List of halal haram products ingredients


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List of halal haram products ingredients

  1. 1. JAMIA ISLAMIA CANADA List of Halal Haram Products/Ingredients Bread and Pastry Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients UseDrake Bakeries (Div. Of Borden Honey bun Lard HARAM foods Inc.) Entenmanns All Products Vegetable Shortening HALAL Giants Goods Bread Vegetable Shortening HALAL Huber Baking Co. (Bakers Of Roman Meal Bread Soybean Salad oil HALAL sunshine Bread) Vegetable Shortening, Oleo Keebler All products HARAM and Lard Nabisco All Products Lard HARAM Pepperidge farm Rolls, Bread, Butter or Cakes* Vegetable shortening HALAL* NOTE: Layer cakes even though this cake is made with good shortening the GELATIN USED is HARAM made from PIGSKIN 1896/69 Brand Butter, Milk Pillsbury Co. Vegetable shortening HALAL Biscuit Stroehmann Brothers Co Hillbilly Bread, White Bread Lard HARAM Sunshine Biscuit Co. All products Vegetable shortening HALAL Chewing Gum Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Dynamint Co. Dynamints Candelilla Wax HALAL Please visit Wrigleys Co. Chewing gum Not all brands are Halal here Chewing Gum, Chicklets Warner Lambert Co. Vegetable base HALAL Dentyne, Trident, Freshen Up Glyceryl Monostearate Or Beach Nut Chewing Gum Ester of Gum from any animal HARAM fat 1
  2. 2. Cheese Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Muenster Cheese, Caraway Muenster Cheese, Monterey jack, Muenster Cheese (with Purity Company hot pepper) Farmers Cheese, Vegetable HALAL Burie (Imported) Cheese, Camembert Cheese, Romano Cheese, Parmesan Cheese Clearfield Natural Cheese Kosher Brand. Calf Rennet HARAM Philadelpia Cream Cheese, Kraft Whipped Cream Cheese, Lactic acid HALAL Neufchatel McCadm Co. New York State Calf & swine Rennet HARAM Framageries Bal. Inc. Cheese Calf Rennet HARAM World Cheese Col. Migdal American, Haolam Vegetable HALAL Schnall American (Individually Schanling Col. wrapped), Schnall Muenster Vegetable HALAL sliced, Schnall Mozzarella Clay Butter Co. Millers Cheese Vegetable HALALNOTE: Calf (plural = calves): a young cow or bull. Cosmetics Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Avon Not All Products are Halal. Please check ingredients Mixed Wella Corp. Balsam products Petrochemicals HALAL Johnson Product Inc. Ultra Sheen Lanolin HALAL Lustrasilk Corp. Scalp Cream Lanolin HALAL Westwood Pharmaceutical Keri Lotion Synthetic chemical HALAL Chesbrough Ponds Inc. Vaseline Intensive Lotion Lard HARAM Disinfectant Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Lehn & Fink Products, Lyson All products Synthetic chemicals HALAL Brand 2
  3. 3. Frozen Pizza Pies Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Jans Mozzarella Cheese Vegetable HALAL Buitoni Mozzarella Cheese Vegetable HALAL Little Chef Mozzarella Cheese Vegetable HALAL Ellios Cheddar Cheese Swine pepsin HARAM Quaker Celeste Mozzarella Cheese Swine pepsin HARAM Ice Cream Manufacturer Product Use Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Sherbets, Water ice. HALAL NOTE: Ice cream and those Baskin Robbins flavours containing might HARAM marshmallow Pensupreme Ice Cream HARAM Ice cream (available at Pensupreme schraff HALAL safeway) Meadow Gold Ice cream HALALMeadow Gold Louis sherry Ice cream (all natural) HALAL Abbotts Ice Cream, Sherbets, Water ice HALAL Pantry Pride Ice cream HALAL Breyers Ice cream HALAL Medication Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Seldane Caps. Pepsin HARAM Seldane Syrup HALAL Kirkland Multivitamin Gelatin HARAM Miscellaneous Foods Items Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Type-B Gelatin Kellogg Co. Frosted Pop Tarts Investigate (Vegetable/Beef) Kellogg Co. Unfrosted Pop Tarts No Gelatin HALAL Frank Foods QT Frosting mix Vegetable fat (Shortening) HALAL General Mills Inc. Ready-to-Spread Frosting Vegetable fat/or Lard HARAM Duncan Hines Cake Mix Proctor & Gamble Vegetable fat HALAL &PringlesGreat Atlantic & Pacific Co. A&P Creamer Coconut & Palm Oil HALAL Topco Assoc. Inc. Food Club Non Dairy Creamer Vegetable fat HALAL Dietary Creamer Vegetable Fat HALAL 3
  4. 4. Penn Maid Food Inc. Natural Yogurt No Gelatin HALAL Penn Maid Food Inc. Swiss Yogurt Gelatin from Calf skin HARAM Jolly Rancher Candies Palm & Coconut Oil HALAL M & M Co. Starburst fruit Chews Gelatin from Lard HARAM American Home Foods Crunch N Munch Vegetable Fat HALAL Pizza Restaurants Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Pizza Hut Mozzarella Cheese Vegetable HALALNOTE: Making of pizza is not according to SHARIAH.Example: They are using same pot or tray and knife that they use in pork. Pot Cleaners Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use GM Co. Rescue 11Soap pads HALAL Purex Corporation Brillo Supreme Steel Wool balls HALAL Soap pads, Kosher Soap Purex Corporation Brillo (Packaged 2 each Pink & Green Lard, Beef Tallow HARAM Bars per carton), Double Pads S.O.S Soap Pads, Tuffy Plastic Miles laboratory Lard HARAM Mesh, Moth/Balls Soap Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Kirks Coso Hardwater, Castile, Proctor & Gamble Co. Coconut oil, Vegetable fat HALAL Lava Ivory, Camay, Safe Guard, Proctor & Gamble Co. Beef & Pork Tallow HARAM Coast, Zest Lux, Lifebuoy, Phase II, Dove, Lever Brothers Co. Beef Tallow* HARAM Caress Colgate Palmolive Co. Palmolive, Cashmere Beef & Pork Tallow* HARAM Andrew Jergen Co. Jergens, Woodbury Beef Tallow* HARAM Armour Dial inc. Dial Tone, Irish spring Beef Tallow*Pork Tallow* HARAM Amway Corporation All Bar Soaps Pork Tallow* HARAM Amway Corporation Nivia Creams Sheeps Skin/Fat* HARAM*The Sheep/Beef that is obtained for the products is not slaughtered Islamically, hence, it is still doubtful. Toothpaste Manufacturer / Vendor Brand Coagulant / Ingredients Use Lever Brothers Co. Pepsodents, Close up, Aim Vegetable Fat HALAL Vicks Chemical Co. Fix -A- Dent Vegetable Fat HALAL Procter and Gamble Gleen Lard HARAM 4
  5. 5. Investigate Halal HaramAnimal shortening Acetic Acid Human body part ( ex. hair)Renin Rennet Ammonium chloride AlcoholWhey Ammonium Sulphate Animal Fat Ascorbic Acid Bacon (Pork) Aspartame Collegen (pork) Benzoate/Benzoic Acid Diglyceride (Animal) BHA Dough Conditioners BHT Emulsifier Calcium Carbonate Enzyme (Animal) Calcium Sulphate Ergocalciferol Carrageenan Fat (Pork or Animal) Cocoa Butter Fatty Acid (Animal) Corn Meal/Corn Starch Gelatin Corn Syrup Glyceride (Animal) Dextrin/Dextrose Glycerol/Glycerine (Animal) Dicalcium phosphate Ham Diglyceride (Plant) Harmones (Animal) EDTA Hydrolyzed Animal protein Enzyme (Plant) Lard Ergosterol Maltodextrin(Not Haram) Fatty Acid (Plant) Monoglycerides (Animal) Ferrous Sulphate Pepsin (Animal) Fructose Phospholipid (Animal) Fungal Protease Enzyme Pork & All by Products Glucose Sausage Glyceride (Plant) Shortening (Animal) Glycerol /Glycerine (Plant) Gum Acacia Harmones (Plant) Hydrogenated Oil Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Leavenings Lecithin (commercial) Malt Hydrogenated oil Maltodextrin Molasses Monocalcium Phosphate Mono Saccharides Monoglycerides (Plant) MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Nitrates/Nitrites 5
  6. 6. Nonfat Dry MilkOxalic AcidPABAPartially Hydrogenated oilPectic MaterialsPectinPhospholipid (Plant)Phosphoric AcidPotassium BenzoatePotassium CitratePropionatePropionic AcidSaccharineSaltShortening (Plant)Soy proteinSoybean OilSucroseTapiocaTricalcium PhosphateVinegarYeast 6