,,. ~ ~",,,.,,,,,. ".."" ". ~ ~". ",,,., J 0"" ". ~"}j I~"i~ "lJ ,,";if~"}j ,,;;.s"i~ "lJ ,,";i l;....:.s"}j ,~"i~ "liW~ ~1!), j,¥J,;,:,j<.;Jji ~Jj ,:";1 I;"l;i~ pi~1~ ~l: ,,:";IIYAi ~ ".J"J ".J V"V:~) ••••• ~ljAi~~J~.}y",!,~OI)).1fwP~~~~~~ji
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 97 Beliefin the Hereafter166, Abu Sa!d Al Khudr! aud Abu Hurairah Ra(liyalUihu anhumanarrate that Nab! .!)allalliihu a1aihi wasallam said: An aunouncershall aunounce (in Paradise): Verily! for you, it is decreed that youshall remain in perfect health, never to fall ill, And verily for you, itis decreed that you shall continue to live, never to die, And verily,for you (it is decreed) that you shall remain young, never to growold; aud verily, for you, it is decreed that you shall live in pleasureand delight, never in misery and in distress, and that (is the meaningof what) Allilh Azza wa Jail has said, ~ J J ~ • J JE • J ~I~ 0 J J uJ;;iF~IA~~)iG,~un),yj E It will be announced to them that this is the Paradise that you have inherited by virtue of what you used to do. (Muslim)J)i; J~ ,41, ~I J.1~; ,1! / :J~ ~ 1Ji; ~.l>1 Cs-f) ~;j - , V E E E ~ ~ 1 ";;: / /0 • J ~ J J J J J -,; ~ J J ioJi ~G.y) ~ioJi :uj).i;i~;> J.!} ~ UJJ.!! :.jW.ill1 E FE E E E E FE ,~ ~j.::..:Ji~.lJ E E l FE / E J J E • • / E / E" 1;"" . . e: II 1;.:11, ,,ll..:..;.i ~ 1 ,t.~·i W ,:"~I ~ :JIH WI JJ .r-Jfr"fJ..-,!"", ~IT"" , yo- " , " ~ i t ~~)" , • ,if~IJ"",j.JI"jJ"!Y~167, Suhaib Ra(liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! .!)allallahu alaihiwasallam in a fladlth Qudsi said: When the people of Paradise willhave entered Paradise, Allah Tama will say: Do you desire that Imay bestow upon you one more Blessing? They will reply: HaveYou not enlightened our faces! Have You not made us enter intoParadise, and saved us from the Fire! RasUlullilh said: Then Allilhwill remove the veil, (between him and them); and they will not havebeen given anything dearer to them than looking at their Sustainer.the Mighty aud the Magnificient. (Muslim)oj cl[ ,!~, Ij<;~ li,poj:~~1 Jj.:..) J~ :J)i;~.l>1 Cs-f)~;.;:.o,j;j - "1,:.".""Lil""")J.k..J~IJ"",,,tolI"J),..s;;: oj ~~ ~I ~:J ~,~ Jo; ~oj JAc. Zs~~ (no IIlWIcrl)81::YWI 1_/ ,JJI,,;II168, Abu Hurairah Ra(liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullilh.!)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Do not envy an evil persons wellbeing, because verily you do not know what he will meet with afterhis death, Indeed, Allah has a killer (the Hell Fire) for him and hewill never die. (TabaranT, Majmauz-Zawaid, Sharb-us Sunnah)
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 98 Beliefin the Hereafter~ I<y,. :::~:"~ "y,.;.Sju :J~ ~ ~I J:,.:..)Sj~1.I~) i;.;~j:; -I~, ,~, , , . ~ , ~ ~ ~ / ~ ,.; ~""I~~Ji;;,;j~"l>011..:i!IJ"lJ,Ii<" ~ U,:1<,,,, ~), ,"!"" . ~ /, ~ ~ ~-.It""" )": " , - ; " .Y"),,<.I": ~ -ry o:l..J j Ai;::"~i))L:.l:il..Py,,-! •...».":,.:.1,,,)) . lAy.. ~169, Abu Hurairah Ra<jiyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiilulIahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Your fire is one part from seventyparts of the Fire of Hell, It was said: 0 Rasiilallah! Even this wouldhave been enough! He replied: It has sixty nine parts in excess offires in this world, each of these being equivalent to their heat.(BukharT) V.A.A:~jJW.j170, Anas RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah SallalIahualaihi wasallam in a l:Iadith Qudsi said: On the Day of Resurrectiona person from the people of the Fire, who had been living the mostcomfortable and luxurious life in the world, will be brought, anddipped once in the Fire, Then he will be asked: 0 son of Adam! Doyou recall seeing any good, a moment of comfort or luxury? He willreply: No, by Allah, 0 my Rabb!And a person from the people of Paradise, who had been living amost distressful life in the world, will be brought, (aud) dipped oncein Paradise, Then he will be asked: Have yon experienced anymisfortune? Has any distress come your way? To which he willreply: No, by Allah, 0 my Rabb! No misfortune has ever come myway and I have never experienced any distress, (Muslim)JljOI,l.;:,G:; i..6~~ :J~ ~ ~I ~ Sl ~1.~) r~ ;i~:; -IVI,l.;:,G;y ~ t:J ,~;..;. JljOI,l.;:,G:; i*:~J ,¢,j JljO ,l.;:,G :;i*~J ,~::~
    • KALIMAH TAYYIBAH 99 BelieJin the Hereafter VV:~JM""<~JJ ·~j:,iJ1J81171. Samurah ibne-Jundub Rac)iyallahu anhu narrates that Nabl~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: There will be some to whose anklesthe Fire will reach, some to whose knees the Fire will reach, some towhose waist the Fire will reach and some to whose collar-bone theFire will reach. (Muslim).Jj v,;..!i>, l)ili. 01~ h ~,ii>1 J~) ~1 $.!i>, .-") u~ JI." - V~ ~ 1" ~/.T ~ i...T 1,,>:.:.,Jhi ~~jJi ~i).! ~j i~,ii>1 J~) J~ (mijJI)~:"~;.d, 41J~ ~j JiJ"~?"JJ .:.;w, ~jS:;:;..:.:A;Sj il~" ;~ 9:O1~ ~ .:.,W~ 9:01/ z) f CA":~), )lJljAl yl"":;;;..i.,p J ~~ L.>y~,~.:.r- ~.J.>.l.lt.172. Ibne-Abbas Rac)iyallahu anhuma narrates that Rasiilullah~allallahualaihi wasallam recited the following verse: ~ , o~ ~" ~, I J ~ , J; .:>~~ij il::,r~ ij :"l,:f,)jl 1"As1 Fear Alliih (by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden), as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam,Rasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam (while describing the fear ofAllah and the punishment of the Hereafter) said: If a single drop ofAz-Zaqqum (a tree in Hell) were to be dropped into this world, itwould spoil the peoples means of livelihood; so what about thosewhose food it is? (TirmidhT):J;.".! J~ GI.!i>1 ~ ~ :J~ ~,ii>1 J~) ~1 :.:&.iill~) a;.;o ~J:; - v(41:G-l ~:P:i !~~j.:;o).s1 :Jill.~? ~1j.j~.ij ,4;JtjJ~ ~11,,~;4;JI~:i:":;.ij~I·~~~:":;11 11: isJ~;, ~u~; 1;1",; . ~ -,r-. -,r-. "!"" - ~,~ : ~r:J~ )81 JW.!i>, ~ ~ :J~ ,:G-i~:; ~ ~f ,c :~ " J..ij !~~j.:;o).sf :Jill,;."": lci;· , ·1·J ill~~1t.",r-""" 1t.,r- ..,..., .",.r;-...: ~,. .J:)""J~ . ;,;Oi,~:i .ij ,;01 .~~~ . ",11: is,; 4;JI ,~:i.:..:.;,.ij ~I . ~:~ .:..:.;,1, 11: ~ is-J~~,~ -,r-. -,r-. "f" ;,.:.>I.*" u~ r - : ,;i:":d:G-l"<Jyl)J .~;41:G-lj;;~~i,c:~;:.J..ij !.i.U~j~~j.:;o):>1:Jill.~ tV i t :JWI)-.,JIJb J
    • KAL1MAH TAIT1BAH 100 Beliefill the Hereafter173. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiilulliihSallalHihu alaihi wasallam in a l:Iadith Qudsi said: When Allah hadcreated Paradise, He said to JibraTI (Alaihis Salam): Go and visit it!So he went and saw it, returned, and submitted: a my Rabb! ByYour Might and Honour, none shall hear about it except that he shall(strive to) enter it! Then (Allah) surrounded it with adversities(adherence to Sharfah, which at times is against personal desires)and ordered: a JibraTI! Go and visit it (again). So he went, saw it,and returned; then submitted: a my Rabb! By Your Might andHonour, indeed I fear that none shall (be able to) enter it! Then,Rasiilulliih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When Allah created theFire (of Hell), then He said: a JibraJl! Go and visit it! So he wentand saw it, returned, and submitted: a my Rabb! By Your Mightand Honour, none shall hear about it except that he shall (strive to)avoid it! Then (Allah) surrounded it with carnal desires, andordered: a JibraTI! Go and visit it (again)! So he went, saw it, andreturned, then submitted: a my Rabb! By Your Might, Honour, andMajesty; I fear that none shall (be able to) avoid it! (Abu Diiwnct)
    • KALlMAHTAYYIBAH 101 Success in the COl1l1tumdments ofAllah SUCCESS IS IN OBEYING THE COMMANDMENTS OF ALLAH TAALA In order to seek benefit directly from Alliih Taiilii, it is necessary to believe that complete success in this World and the Hereafter lies only in complying with His Commandments in the way shown by Rasiilulliih !jallalliihu alaihi wasallam VERSES OF QURANAllah Subl)anahu wa Ta ala says:It is unbecoming of a believingman or a believing woman, whenAllah and His Messenger havedecreed a matter that they shouldclaim freedom of choice in theiraffairs. And whosoever disobeysAllah and His Messenger, he hasmost certainly gone astray. AI-AI,ziib 33: 36Allah Subl)anahU wa Taala says:We sent no messenger except thathe be obeyed by Allahs will. An-Nisa 4: 64
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 102 Success in the Commandments ofAllahAllah Subi)anahG wa Taala says:And whatsoever the Messengergives you, take it; and whatsoeverhe forbids you, abstain from it. AI-BasIJr 59: 7Allah Subi)anahii wa Taala says: :JWJ~JIndeed in the Messenger of Allah ~~I J~~~(S:J0f ~you have a good example (to h" :&r r).~" -: f .---i j:- /~follow), for the one who hopes for po " YoJ. v-;. o <,)(the meeting with) Allah and theLast Day and remembers Allah ~ ~Jli PJ~:iJImuch. AI-Abzab 33: 21 [" ;..".,1;- ~:il]Allah Subi)anahii wa Ta ala says: :JW J~) ... ,.~,/ " -" /.J. "~" __ ,. /""So let those who oppose His wi <Jr i r c>j4~ p:0l -,!..G.}.i(Allahs) Command, beware, lest ~ (~.F > ~~ :.,P ~some trial or painful punishment Y""~.J~~befall them. An-Nar 24:63 A. 1~:~yJIJ ~ ~ <Allah Subi)anahii wa Taala says: :JWJ~J / > . .t ~ " / " / /./ / ,./Whoever does righteous deeds- .:9-1JI~; ~ ~ J.;e- CJAwhether male or female-while he •(or she) is a true believer, verily tohim We will give a good life (inthis world, respect, contentment,lawful provision, the pleasure ofthe remembrance of Allah and thedelights of His love). And We shallpay them certainly a reward inproportion to the best of what theyused to do (i.e. Paradise in theHereafter). An-Nabl 16: 97
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 103 Success in the Commandments of AllahAllah Subl)anahii wa Taala says: :JW J~)And whoever obeys Allah and HisMessenger, he has indeed achieveda great success. AI-AQzab 33: 71Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala said toHis Prophet Sallallahu alaihiwasallam: Say (to mankind): Ifyou (really) love Allah, thenfollow me, Allah will love you andforgive you your sins. And Allahis Forgiving, Most Merciful. Alelmran 3: 31Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala says: :JW J~)Verily, those who believe (in the ~ ,~.:; iJ-:( 6~ LlOneness of Allah and His ~:~r »11/_// ~ Messenger) and do good deeds, the L~.J r ~ ........Most Gracious (Allah) will bestowlove for them (in the hearts of [~f,.] ¢ (;~mankind). Maryam 19: 96Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala says:And he who performs deeds of Jj. ">). /,J../ _,/,-:::(/ "/.>/ //righteousness, and he is a believer, ...:,rY.J-"- ~I ~ ~ 0"-he will have no fear of injustice orof any curtailment (of his reward). $ I~ ,::. -J~ L:.It J~ ~ Ta Hii 20: 112 [r:<b]Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala says:And whosoever fears Allah (thatis, fulfils all His Commandmentsand avoids all that is forbidden),He (Allah) will make for him a "" ,.:~ . //way out (of every difficulty). And ~ "-~JHe will provide him from where(sources) he could never imagine. A)-,aHiq 65: 2-3
    • KAUMAHTAIT/BAH 104 Success in the Commandments of AllahAllah Subl)anahu wa Taala says: :JWJ~JDo they not see how many a ... ~(; ~ K:W ;.s- ~; ~1generation We destroyed beforethem; whom We had empowered ~:1j ~b -:,.~ ;. :,~ <Po ~ " fJ ~on the earth more, than We had ", ;1:"( CL~t;:):} ~j ~empowered you (in physicalstrength, wealth in abundance,hailing from noble families, n-;.;:; Gi).i; ~enjoying respect, long lives, ~ . S;"~iholding estate and power etc.).And We sent down on them ~~ri!-abundant showers from the sky,and made the rivers flow beneaththem. But We destroyed them fortheir sins, and created after themother generations. AI-Anam 6:6Allah Subl)anahu wa Ta ala says: :JWJ~J ~~)- ~ //,."}-,,, __ J-"""", ,). /~Wealth and children are L,;.JJ ~;,..J ~~ ,:,;")J JWIadornments of worldly life; butgood deeds, the fruit of which eu ,...l:.!:- g,,~, ~" _,.C) :" ,J _~ • ~" / , ~I."iT 1endures for ever are of far greatermerit with your Rabb and a far [t ":~I] ~)lJ ~J ~~better source of hope. AI-Kahf 18: 46Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala says:All that is with you is bound tocome to an end, whereas thatwhich is with Allah is everlasting.And most certainly shall We grantto those, who are patient inadversity, their reward in ~~ G;:.: ;;:1accordance with the best that theyever did. An-Nabl 16: 96 [~"j>cJI] ¢L;)~ :;Allah Subl)anahii wa Ta ala says: :JW J~J ,// ..~ )- /---- "" .. -" >1-And whatever you are given (now) i;;:>J & ~<? 0-~."l L.Jis but for the (passing) provision of
    • KALlMAHTAYYIBAH 105 Success in the Commandments of Allah }, " / .. " / / 10./ Jo,.. __ -"",," ..life in this world and for its j.;.. ..:ill ~ L.,J 4:"j,J L; jJ Iadornment, whereas that which is ~ -- .-- ~---with Allah is (so much) better and [~IJ O~);;, )W~1Jeverlasting. Have you then nosense? Al·Qa,a, 28: 60 AfJA.DITH~ ,~ ~~~w, J)?1i J~ !ijj;, ~11 J~) ~ u. .illl <?) i;.; ~J:; -V t]1,~ L1y jl ,,:d;~; j! ,~ Go; jl ,,:J.:. Ji: jl ":. :; I~~! ~j~.:r-" "-;" .L>Jli) "";.l ,,») .;j ;~1 ~~~ ~i.o~1 ; ~ yl~ ~ Jtk-:UI j~ },:,~,;.S..i..l jJr Y J~t"~1 y,... ,:~),~~O):~;}~~Lo,-: ..>I~ -:!..f174. Abu Hurairah Ra(!iyallahu anhu narrates that RasUiullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Hasten to perform good deedsbefore you are overtaken by seven things: Are you waiting for1. Such poverty that makes one unmindful of devotion, or 2. Wealththat makes one rebellious, or 3. Sickness that disables, or 4. Old agethat makes one lose his senses, or 5. Sudden death (often not givingan opportunity of turning with repentance), or 6. Oajjal who is theworst evil of those absent evils being awaited, or 7. The Hour? Andthe Hour is velY grievous and very bitter. (TirmidhT)Note: This means that one should prepare for his Hereafter byperforming good deeds before any of the above mentioned sevensituations arises, thus rendering him unable to do good deeds.~r.i :l..;,;,i,: :;h~:!ijj;,;»J~)J~J)i;u..ill<?)+U~J~I:; -V~ ,J ~ ,J "0" ", ,J ,J.", " .. .",5 ,~,,») .~ ~j ;,j~j wi ~pl ,~j ;,j~) wi <¥i ,~j ~j ",WI VII!:";),,,,)!175. Anas ibne-Malik Ra(!iyallahu anhu narrates that RasUiullah~allallahualaihi wasallam said: Three follow the dead, two returnand one remains with him. His family, his wealth and his deedsfollow him, whereas his family and wealth return and his deedsremain with him. (Muslim)
    • KALIMAH TAYY/BAH 106 Success in the Commandments ofAllah;:;;9~~l ~j :~::~~~~L:oy.~ ~~I ~j:.:s.ihl~:))?~ - V,~lj ~j )?~ ~ ~ ~:?i; :J?L:.>:y:-j if"~1 ~lj ~j ~Wlj:,;il ~ JS~:i-f~t.1 ~ ~lj ~~ ~j ~81 c1 ~~I:t;",,;iS-).JI ~lJ ~j ,~I c1 ~~I~;iS-.?JI::,Aj :,j ,? !)~ ~~ ~:;.i ,tJ:l~j J:.. ~;"j;: iJfi ~Ij ,~l;. J:.. HA!..;wJl",-, ."jl~!)~~~~176. Amr Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nabj Sallallahu alaihiwasallam one day delivered a sermon saying: Behold! The worldand its things are indeed a temporary commodity (and as such haveno worth and value), shared and consumed by both the pious and theimpious people alike! Indeed, the Hereafter is truly a reality and willarrive at its appointed time, in which Judgement will be made by aPowerful King. Behold! Indeed all good, in its entirety, is inParadise. Indeed all evil, in its entirety, is in the Fire. Understandwell, do good deeds with due fear of Allah, and know that you willbe confronted by your deeds. Then whosoever has done an atomsweight of good shall find it; and whosoever has done an atomsweight of evil shall find it. (Musnad Shafj )4il~h;l :J~ ~t.l ~~)~;;j:.:s.;11 ~)&~:JJI }:~"~J~ - IVV~~j~~ ;J, :~l~??ll ~b ~0lSj~) JIS ~~~~ ~~~t:;..;J1~J.:r-"" Jc;",IlJJ~;11 )j~~1 ~l ~!;."!. j:; lij ~ ~~p Jl4J~j f ~J"rJl177. Abu Sajd Al Khudrj RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that he heardRasiHullah Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: When the slave ofAllah enters into Islam and the beauty of Islam comes into his life,every evil deed that he had committed previously is forgiven byAllah. Thereafter, starts the settlement of accounts; the reward of agood deed is ten times to seven hundred times and the punishmentfor an evil deed is equivalent to it unless Allah overlooks it. (Bukharj)Note: The beauty of Islam comes into his life means that ones heartshould be illuminated with Iman and the body should be dedicated inobedience to Allah Subl)anahu wa Ta ala.
    • KALlMAllTAYY1BAll 107 Success in the Commandmerrts ofAllah~1)il>~l;j~iJ1:6"iiJl~~11 :J~ ~c.fJ,~:w,k,~):;;:; -IVA~l ,: ::h~) ,~w,;;) ~~) ,i(iJI ziJj ,i~1 ~j ,~~I J~~ I~ "Y":~)" ••• ~;L.~Ju~~1~1..:-!y~ ,~~IJ) (~J.:>J~~ft)A) . ~91 ,: ;~: d178. Vmar Ra<,iiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! SallalHihu alaihiwasallam said: Islam means that you bear witness that there is noneworthy of worship except Allah and Muqammad is His Messenger,and to establish Salat, and pay Zakat, and fast in the month ofRama<,ian, and to perform Hajj to the House of Allah if you are ableto do so. (Muslim)~~,j)J~A1I~iJl~~1J~ ~c.fJ,~:w,k,~)i;.;~J:; -V~~ ~Ij ";jJMiu,:;~j I: ::11 ~j ~w,;;) ~~j ils) ifj iPI ~j~;:;j;<~~~~~~.:#~~~~~j~ i j" p l " ~ "1;:1 ~ i.o"-1IJJ)~IJ-"-<.wIl.L> :Ji)Y I, ~)""-.JIJ,.sl>JI,)) .• ~ ~~11 Jj jjj ~179. Abu Hurairah Ra<,iiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Islam is that you worship Allah Sub1)anahiiwa Taala and do not ascribe any partner to Him, and to establishSalat, to pay Zakat, to fast in Rama<,ian, to perform Hajj to the Houseof Allah, to enjoin good, to forbid from evil, and to offer Salam toyour family. So, if anyone is deficient in any of these, he has left apart of Islam and he, who leaves all of them, has turned his back toIslam. (Mustadrak f;akim)~ ~~11 ,,*"1 ~~ ~~11 :J~ ~ c.fJ1 ~ :w, il>1 ~) l,;;;~ :; - I A•~Ij ~ ;jJMiu,:;~I) ~ ~~I) ~: ::1 ~) ~ ilS)) ~ iPlj" ,,<y.";) ;ljoli ,,)) .:J ~ ~ :; y~ ~j ~ ~I ~ ~ ~~)~ Pi ~ " i..I.iJ)I~..:Jw.J~)~JJ.s.~~)~~J~i.wJ>"-Ua.&.180. I;Iudhaifah Ra<,iiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Islam has eight parts. Iman is one part, andperforming Salat is one part, and giving Zakat is one part, andperforming I;Iajj to the House of Allah is one part, and fasting inRama<,ian is one part, and enjoining good is one part, and forbiddingevil is one part, and Jihad in the Path of Allah is one part. Indeed,
    • KALIMAH TAYYlBAH 108 Success in the Commandments of Allahone is unsuccessful who has no share in any of these parts. (Majma-uz-Zawaid, Bazzar)iJ>.~) id " ~1 ~*,~I :J~ ~ ~I <f ~ ..lll ~) !~ 01~ - AI / , ~ } ~ /:::; } }} 01 ,J / ~:::; ~ J :;; ~ , :::;, _/. / / ~ , ~"») (~.wl) .• 5)1 :.JJ;) .A:a!I~) Al r))~ 1.4.><.0 :>1)1 i All i .:>,~) ,. , / .L..:>-l181. Ibne-Abbas Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that NabT Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Islam is to surrender yourself to AlHih (withcorrect belief and actions) and bear witness with heart and tonguethat there is none worthy of worsbip except Allah and thatMUhammad is His slave and Messenger, and to establish Salat, andto pay Zakat. (Mnsnad Ai)mad);:, ~eI1lp~:.J;Jill ~~IJ~r;jJj~.iiI~);~~:; -I A~a~) L$S jJj ,~~ a~ ~j ,~ ~~ ~ iJ ~ F~l ¥ :J~ ,~ J;.;J~ J) t,jj d~ ~ ~) ~ . !~,Y.. ~ :~I)J~ ,~w,,;.) ~j:ai) ,i:;.jyWlY)") Y4 ,<s)1XJ1 "») .I~ Jl ;::1; ~I ~j ~ j:-) J! ~ ~j.~ :;:~~I , , ~ ~ ~ )~w:~),i)i182. Abu Hurairah Rac;1iyallahu anhu narrates that a villager came toNabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and said: Gnide me to a deed, bydoing which I shall enter Paradise. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam replied: Worship Allah and do not ascribe any partner toHim, and establish the obligatory Salat, and pay the obligatory Zakat,and fast in Ramac;1an. The villager replied: By Him in Whose Handmy life is, I shall not add anything to it. When he had turned away,NabT Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Anyone who wishes to see aman from among the people of Paradise, he may look at this man.(Bnkharj). f~"" 1ll1J" ·JII~·L>-. :J·~~..lliIS!J, ",0oW l;"j. ":" ,rJ ,<T.J . ..ll1.cl.Wl,. ,f -lAYJill ,~*~, ~ :JL:..; jA 1~ G, ? :J~ ~ ~ ~)~.J,:;o :s~, ~ ,!,]I Ji~ , ,,tj.i~H,~ :J~~A~~JA :Jill ~I)J;iI~S-IJl.;.,~:~,ill:Jj.:..)j1) :J~ tj.i~Hl~ :J~ ~.~ ~ JA :J~ ,~w,,;.) ~~):~;» :Jj.:..) J~
    • KALTMAH TAYYIBAH 109 Success ill the Commandments ofAlliih:Y:-:l 1;:~ :J~ ,Ubi ~Hl~ :J~ !L.~ ~ J" :J~ ,iiS) jj,,ilI1 J~):J,,,)1>..,I1,,»2!i:.. ~l~:jj,,ilI1 J~)J~ ,~Hj I~~ J;.}~ ,ilIlj :J~~j ",~),t;"11",iI )Y4183. Tall]a ibne- Ubaidullah Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that a manof the people of Najd with dishevelled hair came to RasiilulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam. We could hear the sound of his voicebut could not understand what he was saying till he came close toRasiilullah SallalIahu alaihi wasallam and we realised that he wasasking about Islam. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said:Five times of SaJat each day and night. He asked: Must I observeany more than them? He replied: No, unless you do it voluntarily.Then Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: And fastingduring the month of Rama<,lan is obligatory. He asked: Must Iobserve anything else? Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallamreplied: No, unless you do it voluntarily. RasiilulIah SallalIahualaihi wasallam then mentioned Zakat to him and he asked: Must Ipay anything else? He replied: No, unless you give voluntarily.Then he turned and left saying: By Allah, I will not do more than thatnor less than that. Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam remarked:He has succeeded if (he keeps) true to his words. (Bukharj)~ ~~:Jyj- J~ jj,,ilI1 J~) ~j ~ .iii, ~) ~~I .;. i:~;; - 1 f~~Jj 1# ~j ,I}) ~j d,J r ~j,~ ,ilI~, IjfJ ~j ~ :s!~1i :-~~j.f-~~Jj:;.l ,~jP~ Ij~dj ,~)jj;J:t4;;;:;jy;.ii9~"jt~j~~1 ~yL:pj:;j ,:J~)~ ~ 9~1.} ~~ ~~1~ yL:pj:;j ,,ilI1 Js.~£~)~~JJ .~1~~~~,4~~G~lJ,:w:.~~G~!,~IJ!~~IO?~ , A:~)!J~~184. Ubadah ibne-Samit Ra<,liyallahu anhn narrates that RasiilulIahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said to a group of his Sal]abah who weresitting around him: Swear allegiance to me that you will not ascribeany partner to Allah, and will not steal, and will not commit adultery,and will not kill your children and will not falsely accuse anyone,and will not be disobedient concerning what is good. Thus, whoeverfulfils this oath, Allah will be responsible for his reward. Whoever
    • KALlMAHTAYYIBAH 110 Success in the Commandments ofAllahwill commit any of these sins and is punished in this world, then thatpunishment will be an atonement for him. But if any of these sinsare done and Allah conceals them, then his matter is with Allah; ifHe wants, He may forgive him, and if He wants, He may punish him.(Ubadah ibne-Samit Rac;liyallahu anhu said) So we sworeallegiance to him on that basis. (BukhiirT)ll;; oi :JI! ?~ A ~ ~II Jj.:.) .;L:,,:,1 :JI! ~..I>~) ~IA.:; -, Acoij ,~~j ~1 ~ t).J ~1 ~;1 ~G .!.!iilj ~ oij ,ci:rj ,: 1:; ~G ~ #>G,oij #> l,,;~ ~.::..ij.:ill (;;:.~ft- i~ ~j:; t~ ,;;:: ~ft-i~ JJiI:;"~ , •<.r. Jr . I> d.;,..:.. <.r ~G" i, ~; kJ.!.J., 1<- i fj, ;.i,i 1" . ." ~; I:; ,., t~ , ~~I ,;G",..~ <.r ) r.r".:r.r~j ,..:.4~1of-i.;Jlj="; .:,..Gli yL:,,i~D ,:"01:"1. ~:, :"~) ~ )1)lj ~~G m/• ..."I"j) .;111 JI;;=;1:, ~;j ~~ 1*:; t!Jioij::.uj. ~~~ ~185. Muadh Rac;liyaiIahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallarn enjoined upon me ten things: Do not ascribeanything as a partner to Allah even though you may be killed andburnt; and do not disobey your parents even if they order you toleave your wife and spend all your wealth; and do not deliberatelyneglect any obligatory Salat, since he who deliberately neglects Salatis no longer within the responsibility of Allah; and do not drink wine,indeed, it is the root of every evil deed; and beware of disobediencefor verily, disobedience causes the wrath of Allah to descend; andbeware of fleeing from the line of battle even though yourcompanions die; and if people die (from a calamity like plague,) andyou are among them, stay where you are; and spend on your familyaccording to your means; and do not refrain (from using) the cane inbringing (them) up with good habits; and make them fear Allah.(Musnad A~mad)Note: In this l)adlth the obedience of parents mentioned is theobedience of the highest level. Similarly, not to ascribe anything asa partner to Allah even though one may be killed or burnt for it, isthe highest level of steadfastness; whereas in such a state it ispermissible to utter words of disbelief if the heart remains contentedwith Iman. (Mirqal)
    • KALlMAH TAYYlBAH 111 Success in the Commandments oj Alliih.ii:.:J1 ~~jj ~~Jtj ;»,:;T:;~ ~I J~ :J~;,:s.,.!il ~j i;; ~J;; -/I, ~, ~ ~~ ~. v •• ~, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,;G,JI .u.;..Ii .:J i illI JS- ~ .:J IS .:J ~ j ~ I,;pj ;; ;; " F F:s;ll !-! j 1:} :.,.k :, ill I ~ :} .l>lG;.!ill tA,~ ~) ii~ ~I J ~l :J~ 1.:,..01 Ji;.i >til !;»I J~j ~ :I)ill ~ :Uj.)t:,~.!ilI;JL I~~ <ij~j~~I;;;W- ;;:-j:Ul;;; c; ,;»1 ~:} J.~~"j) . ~I )1#1 ~ ~j ~J J>j&. :.i~j ~ J<.ij ~I L:,1 ;j~ :":;)1 YV"· :~j,k~.}~J.A~..:J.:l:-J~Y-! L>J~186. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallarn said: Anyone who believes in Allah and HisMessenger, establishes Salat, and fasts during Rama<;lan, Allah hastaken it upon Himself to send him to Paradise; whether he wasengaged in Jihad in the Path of Allah, or whether he remained in theland where he was born. The Sai).abah inquired: 0 Rasiilallah!Should we not give this good news to the people? RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam replied: (No, because) there are onehundred ranks in Paradise, which Allah has prepared for those whoengage in Jihad in the Path of Allah and between two ranks there is adistance equal to the distance between the earth and the sky. So,when you ask Allah for Paradise, ask Him for Firdaus, for it is thebest and highest part of Paradise, above it is the Throne of theCompassionate One and from it the rivers of Paradise flow. (Bukharj)~Q!tA ~"G; :;~:~ ;»<J~jJ~ :J~;,:s..!ill ~j ~1;j:UIlSJ;; - /IV~~~j ~j)j ~~j Js. ~I 9 11 011 J<. .Joj~:; .GI~; )<oS J .... .• , .J :T .; ," t " "ii" ; d ..;),;,u,ilS-"1 lS J *-..:..dl 1.;.I.:JI,: .. ~ J ~~"I,;p "~I" )~ J-"D" J"J~;TJ.I ;~iJilil~!;;G;.il~~I :J~ 1~c;~1 ~I;j c;j 1;»1 J~j ~ :~ ,iic;~1 F F ~ I F Yf II",.....rI1,..""c...,>...,h!loljj . lAp" ~~ ~ *~ ~187. Abu Darda Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever comes to Allah with Imanand having performed these five (deeds) will enter Paradise: He whoregularly offered the five Salat at their prescribed time with properlyperformed ablution, bowing and prostrations; fasted during themonth of Rarna<;lan; performed I;!ajj if he had the means; paid Zakatgladly; and fulfilled the trust placed in him. It was asked: 0
    • KALIMAH TAfYlBAH 112 Success in the Commandments ofAlUihRasiilallah! What does fulfilling the trust mean? RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam answered: To take bath after Janiibah (aman is in a state of Jalliibah when semen is discharged out withpassion while one is awake or asleep), for Allah Sub!)anahii waTa ala has not placed a trust with the son of Adam regarding anyreligious deed except this purification (since this bath is a secret actthat can only be performed by the Fear of Allah). (Tabarani) ,: "" , "~ :~,lw<Sf) is ~ (,,)~.cl.·ilW:J. -1MU:J jill. "" .iilIJ1"") , :J jill. ." • _. LI .:r. :" , uj QIJo.:.,"· _.- QI ..;"-)~~.f" Jr-Jcs,.:r .r:~).r:~) J,. , JZ"h".u,·· . -, -" "lA, :I.,j, "T. :1" ," ...,- QI Jo.:., ~ ~J " ..;"-) ~,-" > !"" ~ :.01.>- ..,j, "T~..,.,.J " , J . - ,- QI . - " .. .illl I".," . J r- J cs:.:r~~ , } .;; F" ....... ", I ... "....... } ......()i<L,;":";;":"r.;~* j.Wl~ "1) ~ ~t. .lii-J~;~;;,l ,;G,.)I ~f~i f II ./, • ~•.••?O)L:...! :J4:-l1 JI:i ,.;.ly....:r.l ~IJ) . .,:; ~188. FaQalah ibne-Ubaid Al An~ari RaQiyaliahu anhu narrates: Iheard Rasiilullah Sallallahu aIaihi wasallam saying: Whoever hasIman upon me, obeys me, and does l;lijrah (migrates), I assumeresponsibility for providing a house in the outskirts of Paradise and ahouse in the midst of Paradise. And for a person, who has Imanupon me, obeys me, and engages in Jihad in the Path of Allah, Iassume responsibility for providing him with a house in the outskirtsof Paradise, a house in the midst of Paradise, and a house in theupper part of Paradise. Whosoever does this has obtained goodnessof every kind and is saved from evil of every kind and in whatevercircumstances he dies (he will deserve Paradise). (Ibne-l;Iibban)i.iill~:; :j~ ~;1J~)~ :J~~.illl~)~i-?~:; -li~ ·f"Y/~.4>-io)) (~.bJI) .:J J¥.~~jr~J~IJ:4.~~~;";189. Muadh ibne-JabaI RaQiyaIlahu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilullah SaIlaIlahu alaihi wasaIlam saying: He who meets Allahin such a state that he does not ascribe any partner to Him, observesthe five times SaIat and fasts during the month of RamaQan, he willbe forgiven. (Musnad Al)mad)
    • KALIMAH fA ITIBAH 113 Success in the Commandments of Allah ~"/I.4>-i.,)) (~.wl) .WI ill t J,1:,e:-:, : ,:;...;; i; 4-, qi, ~~ilS~ <s~I:,190. Abu Hurairah Ra<,liyaIHihu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah.!)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who meets Allah in such a statethat he had not associated any partner with Him, and had paid Zakaton his wealth gladly, expecting a reward thereof, and had listened toand obeyed (the Imam, leader of the Muslims), for him is Paradise.(Musnad Aomad).,)) .; X~~:; ~l~L~iI:~~<J~ :J~~ll~)PJ.iJwJ;; - ~ y, :riJ ,~lr..=..rI.4If"J..a!.}~i.;:-LoY4~.:.r-~J.:>.A.lW:J~~ :JiJJ~.lo}l191. Fa<,liilah ibne- Ubaid Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab!.!)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: The Mujahid (one striving in thePath of Allah) is he who fights against his personal desires. (TirmidhI)~~:,~~~)~jjl :J~ ~~J~)~j~ll~)~;~;; - ~ ~po5JI J -.."",kll) .4>-1,,)) .;c:.i;~h ~)i);.1 J;,-:~~ §w.jA ~":"~ ~)i Jl ilj ~)i II ,I -"1))1 t"" "-")"") ""J ~"""u (.r".cSJ J.,.,J,I,o J") "" :-J)192. Utbah ibne-Abd Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah.!)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: If a person were to remain inprostration, from the day of his birth till the day he died, to pleaseAllahAzza wa Jan, then despite this, he will consider this deed tobe small on the Day of Resurrection. (Musnad A!)mad. TabaranT. Majma-uz-Zawaid),>;0,# :J~ ~~J~)~ :J~$11~))?J.~4;; -~,. ~~ ~ ~JO, ,J, ,J ~~p:; ::teL;. ~:, 1jSW..ilI1 ~(.J 9 ujSJ(.J:;: ":teL;. 1jSW..ilI1 4> 9 8 5:;;, ~~~11 ~<i:/, ~:;Jl 9;~ ji:;.:, ,~<s:Gi~:.i~~:;. Jl~~ ~ J I J OJ ~, J" J 1 I ~ , , , J / ,y.:;, Jt;;> ~ P: .uj> y.:;, Jl ~~ ~ p:;: 1:t:L;.:, 1jSW..ilI1 4> ,~~~~~.iA :J1jJl.£J....;l~lJ) .1~~ ~J :{G~1» 4-~tJ.~~~ ~ ~ ~~:J} I. Y:~) ~J.Li J"""J! I)ply, ,..,...;.193. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra<,liyallahu anhuma narrates: I heardRasiilullah .!)allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He, who has twohabits, will be reckoned by Allah as amongst the grateful and the
    • KAUMAH fAITlBAH 114 Success in the Commandments ofAYahpatient. And if he does not possess these two habits, he will not bereckoned by Allah as amongst the grateful aud patient: He who seesthe one better in Islam than him and follows him, and sees oneinferior in worldly things and then expresses his thanks to Allah thatout of His Mercy and Grace Allah has kept him in a better state.Then Allah reckons him amongst the grateful and patient. And he,who looks to his inferiors concerning religion, and looks to onesuperior in worldly riches, and expresses sorrow for getting less, thenAllah will not record him as amongst the grateful and patient.(TirmidhT)G;: ~j.JI ;;...;, t;iil,:~ dbl J~) J~ :J~ ~ :»1 ~) a;.; ~J ~ -~ t VI V:~)"" ,,,,,;.Jl,,,...I,l.l!I"",,..L-o"J) .it.S::h194. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The world is a believers prison,and an unbelievers Paradise. (Muslim)Note: For a believer the rewards and delights of Paradise, which arethere for him, make this world like a prison; and for the unbeliever,there is endless Punishment in the Hereafter and so this world is forhim like Paradise. (Mirqat)a;C;~I: ~:,~ ~I J.;JI I;l:~ dbl J~) J~ :J~ ~:»I~) a;.; ~J ~ ~" I -~~ J.l:, ,~l J<-: :.ii;1 ~]I t. ~1:, I.;..1JI ;; ;J;5:, I~; lIS")!: II:::~jill ~j ~IS": Ii. ji -,Ii 1:.,11 .L.:, I~L:,.j1 ,} ="lj.:.o~1 9~: .41 ~1:,, ;;!:, I:,,;:.;JI ::;";J I.JjL~.~.h:, ="~19~J I~}; lj~ ~h?: ,~;)1 ~." "J o I.::.>ISI d.i,lj ~. ~ aJ)-" .1,00 ~ .!.ll~ ~ I a;"1i I.t ..:/1 • .1.0 1 """ , " " " 0" /.-" ,.J J J J )J r"" .~ , ,F:".r--",:-j, ".r:J}>- ;..,~ " ,c, 1.0..,., -" "-<.... 1.lA :JliN""rl ")) ·ti8 "y, & ~~ rll¥ tiGi ~ " "n ,:~.)<..A.->JJt:-JI195. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasillulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When captured enemy assets will becousidered as ones own wealth; and property giveu in trust will beconsidered as booty for oneself; Zakat will be looked upon as a fine;knowledge will be acquired for worldly needs and gains and not forIslamic objectives; a man will obey his wife and disobey his mother;a man will bring his friends nearer and drive his father far off; noises
    • KALIMAHTAYYIBAH 115 Success in the Commandments ofAlia"will be raised in the Masjids; the most wicked of a tribe will becomeits ruler; the most worthless member of a people will become itsleader; a man will be honoured for fear of the evil he may do;singing girls and musical instruments will come into vogue; drinkingof wine will become common; and the later generations will begin tocurse the previous generations; then wait, for red violent winds,earthquakes, swallowing up by the earth, defacement (of humanfaces), pelting of stones from the skies as rain, and a continuingchain of disasters followed one by another, like beads of a necklacefalling one after the other rapidly when its string is cut. (TirmidhI)~ ~~I J.i; ~l:~ ;"1 J~) J~ :J~ ~ .i >I ~) ~tS. J ~;j -, ~, , , ,j: ~ ~ ~ ,;,;.i:;.:.l ji;;" U~ ¢":;l5 .y:-) % ,.;;.ol:.,:.,;J, ~~ ,.;;.01;; II ,,~ , .-"J) )~I Jtt~? I$/,- iii;. ~~ I$;.!i; ~ ~ ~ iii;. ~~ 1./1.......1196. Uqbah ibne-Amir Ra<;liyalHihu anhu narrates that RasUlultiih,)allalHihu alaihi wasallam said: One who does evil deeds andafterwards keeps doing good deeds, is like a person wearing a tightarmour which is choking him. When he does a good deed a ring isloosened, with the next good deed a second ring is loosened, thuswith every good deed the rings are loosened one after the other so thearmour eventually falls to the ground. (Musnad Ai)mad)Note: It means that a sinner is tied in his sins, and is in a state ofdistress. By doing good deeds his ties of sins are progressivelyloosened and distress removed.:}~j~li.i~Ji:}J,:#h fii.~ :J~:Jj$.ii>I~),!,~J;"14;j - W , "~1j;.JIJ Jt;..~I~Ji ~ ~J":"j.JI~ f> ~t jJ ~ j:} UJlI ~ ~J ~:;1 iof,J1i~~,,~ ,~.T r ~"~-L! 1.>- ,1.>""- !,",,~.T ~ J).) ,::iVoJ<· J ~ r-y-c ~~,,,~11 .: ,"j,2:..~ :rdl;,&~G:"HI, C;- t VJ"Jy;.J~~~ .4"-l"4.U,.,.J J~..or..o) 01)) . ~~ i-t:-197. Abdultiih ibne- Abbiis Ra<;liyalliihu anhuma said: Whendishonesty in the captured enemy assets becomes evident amongpeople, Allah puts fear of the enemy into their hearts; aud whenfornication becomes widespread among people, death prevailsamong them; and when people indulge in short measure and weight,
    • KALIMAHTAITIBAH 116 Success in the Commandments ofAllahtheir sustenance is cut off; and when people do injustice in theirdecisions, bloodshed becomes widespread among them; and whenpeople break their covenants, the enemy is imposed upon them.(Muana Imam Malik)~FF)FF;;JJ F ~:;; J J ~ F ,::;;JOF F J ~ FJW oI.....oi; ~L;.a; ~ ;..!1hI1 :>l :J).ii~) ~.u I=:.:ill,$f) iJij> ~,I ~ - ~ A"JJ . . . ~jA ~)j ~.;.,~ <.»~I J;. #llj J; ~tkJl ~ . :~.lil,$f) iJi~Y.1 ot.h.i)I....:.j~,,}~1198. Abu Hurairah Ra<.1iyalHihu anhu says that he heard a personsaying: A cruel person only harms himself. Upon this Abu HurairahRa<.1iyalIahu anhu said: He not only harms himself, but I swear byAllah, that due to the cruelty of the oppressor the bustard (ruddygoose) withers away and perishes in its nest. (BaihaqI)Note: The harm of cruelty is not restricted to the cruel person, but itis a source of widespread calamities of all sorts. Rains are stopped,even birds consequently do not find a single grain and ultimatelyperish in their nests out of sheer hunger.Jj.i;~I~~u-;.; iij!,#lIJ~)~..s- :J~~ib,$f),;,:G,.i-i;:~ - ~~;"Ii J~ i)),~ ~j ibl.G. ~ ~ ~Qi) :J~ ~~j) ~ ~:.;.1 <.>1) J.O :~,~~:: " J ·,,0 " • F~ FE J; FE J; _F";; F-;; FEUI ,1:":~1 ....,j (,11..1: 1~il:"I" ~II:"I ,:>OI:u.:.lJI ·;I.ulil.... ,J .......... I ~ i$. ..... i).... . .....i).. .... "d;:j ~11 ~~u, Z>~ ~ ,i))!~ ~ ioJ~ ~T Ii)) ~.Y:-) ~ G;i1 . , ,,FE FJ. F FFJ,F • JF OF,FF)I" po- ",.--~ po- .... ,",.:>1545"":"," . ,. dl ·)j..?-[j·:":"I~d;"Lo::I, .8::i· Jr;;f-!.?, ,C":fl J:cd~~ :J~f<?I~~,#lI~~.:li :J~,J)~,i~,~~~~)~~;:;; ~F I F~ ;.Y:-J i sG;)i . JJkI JJk F _ F FF, FF E FOF ".~~. - ~ &. i ,. TI~I .. ~, 00 ~ ~ i) ,Wl. .>1" • • . I~ " G.alh;i " FE I J F I FE I Jr. F F " F F ~ J F-"W Jl-4) "W Jl~) "W J~ 4.i~.J..?y.;..;l:fj~ ~i ~~ yo. I~~j.r- <or:. ,,,;--:- ··~I-~IJ·IJ"·:·,! :J~-,:,.; :.~ J YoiJ·~~· J~·I~;~·I;.",I~·; ,J""i. I" .,....".., . .. .r ,. . .Jj~;:;;~~..s-~ ~~I ~h ~ J;- 1"~1 ~h ~ t~ W,~"~I 1"~~ ~ • - ~ ~ ~ - I ~ ~- } .} -," I, - , " • • -jjJo;l :cd ~i :Ji ~<?I.L> ~ ,;li1.:>~:4..:.l! :Ji .Jj"Jl i~1 JAi ~~ ~,.:.,·.:..lj· kl w li~ -J~ ~..s-iL:_..;..IJ· J~ ).:11 I:. t~ G.:iU I:iu,;~ (,,1.: .r ,-/ ~.r-;. ".yo- - r.:r::- • ~ ~ ~
    • ~, c.- rf" ". ,~,1.::... .r; t,· "1 k ,="., l . ,L. ~,:c.- 1 .." ff.. ,f:--, , t " !l; . ~, .." £, ~, . Ii, ,1...... .. -., ~ " G·,..., no . 1" , ". ", bt,~," "1." l " .• ".~ t.. ,"., ~1. " " . . . . .,.. S", ,. ,. h:" ~ , ,,~ C." 1:" ,. ,-,0" ." to<!." - , . .~ ~ O - - : 0 " ,.c {i;:, 0 -", "c.... " "", (S;O " t;;". {;. ;:: t !;. r" S:-- ..... ,!..:"1... -., ,to, .,c,. , C: D, c """ 1. ( ~, --," r. g. . T." (C. "" - i;., - ,..." . . . - ..~ - 1;;" £ .. fl [;, ,. .--- I!: . [1.. -:t , .,., .." ..... Ii, If, 1;;; ,c. &: , ,;>.- ~, 1" rl "F c...." ,. :t: -I ., ~ ~ .~ ~., :~ ti." L ~r, c..., : ...;" 1. ~". ~ l~ .: J;~ ~~ ~, ,~. ,G.., I}: "f: ,.L~ t:" L . C, .." t:: .."~,, 1:.",,(,., -"~~,," <;" " " : £ c.~; ., .~ ~ ."" -" 1..-", "",, &: {:. C- (1 .~" t" ~ ~1:: I:;; , ....::" r~ ~ ",0~ ~",f" s:" ~, ,[1:, t.~"~ l~, ", r.t ~.:- ,f. ,~. 1, t:. !..: ,~ -,.J! t: C {.; Il:;, S. .~ - 0,. b ", .... S , l: 1l." &: c." ,," ~-, ~,(C I!:: l. ~... " ..,;",, 0.. -,~ • [" -~." - ." e ., ", (;.,"1., " " ~c;. ;1!" -, J....:2: " T ....., : le. . , " . ~, t, ~, [: 1.:,), f. --: -I- ~ , ,, .;:, - (;." ~, C,~, . _h c·, ~ . .•• ,,- ~. i;" ~ .~ c, • f:"_ "bo - t . ,,,-- ,... ,"s.. - t, to ~, ." . ~" ,,--" C-," 4> -- ~),,~. .• -;;, - ... f:,., J!, to~ I::::" ( " " (;., ., - ,~. ",.~ 0 ,~- ... ,..... ..~ ~, ".- j;,~" 1::., ~ c.... <.b, "" ... ---"1::." .." c-~~ I.. - I.l:, r; ." I" ... .. .... • . -:..) <-.;. <;..: r- lli I" ~,If. ~ ... " 1;;:, r" .." :,~.(- - V,G - - t:. Ii c,.. ", "<;;"" ,: "b: - .. " -b (;" .." E ~,b - t-.~, ,.,.,. _ - , .."to..!:G 1Dt:" " ~.C"", .. .. ., 0; "- :; - I - c., ~ ... , I~, "--;-. . ." 1. L~... r. (.,~ ( " r; ", c.... _,,"- ". b -- - 0" ,.:, ti.." 0 0 >= ", T ,.", .. J... b"L.. c.- ....., . ,;~ :~ t,..o " .. ., t (;" __ ., c.... ". G, -., (;:,, ..,,..... (;., ,l. . ,rIf c , "", ". c.... ,,-,,!J ,: ,~, .~" ~~ (s;., ~ .. ~ ,,," - 1" . . . .. . ~ r .." &: !t.~, . ",.~ -.,~:. 0" H ... • , ~" bo. ,~_ b " ~ ::l~" _ ", ~ "" f "". "--. ", -~. r-. -, ~ Ii" G r;,r., "-. ,:13, . <.. "-,: - ~. r., ... ~., " ,ll:." ", I!:: S ,c- ~:, to "- ,(,-, !,,, b;: b. I, " ;>.. i,1i.,,-- - .1: -, ""~: C:.:~, c" ,,"Olo l . "- ~. c· ~:, ~ "., c.... -. ~: -- .~, ", • ... ;:: &: Co ",," ,: ~ 1...,. t:: ·f, ~k i~ ~. (;., I!:: ~ "" .. - !e" O!.... rt: c·~, ~. ce, f., .: : !;. ~""1." ~",.(. .-: ..~., c· c.... (;; ....... ;;-, ,~, ", r, . c..... b , t.;s, , : .... ,. c.... - (;., ~ ~ L -e..::, .... ~ " ~ , - f.~ c.... 1-" ~ .. , . .,.,... [- " ~ 2 ~ S 1.." - ll:. ~,..." .. , , ,-,.l. ..,,~. fe 1;;;, r. (C. b _"- .,.,.... ...... t... ,,- -c ... !..: J... ,... ,~ l.. 1-, ~ ,~, ,~ ...... t. l,, (;., ,f." T t-.~,.. -....,. b (;.i, ~" ~~ ",~ ,,-- c· "". -~, ~ [~ oF, r~ r.,~, ." C" (C ,~- 0 c· !-~, ... .. ,b tJp- ~1 ,". - 1;:, - c.... f ,,~ (;., ". ......~ (;:, ~_, ,." ( ,0 ,,.,, (S;., ,fs,.~ • ~ e1~ c....- y, ~, " ...:;;, ~:. ~,~ ~", L ~ ~:: 1-, 1;0" ,~,,"" ~ -/ , , {;;" ~.. f.: {:: 1 S- ,,- c.... " :f -" ..... ,>-, ~, {: f" "t 1,If ,.- J-;: ~: i:" I;:,~ 1.." L.. • ~ , ~ t ..~: ~ <-" ~ • :::~, - ~: ~ lj:: ..,~ C _~o "",~ ..,~ 1.-: ".r., il;-" f .~ ... ,,," tr~ "., ,: .;:, no; (;.,1::"~ -,,~I ,,-,..... if t·" .." , ~ " Ii .. . ," ;- - ,l--"~, "-... " - .. - " , . , ., - ,[.... "--. T- .~ ~ ,e:, t.. ~ (;; . (;; . t;, ~" .. 0 ...... ••" , • • a " -~ --.., ~,,,- t:. i, ... L .." -~ .t.. ~(. "0 L "", .,;>, ," l;:, 1;,", - r ,{. c: ~ . . t::.... ,,- { Ir., f"" . t, (;; . C-,"~ ,. " , ".. ~, ,L ~, - -," , -" 0, :;: li~1:: ~I (S;:, ~ ...... - . . . . . . . . 1- to." :c-: ,L" ~, t:. L..~ <-, ~• . . ~ !(L "l, .~, .9" :", tp"::? ...... J.... 5, G. , - ~: ,~_ ~". ,,_ ,~..,..... •. ~" ,t" ,C", ...... .... ,,~. , ,,~ " C., ~ ... ... , c.... i::::. " _" _~ ,t.. ,~.." L.. C;" _ ~ _"t:..,;, [:, (;" L.. tJp _~, (;" c, _ c;" ;::0
    • KALIMAH fAITIBAll 118 Success in the Commandments ofAllahJ .$~I ~).JI :p:-]I ~J~ ~j~ :ill~;j~ 4Jy ~J 45~~81 ~ .$~IJ~ :J~ ,~~I~":"~~)Jy;~;jy:;~~l.l1),~jJ ~ ~1;1;j~~J],;;fj" ;11 ;~JjJ:~ ~I J~) J~ ~;;f j: ;11 ;~JjJ ,~I J~) 1/ ::::~I ;11 ~ 0~L:P ~ I~ ~)I ~~ ~ ~ Ij,:;,);;.;- ~ Ij,:;, I)IS :;~I ~~I ~jJ v tV :";J,~li~...,ld)I-"""Y""Jt>.JIIJj ·i*~<iil, }J~~ }-TJ199, Samurah ibne-Jundub Ra<jiyallahu anhu narrates thatRasUlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam very often used to ask hiscompanions: Did anyone of you have a dream? So one of themwould narrate a dream, and RasUlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallamwould interpret it. One morning Nabl Sallalliihu alaihi wasallamsaid: Last night two persons came to me (in a dream) and woke meup and said: Proceed with us, I proceeded with them and when wecame across a man lying down, and then another man was standingover his head, holding a big rock, and he was fhrowing the rock atfhe mans head (who was lying down), crushing.his head. The rockrolled away at the other end, the thrower followed it and brought itback. By the time he reached the man, his head had been restored toits normal state, The thrower fhen did the same as he had donebefore. I said to my companions: Sublziinalliih! Who are fhese twopersons? They said: Proceed! Proceed! So, we proceeded and cameto a man lying flat on his back; and another man was standing overhis head with iron pincers, and he would put the pincers in one sideof the mans mouth, tearing that side of his face, his nose and eyes tothe back of the neck, and similarly fhe same is done at the other side.He hardly completed one side when the other side is restored to itsnormal state, then he returns to the first side to repeat it. I asked mytwo companions: Sublziinalliih! Who are these two persons? Theysaid: Proceed! Proceed! So, we proceeded and came across something like a baking oven; RasUlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam said:In that oven there was a lot of noise and screaming. We looked intoit and found naked men and women, and a flame of fire reaching tofhem from underneath, and when it reached them fhey screamedloudly. I asked them: Who are these? They said: Proceed!Proceed! And so, we proceeded. Then we came across a river, likered blood. RasUlulliih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam added: In the riverfhere was a man swimming, and on the bank there was a man who
    • KALlMAH fAYY/BAH 119 Success ill the Commalldments of Alliihhad collected many stones. The swimming man went close to theman with the stones. The former opened his mouth and the latter (onthe bank) threw a stone into his mouth, whereupon he wentswimming again. He returned, and every time this was repeated. Iasked my two companions: Who are these? They said to me:Proceed! Proceed! And we proceeded till we came to a man with arepulsive appearance, the most repulsive appearance you would haveever seen! Beside him, there was a fire and he was kindling it andrunning around it. I asked my companions: Who is this (man)?They replied: Proceed! Proceed! So, we proceeded till we reacheda garden of deep green dense vegetation, having all sorts of springcolours. In the midst of the garden there was a very tall man and Icould hardly see his head because of his great height, and around himthere were children, in such large numbers that I had never seenanything like it. I said to my companions: Who is this? Theyreplied: Proceed! Proceed! So, we proceeded till we came to amajestic huge garden, larger and better than any I had ever seen! Mytwo companions said to me: Go up and ascend. RasUlullah~allanahu a1aihi wasallam added: So we ascended till we reached acity built of gold and silver bricks, and we went to its gate, and it wasopened and we entered the city and found in it, men with one half oftheir bodies as handsome as the most handsome person you had everseen. The other half of their bodies as ugly as the most ugly personyou had ever seen. My two companions ordered those men to jumpinto the river. There was a river flowing across (the city), and itswater was as white as milk. Those men went and dipped themselvesin it and when they returned to us, their ugliness had disappeared andthey became handsome. Rasiilulliih ~allallahu a1aihi wasallamfurther added: My two companions then pointing, said to me, that isyour place, the Jannat-ul- Adan. I raised my sight, and there I saw apalace like a white cloud! My two companions told me: That(palace) is your palace. I said to them: ~1i1 ~)li (May Allah blessyou both.) Let me enter it. They replied: Not now, but you shallenter it (one day). I said to them: I have seen many wonders tonight.What does all this mean? They replied: We will inform you. As forthe first man you came upon, whose head was being crushed with therock, he is the symbol of the one who memorizes the Qur an andthen neither recites it nor acts on its orders, and sleeps neglecting theobligatory Salat. And for the man you came upon whose sides of
    • KALlMAH fA YYlBAH 120 Success in the Commandmellts of Allahmouth, nostrils and eyes were tom off from front to back, he is thesymbol of the man who goes ont of his house in the morning andtells so many lies that it spreads allover the world. And those nakedmen and women, whom you saw in an oven-like structure, are thefornicating men and women. The man whom you saw swimming inthe river and who was given a stone to swallow, is the eater of Riba(usury), and the ugly looking man whom you saw near the firekindling it and going round it, is Malik, the Warden of Hell, and thetall man whom you saw in the garden, is IbrahIm Alaihis Salam, andthe children around him are those children who die with the naturalfaith with which every child is born. The narrator added: SomeMuslims asked NabI Sallallahu alaihi wasallam: 0 Rasiilullah!What abont the polytheists children? Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam replied: And also polytheists children. RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam added: The men you saw half handsomeand half ugly, were those persons who along with good deeds hadalso done evil deeds but Allah forgave them. (BukharT).~1.J /<:; ~l :J~ ~,fl.! J~J ~j ~.ibl Z$fJ ,I~):UI rsJ:,)~ ~J:; -y ••;6~~S--~<~"}~ ~f :J~~?$LJ o::.;:5~ !1bIJ~OJFS:I·.t~_ ~~~,~~ul"~ . JJ!~r !" j , .rJ - Y r ,ft, " ~J! )J,ft ~ ~JJ-! ~f j,)yo;-, 0 ... "." ~ i ,.,:". I Ji . " U! I"J ,~fj" J / ~ ~y.j -, 0" " ~, .- j ••• ~ ~ ,. ~L ~,,~ ~ ~ / ~ ,~~/ • .w-I,,)) .~~i200. Abu Dhar and Abu Darda Ra<,liyallahu anhnma narrate thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I will indeed recognizemy Ummah among all other Ummahs on the Day of Resnrrection.The Sal)abah said: 0 Rasiilallah! How would you recognize yourpeople? He said: I will recognize them by their book of deeds intheir right hands; I will recognize them from their shining faces dueto the prostration marks on their foreheads; and I will recognize themby a light running in front of them. (Musnad AI)mad)Note: This light will be the light of Iman of every believer, whichwill be in proportion to the strength of his Iman. (Kashf-ur-Rai)man)
    • $ALAT 121 Obligatory Prayers SALAT • PRAYERS In order to benefit directly from the Power of Alliih Taiilii, by fulfilling the Commandments of Alliih Taiilii in the way of Rasululliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam, Saliit is the most important and basic action. OBLIGATORY PRAYERS VERSES OF QUR ANAlUih Sub!:lanahii wa Taala says:Verily Salat restrains (oneself)from immorality and all that isforbidden. Al-Ankabfit 29: 45AlUih Sub!:lanahii wa TaaIa says: :JW JIlJIndeed, those who believe and do .- <:1">-;::1 ij ,.-06 i~ 6j( ~ ..- ... J ~ ~ N<" 0~righteous deeds, and establish Salatand give Zakilt; their reward ~ ~~~1~.J ;Jr~l ~~tJ
    • SALAT 122 Obligatory Prayersis with their Rabb (Sustainer &Cherisher), and neither fear shallcome upon them, nor will theygrieve. Al-Baqarah 2: 277AlHih SubQanahii wa Taala said toHis Prophet Sallallahu alaihiwasallam:Tell My slaves who have believed,to establish Salat and spend fromwhat We have provided them,secretly and publicly, before a Daycomes in which there shall be notrading (i.e. ransom exchange), norany fliendship. Ibrahim 14: 31Allah SubQanahii wa Taala quotedin Quran supplication of Ibrahimalaihis salam as:o My Rabb! Make me anestablisher of Salat, and from mydescendents also. Our Rabb! Andaccept my Du a (supplication). IbrahIm 14: 40Allah SubQanahii wa Taala said toHis Prophet Sallallahu alaihiwasallam:Perform Salat from midday till thedarkness of the night (i.e. Zuhr,Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers)and recite the Qur an in the earlydawn (i.e. the morning prayer).Verily, the recitation of the Quranin the early dawn is witnessed (byangels). AI-Isra 17: 78
    • $ALAT 123 Obligatory PrayersAllah Subi)anahii wa Taiila says:(mentioning a virtue of successfulbelievers)And they who carefully maintain(and are mindful of) their Salat. AI-Mumimln 23: 9Allah Subi)anahii wa Taala says:o you who believe! When theAdhan is called for the prayer onthe day of Jumu ah (Friday), thenhasten to the remembrance ofAllah and leave all trading (andother engagements) aside. That isbetter for you, if you but knew. AI-Jumu ah 62: 9 AIJADITH§;~ :~J;~k..;II~ :~d»ljj.:..jJ~ :J~;i:<.iiJl~j~JI;- ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ 0 " " " , " " " :;", :;;" I • .il~jj.:.: ,~I: ,§l5jl ~% ,§~I U!:, ,~I Jj.:..j l..Gili:~1 .I!-U!J ill A:~J •••• ~~J~jlJ:.~io.:J~ I,$J~oJJ1. Abdullah Ibne-Vmar Ra<)iyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiilulliih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Islam has been builtupon five pillars: I) To testify that none is worthy of worship butAlliih and that Mui)arnmad is the Messenger of Allah, 2) to establishSaliit, 3) to give Zakat, 4) to perform ijajj, and 5) to fast (Saum) inRama<)an. (BukharT)""" llA·"""J"J~·J~)i.;.I :~. ~ ~ ,t-- oJ <,$, if: J ..". ~ y") . J" " ~) r-" ! "".-" "<;~I ~::,>:, cl!j ~ & :ill J! ~ji ~:, <;!81 ~ iljSi:, ,JLJI ."" I "" ," , , ov. :~J,~L.A.lli~,WILr";"J,lI"JJ .~1~4J?-~)~1:2. Jubair ibne-Nufair Rai)imahullah narrates that Rasiilullah
    • SALAr 124 Obligatory PrayersSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: It has not been revealed to me that Ishould amass wealth and be amongst the merchants, but it has beenrevealed to me: Glorify and praise your Rabb and be amongst thosewho prostrate themselves to Him and worship your Rabb till thecertainty (death) comes to you. (Shari)-i)us-Sunnah, Mishkat-ul-MasabIi):JLiJ *-~.;. ~l J;iJ-;;- ~j.:, Z} ~ &?.;. $:.),:?) ~ i .;. -I" ~ " ~~ } , ~ ~ :::; / ~ 1 _~. ~ " " , / -;;"IS)I ~pj ,~;..;-r iJlj ,~ Jj:.) I""": iJj ,:.:ill j~ "t j iJ ~ iJl ~~~ ; / /; J :::; -;: :::; /~~ :J~ .~~) ~~j ,. ~ jJl ~ ~jj ,..;GeJI ~ J ,:;j <,~~j ,,: : 11 ~j " ~_ ~ ~ F ~ " // / I J ~ til ....?"".}) ..:J";" :J.i,~ :J.ir~utkUk.W3. Abdulliih Ibne-Umar Radiyallahu anhuma narrates that in replyto a question of Jibrall about Islam, Rasillullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam said: Islam is bearing witness that none is worthy ofworship but Allah and that Mul:Jammad is the Messenger of Alliih,and that you establish Salat, and give Zakat, and perform l.Iajj of theHouse of Allah and perform Umrah, and take bath after Janiibah andperform complete WUda, and Saum in Ramadan. Jibrall then said:If! do all of that, then am I a Muslim? He replied: Yes. Jibr all thenconfirmed: You have spoken the truth. (Ibne-Khuzaimah)Note: A person is in the state of Janabah after intercourse, ordischarge of semen with passion while he is awake or asleep.Jj:.) ~ :~tl;jJl~Z}Ji1,~1 ~j :J~~..ll,:?)......~;Jij::f-t / ~ / /", /~;JI ,: : 11 l),.;.Jj i;-)II)jlJi~IIJ::?; ~1 ~l ¥1 :J~fG;1l ~ ~ !~I~: ~l:lA~IJ:J~jPI~; 1;:,;Jj~ .,.Jj~p;;.il;J ~~~~~) I;~j , ~lY/l"~1.jN}) .~J.Jj~U:IJ: ..:;j4, Qurrah ibne-Dama, Radiyallahu arrhu narrates that we met NabISallalliihu a1aihi wasallam during the Farewell l.Iajj and asked: 0Rasillallah! What do you enjoin upon us? He replied: I enjoin uponyou to establish Salat, and give Zakat, and perform l.Iajj of theSacred House of Allah, and Saum in Ramadan, as verily therein is anight superior to a thousand months; and likewise prohibit you fromshedding the blood of a Muslim and a Muiihid or taking theirproperty except to uphold justice; and advise you to hold fast to
    • $AUlT 125 Obligatory PrayersDeen of AWili and adhere to obedience (of those who are steadfast inDeen). (BaihaqJ)Note: A Mu iihid literally means one who has entered into a treatyor alliance, refemng to a non-muslim living in an Islamic countryunder the protection of the Islamic State, having entered into a pactwith the state known as a pact of Dhimmah. As a token of hisallegiance and submission to the state, he pays a minimal annual taxknown as Jizyah, far less than the benefits and protection that issecured for him. He is also known by the title of Dhimml. A non-muslim entering the Islamic State for a temporary period, under theprotection and guarantee of any Muslim, similarly enjoys protectionof his life, wealth and dignity.The life, wealth, and honour of every Muslim as well as non-muslims under the conditions previously mentioned are deemedsacred and protected, with the exception of crimes that requirecompensation for the same, such as the death penalty for themurderer, and monetary compensation for destruction of anothersproperty etc.t~jbi~,t~,ht~ :~~<J~ :J~,;~:.1il~,;il>14J.J"":;-1> , , r! ,lr.4.>I.,») .)~I§~I5. Jabir ibne-Abdullah Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that Nabl~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: The key to Paradise is ~alat and thekey to ~alat is Wu<;lii. (Musnad Ahmad)"""]A» .~~Id~~j~ :~il>IJj.:,;J@ :J@~1il~,;~:;.-, Tr~, :~) "WI~y~(;W~lJJ (~..bJ16. Anas Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah SallaWihu alaihiwasallam said: The comfort and delight of my eyes has been placedin Salat. (Nasal)l"W1 ",,,,,,..1,,» ...;..1JI: j.J. ~~I :~ ~I Jj.:,; J~ :J~ ~1ilI~; ~:;. -V Y ·/Y ft-aIl tc,!1 .:r---~""]A)7. Vmar Ra<;liyallahu anhu nanates that Rasiilullah SallaWihualaihi wasallam said: Salat is a pillar of Deen. (l:Iilyat-ul-Awliya, Jami-us-~aghJr)
    • $ALAT 126 Obligatory Prayers-..),11) ,~~ ~~I :Jj, db ~j.:.) (% ;;-1 illS :J~ ~Jil~) ~;;. -A " ~, /l~ ,, o,:~),~y...JIJ:""JY~:lJI~J!iol-,).(.5JQi ~~8. All Rac.liyalHihu anhu narrates that the last words of RasiilulliihSallalliihu alaihi wasallarn were: A~-Salat, a~-Saliit; I fear Alliihabout those whom your right hand possesses (your slaves andsubordinates). (Abu Dawud)Note: I Vigilantly observe, guard and establish Saliit.I.!~ J~L.:>~.;J. W) ,;.;;. ~ JJI Jj, ~ ~j ~Jil~) ~~1 ~J;; -~~~~,A;~l)~l;. :JtJ<1~ :JtJ,,:::,4!ll;. :JtJ,G¥-j !dbJj.:.) - -Oj) <""oWl""" JJ) .§~I ~j ",:,:., ;;. ,: :!, ~ ~l) ,;.;;. ~ (!ga-, j..::i~) tl"r/t JJlj)l~~...JalJ..L...:>-i9. Abu Umamah Rac.liyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam returned from Khyber and with him were twoslaves. So, Ali Rac.liyallahu anhu said: a Rasiilalliih! Grant us aservant. He replied: Take anyone you desire of the two. Ali said:Choose for me. Rasiilulliih pointing to one said: Take him, but donot beat him; for I saw him offering Salat on our return from Khyber,and I have been forbidden to beat those who perfOim Sala!. (MusnadAlJ.mad, Tabaranl, Majrnauz-Zawaid);r.;-J~ Jj, db Jj.:.) ~ :J~ ~i>I~) ~(..JI; ~:;~;;. -~jj ?) ~y ;-L); <j:Pj:;...;.t:; <.I>:-)j Jill ~;ll ~Iji:..:#<G~l ,¥db~AJ~~~:;) ,AJ :#i~j¥db~AJillS ,~p) f I ":~J,.::J;..aJ1Js-;;JQ!~1 y~ )JI~ y.i 01)) .~~~G 0W.:J10. Ubadah ibne-Siimit Rac.liyalliihu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: Five times Salat hasbeen made mandatory by Allah Azza wa Jail. He who performs hisWuc.lii well, and offers Salat at their appointed time, performingcomplete Rukii, and with fear and devotion, for such there is acovenant from Allah, that He will forgive him; and the one who doesnot do so, no covenant for him is with Allah. If He wills, He mayforgive him and if He wills, He may punish him. (Abu Dawud)
    • SALAT 127 Obligatory Prayers..;.>1;t..:.J1 J; J.jG-:; :J~ ~;1:1 Jj.:..) ~j ::<".!ill ~) Zs~~1 ili~;. j- - "J) .~81 J;~7~~,J;.lAl::,itA.?y;.:,) jj)~Iyj lA~:":J~~I ~ YV/f~11. l:,Ian~alah Al Usaidl Ra4iyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: The person who guards the fivetimes Salat, its Wu4u, its prescribed time, its proper Ruku andSujud, while perceiving it to be the Right of Allah on him, he isforbidden upon Fire. (Musnad Al)mad)Jl~jj.<..!ill J~ :~;1:1 Jj.:..) J~ :J~ ::<".!ill~) ~~ i- i:;Gl:.-J j- - Y~}J~~:I .. ~~;.~:;:J d¥Zs~:"¥) 1..;.>1)1:.. ~~ ~..:.:.,)(.:JyL.aJIJ.-~~1~4~JI)y.i ~J) .;;~:J ¥;!J 06:C.1!~·I:;J ,L;J1 ~~t • I" tr,,<,,)12. Abu Qatiidah ibne-Ribl Ra4iyallahu anhu reported thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam narrates in a l:,Iadlth Qudslthat Allah Azza wa Jall has said: Verily, I have enjoined upon yourUmmah five times Salat, and I have taken upon myself an oath thatanyone who observes them at their appointed time, I shall admit himinto Paradise; if anyone does not offer them regularly, there is nosuch guarantee from Me for him (I may punish him or forgive him).(Abu Dawfid)~ b.~1 ~j ~:; :J~ ~ ;1:1 Jj.:..) ~j::<:&1 ~) ~~ J. ~w.. j- - Yl,r.l1j 4) ~~ ~ ;JIj.vI~! ~y.l) JJ~4j J~! 0! 1iI1 ¥ ~lJJ .G~; 4 1 ) /YJJlj)~ ,~.;JYAl~)jl~~13. Othman ibne-Afran Ra4iyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He, who believes that Salat is theobligatory right (of Allah), will enter Paradise. (Musnad Al)mad, AbuYaHi, Bazzar, Majmauz-Zawaid)J.:JI",~~~Jj :~.!ilIJ" ) J~ :J~::<:&I$f) j",i ..!ill.ci.j--It . :. - J ,J-" . • .r,! """~"J) .~ 11.:..:W:-:W ~lJ ~11.:.. i;i:,.,.::...;.L, ~~ b.~1 ;;,;1;Qi1 ~ Ji y t c/ ~ "pI ,~~u..;1";l:......!..r4 JJ..k.... j~l,)
    • $ALAT 128 Obligatory Prayers14. Abdullah ibne-Qur.t Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: On the Day of Judgement, the firstthing a slave of Allah will be held accountable for is Saliit. If it isfound sound and satisfactory, the rest of his deeds will also be soundand satisfactory, and if found rotten, then the rest of his deeds willalso be rotten. (Tabaranl, Targhlh).~;.~jI1~~/..;u>il~t :~~y,:JJ~ :J~U..),I~:J!""~ -" I)"HfJJJ)~.:Jw.J;o:-)J;I~OJ).j~c;,O6::~ :J~15. Jabir Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that a man said to NablSallalliihu alaihi wasallam: Verily so and so offers Salat, then at thebreak of dawn he steals. He replied: Shortly his Saliit will preventhim from that sin. (Bazzar. Majmauz-Zawaid)::,.::.;.~ Gj 11t Pi ~t :~,illl Jj.:.:J J~ :J~::< .),1 ~:J ~Q;, ~ - ,~jJ> :J~J ::;:J~II~~~W-i~1h;. QW ,.:,..:;JI ;>I~I J.:..~ j:;.JI ~ ~ j I ~ • .;.;;, ~~ ~ ~ ~ ,. _ I ~<$ ?~ cl!; ;, .;.>t;::J1 ~.li ~I ill k;JJ1 ::.: Lil)J ~~I .jJk i Pi t"V/Cl~ioIJ)(~J.:>J~~.r:-JAJ) .(" f:~J")~Jf~16. Salman Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily a Muslim, when he performs Wu<;lii andperforms it excellently, then offers the five times Salat, his sins areshed just like these leaves. Then, he recited:<$)~ ~1 • .;.>l,;;.JI ~~ -:l:,,;jl ~l • , J;lJ1::.: ~)J )4J1 Jj a~1 ~J ~ ~ ;. ~ .• <I.lll -I!.r And perform SaUlt at the two ends of the day and in some honrs of the night (the five mandatory Sallit); verily good deeds remove evil deeds, This is a reminder (advice) for the mindful (those who accept advice). (Hild 11: 114) (Musnad A~mad)Note: According to some scholars, two ends means two parts.The first part stands for Fajr Salat, and the second P31t for Zuhr andA~r Salat. Performing Salat in some hours of the night stands forMaghrib and Isha Salat. (TafsIr ibne-Kathlr)
    • SALAT 129 Obligatory Prayers OOl:~j"" .~I..::JI~Y417. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalJahu anhu narrates that RasiHullahSallalHihu a1aihi wasallam said: The five times Salat and the prayerof Friday to Friday, and the fasting of Rama<;lan to Rama<;lan, areatonements for sins that have been committed between them,provided the sinner avoids major sins. (Muslim).,?IPd~~~~;; :~~<Jj:..)J~ :J~t<-;,~)i;.;",J:;. -" A ./y........,".....f-",.,)) (,,-<wI) .~till~.:,...:S:;;.i,?~~I18. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who guards the obligatory Salatwill uot be written amongst the neglectful. (lbne Khuzaimah);; :JLiL~jib.~1 j;;Ji :~~I~$i»I~)J~J.~14:; - ~ ~ . ~ ~ ~ "" ~~:;,j.<·,il;:~.Joj~·.i·. ~uJl"iwJ UlA"I":;,j: :isI;:~J:i~ " J)), """"I" ........ , -1".:rJ, -, ~.J!. . .J.J)), -" ........ "" }""" . ; ; ",,;; -1--" ""~) ...,,1.,)) .~.; (.ilj .:>lAl.>j.:> ~Ji ~ ~~I ~ ji .:>lS"j ,it.;U ~j ,.:>I.>}. y /y ""))~ ,,,,,,,...,,1 J..-)) ,.10.-)~I) ~I19. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that one day,RasiHullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam mentioned SaJat and said: Forhim who remains mindful of his SaJat, it will be a light and anargument in his favour and a means of his salvation on the Day ofJudgement; and for him who is not mindful of his SaIat, there shallbe neither a light, nor an argument in his favour, nor a means for hissalvation. And on the Day of Judgement, he will be with Firaun,Haman and Ubayy ibne-Khalaf. (Musnad A~mad. TabaranJ, Majmauz-Zawaid) .•~Note: Firaun was the king of Egypt at the time of Miisa Alaihissalam, Haman was his minister, and Ubayy ibne-Khalaf was anardent idolater and adversary of RasiHul1ah Sallallahu a1aihiwasallam.
    • SALAT 130 Obligatory Prayers"J) ,n~/~I.} JIi ,,,",WI .}J~A !A~I "" d»JI"J) .bl..:.J1 .~ iiilt &PI ~I J" )~")J "plIJ d»J120. Abu Malik Al Ashjai: narrates from his father Rac,liyallahuanhuma, who said that whenever a man accepted Islam during thetime of Nabi: ~allalliihu alaihi wasallam, the Sahabah used to teachhim ~alat. Cfabaranj).Jy, <J~ ~~j ~~~I z,1 1;1 J~) ~ :j.;§ :J~ ;:;1ll1~) ~0;1 ~:;. -~,~)J"p~.l.:>-~I.!,~~#l.iA :JiJ.s.i.A.rlI~l)) .,,?Y~l ,,?p ;~J ,~~q;iJ ~l~~,~) .. " ,u,JJS21. Abu Umamah Rac,liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam was asked: 0 Rasiilallah! At what timeis Du a the most readily listened to and accepted? He replied: Theone made during the course of latter part of the night, and after theobligatory ~aliit. (Tirmidhj)~1.s1ji.:.J1 :j~ iiilt;1 J~)~;fr;:;llll~)z»;J1 }::"~:; -~ ~~!:;::)~? ;;.iill5j J~;:iillS~) ~1) .:..;]) :iiilt;1 j~) J~ ~ ,4;; ~ i)Us-~> JSj J)I.;1 ~)I A;t.:..ijllll.G 0; 9 ~ ;1:;:: Ji I;~ 1431 j ;;. ,~ J~. ~~ ~~ ::;, J ~ - ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ / •0;;0 P );"I)~.l!":¥~ .¥i~I.:J!..I5:i,~)~~;A..:J!;.:>1S0;~1illS 0; :.J 1111 js. :;Ai; ,I i-,l.;., J.:.. ~ ";J ~IJ L J~I "" d»JIJ "pli "J) . 4i;l illS ~l /l ""J)I t- ,~I J")~")i,kJ ,,,,1.011 ,"""t,>- ",I.p .l>..j",,fu, "" :.<JJ 4i;l22. Abu Sai:d Al Khudri: Rac,liyallahu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilulliih ~allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: The five ~alat are anatonement for the minor sins committed between them. Then he said:A man goes to work and between his house and his place of work arefive streams. When he reaches his place of work and labours there tothe extent, that Allah willed, he becomes dirty and sweaty. Then,(on his way back) he passes by the streams, bathing in all, and thisrepeated bathing leaves no dirt or sweat on him. ~alat is just likethat. Whenever, someone commits a sin, and performs ~alat, makesDuii, and asks forgiveness, then he is forgiven for the sins hecommitted preceding the ~aliit. (Bazziir, Tabaranj, Majmauz-Zawaid)
    • $ALAT 131 Obligatory Prayers:;.&J" IiojJ ~i:;.. ~ :I. ~ ~1 u) :J~::< 1i!1 ~) ~:u ,;. ~);; -H J~ ,~QI.l ~L:.oJ~1 ~~) ,"1) :J~:;.&J" ~~ .~) ~~" IiojJ .~):;.&J" ifj.i-1i!IJ~):;.&J" IiojJ ji:;.. ~ ;" .l,y.p ~1 ~ ;l<J~) ;.5;1I~~J:!$:III.FI)J.~"~I.F~ :J~,;";; :J~~~~"~~I/f.S:;)~J ,Ie-~ "" -,>c.~~J>.iA :Ji) "",),.,)) .I~I :J~;sW ~&fll ~ i,..W1..,..>:J1 J" cJ ."l.)I;r J" )~lto,Jl,r t r:~) ,~WI -" .1,0=11) ~I)23. Zaid ibne-Thiibit Ra<;liyallahn anhn narrates that we werecommanded by RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam to say afterevery obligatory Salat, Sublzanallah (Glory be to Allah who is aboveall faults) 33 times, AI!wl1lduliliah (All praises be to Allah) 33 times,and Alliihuakbar (Allah is the Greatest) 34 times. One An$arldreamt that someone asked him: Has Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam commanded you to say Sub/.riinallah 33 times,Anwmdulillah 33 times, and Allahuakbar 34 times after everyobligatory Salat? He (the An$arl) said: Yes. The voice in the dreamsaid: Make it 25 times each, and add with it, La ilaha illallah (Noneis worthy of worship but Allah) 25 times.In the morning, when he went and narrated his dream to NablSallallahu alaihi wasallam, the Prophet said: Do so. (TirmidhT).:,..A1 ~ :1)~,~;1I1 J~) I) J.j;4-J I,,) ~1 ::<"1i!I~)iJ1; ~J;; - y t ~ , " ~ 1, " " ,,, I. :; J~ ."<J.;; ~ ~~ :I}U ~<lIH;) :Jill .~I "::1) ~I ,?G;-).u~ Jy.ul J..>i~1 :~;1I1 J~) J~~~) ~.#i) ,~l :.:; ~)-~), :a.:;) l~::"; d ~; j.:..;)J,,(-:.-I-~il~j~·<-:"J r-<-:l;;·- "~ Jo;-"J; ~ ..r- y-; I" . .:r _, : -:. ,;.5:L.- ",~.<- jJ"-S,(-:1<.j ,.:r _, .r ~• r---~~J~)~J:jJ)~~:J~ !;1IIJ~)~,J; :I)~ .~;:-.~~?;;~;1I1 y~) JIJ..r;4-J 1 ~-) <1) :dt.:,.,Y.1 J~ ,i:" ~~" IiojJ ,~i:;.. ~ j,;1I1J,:J~1 :~iIJ~)J.iL~I);;i,GW~:YI;~I~idl;l~Ij~ : Itv:~), ••• ·;;)..aJ~f..ul-:-~-:-~~O)J.~~~9:]24. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that once some pooremigrants came to Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and said:The rich have attained the highest ranks and eternal bounties of
    • $ALAT 132 Obligatory PrayersAllah. RasUlulIah .;lallallahu alaihi wasallam said: How is that?They replied: They offer .;lalat like we offer .;lalat, and they fast likewe fast, and they give charity and we cannot give charity, and theyset slaves free and we cannot set slaves free. RasUlullah .;lallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Should I not teach you something throughwhich you would join those who surpassed you; and keep ahead ofthose who are after you, and nobody can be better than you unless healso does the same? The Sal)abah said: Do tell us. So, RasUlullah.;lallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: Recite Subilanallah, Al/,lamdulillah,and Allahuakbar thirty three times each, after every obligatory Salat.Abu Salil) said: The poor emigrants returned to Rasiilullah .;lallallahualaihi wasallam and said: Onr rich brothers have heard what we did,and have done the same. Rasiilullah .;lallallahu alaihi wasallam thensaid: This is Allahs blessing which He bestows on whosoever Hewills. (Muslim)uSli!>I.;., JS" ;.:. ~.il, ~:; :~ ~I y~):; ~..li,~) i;;:t]:; -y cw :J~J ,~",-, ;,,·,,·L·l)j uSli-.illI"<" ,rf;J uSli..liI4;.J"", J~ ~J , ,"", J r.J"", , ,,l)j.;;"p. ,ji"u *-" JS" ~ y"j .C.;..I14Jj ~14J 4J ~~ .. ~j"1, 4Jl"• J ~ ~ J I ~ J J. ~ • J~ J • J~ J / ," ;;; ,......; ~ • , :~YI I~ I :~J ,~~I.:tJi~l~}..uY~lY-!I~~l)j.;J1 ~~ CSlf ~tJ o.it.k;:.25. Abu Hurairah Rac.JiyalIahu anhu narrates that RasiiluIHih.;lallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who recites Subilanallah (Glorybe to Allah who is above all faults) 33 times, Al/,lamdulillah (Allpraises be to Allah) 33 times and Allahuakbar (Allah is the Greatest)33 times, which makes a total of 99 times, and then recites once (thefollowing) to complete 100, his sins will be forgiven, even if they areas mnch as the foam of the sea. ji~~~JS" J:;. ~J~ :JJ,i!l~h:J:J~~~oJ;..JJ~~,~!o§ , , , None is worthy of worship but Allah, He is One, He has no partner, His is the Kingdom, and for Him is all the Praise, and He has power over all things, (Muslim)4 vi ;;)11 ~I -~¢.. :,1- ~,?1 ~I Zs~I,;;..;.i1 vi ~I; -n,: :;,:u~ A;1I j~)yL:Pj ;~~4fi~lil:;.,i::l;..I;~~;"..li:;)~1 " 10>; ,.
    • $ALAT 133 Obligatory Prayers~ ~~ d ;~ ~j .wL:, 9:;.i c; 4~ Ii~ ~ ~I ~~) ~ 4~:, z.e1:, U1 ~ ~ ;;. J I" , !. ~ I, , J ~ J / -, ~~::,s:J -;.;.. JP> c; .ft ::,s:J:~ ~:, l>:i .;Gi ~ ,~~I JJ,:<) JLOl ,~I 0 ,,~/ "" ~ "/",~" • ~ ,~," ~/, J, I ~ , / "J / I<ft) ~"W ~"j)j i~).r j" <;.~ tiIjj~I< j,cs-,,~. ) ., <ft) ) P;""" <ft) , ..r I I~.oitl.:><;;u; J"""" I , ~"J I~,J"J,~.J~J.JJ~J~".~ , , ~ ;;~I_F", "-lif I •.c.-J.oI1 I.Jl 1: j~ .:: ."~)~ .:i.~~~ JS" ~J") ~IN)dWIN ,;U ,. ~AV:~) •••• ..,-:>J~e:-PI-""Jy~,jj~y.!26. Fa<;ll ibne-J:Iasan OamrI Rai)imahullah says that one of the twodaughters of Zubair ibne-Abdul Mu!alib, Umme Ijakam orOubaah, Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that some prisoners werebrought to Rasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam. I, my sister and,Fatima, daughter of Rasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam, went tohim and explained our difficulties, and asked for some prisoners for(domestic) help. Rasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: As forthe servants, the orphans of Badr are more deserving than you, but Iwill tell you something better than a servant; after every ~alat, recite:Subl,ziinalliih (Glory be to Allah Who is above all faults),Albamdulilliih (All praises be to Allah) and Alliihuakbar (Allah is theGreatest) 33 times each, and recite once (the following): ::,;~ ~~JS ~ ;:~I ;j:~/IJI ;j;j~?, l.i;.:,,kl ~~~~~ None is worthy of worship but Allah; He is Oue, He has no partner, His is the Kiugdom, and for Him is all the Praise, and He has power over all thiugs. (Abu DiiwUd):,1 ,~~~l;I:l;: :J~ ~~,~~):;~,k,~)ip;~:; -YV..r !:,. j i" <-i <ft~) 1<- P;""" 1,£ .• ~+ .J) ,i4;J <ft) Il-Ai Ii;.., . i <ft) Il-Ai ,. ~I,~ " ..~ ) ..~ ~ IO:~)." ~~1~.I.uh.,:)~IY4,~~IJ.l.g~27. Kab ibne-Ujrah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Some phrases, when said after~alat, are such that whoever says them will never be disappointed.These are Subbiinalliih (Glory be to Allah Who is above all faults)33 times, Albamdulilliih (All Praises be to Allah) 33 times andAlliihuakbar (Allah is the the Greatest) 34 times after everyobligatory Salat. (Muslim)
    • $ALAT 134 Obligatory Prayers:w ~ 4ti ;.;,.~) ~ ~ J» J~j ~1 I;j:".l> is:j 1?:; -.,.Jc.:JI.j -YA , ,:u...l> is:j ~ J~ ,.;.if.-j ,~~j ;;?-jj ,.:.A;! G.~ ~~1 ~ !~G J) ,(:~, ~ ~ ~ ~.~:el) :J~ ,:> J.J:.., ~I ~,?:";: ~ J»lj :~ ji :"i ~.I»I is:j 4~ , ,.;j~ ,Z,IJ.i ~ . i;. 2;.1, :el J»lj UI) :.:J~ ,.;..~ti 1,,5;- - .~ .;It;! .1»" " I,,> ,~;ti y.:.- , "• ,/,.. ",,,,J, OF", ",,,~jj;UW"k;;;:"lj.:~J:I";.L~~ :.:.JtH;;:;;:>i~J~~ :JW,~~ ..J~j ~ ::u...l>is:j ~ J~ ,I;:~ (;;j~ ,;,].:.1 ~1..:..;;;;:1 :.:J!..: ; ~ :J~2;.1, :el 2;.1,:el :~ ~I is:j 4ti .:J ~ j ,:> J.J:.., ~: 1 J;- .:..;: ~ !J»I , .~ J»j :~ J»I jj.:..j J~ ,G~~ ~j ~:.l> ~.~:el) ,z,J.i ~,? ,.,I""··i, ~ "i " I .J,,: ~CI ,~.~lG"··i~.l.>-ij ".~~ J J 0;; J .~;~l.i ~i ~i " , J J~~)~7J~~ ,~r<..s.r, u-tJ "o ,,;:; , J J ",,, F" , ." " ", J c-:~ ~Jj) I;h<- ;l ;,:(6 i :} ~~..lij ,~~ ~liii ~) ,~wii1 :J~ ~ .~~ :J~ "j~ ~)j) .: i~(i ~1:el1 ~ ,il) ,~I:J1 ,," " " , ,,;;; F "," I , 0,,, J J:JW)I;JI&I: ....<I".:;t,;.lS" :JW, I; :ji~ 4,;)[;..4.- " ~ "U"T ~.., c$" <S ,r-""-- W"~-i J 1 " • J 0 , 0 J J ,~11 Jl ~ji ;0"~ ;>1j.$3j"~ ;>I~j ,,~!~ JS ;., J;>~:S~j~J»Ij! :J~ .~~~ ~jl:#"j ,~~~U*I:4;..I) <:,;&J~~Si.iL;;:·;~ ~.l>I;.SJi~ :J~ ,~ ll;l~) :~jJI:;I;,] J~ :J~ .~ J»I j~j ~,:) .. 1 ,/I.w-i"JJ .~ll;l~j,~<,iJ.~h28. Saib Raliyallahu anhu narrates from All Raliyallahn anhuthat when Rasiilullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam married him toFatima Raliyallahu anha, she was seen,off with (a dowry of) a bedsheet, a leather pillow filled with date-bark, two grindstones, aleather water bag, and two large earthen pots. An Raliyalliihuanhu one day said to Fa!ima Raliyallahu anha: I swear by Allah!Due to pulling of buckets from the well, I feel pain in my chest.Allah has sent some prisoners to your father, go and ask him for aservant. Fap-ma Raliyallahu anha said: My hands are also callouseddue to turning the grindstone. At that, she went to Nab! ~allallahualaihi wasallam. He asked: Dear daughter, what brought you here?She said: "I have come to offer my Salam", But due to her shyness,she could not ask him anything and returned. An Raliyallahu auhu
    • $ALAT 135 Obligatory Prayersasked her: What happened? She said: I felt shy to ask him. Then wewent to Nabl -Sallallahu alaihi wasallam together. All Ra<)iyallahu anhu said: a Rasiilallah! Due to drawing of water from the well Ifeel pain in my chest. Fa~ima Ra<;liyallahu anha said: Due tofreq uently turning the grindstone my hands are calloused; Allah hassent you slaves and granted some ease; please give us a servant.Rasiilullah -Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: I swear by Allah! I willnot give you; the people of Suffah are suffering pangs of hunger, andI have nothing to spend on them. Therefore, I will sell these slavesand spend that money on the people of $uffah. So we rettu·ned. Atnight both of us were sleeping in a small blanket such that when ourheads were covered, our legs were bare, and when our legs werecovered, our heads used to be exposed. Rasiilullah -SallalHihu alaihiwasallam came to us. Both of us started to get up hurriedly. He said:Remain at your place. You asked for a servant, should I not tell yousomething better than what you asked? We said: Do tell us. He said:JibraTI Alaihis Salam has taught me a few words. Both of youshould say after every Salat. ten times SUb(liinalliih (Glory be toAllah who is above all faults), ten times Al!Jamdulilliih (All praisesbe to Allah), and ten times Alliihuakbar (Allah is the Greatest). Andwhen you lie down on your bed, then say 33 times Sub(1iinalliih, 33times Al!Jamdulilliih and 33 times Alliihuakbar. All Ra<;liyallahuanhu said: I swear by Allah! Ever since Rasiilul1ah Sallallahualaihi wasallam taught me these words, I have never forgotten to saythem. Ibnul Kawa Ra1)imahullah asked him: And not even on thenight of the Battle of -Siffin? He said: May Allah curse you! 0people of Iraq! Yes, and not even on the night of the Battle of Siffin.(Musnad A!)mad)!;!:."~~;>!:I:o;.. :w,;<Jj.:<:J~ :J~$..1lI~:)?;;14:; -~~d~~~ o~~t<---~;--~J~--tli:d.JI:~;.--F ," ~~,QI"I::;~"~l· .. ~"I~-- r . ..r .r. ~~ "..,.-,0) .J":!. . <.r ,r-".)~p :J~ :J~ ,!~~ iA~ ,w, .:11.:..;1:, u~J~ -- I.S!" ? ~ d? ,~) "<-;),a;.o r , ) i..;. ,, .won Jt, c>1 !~, ,,,(,.I, cs;., , "<- , )C::"""J: ) ,) ,r-: j ;;j~) ;:..ojl ,,,L:JJu,llV ), ,) ~ F F~__" , y~ • o~ ~ "F /. __,~~~).;.oJi ~IJlI ~J;l!.} ~;.s:it! ;>I~.} ~i) ,.;>L.:...Uu,;iJ.o clW,!:is r -1, .J ,i~i i)i:., cs;J") ~1k""I.<-J..;..1-s., .J ~~!:,~~~;~.:.ci .J ~ < .~. j , , , (0"" ,(; . .~" ,.
    • $ALAT 136 Obligatory Prayers l"ct/o~~~ :~JI,j.~~29. Abdullah ibne- Amr Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasUlullah :-)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Two qualities are suchthat if a Muslim adopts them, he will certainly enter Paradise. Bothof them are easy but those who practice them are very few. One isthat after every :-)aIat say Subi:liinallah (Glory be to Allah Who isabove all faults) ten times, All;amdulillah (All praises be to Allah)ten times, and Allahuakbar (Allah is the Greatest) ten times.Abdullah says: I saw Nab! :-)allallahu alaihi wasallam countingthem on his fingers. RasUlullah :-)allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Thismeans oue hundred and fifty on the tongue and fifteen hundred onthe scale of deeds. (The second quality is that) When one goes tobed he says Subl;anallah, Al(zamdulillah and Allahuakbar for a totalof one hundred times. These are one hundred on the tongue and onethousand on the Scale, so who would be committing two thousandfive hundred sins in a day?Abdullah Ra<;liyallahu anhu asked: 0 Rasiilallah! Why is it thatthese two qualities are not adopted? He replied: The Shaitan comesto one while he is in :-)alat and says remember so and so, rememberso and so, until he becomes pre-occupied and thus becomesunmindful of saying these words; and Shaitan comes to him on hisbed and continuously lulls him to sleep. (Ibne-f[ibban)JU1Jlj !~~~ :;)~j ~~, ~j ~ ~ ;)j.:.) tj ~.&~) ~.;. ~~;; -I.". "., -; ",:. J J,,, J J " "" J" " ~""" J J,~PJS-:?:I !~I :JJ.il!~J5).:j,yJ:ij !~~~~jl :J.iL~~ F ,o,(I:rl)()liit,o...,~IJy~~JI))!i"IJ) .~~~~J:D.?J30. Mu adh ibne-Jabal Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam took his hand and said: 0 Muadh! Iswear by Allah, indeed I love you. Then he said: 0 Mu adh! Iadvise you never to forget saying these words after every :-)alat: ~~~j~.?j~f~~~j~, o Allah! Help me in remembering You, aud in thanking You, and in attaining excellence in worshiping You. (Abu Dawiid)
    • SALAT 137 Obligatory Prayers;fr ;.> J &:<)11 ~ Tj):; :1lj;, di>1 Jj:..) J~ :J~ ~liil ~)i..;c;t ~J:; -1",1 •• ,.J) ,<l,lJlm,Jlj.> .,;",W",)) ,.;,;.; ~1 ~1~1 "IY-> ~ ;::;;~L!-ift.; ~~ ,y AI, •..uJ}I~,~~»-iJ~L.,.,4.k.." /JI) p$J1 J . tl.r.W 14I JJJ;..{1iH ~J.ij :J.;.J))J31. Abu Umamah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah.sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who recites Ayatul Kursi afterevery obligatory .salat. nothing but death restrains him from enteringParadise, In auother narration: Qui hI waUahu Aiwd is to be recitedafter Ayatul Kursl. (Amalu! Yuumi wal Lailah by NasaT, TabaranT , Majmauz-Zawaid)J&:,)1I~Tj):; :1lj;,di>IJj:..)J~ :J~$;ij,I~)~;;;:;-lY~ ,,:,-> """U ",...,w .,)) ,CS/~, ~~I J di>1 ?~ J iliS ;~I ~~I ;.> nAl . .iI))132. I;Iasan ibne-All Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that Rasiilullah.sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He, who recites Ayatul Kursi afterobligatory .salat, is in the protection of Allah till the next .salat.(TabaranT, Majmauz-Zawaid):k- J~;::~" ~ 1lj;, ~.:..ol;:. ,;:1-0 c; :J~ ~liil~):":,;1 ~J:; -11 ,~ ,J "" .",1 J." •dL.a! ~~) ~:;;:-I) ~I) ~I 4-lS ~Y;) ;~b;. :#, ~I :oJ~ , , • _0 ,::"~; ~I...,wl OI)) . .;Jj ~lli;;":";;"; i) ,~~.:s~ i ,J~~I) J~~ F " " , , , ,to/, •..vIJ)I~,J.,,:o:-~.:lt:...o!J.k...oJ~IJ33. Abu Ayyiib Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that whenever I offered.salat behind Nab! .sallallahu alaihi wasallam, I heard him sayingthis Du a after completing his .salatJ W~ _I~ . ;1 ~r.: j ~ j I""""1 ":1,, Ii) j .;elk;. ~ I""""1, y~ j , ""1 , ·""1 .:1 ~ . ~~ . ~I .:1 ,.~;;" ,:...; it If; , oJ "" ,." .. f"i /.~. i) ,~~ cS~ i ,<,i">l>i l) o Allah! Forgive all my mistakes and sins. 0 Allah! Uplift me, and correct my shortcomings, and guide me towards good deeds and excellent manners; no one except You can guide towards good, nor turn away from evil. Cfahara-nT, Majmauz-Zawaid)
    • SALAT 138 Obligatory Prayers.,JJawl:¥ 0:,;]1 ~;; :J~ ~;11 JJ.:.)tj~..J,I~);Y~J;; -1"t .VI ~J.p.illi}-Joi", JI;.,II34. Abu Musii Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullah :Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: He, who offers the :Saliit of two cool times,enters Paradise. (Bukharj)Note: The :Saliit of two cool times refers to A~r, the beginning ofthe cooler hours of the day, and Fajr which is at the end of the coolhours of the night. Fajr :Saliit is difficult to offer because of thetendency to go to sleep at this time, and Asr is difficult because thisis the time of intense worldly pre-occupation. He who is constant inperforming these two :Saliits will more easily maintain the otherthree. (Mirqat-ul-MatatJ!))J.;! ~:(;.j )81 di;) ::JJ.i; ~;Ill JJ.:.) ~ :J~ ~..J,I~) l.;;));;, -1" I)~I "~ Joi "", ,,.w "JJ .~I);...iil ~ ~Yf J.;!) ~I tJii. . . t~"~J"" .~IJ35. Ruwaibah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates: I heard RasUlullah:SalJalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: Undoubtedly he will not enterHell-Fire, who has offered :Saliit before the rising of the sun, andbefore its setting; that is Fajr and Asr. (Muslim)9~;j ~I ~i;., ;.~ J J~;; :J~ ~;Ill JJ.:.) tj~.illl~):; ~;;. -1";j ,: :~;j~~:J):JWI:J ,:J~.!> ~ i;..j..J,1 ~~ i :~~jJ;i9:- ~:J ~)j 9~ ~ ~ ~j 9G.:..;. ~:J .: ::5- 9 :"? :I.~,~ JS ~&i;.Jj 916: ~ Ii ~ ..,.,h !J~ JS ~ Yr: :}; :.is- ~1 :. .; y. ~iSj 9~» ~. . . , ~ " :: • ~ I } ~ ., • ~ .,,,,.I ~ -:r-" "",... I;" Jil) ".l,.}1 ")J .;11", ~:,..::JI ~ j;l1 ~~ :}; ;,s~.l; " ;"JJfliJl !~,.f;) V,~J .:u"llIJ1",JIJ.-J;WI"JJj ~I VI,~J" •• .l,,>- .rJ1WS "";J"",~i ;WI ¢lJJ) V:~) ,p)~ t.@J~~~J ~~:J ~fJ:oIJ ~ljJ ,,~ :?ij ~ w~~ ~i ~I ~i;., ~.:.;~,;;.?; ~~;;) 4 "j) ,;M "",... ",:u"llIJ1",J1 J.-J ~ ~ ~ I It h iJ ~ .cl;l l..S:: ~ ~~ j~~36. Abu Dhar Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasUlulHih :Sallallahu
    • $ALAT 139 Obligatory Prayers alaihi wasallam said: Whoever after Fajr Saliit, while maintaining the posture of sitting in Saliit and before talking with anyone, says ten times: Ji~~~JS J<. ~j,: :?;j~~:J:::/I:h;L:J~~~,.J..;.jlill~I~I~ None is worthy of worship but Allah, He is alone, He has no partner, His is the Kingdom, for Him is all the Praise, He alone gives life, and He alone gives death, and He has power over everything.Then, ten virtues are recorded for him, and ten sins are erased, andhis ranks are raised by ten degrees, and he is protected from everyundesirable and unpleasant thing and also from Shailiin, and that dayhe will not be taken to account for any sin except polytheism.In another narration, the words p;J1 ~,,;., (In Whose Hand is all that isgood) are in place of ~J";"; (He alone gives life and He alone givesdeath).It is also narrated that every time he says this phrase, he receives areward of freeing a slave. On saying these words after Asr he getsthe reward for the whole night as he gets the reward for the wholeday on saying them after Fajr. (Tirmidhj, AmiUul Yaumi wal Lailah byNasaL)~I i-,l,:" J;.,;; :~ ~I J~:i J~J~ ~1l>~:i is;..ii r~;; -1V. .~~ ~~)~~~~~~~~:~:;:S~ ~~~~~~Jk~:i6!* ,~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I HIl:";,,,,, .,l.c.lli~J.alY"~")"~ ~;J~j.?37. Jundub Al Qasrl Ra<,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: He, who offers the Fajr Saliit, isindeed in the Protection of Allah (so do not trouble those who areunder Allahs Protection); for you will be answerable to Allah forviolating this protection; because undoubtedly, if He takes anyone toaccount for violating this protection, He will catch him and fling himheadlong on his face into the Hell-Fire. (Muslim)~ :J~ ~l;.1;] ~~ ~~:i;; ~1l>I~:i CsJ:J:Ii .;.> )~ J p;;. -1A . " ~"F ~i-.l~; .::..Jj ;l.:1~ .;011 ~ Pi ~ ~1;;...&U :J.! rPi ~)Lp ~ .:..ly.:;.;,F 1" I ,." F F F F ,;. IF 0" F, c..: "l.:1~ ,~.l5J.! ~ ~ l.ilj,~ )j>;.;JJ";";> .,,:,:1 ~ c..:F :;;. F; F j F IF , F;:; " F F F F F F ;:;~ji~
    • $ALAT 140 Obligatory Prayers o. V:~JC7"il~!JA.A..,.,~,~}ljy.i~IJj~J~~~38, Muslim ibue-I;Iarith At-tamTmTyi Rac.liyalHihu anhu narrates thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam told him secretly: When youcomplete the Maghrib Salat, then recite seven times this Ou a:)81 ~~f:j ~I (0 Allah! Protect me from the Fire). After sayingthis if you happen to die the same night, you will be protected fromthe Fire. When you have offered your Fajr SaIat repeat the same.For undoubtedly, if you happen to die the same day, you will beprotected from the Fire, (Abu Dawud)Note: RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam by giving this advicesecretly wanted to stress its importance,:JU ~:.wJl ~~~I z,1 :~ ~I Jj:.j ~ :~~ ~1i>I~) ~)) 11::f -r~ In ,~) ,"-";...JJ>iIoit....Jly, "J")<1.») ,~) ~Jl c,li~139. Umme Farwah Ra(liyallahu anha narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam was asked: Which is the best of the gooddeeds? He said: To offer Salat at the beginning of its prescribedtime. (Abu Diiwud),?f.lil~hl) !,;;T)IJ.illi :~~IJj:.jJ~ :J~~.lil~j~::f-t. ,t, :~J~jJh..,.,~ly,-!~~j1.~y.f4J) .j)! ~40, All Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahu a1aihiwasallam said: a People of the Qur an! Offer Witr Salat, for verilyAllah is Witr, and He loves the Witr. (Abu Dawud)Note: Witr in Arabic refers to His Oneness, that is being withoutpartners. Allah also loves actions done in odd numbers, Manyexamples of it are found in Shartah and Sunnah. Witr Salat is lovedby Allah because it has an odd number of Rakat. (Majma Bi~ar-ul­Anwar)JW-.liI~1, .J-~ "" - r)- G.:Js.- --, 1" ""-.liIJ· - (r- J~/~o, :J-~~.lil-<Sf),;r. . ~ ~··~-t, - . -)jli;. ,J..;. IT ,:;, ~ J;;;/.~Jt~~I;;;;~~~ Jiyl~J ,~_:Ii;;"~~";.f-~) !~i->~i.li - -- f A:~).jJl1..,.,~IY4,~j~y.i4J).;jh~jlb41. Kharijah ibne-Hudhafah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that one day
    • $ALAT 141 Obligatory PrayersRasUlulHih SallalHihu alaihi wasallam came to us and said: Allah hasgranted you an additional Salat, which is better for you than redcamels; this Salat is Al- Witr. Allah has appointed its time betweenIsha Salat and the break of dawn. (Abu Diiwud)Note: The Arabs considered red camels to be a most valuable anddesirable commodity.~~0 ~~~ :~~ ~~~~jl :J~~)llll~l~l;j~lSh~ -t Y , ~ ,~1 J~) .u~)) .,.,s:J1 .} .}I..,JoJ1 01)) . ~I .;:s-lJ ,~~I ~ ) )IJ ,~ JS ... ... " " " 1# t.h.IJI))142. Abu Darda Ra<;liyalHihu anhu narrates that my friend, RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam, enjoined me three things: To fast threedays every month, to offer the Witr SaHit before sleep, and to offertwo Rakfit Sunnah of Fajr. Crabariini", Majmauz-Zawiiid)Note: It is better for those who have developed the habit ofawakening at night, to offer their Witr Salat at the time of Tahajjudthat is before the beginning time of Fajr Salat. As for those, whohave not developed this habit, they should offer their Witr Salatbefore going to sleep.~J,~a;~H~;:~t~ :~~iIJ~lJ~ :J~$~~l~i~ -H..,.i:JI e ~ .;.111 ~ ~~I , , e y ~t,~ ~~ ~ ~:;.? ~J ,:J l~ ~ ~ g~ Yt/"-:,+?I,.s~I~I.J!~I4~}J :Jli)~).Jo..../~.}.}..,JoJo)) .~~43. Ibne-Umar Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that RasUlulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: There is no (perfect) Iman for onewho has no trustworthiness, and there is no Salat for one who has noWu<;lu, and there is no Deen for one who has no Salat. The status ofSaHit in Deen is like the status of the head in a body. (TabariinT,TarghTb)1~~!I"":J)~~lllIJ")~"-rf~ ~~, J)~I:~~~~I ·llll~. I,;.,-tt .r")~ ~-r- .sf), " ~ld ytv:~)" ... ;s:JII"""IJ"jJ,!<Jlo!Yl.i~O)).~~ ~ji ;S:;rj.;ly150dJ44. Jabir ibne-Abdullah Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates: I heardRasUluliah SallalHihu alaihi wasallam saying: Between man and (hisentering into) polytheism and unbelief is the abandonment of SaHit.(Muslim)
    • $ALAT 142 Obligatory PrayersNote: Scholars of Islam have offered several explanations to thisi)adTth. One is that a person who abandons Salat becomesincreasingly arrogant and bold in committing sins, which mayendanger his faith. Another explanation is that the one whoabandons Salat runs the risk of an evil end. (Mirqiit-u!-MaratIi))-.iJl ~ i-,.~:ilj:; :J~ ~ lill J~) ~ :J~ $:.ll~).,r~ 0 ~ -t 0= "j) :Jllj <"" ",I .;;1 J>; ......... .;; Jt-- :";j ,...,,>:ll J J",kIlj },;,JI "j) .~:;,;, ¢ ;:;~) ,J.:>-i A::f~~J (,S"jWIJlI ¥~ ~4:$-.sJ)J :..:.Ji -...!.J..:f. ~"""J~jJJ,j ~fi..r. ~l Y/Y-"lj)lC:"" ,~, J")"")45. Ibne-Abbas Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who abandons Saliit shall meetAlliih in a state that Allah will be very angry with him. (Bazziir,TabaranI, Majmauz-Zawaid):.w 1) ~~ ,bG:J:W~:; :J~ ~ ~ ~j ~,)lll Zd) ~j~ J j ji ~ - t " " " I"I"./t~~ .....H~~} :~IJIj,J~.:r.I~lJ) .jl:oj46. Naufal ibne-Muawiya Ra(,1iyallahu anhu narrates that Nab!Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: The person who missed even oneSalat is as though he has been deprived of his entire family andwealth. (lbne-l;libbiin)ly,: ~~I J~)J~ :J~!~~~..i»~)~1;,.~,yj~,. :;JJ.~~ -tv " " ~ ~ ~";.6::; I)):;~ ?;.qj~:; ~:.~";?I:;,~ &-;.qj~:;§~~;.5:l~Ji , " t o.~:~) ~a~~rji;J r Y-..r""""~J.~)I~yi~JJ .~~ J47. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil A~ narrates from his father, whoheard from his grandfather Ra(,1iyallahu anhuma, who narrated thatRasiilulliih Sallalliihu alalhi wasallam said: Command your children,when they are seven years old, to perform Salat; and beat them fornot observing it when they are ten years old. And at this age separatetheir beds (i.e. do not let brothers and sisters sleep together). (AbuDiiwiid)Note: Beating should not cause bodily harm.
    • SALAT 143 SalOt in Congregation SALAT IN JAMAAH • CONGREGATION VERSE OF QURANAllah Subi:lanahii wa Ta ala says:And establish $alat aud give Zakat;and bow with those who bow inworship (i.e. pray in congregation). AI-Baqarah 2: 43 AIJADITH:J "i ~ ij ,~j:P,-,J.A:J~ ~~j.Jl ::J~ Ji, ()1;~.1II~)I:;; ~j;; - t A ~ ~ F .. " .. } , ",-- ~.. "0 ," 0 .... J .. 0 J J.1;6::; ~ ~ ~j ,.~ .:Jj~j:.r:.;.;,j~ ~~I ..u.L.>j ,."..,~j~) Y " ":~j;~J4..:J ~1~)"r"4 ,~j~y.i~IJ)48. Abu Hurairah RaQiyalliihn anhu narrated that Nabi $allalliihualaihi wasallam said: The Muadhdhin will recieve forgivness to thedistance to which his voice reaches. All living and non-living thingsshall bear witness for him on the Day of Resurrection. He, whoattends $alat in congregation, for him is written the reward of twentyfi ve $aliit, and it becomes an atonement for his sins between two$alat (Abu Diiwiid)Note: According to some Scholars the reward of twenty-five $aliit isfor the Muadhdhin, and he gets forgiveness of his sins from theprevious Adhiin to this Adhiin. (Badhl-ul-Majhiid),~I;j ",6::: ~H~ ~ :Ji, dbl Jj.:<) J~ :J~ $ .111 ~) ~ .;..;.~ -t ~~j :J~I~!h,JJ~I}",I...,JoIIJ"""·J).~j:P ~ ........,~J ~)JS":J j~.: ij ,
    • 144 $aliit in Congregation A/l""J)ic:"""~IJ,,," ,.Ie, J~~J J)JS ,- I49. Ibne-Umar Ra<.iyalliihu anhuma narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: The Muadhdhin will receiveforgiveness to the extent the voice of his Adhem reaches; every livingand non-living things that hear his voice, supplicates for hisforgiveness. In another narration it is stated: All living and non-living things reply to his Adhan. (Musnad A!)mad, Tabaranf, Bazzar,Majmauz-Zawaid)<s?IJ;i1 J ..:..:5,11 :tf-.ili,~) ,:~-,Y.i J~ :J~tf-.ilil~) ~ ~J:; -0.oj) )~ oj),~;,jj.:P ~ oj :J~ ~ ;111 Jj.:..) ~ :)~~IJ.iJ~~j.:P tljti 1. ~/"...? """J);j ¥ ~1,:,.J1 oj)~ oj) ,:p-50. Abu Sa~aah Ra<.iyalIahu anhu narrates that Abu SaIdRa<.iyalliihu anhu said: When you are in a desert or countryside,then call the Adhan loudly, as I have heard RasUlulIah SallalIahualaihi wasallam saying: No tree or clod of earth, or rock, or linn, orman shall hear his voice; except that they will bear witness for himon the Day of Resurrection. (Ibne-Khuzaimah) , ~ ~ ,-J$.~~~~)-.ilil~l :J~ ~;1I1 ~~i I; ;:<..ili,~) r~~; ~:,;il ~-c,~;j) ,.,,-t~J~) ~ ~:; :..il;,i.:, ,~j.:P 1;.,,;j ~ ~1jJ,) ~I (~I ,tv:~J.v~1.J-!..:J,....,Jc!)YI.!,;WI~IJJ .~~:;. f51. Bara ibne-Azib Ra<.iyalIahu anhuma narrates that NabISallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Verily, Allah and His angels sendblessings upon the persons of the first row. The one who callsAdhiin receives forgiveness to the extent to which he raises his voice.All living and non-living things, who hear his call, testify to it. Andfor him is a reward equivalent to all those who perform Salat withhim. (Nasal)Note: One interpretation of the second sentence of this l)adIth is thatthe Muadhdhin shall receive forgiveness for his sins to the extent thathis voice reaches. Another interpretation is that the sins of thepeople living within the range of his voice will be forgiven by virtueof his intercession. (Badhl-ul-Majhud)
    • $ALAT 145 $aliit in Congregationq8IJji,1~j1~ :J~ ~~<J~)~ :J~~iill~)~!~;;-OY Ao~ ,,",)" ••• ";~J..:oiy"~")J .~~I~ji ~L;j52. Muiiwiya Ra<;liyalliihu auhu narrates; I heard RasiilulIiihSallalIiihu alaihi wasallam saying; The Muadhdhins wilI have thelongest necks amongst the people on the Day of Resurrection.(Muslim)Note: Islamic Scholars have mentioned several interpretations to this!)adIth:I. As people go to the masjid to offer Saliit in response to the Adhiinof the Muadhdhin, it is as though he is their leader and they are hisfolIowers. A leader is like a chief; therefore he will have a longneck. which makes his head prominent.2. The Muadhdhin shalI raise his head high. longing to gaze at hismagnificent reward. thus giving the appearance of the longest neck.3. The Muadhdhin shall hold his head high as he has nothing toregret by virtue of his calIing the AdMn. Whereas the one whoregrets. or is ashamed of his actions. lowers his head in humility andshame.4. The longest neck is an alIegorical description, depicting theMuadhdhin as the most prominent of all on the Plain of Reckoning.StilI others have mentioned that the Muadhdhins will proceedspeedily towards Paradise. (Nawawj):"L.:.;;"j ,t.:, i? ~I ~~j:; :J~ ~ ~I ~j I; &~. iill ~).:,J. JI ~ -or , "" .- " ,,~ " "" , J )) J )"1-- :Jli),.sWI,)) .~ i)y"iS ~i~) ,: ;. i.Ji:--! :s~~~~~"J;U y;>j ,;GI y. o/.s:".i.h.wIJJl.Sj~l,l,~J.;~~J.:o­53. Ibne- Umar Ra<;liyalIiihu anhuma narrates that NabI SalIalliihualaihi wasallam said: He who calIs the Adhiin for twelve years.Paradise is guaranteed for him and sixty blessings will be recordedfor every Adhiin, and thirty blessings will be recorded for everyfqiimah. (Mustadrak l;Iakim).#~It.)JI~~~~ ;~~<J~)J~ ;J~$.ibI~).:,J.i-I~-ot-}~) ;~~I ";~ ~ LA J;. ~ ~ " ::5" ~ ~ ,,~L.ryil ~4 ~j~I ~j <~I SJlpl J!j&.~~I~j,~~;"I)~j ~jl~Yj ,~I~j ~I ~Tjl
    • SALAT 146 $aliiJ in CongregationJ ";1...,kJ1 "J) JJ J }.-=, "oi.}1 "J) . ~ljA ;;.ij ";; ~j ~) ;;.ij ";; ~ ::,..:.;.1 ~j """" do, •.fl" #, j<jll"", do ~I"", :.,;J ,~IJ.Jo..,J~I Ao!V JJIJ)It""" ,,,-,lilli J54. Ibne- Umar Ra<;liyaiIahu anhuma narrates that RasiiIulIahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Three persons shall neither beterrified by the greatest horror of the Day of Resurrection, nor shallthey be made to render an account of their deeds, (and) they will beupon mounds of Musk until the reckoning of creation is completed.One who recites the Qur an only to please Allah and leads Salat in amanner pleasing to his followers. The other is he who calls towardsSalat, only to please Allah. And the third is he who maintains a goodrelationship with his Rabb, and also with his subordinates. (TirmidhT.TabaranT, Majrnauz-Zawaid)~I~~ ~jj.}j :~~IJ:":)J~ :J~~.llI~j~;~14~-00JS ~~I-?jl.:.Ju,.:s?G;y..) :~jf~j~jlJ~I;6j,:;~t;¥I~y -J~)­J~J"oi.}I"J) .~ljA J>-j ~I J;. c;;1 ~j ,~;I) ~,~j ~Aj;;y..)j ,~j iY. y 0" :~) k~.:r..u, Ar:lWlli.s> J~~l.:o-i y~ .~.f ~ ~...,:t-..i.A55. Abdullah ibne- Umar Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiiInllah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Three persons will beupon mounds of Musk on the Day of Resurrection, envied by all theformer and latter people. The man who calls AdMn for the fivetimes Salat during the day and night; and the man who leads theSalat in a manner that people are pleased with him; and a slave whohad fulfilled the rights of Alliih and the rights of his master. (TirmidhT),;;J;; ~1 ].Jlj ~w, ~~1 :~ ~<l:":) J~ :J~ ~.lll~) ay;; :s,1:;. -0 o w:~), .••• ~~jJp~l.oy~.~)~y.i~)).~1~.:#J~~+-?Jl~56. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiiIulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The Imam is responsible and theMuadhdhin is entrusted. 0 Allah! Guide the Imams and forgive theMuadhdhills. (Abu DawGd)Note: The Imam is responsible, means that besides his personalSalat, he bears the responsibility of the Salat of those behind him.Therefore the Imam should perfect his Saliit as far as is humanlypossible both outwardly and inwardly. In the light of this important
    • $ALAT 147 $aliit in Congregationresponsibility, Rasiilullah SallalHihu alaihi wasallam made a Duafor the guidance of the Imams. The Muadhdhin is entrusted meansthat people have placed their trust on the Muadhdhin regarding thetimings of the Saliit and Saum. Therefore, it is essential for theMuadhdhin to be particular in calling the Adhan at its proper time.However, being human, he may inadvertently err. Hence, RasiilulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam has made a Du a for his forgiveness.(Badht-ul-Majhfid),1:uJ1 ~ ,i~ ~1f..:~ll ~I :J~ ;i, ~I ~ :J~ ~..Iil i$PJi";; -cv~~?-J:,JI .;:,jl;j :..Iil~) ~1;:i " J~ ~?-J:,JI ~~ ~jS:; J;- .:,.Ai ~~4 , "ot,"""" I;~IJ.4l"~J),~~ySij~~~I~~:J~57. Jabir RaQiyallahu anhu narrates: I heard Nab! Sallallahu alaihiwasallam saying: Verily when the Shai(an hears the AdMn, he fleesuntil he reaches the place RauQa. Sulaiman RaQimahulHih said: Iasked Jabir about RauQa. He replied that it is thirty-six miles fromMad!nah. (Muslim):J :"f..:~h ;.~j!~ :.s~) IiI :J~ ;i, ~I ~1 ~..Iil i$PJ ~;.~,:,.J;; -CAlilJ;- ,~j !~u,:"}l lilJ;- ,J;ij:;~~1 ~ li~ <;.~~ Fi J;-11y:.,~ ~,IiS- )11) ,,is- )1 ::J J~ .~ ,:.i::, ,:,JI:;;~ J;- ,j;ij :";~I ~ :, ~, ~~, ~ )0 J,,, .. ";~ J.4l"" ~")) ,~~ :~-4 ~ J.-:,JI JlOi J>- < ~ :f.li::,s:; .~ Ao~:,",)58. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Shai(an flees on hearing the call for Salilt,loudly breaking wind, until he no longer hears the Adhan. When theAdhan is completed, he returns until the lqamah is called. He thenagain flees until the lqamah is completed; then he again returns todistract the attention of the man engaged in Salat, interjecting in hismind, saying: Remember such and such, remember such and such;reminding him of things which he had previously forgotten or wasunaware of, until the man is unable to recall how many Rakat he hasprayed. (Muslim)
    • $ALAT 148 $aliit in Congregation,; aIIJ~IJ:il1 J I.O:"&I~) :J~ if,~ Jj.:.) tj~.1J1 ~);~:s-J;j-c ~14--~ly",,,)>.JI"J (.:....wI.:r,Y....J) .1*1 ~ IJ:( i~j~[J~~~~)~I ". <" ,,,l~IJ59. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyaWihu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah~allalliihu alaihi wasallarn said: If people knew what blessings lie inthe Adhiin and the first row, and they could not achieve this(distinction) except by casting lots, they would certainly do so.(BukhiirT)11 r")~J;}1 ~15 1;[ :13 ~I :Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~.1JI~) ~~WI ~W,;, ;j- .~Ii1J ~1j ~tJ ",~:W J;.. ~1i1 ~~ "i. ;::ji <1.0 ~ ~ ~~ ,11J;li i~, s-it,;j 0 .J~JJlj)l~~I)J,4~ji.SJ.~L4~I?~~ill;:. J;..60. Salman Al FarSI Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that Rasiilulliih~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: If a man is in a jungle and the timeof ~alat approached, he should perform WUQu, and if he does notfind water, then he should perform Tayammum. If he calls theIqiimah, both his angels (who record his deeds) offer ~a1at with him.And ifhe calls the Adhiin and Iqiimah, such a vast number of Allahsforces (angels) will perform ~aIat with him that the two ends of theirrows would not be seen. (Mu,anna! Abdur-Razzaq)~) ~ ::Jji; if, ~ Jj.:.) ~ :J~ ~ ~, ~) -t~ .;. ~ ;j -, ,.";;"" .1J J J4!.r-<J i~ ~;; F" ,. if) s!IT Jr ~~ 0 .:, ,.1.~ 1 0 " , , JI. I;, ,~ 1·~ /; 0" 1 ";;""Jr "" 1 " r ,./:). I ~ I IT 0"J) .~I ~;iJ:~::"p.u~...;~~)C;ill~J U.iy1,U,:4 J[ IjjlO!l , " • ,..:~) ..ri-J 1~")1~J1 y~ :J~ y!61. Uqbah ibne-Amir Ra<;liyallahu anhu reports that he heardRasiilulliih ~allallahu alaihi wasallarn narrating a J:ladlth Qudsl:Your Rabb is pleased with the shepherd who calls the Adhiin uponthe peak of a mountain and offers ~alat. AllahAzza wa Jailexclaims to the angels: Look at this slave of Mine who calls theAdhiin and the Iqiimah for ~alat and he fears Me. I have forgivenhim and sent him to Paradise. (Abu Dawud)
    • $ALAT 149 $aliit in Congregation~ ~ ;,;) -j .;~ • ~ .i<J).:.) J~ .J~ t<. illl ~) ~ J. ~:;. -H ~ ,~1 ~1 • J~. ~/~. ~ ~"~",, ~ ;; 1,~LUJIJ,;S.r.~J.hy~,~jl~y.i~J) .~~ ~~ q"l;ll ~J ,~..ill ~ ~""J.1l :~1.~:? YoI· .~)62. Sahl ibne-Sad Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Two things are never rejected orseldom rejected; DUa at the time of Adhan and at the time whenpeople are locked in a furious battle. (Abu Dawiid)p ~ J~;; .J~ ~ ~I ~).:.):;. t<...!;I~) .,...,JJ:sJ.;. ~:;. -11 " )" "--J::~ J,., J. ::,I_"~J,o~-;: ,!ll~":";";) ,-I ):)J~ , - 1.4>..0 WI) ,-I ~r :I •.l>-J.Jo1 :Ii--Ii, :I wi ~IUIJ - .~,; j-JI.;,oJ i>lj.JIJ}.!" JjAI,..".......,..,," .~.,)) .;.;;; j .#,4~ ~).:,~u) ~).:.)~)~) Ae:~J". .AlI.4-I63.Sa·d ibne-Abi Waqqa~ Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: The one who hears the Muadhdhinand responds with (the following), his sins will be forgiven. (Muslim).~A;I~ ,0:",,) ,:J):)J~I~~iJ ,j.!..J.;; -j ~Jilll ~!~! i~i ~",f " ,, , " G, ~t)J-") .. ).:,,, V -j" , I bear witness that none is worthy of worship but Allah, Who is Alone, without any partner; and that Mul;lammad is His slave and Messenger; and I am pleased with Allah as Rabb, and Mul;tamlllad as Messenger, and Islam as Deen.cs:.:.~;~GiJ~~LiL~;I1 ~).:.)~ fr .j~t<...!;1 ~)i;~:sJ :;.-, tc....~I~~J.>.I.Lo .Jli)~W")) .GI~ ~I~~ J~;; .~;II j).:.)J~ ~ • I I "",jjl WI)) 1.iS:.>.""f«,.J)64. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates. We were withRasUlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam and Biliil called the Adhan.When he finished, RasUlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam said:Whoever says the same with complete belief and conviction, willenter Paradise. (Mustadrak l;Iakim)Note: From this narration, it appears that in reply to the AdMin, oneshould repeat the exact words of the Muadhdhin. However, anarration of Umar Ra<;liyalliihu anhu clarifies that in reply to
    • $ALAT 150 SaUlt in COllgregation/fayya- Ala$-$alat, /fayya- Alal-Falal; one should say La I;aulawala quwwata ilia billah (I have no strength to do good or protectmyself from evil, except by the power of Allah). (Muslim)~~jj ~l !~ J~) ti :J~ -%:) ~j $..J,I Cs-i» J-? J. ~14;j -~oJ-",~"" "jl-,, "J) ,: .~J-J :i:;I1;~ ~)~ W":Ji :~ ~I J~) JLiL Gjl ai; 0,," f :~),u~jJj~1~!65. Abdullah ibne-Amr Ra(1iyallahu anhuma narrates that a mansaid: a Rasiilauah! Indeed, the Muadhdhins have excelled us (asregards the reward of the Hereafter). Rasiilulliih .)allallahu alaihiwasallam replied: Say the same words as they say, and when youcome to the end, ask (from Auah) aud you will be granted. (AbuDawud)~~~, l;lJ~ ~ ~I ~:Ji $..J,I Cs-i» ,-",tOll J. J~ J. ~14;j -~ ~~,~..J,I J:.. ii;., ~ J:..;;;}~,~I~ ~ :J:,i; ~ ~ I)~ I~~jjl~j y)!j ,~I ?~ ~ ~ ~l~~ ~I ~ ilp ~~ ,~~I J-..J,I "L ~ d?Jj J" JJl1 ",~I ""~ "J) .~Iilil ~ .:J.;. ~~I J Jt.:.::,j ,). wi ~if Af I!,:~), ••• ~.:rJJ1j.J166. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil -A~ Ra(1iyauahu anhuma narrates: Iheard Rasiilullah .)allalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: When you hearthe Muadhdhin, repeat what he says, and then send .)alawat upon me.For indeed he who sends one .)alawat on me will receive tenblessings from Allah; then ask Allah to give me the Wasllah, whichis a rank iu Paradise befitting only one of Allahs slaves, and I hopethat I may be that one. If anyone asks that I may be giveu theWasflah, he will be assured of my intercession. (Muslim):IJ]I ~~ J~ ;;J~ ~~I J~) ~1 $..J,Cs-i»~14 .;.!,~ ;j-w ~ 0 ~~~, N " ~ 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ::. I ~ ",1~"" ~Ij "..1;......Jij 1::)1 ~.;:.> ,:wLO! !)I;;,Jlj ~~I !~.uI~,L>:") it+U.~I.w .l;S; ~~..u -..J4 $)~ elJ) .~~1 ~.J.i ~~ :J .:J.;. ,4iJs.J I.S~ 1~~ I ./, ~~I ~~ ~l :O.J"T,;"jJ~IJ~IJ)J:";) I67. Jabir ibne-Abdulliih Ra(1iyalliihu anhuma narrates that
    • SALAT 151 Sallit in CongregationRasUlullah ,)allalHihu alaihi wasallam said: If anyone says when hehears the Adhiin: , , c:tA,;~lj "(;,Jhj ,I;/), I"~.;:.>i ,~liiI1~j~811.f:iJ!~:")~1 ;j~j .s~II~ r;J o Allah, Rabb of this perfect call, and of the prayers which is established for all times, grant Mul,mmmad the Wasuah and excellency and raise him up in a praiseworthy position which You have promised,He will be assured of my intercession. In another narration thefollowing words are added: c;;J.:.u;J~~1 (Undoubtedly, You uevergo back on Your words). (Bukhiirf, Baihaqf).:,,) ~1:.s,G..JI .s,Q ~ J~:; J~ ~;»I Jj.:.) ~1 :..:&.illl ~) l;":; -A~ Go ~ ~ J~:; ::..:&. ZiPjlj ,~ Js. J.:P ,~8 1~lj ,~8 1.f:U !~ l"T"vh·~~) .~;~;J~l ~~O~~68. Jabir Ra<;liyaIHihu anhu narrates that RasiilulIah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: When the Muadhdhin calls the Adhiin,whosoever says as follows (after the Adhiin), Allah will accept hisDuiL~~ w.~:..:&. ZiPjlj ,~Js. J.:.. ,~8 !~Ij ,~8 !.f:U, !~.:,,)~ o Rabb of this complete calling and Salat which is full of benefits, bestow blessings upon Mul,1ammad and be eternally pleased with him after which You will never be displeased. (Musuad A!)mad)<?~~I;;;;} ~ <$oil, :~;» :Jj.:.) J~ :J~ :..:&.,,j,, ~) .;.ll~ i- ~ :;. - ~".i.}"J) .!:rilj ;Jill J i;l~,,j,II"L :J~ ~;»I Jj.:.) li:Jjii I~~ :)~~~jj roo. t :riJ,4.:,iW1Jyi!JI,j"":"4 "v-::"~~I...A :JI.iJ69. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<jiyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: A Du a made between the AdMinand the lqiimah is never rejected. The Sa1)abah asked: What Du ashould we make, 0 Rasiilallah? He replied: Ask Allah for Afiyah(well being) in this world and in the Hereafter. (Tirmidhf)
    • $ALAr 152 $aliit in Congregation~L:..:.JI YyL~_;J §~4 Y~11l :J~ ~ tul JJ,:.:; tj~ii11.$P:;-"I.i:-:; -y. F F F F ~F l"tI/I"..Lc.>-I~JJ .~tS.~I~IJ70. Jabir Ra<.!iyallabu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah ,sallallabualaihi wasallam said: When the Iqamah for ,salat is being said, thedoors of the skies are opened, and Du a is accepted. (Musnad AI)mad)Jll~~ t.; ri,~ .;:"j:;.;.t Go;;; :jji; ~ii1I.$P:; iJi; ",J:; -y,~J ,j: . :;. 9# cS~~,:J~:l[j ,§~I Jl ~ ~tS ~ !-A:.. J:l~ §~.I:;I~;.S~ If.-l ~j t~ t:-i >Ii i.;~~ ;.s-~1 ~ I;~ ~cS;~4. ~ H <J" J-"}It ,I,,,.JI JciJLoILo~1 "») . t1JJ1 §ft .f.i ~ :J~ yi;; 41 ti;.! :I)~71. Abu Hurairah Ra<.!iyallabu anhu narrates that whoever performsWu<.!ii and performs it excellently, then goes out intending Salat,undoubtedly he is in ,salat, as long as he intends Salat. Undoubtedly,for one step a good deed is written and for the next step an evil deedis erased. When anyone of you hears the Iqamah, he must not run.For undoubtedly, whose house is the farthest will get the greatestreward. Those present asked: Why is that so 0 Aba Hurairah? Hesaid: Because of the greater number of footsteps. (Muan. Imam Malik)Jiri,~ ~;.Sj;..1GoJi 1;1 :~~Lij) J~ :J~~.iilI.$P:;iJi;~:;-YTJIl) ,.sWI ,» .~L:.oj::,;;:, (-J ,I~ ~ >Ii B:.ft ,J;- j*" ~ ~tS ~I Y• /1 ..,..u,,;;, JJ ,"" .f><"J~I,I,.r;~,,-<.1>-1.1.072. Abu Hurairah Ra<.!iyallabu anhu narrates that Abul Qasim(RasiilulIab) ,sallalWhu alaihi wasallam said: When one of youperformed Wu<.!ii in his house, and then came to the masjid, he wasin Salat until he returns. Therefore, he should not do like this andRasiilallah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam placed the fingers of one handinto the other. (Mustadrak Ijakim)Note: Just as such an action of the hands is undesirable andinconsistent with SaWt, similarly such actions are undesirable whileone is proceeding towards Salat. The reason being that when one isproceeding to perform ,salat, he is virtually engaged in ,saWt.
    • SAL-IT 153 SalOl in Congregation~:.I tiji~ ,~~ Jt}-;J.::"k,..:...;..tiiJ~t..Ji ; :J~ ~ J<Jj.:<:i,i4:-~ y,.:~..1 ~ ~<.>r-;il ;;:.I~i-J: ,,: :.. :Jy,.:,~:.lJ, .;..,Hl~:.I ~, i.I, ~. . cs; J0; ~, i.I, :;""1~<:-~L,"!I; ): i ~~:J ;~~W- A : :j ~~ ") I"" . .r:- ~ ~~ ~ o~. ~ ~ ~ , , / ~ :;lyL:o,U: ~I ji.:>~ .ill..> .:>5,~ I,; ~i: .!l:i~i I,; ~ ~~:, L:aAi lyL:o / / F ", , /F .~r:~) ,i~J)~;~;c,.I.o..,., j,.J<oIJ) ,~..> .:>5 ,a)I.;aJIi-J! "73, SaId ibnil-Musayyib Ral)imahuIHih narrates on the authority ofan Ansari Sai)abI: I heard Rasiilulliih SallalIiihu alaihi wasallamsaying: When one of you performs Wu<;!u and performs it well andgoes out to offer Salat, then for every right foot he lifts, AllahSubi)auahU wa Taala records a virtue for him, And for every leftfoot he puts on the ground, a sin is erased. He has the choice to takeshort steps or long ones. Then he comes to the masjid and offersSalat in congregation. he will be forgiven. And if he reaches themasjid and finds that people have already offered a part of theirSalat, yet a part remains, he joins the remaining part of the Salat, andthereafter completes that which he had missed. He too gets the samereward of Salat. And if he comes to the masjid and finds that peoplehave finished their Salat; so he completes his individual Salat, he toogets the same reward. (Abu DiiwUd)§~ J Ij6(,~:~~t}-:; ;J~ ~~I Jj.:<:i ~1~..11 ~:ii;.~~;;-Vt"U,~,~"~ <,$-II ~ , (Y <J) , r- ( J" ." ;oj ~~... . o:JI···." :"ilw, r·ts-,,·ti;;,;··~c,. J" •.r""..,;,c,. 1.0..,., ,jl>.J<"J) ~ J y~I;6;:; ~ oj!~ ;l~a~:, r-~::I, its- •• A:~),iy...JJ)~J.lol74. Abu Umama Ra<;liyalIiihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: One who leaves his house havingWuqu to offer obligatory Salat, his reward is like that of a personperforming Hajj in the state of Ehram. And the one who goes out.bearing the hardship, solely to offer Salat Ad-QuiJa, he gets thereward as that of a person performing Urnrah. And the offering ofSalat after a previous Salat uninterrupted by any irrelevant talk oraction, is recorded in Illiyyfn (an auspicious register of righteousdeeds). (Abu DiiwUd)Note: 1. Ehram pertains to numerous constraints imposed on those
    • $ALAT 154 Sallit in Congregationwho travel for l;lajj and Umrah to Makkah.2. pu/:lii "iaHit is a Nafl (optional) prayer before mid-day.,". "..--;j·,<-~ii1:~ ·~,<r" J~ ·J~~..1lISf) i"~cs,j·~-vc<J-") v;- ~ (P" )I..""" , .r) . . .l-r IT~.....H~[ ~t ~ ~.~ <~ ~ .dlkl ~ ~ ~ ~~:: ~ ~ gi.~,fI ~ J.; ~ ~l M~~ t ,AA...:..; 0 " ..r 1 ~ ,-, ~ ,,", "!- J -"- I" ,-) rVf/Y~J4,r"I"J).~, "75. Abu Hurairah RaqiyaIHihu anhu narrates that RasiiluIHih"iallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever amongst you performsWuqii well, and completes it to perfection, then goes to the masjidwith the sole intention to offer "ialat, then AlHih is overjoyed withhim, as the family of an absent relative is overjoyed by his suddenappearance. (lbne-Khuzaimah);~,.::"~I:;.;.!!~~t,Ji:;:J~ ~&?I.f~..1lI~)~W.:<;-v,~c,.J",c...l-,>iJ...".sJIJ",I."bJI"JJ..!!I)i~~~1 ~jjjl~~j ,;U11Ij~ ,~I f~/Y.llIJ)i~,~IJc,.)76. Salman Raqiyallahu anhu narrates that NabI "iallalliihu alaihiwasallam said: He who performs Wuqii in his house and performs itwell, then comes to the masjid, he is the guest of Allah, and it isobligatory upon the Host to extend hospitality to his guest. (TabaranT,Majrnauz-Zawaid),;r, p;I)!! ,~I Jyt,1i,J1 ~ ... :J~ $..1l1 ~);U4;JG:- ;j-vv, , ,o ~ / 1 J J ~ __ J ~ ,~ ~ /~ / ~ I ~ ~ ~ . , I . 0-;;:>1:> )~j ~1 ~ "l :~ JW ,~;1I1 Jj.:..) ~~ & ,~I ;} ...[1)1;:;.:>1 ~ ~ /~ / I . 0/ , / ~, , 0"_!~ Cii Ii :JW .~~ w;) .1i 1;111 Jj.:..) Ii,~ :1}1.i ,~I y} H:;,"",WI J!!J,;JI.fS" J.:d..,,< ,,..t-. "J) .;)IST ~ !;)ti~ ,;)IST ~ !;)ti~ .~;~)77. Jabir ibne-Abdullah Raqiyallahu anhuma narrates that someplots of land surrounding the Masjid of NabT "iallallahu alaihiwasallam were vacant. Banii Salimah intended to shift close to themasjid. When this news reached Rasiilullah "iallallahu alaihiwasallam. he said to them: I have come to know that you intend toshift close to the masjid. They replied: 0 Rasiilallah! Yes indeed,
    • $ALAT ~55 !$allit in Congregationwe wanted this. Then he said: 0 Bani Salimah! Keep living in yourhouses, your footsteps are recorded as good deeds. Keep living inyour houses, your footsteps are recorded as good deeds. (Muslim) 1 }J~ ~, J"Jl~? ~;>.G-i 6:.).;. ~ ~JI.l ~ &I .; ~;>1 :?) i}.? ~i:; -V / , , , , , ~, ," ~,. " :Ji.-ll JIl oll,>- .;,<101)) ·6ji? ~ "",;,;..;~~j ,,: ;.. <J ~~ i;~ ., .Y/t~e~l,,:..,..,l78. Abu Hurairah Rac,liyallahu anhu narrates that Nabl $allalHihualaihi wasallam said: Anyone of you who leaves his home to cometo my masjid, for every footstep a virtue is written, and for everyother footstep a sin is erased, until he returns. (Ibne-l:Iibban)lli:..¢ .".81 ~ ~~J5~;I<J~) J~ :J~~1i>I:?)i}.;:t,j:;-v~~ ~(, zj ~:,JI ~j ,lli:.. .;..l~1 ~ J.,w :J~- ~I 9 ~ ~ ji JS , ~Jl I&:.~ ~;!~ J5j ,iJi:.. hWI ~Ij :J~-iJi:.. ,~~ If;J< :Jtij:,1 "ii;: "" " ,. J , ,0" , u JS .;. ti<l.iJ.4l II"" oi 01" y, r--"J) .~..;., .fjoJl.f C;~~1 ~j ,~..;., !~I nr.:",)" , , ,";).,..Jl,)"79. Abu Hurairah Rac,liyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasal1am said: Sadaqah is due on each joint of maneveryday the sun rises. He (then) said: When you impart justicebetween two persons, it is Sadaqah; and when you help a personmount his animal or to lift and place his belongings upon, it is aSadaqah. He added: And a good word is a Sadaqah; and everyfootstep you take for Salat is a Sadaqah, and when you remove anobstacle from the path, it is a Sadaqah. (Muslim)J ~)J.;..;;:;,~ .~1i>1 ~ :J~ ~;II J~) tl ~1i>I:?)i}.;~I:; -/. ,t"" ,~ ""-IJ j,..,J~1 J ";1)011 "Jj .~~I ~ ji ew Joy" ~I J ~d, , , , t A; .u1))180. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: Verily, Allah will illuminate thosewho make their way to the masjids in darkness, with a brilliant lighton the Day of Resurrection. (Tabaranj, Majmauz-Zawaid)
    • SALAT 156 Sa/iii in Congregation~ ~t.:..,jl Jl i.>j ~, . ;11 :iii ~I Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~:ii>I~) i;.). ~J ~ -A , ~)~~~I~ ... ~JOJ vw;,.J>:;ti)~--"-!J",,"~J) ,,ijJI~) ~ ""..:..1j;J1 cl;JJ! ,~I " ,!,,{, -:-J.rJ1 ,~,J.,.J Y Jli.ow jAJft!l.SJl:>..,JI~~~)~ljArJ:l./~ :l.S~.rJ181. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah.)allalliihu alaihi wasallam said: Those who frequent the masjids indarkness are, undoubtedly, the people who are immersed in AllahsMercy. (Ibne-Majah. TarghTh)~t.:..,jl J[ ~~II ~ ~I ~ ; I, fi :J~ iii &?I .f ~ ..11 ~) i~). ~ -A Y o~, ;)~I}-aIJl...w""", ~yL "J"J<i"J) .~~I~Ji~81 )}!~82. Buraidah Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that Nab! .)allallahu alaihiwasallam said: Good tidings for those who frequent the masjids indarkness of complete Nur (light) on the Day of Resurrection. (AbuDiiwud) ... I ... JJJ~~ .1° ~ ...*~ ~~I il :iii,ijJ1 Jj.:.) JLi :JLi ~.iill~) Zsl..G:J1 :(~, ~I ~ -Ar J . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 .... t)- *.:,.;"jil ~1 :J~ ,~I Jj.:.) ~ ,~ :I)~ f-?G..:,;.]I ~ J.i.;.) ,~I!,;JI ;k;~i ~ lAy §~I ~ bGI) -!-!. ;il I~ J[ "w, ajS) ~~~I ~ -~J,JI~:J ~lA~1 t ~ :::~! ,j, t J cj ~I,:t~.? 1;1(,:: ~ ~ ty.;JO,u<>-""J) ("",.wI) .~)I~I ,<i:#I~1 :~,wsJH[,tA,~J,i~1 I YV I y C""" ""-) J>o.!83. Abu Sajd Al-Khudrj Ra<,liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Should I not guide you to the meansby which Allah forgives sius and increases good deeds? Theyreplied: 0 Rasiilallah! Please do so. He said: Performing completeWu<,lu even in difficulty, and taking many footsteps to the masjid,and after offering one .)aliil waiting for the next. And whosoeverleaves his house in a state of Wu<,lu till he reaches the masjid, thenoffers .)alat in congregation with the Muslims and waits for the next.)alat; it is for him that the angels say: 0 Allah! forgive him, 0Allah! Have Mercy upon him. (Ibne I:libban).
    • $ALAT 157 $allit in Congregation~llS:.jl.ft ~;:"~I t.l;.! :~~ !~I ~:,.:.) Ii ,J.; :I)~ YSot;,..):U ~tl:,ij 1iU:;j ~ J~"" ,-", 0 ",OJJ.l>i..,," ,,,L-o .,) .JolijJl~.il ,§)lAJ1 ~ §)lAJ1 )~Ij +r~1 Jl kJ 3jsj OAV:~) ,.)I5:.JI,p.,.r"}It1,-184. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalIahu alaihi wasallam told his companions: Should I not guideyou to those deeds by which Allah removes sins and raises ranks?They said: 0 Rasiilallah! Please tell us. He said: Performingcomplete Wu<.iii in difficult circumstances, and taking many footstepstowards the Masjid, and waiting for the next Salat after one Salat isRiM!. (Muslim)Note: The well known meaning of Riba, is to take part in thedefence of the Islamic frontiers which is undoubtedly a noble action.In this i)adith Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam has apparentlyreferred to their actions as Ribat because just as soldiers guard thefrontiers, so also by his actions, a man guards himself against theonslaught of the Shaitan and Nafs (innerself). (Mirqiit-ul-MafiitT1));.5J>:-~1 ~ ~! :~~j !ll~1 .,I:":):; ..s:;;;t>.:illl ~)t~; ~:;-Ac? ~I J! tAjk.;.; g)k;:. ~-~tSjj- .~tS:J .:,Zi~I.j:,i~1 JiJ;-~~t.~~ ~~; ·.:i~~j ,s-!~tSi~.j:,i~~j ,?~ ov/l....I.,) .9!e:,i85. Uqbah ibne- Amir Ra<.iiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When a man performs Wu<.iii, thencomes to the masjid and waits to offer Salat, his two scribes or one ofthem records for him ten good deeds for every step taken towards themasjid. And the person sitting in anticipation of Salat is as the oneengaged in worship, and from the time that he left his house until hereturns to it, he will be counted amongst those engaged in Salat.(Musnad A~mad)-<l::I:Cll !~Ii :(JW.ilII~~) " 1j,~1.jt>..ilII~)J;>;J~~:;-" ", ~ " "00 ,oJ,,} ","" ""0 )oJ l"oJ, •• "./..uil~ :..:..li(,,,~ :JIjSo)ASJIJ :..:..liY~iI~I~ ?:~~ :JIj,~):J~ SotAjj::j J ~;"~I t.l;.!J ,§pl ~ +rl.:..J1 J":":,Wlj So~~1 Jl
    • $ALAT 158 $aliit in Congregation }0 ~ ~ ~;:;, ~ ~ ~~. ;:;. J.J , .;:.Jj I... J! ·W GlI "lll"~ )iS31·I w.J1~ .;:.Jj."", • <,T ~"<J" J"!""c J~ <ftJ~ ~ " .~(O" .-iJ ~jJ..,r-: ..;.]1 ~ ,;Ir<~JI~;J ,.;,1".:0., I:. ~l:..j, (I. ;111 .T.C • , "<:• . J , J , .r-- ~ .s, I""" :; ~)~~l:..j)l~~;;i(,i:.!~~~) ;1) ~J)J ~JI~~:J i:i:.U ~ , ,.)"i.y--.J." 1..0 :JIiJ ".l.o.rI"JJ (c..,..l>J1 ~ J"J) ,A>:;; ~ A".:,)~~ ~ 4St :&jH!t1 J:":") J~ ,..,. ro:~) ~v"0).r,y)y~ ,~~~..u­ 86. Muiidh ibue-Jabal RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates in a Ij:adlth Qudsi from Nab! Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam that Alliih Sub1)iinabu wa, TaaHi said: 0 Muljammad! I said: I am here at Your service 0 my Rabb! He said: In what matter is the Highest Assembly (Arch Angels) disputing? I replied: Conceming the acts of atonement. He said: And what are they? I replied: The steps taken towards the lamaah and sitting in masjids waiting for the next saliit and performing complete WUQu even in difficult circumstances. He then said: In what else are they disputing? I said: Serving of food (in hospitality), and gentleness in speech, and saliit at night while people are asleep. He then said: Ask! I said (in supplication): " J I " ,;. ~ Jl ."" .....·Jli*!J1 o Allah Subl)anahii wa Taalll! Verily I ask of You to enable me to do righteous acts, and abstain from forbidden acts, and to grant me the love of the poor; and that You forgive me and have Mercy on me. And if ever You intend to afflict a people with a severe tribulation, take my life unafflicted. And I ask You for Your love, and the love of he who loves You; and the love of an act that will bring me close to Your love, Rasiilulliih sallalHihu alaihi wasallam (then) said: Verily it is the truth, so say it repeatedly to memorize it. (Tirmidhl) b,,~ ~I~ t.O!~:.! ;.S~j :J~ ~ ~I,f ;,;s.iill~) i;; ~J;;. -AV (,$)~~J).,l,~j~~(Ji~~,~jJ~~I~ J)i1~~lj,~J;;,J : rnI:,l)" •• "r-lT~~ :Jlilj!",:-,4 87. Abu Hurairah RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that NabI sallalHihu alaihi wasallam said: A person amongst you gets the reward of saliit, so long as he keeps on waiting for Saliit. Angels pray for him:
    • $ALAT 159 $aliit in Congregationo Allah! Forgive him, and hestow Mercy upon him. This continuesas long as he remains in a state of Wu(1u or leaves the place of Saliit.(BukhiirT)V")~ ,!~I ~!~::Ji ~:~: :J~ !Ii ~I Jj.:.) ~j~.iJl1 ~)i;.;~j;j-iIII~ ~ ~ ~,..... )~I J .,1).011) .....1 ..1~1 ~~jJl J ~:, ~ J:; ~I ~ Zl:...:..)~, ~I .,) Al/I""",.rI ,~,-,,,,,,,c...!)88. Abu Hurairah Ra(1iyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: A person, after performing Salat,remains waiting for the next SaHit, is like a horseman whose steedrapidly charges him in the Path of Allah Subl)anahu wa Taala, andhe is in a great Ribat. that is, defence of Islamic Frontiers (meaningthereby that he is protecting society and himself from Nafs andShaitiln). (Musnad A!)mad, TabaranT, Targhib)~~I f; a1! jp ; ~S !Ii ~I Jj.:.) ~1 ~ illl ~) ~~t.:..; .,i"~f ;j -/ ~ "o.":~.),~.liJl~~,":,,~,~,o.:r.l~lJJ 5~~tiuj ,tHJ ,89. Irbildh ibne-Sariyah Ra(1iyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalHihu alaihi wasallam used to pray for forgiveness three timesfor the first row and once for the second row. (Ibne-Majah)J; ~"i..:..i ~~:, Jill ~!!Ii ~I Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~illl~) iAC;!,:..J;j -~. ~ ~ ~ ~ J ~ / ,;. ~ / ;; ~ ,~ ~~".~I JS-; y..::;A£.."":"ilJl;~ :JI.i ~:iWI JS-: ill Jj.:.) ~ :IYI.i ,~:jl ~IIjj.;. :!Ii ~I Jj.:.) J~J ;&1 J;:, :J~ ~:i&1 J;:, ,~I Jj.:.) ~ :I)~ ",1j~1~;;;F~F.~ ,. , , ~J;h;.:J ,;,~ ,J,WI Ij":": ,~I;~ ::li i Zl 1.f;J:, H~ :;.; Ij~~: ~ j.i:P~I J .,,).011) .....1.,) . ~1i:;.J .;>t.J1 ;~jj -"sli.- ~J.;.J, ~ F)::;; ~:Y~ 0 1.l!I))I~,,,yil J ..... IJc,,)90. Abu Umama Ra4iyalHihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Allah sends Mercy and His angelsinvoke blessings upon the first row. Those present said: 0Rasiilallah! And upon the second? He replied: Allah sends Mercyand His angels invoke blessings upon the first row. (Again) theyasked: And upon the second? He replied: And also upon the second.
    • $ALAT 160 $aliit in CongregationAnd Rasiilulliih SallalUihu alaihi wasallam further said: Straightenyour rows, align your shoulders, be gentle to your brothers, and closethe gaps. For verily Shai!iin enters in the gap between you, like ababy lamb. (Musnad Ai)mad, TabaranT, Majmanz-Zawaid)Note: To be gentle to your brothers means if someone asks you tostraighten your row, by keeping his hand on you, concede to hisrequest.,4lj ~G:-jJi.".l~ ;i;- :~ Jhl Jj.:<j J~ :J~ ~.iill ~j i;; ~J:; -~,," .J #~~Y~~~JJ .41JA?J ,1A~T ~L:1J1 ~~;;;J ,lA~TA~J AO:~j91. Abu Hurairah narrates that Rasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihiwasallam said: The first row of SaUlt amongst the men is mostrewarding and the last is the least; whereas the last rows of Saliitamongst the women are the most rewarding and the first the least.(Mnslim)~u ~. i :0" ~ ~ Jhl Jj.:<j;)1S :J~ $.iiI, ~j Y jl&. J ~I;.il; -~ Y ~"" "~l :J~ ;)IS) .iJ:;jli .::;!:~ # ~ :J~) ~c.) Ujj~ ~ ,~U Jl . " "" ~ "" ", ~ ~ l:~j ,..; ";..al""...,..,,, "J" )!I")j .~)il.".l~1,p..J ;,:..,;;.;s:,,...) J:-)j;.1l1 }"92. Barii ibne-Azib Ra<iiyalliihu anhuma narrates that RasiilulliihSallalliihu alaihi wasallam used to pass through the rows from oneend to the other; setting our chests and shoulders in line and saying:Do not be out of line otherwise your hearts will differ. He used toadd: Verily Alliih Azza wa Jail sends Mercy for the first row andHis angels ask for their forgiveness. (Abu Dawiid) , oH:~J" ••• ~4ii".Laljy~,~j~y14IJJ~ ~~93. Barii ibne-Azib Ra<iiyalliihu anhuma narrates that RasiiluWihSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: Verily Alliih Sub1:liinahii wa Taiiliisends Mercy and His angels invoke blessings for the people who arenearer to the front rows; and there is no step more beloved to Alliihthan one taken to complete a row. (Abu Dawiidj
    • $ALAT 161 Sallit ill Congregation~ il) .; ~~:; 1»1 ~l :lj, dill Jj.:..) J~ :..:J~ ~.ii>1 ~) llJl<- ~ -~ t V:~J" ••• J..aJJ~..aill~~f~,J"y~,~j~y.ioJJ ~~~y .94. Aishah Radhiallahii anhii narrates that Rasiilullah ~a1lallahualaihi wasallam said: Verily Allah Subl)anahii wa Taala sendsMercy and His angels invoke blessings for those who are on the righthand side of rows, (Abu Dawftd)~~I ~I:"";G:-;.s. ::,A:lj, ~I Jj.:..) J~ :J~ $.ii>I~) V"~ JI; - ~ C~ " ~.-~ ovI~ -"IJjllt""" ,;w~J""".IiJ.,J.... J"J ,"" ;J ~1-i~I.r-hII"JJ ,~I;.-j ill ~i ~95, Ibne-Abbiis Radiyalliihu anhuma narrates that Rasiilullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who stands on the left side ofthe row in the masjid, because of the less number of people on thatside, gets double the reward, (TabaranT, Majmauz-Zawaid)Note: As it became known to the ~aQabah that the right hand side ofthe rows carries added virtue, all of them attempted to avail thesame, leaving the left hand side empty, Then Nab! ~allallahu alaihiwasallam informed them about the virtues of standing on the lefthand side of the row, so that it does not remain incomplete, (Fai~-ulQadTr) ;:; " "t "",;:;,,", , " .-;;.,ul ~il~~~J.iil1 ill :JlJ lj,,9I1 ~j.:..)~~.iill ~)J....W.l<-~-~, "It ,. 1 ~ 1 t/."...ulwIJJJ<~J~.!>r-~~"-<J> lolA ,J~JfWI"JJ .J~I il~96, Aishah RadhialHihii anha narrates that Rasiilulliih ~a1lallahua1aihi wasallam said: Verily Allah sends Mercy and His angelsinvoke blessings for those who fill in the gaps to complete the rows.(Mustadrak !:Iakim)~(.ii>I;,j) ~l &:" ~J.f.i:i :J~ lj, ~I Jj.:..) ~j~~I~) ~.I.;~! ~-w-. ,,.4 ~J .b..J~I-i ~I.r-hI "JJ ("-<.w, Joo< J"J) .},II ~ ~":>Wl ~ ":"~1:; .i.;,.); ylr/1 ......rI 97. Abu Hurairah Radiyalliihu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever joins a row (of ~a1at),Allah raises him one rank; and the angels shower (Allahs) blessingsupon him. (TabaranT, TarghTb)
    • SAUT 162 $allit in Congregation.:,.fs~iiJ)~ :~;l<lj.:..)J~ :J~$.iilI~)~;;lIl~Y.-~A.,) .A~ fi all J~jJ~) A~~jb;:. ~ l:f.l~I~j,;:. ~LOJ ,§}.:.JIJ,..k...o jil , ) .)y:-i;l J.p~ 01))) .J/H ~~ I...+A":J.S ~ J iJ~ ~lJ .~ ~L;...~ J.r.J ~n /I....,..;J98. Abdulliih ibne- Umar RaQiyalliihu anhuma narrates thatRasQlulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: The best of you arethose whose shoulders are more soft in Saliit. And there is no stepmore rewarding than the step which is taken to fill the gap in the row(of Saliit). (Bazzar, TarghJb, Ibne-l:Iibbiin, TabaranT)Note: The meaning of keeping the shoulders soft in SaHlt is thatwhen somebody tries to enter the row, the persons offering Saliit onthe right and left should relax their shoulders to let him join the row.•,).;J :# .i~1 J i,;,.j l:.:; :J~ ~ ~1 ~1 ~~I~) ~~} Y. -~ ~ yo /" JJJ)l~,,:.,--o~l,,:..,..lJ)1.r.J199. Abu Ju!;laifah RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that Nab! Sallalliihualaihi wasallam said: He who fills the gap in a row (of Saliit) isforgiven. (Bazziir, Majmauz-Zawaid):;J.&:.L.J~~J:;:J~ ~;IJj.:..)~I$.iil~)~J.j- •• ,.- :" ~ .- , ",,:~),..J~~rJYl.!,~jl~J!OJ)(~~~~J) .~I~~&i100. Abdullah ibne-Umar RaQiyaIHihu anhuma narrates thatRasQlulliih Sallalliihn a1aihi wasallam said: He who joins the row (ofSaliit), Allah bestows on him His Mercy, and whoever breaks therow (of SaIat), Allah keeps him away from His Mercy. (Abn Dawud)Note: Breaking the row means either placing something (personalbelongings) in the row, which would break the continuity of the row;or seeing a vacant space and yet not occupying it. (Mirqat-ul-MafiitIl) .- J J ... ,,:: " J" J ) - ) /.~i~";~~~()~~~):;: .. :~&31.j..:&...:ll~),-,,"iy.-. ... .. .. ,. VYl":~),;;~,~w~,_Q..,Q.Il4..li!~lfl,$)~OJJ .~y..AI101. Anas RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that NabI Sallalliihu a1aihiwasallam said: Straighten your rows, for the straightening of therows in Saliit is essential for offering Saliit correctly. (BukhiirT)
    • $ALAT 163 $aliit in Congregationl:.,Ji:; :J~ Ii> ilJl J~J ~ :J~ :u...lil ~J i.l~; i.l~;; -. y)1 ,~~,~)1 ,,!,&I~A~ ,~~I~~IJ~~ ,.j.:;.~I~ij~~ J JJ J" ~ ~ • • t ~:~) iy.,aJ1JJ-YJ.ioi-" ,,..w.,J ) . .;y~ ,J,lll P ,~IJ102. Uthman ibne- Affan Ra~iyallahu anhu narrates: I heardRasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He, who performedWU~il for Salat and performed it properly and then went on foot tooffer the obligatory Salat and offered it along with the people or incongregation or in the Masjid, Allah would forgive his sins. (Muslim)~ ",::;; J J , " J , " J • .- ::;; / • ,J /~J;1"lll iJt :Jj.ii Ii>;ill J~J ~ :JIl ~..lll ~J ",;,lk.:JI;:"; ~ - .,. "~/YJ!J)It""" ,.r>,,"-iJ ......1.,J) ·r J ., l §~I ~ ~..;;J JWj , ,103. Umar ibnil Khat.lab Ra~iyallahu anhu narrates: I heardRasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Allah Subl;1anahil waTa ala indeed admires the people offering Salat in congregation.(Musnad Al].rnad, Majrnauz-Zawaid)J,f]§).:,,~ :li>ilJIJ~JJ~ :J~:u..ili~J~~;ilJ4;;-· f ~/./" . m/ ...... I.,J).~J;iJ)~J~, •..;.j~~~~1 ,104. Abdullah ibne-Masild Ra~iyallahu anhu narrates thatRasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The excellence of apersons Salat in congregation is even greater than twenty times ascompared to his individual Sala!. (Musuad A~mad)~4;..i J ,f) Ii).:" :JJ> ilJl J~J J~ :J~:u.. .li ~) 3).;:",];; - •0 , ." / " JJ.ioi -", ,,-,)o..,J "JJ (~.wl) . ~ JrJ ~ ~~:ij ~:i ~ ~ ~ t v:~j,~~i;""105. Abu Hurairah Ra~iyallahu anhu narrates that RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The reward of Salat offered by aperson in congregation is twenty five times greater as compared tothat Salat offered by him alone in his house or place of business.(BUkhiirJ)
    • $ALA"T 164 $allit in Congregation 1VV:";) " , , "w.Jliy.,.,J-"lY4 ,1"-")) .i.;,.j; ;;.r4j( ~:WI106. Abdullah ibne-Umar RaeJiyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Salat in congregation istwenty seven times greater in reward as compared to Salat offeredindividually. (Muslim)~j;~]di;.. :$~<J;;j~~ :~~~.iiI~jt6U;.;1ji..;.>t;i:;-.v~I ~ J~j~:;j~j;~)ii;..J ,... P~)!i;..::r ~I ~ J~j~~ ~:;j p !J~ ::r ~I ~ ~~I io-"~I ~ji ~W o)l;,.J ,... p ~W !)l;,. ::r "" 0 1"~,-;" "" ,,"/}pH 01)) .... , ~ ~/ .iJ1)j1t""" ,., Jl J~ J".)) ..,5:)";,,,)0))107. Qubath ibne-Ashyam Al Laithl RaeJiyallahu anhu narrates thatRasiilullah Sallallahu a1aihi wasallam said: The Salat of twopersons, with one of them as Imam, is more liked by Allah, to theindividual SaHit of four persons. Similarly, the Salat of four persons,with one of them as Imam, is more liked by Allah, to the individualSalat of eight persons. And the Salat of eight persons, with one ofthem as Imam, is more liked by Allah, to the individual Salat ofhundred persons. (Bazzar, Tabarani, Majma uz,zawaid).y..]1 ~ .y..]1 ii;..~; :$ ~I J;;j ~~ :~~ ~il>1 ~j.,.2 J , , , ~ j:; - .1~j ~ oft ~J f}1 ~ ~--}.:,p::r~~j .;.1;,.]1 ~ ~J "~J ~::r J~jto! J" ",I.r- 0 01:";) w.Jliy.,., J-"l"; Y" "J")<1.,)) (c.,AAlI """"..)) .J;,J~ ~I Jt tj.rlI).rWJ jl,ll )1108. Ubayy ibne-Kab Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilulliihSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: The Saliit of a person offered withanother person is better than his Saliit offered alone. And his Saliitwith two persons is better than his Salat offered with one person.Similarly, the larger the number, the more it is liked by Allah, TheAlmighty, The Majestic. (Abu Dawud)~~ I..S;, -oi~1 :$ 4h1 J;;j ~~ :~~ ~.iiI r",:t; (;):J.i,,,;,,:,) V - • ~ :..:.oj , """ Iroo>.... .~ ".:r--:- ,: I:. A;" , J ,;~y ) "ii o~ <.s: Ai;.. I~U ,ii;.. ,y~J ~ J oW ,. . . , ,(" ~ • y:<- ..... I , ,:.h. , 0. :~j,;;;...:JJ!~J.4i,j~~l.oy~~jl,)Y.i4lJj .a~ ~
    • $ALAT 165 $allit in Congregation109. Abu Sa,d Al Khudr, RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah,sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: ,salat in congregation is equivalentto twenty five ,saliit, and when ,saliit is offered in a desert,perfonning its bowing and prostration properly, it reaches up to fiftytimes. (Abu Dawud)iij.i~Si.i~~ :J~ ~#lIJj.:<:~ :J~~..J,ICs-!:"I;):UIcsJ:;-".I<-l ~~ ~~u ,,1:1; ,~Ih~ Ii . /1.. i" ;. I~ ~I i~I:.-.:l ~ ~ i· J<r. ,. " - . ~ J""-"., ,.-.,·c~ J;~ "t V:~JA;~IiJjJ~..w..:l~~~Jl~y.l~lJJ .~Lajl ~JJI110. Abu Darda RaQiyallahu anhu narrates: I heard RasiiliillahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: If three persons in a village, or aforest, do not offer the congregational Salat. then Shaitan fullyoverpowers them. So make it obligatory on yourself to offer Salat incongregation. For undoubtedly the wolf eats the stray goat. (AbuDawud);};";"Jjj~ib~J~:w.J ~~IJii~ :..:J~~..J,ICs-!:~lt.:;-"-Py,,) J)~I.i~).;.s.;.iJ,-:,:;.i ~ ~I t.;J :Jt~U#;}.:t~ ~1 . " ,q,":~J." ~J~~JJJ-illy,,-!II 1. Aishah RaQiyallahu anha narrates that when Nab, Sallalliihualaihi wasallam fell ill, he asked for permission from his wives thathis nursing be done in my house. They gave him their consent.When Rasiiliillah ,sallallahu alaihi wasallam came out (for Salat)with the support of two persons, his feet were making a line on theground (as a result of trailing along). (Bukhari)JIO:-/,~ ..,.,b y J.;., Ii! ~iS ~;1I1 Jj.:<:, tl ~.i»1 Cs-!: P J llwJ:; -, Y ~ ~~ ~~ "~ .- JI .- J", J" ,," J • , .-,ijA :yl}"i l Jj.i:; J>- ~I y~i;">J ~~I ~ ~~ .i ;.(,Ij ~ Q ,;1I1~iJj ~~J:i;;jJ :JliL~!~~1 ~;1IIJj.:<:,J.;.,li~ ,~)~ jj~~:Jil)<S.l.)1,,).~;1I1 Yj.:<: to ~ ji UlJ :~wJ J~ .i.;,~J ~~ IJSI;ji ~j ~~::;.~ ""A:~)~..rJlyb...pl~,j,.,-,:-l.4Y~~v--~J>..lAIl2. FaQalah ibne- Ubaid RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that whenRasiilulliih ,sallallahu alaihi wasallam used to lead the Salat, some
    • SALAT 166 $alli1 in Congregationpeople standing in the row would fall down due to extreme hunger;and they were the people of Suffah about whom the villagers wouldsay that they were insane. One day, when Rasiilulliih Sallalliihu .alaihi wasallam completed the Saliit, he turned to them and said: Ifyou know the reward that Alliih has for you, then you would like tolive with more hunger and needs. FaQiilah says: I was withRasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam that day. (Tirmidhi)~:; ::J~ ~ ~I Jj.:.) ~ :J~ ~ ..111 :sf) ;)~ .;.;)W<. :;. -, I" ::. ;; :i:~ ~ ::. ::. ~ ::.~~ F ~ 0J;1l1 ~ w~ ~~:} ~I ~:;:, .p!i ~ ~t! w~ ~~ :} .~I ", i , :~)~~lj,l.CAIli)V~Y4,,..L-oj).ililB. Uthmiin ibne- Afran RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates: I heardRasiilulliih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: The one who offeredIsha Saliit in congregation, it was as if he remained in Saliit uptomidnight, and if he offered the Fajr Saliit in congregation, it was as ifhe remained in Saliit the whole night. (Muslim)Note: Some scholars on the basis of other a!)iidlth interpret this tomean that he who offers Isha and Fajr Saliit both in congregationgets the reward of the whole nights worship.~~I J:s. S~ Jill ~ :$ ~I Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~..1II:sf) a;.;. ... o~~,~ J:;. -, , t ~.J~ iAY:~)" , • c..,Ji)V~ Y4,,..L-o"j) (~.w) . j..iJ1 .)1.;,,: ~~Ii)l.;"114. Abu Hurairah RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that RasiiliillahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed! The most burdensomeSaliit for hypocrites is the Saliit of Fajr and the Salat of Isha.(Muslim)~I ~ A ;);j:; Jl:, :JU $ ~I Jj.:.) ~1 ~..1II:sf) a;.;. ...J:;. -II""j) (~..,j,)..l»J"j) . Iy Jl:, ~ji~ ;:: loli: j;.:;h ~ A;)):,;; Jl:, ~lli:: ,~ ", O:~J.~l~~IJ~~~<orII.lI,$J.:oi.J115. Abu Hurairah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: If people would have known thevirtues of going to the Masjid for :(:uhr Salat in the scorching heat.then they would certainly compete with one another in going to theMasjid. And if they knew the virtues of Isha and Fajr Saliit, they
    • $AL4T 167 Sa/lit ill Congregationwould indeed go to the Masjid for these $alat, even if (due to someillness) they had to drag themselves. (Bukharj)~~w,~~I j:..;; :~;111 Jj.:.)J~ :J~~:.1l1.$")ij:;~J~- ",~I Jl,.) ~l,.)J~I J .jlpklloIJ) .~Jl ~81 J,,il1;.;s- ;1.1;;~ );:.1;;..i;1.1 ~~;) y~/y.uIJ)lF116. Abu Bakrah Ra<;liyaIIahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah$allallahu alaihi wasallam said: A person, who offers the Fajr $alatin congregation, is in Allahs protection and the person, whoharasses the one who is in the protection of Allah, will be throwninto Hell Fire by Allah. (rabaranT, Majrnauz-Zawaid)~~y.~JI,i».j:..;; :~;1.IJj.:.)J~ :J~~.iill.$").;.l!t,;.;.~~-IVIJ) ~ .. .";Lill ~ i <I;: Pi ~ i or,; :iJU 01 " ::" Jjl:il i~1 .!l~.li ~w, ~.. ;;U J~ J . ~~. ~I J 0 :,,).u.s .blbJl J~ HI:";) JJ~ i~1 J-:oi J ,l,.~ "", ,,,.t..rJ11 1<""I ~ ;J~J ".t.yJl.,») ....,,;;,W "I») ""J .....J ~J ;.ll -) J..-J J~ Jr" " ..... .:r;".l " ~ ,,») ~~! w) y,yh.,..,..rJ 117. Anas ibne-Malik Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah$allallahu alaihi wasallam said: A person who offers $aIat for fortydays in congregation, purely to please Allah, starting with the Imiimright from the first Takbfr, receives two exemptions; one from Hell-Fire, and the other from hypocrisy. (TirrnidhT)~ ?T ~j ~:l.il :~,i»1 Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~:.1l1 .$") i).; ~J ~ -, ,1 .~"oIGl~i-::-~&,• J) .~ ~Y .If, ,~"o,oI"§!ft! ~ .r-< j!..s. I" ;""" ~ ~-:J - ... JJ.·~.1"~l.A::.T~: r_~ ? 0. J d ... ~ ~ ., t ~:~j ,.u:.-:J1!J.i .}..l:!..u...I1 Y4 ,,)jl~.J!1118. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasillullah$allaIIahu alaihi wasallam said: I thought of asking some youngstersto collect a large quantity of firewood, and then proceed to thehouses of those people who offer their obligatory $aIat in theirhomes without any valid excuse, and bum their houses on them.(Abu Dawiid)
    • $ALAT 168 $aliit in Congregation , ~ " ~ ""J J" J J ". "F J .-~~;;Ji41~i;~~J,~I;;,;iJ~LO;o,#,~fJ~?"ti~Ji lAA:~),~IJ~J~lfJ.A!y.tI~4J). ~ tiJ119, Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalHihu auhu narrates that RasiiliillahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Anyone who performs Wu<;lii andperforms it properly, then comes to the Friday Salat, listens to theKhutbah (sermon) attentively, and remains silent, his sins betweenthis Friday and the last one are forgiven; and also (the sins) for threeadditional days. But he who touches the pebbles duriug the Khutbah(plays with them with his hands, or floor-mats or clothes) then he hasacted irrelevantly (due to which he lost the special reward for theFriday Salat). (Muslim)j..:hl.r :JJ.i; ~;»Ij~j~ :jl!~..1lI~j&~(.,)~ yJ1i~J~-Y..J~ ,j;.;,-; ~ 10;,...1ro,,>,"1,,> ,,,,u.;..;.1 ~.r.lJ ,i~ ~l$ ~ -..:J, ~ Zr:oJ ,l;~Ij; . ":~"" ,,; , ~;""" ~ljt1- ":";l$ ",1 a;? ;;LOlt-; ;l ,: ail ~ ,I~j ~jiiJJ:J ,:; ~lts:r.l ,~, I Y./........1." .-S.:,;:.~, ~;~I;;,;iJ~ ~120. Abu Ayyiib AI AnsarI Ra<;liyallahu auhu narrates: I heardRasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: Anyone who takes abath ou Friday, and uses perfume if he has any, and wears his bestclothes and then comes out until he reaches the Masjid and offers theprescribed Salat and does not hurt anyone, and keeps silent from thetime the Imam comes out for the Khutbah (sermon) till he finishesthe Salat, it is an atonement for his sins from this Friday to theprevious one. (Musuad A~mad)~;~I rj;~jJ , :id :~ ts? jl! :jl! ~..1l1 ~j &:,,)WI ~W,;,. ~ - Y;;,;i:;~~r~~ ~, :1;0 ~~~~;~~J ,;~t.lb:"LO Jlb:!J . • J,.-sf>, . .;;..1).. .# "LO"I"(;I~" ~,., "·l1~I·" ":;1.0;0" ,~ t rr- ,~r" J" J;; . ; ; ... ,," J .J.:. "J" " ) ~", J .5LOl·.~ .. ··1 " >,$""""!.r"!" AA Y:~ J .~Q"JJy~ 1i.S)u.:..,Jlo)J121. Salman Al FarsI Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that NabI Sallallahualaihi wasallarn said: A person who takes a bath on Friday, andpurifies himself as much as he can, applies oil to his hair, or uses theperfume available in his house, then goes to the Masjid and sits
    • $ALAT 169 $alllt in Congregationwithout squeezing two persons and prays what is prescribed for him,and then listens to the Khutbah of the Imam silently and attentively,his sins are forgiven from that Friday to the previous one. (BukharI)A~ :~I ~ J;;:i ~ ~I Jj:..j J~ :J~ ",,:1», ~j i;j. ~:;. - y y,l,., J~I J;pk!IJJ . .;lI:,;Jlt~j I) ,:h~ I~ ;.S::J1»1 ~~ y. I:u, ~l !::"~~!, JI r AII/l ,"IJ)I F ,"Lil~"")J.r-A.aIJ122. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasUlulliihSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said once on a Friday: 0 Community ofMuslims! Allah has made this day an Eid for you, so take a bathand heedfully brush your teeth with Siwak (toothstick). (TabaranI,Majrnauz-Zawaid)~l1,;j1 J.:..j J;~ ~y~1 ~l :J~ ~ &fll ~ ",,1», ~ji;lAj UJ:;. - yy.......jo &- "VV/l ,"IJ)I F ,"Lil ~"")J ~I J .;pk!1 "J) . ~~I ;11 ~j.:.ol ~ ..:JJ.r-!,";)1AJ1123. Abu Umamah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Indeed the bath, taken on Friday,removes sins even to the extent of removing them from the roots ofthe hair. (TabaranI, Majma uz-Zawiiid)~~~jJ;..;JI~y;)I5I;1:~~IJ~ :J~"".1I~);;UJ:;-H~~15~ ,a;~ ~~ ~~ P ~ J-ij ,Jr~~ JJ~I;) ~ ~I ;~ ~~J~J:·1J ~ J.Jb ~~jl t}- ,~~ ,i~ fJ ,~~~ ftS ,w.;s- fJ J)i ~~ ~ l ~:",),,-"IIY.~IJ!t~11.."u,,,)Ii.JI"J) .}iJl124. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalliihu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: When it is a Friday, the angels standat the door of the Masjid recording the names of those who comefirst, and then those who follow. And he who comes early is treatedlike one sacrificing a camel, the next is like one who sacrifices acow, next a sheep, next a hen and next an egg. When the Imamcomes out (for giving the sermon), the angels fold up the register andbecome busy in listening to the sermon. (BukhiirI)
    • $ALAT 170 Sallit in Congregationtil) dill 4:) c!) J ~~);;. ~~ ~ :J~.& 4:) ~J ~J J~; ~ - y., ~ F F F F~,&~).r--Iii ~ ,~ ~ ~ ~~ ~tk;. ~~ ,:,..;.;IJLi! ~ Jt;-C;".....rl,.,j) .~& Js.1j- ~ ~ ~ ~ ,c;:;! ~?- i :lJ, ~ :Jj.:..) J~ :J~ ,,,,.., :~J •.&I~JoLo.a..:.J.r.-;r~J;.,;-LoY4 ~.f~.:r-~...u- ..I.A :JIl J125. YazId ibne-AbI Maryam Ra!)imahullah narrates: Abaya ibne-Rafi Ra!)imahullah met me, when I was going to Friday SaIat onfoot, and he said: Glad tidings for you, indeed these steps of yoursare in the Path of Allah; I heard Aba Abs Raejiyallahu anhu sayingthat RasUlUllah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: He whose feet arecovered with dust in the Path of Al1iih, those (feet) are forbidden onthe Hell-Fire. (TirmidhI)p:; ::J~lJ,~IJj.:..)~:J~~,.&,~)~,,,,,Ji;<tJj~-y,iJiS ~~J(y·.~~C;~1 ~ u;) ,.:,5ji~) ,~) ~I) ):;~:r :6) ,;;~h~ji . . rt " <"),-JJJ-<IJ",,J".JI.,)) .~~) ~~;:.1 p~r,k~ ~,:J126. Aws ibne-Aws Thaqafi Raejiyalliihu anhu narrates: I heardRasUlul1iih Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam saying: He who takes bathproperly and perfectly on Friday, hastens to the Masjid very earlyand goes on foot, not riding, sits close to the Imam aud listens (to thesermon) attentively, does not speak at all, then for each step he willget the reward of one years fasting and one year of offering Salat atnight. (Abu Dawiid)~) J . :61) p:; :J~ lJ, ~;f $il,~) J?; ~I 4:; - y V.~~)p~~ J-I LO~!~ ~,:J ~iS ,":"::";1) to" .1) ,y;i~ u;) ,~I) l.q,/l~{CJ)127. Abdullah ibne-Amr Raejiyallahu anhuma narrates that NabISallallahu alaihi wasallam said: One who takes bath on Fridayproperly and perfectly and goes very early for Friday Salat, sits veryclose (to the Imam), and listens (to the sermon) attentively, andremains silent, then for each step of his, gets the reward of One yearsSalat at night aud one years fasting. (Musnad Ahmad)
    • $ALAT 171 Sallit in Congregation4- 3/..;,J ~Y. ~l :~~, J~ :J~ ~.iil ~J ~~14; ~l;l ~J:; -Y1~ 9J .~ iY.J ~~, iY. ~ ~ ~ ~1 Y;J .~ ~ ~lJ i{11i ~L:.. 9j r~T ill, Ji 9J ,.))~1 Jt r~T 9.iil1 i.:;;.lj r~T 9.iil1 Ji;. :~W;.....,:,d!A .. c;,~t.:.JI·:;.u· c;"" J·l:.;·.ic;,~HliIS~I;i·.iilIJl:.; - ,J4-..:r- ~yll.-.J.r -I"" , _ . -..:,.,.Co.;.;I"J) ";~I ~Y. ~ ~i; ~ ;J.J ~l;; ij ~~ ij [.~) ij .))1 i J~t,;.:.. ij ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ AI:,..),~I~"128. Abu Lubiiba ibne- Abdul Mundhir Ra<;liya1lahu anhu narratesthat Nab! Sallallahu a1aihi wasallam said: Friday is the chief of thedays, and most dignified among the days in the sight of AllahSublfanahii wa Taala. This day is greater than Eid-ul-Arf.!za andEid-ul-Filr in Allahs sight. It has five attributes: On this day Anahcreated Adam Alaihissalam; on this day Allah sent down AdamAlaihis Salam to the earth; on this day Anah seized Adam AlaihisSalam in death; it contains a certain hour at which no slave asksAllah for anything without Allah granting it, as long as he does notask for anything unlawful; and on this day the Last Hour will come.All His preferred angels, the sky, the earth, the winds, the mountainsand the oceans fear the day of Friday (as on this day Resurrectionwill take place). (Ibne-Majah)~y~iJ~,tJ1Ji :J~ ~~IJ~J~l~.iil~Ji;~~J:;- Y~~, ~:Ii;,,;,~ ~t ~;~ ~Y. U;;; ~j ~l0~ ~ c;J 3;~ iY. ~ ~1 iY. ./v~" .....) :Ji-ll J;!.,>-;;J) ..:,.i~IJ129. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RaswunahSal1allahu alaihi wasallam said: None of the days, on which the sunrises and sets, is better than Friday. All living creatures fear the dayof Friday except the two burdensome classes, Human beings andJinns. ([bne-Bibban)cs!~! :J~ ~ ~1 J~J ~1 $.iil~.i i;~ ~lj &~:Jj .:~. ~J:;. -,.. ,J,:i;; . -, ,-..:.r-J.r- -~ . I;.,"" J) .r- .~J ,~ ,~1 ~I ;, l~ ,- ·.iill Jl:.;·.L.: ~ -r;Ji. i JsL:.. . ~I r/.s".)Ie"" ,......1
    • $ALAT 172 $aliit in Congregation130. Abu Sa"id Al KhudrT Ra<;liyallahu anhu and Abu HurairahRa<;liyallahu anhu narrate that Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallarnsaid: There is a specific time on Friday in which whatever a Muslimslave asks from AllahAzza wa Jail, He grants it to him and this timeis afterA,f. (Musnad A~mad, Fat~-ur-RabbanI);;;~~Jji; @,;1l<:Jj.:<) ~ :J~::"..1I~) &?~I ~y~J;j - l J// Jo/I .~ ,~v.:~J,~I~ J.;J",wIJY"~")J,i~I~<JJ!~~~I~<Ji ..131. Abu MUsa Al AsharT Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates: I heard:Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying (mentioning thespecific time on Friday in which Oua is accepted): It occurs betweenthe time when the Imam sits down for Khulbah till the end of Salat(Muslim)Note: There are many other al)adIth ascertaining the hour ofacceptance of a supplication on Fridays, Hence, the whole day ofFriday should be utilized in worship and supplication. (NawawI)
    • $ALAT 173 Sunllah and Niifdah SUNNAH AND NAFILAH NON-OBLIGATORY PRAYERS VERSES OF QURANAIIah Subl)anahii wa TaaJa said to :JW:&I J~His Prophet ~allallahu a1aihiwasallam:And in some parts of the night(also) offer the Tahajjud Salat as "> -:; 1/1:/ /~/ ///.-- 1an additional prayer (Tahajjud) for 1:~ALi.4..J~01you. It may be that your Rabb wiIl [v~ :,Ir-~IJraise you to Maquam Ma[unood (apraised station). AI-lsra 17: 79Note: On the Day of Resurrection by the intercession of RasiiIullah~allamihu alaihi wasaIlam reckoning will commence. This honouris called Maquam Ma[mwod (a praised station). (Bayan-ul-Quran)AIIah Subi,J.anahii wa Taalii says:And those who spend the night, fortheir Lord, prostrating and standing(in ~aIat). AI-Furqan 25: 64AIIah Subl)anahii wa Ta ala says: :JWJ~) ,.,. >.,./ //" / ",>J- J-}. -:~They forsake their beds to 0->"-; ~W I if (+-J-"- ~ .-supplicate (engage in ~aliit, ",j- ":""-- __ " // / / f .... "}/-remembrance and invoking) to r+-.i.J L.:-.J c..J,J ,;y. ri..Jtheir Rabb in fear and hope, and
    • $ALAT 174 SUnlzah and Nafllalzthey spend from what We haveprovided them.So, no soul knows what is putsecret for them of the coolness ofeyes, the recompence of that theydid. As-Sajdah 32: 16-17Allah Subl;tanahU wa Taala says:Indeed, the righteous will beamong gardens and springs,accepting what their Sustainer hasgi ven them. Indeed, they werebefore that, doers of good.They used to sleep but little atnight;And in the hours before dawn, theywould ask forgiveness. Adh-Dhariyat 51: 15-18Allah Subl;tanahu wa Taala said toHis Prophet. SallaIUihu aIaihiwasaIlam:o you who wraps himself (in acloak)!Arise (to pray) in the night but alittle,A half thereof, or a little thereof,Or a little more, and recite theQuran calmly with pauses anddistinctly (according to the rules ofrecitation. One wisdom of Taha-jjud prayer is that the effort ofgetting up at night develops thecapacity to execute the responsi-bilities of these heavy words).Verily, We will cast upon you aheavy word.
    • $ALAT 175 8unnah and Ntifilah(The second wisdom is that) Therising in the night stronglydisciplines the "Nafs" (ones inner i:J~self) and the words are recitedcorrectly, (at this time recitation, ~tl2;Dhikr and supplication comedirectly from the heart). O~(A third wisdom is that)There is for you during the day a ~ ."Qi ~ -ill ~lprolonged occupation (likeTabligh. So the night must be keptexclusively for Allahs worship [v-J;,j 0 >..}which will make easy for you thedays work). AI-Muzzammil 73: 1~7 AIJADITH~~j *~ ~ ~.iill ~~j A :~~fli J~ :J~ ~.iill Cs+)~A1 ~J:; -, lY#>1 Jl :,~.:,.,) Ay !O~ ~ ~; A ~I ",,1) Js. ~i;J :,J10[Y ,,;~:i:";,;,:£) y" ,:~) ,~[./Lo~kJJ~~~ ;;Lo,":,-,~ IS....rJlelJ)~ t.;. ~ ~~Jj&.132. Abu Umamah Ra<;Iiyallahu anhu narrates that Nabi Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: Allah does not grant a slave grace engage inanything more rewarding for him than two Rakal, which he offers.VeJily righteousness is spread over his head so long as he is engagedin SaIat. And man does not come nearer to Allah with anythingbetter than that which came forth from Allah Azza wa Jail, meaningthereby the Qur an. (TinnidhT)Note: Apart from the importance of Nafl SaIat, this !)adHh explainsthat the maximum c10seuess to Allah Sub!)anahu wa Taala isachieved by reciting the Qur an. ~. ~ ~ F~ ~ ,~;; ~ ~,~ ;)iY;s.:; -, 1"1" ) ~?,l11.L. ~L:.:; :JLii ;..<; ~ ~,.lI Jj.:.).:>i ~,i," Cs+) ~ , ~ ~ , OJ ~ - , j ) / • _ ~F" _J J ~,,"ii~")j.k.-j~j""~"j) .itS;;> ~ ~ .L. Jl::";i ;>b» :JLii .:>~ :lyLii ."/Y""j}l~
    • $ALAT 176 Sunnah and Niifilah133. Abu Hurairah Ra<)iyallahu auhu narrates that RasUlullahSallalliihu alaihi wasallam passed by a grave aud asked: Whosegrave is this? The Sa1)abah replied: Of so and so. RasulullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: For this man in the grave, theoffering of two Rakat is dearer than all your world and whatever itcontains. CTabaranT, Majma- uz-Zawaid)Note: This i)adlth implies that the true value of two Rakat willbecome evident after death.:i;.U CJ~ ~»)) .,G.ilI:;j t.f i3 ~1 J( t<- ~1~»)1 ~(:; -I "1 " ", " ./ }., ,," ,," l J ., I , 1:Jli;l>1 J~) ~ <1::1:.:.Jl !):, ~i ~ :JW ,;;:.j4; J)JlI.!.U~ ~ ~~ ~ ,/ M:~»)1 ~ CJ4; W- :";j~ t<- CJ~ ~I;;"j fo, J;.;, i~1 J .j ~:,,;;il J • ~,:, . I • ,vo,jOJ..o,:lo-¢JJ ·~frJ~~0"134. Abu Oharr Ra<)iyallahu anhu narrates that once NabI Sallalliihualaihi wasallarn carne out in autumn and leaves were falling fromthe trees. He held two branches of a tree in his hand and their leavesstarted to fall even more. NabI Sallalliihu alaihi wasallam said: 0Abu Oharr! I replied: At your service, I am here 0 RasUlallahi Hecontinued: Undoubtedly when a Muslim offers Salat, desiring toplease Allah, his sins fall from him, as these leaves are falling fromthis tree. (Musnad A~mad)iill;;~)i?~I~;L;.:; :~~ i3&;JIJ~~I~)~~:; -I "0 , 1-:--)J - ~:il~ !""")J r:~1~.!""" )) r:~IIIi~·1.S,lt ..1 ~:JI~".:: ,r . .,::e:-" .,::e:-" "" .) ,. . ,. T·)f" ••. ")i.r.r!u,uJ/r-IJ.,L-""",,yy",.,il_J"J) .;..21 J;i ~») ,GJi ~ V~,:~)135. A.ishah Ra<)iyallahu anha narrates that NabI Sallallahu alaihiwasallarn said: He who is regular in offering twelve Rakiit (ofSalat), Allah Subi)anahii wa Taiila will build for him a house inParadise; four Rakiit before {":uhr, two Rakat after {":uhr, two Rakatafter Maghrib, two Rakat after Isha, and two Rakat before Fajr.(Nasal)
    • $ALAT 177 Sunnah and Niifilah , ~ 0 I "~~J ••• -"""1"--.rJY."....,w4,~"JJ .~J.;i~)~136. A.ishah Ra<;liyallahu anha narrates that of all non obligatorySalat, NabI Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was most particular inoffering the two Rakat Sunnah before Fajr. (Muslim):J~ltjJi. ~,;;S}I ",[:;<$lJ~;Ji ~&?Iy ~.ijll ~)..:0~;; - l"V ~ ~"A":~);- ••• .-Ml:L.,~JY~Y~;~"J).l;~~ ~1~~1~(~ ~137. A.ishah Ra<;liyaIHihu anha nanates that NabI SallaIHihu alaihiwasallam said about the two Rakat (Sunnah) before the (obligatory)Fajr Saliit: These two Rakat are more beloved to me than the wholeworld. (Muslim)JJt>. :; : ~ ~I Jj.:<) J~ :~~ ~ i;;1 ~) ~~ ~,j c..:., ~ ~i ;;. - l" / ,J"-""1yC;WJJ .)81 Js. JWiill~:; LO,i;; tijJ AW J;i ?~) ti9 ~ F ~ _ _ A V~J ,.lJL>- ",I.:<J.--" ~138. Umme I:IabIbah binte-Abu Sufyan Ra<;liyallahu anha narratesthat Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever isconstant in offering four Raktit before the :(":uhr Salat and fourRaktit after it, AlJM SubJ:1anahii wa Taala will forbid the Fire onhim. (Nasal)Note: The four Raktit before :(":llhr are Sunna-tul-Miiakkadah (theemphatically enjoined Sunnah Salat), and the four after the :(":uhrSalat, two are Sunna-tul-Mllakkadah, and the other two are Najl.~jj J.:=; ~~ ~ ;;,.:-1-:; :J~;jj ~ ~I ~j.:<);; ~i;;I~) ~ ~i;;. -, l"~~ J"-""1,Y4 ,.;W, " JJ .J;,-JY ii" ,0:, ~ll~ )81 ~J ~ ,)11 ,i;; ?~) A, l~J ,.lJL>- ",I.:<J.--"139. Umme I:IabTha Ra<;liyallahu anha narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Any believing slave who offersfour Raktit after :(":uhr, the Fire will not touch his face, if Allah Azzawa Jall wills. (Nasal)
    • SALAT 178 Sunnah and Niijilah,JIJ}l ~ a~j ~l:>;- Lo..,..,.i ~.f.:..~ ~J.:>- ~L..J,J! ~I ~ ~J.;o- :JI!J 105j.,..r!1 ~J) .~~ .s.lorJl.;.... YJ~It1eJ11 VA~)140. Abdullah ibne-Saib Rac;liyallahu auhu narrates that RasUlullahsallalliihu alaihi wasallam used to offer four Rakat after the sunhad passed the meridian, before the {:uhr salat, and said: This is thehour in which the gates of the sky are opened and I desire that someof my good deeds ascend the sky at this moment. (Tirmidh1)Note: The four Rakat before {:uhr are understood to be SWl1la-tul-Muakkadah. However, according to some other Muslim Scholarsthese four Rakat , after the sun has passed the meridian, are inaddition to the four Rakat of Sunna-tul-Muakkada~ ~I:p ~j :,g., ~I Jj.:.) J~ :J~ ~k,~) "rJ,;.JI.). ~ ~ - t t.+-!; J ~! %~ ~ ~)i£f, ~I Jj.:.) J~ .~I ~).;" ~ 0§1:~ Sr:,..:.;J ~I)i ~ I" ":::. :::. • / (J I ,/ ~ -;; / ~ , ~/ / / ,4","~:""" .ill I~ "UI ..11 .~ A.W; l::.bi. :1"" ~L.:JI ~.iill" JJ: " J , , . !- J ~ " ~r r I" T" I ":~)jM.:Js)r.:r J"""~-:-!..I-~..l:>-..iA :Jlij..sj.,.)141). ~~ (t":~l)141. Umar ibnil-Khattab Rac;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahsallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Four Rakat before {:uhr Salahafter the sun has passed the meridian are reckoned equivalent invirtue to the four Rak at of Tahajjud Salat. RasUlullah sallallahualaihi wasallam added: It is this hour that everything glorifiesAlliih. Then he recited: / l ":::. _:::. • ~ I ./ ")Jo~;..o),Ill,I~JlI;..:JI) ~I.f olll; 1.P.i How their shadows incline to the right and to the left making prostration unto Allah and they are lowly, (Tirmidhf)~:pJ.:.,1;,~,1--c):~~ Jj.:.) J~ :J~ $11~) ~ .).1; - t y YV:~),~J,iS)...AJ1 y~ ~Jl~.f.i~J) ~)142. Abdullah ibne- Umar Rac;liyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasUlu11iih Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: (May) Allah showMercy to a man who prays four Rakat before A~r Salat. (AbuDawud)
    • $ALAT 179 Sunnah and Nafdah ti~) UQt ~~) ~~:; :J~ !ii ~ Jj.:<) bl ~..ll Zsf) i:,;; <SJ:; - f l ~V;~),J",~,,,,J"")ll,it#..,.,,,,)C<,J,,)) .~~ ;;..~~ ~;j ~ ,143. Abu Hurairah Ra<)iyalHihu auhu narrates that Rasiilulliih~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who stands at night in ~alatduring Rama<)an with belief in Allahs promises aud hope forreward, his former sins will be forgiven. (BukhiirT),:,..;5~Jlli~~)~j~ !ii~Jj.:<)bi~~Zsf)~:,J4:; - ff:if :,,)i;;;.. t; tit.:..:;.,) UQ[ :....~):....t.;.,:;.l:....L;i ~ : ::) ,:....~~ ..ll 11 A:~),.J~)~~~,}I~ ..>...,.,~ ,~.o.:r.I~J) .~t~Jjj144. Abdur Ral)man Ra<)iyanahu anhu uarrates that indeedRasiilullah ~allalliihu alaihi wasallam once mentioned Rama<)an andsaid: It is the month in which, Allah has made fasting obligatory foryou, and 1 have made ~aliit a Sunnah at night. So, whoever fasts inRama<)an and offers this ~aliit at night, with firm belief in thepromises of Allah, seeking only to please Him, and hoping forreward, he will be cleansed from his sins like the day his mothergave bitth to him. (Ibne-Majah)t;! ~ : !ii ~, t), J. J~ :J~ ~ ~ Zsf) Z>,..:.,~, ) Z>?j~ 4~ ~:; - f 0 AH/~ ...... i,,))j~,#~~Wi~I..s;)~l !iJ,~ , -145. Abu Fatima AI-Azdi Ra<)iyalliihu anhu narrates that NabiSallallahu alaihi wasallam said to me: 0 Abu Fatima If you desireto meet me (in the Hereafter), then prostrate frequently (offer ~aliitfrequently). (Musnad A1)mad)~~ ~ J"I b[ :.j)i!ii~ Jj.:<) ~J~ ~..ll, Zsf) i:;;:.,.J:; - f .:,..t,;.:lli..s~~t) ,&1) i:lil:ill W.;., ~~ l:U~ ~!~;;.. ~~, ~y: ~:";ft·l.; ~ ZG~,..r J.r- :1:;- :"1 J~."r ~i. v-- _, I.r"J y- . , ,~, ,~;, >.T J.r . .J . " . r ~ ~.:J~ . , ~ , , ~ J _ ~o ~ > ~ , ~:";.l>-.l. ;JilJ"l.?.,).~; JS- ~ jiL:.. .:Jj>:;;.s ~fl ;;..~ ~ ~~ f n":ri).··· d)La.lI~tJl.~I"-!....,......~..oJJliJil~..oY4~.f-..:-:""146. Abu Hurairah Ra<)iyanahu anhu nan-ates: I heard Rasiilullah
    • $ALAT 180 Sunnah and NtifilahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: The first of his deeds, for whicha man will be taken to account on the Day of Resurrection, will behis Salat. If it is sound, he will be saved and successful; but if it isdefective, he will be unfortunate and miserable. If any deficiency isfound in his (obligatory) SaW, Allah Azza wa Jail will say: "Lookat My slave, whether he has any Nafl Saliit, so that what is lacking inthe (obligatory) Salat may be made up by it." Then the rest of hisactious Saum, Zakat etc. will also be dealt within a similar manner.(Tinnidhl).(;"- ~~.:s~ :.,ll~:,LI..;bj~!;)~ ~ ~I .j~.,j,1 ~)l..~1 ~J::~ -tV)G.; ~ </81 J ~Ii ~lS"j:,.:;J J ~li.jj~) i;~;;..;-j ,~~I ~ 1.;.J; ~t,;jl.;1~ ~ :;)~ ~:::,.~,)i~ ..!..lJb J;,:,;J ~i£;jj~ ~lS"j .~I.:P~u,~~ ,,"tV:ri)" .• • J~lj~~..>...,..,~,.:r-""~~.i.A :J1jJ.s~?I~lj) .:Jl)J,j~IY147. Abu Umamah RaQiyallahu anhu narrates that NabI Sallallijhualaihi wasallam said: Indeed, the most enviable among my friendsis the believer who is light burdened (of children and worldly goods);has his full share of Saliit, excellent in his Rabbs worship and healso obeys Him in seclusion. Being inconspicuous, people do notpoint at him. His livelihood is barely sufficient and he is patient.Then Rasiilullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam snapped his fingers (asone does to illustrate something happening very quickly) and said:He dies early, without many women to lament him, nor leavingbehind a large inheritance. (TirmidhT)G.,j~ :;)~:.i~ i1il~7~j~);,.)~j.,j,~)~Q:,;~4:; - tiliJJ~ ,.:..,~.".~" G:;• . ..,-. ). . i+", <J Y .. v 81::; .,...- } ~ G.~k· ""~I1"f".j r? """- -It ~~ , ..".~j ~j :;)~ .:s?I} ~ qAj ~:;;..j ~ ~j;J 1:) ~~)~) ~ !~I ;)j.:.):.:;1 U1 :i1il ~ Jj.:.);)~ ~Jl ~w;.;s~)? t Gijj &J.;J? ~ :;)~ ~..:..;.,)• )L,di j""4 "J")<1,,» .~~ ~.;.s-) :;)~ ~~I ;)j.:.) Ii: ~ ~ :;)~ 1:) f");", l.S).l:..Jl~j~l$i,J-~ or "I ,v:~):J.?Jj148. Abdullah ibne-Salman Ra1)imahullah narrates that a Sa1)abI ofNabI SallalIiihu alaihi wasallam narrated to me: When we had wonthe battle of Khyber, people took out their shares of captured enemy
    • SALAT 181 Sunnah and Niif1lahassets which consisted of prisoners and various things, and hegan tobuy and sell among themselves. Meanwhile, a person came toRasiilu1liih SallalJahu alaihi wasallam and said: 0 Rasiilallah! Ihave earned more profit than anyone else in the valley. RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Woe to you! And what did youearn? He replied: I kept buying and selling and made a net profit ofthree hundred Uqiah of silver. RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihiwasallam said: Shall I inform you of something better than this? Hesaid: Do tell me, 0 RasUlallah He said: Two Rakat Nafl afterobligatory Salat. (Abu Dawlid)Note: One Uqiah comprises of forty dirhams, and one dirham isequivalent to three grams of silver.""i) ~~ Js. ~u:,:, II ~ :J~ iffj ;II Jj:.) ~1 ~ ,,.),, ~) i;~ J:;. - t ~~~ .:J)~ ~Li; J;l ":10. :§ili JS ~iS:; y ~ ~ ~~ -~li ;, ~l- iJ~1~i ,;~.;J;.;I ~ ~~ ,iili.;J;.;, Goj ~~ ,iili .;J;.;I·,.),I jjj ioi:;"jj ~. "<"),J,UII,iY<"J,-"i"j).~~ I : ) . ~1 ~lj ~I .;;.;., 1(,:: ~,; :,:; -J...$ ~1 ,~~ ~f, .I? :"1:,,1 ~ ~I . ;6 ,i.: ~; C, -:1 """,;,<j) nl,<,,),J,Ull,ij,G,"yC .I? ~~~I149. Abu Hurairah Rac,liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When anyone of you goes to sleep,the Shaitan ties three knots at the back of his neck, sealing everyknot with the words: You have a long night, so sleep. So if oneawakens and remembers Allah a knot will be loosened; if heperforms ablution, a knot will be loosened; and if he offers Salat, aknot will be loosened. And in the morning he will be active and inpleasant mood; and having received a great blessing. If he does notoffer Tahajjud, he will be sluggish and industurbed mood, also beingdeprived of a great blessing. (Abu Dawud, Ibne·Majah) ~J ~ J J ~ ! , ~ J ~ ~~i:::- ~)J,) :J;; iffj,ilI1 Jj:.) ~Ji.l ~.olll~)r~ J -#:; - ~ ..;J;.;1",;~Goj I~~ ,G,~ :ili¢j ,)~I J!; j; :1~J2uI:::-~~1~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c~ ~9>:-) Goj ~lj ,iili .;J;.;I <.:..1) ~ ~lj ,iili .;J;.;, ~j Goj ~lj ,lili
    • SALAr 182 Sunnah and Ntifiklh::I~ <oS,. I ~;I ~I I" . .ill ..,., Jrc· I~ ~ J,J.r-7.,. )J,y.." _I;;"" - Y f1 J .c,: t : , : ~ ,.~ -""" ::1 r.II.,;<)Ie:"!I ...... i.,J).:J ~ i~:S4JL,,; ;i150, Uqba ibne- Amir Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates: 1 heardRasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: One. out of twopersons of my Ummah, gets up at night and motivates himself forWu<;lii despite not feeling to do so; since. Shailan had tied knots onhim. When he washes his two hands in Wu<;lii, one knot is loosened;and when he washes his face, another knot is loosened; and when hewipes his head with wet hands, another knot is loosened; and whenhe washes his feet, yet another knot is loosened. Allah Azza wa Jailsays to those behind the veil - His angels: Look at My slave Howmuch hardship he is enduring in dealing with his Nafs (innerself), sonow whatever this slave asks of Me, it will be granted to him.(Musnad Abmad. Fat!)-ur-Rabbani)i :JLii j;lJi ~ ~w:; :J~ ~ &fJi J- ~ .ill ~j ~CaJI .;. i~c;<.;j -, c ,}o~ I, } J,,," "J)- )"" /J. ::; , JS ,J:;- y>j ~I Alj ~I Al ,Al ~r i •..l>-j,J;1 .1 <Ill . " };»,~I Ji.~ %~ <: "~ "/ J : ; , ,J "/ " • <: ,::; " _ "Jc;:,r-- ( " r : J"" 1". . ", J" " "("1 "1"1 "1" "1"·,,,11~1:;1I1 ~I""".,.T J Y Jr. ~J~ ,"",J" ~"",""J •,~J,lII.:I OW.:I J."i y, J " , ,,, ~ ~,,,~::;"".: J. " ,,- ,,,)l>..,J1 " J ) . .,-J:.p .;:..l,i ~ J W>Y "13 ,~I ~, , " "0 11.10",,)151. Ubadah ibne·Samit Ra(1iyallahu anhu narrates that NabTSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: One who wakes up during the nightand says in Dl a:~/~ .~~ *~, ~ ~ ~J ~:Jj /1)I:ll:J,~ ~~ ~ , " ~1 ~ , ~i;..JJ~ ~1 - <: ,:; ,I " "" ,;»u, i; Jl ij Jy. .Ij y,>I,J;lj ,~I it 1,) ij ,;».:>~j , :; //J "" , None is worthy of worship bnt Allah, He is alone, He has no partner; His is the Kingdom, His is all the Praise, and He has Power over everything, Praise be to Allah, Glory he to Allah Who is ahove all fanlts and none is worthy of worship hut Allah; and Allah is the greatest; and there is no might to resist evil, and no power to do good, except through Allah.And says: 0 Allah! Forgive me or makes a Dua, it will be accepted;and if he performs Wu<;lii and offers Salat, then his Salat is alsoaccepted. (BukharT)
    • $ALAT 183 Sunnah and Nafilah :J~~j.uI~~~I;l~~Ii,;S :J~$.1I~),-",~JI.) - C~ " ~ " ~ , , , , ,. " ~ 0 <:. "<, ,. , " J~ 1 dl.4,;J1 dlj ,#;j .,iJJlj ,?I~I ~ c.;1 ,.4,;JI dl o+U .,iJ~lj ,?1~I)j.:..;1 ~I.::.uj ,~:;j .,iJ~lj ,?I~ ~ , . ~ " , 0" . ," , , <: I" 0<: ~" 0 , , ~~jj j>JI c.; .4,;J1 dlj .,iJJ1j ,?I~I .;llA c.;1 .4,;J1 dlj ~ ~J~~~j ~J;..JGlIj ,J;.-i:Jlj,~ciJJij~ ~ ~~j ,J;j ::.J;)D ~Ji ":Gj ,~ cl) ~1.::.u ~I .~ l.<ol2Jlj ,~ ~j ,~)-1 LoJ ~~ Lo :) ~~ ,~?- ~~j ,~~ ~) ,Q iJ~ J[ ~ - Jl-:";i~[-.Jl ~ } Pi .:..;lj ~llJl.:J1 ,,: ~I.l ~j .sJ:,.:,1 ,,~, :~)J,lh,~1"4,,)NI"Jj .~~ ~!~j~j JY~j4iJil"}JI¥"jJ",.i.-J"152. Ibne- Abbas Ra<,liyallahu anhuma narrates that when NabfSallalHihu alaihi wasallam used to wake up for Tahajjud $alatduring the night, he would make this Du a: ~~~l~j ~jJY~j· ..~.::.u~1 o Allah! All praise be to You; You are the Sustainer of the Heavens and the Earth, and whosoever is in them, to You be praise. You are the light of the Heavens and the Earth, and whosoever is in them, to You be praise. You are the King of the Heavens and the Earth, to You be praise. You are the Truth, Your Promise is True, the meeting with You is a certainty, Your Word is True, Paradise is True, Hell is True, the Prophets are True, Mummmad Sallallahu alaihe wasallam is True; the Hour (Day of Resurrection) is True. 0 Allah! To You I have surrendered, upon You I believe, npon You I trust, to You I turn to in repentance, by Your help I have disputed (with the one who does not believe), and to You I have come for judgment. So forgive me my past sins, and those I may do later, my secret and my open sins. You are the One Who enables someone to move forward in good deeds and You are the One Who defers. And none is worthy of worship but You. There is no might to resist evil, and no power to do good, except through Allah. (BukharI)
    • $ALAT 184 8U1mah and Niifdah ;:; J I ~ ~c ~ I ~ ~ 0 ~ " ~1.r--J11J""~"4,.J.->")) ..,J.;JJI iy.;., ,~!I ~ !;..AJI ~Ij ,~~I!lJI ~ "Vj)e:~)153. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyaWihu anhu narrates that RasiiluWihSallaIHihu alaihi wasallam said: The best month for fasting after themonth of Rama<;lan, is the month of AI-MIl/:1arram; and the best SaWtafter obligatory SaWt, is Tahajjlld Salat. (Muslim)~jf-4J;::"~~~ :J@ ~;1<1 Jj.:...i t1;" ~.i&j.JI ~J~0 q-Q:; - 0t " J~" ~ , ~ ~.J"-" ""....... :.,;)""s:J """-"", .,)) ..,J.;JJI ~ Jfi ,~I !y.;., ~ () is ~ j ! L.> .::.J,;. "1"1 J.j))l~IWJ"lJO" 1"..ilj)I~,":"l;.u~J~J..rJJ.,o JAY154. lyas ibne-Mu awiya Al Muzanl Ra1)imahullah narrates thatRasiiluIHih SallalWhu alaihi wasallam said: Be sure to offerTahajjlld SaIat though it may be as short as a goats milking. AnySaUlt offered after Isha will indeed be counted as Tahajjlld.CTabaranT, M<umauz-Znwaid)i;::" J$. f-UI !,;::., J,:;J :~ ;1<1 Jj.:...i J@ :J@ ~ .&1 ~.i ;1<1 4:; - 00t"" ,,,,ill ~")) ""s:J1 " ""-"", .,)) .~~I ~~ J$. }JI ~~ P~~I OlI,jY.l.i1})1155. Abdullah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah Sallallahualaihi wasallam said: The excellence, of nights Nafl SaWt overdays NajI. Salat, is like the excellence of Sadaqah given secretlyover Sadaqall given openly. (Tabaran!. Majma-uz-Zawaid);J~ f-UI ~):,;t :J@ ~;1<1 Jj.:...i:; ~.&I~.i ~<.;JI i;d c<J:;. - o~ • ~ _ ~ ~ ,," J I, ~ ~ J J • Clc; , ~~1>J1"))r1.fi~j ,.;.k;- II iy.;s:.;j;.s::i.iJlr l.iji j.>j~~L:..J yb AI ~.i.l.wIJJ~I.;.;.fiJ.~J.s)l:>YIj, .r-~~~..l.:>-I...iA :JLiJ 1".156. Abu Umamah BahiH Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Make it a practice of offeringTahajjlld, for undoubtedly it was the tradition of the righteous beforeyou. It is a means of bringing you near to your Rabb and anatonement of evil deeds, and a prevention against sins. (Mustadrakt:!akim)
    • $ALAT 185 SUlmah and Niifilah~t ~j ,:il> ~ L~J~ JlJ> &fl;f ~:il>, Cs-") ,;j:U ",J:;. - oV~1 ~j ~ ~1 ~~ ,~j~ ~t~ , ;:~ 1.0 ,,)) Ji~,~;; ~ ~, 1 J, 4,: 1" <j ~ .:s~, ~,j ~:: ij , ! ~ • ~ , :u ..s, J ~;.,.,;G,<5-r-". J..> ..s,. J" J r :J ., ,:u5:; ";;"" .ilI1 "~ 0 0 .JI " 0 ;.;:s , ,, ~ , ~"0 J4., ·J ......· Jr : ~~~~,JJ) L:. yj .J:;.ij ",*",j.i :Jj.i;i j;.U ~ ~j.i;i ,:;;:J-I :?lj ,: ;;. ii:":, JO"~~JJ; !~ / . . . .~ ,I:":j ,I:":" ~;..:,JI ~ ~Lii~:J J~.:,.5) ~ ~i5j;: ~ ~i5 l~l.:s,Jlj t rtf...,...j rJI ,..:.-""~l;....,,~~IJ.Jlpkll~IJ)157. Abu Darda Ra(!iyallahu anhu naITates that NabI Sallallahu alaihi wasallam in a ijadlth QudsI said: There are three personswhom Allah loves and is extremly pleased with them: One, whocontinues to fight in the battlefield alone even when all hiscompanions have deserted him, until he is either martyred or receiveshelp from Allah and becomes victorious. Allah Subl,Janahu waTaaIa says (to the angels): Look at My slave! How he remainedsteadfast and firm in the battlefield, only to please Me. The secondis the one, who has an attractive wife besides him on a soft andluxurious bedding, even then, he gets up to offer Tahajjud Salat.Allah says (to the angels): Look! He is sacrificing his pleasures anddesires, and remembering Me; if he so wanted, he would havecontinued to sleep. Third is that person, who is on a journey in acaravan and when all the members of the caravan, after travelling tilllate, are fast asleep, he gets up to perform Tahajjud Salat, willinglyor unwillingly. (TabaranT, TarghTb)..s1 ~; 411 .} ~! :J~ JlJ> &fll .;. ~ .iill Cs-") (> ;::.~, .:..U~ ~j :;. -, 0/~j ,~i:J, ~j;,~d.J ~i ~.iiI l.O~j ,~~11, ~ ~~~ ~4 ~ 1.O~11, n r!r"";,,c..J :~Ji,"l,>-"""J) .~Q.:,.6Ij~u,158. Abu Malik AI-Ash arI Ra(!iyallahu anhu narrates that NabISallallahu alaihi wasallam said: There are rooms in Paradise, theoutside of which can be seen from inside and the inside from theoutside, Allah has prepared for those who feed others, spread Salam(greetings) abundantly, and offer Salat at night when people aresleeping. (Ibne-I:libban)
    • SALAT 186 Sllnnah and Nafilah!~ Ii :J~ ~ ~I J!:p-f.; <I.O:-J~ l;j:<".il>1 ~j~; ~:; - O~,4i)1.i: ~~ ~ v.; .:..,;.jj -1:-r- ~~ ~ ~I :<j ,.:;.;; ~~,: : _ ~ .u ~ ~ ~ .~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " ~ r.r-~"c..!)L)~IJ"I..,JoII")) .",81.:! ;(;:, ~j ,~I ~t;! ~j.JI.:Jy::. ~j ~Ij f r 1/ ",..,. ri .:-"159. Sahl ihne-Sad Rac;liyalHihu anhuma narrates that JibrallAlaihis Salam came to the Nab! .!)allallahu alaihi wasallam andsuhmitted: 0 Mul:mmmad! You may live a very long life, hut oneday you have to die. Do whatever deeds you wish to do, you willhave a return of it. Love whomsoever you wish, but one day youwill have to leave him. And know with certainty that undoubtedlythe honour of a believer lies in Tahajjlld, and his dignity lies in self-contentment. (TabaranT, Targhlb)4- Ii :~ ~ Jj.:.j:s! J~ :J~ ;j:;, iill ~j "",~.;. J?; ~I ~:;- "J,U11t,i~j,)"hLoy"",)c;",JI.,)).~I ~t;! ~p ~I ~ ~ji; ~IS i~ ~)J ~ ~I 11 oY:",,) ,,-,";IS ,:,J160. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnil-A~ Rac;liyallahu anhuma narratesthat Rasiilullah .!)allallahu alaihi wasallam said to me: 0 Abdullah!Do not be like so and so, who used to offer Tahajjlld at night andthen stopped offering it. (Bukhari)Note: This 1)ad!th implies that without any valid excuse, the deeds inregular practice should not be given up. (Ma.ahir l:Iaque),.?.?~Ii~ :J~ ~~I Jj.:.j~j$.il>I~j~jJ. .,..:ll..:],j -, ~ .- ~ ~ ~ .~",,~, _~. .~, .::;J , .. ) ) " ~::;::fl :)1 ~, I;~ iti ,~ d: ~ iti ,;;>j J.> :J: ~;.s ~i ~ I;!j • 0 , ~ ." " _ ." ~" • .. - _ • ::; 0 wit ......!.,)) .~I~S" ji t.~ .:l.!~;~;.J~ :;;:Jj.J<14j161. Multalib ibne-Rab!ah Rac;liyallahu anhuma narrates thatRasiilullah .!)allalIahu alaihi wasallam said: Tahajjlld .!)alat is intwos. When you offer this .!)alat, then recite Tashahhlld after everytwo Rakat and then remain persistent in imploring Allah by beinglike a person in extreme need, expressing ones helplessness andweakness. The one who did not do it in this manner, his .!)alat isincomplete. (Musnad A~mad)
    • $ALAT 187 Sunnah and NtifilahNote: Ou a can be asked after Tashahhud (in the Salat), as well as,after completing the Salat.~~I ~J,.;:i~:,ll;l ~&?,,>:Ji~:iill ~:ii;4;li.;.~i;.:;.-m<t>:- I~": Iii ,§).;JI i:ij.:. 1::c ,~ ,~~:Ji J~ <I:i: J.:...L: ;ii :J~ ;;:;;,4JI > J .J~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ J .,~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ //.:.Lll eft [.ll L>~ e:i ~i ~~.t>:- l~l.:.Lll ,eft[.ll L>~ e:i 0l,)~IjJ,~I~ !~I,~I~ !~I :J~~~eft~i-~,Le:i!i;c;;",~~I ~ !~I :J~: ,eft;.1:, li~;d e:i Ii;:;;" Jl ,: Iii ,~I~ Ji i;=ll ~ , J ) ~ ~ ~ ~ .r ~ ~ ~ ~ J J~ ~ ,~ • ~ J ~ ~/ Jj.1i ~ e} ~ e:i ~ I~l :.:.Lll ,§.ll4!1 i:ij.:. i01 1 ,SI~::-")j ;.s~ ,J) ~~ J~I~JJJ:%"~~~/ • /.:>~ :J" ~.~..:,," ,dJ~ .:<. J&;",;i ,l,,[j c" ;,;.", . ;,;11 ".:>~ . J"<, . ~ , F .r- r ~ ,.. .fiJ F" ,s.) .~W~I i:ij.:. i;=ll ~.~ ~j * ~~ ~ J~:Ji;.Js-~ ~:ci" C!:":,.!:, ,J;>~I J:i ,t v/y~,},j!j)!¥"J)": :;~j A£j! 162. 1;ludhaifah ibnil-Yaman RadiyalJahu anhu narrates that onenight I happened to pass Rasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam whowas offering Salat in the Masjid of Madlnah. I stood up behindRasillullah Sallallahti alaihi wasallam to offer Salat with him,assuming that he would not be aware of my presence. RasillulHihSallallahu alaihi wasallam was reciting Surah AI,Baqarah. Iassumed that he would go for Rukl1 after one hundred verses, but hedid not do so; I thought that he would go for Rukl1 after twohundred verses, but he did not. I felt sure he would go for Rukl1 atthe end of the Surah. So, when the Surah ended, RasillullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said three times, Alliihhumma Laknllfamd (All praise be to You 0 Allah!) and then started reciting SurahAle- Imran. And I thought after this Surah, he would certainly gofor Rukl1. When Rasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam completedthis Surah, he did not go for RuW but said Alliihhumma Lakallfamd, and started Surah Maidah. I thought that he would go forRtikl1 at the end of this Surah, and he did perform Rukl1; and Iheard him reciting this Tasblll in Rukl1; "Subbiina Rabbfyal Adm"(All glory to my Rabb, The Greatest) and from the whispering of hismoving lips, I realised that he was undoubtedly reciting somethingelse, which I did not comprehend. Then he went into Sajdah; I heardRasillullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam reciting this Tasbl/:l; "Sub/:liina
    • SALAT 188 SWlnah and NlifdahRabb"iyal Aala" (All glory to my Rabb, The Most Exalted), andsomething else which I could not understand. In the second Rakathe started reciting Surah AI-An am. I left and went away as I lackedthe endurance to continue in ,salat with RasUlullah ,sallallahu alaihiwasaUam, (Mu~al1naf Abdur-Razzaq)~ U ~ il;J J~ &, ~I jj:.j ~ :j~ ~ ,l,1 ~j V"~ JI .;. - ,,. , " :!~ ~,~j ,:;;1~~j<)j~,:;~~~~~j~.:.IJl~- ~,:":;§I;j,~ ~:.jJj ,:~G ~:~Jij ,~It. ~,~j,~ ,~.:?~~~~:~ P;7J,~t~~~ji)~~~J ~~I}.:J);. ~,Jul~jj ,y6.~.r.J ~j UQlc.#I~-r ,i . ~I W:UI .f: ). , "Ii .. I~I ,-",,) .I~~JI j.:, .w,.i]1 -" JY" ~U·<$, JT r-) , ~ , .JJ , j ".:;1 ~I :111_1" ,,~~I~ Jl ";:,BI ~ ~j ~lj ;J ~0 ~~ ~,Jii :}l ~ -t ~j ,~y.4I::;;~ 4S ,~j~ c,lG 4j ,~j.:~1 ~~ 4~.:.~ ,,,I:;;"j .~~I~~j ,~~I§J>~~j l:~ 11-r1~~~ ~ ~ j; J~. ~ ~ <, oj ~ ~ ~ J oj ~ , ~"F J , ,::. .1.>-1 olJ.I.Oj, ~ ~.:.;J~ ~~j ~ ~itJj :..Jlj~:,....a! 1.0 ~I -0 :.5:JU, ) ...:i ,., .:i..L:i1, .:.i1 <$, ~,>I.$. . . . J ,~ ,., ~ ,. I , . 1~1 ~..:..;1 ~ ) clil;. ~ ,., <:.~WI ~j:I:;;"j, ~JiGj,~~~Ji;;~,~.:.1 ,~~I j~lj ,~~I.P.JII~~I-" ~j ..:..;1 ,?#~ ~~I ,?y:..f.J f~ ,?jj ~ II ;~I ~ ?jl;jl , ,~)AJA;i1~r, ;J~J , I)~) ~w)~ ~ . ,,", ~) . ·iw, .r- .~.1:;~ :.~.>lA. WA;,I . :11 -y , ~F , ,.:i ~ ~ v~;""":l""" V~F ~ , F , 0 F. F} , F j; 0 F , , , F F.-:: ,clQJL>-~~j~CS?Wj~I~~~~.I.OIl , "
    • $ALAT 189 Sunnah and NOjflah ~;1531 ,q:I"J~II~J~~~1 ~1~"J.~iJl I~~I -A ~ I)jj ,.:.~.;. ~ l)jJ:.s ji ~ l)jJ ~ ~ I)j J:FI ~I -~ ~ } " , J . :f<s ~ 1)1j <}j ~ 1)1J J4.? ;;. 1)1j ,~ ;;. 1)1j # ~ I)jj ,:.s~ ~ I)jj ,:.s? ~ I)jj ,:.s~ ~ l)jJ ,~~ l)jJ ..,.... } I": ·~ ..1 I": 1.~ ..I;11 <oS! ~jl": , ; j l " : .:1 1;:1 )Y~} )YIS:~ ( " r ,c£ )Y}<oS! c£ )Y}.r-- d)jJ ,~, ~):iJ ~I ~ :.s~1 0~ ,~J~j j.JI ",,;; :.s~1 0~ - c>~ 0~ ,~Ij ~ .ill c>~ 0~ ,:J 4~ f::, 1 ~ ~ :.s~1 0~ ,1:;51Ij ~~I:.s~ 0~ .;~hJ ~I rt ll,:~)" ••• .:...l;.S:-,J"~.>~i;}!~j :d~;e".,":",~~.f~..u-j.iA :JJ}.s..i.orile})163, 1bne-Abbas Ra<)iyallahu anhuma narrates: I heard RasiilullahSallallahu aJaihi wasallam reciting this supplication one night, afterhe had completed his Tahajjud SaIat: lh1j ~~I ~t:..1~l~1 L 0 Allah! I ask You of Your Mercy by which You give guidance to my heart, by which You make my work easy, and remove my distressed condition by it, and manage my issues in my absence by it. And give exaltation and hononr by Your Mercy; and clean my actions (from hypocrisy and infidelity) by Your Mercy; and put that thing in my heart, which is correct and suitable for me; and whatever I like, grant me by Your Mercy; and protect me from all evil by Your Mercy. 2. 0 Allah! Give me that belief and faith after which there may not be any infidelity and a Mercy enabling me to achieve the blessings of Your gifts in this world and the Hereafter. 3. 0 Allahl I ask of You to give me a conviction that Your Decree is the very fulfilment of my aims, and an entertainment which is offered to martyrs, and a life of the fortunate, and Your help over enemies. 4. 0 Allahl I place before You my needs, though my understanding is limited, and my actions are weak, hence I am badly in need of Your Mercy. 0 the Maker of affairs and
    • SALAT 190 Suullah and Nilfilah Healer of the hearts! As You by Your power keep the oceans (running together) separate from each other (that the saltish remains separate from the sweet and sweet remains separate from saltish); so I reqnest You to keep me away from the punishment of the Hell-Fire, and the lamentations of the one abont to perish, and from the punishment of the grave. 5. 0 Allah! I ask Yon of that goodness which is beyond my understanding and intention, and which I did not even ask. However, You promised this to anyone of Your creation, or any goodness which You want to give to any of Your slaves. I desire this and ask You of it by Yonr Mercy, 0 Sustainer of the universe! 6. 0 You of firm promises and Master of good deeds! I ask for Your peace on the Day of Judgement, and Paradise on the Day of Eternity, to be among Yours favourites and regular attendants of Your Conrt; freqnently bowing and prostrating and fulfilling their promises. You are most Kind and Most Loving, and no doubt Yon do what You will. 7. 0 Allah! Make me one who is guided aright, and guides others aright. Do not misguide me, and do not make me misguide otIlers. I may be in peace with Your friends and enemy of Your enemies. Those who love You, I should love them for that love of Yours, and those who are against You, I should have enmity with them due to their enmity with You. 8. 0 Allah! It is for us to supplicate, and for You to accept. This is my effort and reliance is on You. 9. 0 Allah! Put Niir (light) in my heart, and make my grave illuminated; and grant me Niir in front of me, Niir at my back, Niir on my right, Niir on my left, Niir above me, Niir below me, (Your Niir be around me), and Niirin my ears, Niir in my eyes, Nur in every hair of mine, NOr in my skin, Niir in my flesh, Niir in my blood, and Niir in every bone of mine. 0 Allah! Make my Nur enormous, grant me Nur, and nJake Nur for me. 10. Unblemished is He Whose covering is Dignity itself and Whose Word is Dignified. Unblemished is He Whose dress is Nobility and Honour. Unblemished is He; and none can be appropriately called unblemished besides Him. Unblemished
    • SALAT 191 Sunnah and Niifllah is He Who is of great Excellence and full of Bounties. Unblemished is He Who is of great Dignity and Generosity. Unblemished is He Who is the Possessor of great Power and Respect. (Tirmidhj)Note: For easy understanding, parts of Du a are numbered as above.~:iT ~~,~ ~ J;.,;;. :~;», J~) J~ :J~ ~.ii.,~) i;.:;.s!:; -n tI ..• _1;,,~l,. ".ii,. ~;j~;;;T .::...... J.i:j • j L ... (. ·,;WI· ~ JJ ~- ~ ~. , , I.i""., 1.5:; .s- <JJ -"":: ~. . ~/."...uI,,"I}J~j, r ~~ ,JIiJ~WI164. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasi:ilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever recites one hundred versesin SaIat in a night, he wonld not be written down amongst theneglectfnl; and whoever recites two hnndred verses in Salat in anight, he would be counted amongst the sincere worshippers on thatnight. (Mustadrak l;liikim)r~;; :J~;jj .!il;» ~~) :;.,; j: iiI~) .".,1Ai,.;. J,? J. ;»4:; -, 0:iT .;it));;j ,~.ii, ~ ~:iT ~~,r~;;J ,J..lW ~ ~ ~ s:-i T~, A /y...".."j4;j>,yI.I}J .J.!t.:i;i ,~ ~165. Abdullah ibne-Amr ibnel A~ Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narratesthat RasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever recites tenverses in Tahajjud, is not written down amongst the neglectful, andwhoever recites one hundred verses, is counted amongst theworshippers; and whoever recites one thousand verses, is countedamongst those who receive a reward equal to a Qin,tar. (Ibne-Khuzaimah)Note: The meaning of Qin,tar is elaborated in the next !)adTth (166).J5 ~Ji.:..oij? Gil j~ :J~ ~;», J~) ~j ~.ii.,~) i;.:;.s!:; -, " • h""",, "c..! ,~I JIi,w!,>-,yI,I}J .yi")~j~~:;.;~ ~ ~Jl166. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: A Qintar is equivalent to twelvethousand Uqiah; and each Uqiah is more valuable than all that existsbetween the heavens and the earth. Obne-I;Iibban)
    • $ALAT 192 Stmnah and Nlifilahq;lJ1 ~ ~~ -JJ,.j ibl!-:"j :~ ~I Jj:.j J~ :J~ t<..lll ~j i:.;;:soJ:;. -, ~ vq;lJ,~~~ij;lib!,-,:"jJ ,.LJI4f.J:,l ~~~~ ,,: 1.i:.;j;1 ii;1~~J-"">r1,,,,,,,JW"J) .• LJI ~j:,l ~ J ~~,~ ~jj ,: ~ifi~ ,: 1oi " I "";) ,J,!l/L,i167. Abu Hurairah Ra<;liyalIahu anhu narrates that RasUlullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam said: May Allah have Mercy on the manwho gets up during the night and offers Tahajjud, and awakens hiswife so that she may also offer Salat. If she does not get np (andremains in bed due to deep sleep), he lightly sprinkles water on herface to help awaken her. And may Allah show Mercy on thatwoman who gets up at night and offers Salat and awakens herhusband for Tahajjud, and if he does not awaken, she lightlysprinkles water on his face to awaken him. (NasaT)Note: This 1)adlth relates to such a couple who are fond of Tahajjudand to wake each other in this manner does not cause any displeasurebetween them. (Maariful !:Jadlth)1:"IIii;II~1, " " -<.T .J • :"".lll J J-") J ~ :-j~ 1;6:<".ll1 . i"" cs,j- ..:..:. l - -"" ." ~) .f.f" . J , -. cs,.:f"" "J")<I"J) .<?I.:,>IJJlj ;}.pJJI J ;".:51;:~" ~j J:." :,1 ,:l:.J q;lJI ~ ~1 l"·G,:~), ....l:U~lJ168. Abu Hurairah and Abu Said Ra<;liyallahu anhuma narrate thatRasUlullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: When a man wakes hiswife during the night and both offer two Rakat Tahajjud Salat, theyare counted amongst those men and women, who remember Allahabundantly. (Abu Dawlid),~~, ~j:.j~ s!j ~ ~,cs:i?1 :~~.:..li :J~.lll~j~~:;. - ~~.. }:&1 ~~ ~ J~(0~ ~W :¥~ ii:l ,,ii;], ~~ J:; i .uG :1- :.:.J~ <S" . _ ,..s": -.s, .. -I"" J.;;.;., ~ ~ ej iti ,~~~ J>- ~~:, <:.JG. ?~, 1 ~ 1 ~ ." ~ ~ / 1 J 1 , 0 ~ I , 1 " • , ,. /,,, ~ " , 1 // <)..:..i ~I.i iti w,.f! ~l.l! , / J , / J , " "Jj:.j ~:~ ,!~u, .u~JiJ,>G,?~.iS J;i-li ,~";"ijtijiti,~""<--·I:-:"S··<-I~1 :J ~ ~"G ~-J ~~. ~~.::..u.ll,~:-lJ ~~J ,.lll )j"-" .y f ; ~~ or- -," .;;iiI "~Ij .....)~Ij <?~,,jl;. ~ ~!~ :i:i;lJ1 ~~ ~ibl Jjl:-lj ~H (oJ)~ , ~"
    • SALAT 193 SUllnah and N{jjifuh "Y.:"~:iPj!~JoL::>-~I~/f.SJ~I~~W~IJj~ ~~ ~4JJ169. Alii Ra1)imahulliih narrates that I asked Aishah Ra<,liyalIahuanha: Tell me the most unusual things you have observed aboutRasiilullah ,)allallahu alaihi wasallam. Aishah replied: Was thereanything in him that was not unusual? One night he came to me andlay down in my blanket. Then he said: Leave me alone to worshipmy Rabb. After which he stood up, performed Wu<,lii, and began tooffer ,)aliit and began to weep till his tears flowed down on his chest.Then he did Rukii and after which he prostrated and wept, then heraised his head and wept. He continued in this state until BiliilRa<,liyallahu anhu called him for Fajr ,)alat. I said: 0 Rasiilalliih!What made you weep, even though Allah has forgiven your past andfuture sins. He said: Should not then I be a grateful slave of Allah.And why sholld I not do so, when Allah has revealed these verses tome this night: "fW~IJ}:l ~~ ~43lj~I-,j~lj~j~lj,?~I~~~l Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the night and the day, are signs for those who have knowledge. (AleImran) (Ibne-I:Iibban, igamatul I:Iujjah)~ i..,L;j ~jS::i *r.>}1 ~ ~ :J~;j,;>1 Jj:.) ~1 ~Jill~)un~ ;j- V.~ ~ F F F 0, J F F " I F J , F ~ F F F ",,~,">",""I,JWI").~aJ..:" My .:>lS"j ~;..f ;U~I ~ l!~y ~;,,;w IVA"";)"" .j,UI,i)i..,o170. Aishah Ra<,liyallahu anha narrates that Rasiilullah ,)allalliihualaihi wasallam said: Anyone, being accustomed to Tahajjud, isoverpowered by sleep (on a particular night) except that Allah writesfor him the reward of his Tahajjud ,)alat; and his sleep is a charityfor him. (Nasal) f.. jJ.j ;:;1 Jt :; :J~ ~ ~ ~,tJ.;i ~ Jill ~) *~ j:U1 c;3 ~ - V1>1 r.>~)~~;;ii.;"~Ji~tSjr.>;~;j -4 ,~?I4;:j·;fu~,).:oi,~~ VA A:";) lcil,il.H ....) """A"I ",yl, JWI,) ,J;:-j~171. Abu Darda Ra<,liyalliihu anhu narrates that Nab! ,)allalliihualaihi wasallam said: Whoever goes to bed with an intention to
    • $ALAT 194 Sunnah and Niifilahoffer Tahajjud ~alat in the night, but is overpowered by sleep tilldawn breaks (and he is unable to offer it), a complete reward forTahajjud ~aIat is written for him on what he had intended, and hissleep is an added gift from AlHih. (Nasal)•..,w~~;;J~!l§, ~I J~) tj~.&1 ~)~1 ~.;. ~~:f -V~ .cli.;:.:J·~ V"· ~IJJi. i$- <S"") e+- ? " -~,- ff.r.?, ,:,~ -.I~II ::<-" ," _,1011 ,).;.,. .J :". ~ r"< ~ , , IAV:~)(~oy...,y~.~J~y.f~jJ .~l ~)~jSt~1$0tj172. Muadh ibne-Anas Juhanl Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates thatRasUlullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: He who remains sittingin his place of ~alat, after offering his Fajr ~aIat, till he offers theforenoon ~alat, saying nothing except what is good, his sins will beforgi ven, even if they are more than the foam of the sea. (Abu Dawud)J.;;.;; :J;;!l§,4!>1 J~)~ :J~ $.&1 ~)~ .;.~.;- -IV!~ iJ .;:>LOS) Cjjl jj ~) J.;;. ~ ,~ ~ .? J.;:-j~ .&1 ]1 ~ i~1 t 1 ./(i)Lt..!."1~.}~1~J).Jbo~173. Hasan ibne-All Ra(!iyallahu anhuma narrates: I heardRasiiIullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallam saying: He who, afteroffering Fajr ~aIat, engages himself in the Dhikr (remembrance) ofAllah Subl;anahfi wa TaaIa until sunrise, and then offers two or fourRakat (Ishraq), the Hell-Fire shall not touch his skin. (Baibaql)¥-4>:- ~;...iil J.;;.;; :!l§, ~I J~) J~ :J~ ~ill~) +l!" .;.~j:f - I VtJ~ :J~,g~j~ j.ts-:J.;.itS- ~)J.;;.~~I~.?:.1lj-l;~~<Y ~ w..?) 1.6 Y4 -!..J-.:r-~..u-lolA :JIjJ.s~)1 olJ) ,~U ~0 ~G :~ ~l j~) el:~), ••• lJ"}::JI174. Anas ibne-Malik Ra(!iyallahu anhu narrates that Rasfilullah~allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever, after performing Fajr~aIat in congregation, continues sitting in Dhikr until the sun rises,then offers two Rakat, receives a reward of I;!ajj and Dnu·ah. AnasRa(!iyallahu anhu reports that RasiiIullah ~allallahu alaihi wasallamsaid: A perfect, a perfect, a perfect. (The reward of a perfect I;!ajjand Durrah). (TirmidhT)
    • $ALAT 195 SUllIrall and NfijilahJI :J~ -J.;,-jy,-,.& ~ :J~ ~ ~ Jj.:.ij t1 ~.&~) ,~):U:.-J:; -IV"t""" ,-,," ~" JJ.w- ..1:1 ¥ ~43 ~Jl ~ ""iA5) ~)1 ~ ~~ ~ ~~I jj HI.l!I})1175. Abu Darda RaI;liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah,sallallahu alaihi wasallam in a J.:Iadlth Qudsl said: Allah,SubJ:lanahii wa Taala proclaims: 0 son of Adam! Do not be slack inoffering four Rakat ,salat in the beginning of the day, I will sufficefor all your needs of the day. (Musnad Ai)mad, Majmauz.Zawaid),;<"1 I~U ~ ~ ~ Jj.:.) ~ :J~ ~ .&1 ~) I;; ~ :; -IV " /.~ ,<? ~ ij i? t;i.J.j ~ Gil) (; ,~I Jj.:.) ~ :y,) Jli! ,ifJ j;lj ~ / ~ / ~ / ~ ~ ~" / / / ~~ ~ ~~U ~ J t"Jiy,) fi~h~lj ,~ij t;;.SJihl :J~ !.;.~:h I~,12-1" .:..1 ~ i·:" All i~~:.5,I~...:i)oj ~I J:W :.5.:.; .r 1.....1 _r-,:.. " ~M~ ~ ~ .r- Y / / " t ~ 1 .l!IJ)It""" ,~I J" J~")} .,M!Ji Ojj j ;:;"1 ~lj176, Abu Hurairah Ra<.liyallahu anhu narrates that Rasiilullah,sallallahu alaihi wasallam sent an army that returned in a shortperiod of time, with a large GhanTmah (captured enemy assets). Aman expressed: 0 Rasiilallah! We have never seen such an aJmythat returned so soon and with so much of GhanTmah, He said:Shall I not inform you about a person, who earns much moreGhanTmah in a very short time? A person, who performs Wu<.liiproperly at home, goes to the Masjid, offers Fajr ,saIat and then (aftersunrise) offers $aliitUij·l)uIJa; indeed, in a little time gains muchmore GhanTmah. (Abu Ya!a, Majmauz·Zawaid);.S~1 ~.;*" JS J:.- Co oJ :J~:Ji ~ &fJ1 ,;f ~.&~))~ ~1:; -, VV,jj~ o/~ C;~t~J- .ii~:" .. ~/ r..r .ii~ o~~I"J~ ,,~~ - :j1~;~I<"J/ ~ ~~ r..r ,li.i.:.o ,~~I~A~: ~ .jj~~~:;. ;>bS) ~h ~ is;";j ,ij~ }:-J1;s. ~j ,ij~ .,.iJ;.J~;lj ,: ,v,:~), ..•. ~~"j..."",":"~,,,:,,~.~CJ)~177. Abu Dhar Ra<.liyallahu anhu narrates that Nabi ,sallallahualaihi wasallmn said: Each morning for every person a ,sadaqah isdue for each joint. Every utterance of Sub/:!anallah (Glory be to
    • $ALAT 196 Sunllah and NOfilahAlUih Who is above all faults) is an act of Sadaqah. Every utteranceof All:zamdulillah (All praises be to Allah) is an act of Sadaqah.Every utterance of La ilaha illal/ah (None is worthy of worship butAllah) is an act of Sadaqah. Every utterance of Allahu Akbar (Allahis the Greatest) is an act of Sadaqah. Enjoining good is an act ofSadaqah. Forbidding from evil is an act of Sadaqah. And offeringtwo Rakat $alatw;l-Qu/la suffices (as gratitude for Sadaqah, due toevery joint of the body). (Muslim)~~ iJt.:.i~I,} :J~ jj, Ji, Jj.:..:J ~ :J~ "";1 (?:J ~4;;; - VAz.; ~ clJ1 ~:;j :I)~ .~J.4 to ~ JS;; ~, -.:; ~j ~:I~ I~ i>~j~) ~;.1 ~~ I,f.}J1 ~ ~ .)Jlj ,~~ ~I ,} ~~I :J~ ~Ji,1 ~ J oJ , ~ 01 f ":~)lY-pl~~~~I~lo>!,}Y4~}I~y.i~J)clI~~ 178. Buraidah RaQiyaIliihu anhu narrates: I heard RasiilullahSallallahu alaihi wasallam saying: There are three hundred andsixty joints in the body of a person; and Sadaqah is due for everyjoint. The Sal)abah asked: Who would be able to give that muchSadaqah 0 Nablyallah? He said: To bury spit thrown in the Masjidis Sadaqah; to remove a troublesome thing from the way is Sadaqah;and offering two Rakat $alatut;l-Qu/la suffices as Sadaqah (for allthe joints of the body). (Abu Diiwud)JJ,.J ~~ Js- Joj..... :; :jj, Ji, Jj.:..:J J~ :J~ ~,..1I (?:J ~;.; ~J;;. -V~ ,rA(:~)1~10~,)~~L--:"4~.o~OJJ jJ ~j~ ~lS ~tJ ,~jb ~~:#179. Abu Hurairah RaQiyalliihu anhu narrates that RasiilullahSaIlaIliihu aIaihi wasallam said: Whoever offers two Rakat$alatut;l-Qul:za regularly, his sins are forgiven even if they be as muchas the foam of the sea. (lbne-Miijah);.1~:J JJ,.JI J:.,:; :jj, Ji,<Jj.:..:J J~ :J~~..1I1 (?:J ~I;):UI ~J;; -A• • ~ I J J :; • J /:;, ~..:;j I-~j;ll ~~ ZJ?~;:":;j;;"u,W ::"~~)i;:":;j I~WI::" ~<.;~j;::" Pj ,~I,) G;i:Jill,;;~? ~J:.,:;J ,~I.ii ::",..1I1 ~ QW J:.,;;!I;~j ~~j ~?~ ~ ~j Js-..1I~ Pj IiJ~j~?~ Js-~_~:;Ji,- ~t~j
    • SALAT 197 SUlmah and Nafilah(o.;p JIft.wIj!I~ j (0y.. .flj~.:r.I.illJ ..r"} ..... ~.:r.~J.J. :4 Jp$J1J~lpkJ101J).o-)~ t., t/lJJIJ)I~ ,..:JW",J~)~J180. Abu Darda Ra<;liyallahu anhu narrates that RasUlullah$allallahu alaihi wasallam said: Whoever offers two Rak at$alotll(i-Pullo, will not be counted amongst the neglectfulworshippers of Allah; and whoever offers four Rakot, would bewritten down amongst the worshippers; and whoever offers sixRak ot, his needs for the day are taken care of; and whoever offerseight Rakot, is written down amongst the obedient; and whoeveroffers twelve