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Emerging World	Order - The Islamic  Khilafah State
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Emerging World Order - The Islamic Khilafah State


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  • 1. EMERGING WORLD ORDERThe Islamic Khilafah State
  • 2. EMERGING WORLD ORDERThe Islamic Khilafah State Abu Abdullah Bangladesh Ramadan, 1431 AHEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 2
  • 3. "They wish to extinguish Allahs Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the kafirun (disbelievers) hate (it). It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true deen (Islam), to make it superior over all other deen (way of life) even though the mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers) hate (it)." [At-Tauba: 32-33] Prophet (SAW) said, "Islam is superior and its superiority can never be surpassed."Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 3
  • 4. Table of ContentsPreface 06Chapter: 01THE MAKING OF A FOREMOST GLOBAL STATE 08International Politics and Its dynamics 09From Great Power to Number One Global Power 09Making of a Number One Global State: The Possibilities Today 11Chapter: 02POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS OF EMERGING KHILAFAH STATE 16Introduction & Refutation of Theoretical Fallacy 17Population Trends in Islamic world 18Characteristics of Demographic Distribution of Islamic Ummah 20The Scenario of Muslims in the Western World 21Chapter: 03MILITARY STRENGTH OF EMERGING KHILAFAH STATE 25Introduction 26A Comparative Statistics of the Military Status of Islamic World 27The Military Capabilities of Islamic World 28Kafir Western Policy to Contain the Spirit of Islamic Army 31The Army of Islam will Rise Again 31Chapter: 04ECONOMIC & INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH OF EMERGING KHILAFAH STATE 34Economic Development: Refutation of a Lie 35Food Grain for Self Sufficiency 38Cotton: Major Source of Clothing 49Industrialization: Natural Resources of Islamic World 40Natural Oil Resource 40Natural Gas Resource 41Coal Reserve 42Uranium Reserve 42Iron Ore 43Labor Force and Domestic Market 44Islamic world still a Big Economy 45Chapter: 05GEOSTRATEGIC STRENGTH OF EMERGING KHILAFAH STATE 47Strategic Places for Imperial British: The Past of Geo-strategies 48American Colonialism: The Present Day Geo-strategies 50Rise of Islamic Khilafah State: Geostrategic Implications 54Strategic Importance of Strait of Malacca 55Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 4
  • 5. Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, Suez Canal and the Bosphorus 59The Silk Route 63Chapter: 06THE IDEOLOGICAL STRENGTH OF ISLAMIC KHILAFAH STATE 64Ideology (Way of Life) 65How Ideologies Come into Existence? 65The Strength vis-à-vis Superiority of Islamic Ideology 66Superiority in Case of Implementation 66Superiority in Case of Propagation 69Superiority in Case of Preservation 71Chapter: 07THE OBSTACLES 73Introduction 74Reasons for Ummah‘s Decline Today 75First Reason: Implementation of Western Secular System 76Second Reason: The Poison of Nationalism 78The Project of Nationalism, Division, Occupation, and Independence 80Third Reason: The Western Slave Rulers 84List of Crimes of All Criminals Rulers in Muslim World 85In Picture: One Criminal 86Chapter: 08THE SOLUTION 89Introduction 90Life without Amir ul-Mu‘minun 91The Signs of Revival of Islamic Ummah: Completion of Stage I and II 92Effects of Aftermath of 9/11 95Opposition to USA is growing in Islamic World 96America is seen as a Hypocratic, Hegemonic Power 97Islamic Ummah Supports Unity, Khilafah and Shari‘ah 98Muslim Women also Demand Khilafah and Shari‘ah 98Western Leaders Openly Talk about Khilafah and its Consequences 99The Final Stage of Emergence of New World Order 100References 104Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 5
  • 6. PrefaceT he world is at a cross road. Our time is difficult. The present is unstable. But Insha‘Allah the future is bright. The signs of ‗American century‘ coming to an end are very clear. Anyone with profound knowledge can see this veryhappening. America is becoming weak. She is weary. She is fragile. Her global reachhas been dented. Her global ambition is even challenged by countries like NorthKorea. She does not solely control the world any more. She is stabbed by the apparentrise of Russia and China. But there is an even bigger challenge she is facing; saving herstatus quo in remaining in the reign of world‘s only global state.Compare American position between Afghan War and World War II. Never everAmerican military might have been challenged so much. Her military is stretched.From Asia Pacific to Atlantic, Middle East to Central Asia, American bases arebecoming less dominant. People are rejecting them. Even closest ally like Japan‘spublic opinion is against the presence of her bases. Her military morale is at thelowest. Deployed soldiers are refusing deployment and even happy to face courtmartial. The two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown how ineffective her so calledsuperpower capabilities are. Every single day she is losing more and more NATOpartners. In fact she has lost the war in Afghanistan against a handful of resistanceusing 70‘s ammunition with no formal military training. This has now lasted longerthan WWI, WWII and Vietnam War. Had it not been for the help from Pakistan andIran she would have become deceased by now. Her top military commanders arerequesting for compromising with Taliban. In the immediate past she has beencomprehensively defeated in Somalia. Her inability to protect allies has been acomplete failure as in the case of Georgia in ‗South Ossetia War‘.Her economy is bankrupt. The Iraq war has cost around 10% of her GDP. The financialcrisis has devastated her financial service industries and in the month of September2010, 300th of her banks have collapsed. Companies like Lehman Brothers havebecome bankrupt. From 2007-2010 her economy lost more than 16 trillion US$. Hereconomic rescue plan is going nowhere and already top three of the ‗economicadvisory team‘ have resigned. She has now one of the highest unemployment recordsof 17%, highest in last 45 years. Each month on an average 0.65 million American arebecoming jobless. Her 48 states are technically bankrupt. Her per capita debt is one ofthe highest in the world. Each of her citizens has 13 times higher debt than theirincome.America‘s success stories as global leader in settling disputes, bringing stability indifferent region is almost zero. Her leadership is the most disrespected leadership inthe world including the infamous ‗Shoe Bush‘ i.e. former president George W. Bush. Infact he was considered as the most dangerous man in the planet, more dangerous thanOsama Bin Laden. Her leadership is also known as World‘s ‗No. 1 Terrorist.‘ She is alsomorally the most bankrupt nation in the world, with one of the highest AIDS infectedand highest income earning nation from ‗teenage pornography‘!America is engaged in a perpetual war. ‗War on Islam‘ is its name. In this war she isphysically fighting not any formal military, rather non-state actors like Taliban andother insurgent groups in Iraq. In fact she is the only global state who has not won onesingle war by fighting a formal military. Vietnam is the example. The second and evenmore important aspect of her fight is ideological. A fight against the ideology based onEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 6
  • 7. ‗La ilaha il’lal-lahu Muhammadur Rasul’Allah’. This is even clarified by thestatement of G. W. Bush who termed this war as ‗crusade’ while Obama is trying tobefool global Islamic ummah‘s opinion by hypocritically saying, ‗we are not at waragainst Islam‘. It is a war against time, history and the very will of the Lord of theuniverse, Allah (swt). This is because with pure Islamic belief, the Islamic ummah seesthe ruthless massacre, cold-blooded killing, savagery, violation of the honor of herbrothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, and Kashmir andelsewhere as a systematic genocide by the westerners led by the USA. Besides this veryfact on the ground, the Islamic ummah clearly sees her rulers like Edgoran, HusniMubarok, Asif Ali Zardari, Susilo, Hamid Karzai, Maliki, Hasina, Khaleda, kingFahad, Bashar Al Asad and others working as puppets of America and the west byapplying various tools and techniques to inflict further insult and humiliation uponthe Islamic ummah. The Islamic ummah openly sees the criminal silence in the timeof Iraq or Afghan occupation, criminal silence in the time of Hijab ban, criminalsilence during the time of Quran desecration, criminal silence during the time ofburning Quran or the desecration of the honor of the Prophet (saw) on the part ofthese criminal agent rulers. These events, orders, happenings motivate the Islamicummah to seek for protection by the Amir al-Mu‘minun under the shade of IslamicKhilafah State. Therefore, the dominant global challenges that the American empirefaces today is from the Islamic ummah, of whom more than 81%1 strongly supportsthe return of Islamic Khilafah state, headed by Amir al-Mu‘minun like the past of AbuBakr (r.a.), Umar Ibn Khattab (r.a.), Uthman Ibn Affan (r.a.), and Ali Ibn Abu Talib(r.a.). It should be seriously considered that, only the desire and ‗political aspiration‘for unification and Khilafah on the part of Islamic ummah without the presence of aIslamic Khilafah state, makes America fearful, senseless and forces her to considerthis aspiration as the biggest ‗foreign policy factor and security concern‘ for her andher western allies.Indeed in an interview with the BBC Radio 4, the retired UK armed forces chief andadvisor to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, General Richard Dannatt confessedthat; "there is an Islamist agenda which if we dont oppose it and face it off inSouthern Afghanistan, or Afghanistan, or in South Asia, then frankly that influencewill grow. It could well grow, and this is an important point, we could see it movingfrom South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, and to the high water mark ofthe Islamic caliphate in the 14th, 15th century‘.Therefore, this book titled „Emerging World Order‟ has been written by a throughand in-depth investigation and analysis of academic articles, research papers, globalopinion polls, western policy statements and policy maneuvers, global events,geopolitics, statistical information, and facts and figures pointing to the aboverealities. It highlights that, in the midst of America becoming the new ‗sick man‘ ofthe world and while China and Russia are frustrating her for becoming a global power,a vibrant and deep-rooted change is fast forwarding in the Islamic world, for theIslamic ummah sees the real possibility to emerge as a unique ideological leading stateof the world. To achieve an objective assessment of this imminent global reality thebook concentrated on the most important factors required to become number oneleading state or the foremost global state. The examination of such crucial factorssuggests that the availability of these catalysts in Islamic world makes it an inevitablereality that the world will once again witness the rise of ‗Islamic Khilafah State‘.1 Global public opinion survey by University of Maryland, 2009.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 7
  • 8. Chapter: 01 THE MAKING OF AFOREMOST GLOBAL STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 8
  • 9. International Politics and Its dynamicsThe international situation is a dynamic one, where change is the only constant. Thedynamics of the international situation is constructed according to the existingrelationships among the effective states on the international scene. Whilst states activeon the international scene may number many, effective states are few. Theeffectiveness of the state is proportionate with that state‘s strength measuredaccording to different factors. Since a state‘s situation varies effectively due to itsstrength and weakness, relations consequently also vary amongst these states. Achange could occur due to war that weakens a participating state and its influence onother states (on the international situation), thereby leading to another state rushingto replace it. Also, a change may take place during peacetime through the gradualdevelopment of power. So a state may become weak and another may becomestronger. However, war is more effective in making change as for the example ofAustria, Japan and Germany. Due to the variation in a state‘s situation and strength,the international situation also changes. However, change in the situation andstrength of influential states at the international stage is not rapid, it takes longperiods of time for the international situation to change.From Great Power to Number One Global PowerThe west has a wrong and inconclusive understanding regarding what it means to be aactive state or influential state or great power or even foremost leading state. Before acorrect discussion on what it means to be a number one leading state the westernunderstanding in this issue needs to be reviewed and exposed. For example historianAJP Taylor (1954) defined great power as "the test of a great power is the test ofstrength for war." Great power is a nation or state that has the ability to exert itsinfluence on a global scale. Great powers characteristically possess economic, military,diplomatic, and cultural strength, which may cause other smaller nations to considerthe opinions of great powers before taking actions of their own. Also Knopf Organski(1958) defined great power in terms of overall military, economic, and politicalcapacity.Kenneth Waltz (1983) the founder of the neo-realist theory of international relations,uses a set of five criteria to determine great power: population and territory, resourceendowment, economic capability, political stability and competence, and militarystrength. These expanded criteria can be divided into three heads: power capabilities,spatial aspects, and status.Moreover the west chooses the term superpower to mean a state with a dominantposition in the international system which has the ability to influence events and itsown interests and project power on a worldwide scale to protect those interests. Amajor power is traditionally considered to be one step higher than a great power.Lyman Miller2, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and an associate professorin National Security Affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey,California, in his article ―China an Emerging Superpower?‖ outlined that, ―the basiccomponents of superpower stature may be measured along four axes of power:2 (12/08/2010)Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 9
  • 10. military, economic, political, and cultural (or what political scientist Joseph Nye hastermed ‗soft power‘).Therefore, according to the western criteria of becoming a superpower can becategorized as, size and control over continents, economic power, military power,political power and diplomacy.However, this understanding of great power or superpower is a flawed one and has thetaste of colonial or imperial mentality that the west has. Because according to theirunderstanding the major criteria for so called ‗superpower‘ is military and economicpower. And the reality of British Empire and American history of more than 230 warsis a testimony of their colonial mentality. Moreover the economic colonialization viaWorld Bank, IMF, and the Multinational companies clearly highlights the imperialmeans and styles that the west employs to secure their economic prosperity. Moreovertheir understanding clearly ignores the important moral and intellectualenlightenment of human capabilities in terms of melting into a common purpose ofgood, justness and upholding an ideology the serves its‘ people not just the rulers andelites.Indeed Kim Richard Nossal (1999) has suggested that to be a superpower the stateneeds to ‗occupy‘ continental size of landmass and well-developed nuclear capacity(eventually normally defined as second-strike capability) while Professor Paul Dukessuggest that it ‗must be able to conduct a global strategy including the possibility ofdestroying the world‘. Therefore it is wrong to use a term ‗superpower‘ sincecolonialism is embedded deep inside its very meaning.The correct understanding is that the strength of a state is not only dependent upon itsmilitary might, it also relies on all its material, intellectual and moral abilities andcapabilities that it can muster from outside its borders. So, a state‘s strength includesits ideology or universal message that it carries to the world, in addition to the militaryand economic strength it possesses, as well as its skill and shrewdness in executingpolitical actions and diplomacy.Ideological, military or economic strength all have the potential to achieve andmaintain the interests as well as establish an international status for the state on theinternational stage. Any of them can be translated into strong political influence.Nonetheless, military strength remains the most prominent and effective for it is thetitle of the state and the symbol of its power, however it depends on the willingness ofthe state to use it once all other means fail to protect the interest of the state. Theinterest may be ideological, such as creating an atmosphere conducive for the spreadof its ideology. Some are moralistic such as keeping its status, dignity, andinternational position. Some of its interests are materialistic, such as issues related tosecurity like the need for strategic locations, raw materials, and markets to export itssurplus industrial and agricultural products.In times of peace, the leading state is considered the one with the final word in theinternational situation. In such times, the second state is equal in its political influenceon the international situation as any other state. The influence other states have on theinternational situation results from their ability to influence the leading state. Theinfluence a state can have on the leading state is directly proportional to the state‘sown strength as well as its international strength and consequently that is the extentEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 10
  • 11. to1which it can influence international politics. Nonetheless, and relatively speaking,the leading state is the one most able to direct international politics to its advantageand influence the international situation.The sphere of the states‘ interests is set by the type and size of the state. For example, aregional state‘s interests, concerns and relations are confined to a region andconsequently it makes its regional interests the sphere for its political activities. Aglobal state, however, organizes its interests all over the world and has concerns andrelations in every corner of the globe, and consequently, the entire world is its politicalstage.However above all, the single fundamental criterion that ultimately decides whether anation will eventually embark as number one leading state/ the most active globalstate or not is its ideology or universal message. However it must be understood thatthere exists differences in the ideological principles amongst various nations whichguides their actions in military, political and economic affairs. For example the BritishEmpire, a tiny piece of land with less than 1.4% size of the world and a very smallpopulation had controlled virtually every single continent with no other nations posingany form of threat to its superiority towards the end of 19th century up to the middle of20th century; while a small city state Madina establishing first Islamic Khilafah Stateexpanded and ruled half of the known world. Indeed there exist clear differences inboth these cases and the history of humankind is a clear testimony.Making of a Number One Global State: The Possibilities TodayFrom the time of dropping the ‗Little Boy‘ and ‗Fat Man‘ back in 1945 in WWII, theend of British Empire has been confirmed. It also confirmed America‘s edge over everyother power. Since WW2, America‘s control of the international situation has beenbuilt upon her military and economic strengths. However, after more than 50 years,the US does not enjoy the same primacy today as it did prior to its invasion of Iraq.The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan have affected the capabilities of the USA anddepleted her resources. The global economic crisis further exacerbated America‘sstanding in the world, as it turned towards socialist intervention to prop up itseconomy. Yet it failed to stop economic collapse as America has already entered into anew recession starting from July 2010. Because of such challenges America‘s presencein the world is being considered as overstretched and untenable.Americas wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking toll on US soldiers, as the lateststatistics shows 1 out of every 9 American soldiers leaves the army on a medicaldischarge due to mental disorder. Paul Martin from Peace Action commented that "wehave 100,000 troops and a third of them suffer some sort of mental health diseaseand half of those suffer multiple health disease". The army alone saw a 64% increasein those forced out due to mental illness between 2005 and 2009, the numbers equalto 1 in 9 of all medical discharges. The soldiers who are discharged for having both amental and physical disability increased by 174% during the last 5 years until 2009,according to army statistics. This clearly indicates the declining morale and mentalstrength of American soldiers in fighting a ‗War on Islam‘.Therefore, the reality of the world is that, USA is no longer a respected superpower;rather it is a hegemonic one. Despite bringing the most sophisticated, advancedtechnological change, USA is ethically, economically, strategically, politically a corruptEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 11
  • 12. and bankrupt nation. Its own people don‘t have faith on its government, and on itssystem. The very ideological tenets of its society are being questioned by its ownpeople and followers. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new BBC poll hasfound widespread dissatisfaction with free-market capitalism (James Robbins, BBC9th Nov, 2009). In the global poll for the BBC World Service, only 11% of thosequestioned across 27 countries said that it was working well! Moreover, thehoneymoon slogan of ‗change‘ in America by Barack Obama has quickly turned intonightmare of betrayal. In 2009 election, Barack Obama who had a 76% approval,unprecedented in US history, now has only 42% approval. Fox news reports that insome cases he has less than 30% approval, while young black voters even called him a‗hypocrite‘.David S Mason (2009) in his book ‗The End of the American Century‘ has observedthat, ―The United States is at the end of the period of global leadership anddomination that we‘ve enjoyed for the last 50 years or so. The country is bankrupteconomically. We‘ve lost our edge in terms of politics, economics, socially. We nolonger compare well with other countries around the world, and we‘re not admiredas we once were by countries around the world. And we‘re not viewed as a model foreconomic and political development, as we once were. So this really marks a globalshift in world history, both for the United States and the rest of the world. It is agloomy picture, and this wasn‘t an easy book to write for that reason. But I think thefacts speak for themselves. If you look at the United States, both in terms ofcomparing us to 20 years ago or in comparing us to other developed countries in theworld, the United States doesn‘t come out on top on almost any measure anymore.And this has long-term implications that are going to affect the way we live and therole we play in the world.‖As a result of America‘s weakness, the challenges stemming from her competitorswithin the capitalist ideology have grown in size and scope and today are muchstronger. However, these countries do not threaten USA‘s supremacy because they donot form their own ideological vision. Germany and Japan despite their economicmight do not control the world because they have suspended their global ambitionsafter the WWII, whereas India duly works as a servant to its master USA to achieveregional objectives. Russia on the other hand despite some of its anti-USA strategyworks only to become regional power and safeguard its backyard. Finally China, a5000 years old regional power having so much economic development and militarycapabilities still cannot shape up the world, because it has no global ambition. So theUSA still managed to remain as the sole global state because no other ideologicalnation with vast amount of population, economic and military power, size and controlover strategic locations of the world, and above all an ideology to challenge the USAhas emerged. Therefore, it is unlikely the US will disintegrate like the Soviet Union orcease to be the world‘s power as what happened to Britain except without the rise ofanother foremost leading state.As per China, it‘s economic, military and capabilities are far better than the Russian.However, her economic development is mostly based on reliance on Middle East andAfrican resources and on USA markets. Moreover, its territorial assimilation can easilybe exploited by USA or any other country with global ambition. The failure of China inthe issue of American project ‗Taiwan‘ clearly shows lack of Chinese guts to be a globalstate. Moreover, Hongkong enjoys full autonomy which further provides evidences inthis issue. Its province of ‗Tibet‘ like Taiwan is on the verse of annexation. Moreover,Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 12
  • 13. the systematic cleansing of Muslims in Xinxiang hasfurther complicated its territorial integrity. Other Moreover its territorialthan these facts for more than 5000 years China was assimilation can easily bea dominant regional power however, she never had exploited by USA or anythe ambition to be the foremost leading state of the other country with globalworld. China is every day becoming more and more ambition. The failure oflike Japan and becoming an economic power. China in the issue ofHowever an economy without political aims and ‗American project‘ Taiwanglobal ambitions will turn a nation into a trade clearly shows lack of Chinesepowerhouse never a global power (Adnan Khan, guts to be a superpower.2009). Moreover, Hongkong enjoys full autonomy; furtherAs for Russia, Steven Rosefielde from University of provide evidences in thisNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill in his book ‗Russia in the issue.21st Century: The Prodigal Superpower‘ suggestedthat, Russia intends to re-emerge as a full-fledgedsuperpower before 2010 by challenging America and China and potentiallythreatening a new arms race pointing to the war in Ossetia and debate about EasternEuropean missile defense system by NATO. Rosefielde further argues that Russia "hasan intact military-industrial complex...and the mineral wealth to reactivate itsdormant structurally militarized potential.‖ Russia indeed has managed to takeadvantage of America‘s weakness and strengthen itself in the former Soviet republics,but not beyond that. In reality Russia is still very far from having the necessaryeconomy and geopolitical control needed to pose a direct challenge to the USA. Moreover, facts constraining Russias rise to foremost leading state status includes a lack of...facts constraining Russias important allies, a powerful European Union andrise to superpower-status China on its border, relatively small and failingincludes a lack of important economy, and of course a relatively small, andallies, a powerful European shrinking population which is very important inUnion and China in its today‘s eco-political set up.boarder, relatively small andfailing economy and, arelatively small, and Other powers like Germany, India, etc leave no roomshrinking population... for discussion as they neither have global ambition nor the resources of all kind to remove USA from the foremost leading state position. In fact all thesecountries somehow help USA to maintain its domination within their respectiveregions. Moreover, it is very important to note that, a unique leading global state canonly rise with the adoption of an ‗alternative ideology‘ different form the current one.All these countries who are competing now do not have a different and uniqueideological vision to offer to mankind. Rather these intense visible competitions aresimply an exercise of power in regional and global scale for ‗having a share of globalresources‘ to aid their economic and other strategic objectives in order to become amore respectful global player rather than to become a unique global state.Having said that, however, a number of academic journals, research papers, policystatements, western government policy papers, global public opinion, think tank andintelligence reports etc over the past 10 years have repeatedly concluded that, there isa silent, far reaching, deep-seated, and ground breaking change taking place in theworld. This is none other than an intellectual and political revival in the Islamic world.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 13
  • 14. Alec Rasizade (2003), M. R. Woodward (2004), Thomas R. McCabe (2007), J.O‘Loughlin (2009), Mustafa Aydin, Çınar Özen (2010), Rachel Rinaldo (2010), andSanjida OConnell (2010) in their studies have concluded that, the rise of Islam andKhilafah is an ‗inevitable reality‘ today.According to J. O‘Loughlin (2009) the last 500 years have been marked by cycles ofsuperpower rises and falls, with a lasting focus on sea power as the mechanism toallow global reach. After the fall of Utmani Khilafah state and then the decline of UK inthe early twentieth century and the failedattempts by Japan and Germany to According to J. O‘Loughlin (2009) theachieve superpower status, the bipolar last 500 years have been marked byworld of US–Soviet competition marked cycles of superpower rises and falls,the stereotypical superpower with a lasting focus on sea power as theconfrontation. After the Soviet implosion, mechanism to allow global reach. Afterthe US achieved a lead over other large the fall of Utmani Khilafah state andstates never achieved before. But after 15 then the decline of UK in the earlyyears of this hegemony, the US leadership twentieth century and the failedis now challenged and superpower attempts by Japan and Germany tocompetition is again a real possibility. achieve superpower status, the bipolar world of US–Soviet competitionHence, pointing to this bizarre marked the stereotypical superpowercircumstances, US national intelligence confrontation. After the Sovietestimates have continued to reiterate the implosion, the US achieved a lead overdemand for Islam by the Islamic ummah other large states never achievedaround the world as one of the topmost before. But after 15 years of thisthreat to American security and national hegemony, the US leadership is nowinterest. The political and ideological challenged and superpowerstruggle (not the material one) carried by competition is again a real possibility.the Islamic ummah has reached to a levelthat, the demand for Khilafah and Shari‘ah, under the Islamic State is the biggestideological challenge USA is facing. The former US Vice-President, Dick Cheney on23rd Feb, 2007 clearly stating that ―they have ultimate aim to establish a Caliphatecovering a region from Spain, across North Africa, through the Middle East andSouth Asia, all the way to Indonesia -and it wouldnt stop there". Moreover, formerBritish Home secretary, Charles Clarke, said in a speech to the US think tank theHeritage Foundation "there can be no negotiation about the recreation of theCaliphate; there can be no negotiation about the imposition of Shari‘ah law".The threat posed by the potential Khilafah was continually reiterated by the Bushadministration and it was one of the reasons for both the Iraq and Afghan wars.General Richard Dannatt, advisor to the UK prime minister David Cameron andretired UK armed forces chief, confessed in an interview to the BBC Radio 4 that theobjective behind the war in Afghanistan is "there is an Islamist agenda which if wedont oppose it and face it off in Southern Afghanistan, or Afghanistan, or in SouthAsia, then frankly that influence will grow. It could well grow, and this is animportant point, we could see it moving from South Asia to the Middle East to NorthAfrica, and to the high water mark of the Islamic caliphate in the 14th, 15th century‘.Finally, with these realities in the ground and political statements made around thecapitals in the West, the ground is set to explore the conditions of Islamic world inEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 14
  • 15. terms of the catalysts like population, adherents, strength and diversity in culture, sizeand control over continents, economic and military power, political will andideological strength in order to assess if the Islamic ummah unified under IslamicKhilafah State presents a realistic possibility to emerge as the foremost and ‗uniqueglobal state of 21st century‘.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 15
  • 16. Chapter: 02POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS OF EMERGING KHILAFAH STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 16
  • 17. Introduction & Refutation of Theoretical FallacyFor last 60 years the western policy makers, academicians, and intellectuals havedeveloped a consensus that, the world is heading for a big problem and that is‗overpopulation‘. The marketing of ‗overpopulation‘ as a major world problem hasbeen increased tremendously from the time of academic maneuvers in the 1960s, 70sand 80s till today. In fact United Nations has announced 11th July as the worldpopulation day to be celebrated around the world with special focus on third worldcountries in Latin America, Africa, and in Asia. On July 8, 2010 United NationsPopulation Fund (UNFPA) announced that, the world‘s population is already at least6.8 billion and it will be double in the next 40 years i.e. 2050, if current growth ratesare left unchecked. Therefore, the idea of ‗overpopulation‘ as a major world problemhas been theorized during the 60s, 70s and 80s.Alongside the western governments; multilateral institutions, numerous academiciansincluding John A. Loraine (1967), Cicely D. Williams (1966), W. Parker Mauldin(1977), George B. Simmons (1977), Roy O. Greep (1998) etc have contributed to thiseffort. John A. Loraine (1967) has argued that, in the last third of the 20th centuryoverpopulation is one of the major maladies afflicting our planet. He stated that, thesymptoms of overpopulation, although seen in their most extreme form in the ThirdWorld countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, are also present in developedsocieties such as Britain and the U.S.A.Cicely D. Williams (1966) suggested that, countries across the world now sufferingfrom overpopulation are being forced to spend a great deal of money and attention onfertility control. Accordingly Cicely pointed that the best way to solve this crisis is byestablishing family planning as an integral part of this service. W. Parker Mauldin(1977) initially accepting the idea that population is a problem, later on suggests that,in order for population problems to be solved, the population program need to bedeveloped and implemented within the framework of development plans.George B. Simmons (1977) in his famous study has suggested that population growthis a problem and it is tightly linked to economic change. According to him the veryhigh rates of population growth in the poor countries of Africa, Asia, and LatinAmerica complicate the resolution of basic economic problems and make it moredifficult to assure an adequate rate of growth of income per capita. Simultaneously, therelative stagnation of per capita incomes, especially in the rural areas of the very poorcountries, helps to maintain high levels of fertility, thus completing a circle of rapidpopulation growth and poverty.According to Simmons population control by itself will certainly not solve the problemof poverty, both because population limitation without economic growth would merelyshare the poverty and because the masses of the population are unlikely to reducetheir fertility without the prospect of some improvement in the standard of living.Again poverty will not be eliminated without a major reduction in the rate ofpopulation growth. Thus, the best hope lies in some judicious combination of socialand economic reform and population control. This solution probably implies anincreased commitment of finance and other resources to population programs.Moreover, Roy O. Greep (1998) stated that, growth of the human population has beenunderway for thousands of years and was never a problem until recently. It is nowEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 17
  • 18. expanding exponentially, and today global population stands at nearly 6 billion with97 million being added each year. He pointed that, overpopulation is the root cause ofvarious serious social and environmental problems such as poverty, overcrowdedslums, crime, and terrorism, pollution of air and water, and depletion of the protectiveozone layer. He also criticized two U.S. presidents who welcomed such growth as astimulus to economic development. He warned that at the present rate of growth, thepopulation will double in the next century. This is believed to be beyond the carryingcapacity of our planet. Corrective measures by man or nature need to be undertaken.However, not too many academic papers have argued for higher population let alonesaying that population growth is a boon for the economy and status of the country! Butthe story of China, India and Brazil suggests that, population if properly used withtechnological capabilities and other necessary logistics can develop a big economy withindigenous market for business to grow, economics of scale in production to takeplace, and above all country‘s potential and status in the world level can upgrade. Infact every human should acknowledge that it is better to have a baby born rather thana computer purchased for! Just imagine Britain an unprecedented superpower in the1800 has aided its economic development with its technological advancement, cheaplabor and raw materials sourced from its colonies, and expanded market throughoutthe world via its control over world business routes. However, that same power, todaytrails in every aspect as a world power not because it does not have the technologicalcapabilities, but because, its global market has shrank and its capacity to source cheapraw materials and workforce has eroded due to rise of USA and other countries in onehand and due to decline of its population size from its colonial era on the other hand.Moreover, looking at the USA, the so called Diversity Visa lottery along with its highpopulation growth has helped USA to keep its economic domination. Finally hadpopulation problem been a serious problem why Europe, Canada, Australia etc wouldcompensate their population shortfall with immigrants?In fact, size of population has been and will always be one of the crucial factors for anation to influence the global policies, economics and geopolitics. Surely a decline inpopulation size would be counterproductive for any nation who aims to be anemerging power of the world. That is why Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia are soworried about their negative population growth.Indeed for any ideological nation to succeed, it is important that, the ideology has itsadherents, who will follow, practice, implement and propagate the system of theideology.Population Trends in Islamic worldThe Islamic world has been blessed with complete favor of our creator Allah (swt). Infact Allah (swt) in Surah Ar-Rahman has repeatedly reminded us, ‘then which ofblessings of your Rabb will you deny?’ Out of these countless blessings one ofthem has been the huge Muslim population that can tap the potential for becoming anemerging number one leading state in coming years.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 18
  • 19. A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries reveals that there are1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of 6.8billion world population estimated in 2009.3Further study reveals that, that more than half of the 20 countries and territories inthat region have populations that are approximately 95% Muslim or greater. Two-thirds of all Muslims worldwide live in the 10 countries shown below. Of the 10countries, six are in Asia (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey),three are in North Africa (Egypt, Algeria and Morocco) and one is in Sub-SaharanAfrica (Nigeria). Table: Ten Largest Muslim Lands (in millions)Name of the Population in 2009 % of Muslim % of Worlds MuslimCountry Population PopulationIndonesia 202. 87 88.2% 12.9%Pakistan 174.08 96.0% 11India 160.95 13.4% 10.3Bangladesh 145.31 89.6% 9.3Egypt 78.52 94.6% 5Nigeria 78.07 50.4% 5Iran 73.78 99.4% 4.7Turkey* 73.62 98.0% 4.7Algeria 34.20 98.0% 2.2Morocco* 32.01 99.0% 2 *Data for Turkey and Morocco come primarily from general population surveys therefore has less reliability. Source: Pew Research Center‘s Forum on Religion & Public Life • Mapping the Global Muslim Population, October 2009While Muslims can be found in all five inhabited continents, more than 60% of theglobal Muslim population is in Asia; while about 20% is in the Middle East and NorthAfrica. Middle East-North Africa region has the highest percentage of Muslim-majority countries. Table: Muslim Population by Region (in millions)Name of the Region Estimated Muslim % of Muslim % of Worlds Population in 2009 Population Muslim PopulationAsia-Pacific 972.58 24.10% 61.90%Middle East-North Africa 315.32 91.2 % 20.1%Sub-Saharan Africa 240.63 30.1% 15.3%Europe 38.12 5.2% 2.4%Americas 4.60 0.5% 0.3%World Total 1,571.20 22.9% 100% Source: Pew Research Center‘s Forum on Religion & Public Life • Mapping the Global Muslim Population, October 2009More than 300 million Muslims, or one-fifth of the world‘s Muslim population, live incountries where Islam is not the majority religion. These minority Muslim populationsare often quite large. India, a former part of Islamic Khilafah for example, has thethird-largest population of Muslims worldwide. China has more Muslims than Syria,while Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined. Of theroughly 317 million Muslims living as minorities, about 240 million – about three-3Luis Lugo et. al. (Oct 2009) ―Mapping the Global Muslim Population: A Report on the Sizeand Distribution of the World‘s Muslim Population‖ by The Pew Forum on Religion & PublicLife, Washington, D.C., The USA.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 19
  • 20. quarters – live in five countries: India (161 million i.e. 13.4% of entire its population), Ethiopia (28 million i.e. 34% of its entire population), China (22 million), Russia (16 million i.e. 11.7% of its population) and Tanzania (13 million i.e. 30.2% of its entire population). Amongst the top 10 countries with the largest number of Muslims living as minorities two are in Europe i.e. Russia (16 million) and Germany (4 million i.e. 5% of its populating). Characteristics of Demographic Distribution of Islamic Ummah A general characteristic of Muslim demographic suggest that, four regions have the maximum Muslim population. Indeed a high populace region can become one of the important factors in emerging as a foremost leading state provided that the region has sufficient other strategic assets as well including energy, industrial base, strategic advantages and above all ideological assimilation. From the ‗strength of population size‘ factor, out of the four, first three qualify to be starting point of the return of Islamic Khilafah State as the de facto world‘s number one leading state on its emergence:1. Muslims living in the Asia-Pacific region constitute 62% of all Muslims worldwide. However, in South and South East Asian region Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India i.e. the region of Indian Ocean homes around 43.5% or 690 million of entire Muslim population. Indeed this region hosts two most powerful Muslim lands in the world i.e. Pakistan and Indonesia, with Pakistan being the only Muslim nuclear state in the world. For example, the emergence of Islamic Khilafah State in Pakistan can quickly unify other neighboring lands like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, other central Asian lands. Moreover, it can quickly take control over South and South East Asia via Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Therefore this highly resourceful and strategically important region with high Muslim population suggests that this region can be the starting ground of the revival of the Islamic ummah as a one single unified state i.e. Islamic Khilafah State.2. The Arab world consisting of Middle East and the North African region is home of estimated 315 million Muslims, or about 20% of the world‘s Muslim population. More than half the countries in the Middle East-North African region have populations that are approximately 95% Muslim or greater. These include Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, and Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Western Sahara and Yemen. Other countries in the region also have population with a high percentage of Muslims, including Syria (92%), Oman (88%), Bahrain (81%), Qatar (78%), United Arab Emirates (76%) and Sudan (71%). Moreover, North Africa is also the home of three largest Muslim populations in the Middle East-North Africa region: Egypt (79 million), Algeria (34 million) and Morocco (32 million). Other countries in the region with large Muslim populations include: Iraq (30 million), Sudan (30 million), Saudi Arabia (25 million), Yemen (23 million), Syria (20 million) and Tunisia (10 million). Of course with huge strategic and resources advantage, ideological assimilation, and huge Muslim population with Arabic knowledge makes it a perfect ground for the return of Islamic Khilafah State. Therefore, a Report of the Project for the New American Century (2000) prompted a Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 20
  • 21. conclusion that America can no way lose control over the Middle East and Persian Gulf region.3. Central and Western Asian region consisting of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are entirely Muslim majority except Cyprus. This region hosts around 24% of entire Muslim population i.e. 380 Million Muslims. This region is described as the most volatile region and a region that poses greatest security threat for USA according to the paper by Ariel Cohen (2003). Ariel Cohen specifically mentioned that non-violent global Islamic political party Hizb ut Tahrir has already reshaped public opinion of this region for the aspiration of ‗Islamic Caliphate‘. Moreover, Elizabeth Wishnick (2004) has clearly stated this fact that American military must be able to contain any threat from the rise of Islamic Caliphate in central Asia and suggested the USA to have permanent and large military bases in that region especially in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan etc. Moreover, Peoples Daily on 24th Sep 2010, has exposed United States plan to expand the Bagram, Kandahar and Mazar-E-Shairf air bases in Afghanistan using 300 million US dollars to guard against the possible future global volatile situation.4. Finally, Sub-Saharan Africa has about 241 million Muslims, which is about 15% of the world Muslim population. Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in Sub- Saharan Africa, with about 78 million Muslims (about 50% of Nigeria‘s total population). Almost one-in-three Muslims (about 32%) in Sub-Saharan Africa live in Nigeria. The Sub-Saharan and Western Africa region has number of Muslim majority countries with other parts having sizable Muslim population. Now it is true that, the Islamic world is currently divided into more than 57 statelets. Thanks to the rulers of the current Islamic world! However, even with their continuous cultural aggression, the western world has failed to distance the generations of Islamic ummah from Islam and the solid values of their Islamic beliefs. Neither the Muslim rulers can do any thing about it. Despite their cruel political repressions upon the callers of ummah‘s unification; voice for the erasing the colonial borders are becoming louder. Those who have been given the title of ‗Father of Nations‘ like Kamal Attartuk, Jinnah or Shiekh Mujib etc. no longer stands when someone just say ‗I am a Muslim and Ibrahim (a.s.) is my father of nation.‘ Amazing it is! Therefore, the way western world wants the Islamic ummah to be divided, is something ultimately against the tides of our time. Once the return of Islam in the practical life becomes a reality, it will take a blink of an eye for the world to see the completion of the unification of 1.56 billion Muslims into one land. Indeed with such a huge manpower having homogenous core beliefs, the Islamic world presents an inevitable reality to be the next foremost leading state of the world. The Scenario of Muslims in the Western World Population control has been one of the cornerstones of the western secular world‘s strategy to develop a country! At least this is what they have been calling for and implementing in the third world especially in the Islamic world. However, today they themselves are facing extinction by following such a prescription. Indeed there are a Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 21
  • 22. great number of European countries who are now facing negative population growthalong with aging population problem.Matt Rosenberg (Jan 2010) with latest data Table: Countries with Negativefrom ‗Population Reference Bureau‘ argued Population Growth Rates by 2050that there are twenty countries in the world Current Growth Ratewith negative or zero natural population Countries Growth Rate by 2050growth. This is unprecedented in history! Russia -0.6% -22%Except a few countries almost all these Belarus -0.6% -12%countries are from western world especially Bulgaria -0.5% -34%from the EU. However this is without the Latvia -0.5% -23%consideration of immigrants. Even with Lithuania -0.4% -15%immigrants only one of the twenty countries Hungary -0.3% -11%(i.e. Austria) is expected to grow between Romania -0.2% -29%2006 and 2050 and all the other countries Estonia -0.2% -23%are expected to experience a huge negative Moldova -0.2% -21%population growth rate!! Croatia -0.2% -14% Germany -0.2% -9% CzechLooking at the history of Greece and Italy, Republic -0.1% -8%they were once upon a time cradle of Japan 0% -21%civilization. Germany, Japan and Russia still Poland 0% -17%are considered as dominant global players. Slovakia 0% -12%However, these countries tired to sell the Italy 0% -5%idea of “population control or family Slovenia 0% -5%planning‖ are now on the verge of Greece 0% -4%extinction. This is because; according toresearch, in order for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years there must bea fertility rate of 2.11. Historically no culture has ever reversed with a 1.9 fertility rate,while with a rate of 1.3 it is impossible to reverse. Because it takes 80-100 years toreverse a culture and there is no economic and political model except Islam to sustaina culture for such a long period especially in today‘s world where change is the onlyconstant.Now as the population shrinks and so does the culture. As of 2007 1.8 is the fertilityrate in France, 1.6 in England, 1.3 in Greece, 1.3 in Germany, 1.2 in Italy, and a mere1.1 in Spain. Across the entire European union of 31 countries, the fertility rate in 2007was mere 1.38. Historical research tells that these numbers are impossible to reverse.Yet the population of Europe is not declining owing mainly to immigrants and mostlythe Muslim immigrants testing the fanatical nerve of so called secular democracies. Ina matter of years Europe as we know it today will not be the same!Of all population growth in Europe since 1990; 90% of them are Muslimimmigrations. For example in France the number of children per family is 1.8,however in Muslim family the rate is 8.1. In southern France, traditionally one of themost populated church regions in the world, now there are more mosques thanchurches and 30% of the children aged 20 and younger are Muslim.In the larger cities of France such as Nice, Mersey and Paris that number has grown to45%. By 2027, 1 in 5 children will be born in Muslim family. Similarly in last 30 yearsthe Muslim population in UK has grown from 82,000 to 2.5 million which is a 30 foldincrease. There are about 1000 mosques; many of them are former churches. In theEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 22
  • 23. Netherlands 50% of all new born are Muslim and only in 15 years half of the entirepopulation will be Muslim.In Russia 1 out of 5 is Muslim. A statistical report says that 40% of the entire Russianarmy will be Muslim in just few years. Currently in Belgium 25% of all population and50% of newborn are Muslim. The government of Belgium stated that 1 out of 3newborn will be in Muslim family. The German government in a recent statement saysthat the fall in German population can no longer be stopped. Its downward spiral is nolonger is reversible. It will be a Muslim majority state by 2050. Indeed on 4th October2010, German president in a ceremony arranged to celebrate the memory of itsunification has said that, Islam is now part of Germany. Today there are currently 53million Muslims in Europe. The German government says that the number is expectedto double in next 20 years making it 106 million. Table: Trend of Population Growth in Europe and Five Major Muslim Countries from 1960- 2050. (in Millions)Year Europe Bangladesh Indonesia Pakistan Turkey Egypt Five Muslim Courtiers 1960 604.46 54.14 93.06 48.78 28.23 27.80 252.01 1965 634.19 60.93 103.98 54.27 32.00 31.57 282.75 1970 656.20 69.18 116.92 61.75 36.21 35.58 319.63 1975 676.21 79.05 131.33 71.24 41.21 39.60 362.43 1980 693.11 90.40 146.58 82.61 46.16 44.43 410.18 1985 706.99 102.99 162.35 98.31 51.29 50.66 465.59 1990 720.99 115.63 177.39 115.78 56.09 57.79 522.66 1995 727.36 128.09 191.50 130.40 61.21 63.86 575.05 2000 726.57 140.77 205.28 148.13 66.46 70.17 630.81 2005 729.42 153.12 219.21 165.82 71.17 77.15 686.47 2010 732.76 164.43 232.52 184.75 75.71 84.47 741.87 2015 734.00 175.22 244.19 205.50 79.97 91.78 796.66 2020 732.95 185.55 254.22 226.19 83.87 98.64 848.47 2025 729.26 195.01 263.29 246.29 87.36 104.97 896.92 2030 723.37 203.21 271.49 265.69 90.38 110.91 941.67 2035 716.19 209.93 278.38 284.56 92.92 116.50 982.29 2040 708.49 215.34 283.50 302.80 94.94 121.62 1018.20 2045 700.19 219.59 286.72 319.89 96.43 126.00 1048.64 2050 691.05 222.50 288.11 335.20 97.39 129.53 1072.72Source: Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat,World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision,, Saturday, August 14, 2010; 10:14:41 AMSimilarly in Canada the fertility rate is 1.6, nearly 0.5 point below what is required andIslam is the fastest growing religion in Canada. From 2001 to 2006 population inCanada increased by 1.6 million, with 1.2 of them are immigrants. In the USA thecurrent fertility rate of American citizen is 1.6. But with the influx of Latino populationit reaches to 2.11. In 1970 there were 100,000 Muslim in USA. Today in 2008 there are9 million Muslim in USA. The world is changing. The Muslim Society in USA says thatwe must realize the fact that in another 30 years there will be 50 million Muslimsliving in USA. And indeed Islam is the fastest growing religion in USA and in Europe.BBC reports (23rd Dec, 2005) that ‗Islam is widely considered Europes fastestgrowing religion, with immigration and above average birth rates leading to a rapidincrease in the Muslim population.‖Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 23
  • 24. These indigenous or immigrant Muslims have already been vocal and active in adistinct political process in the west. Their political activism are largely based oncommunity works, voice against Islamophobia, protecting communities rights, voicingconcern against western interferences in the Muslim lands like occupied Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. It is amazing how a British born Muslim prioritize hiscare for Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq or in Afghanistan than a Briton of otherfaith. It is an amazing brotherly and careful reaction when a European Muslim says ‗assalamu alikum‘ to an African Muslim in the street of Belfast, London, Rome or Dublinand they hug each other!Therefore, the possibility of unification of Islamic world under the return of rightlyguided Khilafah State is a matter of time only. In such a case, the continent Europewill quickly be influenced by the high moral, ethical and political standard of Islam asit did in the past over centuries.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 24
  • 25. Chapter: 03 MILITARY STRENGTH OFEMERGING KHILAFAH STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 25
  • 26. Introduction:The road to embark into the number one leading state requires amongst others astrong, motivated and a huge military. Indeed the role of military in preserving,protecting and propagating the ideological foundations of the nation is of hugeimportance.For example, Jonathan D. Pollack (2007) in his article ‗Chinese Military Power: WhatVexes the United States and Why?‘ argued that the recent development of Chinesemilitary power over the past decade is generating ample debate over its meaning andconsequences for American security interests. He concluded that, China is now anarrived major power according to virtually all relevant power criteria, with U.S. policymakers conclusively resolving the implications of Chinas military modernization forAmerican security interests. Even though it is certain that China is neither a globalpower nor a great power but it is certainly a strong regional power with internationalimplications. Therefore, there is no debate that military strength is a definite power criterion to emerge as number one leading state in the world. It is one of the vital sources of a nation‘s strengths since the military physically defends, preserves and helps the nation‘s idea to propagate to rest of the world. Over the time the military strength of different countries have strengthened their standing in the world. The ‗cold war‘ between former USSR and the USA testifies that military might and its global reach has helped these powers to keep the wheel of a bi-polar world in the last century moving.The importance of military power as a key driver to remain in the position of leadingstates is portrayed by the defense budget of USA or Russia, China or Great Britain.Even during the past few years of worst financial and subsequent economic recession,neither of these countries has reduced their defense budget.Looking at the USA figure for example, despite the financial crisis the USA hasincreased its defense budget. As of 2009, it spends around 46% of entire world‘sdefense budget i.e. almost half of the entire world! And it shows no sign of abetting.The last 10 years data of this 21st century shows that, USA‘s defense budget iscontinuously increasing.Therefore, it is of no secret that, for a ‗number one leading state‘ to decide theinternational politics and its terms, military might plays a crucial role. However,whether a gigantic spending like USA is required or not, needs investigation.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 26
  • 27. A general understanding about the USA is that, it has been the leading state but by itsnature it is a colonialist power which exploits other nations with its brutal, atrocious,and colonial means and styles and earns their hatred. This is a definite explanation ofits huge military expenditure. Possibly Source: Laicie Olson, Growth in US Defense Spendingit is the only leading state like its earlier Centre for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, March 2009twin, USSR that fights against theweakest country in the world i.e.Afghanistan. It is possibly the onlymajor power, that destroys the cradle ofhuman civilization i.e. Baghdad.A Comparative Statistics of theMilitary Status of Islamic WorldThe Islamic world has the potential tobe a huge military powerhouse with acombined active military of 5.59million. In fact this is much higher thanthe current global power USA, who hasmanaged to keep its uncontested hegemonic supremacy over the entire world after thefall of USSR back in 1990s. In fact USA only has 1.47 million active military personnel;while Russia has 1.037 million, China has 2.25 million, and other two permanentmembers France and UK have paltry 0.26 and 0.24 million active militaryrespectively.The whole Islamic world has approximately 0.4 milliom more active army comparedto the total of all five permanent members of the United Nation Security Council,which acts as the default security authority of the world. Moreover, the Islamic worldhas around 0.6 million more active military compared to the BRIC (Brazil, Russia,India and China) total. Even though the five member of security council jointly hasmore reserve forces compared to the total of Islamic world, but the total of Islamicworld has more reserve force than USA, Russia, China, France, UK individually.Moreover in case of any possible war between future Islamic Khilafah State and thewestern powers, the paramilitary force will play a vital role. Because these paramilitaryforces can work as combat troops, fight guerrilla wars, and can work as support staffsfor the war.It is amazing to note that the whole world has 20.526 million paramilitary forces, outof which 11.32 million belongs to the Islamic world. One single Muslim state i.e. Iranhas more than 11 times higher paramilitary troops than that of combined fivepermanent members of the UNSC. Moreover, Iran has more than 5 times higherparamilitary troops than that of the combined number of BRIC.In terms of total military force, the Islamic world outnumbers each of the permanentmembers of Security Council both individually as well as jointly. In fact, Islamic worldoutnumbers the BRIC group as well. The combined military force of the Islamic worldis 22.42 million while the five permanent members of Security Council jointly have15.95 million and BRIC jointly has 17.53 million. The following table highlights thefacts regarding the military position of Islamic world as well as the major worldpowers including the BRIC.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 27
  • 28. Figure: Comparative Military Force in Major Powers of the World including unified Islamic world under Khilafah (in Millions)Countries Active Military Reserve Force Paramilitary Total MilitaryUnited States 1.474 1.459 0.453 3.385India 1.325 1.155 1.293 3.773Russia 1.037 2.4 0.359 3.796Brazil 0.371 1.6 0.434 2.405China 2.255 1.2 0 7.555France 0.259 0.419 0.101 0.779United Kingdom 0.24 0.195 0 0.436Germany 0.285 0.359 0.04 0.683Israel 0.176 0.445 0.008 0.629Worlds Total 20.671 38.185 20.527 83.482BRIC Total 4.988 6.355 2.087 17.53Permanent Members 5.265 5.673 0.914 15.951Islamic Khilafah State 5.591 3.672 13.153 22.416 Source: CIA Fact Books about Various Countries. [Accessed at 10th August 2010] The military strength of this ummah of Muhammad (saw) of such scale, makes it clear, why the western powers are so anxious about Islamic world? This also makes it clear to any international observer, policy makers or think tanks about the reason why the western powers work day and night to keep Islamic world physically separated from each other with false boundary such as the Durand line between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This also makes it clear why the idea of nationalism has been kept alive in Muslim world as a means to keep them segregated and bring havoc upon the ummah i.e. Iraq-Iran war, Afghan-Pakistan war etc or unnecessary division like Shia or Sunni. From these above facts and figure it is crystal clear that, the military might of Islamic world is unparalleled and second to none. It is worth mentioning that the report by Steven Kull et. al. (April, 2007) published by Maryland University in the USA that suggests that most respondents (in five major Muslim countries) express strong support for expanding the role of Islam in their societies. Large majorities in most countries - an average of 71 percent (39% strongly)—agree with the goal of requiring ―strict application of Shari’a law in every Islamic countries.‖ In fact as unequivocal as it can be that majority i.e. more than 64% even agreed with the ambitious goal ‗to unify Muslim countries into one single Islamic State or Caliphate‘. Indeed with such huge public support the return of Islamic Khilafah State means a dynamic reshaping of the global balance of power with its strong military prospect. It can almost instantly direct the terms of world with its huge military capacity. The Military Capabilities of Islamic World For any nation the military capabilities today is broadly divided into three major areas. These include the Army, Air Force, and Naval Force. Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 28
  • 29. In terms of general characteristics of the various military capabilities, according to a report of 2008 the Islamic world has more people fit for military service. In fact only the five most powerful countries in Islamic world (Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Turkey) have almost double (217.67 million) population fit for military service compared to that of current global power the USA (118 million). A brief discussion on the comparative position of military capabilities of Islamic world represented by five most powerful Muslim lands against USA has been considered for explaining the reality of Islamic ummah to be the only global power of the world in coming years with the emergence of rightful Islamic Khilafah state. As per the Army, in 2008 the USA possesses 29,920 land based weapon whereas, Islamic world proxied by only five states has almost equivalent 27,519 land based weapons. ARMY USA Total_M5 Pakistan Indonesia Egypt Iran Turkey Total Land-Based Weapons: 29,92 27,519 3,919 2,122 9,357 5,449 6,672 2008 0 Towed Artillery: 2001 5,178 9,333 3,952 293 2,393 2,010 685 Armored Personnel Carriers: 3,300 1,146 684 N/A 640 830 2004 Tanks: 2004 7,851 8,704 2,461 425 N/A 1,613 4,205 Self-Propelled Guns: 2004 1,508 260 70 N/A 310 868 Multiple Rocket Launch 1,012 52 N/A N/A 876 84 Systems: 2004 Mortars: 2004 13,181 2,350 N/A N/A 5,00 5,831 0 Anti-Tank Guided Weapons: 13,687 12,329 N/A N/A 75 1,283 2004 Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 5,779 1,900 515 N/A 1,700 1,664 2004 Moreover, a slightly old data of 2001 indicates that USA has 5,178 towed artilleries compared to 9,333 towed artilleries of Islamic world. The USA has 7,851 tanks compared to 8,704 tanks of Islamic world. Moreover, other than these five states, Syria has 4,100 tanks, Bangladesh has 1,980 tanks, Kazakhstan has 1,266, Yemen has 1,250, Jordon has 1,179, KSA has 1,055, Algeria has 950, Morocco has 871, Libya has 800, and other Muslim states have additional conventional as well as advance tanks. The Islamic world represented by five countries (Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Turkey) possesses 3,300 armored personnel carriers, 1,012 multiple rocket systems, 13,118 motors, 13687 anti-tank guided weapons, 5779 anti-aircraft weapons. Moreover, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan can produce modern and upgraded tanks. As per the Air Force, USA has 18,169 aircrafts compared to five major Muslim states total of 3,536 aircrafts. Moreover, USA has 4,593 helicopter compared to 1,055 helicopter of Islamic world represented by Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Turkey. Even though other Muslim countries like Bangladesh, KSA, Libya etc. has some hundreds fighter jets still, Islamic world is lagging behind in this area. However, it may be mentioned that, countries like Iran can manufacture fighter jets like ‗HESA Azarakhsh‖ which has been developed up to 5th generation, while the latest ‗HESA Saeqeh‘ has a range of 3000 km. These fighter-bombers have the ability to track down enemy aircraft, engage in combat, target locations on the ground, and carry an Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 29
  • 30. assortment of weapons and ammunition4. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) can assemble and manufacture aircraft. The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has also developed the MFI-17 Mushshak which is used as a trainer by the Pakistani air force. The facility also carries out maintenance on various fighter jets such as the F-16 and Dassault Mirage 5. Pakistan and China jointly developed the JF-17 Thunder (4th generation fighter jet). Pakistan has also created cruise missiles which are capable of carrying nuclear war heads. Moreover Turkey can produce F-35 fighter jet, helicopter. Furthermore, Turkey can produce drone and also owns very modern air force software technology up to the global standard. AIR FORCE USA Total_M5 Pakistan Indonesia Egypt Iran Turkey Total Aircraft: 2006 18,169 3,536 710 313 1,230 84 1,199 Helicopters: 2003 4,593 1,055 198 194 243 84 336 Serviceable Airports: [2007] 14,947 1,334 146 652 88 331 117 As for the Naval Force, the Islamic world has around 400 navy ships compared to the USA total of 1,559. However, the merchant marine strength of Islamic world is more than 4 times higher than that of the USA. NAVY USA Total_M5 Pakistan Indonesia Egypt Iran Turkey Total Navy Ships: 2008 1,559 384 33 11 93 65 182 Merchant Marine Strength: 422 1,746 14 971 67 92 602 2008 Major Ports and Harbors: 10 27 2 10 6 3 6 Aircraft Carriers: 2008 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 Destroyers: 2008 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 Submarines: 2008 75 33 11 2 4 3 13 Frigates: 2007 92 63 9 15 12 3 24 Patrol & Coastal Craft: 2007 100 235 8 24 35 140 28 Mine Warfare Craft: 2007 28 57 3 12 13 5 24 Amphibious Craft: 2007 38 59 0 26 12 13 8 Moreover, only 5 major Muslim states has 27 major ports and harbor including the strait of Malacca, the strait of Homruz, Suez Cannel, the Bay of Bengal, Horn of Africa, Bosphorus and Persian gulf straights. These places provide a unique opportunity to take control over world‘s geostrategic places for the naval forces under the future leadership of Islamic Khilafah State. In fact upon the return of Islamic Khilafah State, Islamic world can easily take control of the world‘s business routes and the total control of Indian Ocean due to the presence of the border of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Moreover the Islamic world can have absolute control over the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and the Red Sea as well. Furthermore Islamic world has around 33 submarines compared to 50 submarines of the USA. The Islamic world has equivalent no. of frigates, double the number of patrol and costal crafts, and double the number of amphibious crafts compared to current global power USA as per 2007 statistics. Moreover, both Pakistan and Turkey can produce submarines. But the Islamic world does not have any destroyer and aircraft carriers which is very important in today‘s world. However, this gap can easily be 4 Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 30
  • 31. repelled by Islamic world‘s ability of maintaining a presence on a global scale invarious continents via its own geographical outreach.Indeed the military capabilities of Islamic world are constant threat for the USA.American concern has multiplied with the test of nuclear weapon in Pakistan. Indeedone of the most possible places for the return of Khilafah i.e. Pakistan is a nuclearstate. Pakistani ballistic missiles can carry nuclear warheads. Iran also has acquirednuclear technology. Libya is suspected to have nuclear warheads. Turkey undercurrent NATO agreement has more than 90 B-61 nuclear warheads. Out of which 50 ishosted at the Incirlik Air Base, and another 40 is under its possessions and thesewarheads are maintained by Turkish armed forces. Moreover, Kazakhstan has anuclear reactor titled the BN-350 nuclear reactor at Aktau, designed and well suitedfor producing weapon grade plutonium. Even though in November 1997 PresidentNursultan Nazarbayev signed agreements with the U.S. to submit the spent fuel fromthis reactor to IAEA monitoring, still this reactor is in Kazakhstan. Moreover, bothIran and Pakistan have developed intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as longrange missiles capable of crossing a distance of around 2000-3000 km. Indeed with ahuge youthful population capable of military service and with huge energy resources,available logistics, the Islamic Khilafah State can address any military needs in amatter of months with its ‗military industrial policy‘.Kafir Western Policy to Contain the Spirit of Islamic ArmyThe absence of Islamic Khilafah State is a huge strategic leverage for the westernpowers. Indeed they are the one who conspired and dismantled the vast authority ofthe Islamic Khilafah State. However, the Islamic ummah continued to embrace theIslamic ideology despite the absence of Islamic Khilafah State. The west understandthis fact that Islamic ummah is the one who stands for her deen. The west understandsthat, the physical separation and abolishment of Khilafah is not enough to insulatetheir security threats from the Islamic ummah. They understand that in case if theIslamic army somehow manages to get united it will book the history of the westerncolonialism and their criminal murderous ideology in the museum. Moreover evenwithout the presence of Islamic Khilafah State the sheer size of the capacity of theIslamic armies across continents is their constant threat. Therefore the west hasdesigned various policies to curb and annihilate the spirit of the brave Islamic armies.This evil plan has various styles and means including putting the brave Muslim armiesto work on rental basis in UN mission where the colonialists have left their rampage.Due to the absence of Khilafah State the west has forced Islamic army to undertakenumerous joint military exercise with the USA or with other the western forces, andeven in most disrespecting cases forced to fight American ‗war on Islam‘ in lands afterlands in the name of counterterrorism. What a wicked model of controlling both thehearts and physics of the Muslim armies! With these evil designs America hopes tokeep its tight control over the vast Muslim military!The Army of Islam will Rise AgainMuslims are Muslims. They are exceptional. Indeed in her evil design America failedto realize that Muslims are not Red Indians. Even though America may forget, butMuslim armies will never forget the wounds and sufferings of their Muslim brothersand sisters in Abu Garib, Bagram, Fallujah, Gaza, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya,Bosnia, Pakistan, and in Afghanistan in the absence of Islamic Khilafah State. MuslimEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 31
  • 32. army surely will not forget the untold sufferings and torture upon her sisters likeFatima in Abu Garib or Dr. Afia Siddiqi whom the criminal Pakistani presidenthanded over to the Kuffar America for dollars.Indeed the reaction of Egyptian army in protest ofHosni Mubarak‘s decision to close Rafah crossings ….the military of Islamic worldand forcing the people of Gaza to suffer at the hand with pure Islamic aqeedah,of Israel is one such example. Therefore, the Muslim belief in Allah swt, and boostedarmy with pure Islamic aqeedah, belief in Allah (swt), with the morale of the pastand boosted with the morale of the past generations generations of generals likeof generals like Khalid bin Walid (r.a.), Hamza Ibn Khalid bin Walid r.a., HamzaAbdul Mu‘ttalib (r.a.), Osama bin Zayeed (r.a.), Ali Ibn Abdul Mu‘ttalib r.a.,Ibn Abi Taleb (r.a.), Salahuddin Ayubi, Muhammad Osama bin Zayeed r.a., Ali IbnAl Fateh, Muhammad bin Qaseem and others is a Abi Taleb r.a., Salahuddinconstant threat for the west. Indeed if the Khalid bin Aiyubi, Muhammad Al Fateh,Walid or Salahuddin Aiyubi of today rises again Muhammad bin Qaseem andunder the leadership of Islamic Khilafah State, no others is a constant threat forDavid Petraeus, Stanly McCharystal or Richard the west. Indeed if the KhalidDannatt of the west will even dare to fight against bin Walid or Salahuddinhim. Aiyubi of today rises again, under the leadership of IslamicFinally, the history of human civilization is witness Khilafah State no Davidthat the military of Islamic Khilafah State has been a Petraeus, Stanly McCharystalforce of ‗good and stability‘ for the world during her or Richard Dannatt of the westreign in power. Despite having vast amount of will even dare to fight againstphysical ammunition and capabilities as well as him.largest military force in the world, nobody shouldforget the fact for which Islamic army fights. What isthe source of their motivation? Where rests their strength? What makes themexceedingly fierce in fighting the army of Kuffar, the enemies of Allah (swt)? Whatrestrain them even in the battlefield once somebody offers truce?Indeed the motivation comes from the command and persuasion of Allah (swt) whenHe (swt) says,"Fight them until there is no more fitna (corruption) and the deen (way of life) will befor Allah alone" [TMQ Al-Anfal: 39].Moreover, "A man said, „O Messenger of Allah (saw), allow tourism(siyaha) for me.‟ Prophet (saw) replied The tourism (siyaha) of myUmmah is Jihad (Abu Dawood).” In other Hadith Prophet (saw) said "I wasgiven the victory through the fear in the enemy, of a months marchingdistance (Bukhari).”With this motivation, inspiration, clear understanding of the cause of their fight, theIslamic army has been and will always be the unmatched military of the world whichby the help of Allah (swt) will keep the earth free from corruption once again upon thereturn of Islamic Khilafah State. Indeed the historical examples of great battles, e.g.the ‗Battle of Badr‘, the ‗Battle of Yarmuk‘, the ‗Battle of Aynjaloot‘ and many morewars against crusader army and Kuffar like the one led by Salahuddin Ayubi,Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 32
  • 33. Saifuddin Kudus, Mohammed al-Fateh, Tariq bin Zayeed, Muhammad Bin Kasheemand more recently ‗Harb ur-Ramadhan‘ of 1974 by Muslim army of Egypt has been aclear testimony of the unmatched vigor, courage and fierceness of Islamic army infighting for her deen and her destination ‗Jannah‘. One should also remember that,while the Kuffar army fights they seek minimum casualty since they expect nothing innext world. Thus they become demoralized and they leave the service as in the case ofUSA today. While the Islamic army in her fight for her deen against the kuffar underthe command of the Khaleefah, yarn for becoming martyrs and smell the sweetness ofJannah in their death. Indeed the kuffar loves to live while the Islamic army loves todie in martyrdom. The philosophy that death is inevitable and there is no better deaththan that in the cause of Allah (swt) is an honor to the believing Islamic army. Indeedto Him (swt) is the return of us all.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 33
  • 34. Chapter: 04 ECONOMIC & INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH OF EMERGING ISLAMIC KHILAFAH STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 34
  • 35. Economic Development: Refutation of a LieFor decades, the western world has tried to portray secular democracy, which calls forman to be ‗Al-Hakim (the law giver)‘ instead of Allah (swt), as the only viable systemof governance for prosperity of a country especially in the field of industrialization andeconomic developments. One of the most fundamental reasons cited for the economicimpoverishment of Islamic world today is the lack of democracy. In fact theinterdependence of democracy, development and human rights was spelled out in the1993 Vienna declaration by UNESCO. Mancur Olsen (University of Maryland), world‘srenowned capitalist economist, in his award winning book ‗Power and Prosperity‘(2000) showed that democracies generally develop and progress relative to othersystems of governance. Olsen argued that under anarchy there is an incentive only tosteal and destroy, whilst a dictator has an incentive to encourage a degree of economicsuccess, since he will expect to be in power long enough to take a share of it.Again, Jan Fidrmuc (2003) working with the data of Commonwealth of IndependentStates (CIS) and other former communist regimes has suggested that democracyreinforces progress in economic liberalization, which in turn, improves growth. Hence,democratization had a positive effect on growth during transition, albeit indirectly,through facilitating economic liberalization. Campos (1994) also has shown a generallypositive relationship between democracy and development. Michael T. Rock (2009)working with Asian data has rejected the hypothesis that democracy slows growth andshow that democracy causes growth and investment to rise. Moreover, thousands ofother papers similar to these have shown that, democracy is prerequisite fordevelopment. These theories have fascinated western run intellectuals in Islamicworld to campaign for the institutionalization of democracy and free market in theMuslim lands without understanding the real motives of these capitalist colonialpowers regarding their call of democracy and free market policy.However, there are some academic paper as well that criticized the validity of suchconclusion. For example, Christian Bjørnskov (2010) by exploring data on incomequintiles derived from the World Income Inequality Database for 88 developingcountries, has found that that foreign aid and democracy in conjunction are associatedwith a higher share of income held by the upper quintile. Therefore he concludes thatthis was the reason for this theory being sold and implemented by the political andacademic elites of those countries. Moreover, Sirowy and Inkeles (1991) finding issupportive of a negative relationship between democracy and development.Today we have more and more findings which do not support the idea that democracyhas anything to do with development. Indeed there are number of ways we canenlighten ourselves. But the best way is ‗not to listen to the theories of the west (exceptfor science and technologies), who has inherited a historical gene of lie, deception andcolonialization of other parts of the world. Just look at Pakistan for example. Underthe leadership of dictator General Pervez Musharaf Pakistan was on the verge ofbankruptcy while under democratic Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan has become technically abankrupt nation. Pakistan has been made to fail during last 60 years under secularsystem. Another example is Bangladesh. For last 20 years Bangladesh is practicingdemocracy. In fact Bangladesh started with around 48% poverty back in 1990, whiletoday around 51% is living under poverty! Moreover consider the following cases:Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 35
  • 36.  Bangladesh has been practicing democracy for last 20 years. It is considered as one of the best model of democracy in Islamic world. On the contrary Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunei etc are ruled by kingships. Which country is economically more developed? Of course Bangladesh is not!! New Zealand is the oldest democracy in the world (1907), while USA adopted democracy in 1965. Which country is economically more developed? China, Russia (formerly the USSR) and Germany clearly proved that democracy is not a prerequisite for economic development. These are decisive proofs that much can be achieved without democracy. Russia and China appear to be doing rather well without following the example of Western liberal democracy and indeed in some cases they challenge the model with disdain (Adnan Khan, Geopolitical Myths, 2009). Therefore it is indeed a false theory! Moreover, there is another theory proposed by the west regarding economic development and industrialization. This one is known as adoption of free market system. However, looking at the industrial development in the past, like the one in Britain, Germany, USA, It was colonial territorial USSR, and Japan and today‘s China, it is clear that ambition under the guise of these powers of the world have developed well before commercial interests that the adoption of the idea of free market policy, while dictated the growth of the Chinese growth is due to militarization of industrial early British Empire. The complex. former East Indian Company is a historical Britain for example, was very successful in drawing reminder. Nobody in the on most of the accessible world for raw materials world believes that, Britain and markets. It was colonial territorial ambition during the period of 1700s under the guise of commercial interests that dictated industrial revolution the growth of the early British Empire. The former developed because Britain East Indian Company is a historical reminder. was ruled with democracy Nobody in the world believes that, Britain developed and with free market because during the period of 1700s industrial economy!! revolution Britain was ruled with democracy and with free market economy!! The marriage between free market and development is an utter lie. In fact Britain‘s economic and industrial development is rooted in the maritime policies of the English King Henry VII that supported its new found scientific advancement for raw materials via colonialization. Again Britain‘s scientific advancement further aided by the fact that Britain required to be efficient in sourcing the raw materials while they competed with other European colonialists of the past like the Dutch, France, Portuguese etc. With the use of industrial promotion strategies Britain, when it reached its pinnacle in 18th century, was navigating the seas in search of riches around the globe. This program of aggressive colonization entrenched Britain‘s position in the world and changed the battles from being fought for territories to offshore markets. It was this colonial war machine that drove a large chunk of Britain‘s scientific research, innovation, and new ways of organizing labor and military strategy. Democracy and so called liberal values Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 36
  • 37. arrived well after this only to pacify the world which it has colonizlized territories;(Adnan Khan, Geopolitical Myths, 2009).Regarding China, if Chinese model of economic development and industrialization isthe robust one to consider in current world, we must go back to the period of 1978when they have began to prioritize military considerations dominating thedevelopment of science and technology. Mao, former ruler of China has stated hisobjective of forming a ‗militarization‘ complex above all other needs. This‗militarization‘ formed the basis of Deng Xao Ping policy. Deng‘s aim was to diversifythe economy in order that China‘s industrial base could contribute not only to nationaldefense but also economic growth and civilian prosperity. Deng‘s famous 16 characterguidance in early 1980‘s makes this clear ‗integrating military and civilianproduction; but making sure to balance the military requirements; maintainingmilitary capability; using the civilian economy to serve military modernization‘(Adnan Khan, Constructing a Industrialized Islamic world; 2009 at if someone agrees that west has developed economically to a certain extent,however, standing in 2010 after witnessing the various economies in the west meltingdown one by one including USA, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal,Ireland etc. suggest that these secular democratic countries nevertheless failed theirpeople with their economic instability over time. Moreover it is not only the stability ofdevelopment; it is also the quality of the economic development as well. RichardRobbins in his award winning book ‗Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalismconfirmed this when he said "The emergence of Capitalism represents a culture thatis in many ways is the most successful that has ever been deployed in terms ofaccommodating large numbers of individuals in relative and absolute comfort andluxury. It has not been as successful, however, in integrating all in equal measure,and its failure here remains one of its major problems." Honestly Mr. RichardRobbins has said the half truth. The truth is that, due to capitalism and adoption offree market poverty is the state for the majority of the worlds people. 3 billion peoplein the world live on fewer than two dollars a day, the third world owes over $1.2trillion in debt, another 1.3 billion people live on less than one dollar a day; 1.3 billionhave no access to clean water; 3 billion have no access to sanitation and 2 billion haveno access to electricity. The developing world now spends $13 on debt repayment forevery $1 it receives and 80% of the world population lives on less then $10 a day. Therichest 1% of the world owns 40% of the planets wealth and that only 10% of theworlds population owned 85% of the worlds assets. While this is the scorecard of thewestern capitalist system, Islam on the other hand for more than 1300 yearsimplementing the Islamic economic system without any recession, economicmeltdown and without one single economic crisis in its entire history. Therefore theeconomic backwardness of the Islamic world is not due to their non adoption ofsecular democracy and free market; rather it is the other way around. Moreoverneither the Islamic Khilafah State will aim at a model for economic developmentwhich is unrealistic, volatile, which keeps more than 1.2 billion of global people athunger while the fashion industry generates revenue higher than the world‘s militarybudget! Therefore despite their failure to take care of their own people‘s economicaffair with sustained prosperity, the secular capitalist democracy attack Islam and itssystem to undermine Islamic principles and value in one hand and to hide the massivedisparity, economic backwardness, inequality that the weapon of mass economicdestruction (capitalism) creates.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 37
  • 38. In reality there are number of factors for which a country can develop and ultimatelybecome foremost leading state. Indeed economic and industrial strength is one ofthem. At first it starts with the ability to have self dependence in food production; andthen the availability of cheap raw materials especially energy, technologicaladvancement, industrialization, availability of labor force, a sizable domestic market,and above all a sustained model for economic prosperity to achieve sustainablegrowth. This indeed helps the nation in its ambition to become the number oneleading state in the world.Food Grain for Self SufficiencyOne of the major factors leading to self sufficiency for any nation is to have enoughfood production internally. If a nation can feed its people, this will definitely increaseits resolve to stand internationally as a meaningful independent state. Various sourcesof statistics suggest that, Islamic world is well placed to have self sufficiency once thereturn of future Islamic Khilafah State takes place. In fact the Islamic Khilafah Statewill not require any help from any other state since it produces enough food grains likerice, wheat, potato, barley, cereals to feed its own people.As per rice, according to International Rice Research Institute, Islamic KhilafahState represented by current Islamic lands produced around 21.06% of global riceproduction in 2008. Indonesia and Bangladesh is the 3rd and 4th largest producer ofrice in the world, which is one of the most important worlds primary food grains alongwith amaranth, wheat, potato, and sweet corn. In fact rice is the most important staplefood consumed around the world and it is the primary food for the people in Asia andAfrica. Moreover, according to FAO Indonesia and Bangladesh experienced the fastestgrowth in rice production during 2006, up 8.6% and 6.9% respectively from 2005;while Pakistan is expected to lead in increased global rice export in 2010. A reportentitled, ―Rice Market Monitor‖ published by the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) of the United Nations, has predicted that export of rice from Pakistan will riseto 3.8 million tons this year (2009), as compared to just 2.8 million tons in 2008.As per wheat, Islamic Khilafah staterepresented by current Islamic lands alsoproduces sizable amount of wheat. Metric tonsAccording to ‗Grain Market Report‘ in the Countries Percentage (,000)year of 2010 Islamic lands have produced World total 15892 100.0%around 102.3 million metric tons of wheat Islamic 4733 29.8%which represent around 16.85% of global Khilafah Statewheat production. Indeed Pakistan is the 7th, Benin 159 1.0%Turkey is the 8th, Kazakhstan is the 10th and Belize 157 1.0%Iran is the 11th largest wheat producer in theworld. Moreover, Kazakhstan is the 5th and China 149 0.9%Turkey is the 8th largest exporter of wheat in Ecuador 145 0.9%the world. Table: World Production of Cereal 2010 from www.nationmaster.comAs per cereal, which is one of the mostimportant Western foods; Islamic Khilafah State represented by current Islamic landsproduces around 30% of the entire world cereal production. UAE is the no. 1 cerealproducing countries in the world, while Jordan and Kuwait has the 4 th and 5th positionin terms of producing cereal in the world.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 38
  • 39. As per barley, Turkey is the 7th and Kazakhstan is the 14th largest barley producer in the world in year 2010. Moreover, Indonesia is the 2nd largest, while turkey is the 3rd largest green bean producer of the world. According the statistics of FAO in the year of 2009, the combined production of green bean by Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco was 25.82% of in the world. Other than these solid foods Islamic world produces sizable amount of fruits, green vegetables, and other major food items in the world; providing a perfect picture of self sufficiency in terms of the ability of future Islamic Khilafah State to attain not just self dependence, but also become the major exporter in number of food items. Moreover, Islamic world believes that, Allah (swt), the Omnipotent Creator, is the best in providing sustenance. Cotton: Major Source of Clothing Cotton is one of the major product that a nation requires to achieve self-dependence. In fact the Hadith by Prophet (saw.) suggest that, a state must provide clothing as a basic right of human being along with food and shelter. Looking at the production statistics of cotton, one of the main items to produce clothes, Islamic world is well placed in cotton production. Pakistan which is one of the major Table: World Production of Cotton in 2010 Muslim lands is the 4th, Turkey is Thousands Country Percentage Bales the 6 th, Syria is the 8th and Egypt is China 25500 29.0% the 11th largest producers of cotton. Moreover both Syria and Egypt is Islamic 18231 20.7% Khilafah State the 6 th and 7th largest exporter of USA 17559 19.9% cotton in the world. The Islamic Khilafah State represented by Brazil 4400 5.0% current Islamic lands produces World Total 88034 100.0% around 21% of the global cotton production, representing the second largest producer of cotton in the entire world. As per other agricultural commodities with economic value, there are number of Islamic lands having dominant position in this regard. For example: Bangladesh has been historically the largest jute producer in the world, only overtaken by India just few years back, due to insincerity on the part of the secular democratic government in Dhaka. Still Bangladesh is the largest exporter of jute products accounting more than 75% of global jute trade. Due the increase international awareness on the bad effect of using polythene on environment it is estimated that the world‘s annual demand of jute is more than 4-years production capacity! As per opium poppy, which has variety of uses from being heroin to life saving drugs, Afghanistan is the largest opium producing country in the world and it dominates the global trade. In fact Afghanistan exports more than 90% of the opium in the world; while USA is the largest opium importing nation. The commercial value of per kg of opium is huge. In fact in the retail market it is around US$ 9000 per kg. And in the Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 39
  • 40. year of 2008 Afghanistan has produced around 660 metric tons of opium which hashuge commercial value if used carefully for medical purpose.Therefore, it is clear that Islamic world has been provided with abundance of food andagricultural crops having huge commercial value for creating a gigantic new economicpowerhouse of the world.Industrialization: Natural Resources of Islamic WorldIslamic world is blessed with natural resources by our Creator, Allah (swt) ar-Razzaq.Indeed, the Noble Qur‘an repeatedly has said in one of its famous surah i.e. Surah Ar-Rahman that, ‘Then which of the blessings of your Rabb will you deny?’With this abundant recourses future Islamic Khilafah State will quickly be able toindustrialize itself.Natural Oil ResourceAt the beginning a cursory glance on the World‘s Proven Oil Reserve 2010energy resources of the world i.e. oil, gas and Billion % of theother minerals suggests that, the future Islamic Country Barrels WorldKhilafah State outnumbers any other country Saudi Arabia 262.70 19.47%in the world in terms of her natural resources. Canada 178.90 13.26% Iran 133.30 9.88%The sideline table suggests that, the Islamic Iraq 112.50 8.34%world holds the monopoly of oil reserve of theworld. She holds around 72% of the worlds oil UAE 97.80 7.25%reserves. The fact that oil is the most important Kuwait 96.50 7.15%ingredients for achieving not just a mere Venezuela 75.59 5.60%economic growth, rather becoming the world Russia 69.00 5.11%largest economy is justified by the exploration Islamic 924.99 68.54%of facts and figures regarding the consumption Khilafah Stateof oil by existing global giants. Islamic 1,167.99 72.12% Khilafah State* Table: Oil Consumption by Major Economic Powers5 Oil Consumption Name of the Country Daily Consumption Size of the Economy 1 st United States 20,680,000 2nd 2 nd EU N/A 1st 3rd China 7,578,000 3rd 4th Japan 5,007,000 4th 5th Russia 2,858,000 8th 6th India 2,722,000 5th 7th Germany 2,456,000 6thMoreover, the Islamic world produces almost 50% of the world‘s daily oil production.The following table highlights the level of imbalance in the oil production amongst5Retrieved from (22/08/2010)* Estimation by considering the proven reserves in Afghanistan.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 40
  • 41. major oil producing nations. In fact Saudi Arabia is the largest producer with 13.39%,while Russia produces 11.75%, USA Produces 9.16%, and Iran produces 5.16%. Table: Daily Oil Production in Thousands Barrels6 UK China 2.57% Countries Productio Percentag 4.42% n e USA Islamic Khilafah 38062 48.15% 9.16% State Russia Islamic Russia 9285 11.75% 11.75% Khilafah State USA 7241 9.16% 48.15% China 3490 4.42% United Kingdom 2029 2.57% Percentage of Global Oil Production Daily in 2009 Global Production 79047 100.00% Figure: Global oil ProductionThe pie chart clearly shows the gulf of difference amongst future Islamic KhilafahState and the other great powers including current superpower USA and formersuperpower UK in terms of production of oil. In any measures, the Islamic KhilafahState has the absolute ability to control the world via these huge oil resources, since itis still the only cost effective source of global energy compared to other options likenuclear energy, green energy, coal, gas etc.Natural Gas ResourceNatural gas is the second most important and cheapest source of energy in the world.Moreover, it has the eco-friendly and cost efficiency benefit, which is very important inenergy consumption.The world has proven Gas reserve of 175.36 Trillion cum. Out of this The Islamic worldhas 107.75 Trillion cum i.e. 61.45%. Even though Russia which is currently in no. oneposition in terms of gas reserve with 47.57 trillion cum or 27.13%, this is due to Islamicworld remaining fragmented based on nationalism under the dictates of colonialists inthe absence of Islamic Khilafah State. The current superpower USA has only 5.978trillion cum or 3.4%; while china has just above 1% and UK has only .02%. Table: World Gas Reserve7 in Trillion Cum. Countries Production Percentage Islamic Khilafah State 107.75 61.45% Russia 47.57 27.13% USA 5.98 3.41% China 2.27 1.29% UK 0.41 0.23% Global Reserve of Gas 175.36 100.00% Figure: Global Proven Gas Reserve6 Retrieved from (22/08/2010)7 Retrieved from (21/08/2010)Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 41
  • 42. Today one Muslim land Iran has 2nd largest (15.31%), Qatar has 3rd largest (14.61%), Saudi Arabia has 4th largest (4.8%), and UAE has 5th largest i.e. 3.46% proven gas reserve. Out of top 15 countries with proven gas reserve, 12 represents natural part of future Islamic Khilafah State. The previous tables and figures show the absolute superiority of Muslim lands regarding proven gas reserves. Moreover, in recent times, a huge amount of gas reserve has been discovered in Afghanistan. Along with other natural resources, it has estimated market value higher than the GDP of 300 years superpower Britain! Coal Reserves Another important natural energy resource in the world is coal. Today coal provides 26.5% of global primary energy needs and generates 41.5% of the worlds electricity. According to World Coal Institute at current rate of production current proven coal reserve can have a further 119 years of usages. Even though there is no official confirmation regarding the proven coal reserves in each country, still by having a cross checking from various sources, it is clear that, the Muslims world has huge amount of coal reserves. In fact it is true that Islamic world does not hold no. one position regarding the proven coal reserve, still the following facts highlights that Islamic world has no shortage of coal. Indonesia is one of the top 10 coal producer in the world. Moreover from 2003 till today it is the 2nd largest coal exporter in the world after, after Australia. Indonesia exports around 21% of global coal trade. Kazakhstan has 8th largest coal reserve in the world. Moreover, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh are from the top 20 countries with proven coal reserve according to the statistics from BP Statistical Review of World Energy in June 2009. Pakistan has the Thar coal field in Sind province. It is the world‘s largest coal field. Uranium Reserve In today‘s world one of the most important sources of energy is uranium. Uranium is used as fuel in nuclear reactor to generate electricity as well as to produce nuclear weapon as a deterrent to any foreign threats. In fact nuclear energy will be one of the growing energy supplies in the years to come; Alistair J Stephens (2005). Nuclear power plants are the most efficient form of power generation. Approximately 15% of the world‘s power generation comes from 440 nuclear power generation plants producing 365,560 MWe of electricity. A further 25 are under construction and will produce an additional 20,776 MWe of power8. Moreover, each year 2.4 billion tons of coal is produced across the world and this is projected to increase to 7 billion tons by 2030. Each ton of coal produces approximately 3.8 tons of carbon dioxide as well as sulphur dioxide, ash and other metallic emissions. This means that coal use across the world today creates at least 9.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide. If uranium was to replace all coal fired power 8 Retrieved from The Ux Consulting Company at Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 42
  • 43. generation, carbon dioxide emissions could drop from 9.1 billion tons to just 3 billiontons, saving 6 billion tons of emissions9If indeed global warming is a massive issue to the world we are living today, theIslamic world has been blessed with this natural resource to give an alternative. In factone of the Muslim land i.e. Kazakhstan has the second largest (14.90%) provenuranium reserve in the world. Moreover Jordan and Uzbekistan has substantialamount of uranium reserve as well. According to the statistics provided by the WorldNuclear Association, Muslim world holds 22.60% of proven uranium reserve in theworld. Table: World Uranium Reserve (tons) Countries Production Percentage Australia 1,243,000 22.70% Islamic Khilafah State 1,235,994 22.60% Russia 546,000 10.00% South Africa 435,000 8.00% Canada 342,000 7.77% USA 342,000 7.77% Worlds Total 5,469,000 100.00% Figure: Global Proven Uranium Reserve in 2009; World Nuclear Association Table: Fuel Efficiency of Major Source of energy; Alistair J Stephens (2005).Moreover, considering the Energy Output Position ofenergy efficiency nuclear Rank Source Kg. of fuel Khilafah Statepowered generating plants are 500,000 mega 2nd [22.60%]highly efficient sources of 1 Uranium jouleselectricity. They provide 10,000 2 Crude oil 45 mega joules 1st [72.12%]times more energy per kilogram 3 Natural Gas* 39 mega joules 1st [61.75%]of fuel than traditional fossil 4 Black Coal 30 mega joules 4th [8.00%]fuel generation. This representsa super efficient use of natural 5 Firewood 16 mega joules N/Aresources. 6 Brown Coal 9 mega joules N/A *Natural gas is measured per meter cubed of gas. Source, if we take a look atthe major sources of fuelenergy; we see future Islamic Khilafah State will hold a position second to none. Noother country, state, confederation etc. can even come close to the level of energyresources that Islamic world has. Indeed it is the strategic asset which has shaped theglobal balance of power, geopolitics and international order for centuries and willcontinue to play a crucial role in coming centuries as well.Iron OreIron ore, which is another important component of large scale industrial production,is also available in several parts of the Islamic world. Statistics from US geological9 Coal used for power generation represents 66% of total world coal consumption; from Alistair JStephens (2005) ‗The Strategic Importance of Australia‘s Uranium Resources Arafura Resources NL,May 2005‘ Page: 04.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 43
  • 44. survey shows that, Iran is the 9th largest iron ore producer in the world with estimated35 million metric tons production, while Kazakhstan and Mauritania is 13th and 14thlargest producer of iron ore in the world in the year 0f 2008.Apart from these natural resources, Islamic world has huge gold reserve i.e. Indonesiais the 7th largest, Uzbekistan is the 9th largest, Tanzania is the 16th largest goldproducer of the world. Moreover, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan hassizable amount of production of gold as well.Labor Force and Domestic MarketFinally the other two important factors for an economy to grow are its humanresources and a sizable domestic market.Looking at the condition of Islamic world, Islamic world has the largest labor forcewithin 15-50 years age category. Indeed to fuel economic expansion, achieve low costproduction, and competitive advantage in the market; it is important that, one of themost vital factors of production i.e. labor is abundant in the country. Today theEuropean community is anxious because most of the EU member states will see adecline in their population size owing to negative growth rate. They will also have theproblem of aging population like Japan. The idea of cost competencies in productionhas highlighted the need for outsourcing cheap labor by the largest economies of theworld. This clearly highlights the role of labor force in economic development.Moreover, the influx of immigration in USA, Australia, and European countries alsohighlights how desperate these countries are to keep up for a sizable labor force fortheir industrial production need. Country Labor force Percentage Islamic Khilafah State 536.245 17.23% China 80.07 2.57% India 51.64 1.66% USA 15.31 0.49% Russia 7.51 0.24% Germany 4.35 0.14% UK 3.08 0.10% Worlds Total 3111.79 100.00% Figure: Global Labor Force Distribution, Global Labor Force in Million, 2009 [CIA Fact books] 2009Indeed Islamic world has the blessings of huge labor force. However, it is ironic that,this immensely potential labor forces so far could not be used to fuel industrializationand economic development. The insincere and despotic rulers of the Islamic worldneglecting the economic prescription of Prophet (saw) has in contrast created massiveunemployment by following of western toxic economic prescription of dependencyand deindustrialization. Indeed once the return of Khilafah State is complete, theIslamic Khilafah State will have the 17.23% of global labor force in the world whileChina and India following with mere 2.57% and 1.667% respectively. At current stageIndonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan which are the possible places for the return ofIslamic Khilafah State has the 4th, 8th and 11th largest labor force respectively in theglobal labor statistics.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 44
  • 45. Moreover, the Islamic Khilafah State will be comprised with 23% of global population vis-à-vis global consumers, which is a major factor for fueling business growth in achieving industrialization and economic growth internally. It is ironic that, despite having so much economic and industrial potential, today a fragmented 57-pieced Islamic world is not the leader in global share of economic supremacy. In the various dimensions the today‘s economic condition in Islamic world can be characterized as week, impoverished and frustrating. For example: Malaysia is in the 19th while Turkey is in the 29th position in a scaling to measure the development of industrial infrastructure which is defined as extent to which basic technological, scientific and human resources development meet the needs of business and industrialization, (IMD International, 2008). This is despite the above facts and figures showing supremacy of Islamic world in the availability of almost all the key natural resources for becoming economic giant. According to Porter, Michael E. and Scott Stern of National Innovative Capacity as well as the global competitiveness report, measuring business competitiveness, innovation and potential to progress, not a single muslim courtiers currently could make up the top 20 list despite the fact that, Islamic world has been blessed by Allah (swt) with lot many resources and capabilities. In terms of overall productivity of the economic output, a measure of economic growth and development in today‘s world, not a single Muslim land make it up in the top 30 list. Malaysia somehow managed to be in no. 37th position while secular Turkey stands at no. 38th position. Indeed a break up of Islamic Khilafah State and becoming a secular Turkey has relegated Turkey from worlds no. one position during the 1800s to this level today! Islamic World Still a Big Economy Having just said the above few points, as a matter of accepting the truth; if someone still combines the estranged piece of Muslim lands according to the direction of Allah (swt) regarding the unity of Islamic world under Islamic Khilafah State, s/he will discover that the Islamic Khilafah State still manages to be one of the biggest economies in the world! Therefore looking at the most crucial measures of a country‘s economic ability i.e. GDP10 in today‘s terms suggest that, Islamic world is a US$ 7.74 trillion economy! Of course this economic power can play a significant role in world standing provided that there is enough political will from the side of the Muslim ummah. Surely the political will which we lack today is the Islamic Khilafah State. Indeed as of today Islamic world under the Islamic Khilafah State would have been the 4th largest economy in the world only after EU, USA, China. Moreover, in 2009 Islamic world represent 11% of the GDP of the entire world which in any measure represent a huge economic giant in sleeping. Without any able leadership and vision on global 10 Even though there is wide variety of criticism of GDP as a measure of country’s economic wellbeing, due to distribution problem, still it is one of widely used measure of country’s total productivity in today’s world. Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 45
  • 46. scale some of the Muslim lands like Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, KSA, Egypt, and Pakistanstill managed to be quite large economies in the world. For example Indonesia is the16th largest economy in the world, while Iran despite toughest UN sanction in recentdays managed to be the 17th, Turkey 18th, Saudi Arabia 23rd, Egypt 27th, Pakistan 28thand Malaysia is 30th largest economy in the world. Countries Trillion US $ China 2.454 Khilafah State11 1.06512 Japan 1.050 Euro system 0.701 Russia 0.461 China _Taiwan 0.370 India 0.287 Republic of Korea 0.286 Brazil 0.261 World 10.008 Figure: Major Economy in the World in 2010 with Islamic Us Dollar Reserves13 2010 [July-Aug] world represented by Islamic Khilafah StateMoreover, even if anyone do not wish to count all the Muslim lands all together, yetthe combined GDP of seven largest Muslim lands is still US $4.60 trillion i.e. 4 thlargest in the world after combined EU, USA and China. Moreover, according to thestatistic released in July 2010, the Islamic world has the second largest dollar reserveamounting to 1.065 trillion US$, while China holds the first position with US$ 2.454trillion and Japan the third position with US$ 1.050 trillion.Therefore, the Islamic Khilafah State on its return by taking full control of its naturaland economic resources along with a defense-based heavy industrial policy,availability of cheap labor force, huge global share of domestic market will surely be aneconomic powerhouse. Moreover, it will have the leverage to influence other countrieslike Japan, China, and Germany etc. due to their dependence on energy resourcesfrom Islamic Khilafah State. The Islamic Khilafah State upon its return will stopproviding energy supplies to the colonial countries like USA, UK, and France, whichwill seriously jeopardize their economic output. If these countries failed to complywith the demands of Islamic Khilafah State in international level, a supply embargo ofover few weeks can actually find these GDP, built upon fictitious and fallaciouseconomic model to crumble like iceberg.11 Even though the Khilafah on its re-establishment will accept a bi-metallic currency standard i.e. gold and silverstandard and it will effectively abolish the use of US$ or Euro or any other paper standard as a part of its currencypolicy, still the figure highlight current position of a unified muslim world under Khilafah. These figures have beenby far the most conservative estimate as of June-Aug 2010 estimates from IMF.12 This amount includes Saudi Arabia which is currently has 4th largest US Dollar reserve.13 Statistics from IMF extracts.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 46
  • 47. Chapter: 05GEOSTRATEGIC STRENGTH OFEMERGING KHILAFAH STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 47
  • 48. The struggle with the first state over its position is constant one. Competition among active states in order to influence international politics has existed since ancient times. In every period of history, there was a state that was viewed as the leading state which used to control the world. Indeed this competition apart from being influenced by the core belief of the state, its people, strength of its systems, is also affected by the geostrategic strength of the nation. The west has used the term geopolitics and Oyvind Osterud (1988) suggests that the term become important after the age of empires and colonialism. According to Osterud geopolitics traditionally indicates the links and causal relationships between political power and geographic space; and in concrete terms it is often seen as a body of thought assaying specific strategic prescriptions based on the relative importance of land power and sea power in world history. Accordingly the importance of control over international politics in constructing a foremost leading state cannot be underestimated. A comprehensive look at historically one of the most powerful global state, Britain and current global state USA highlights several important conclusions regarding the geopolitical characteristics of these superpowers. Strategical Places for Imperial Britain: The Past of Geo-strategies In the pinnacle of the colonial period Britain focused to control almost every single continent of the world. Indeed the first British Empire according to its understanding of becoming a globally dominant power used to give focus in forming colonies in various parts of the world during the period of 1583-1783. Therefore outside the European continent there were many battles fought against and amongst France, Spain, and Netherlands. During this period King James VI in 1603 immediately after the negotiation of the Treaty of London with hostile Spain, English attention shifted from preying on other nations colonial infrastructure to the business of establishing its own overseas colonies. The British Empire began to take shape during the early 17th century, with the English settlement of North America and the smaller islands of the Caribbean. The establishment of private companies, most notably the English East India Company in India, Virginia Company in Americas, Hudson Bay Company in Americas, Somers Isles Company, Newfoundland Company to administer colonies and overseas trade also helped in this process. These companies or their successors used to earn around £416,920,807 during the period of 1924. ….in the British Caribbean, For the British the American colonies were less the percentage of the financially successful than those of the Caribbean, but population of black people had large areas of good agricultural land and attracted rose from 25 percent in 1650 far larger numbers of English emigrants who preferred to around 80 percent in its temperate climates. While Britain was forming 1780, and in the Thirteen colonies in overseas they have tried to remain strong Colonies from 10 percent to internally with the Treaty of Union in 1707 by 40 percent over the same establishing Kingdom of Great Britain. British period. This is western supremacy around the world had much to do with its civilization at its best! ability to colonialise Africa, the Americans, the subcontinent, and the Middle East in later part of its colonial era. As for the American colonies they were a major place for agricultural product earning revenue for British Empire. Moreover the American colonies were an important source Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 48
  • 49. of income by slave trade. For example Royal African Company was a slaving company set up by the Stuart family and London merchants in 1660. It was led by James, Duke of York, and Charles IIs brother. The company was in Africa for achieving monopoly in sourcing slaves which accounted more than 3.5 million slaves sold to North American colonies. In fact, in the British Caribbean, the percentage of the population of black people rose from 25% in 1650 to around 80% in 1780, and in the thirteen colonies black people rose from 10% to 40% over the same period. For the slave traders, the trade was extremely profitable and became a major economic mainstay for such western British cities i.e. Bristol and Liverpool, which formed the third corner of the so-called triangular trade with Africa and the Americas. The North American colonies used to provide British Empire around £78,512,435 annually. Moreover Africa, other than being an important source of slave, also became an important source of raw materials. Britain fought extensively against France in order to maintain relationship in the parts of Africa that was ruled by Utmani Khilafah and tried to keep tight control over other parts of Africa that was its colony. Even though much of the discovery of African mineral resources took place in the twentieth century, still the vast amount of forest resources, slaves, lands for agriculture, coal for fueling the machines brought by industrial revolution hugely increased British interest in Africa. Indeed if we look at how Britain had kept its domination, the strange enclave of ‗Gibraltar‘ in the Mediterranean gives a perfect answer. The Indian subcontinent has been another geopolitically important location for British Raj. East India Company was very instrumental in creating the most important colony for British Empire as it provided the economic and political interest for the British. It was the highest earning source for British Empire i.e. £135,633,000 annually. After defeating ‗Moguls‘ and the France in Indian subcontinent via two successive win in the Carnatic Wars in 1740 and 1750 and finally in the Battle of Plassey in 1757, this colonial company tried to take the full control over the subcontinent which was finally achieved by the year of 1857. During the 19th century British policy in Asia was primarily concerned with protecting and expanding India, viewed as its most important colony and the key to the rest of Asia. The East India Company drove the expansion of the British Empire in Asia. The Companys army had first joined forces with the Royal Navy during the Seven Years War, and the two continued to cooperate in arenas outside India: the eviction of Napoleon from Egypt (1799), the capture of Java from the Netherlands (1811), the acquisition of Singapore (1819) and Malacca (1824), and the defeat of Burma (1826). From its base in India, the Company had also been engaged in an increasingly profitable opium export trade to China since the 1730s. This trade, illegal since it was outlawed by the Qing dynasty in 1729, helped reverse the trade imbalances resulting from the British imports of tea, which saw large outflows of silver from Britain to China. In 1839, the confiscation by the Chinese authorities at Canton of 20,000 chests of opium led Britain to attack China in the First Opium War, and the seizure by Britain of the island of Hong Kong, at that time a minor settlement. Therefore the Indian subcontinent has worked as a huge geo- strategic location for British Empire in the Asian and Pacific region. For the global powers around the world Utmani province of Egypt was a key part of the old spice and trade routes between Europe and Asia. Specifically the generations of British traders had been loading and unloading their cargos in waters of Utmani Khilafah. However British military and political interest in Egypt first manifested itself when India was falling under the influence of Britain (and away from France) as Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 49
  • 50. it became obvious in the eighteenth century. Since Egypt provided the quickest route for maintaining The popularly known communication with the subcontinent. Therefore the importance of Suez Cannel to British became „all red route‟ from paramount and it was known as British imperial Southern England → lifeline. Moreover Egypt provided the much needed Gibraltar → Malta → cotton for the mills in Britain during the period of Alexandria → Port Said American civil war. (after construction of Much of the British colonies in Middle East were a the Canal) → Suez → direct result of a broader strategy adapted by the Aden → Muscat (an western powers especially by France and Britain to access to the Persian tackle the growing influence of the Utmani Khilafah Gulf) → India → Sri in Europe from the period of 1600 century. With Lanka → Burma → their failure to win against the Islamic Khilafah in Malaya → Singapore direct battle, Britain started a covert form of battle by encouraging nationalistic chauvinism, (branching out into the missionary works, using the services of secret Pacific Ocean towards intelligence in a bid to fragment the Utmani Hong Kong, Australia, Khilafah. After more than 400 years of struggle New Zealand, and other Britain finally managed to dismantle the Khilafah British colonies, is a in 1924 by slicing it into many nation states with simple reminder that local agents like the famous Sharif Hussein Khan, Kamal Pasha and others. This helped Britain to this route has been the nullify the threats of its rival Utmani Khilafah in most important strategic emerging as the unipolar superpower of the world. route for imperial British. Finally the Mediterranean Sea has been one of the most important geopolitical locations for imperial British. From the time of 1600 till today it helped Britain to keep control over Africa‘s colony i.e. the resource base of the world, maintain link with Indian subcontinent via Suez cannel and Persian Gulf, and keep the other European powers out of Middle East, Asia and Africa. Even today this route is the busiest trade route for the world economy, connecting both Americas and Europe with Asia and Middle East. Therefore it is a historical fact that, after the loss of 13 colonies on the other side of Atlantic; the continent of Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, and the subcontinent has become the most important locations in imperial British geopolitics. By controlling these important routes and locations, continent and region the British Raj had enjoyed unprecedented economic growth fueled by its political vision. Moreover the history suggests that the strait of Gibraltar, Suez Cannel, Strait of Hormuz in Persian Gulf and finally the Strait of Malacca played a critical part to keep Britain in the place of superpower for more than 200 years. American Colonialism: The Present Day Geo-strategies Turning from old age history to today‘s reality, Britain no longer controls the world. It is now a new world order controlled and governed by the USA. For USA to dominate the world they have historically faced two important enemy; Britain and Russia. USA even though has visibly a friendly relation with its colonial master; however has a long Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 50
  • 51. history of animosity with Russia formerly known as USSR during the period of cold war till today. After gaining independence USA had to fight and struggle with its internal problem like civil wars, political unrest and alignment during 1789-1848, war with Britain during 1812, racism and reconstruction during the period of 1865-1890, and subsequently multiple other issues. During this time USA had inward look and tried to manage a nation comprising many states by taking a neutrality policy towards world affairs especially at military ventures. However during the period of 1890-1918 with massive change in industrial policy the United States began its rise to international power. In this period with substantial population and industrial growth domestically and numerous military ventures abroad including the Spanish-American War, which began when the United States blamed the sinking of the USS Maine on Spain. Also at stake were U.S. interests in acquiring Cuba, an island nation fighting for independence from Spanish occupation. During the WWI President Woodrow Wilson declared U.S. US aims in the Middle east entry into the war in April 1917 following a region in the post war era were yearlong neutrality policy which helped the aptly encapsulated by Jimmy victory of Allied force. Carter in his State of the Union address in 1980 in what has However the stock market crash in 1929 had come to be known as the Carter dire consequences on the economic growth of doctrine: ―Let our position be USA and forced the USA to face the worst ever absolutely clear, ‗An attempt economic crisis in human history called the ‗great depression‘ of 1930s. The economy by any outside force to gain started to decline and stagnancy became a control of the Persian Gulf regular phenomenon. But the World War II region would be regarded as provided USA a perfect stage to launch its an assault on the vital interests massive economic recovery led by military of the United States‘ and ‗be industrial complex. Even though USA did not repelled by any means participated the war at the beginning it used to necessary, including military sell armaments to the Allied force in Europe force‖. and China. This massively improved the productivity of the USA economy. It became the perfect garrison to produce weapon for war while the whole world especially Europe was drowning in WWII. Quickly after the victory of the allied force in WWII, USA became the most dominant global player in different front including economy, technology, military and other aspects. The USA thereupon took the superpower position in the world with both Russia and Britain contesting for the same position. Looking at the history of USA as the most important superpower during 1945-1990 to the only superpower from 1991- till to date, the following facts can be concluded: USA required the oil from Middle East to support its ever expanding economic and military needs. The 1973 oil crisis shows how vulnerable USA and other western economies are in case of any disruption in oil supply. Therefore, USA had constructed bases in Persian Gulf and several countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during 1990s and in Iraq in recent period. For the USA resources from Middle East is transported through the Suez canal via Mediterranean. Therefore for steady supply of oil, USA has fought against the British and Russian presence in the Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 51
  • 52. region for decades from World War II and ultimately winning in 1990s during the first gulf war after the fall of communism in 1990. US aims in the region in the post war era were aptly encapsulated by Jimmy Carter in his State of the Union address in 1980 in what has come to be known as the Carter doctrine: ―Let our position be absolutely clear, ‗An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region would be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States‘ and ‗be repelled by any means necessary, including military force‖. The USA which has only 2% of worlds proven oil reserves however consumes more than 27% of the world‘s oil, imports maximum of the amount. In fact USA sources 23% of the imported oil from the Middle East. Today the USA is facing more competition from China and Russia over access to Middle East oil. She is now increasingly competing with India, Japan as well as the EU for the lions share of the regions black gold. This area of Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf therefore represents one of the most important Strategic places for the USA, which is now turning out to be multi-polar region from a unipolar region. America fought decade long war against USSR in order to contain the growing threats of former USSR in the eastern block of Europe as well as the Black sea region. The Black sea is an important source of natural resources where USSR had uncontested dominance during the period of cold war. However, with the fall of USSR, USA has actively sought to take control over the region known as backyard of Russia by working to push European boundaries rapidly eastward, destroying Russia‘s ability to influence the region. The pro-western allies have continued moving to the east for the past two decades, via NATO and EU expansion, until they pushed hard up against Russia‘s borders. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, USA worked to dismantle the architecture established by the USSR, it worked to contain Russia by bringing all the former Soviet republics14 under its sphere of influence. Moreover during past two decades she tried to economically link these former soviet republics with the West through IMF and the World Bank. However, since Vladimir Putin became Russian President Russia is rapidly developing without following the example of Western liberal democracy. Therefore Russia has opted to practically challenge the USA at every turn, whether by planting a flag on the seabed beneath the Arctic icecap, testing the massive ordnance air blast bomb or disputing the sitting of USA early-warning defense systems in Eastern Europe. Russia has begun reinventing itself as a regional power, after winning back Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from America‘s grip and managed to reverse the color revolutions. The US after nearly 20 years of having no rival is now facing the grim prospect of a challenge from a nation with the world‘s largest gas reserves and substantial oil reserves. Therefore the countries known as CIS in the Caspian Sea region has become another important place for the USA to maintain its strategic objective to contain Russia‘s growing influence in the region and provide security to her ideological friends in Europe. Apart from the historical rivalry, both the USA and Russia has a newfound common interest in the region. This is because, for last two decades, the growing influence of Islam and call for Islamic Khilafah State by non-violent, popular, and very active Islamic political party Hizb-ut- Tahrir has changed the aspiration of the Muslims in the region. Indeed the party is so popular that the dictatorial brutal regime of Uzbekistan who failed to provide basic service by following IMF and WB policies has massacred more than 6,000 people in 14These former soviet republics in Central Asian like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkistan, Chechnya, Kyrgyzstan, parts of Mongolia and in east European regions like Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Eretria, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania etc were in fact part of Utmani Khilafah when Islam entered into this region. Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 52
  • 53. Andijan province using 12,500 army personnel by opening fire in 2005 on peaceful demonstrators. After the event the government had banned all local and international media, closed foreign offices including embassies. In US policy makers spelled out their fact as of 2010, more than 10,000 supporters strategy for China initially in the and leaders of Hizb-ut-Tahrir are in forced jail Defence Planning Guidance (DPG) in Uzbekistan including 73 years old women for fiscal years 1994-99, the first and 13 years old boy with their sentences formal statement of US strategic ranging fr0m 7-20 years. Therefore, one of the goals in the post-Soviet era stating Independent observer form UK linked to clearly "we [must] endeavour to British Embassy in Uzbekistan has said, ‗the prevent any hostile power from west has only one option in brutal and dominating a region whose dictator Islam Karimov, otherwise it will be resources would, under Hizb ut Tahrir with an Islamic Khilafah State consolidated control, be sufficient in the region.‘ The same is true for other CIS to generate global power. states. Finally, in the Asian region USA has a new found interest in containing China, the only economy in the world that is going to overtake USA in coming decades. Moreover the rise of India in regional level and its populous market, and the security threat from growing call for Islamic Khilafah State in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia has made South Asia as the next most important foreign policy focus for the USA according to Secretary H. Clinton. Indeed China with its rapid economic growth has started to take control in the ASEAN region and pushing to advance towards the subcontinent especially through Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. US developed a policy to restrain China within its borders ensuring no one shares the region with her than an outright competition with China which would expend US resources. US policy makers spelled out their strategy for China initially in the Defence Planning Guidance (DPG) for fiscal years 1994-99. This is the first formal statement of US strategic goals in the post-Soviet era stating clearly "we [must] endeavour to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.‖ Therefore the policy of containing China was spelt out by Condoleezza Rice while serving as a foreign-policy adviser to George W Bush, then governor of the state of Texas during the 2000 presidential campaign. In a Foreign Affairs article she stated "China is a great power with unresolved vital interests, particularly concerning Taiwan. China also resents the role of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region." For these reasons, she stated, "China is not a ‗status quo power but one that would like to alter Asias balance of power in its own favour. That alone makes it a strategic competitor, not the strategic partner the Clinton administration once called it. The United States must deepen its cooperation with Japan and South Korea and maintain its commitment to a robust military presence in the region". Washington should also "pay closer attention to Indias role in the regional balance, and bring that country into an anti- Chinese alliance system." Therefore India presents a unique opportunity to contain China as well as dealing with the growing popularity of the call for Khilafah State. USA president Obama on 4th June 2010 has said that, "a critical pillar of his national security strategy involves deepening cooperation with 21st-century centers of influence — ―and that includes India.‖ Moreover he said ―India is indispensable to the future that we seek.‖ Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 53
  • 54. As per the growing threat of political Islam in the Indian Ocean encircled by Pakistan,Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia which hostmore than 60% of Muslim population hasrecently caused a newfound fear in USA policy After taking office back in 2008,makers to engage in the region. In April 2009 the secretary of United Statethe US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: Hillary Clinton pointed that ―South"Pakistan poses a mortal threat to the security Asia is the next big attention inand safety of our country and the world.... we terms of our foreign policycannot underscore the seriousness of the objectives.‖existential threat posed to the state ofPakistan now within hours of Islamabad Moreover, with growing call formade by a loosely confederated group of Islamic Khilafah from Islamicterrorists and others who are seeking the ummah in Pakistan, Davidoverthrow of the Pakistani state, a nuclear- Kilcullen who advises CENTCOMarmed state." commander General, David H Petraeus, on Americas war, inIn the Washington Post in March 2009, David March 2009, said "Pakistan hasKilcullen, who advises CENTCOM commander 173 million people, 100 nuclearGeneral, David H Petraeus on Americas war weapons, an army bigger than thesaid "Pakistan has 173 million people, 100 US Army ... Were now reachingnuclear weapons, an army bigger than the US the point where within one to sixArmy ... Were now reaching the point where months we could see the collapsewithin one to six months we could see the of the Pakistani state ... ancollapse of the Pakistani state ... an extremist extremist takeover - that wouldtakeover - that would dwarf everything weve dwarf everything weve seen inseen in the war on terror today." To deal with the war on terror today."this security threat from the ground thereforeObama commented that, ―The United States values our partnership not because ofwhere India is on a map, but because of what we share and where we can gotogether.‖Therefore, from the in-depth study of the two most important colonial superpowers ofthe world, several places of the world can be designated as critical centre of influenceto emerging as global superpowers. The controls over these critical centres of influenceare immensely important in the great game of civilization. Looking at both the eco-political and strategic importance the following places hold the key to control theworld:1. The Mediterranean, Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.2. The resourceful continent of Africa3. The South and South East Asia connected by Malacca strait.4. The Area of Caspian and Black Sea region.Rise of Islamic Khilafah State: Geostrategic ImplicationsForm the above discussion, anybody who wishes to draw conclusion regarding thefuture of the world can make very profound and important conclusion. However, toaid them in their conclusions take a look at the position of Islamic ummah in theworld map that shares a common belief, traditions and destiny and will be unified byEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 54
  • 55. inevitable return of Islamic Khilafah State by the will of Allah (swt). This is somethinginevitable.The map of Islamic world under Islamic Khilafah State means the control of the worldquickly falls in to the hands of the Khilafah. Once the Islamic Khilafah reunites itscurrent and former Islamic lands spanning from Morocco to Indonesia and MiddleEast to Central Asia; the major strategic routes, places, resources will fall at the handsof Islamic Khilafah State. The Future Islamic Khilafah StateThat means all the four strategic locations, routes mentioned earlier, those whichformed the cornerstone of British and American dominance over the entire world, willbe controlled by the Islamic Khilafah State. Therefore, the Khilafah State can usethese strategic locations to achieve her objectives in spreading the light and the mercysent by Allah (swt) i.e. Islam. In the following sections two such locations have beenmentioned with further details to asses Islamic Khilafah State‘s ability to exertinfluence on other world powers in order to bring them under Khilafah‘s allegianceand to frustrate, obstruct and ultimately force the global hegemonic colonial powers tosurrender to Islamic Khilafah State‘s control.Strategic Importance of Strait of MalaccaThe strait is the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean and the PacificOcean, linking major Asian economies such as Middle East, India, China, Japan,South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It also links the Europeans and theAmericans for their international trade through the region. Over 94,000 vessels passthrough the strait per year, carrying about one-quarter of the worlds traded goodsincluding oil, Chinese manufactures, and Indonesian coffee.About a quarter of all oil carried by sea passes through the strait, mainly from PersianGulf suppliers to Asian markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea. In 2006, anestimated 15 million barrels per day (2,400,000 m3/d) were transported through thestrait. At Phillips Channel close to the south of Singapore, the Strait of MalaccaEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 55
  • 56. narrows to 2.8 km (1.5 nautical miles) wide, creating one of the world‘s mostsignificant traffic choke points. This strait has huge strategic importance to multiplecountries including the largest Asian economies, the USA, and the Europeans.The Strait of Malacca is a narrow,805 km (500 mile) stretch of waterbetween the Malay Peninsula(Peninsular Malaysia) and theIndonesian island of Sumatra. Froman economic and strategic perspective,the Strait of Malacca is one of the mostimportant shipping lanes in the world.The strait is not deep enough (at 25meters or 82 feet) to permit some ofthe largest ships (mostly oil tankers) touse it.The RAND Corporation has estimated that based on the previous two decades ofgrowth, China‘s economic output in 2010 will total USD 11.3 trillion compared to theUSD 11.7 trillion of the United States. Because of the high economic growth, China hasbeen able to apportion more funding for defense which created questions in the circleof American security analyst and policy makers.Other than impressive Chinese military investment, China‘s rapid economicdevelopment also has high dependency on the import of raw materials especially oil.Since 1993 China has had to import large volumes of crude oil to satisfy economicdemands particularly for its industries. This year, China‘s demand for oil is expected toreach 100 million metric tons, 32% of which is imported. The International EnergyAgency estimated that China‘s fuel consumption in 2030 will be equal to that of the UStoday. Any disruption in oil supply will have a significant impact on China‘s economicgrowth and will be a threat to China. While China is not entirely without its ownsources of oil, it will continue to be depended on imported oil especially from theMiddle East. China‘s import of Middle East oil now constitutes 58 % of its import andis expected to increase to 70% by 2015.Moreover, with dynamic economic growth, energy demands in East Asian countriesare expected to increase in the future decades. In the year 2020, the energy demandfor China alone is expected to be at 1,353 million tons of oil equivalent (mtoe), whileother Northeast Asian countries (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) will touch 745 mtoe, andSoutheast Asian countries will demand for 525 mtoe. China, Japan and South Koreademand enormous amount of energy to progress in their economic development. Infact, energy is probably the most important issue of international economicdevelopment. According to an UNCTAD report: ―… energy is one of the mostimportant drivers of economic development and is a key determinant for the qualityof our daily lives … it is probably the biggest business in the world economy, with aturnover of at least $1.7 – 2 trillion a year … global investment in energy between1990 and 2020 will total some $30 trillion at 1992 prices.‖1515 UNCTAD, ―Analysis of Ways to Enhance the Contribution of Specific Services Sectors to theEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 56
  • 57. Northeast Asian countries, particularly China, Japan and South Korea, are consumingabout 13.2324 million barrels a day (mbd). These countries sit at the top ten oilimporters in the world. With that huge amount of oil needed to assist their economy,these countries are heavily depended on the Middle East to supply their huge chunk ofoil demand. According to Energy Information Administration (EIA), in the year 2008it is estimated that about 18 million barrels a day of crude oil passed through the Straitof Malacca destined to consumers in Northeast Asia. In year 2000, Northeast Asia‘s(China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) oil demand, was accounted at 620,858 ktonnesbut this figure is expected to skyrocket up to 1,023,614 ktonnes in 202016.For Japan oil constituted for 52% of its total energy supply, and is expected to remainas a major energy source in the 21st century. With its proven oil reserves only 57million barrels (virtually nothing) Japan imports almost all of its crude oil and asmuch as 88% of Japan‘s crude oil supply came from OPEC, particularly from PersianGulf countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iran.Japanese import from the Middle East which made her the single largest customer forthe region, where Japan took around 21 percent of that region‘s exports 17.Approximately 97.3% of South Korea‘s energy sources came from overseas18. As of2007, South Korea is the fourth largest net oil importer and the sixth largest oilconsumer in the world. Out of South Korea‘s imported crude oil 73.4% came from theMiddle East19. Even though South Korea‘ s dependency on oil has decreased from60.4% to 50.6%, but the dependence on Middle East oil has increased from 72% to77% over last few years. The Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre projected that SouthKorea‘s oil demand will grow to be around 2.4% per annum up to 202020. SaudiArabia and United Arab Emirates supply about 30% and 16% respectively to SouthKorea‘s oil demand. For South Korea, ―the shipping routes connecting the Strait ofHormuz, Malacca-Singapore straits and Southeast Asian waters form the mostimportant ocean routes used to import strategic commodities21.‖It is therefore clear that the Middle East is the biggest oil supplier to China, Japan andSouth Korea. Oil becomes the much needed commodity as it is the major source ofenergy for these countries. For China, even though it has many unexplored oil basin,its incapacity in oil production technology prevented the country from producingenough oil for domestic demand. Furthermore, the low quality of its oil which containhigh amount of sulphur requires expensive refinery technology for desulphurization.Both Japan and South Korea, lack of domestic oil reserves forces the countries toimport almost all of its oil demand.Development Perspectives of Developing Countries: Energy Services in International Trade:Development Implications‖, Note by the UNCTAD Secretariat, TD/B/COM.1/46, 10 December 2001.16 Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook 2002, pg 57.17 Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, ―Energy Security Initiatives: Some Aspects of Oil Security,‖Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, pg 24.18 Ibid19 Ibid20 Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, Energy Security Initiatives: Some Aspects of Oil Security, pg 28.21 Seo-Hang Lee, SLOC Security in Northeast Asia: Korean Navys Role, in Dalchoong Kim andDoug-Woon Cho ed., Korean Sea Power and the Pacific Era, Institute of East and West Studies, YonseiUniversity, 1990, p. 86.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 57
  • 58. For the three Northeast Asian countries, energy determines their survival in theglobalized world. Without enough energy, many of their industries will fail tomaximize the production and eventually the gross domestic products of thesecountries will shrink. Uninterrupted flow of imported energy must be secured as not tojeopardize the economic growth. Thus energysecurity determines directly the economic securityof Northeast Asian region. The huge chunk of In 1993, the Assistant Secretary ofsources of energy for these countries is crude oil. State for East Asian and PacificAs almost 80% of oil imported by China, Japan Affairs, Winston Lord, stated thatand South Korea comes from the Middle East East Asia is "the most relevant tocreating the issue of energy security for these the Presidents (Bill Clinton)countries. highest priority namely his domestic agenda, the renewal ofThe bulk of the Middle Eastern oil to China passes the American economy, getting thethrough the Straits of Malacca, Lombok and Sunda deficit down, getting more(also controlled by Indonesia). However, the competitive, promoting jobs andStraits of Malacca is the preferred route for many exports." The statement wasas it offers the shortest distance and the most strengthened by President Billsecure route replete with navigational aids. This Clinton himself when he describedmakes the Straits of Malacca an important the region as ―the most promisingshipping route for China and the other Northeast and dynamic area for AmericanAsian economies such as Japan, Taiwan and South foreign policy."Korea. Given its importance to China‘s economicsurvival it comes as no surprise when Beijingindicated that it is prepared to protect the shipping routes which are important toChina‘s economy. This is bolstered by China‘s statement that China has strategicinterest in these important sea routes and would use its naval might to ensure thatthese sea lanes remain open. Zhao Yuncheng, an expert from China‘s Institute ofContemporary International Relations went even further and suggested that, ‗whoevercontrols the Straits of Malacca and the Indian Ocean could threaten China‘s oilsupply route.‘ His conclusions were echoed by President Hu Jiantao who said that the―Malacca-dilemma‖ is the key to China‘s energy security. Hu hinted that, severalpowers (the US included) have tried to enlarge their scope of influence in the Straits ofMalacca by controlling or attempting to control navigation in the Straits of Malacca.Moreover, for the USA, East Asia is a region with dynamic economic growth, withincreasing share to the world‘s output and trade. It is estimated that by the year 2010,34% of world‘s total output will be contributed by East Asian region, surpassingWestern Europe and North America with 26% and 25 % respectively. As with thetrade, East Asia‘s share to the world‘s trade will account almost 40%, leaving behindWestern Europe and North America with about 37% and 20% respectively22. Becauseof its impressive economic growth that could promise riches to the world, East Asiahas long been regarded as a region that could promise prosperity and security to theUnited States.In 1993, the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, WinstonLord, stated that East Asia is "the most relevant to the Presidents (Bill Clinton)22Ashley J. Tellis, Chung Min Lee, James Mulvenon, Courtney Purrington, and Michael D. Swaine,―Sources of Conflict in Asia‖, in Zalmay Khalilzad and Ian O. Lesser ed, Sources of Conflict in the21st Century: Regional Futures and U.S. Strategy, RAND, 1998.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 58
  • 59. highest priority namely his domestic agenda, the renewal of the American economy,getting the deficit down, getting more competitive, promoting jobs and exports."23The statement was strengthened by President Bill Clinton himself when he describedthe region as ―the most promising and dynamic area for American foreign policy."The high priority the United States gave to East Asia has not changed even when theleadership in the White House has changed from the Democrats to Republican and thecurrent Obama Administration also placed similar focus. Trade volume between U.S.and East Asia is steady and getting higher despite the region suffered economic hiccupin 1997.From 2002, the U.S. export volume to East Asia was impressive where the regionbecomes the biggest market to U.S. leaving behind long-established U.S. market;Canada and European Union24. Export to East Asia is accounted at $169 billion from2002 to $295 billion in just first six months of 2010 which generated more than 3.8million U.S. jobs. Moreover this region is the 2 nd largest region for American import.The wealth, prosperity and even economic security of the United States will remaindependent on continued linkages with the East Asian economies. East Asia representsthe most important locus of American economic engagement.China‘s fast-paced economic growth and the strengthening of its defense capabilitiesplace her in a position to challenge the US‘s global leadership in the future. HoweverChinese ambition will be at the mercy of future Islamic Khilafah State, which will exertundeniable influence on China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan in termsof the oil for their economic growth as well as the supply route from Middle Eastthrough Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. The latent competition for globalleadership where US is expected to adopt strategies to curtail China‘s challenge in theEast Asian region, will eventually be nullified with the return of a Islamic KhilafahState that will include the Horn of Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India,Bangladesh and Indonesia and Malaysia. This would mean the monopoly of IslamicKhilafah State in controlling not just the Strait of Malacca but also the entire IndianOcean.Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, Suez Canal and the BosphorusThe Mediterranean was not only the epicenter for the gamble of power throughouthistory, but it has also been the reference point from which to consider the worldaround and where to base transcending theories of mankind. Since 1798 the majorplayer in this ―power game‖ had been Europe led by British Raj and the France withNapoleon Bonaparte in one side and the Uthmani Khilafah on the other.For the European powers and the Uthmani Khilafah, the Mediterranean remained themost important strategic route. Indeed the opening of Suez cannel in late 19 th centuryhas increased the importance of both the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar.The entire trade between Europe and both Asia and Middle East is conducted via thisconnecting route of Strait of Gibraltar through Mediterranean and the Suez Cannel.23 Focus on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, U.S. Department of State Dispatch, 20 September1993,p. 643.24 Growth of U.S. Exports to ASEAN & Other Major Markets, 1990-2002. The statistics is available at World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 59
  • 60. Throughout the 19th century until the waging of World War II, the European powerswere the defining external actors in the whole Mediterranean which helped them towin both World War I and World War II. In First World War the Uthmani KhilafahState lost the battle due to the Royal Navy of Britain having strategic control overMediterranean, crossed the Bosphorus Strait to enter into the heartland of UthmaniKhilafah. The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa. The name comes from Gibraltar, which in turn originates from the Arabic Jebel Tariq meaning "Tariqs mountain". It is Tariq bin Zeyad, who conquered Spain from its Base in Morocco. On the Return of Khilafah the enclave Ceuta will be taken back from Spain to retain control on the strait. Bosphorus strait separates European part of Turkey from Asian part of Turkey. It also connects Black Sea with Sea of Marmara leading towards Mediterranean. It has huge strategic importance and several wars have been fought between Uthmani Khilafah and Russia including 1877-1878 and the Battle of Gallipoli during 1915 in World War I. Uthmani Khilafah had full control over Black sea, historically known as ‗Uthmani Lake‘. The strait of Dardanelles is also in Turkey connecting Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean. During World War II it was only after Turkey‘s opening of the strait helped the allied force to clinch victory in WWII in Europe. Moreover, Russian oil, from ports such as Novorossiysk, is exported by tankers to western Europe and the U.S. via the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles straits. Both the straits can exert huge influence on Russian economy. The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Opened in November 1869, it allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without navigating around Africa thereby reducing 6000 km journey from Europe to Asia. Prior to Nationalization by Egypt in 1956, its control was retained by France and Britain. Almost 20% of the entire vehicles in the sea sails though this canal, creating it as one of the unique strategic resources of the world.After World War II, the US and the Soviet Union emerged as the new powerful actorsin the ―power game‖ for the Mediterranean. However, with Operation Desert Storm inEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 60
  • 61. 1991 the USA had new found control over the Mediterranean. American policymakerswere actively engaged in Middle East diplomacy to ensure a safe haven for them in theMediterranean and in the Persian Gulf.Because the Mediterranean is the gate way to south-eastern Europe, as well as theresourceful continent of Africa and oil rich Middle East, for the Americans as well asfor the Europeans, this place holds one of the key strategic position in theinternational politics of power game for centuries. The fact that the British controlsthe Gibraltar enclave from its colonial era has helped its trade with south-easternEurope, with Middle East and with Asia quite safe.The EU is one of the single biggest markets and the world‘s most concentrated area ofeconomic prosperity and internal stability with an estimated 500 million people. TheEU declared its aim to finalize the Mediterranean Free-Trade Area (MFTA) by 2010.The majority of Mediterranean countries on the Southern shore are dependent onEuropean markets and foreign direct investments. The bilateral trade betweenMediterranean countries and the EU shall open the way for free trade among theMediterranean countries themselves for which the importance of both Mediterraneanand strait of Gibraltar cannot be over emphasized.Moreover, the European Union is by far the biggest trading zone in the world. A bulkof this trade is conducted via Mediterranean through Suez cannel. According to WTOstatistics, in the year 2008, Asia was the 2nd largest trading partners for EuropeanUnion (no. 1 outside EU) with almost 1225 billion US$. Moreover its trade with bothAfrica and Middle East stood at 4th position with US$ 356.0 billion. This is a newdimension in the world trading pattern since the Asian region is becoming the biggesttrading block with mighty Japan, China and other important economies like SouthKorea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as oil rich Middle East.Therefore, the traditional trade priority between the two sides of Atlantic is no longerthe no. 1 trading blocks of the world. A substantial amount of trade between WesternEurope like UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden etc. and South Easternpart like Italy, Greece, Turkey etc is conducted through the route of Gibraltar throughMediterranean. Moreover, most of the trade between France, Spain, Italy, Greece andRussia is conducted through Mediterranean via Bosphorus strait, connecting the BlackSea and the Mediterranean, which is controlled by Turkey. The proposed Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan oil pipe line connecting the Caspian Sea and the south-eastern Europewill be through Turkey which has immense strategic importance for the growth ofEuropean economy.Mediterranean area connected with Gibraltar and Suez Cannel or even with Bosphorustowards central Asia and Eastern Europe like Russia by any measure is one of the mostimportant world routes with huge strategic importance. The Red Sea/MediterraneanSea corridor‘s role handles approximately 80% of world sea transport from South-westand South-east Asia on the one hand, and on other hand the route goes through theMediterranean to the Atlantic coasts of Europe, and North America. The mostintensive segment of this route is navigation through the Arabian, the Red Sea and theMediterranean Seas. Merchandise and goods are unloaded at major‘s ports inSouthwest Asia and the Mediterranean on their way to more distant destinations inNorthern Europe and America, and are channeled to minor destinations by localEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 61
  • 62. systems of transport. One can hardly overlook the strategic implications of theseroutes in world economy.Even though there is another channel for the USA to connect itself with China andJapan, but this benefit is in the form of less than 1 day journey, without any place toanchor, and refuel and other maritime benefit. Moreover, to have access into the otherEast Asian economy, Indian subcontinent, this route has no alternative. As for Europe,and Russia there is no other way than these routes to engage in trade withsubcontinent and Asia. Moreover the route through Atlantic through Panama Canneland the Pacific is not cost effective. Therefore the USA and Europe has to rely on thestrategic locations of the future Islamic Khilafah state. In fact Europe and America willbe optionless in this case. Surely the Islamic Khilafah state will duly assess theimportance of its strategic routes to bring other nations to humble before her.Right: From USA to China through Atlantic, Strait of Gibraltar, Mediterranean Sea, SuezCannel, Strait of Malacca. A total distance of 11,628 miles, 22 days. Covering Europe, Africa,Middle east and Asia.Left: From USA to China through Atlantic, Panama Cannel, Pacific Ocean. A total distanceof 11,277 miles, 21.3 days.Moreover, in the great game of Eurasia, future Islamic Khilafah state will have thedefinite say. Today USA is trying to win the CIS states as a part of broader westernstrategy to counter the growing influence of regional powers Russia and China andabove all to counter the threats of the rise of political Islam. With this strategy USAmakes sure that Europe remains under USA‘s grip and Russia remains at its ownbackyard and future threat from a rise of Khilafah is quickly dealt with. On the otherhand Russia tries to win over CIS to keep USA away from its own border. In this gameKazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus works as achessboard. With the return of Islamic Khilafah State the so called missile defensesystem by NATO with American leadership and counter strategy by Russia or even tosome length by China via Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will find no place.Therefore the Battle of Eurasia will be settled by exerting influence on Russianeconomy and establishing control over the Caspian Sea where Islamic lands likeKazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Iran can put Russia on check. Russiawill eventually require the Bosphorus strait to connect itself with south-westernEurope which is one of the important economic lifelines for Russia. Moreover Chinawill require oil from Middle East. Therefore Chinese influence in the region of centralAsia can also be nullified. In case of USA, the Islamic Khilafah State will need tomanage states like Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and possibly a strategic alliance withGermany can throw USA out of Black sea as well as from the Mediterranean.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 62
  • 63. The Silk RouteFinally those who used to argue that, the historical silk route can serve as analternative for the western power to reduce their dependence on Islamic KhilafahState; they must look at the map of the world once again!The silk route which is one of the oldest land trading routes connects China withEurope via the Middle East. The return of Islamic Khilafah state will surely keep thisroute under its control. Therefore, the geographic position of Islamic Khilafah statewill be a unique one. This massive geographical outreach will help Islamic Khilafahstate quickly to take the driving seat of the world.The silk route which essentiallyconnects Europe and China isthrough Persia, Middle Eastand Turkey. This gives Khilafaha definite say in exertinginfluence over any nation thatwish to use it for theirgeopolitical and commercialinterest.Finally as for India, if someone has any confusion regarding Khilafah‘s attitudetowards India, it should be clear that the upper caste of Hindu has exploited the lowersects for last few hundred years. Indeed India is an Islamic land with more than 700years of history. Islam gave the people of India tranquility, prosperity that was lootedby the colonialist Britain and now by the imperial America. Moreover, today Indianeconomic development is purely based on imports of oil which is about 70% of its oilrequirements. This dependence may increase to over 91% by 2020. About 45% ofpresent needs come from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries - Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - according to IndianPlanning Commission figures. If one includes oil imports from other parts of theMiddle East, the region accounts for about 67% of Indias oil imports. Therefore withhuge Muslim population in India and in surrounding Pakistan and Bangladesh,sufferings of its more than 86% general people at the hands of the upper caste Hindus,as well its dependence on oil resource from Middle East will slowly but surelyintegrate the Indus river valley with its ultimate destiny i.e. Islamic Khilafah State.Therefore with the resourceful continent of Africa and the oil rich Middle East, controlover Strait of Gibraltar, Bosphorus, Black sea, Central Asia, Caspian Sea, Suez Canal,strait of Hormuz in the Persian gulf, Indian Ocean, and strait of Malacca in the timewhen growing economic polarization between Asia and Europe or even Asia andAmerica is evolving, it is the Islamic Khilafah State that will control the economic,strategic, and political destiny of Europe, Asia, Russia and the USA by emerging as theforemost leading state in international political sphere.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 63
  • 64. Chapter: 06 THE IDEOLOGICAL STRENGTH OF ISLAMIC KHILAFAH STATEEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 64
  • 65. Ideology (Way of Life)Ideology or way of life is the basis through which a nation navigates itself towardsprosperity. It is the reference point of a nation from which its system emanates.Ideology is a comprehensive idea about man, life and the universe and what precededthis life, what is to follow it, and the relationship of this life with what preceded it andwhat is to follow it. Alternatively ideology answers the fundamental question about life- where from we have come, where we are going after life, and what is the relationshipof our life, our actions, our performance in this life (world) with where from we havecome and where we will go. Thus ideology directs man to move forward with theobjective with which he has been sent in this world/life. Similarly in a broader, societaland state level it directs society and the state to move forward with the objective of thestate.The ideology therefore offers the solutions for solving the problems of a person, of asociety, and of a nation. It also shows the method for implementing those solutions,preserving the core doctrine and conveying the ideology to others. The method ofimplementing the solutions, preserving the doctrine and conveying the ideology isknown as the tareeqa, while the ‗aqeedah and the solutions, is the idea. Consequently,the ideology is composed of an ‗idea‘ and a ‗method‘. For example when Muslims saythat we need to please Allah (swt) who has created us, then one of the ways is to acceptHis (swt) laws in Quran and implement them in the state. Because with this we areaccepting Allah (swt) alone as our ‗Al-Hakim (the Law giver)‘ not the Ministers,Members of Parliament, Members of Senate or anyone/ group of people who makeslaw.How Ideologies Come into Existence?The ideology must come into existence in the mind of a man to apply in the societyeither by revelation from Allah (swt) i.e. Islamic ideology or through ingenuity thatshines in man i.e. capitalism or communism. As for the ideology, which originates inthe mind of a man by revelation from Allah (swt) is the correct ideology since it is fromAllah (swt) who is the Creator of man, life and the universe. He is the one who knowseverything, who is unlimited, who is not dependant, who does not have any need, andabove all He (swt) is the one who is All Powerful and All Wise. Therefore, it isdefinitely the correct ideology. Whereas, the ideology, which originates in the mind ofa man through a spark of genius in him is false since it originates from a human withlimited mind, which is incapable of comprehending everything in the universe.Furthermore, looking at us, our rulers, and intellectuals of different countries overages, it is quite obvious that mans ability in organization of human society bydeveloping an ideology is liable to disparity, differences, contradictions, sufferings andbeing influenced by his selfish material interests and the environment in which helives.The man made system like secular democratic capitalism, or communism either in theform of parliamentary democracy or presidential democracy, dictatorship,monarchism or kingship etc. is going to show disparity because the rulers who makelaws will at first think about their own well being, material interest before they think oftheir locality and then for the rest in the country. The history of western seculardemocrats of Britain and USA and of other non-Islamic world like Obama, Bush, Blair,Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 65
  • 66. Cameron, V. Putin, Manmohan Sings etc, and Mr. 100% in Pakistan, other westernpuppets in the Islamic world like Husni Mubarok, King Abdullah, Hasina, KhaledaZia, Colonel Gaddafi and others shows that how these rulers make law, set the systemsin order to subjugate the people and save their position and status. For example theconstitutional impunity for rulers while they are in power is available due to the factthat the rulers make the law. Therefore it is natural that they will not make laws thatcontradict their material interest. Islam therefore did not recognize man to be ‗Al-Hakim‘. Indeed it is one of the names of Allah (swt). It is part of our iman in ‗La ilahaIllal‘lahu Muhammadur Rasool Allah (saw).‘The Strength vis-à-vis Superiority of Islamic IdeologyIslam is a universal ideology and it binds human of different races, colors, languages,tribes into one unique entity by installing one single unified purpose for everyone intheir life i.e. satisfaction and slavery of Allah (swt). However, the western capitalismor communism requires inhuman poison of nationalism for the division in humankindin general and Islamic world in particular, whereby one nation tries to dominateothers for power, material progress, resources etc. inflicting catastrophe like WorldWar I or WWII to today‘s Iraq War, and Afghan War. Moreover in case of capitalismor communism the law giver i.e. ‗Al-Hakim (legislator)‘ is not Allah (swt), rather it isthe rulers. This replaces the objective of human life from slavery of Allah (swt) to theslavery of fellow human being, resulting in Shirk and leading towards eternalHellfire.So from the basis of aqeedah, the doctrine of capitalism or communism in theirvarious forms takes limited, ignorant, dependent, selfish man as Al-Hakim, whereasIslam takes Omnipotent Creator and the All Powerful and All Knowledgeable Allah(swt) as Al-Hakim.This is the superiority of Islamic ideology over others.Moreover, as it is important that ideology requires to be implemented, propagated andpreserved which elevates the man and the nation towards its objectives. A comparativestudy of all the ideologies can crystallize how Islamic ideology stands out against otherideologies as the only ideology for the good of mankind irrespective of races, religions,languages, and colors.In case of implementationSurely one of the most important issues to determine strength of an ideology is toobserve how the society, state or a nation moves forward with a balanced progress infulfilling individual as well as societal needs once the ideology is implemented. If wescrutinize the world around us while capitalism is implemented the following are theglimpse of its scorecard.Since the 1960s, the prevailing theory of economic development, known asmodernization theory, maintained that industrialization and free market economicideas would transform traditional economies and societies. These influences wouldplace poor countries on a path of development similar to that experienced by Westernindustrialized nations during the industrial revolution. However consider thefollowing: Poverty is the state for the majority of the worlds people. 3 billion people inEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 66
  • 67. the world live on fewer than two dollars a day and they go to sleep with one meal per day, the third world owes over $1.2 trillion in debt, another 1.3 billion people live on less than one dollar a day; 1.3 billion have no access to clean water; 3 billion have no access to sanitation and 2 billion have no access to electricity. The developing world now spends $13 on debt repayment for every $1 it receives. Moreover, according to World Bank (2002) more than $1 trillion dollars (US$1,000 billion) is paid in bribes each year while size of world economy at that time of just over US$30 trillion and this is exactly the same amount spent to fight poverty around the globe since the end of World War II up to year 200225. Imagine the cost of two US wars after 9/11 has been around $875 billion up to 26th June 2009 (8.30 AM GMT)26 which is more than the GDP around 180 countries of the world. So, according to the philosophy of scarcity the world has the problem of poverty because the world produces a total of 2.3 billion tonnes of food while the world demand is only 1.3 billion? Although Free trade has created some of the richest people in the world it has also created a vast disparity between the rich and poor and this remains its major failure. The 7th December 2006 saw the culmination of a global study - from the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations. Some of its findings are staggering; by gathering research from countries all over the world the study findings concluded that the richest 1% of the world owns 40% of the planets wealth and that only 10% of the worlds population owned 85% of the worlds assets 27. Regarding the oldest country to employ capitalism i.e. Britain, in 2005 statistics from HM Revenue and Customs of Britain show that the richest 10% have more than 50% of the nations wealth and that 40% of the British population shared in only 5% of this wealth. Moreover, anyone who studies the history of the world can easily recall how brutally the USA has inflicted havoc upon the human civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping ‗Little Boy‘ and ‗Fat Man‘ during Second World War which ultimately caused more than 72 million deaths. The world also remembers how Japanese army has almost killed 10% of entire people living in Peon Young during the 2nd world war. The world remembers how brutally the mass murderer of the world A. Hitler has wiped human like anything. How brutal they have been that in public Japanese army forced father to rape daughters or son was forced to rape mother in front of their own families! The First World War also caused around 60 million deaths. The world still remembers how in Rwanda the Hutu and the Tutsi killed each other on wholesale scale where an estimated 25000 people has been killed on daily basis with for a criminal and inhuman notion of ‗nationalism‘. The world still remembers how the civil war in the continental Europe was fought and the most famous ‗Thirty Years War‘ caused more than 11 million people to perish during 1600s when the world had very little population. Moreover the Russian civil war, the American civil war, Napoleonic Wars, Vietnam War, Medieval Chinese and European wars, and thousands more wars were fought by the westerners in the name of ‗nationalism‘. Indeed the United Snakes of America in its approximately 240 years of life has fought more than 235 wars up to the current Iraq and Afghanistan war. These wars killed millions and millions of human lives. Most of their death is because they were unfortunate in living during the periods of manmade rules. All of these wars were a direct result of implementing capitalist concept of nationalism. 25 as accessed at 26th June 2009 26 Retrieved at 26.06.2009. 27 Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 67
  • 68.  In case of social front, capitalism has scored a record of 57 billion dollar revenue generated from porn industry in the year 2004, out of which 32% is from teenage porn industry. Interestingly this amount is higher than the year 2008 GDP of around 138 countries in the world. This is something that speaks for the so called jungle animalistic values of liberty and freedom! The western society is a society of illegal children. They do not have any record of parents. Neither do they need any! When they need, they go for DNA test! This is a society where animalistic freedom is allowed and it guarantees parents to have physical relation with own children. This society protects the right for someone to go for same gender marriage. These societies have animal sex shops to satisfy human desire. They produce naturalist, adulterers, and drinkers! The western concept of freedom is something that if you buy freedom there is rape, abuse, torture and above all AIDS as free gifts. In a ‗free‘ society like UK 54% of rapes is committed by a woman‘s current or former partner, lover i.e. partner is adultery. Statistic suggests that, female victims are more likely to be killed by someone they know. In 2007/8, 73% of female victims knew the According to Dr. William main or only suspect at the time of the offence. Of Draper, an American English these female victims, 48% were killed by their born historian, philosopher, partner, ex-partner or lover. In 2005 it was chemist, scientist ―During estimated that worldwide, one in five women will the period of the Caliphs the become a victim of rape or attempted rape in her learned men of the lifetime. According to the National Crime Christians and the Jews Victimization Survey, which includes crimes that were not only held in great were not reported to the police, 232,960 women in esteem but were appointed the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. to posts of great Thats more than 600 women every day. Imagine in responsibility, and were a free society there is the case of rape! Moreover, 1 promoted to the high in 5 people with 46% of them is within 18-21 age are ranking job in the victim of any form of alcoholic drugs. The death rate government....He (Caliph extrapolations for drug addiction in leader of free Haroon Rasheed) never world i.e. the United States accounts 19,102 per considered to which country year, 1,591 per month, 367 per week, 52 per day, a learned person belonged and 2 per hour. This is where these freedoms led nor his faith and belief, but us? The USA is the 7th largest AIDS victim country only his excellence in the in the world alongside with the poorest countries of field of learning.‖ the world like Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. What a combination! In contrast to this the history of 1300 years of Islamic ideology implemented by Islamic Khilafah State from the time of RasulAllah (saw) in Medina al Munawarah to Sultan Abdul Majid in Istanbul is a testimony of the supremacy of Islamic ideology over capitalism or communism. Indeed even the non-Muslims have also admired the society that implemented Islamic ideology over a period of 1300 years throughout a vast area of the world comprising people of different colors, languages, religions, and tribes. According to Dr. William Draper, an American English born historian, philosopher, chemist, scientist ―During the period of the Caliphs the learned men of the Christians and the Jews were not only held in great esteem but were appointed to posts of great responsibility, and were promoted to the high ranking job in the government....He (Caliph Haroon Rasheed) never considered to which country a Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 68
  • 69. learned person belonged nor his faith and belief, but only his excellence in the field oflearning.‖Moreover Arnold Joseph Toynbee, a British historian in his twelve-volume analysis ofthe rise and fall of civilizations „A Study of History‟ concluded that ―The extinctionof race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements ofIslam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for thepropagation of this Islamic virtue.‖H.G. Wells, famous English author and known as father of science fiction hascommented that ―The Islamic teachings have left great traditions for equitable andgentle dealings and behavior, and inspire people with nobility and tolerance. Theseare human teachings of the highest order and at the same time practicable. Theseteachings brought into existence a society in which hard-heartedness and collectiveoppression and injustice were the least as compared with all other societiespreceding it....Islam is replete with gentleness, courtesy, and fraternity.‖The history and the facts on the ground is a testimony of the superiority of Islamicideology. It is a society protected by various layer of shields in personal, social andstate level and with the concept of ‗taqwah‘. Above all it was because Islam calls forhuman to worship none but Allah (swt) and implements His law only. Because nomatter how sparkling one‘s brilliance may be, still his or her Creator is Allah (swt) andtherefore can never surpass the Wisdom of Allah (swt) in making laws to guide humankind. Indeed with the implementation of man-made laws, the world has gone tobecome a jungle with system promoting human values, piety, and righteousness,justice have been replaced by loathsome systems of secular democratic capitalism orGodless communism of vice, hooliganism, wickedness, injustice. Indeed Islam is theonly cure to the disease that we witness due to the implementation of criminal andbankrupt ideology of capitalism. The Glorious Quran says,―This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun.‖ (Sura Baqarah: 02)‘In case of PropagationThe ideology needs to be propagated to the world and if the ideological state stops theideological propagation to the rest of the world, the state will soon lose its vitality andin the course of time it ultimately will be extinct from the face of the earth.In case of capitalism the natural process of propagation is colonialism and occupation.From the time of British imperial power to today‘s American Raj, the history ofcolonialization of continents after continents and subjugating indigenous people,looting resources, and finally dividing those indigenous communities into smallstatelets with the call of nationalism and implanting the puppets rulers, has been thenatural propagation tools for capitalism. Indeed today‘s Hamid Karzai is the same asof yesterday‘s Sharif Hussein or Kamal Pasha!Even in this very 21st century when so called ideas of liberty, freedom and humanrights have been aired by these capitalist nations, the 2003 invasion of Iraq andinfliction of untold sufferings upon the Islamic ummah is by far the best example ofEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 69
  • 70. how secular democratic capitalism propagates its ideas of ‗freedom and democracy‘ toother nations. Indeed the War in Afghanistan is characterized by bloodbath inflictedupon the weakest country of the world by the superpower of the world United Snakesof America. This is a testimony how freedom and secular democracy spreads!In contrast, the Islamic ideology implemented by the system of Khilafah in the pastnever treated mankind in such a barbaric fashion. Neither did the Caliphate spreadIslam by force nor destroyed civilizations. When Islam spread to Egypt, many CopticChristians did not embrace Islam and today they still number approximately 7 million.Likewise, when India was opened to Islam the inhabitants were not coerced intoaccepting Islam. The estimated 750 million Hindusliving in India today despite the fact that Islam The superiority of Islam isruled the subcontinent for more than 700 years is a established by the fact thattestimony to that claim. Today Islam is the fastest when Umar Ibn Khattab (r.a.)growing religion in the world especially in Europe entered into Jerusalem after itsand in America. No sword or no war is forcing them conquest, the people ofto revert to Islam! Indeed the ideological superiority Jerusalem have given aof Islam can be easily traced if these historical heartiest welcome andconcurrent facts are compared with the accepted the Khaleefah Omarextermination of Muslim and Jews in the courts of (r.a.), whereas the people ofthe Spanish Inquisitors during the much-coveted Iraq after so called liberationEuropean renaissance or the ethnic cleansing of the threw shoe at the leader of theRed Indians or the Aboriginal Australian by the western world George W.British. Those Jews that survived this Spanish Bush, by chanting ‗murderer!holocaust were warmly welcomed by the Uthmani this is your gift‘.Caliphate. In Islamic Spain they flourished andbecame important members of the Islamic society. Moreover, Islam has not treatedthe people of Egypt or Turkey or India as any different from the people of Arabpeninsula, where Islamic ideology had taken root and formed the first state on thebasis of the ideology. Neither Islam has looted, robbed, mugged the property ofresourceful subcontinent and took them to Arabia, whereas the British Empire did andAmerican Raj is continuing her looting.The ideological supremacy of Islam is established by the fact that, when Americaentered into Iraq no body welcomed them and no one wanted to accept the faith andideas of the Americans. They said ‗No Saddam, No Bush; we want Islam‘. Howeverwhen Islam entered into Mecca, the people embraced Islam and accepted Prophet(saw) with one of the most heroic welcome. History is witness to this greatest andunmatched conquest of Mecca by Islam. The superiority of Islam is established by thefact that when Umar Ibn Khattab (r.a.) entered into Jerusalem after its conquest, thepeople of Jerusalem have given a heartiest welcome and accepted the Khaleefah Omar(r.a.), whereas the people of Iraq after so called operation freedom and liberationthrew shoes to the leader of the western world George W. Bush, by chanting‗murderer! this is your gift‘. The superiority of Islam is established by the factthat while Omar Ibn Khattab (r.a.) entered into Jerusalem without any escort exceptone single person accompanying him, the leader of the west despite having the highestmilitary protection within Green Zone of Iraq lands in Iraq at midnight when all theIraqis are asleep and leaves Iraq before morning.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 70
  • 71. In case of PreservationWith certainty, the systems of Islamic ideology are unique in preserving the ideologyin the society. And because of the uniqueness of its system of preservation, Islamcontinues to be a dominant social and political force in the world politics even after thedestruction the Islamic Khilafah State that implemented, preserved and propagatedIslam internally and universally. Moreover, the recent history of the world is thehistory of ‗War on Islam‘, despite the fact that the Islamic ummah does not have anyauthority to represent them and take care of them.The ideological superiority of Islam is due to a unique and the only correct viewpointabout the society. In contrast, the failure of capitalism and communism to understandthe society and its nature is crystal clear. In case of communism the society has beenprioritized over individuals while in case of capitalism individuals have beenprioritized over the society as if the society and individual are opposite and offsettingforces. This is a fallacious understanding about the society. Islamic ideology has theonly correct understanding, where the relationship between individual and the societyis harmoniously balanced and works like a spoke in the wheel, where the wheel cannotrun if the spoke is not fit.Islam views a society as a combination of individuals, common feelings and thoughts,and a common system. The system is built upon the common feelings and thoughts ofthe individuals. Thus the implementation of the system upon the individuals in thesociety creates harmony rather than discord. For example the individuals in theIslamic society believe in ‗La ilaha il’lal-lahu Muhammadur Rasool Allah(saw)‘. Because of his or her beliefs the individuals‘ thoughts and feelings is based onthe messages of the Quran and Sunnah. So, when the state implements the system ofIslam, the people find that the system is working as a protector of their thoughts andfeelings. Thus the person becomes even more faithful and loyal to the system andprovides allegiance to its rules.Therefore, the functioning of the system works automatically without the fear ofpolice, rather fear of Allah (swt). That is exemplified by the fact that the Muslims intheir society ‗do not drink water by hiding themselves in the month of Ramadan‘ eventhough there is no police or no body to prevent a Muslim from doing so. Therefore, itis the fear of Allah i.e. the Taqwah that helped him not to break the law, despite thefact that we don‘t have the Islamic State to implement her systems upon the ummah.Therefore, the Islamic Khilafah State implementing Islamic ideology can naturallybecome successful in implementing its rules amongst its citizens and the relationshipbetween the state and individuals in the society becomes stronger day by day. Againtake another example. The Islamic world today does not have a Khilafah to implementIslam. Despite this the Muslims pay their zakat, by calculating the amount bythemselves out of their sincerity coming from their understanding of the belief in ‗Lailaha il’lal-lahu Muhammadur Rasool Allah (saw)‘. They do not hide theirwealth and make wrong statement regarding their wealth status and therefore pay thecorrect amount of Zakat, despite the fact that today the Khilafah is not present tocollect zakat and account them. However, the same Muslim does not pay tax to thesecular state properly. Even though there is tax commission, law and procedure topunish the person for his non-payment. This is simply because the people dounderstand that this taxation system is not Islamic since Rasool (saw) said, „The oneEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 71
  • 72. who collects tax will not enter into Jannah‟. Here the system is not in line withthe thoughts, belief and emotion of the individuals and therefore does not reflect thecommon thoughts of the people. Thus people see the system as oppressive and do notshow allegiance to the system of the state, resulting in malfunctioning of the state.Moreover when the Muslims find that their current rulers making law by themselveswith the Godless notion of ‗secularism‘, they see nothing other than the rulers deny thelaw of Allah (swt). The Islamic ummah see the ruler making law against the rules ofAllah (allowing interest, free mixing, banning hijab, banning politics based on Quranand Sunnah, selling of ummah‘s property and honor to the Kuffar, protecting theinterest of themselves and their western masters etc.). Muslims see the rulers makinglaw by taking the position of ‗Al-Hakim‘. Indeed the Islamic ummah quicklyrecognizes the crime and treachery of their rulers and understands how gravely itcontradicts their belief in ‗La ilaha il’lal-lahu Muhammadur Rasool Allah(saw)‘. Therefore, they curse the rulers; avoid the rules of the state whenever theyfind a slightest chance to avoid. Thus these secular rulers only managed to keep a gripon the society by oppressing people, ending up with a police state and promulgatingrules even up to ‗phone tapping‘ or ‗installing secret camera‘ in their living places ofthe commons!It is therefore enough to conclude that, despite the fact that Islamic Khilafah State hasbeen abolished by the Kuffar back in 1924 with the call of nationalism andfragmentation of the Islamic world, the ummah loves to follow Islam, its rules andwants to see the return of Islamic system under the ‗Islamic Khilafah State‘, becauseonly the Islamic Khilafah by implementing the rule of Allah (swt) can harmonizeummah‘s thoughts, feelings, and belief in La ilaha il’lal-lahu MuhammadurRasool Allah (saw). Thus the ideological strength of Islamic Khilafah State issuperior and its strength is in the strength of the individuals in the society and theability of its systems to implement something that is in harmony with the thoughtsand emotion of the ummah. Alternatively the systems itself preserves, protects thethoughts and felling of the people. Thus the ummah finds the states as mutuallyinclusive rather than mutually exclusive.Indeed when the western world with capitalism has been ruling this world, the entireworld has not forgotten what Samuel P. Huntington has said, ―The West won theworld not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by itssuperiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.‖Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 72
  • 73. Chapter: 07 THE OBSTACLESEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 73
  • 74. IntroductionThe discussions from the previous chapters, makes it is clear that Islamic ummah hasbeen blessed with everything that it requires to be the ‗leading state’ of the world. TheIslamic ummah has the material and intellectual capabilities to set the terms forhumankind of all races, colors, languages to prosper in this world. The Islamic ummahis blessed with the aqeedah and the ideology superior to the rest. Indeed these are theblessings from our Lord Allah (swt), the one to whom is our return. If we quicklysummarize the enormous possibilities of Islamic ummah to be the foremost leadingstate of the world, we can highlight the following: The Islamic world has huge population base of more than 1.5 billion, which is around 23% of the entire world‘s population. In contrast to other parts of the world especially in Europe, where population growth rate is negative, population growth rates in Islamic ummah is exciting, Alhamdulillah. Moreover, the Islamic Khilafah State will have the highest labor force of around 18% of the world, which can support massive production and economic activities. The combined military size of Islamic ummah outnumbers current and all former leading states and global powers. In fact when USA has only 1.47 million active military and 3.38 million total military including active, reserve, paramilitary forces and the permanent members of the world in UNSC has only 5.26 million active military and 15.95 million total military including active, reserve, paramilitary forces; the combined active military of Islamic Khilafah state is 5.59 million active and 22.42 million total including active, reserve, paramilitary forces. Moreover the high growth of population will help the Islamic Khilafah State in building the biggest military might of the world. In terms of agriculture production Islamic ummah produces 29.8% global cereals production, 20.7% cotton production, 21.06% of rice production, 16.85% of global wheat production with the highest green bean producer in the world as well. These are the major food grains in the world today. Moreover, Islamic Khilafah state is the 2nd largest producer of jute and export, almost 80% in the world market. It also produces and sells almost 90% of the poppy in the world which has high medicine value. The unified Islamic world under Islamic Khilafah State has 72.12% of world‘s oil reserve and produces almost 50% of the daily production of the entire world. It has more than 61% of world gas reserves, 22.60% of uranium reserves, and has substantial iron ore reserves. Moreover Islamic Khilafah has the second largest dollar reserve of around US $ 1.065 trillion and it is the 4th largest economy of the world with US $ 7.74 trillion GDP. The unified Islamic Khilafah State will control the major geopolitically important strategic locations of the world in sea, land, and in air routes. It will enjoy the monopoly in these strategic assets to bring countries like China, Germany, and Japan under its direct influence. The Islamic Khilafah State will have the full control of the most important sea routes of the world from strait of Gibraltar in Morocco through Mediterranean through Bosphorus or through Suez cannel through Indian Ocean through Strait of Malacca. A control of these routes means Europe must submit to the will of the Islamic Khilafah State or they can only choose to be alienated from the rest of the world except American continent.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 74
  • 75. However, with Morocco in one side of the Atlantic, the Islamic Khilafah State will have definite control over the affairs the Atlantic as well. Finally and most importantly the Islamic Khilafah State will have the best generations of people living in the earth with the clear ideological vision as guided by the saying of Allah (swt) in the Glorious Qur‘an. ‗ ‘ ―He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true deen (Islamic ideology) to make it victorious over all (other) deen even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammad SAW) hate (it).‖ [Surah As-Saff: 09]Moreover, the Islamic ummah is the one about whom Allah (swt) says in the GloriousQur‘an: ―You (Muslims) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al- Ma‘ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al- Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah.‖ [Surah Ali Imran: 110]Reasons for Ummah‘s Decline TodayIt is quite obvious that Islamic Ummah has such a huge opportunity to become theonly viable leading state in the world; the question then is why the Islamic world is notthe ‗foremost leading state‘ still? Before investigating the answer of this question,the reader should again get confidence that the Qur‘an says, ‗ ‘meaning ‗then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men)deny?‘ in repetitive verses in surah Ar-Rahman. Indeed Allah (swt) has bestowed uswith His countless bounty. Therefore, Islam is not source of our weakness. Surely theIslamic ummah did not decline from the topmost position in the earth to her currentdire position, due to her adherence to Islam, rather it is definitely due to neglecting theadherence to Islam.Therefore, it is profoundly important that the Islamic ummah manifests herconfidence in the Noble Qur‘an, so that she can truly understand the reasons whichobstructed her from emerging as the foremost leading state of the world by unitingtheir affairs under the Islamic Khilafah State. Indeed with the remedy to theseproblems along with the ideological vision of Islam can help the Islamic ummah totake control of the international affairs, its situations and its politics so that not justthe Islamic ummah but also the non-believers of the world may live in peace, harmonyand in prosperity.A profound and clear scrutiny of ummah‘s reality around the world uncovers theprimary reasons those hinder the Islamic ummah in her pursuit towards becoming theforemost leading state and fulfill her responsibility towards Allah (swt).Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 75
  • 76. 1. Implementation of western secular man-made law and non-implemention of the Islamic ideology and the true meaning of ‘La ilaha il’lal-lahu Muhammadur Rasool Allah sws‘ i.e. the systems of Islam.2. The barrier of division amongst the Islamic ummah i.e. the poison of ‗Nationalism‘.3. However the single most important reason is the tyrannical, treacherous Muslim rulers in Islamic world, who work as paid servants and puppets of the Kuffar western colonialists.As for the first reason, Allah (swt) clearly mentioned in the Qur‘an, ―This day, I have perfected your deen (way of life i.e. ideology) for you, completedMy Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your only deen (way of life i.e. ideology).‖ [Surah Al-Maidah: 03]Moreover, He (swt) also said, ―And whoever seeks a deen (way of life i.e. ideology) other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.‖ [Surah Ali Imran: 85]Therefore, those of us who say we are Muslims must realize that, our weakness is notinherent in our deen; rather it is because we have left our deen. We have been forcedto leave the guidance of Qur‘an and Sunnah and been forced to accept misguidance bythe colonial crusader west, the enemies of Islam and humankind. We have been forcedto reject our Islamic political system and to accept secularism and democracy by thewest. We have been forced to put our prime ministers, presidents, kings, rulers andmembers of parliaments in the name of representatives as Al-Hakim, therebyassociating partners with Allah (swt). Indeed it is ‗the gravest sin‘ in the eye of Allah(swt). How treacherous it can be that we put the western puppets in our land in theposition of ‗Al-Hakim‘ i.e. the one who gives law. Whereas Allah (swt) has clearlymentioned in Quran, ―The only right to hukm (judgment, legislation, command) is for none but Allah" [Surah Yusuf: 40]We have been compelled to adopt secularism like the western Kuffar, who don‘tbelieve in Allah (swt), who do not believe in Prophet Muhammad (saw), who do notbelieve in the Qur‘an, who do not believe in the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), who donot believe in the Day of Judgment, and who do not believe in our return andaccountability to Allah (swt) and who do not believe in Jannah and Jahannam forreward and punishment. Indeed they are Kuffar and we are Muslim. It is as clear asthat.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 76
  • 77. Dear readers please think, how it can be that their way of life is our way of life, theirpolitical system is our political system, their economic system is our economic system,their social system is our social system, their judicial system is our judicial system,their administrative system is our administrative system, their values and ideals areour values and ideals; while they are Kuffar and we are Muslim.Indeed accepting secular democracy is contradicting Allah (swt), since democracy isnot consultation as those who want to deceive us claim, rather democracy meanslegislation by human.―But no, by your Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make you judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against Thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction.‖ [Surah An-Nisa: 65].Indeed accepting secular democracy means disrespecting and denying the life and thestruggle of our beloved Prophet (saw) as well as the Sahabah (r.a.). It means denyingthe mission of Allah (swt) in sending Prophets (a.s.) in the past as well as in sendingour beloved Prophet (saw).Indeed secularism, democracy, dictatorship etc has contaminated our imaan andcaused us sufferings in this world and is preparing us for facing punishment in the Dayof Judgment. Indeed this secular democracy says „la ilaha illahn-nas‟ instead of „lailaha illal-lah‟. It is a direct contradiction to our belief in Allah, in the angles, in therevealed books, in the Prophets, in the day of judgment, in the qaddah that good andbad is from Allah, and in the resurrection. Secular democracy is the system that makesman rather than our Creator, the Omnipotent Allah (swt) as the ‗Al Hakim‘ i.e. the lawgiver. It is the system that makes something forbidden in Qur‘an and Sunnah asallowable such as interest, fornication, man-made rule etc and something allowable inQur‘an and Sunnah as forbidden such as rule by Allah‘s law, political Islam, voicingconcern for our Muslim brothers and sister in occupied territories, implementation ofcomplete Islam, hijab, niqab, rejecting nationalism and above all the call for Khilafah.Therefore, it is natural that we the Islamic ummah cannot proceed and progress withsecular democracy. Dear reader, if you are a Muslim, believing in Allah (swt) and,believing that you will be accountable by Him (swt), ‗Do you really believe that rulesmade by Allah (swt) is worse than rules made by disbelieving Kuffar in the west?‘;‗Do you really believe that by accepting law made in parliament, assembly or anyother places by your democratic representatives or dictators or kings or anyone issuperior and better for your wellbeing in Akhirah?‘; ‗Do you really believe that theobedience of man-made legislations which cannot save us in the Day of Judgmentfrom the Wrath of Allah (swt), can bring any good for us in this world?‘; ‗Do youbelieve that there is any difference between these rulers and the Pharaohs, exceptthat these rulers just conceals this claim while Pharaohs openly declared them as‗Rabb‘?‘; and finally ‗Do you believe that Allah is ignorant of our worldly affairs,while He (swt) is All Knowing?‘ (……...naudhuubillah). Indeed we the ummah ofMuhammad (saw) is free from such loathly sin.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 77
  • 78. Surely no nation can prosper by denying her identity, by disregarding her core beliefs,by disregarding her viewpoint of life. Because her identity and viewpoint of life defineswhat is success and what is failure for the nation. Once the nation rejects her identityand way of life, the nation fails as ‗waterfall falls only downward from the top ofmountains‘. It is inevitable. Noting can stop it.Allah (swt) clearly says in the Qur‘an, ―…..Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do.‖ [Surah Baqarah: 85]Therefore, once our rulers have rejected the system of Islam in our life affairs andconfined Islam only in prayers and fasting as per the directive of their Kuffar westernsecularist masters, what better outcome we can expect? For example they have taken‗IMF and World Bank‘ as our ‗Ar-Razzaq‘ rather than implementing the policies of‗Islamic economic system‘. The natural result is perpetual poverty and ‗economiccolonialization‘ of Islamic ummah at the hand of the westerners. The result is theimmunity western multinationals and governments enjoy in looting, plundering ourresources by paying cheap bribe to our rulers, while the ummah lives in direconditions. They have imposed secular democracy and dictatorship as our ‗nidham ul-hukm‘ instead of the rightly guided ‗Islamic Khilafah‘. The natural result is perpetualcorruption, red tappism, no accountability in our political and administrative system.Therefore, it is only natural that the Islamic ummah despite being the i.e. the best of mankind failed to be the leader of the world, to be the foremostleading state of the world because she is forced to accept the secular manmade systemwith the tyrannical, despotic democratic and dictatorial regimes in Islamic world.As per the second reason; i.e. the barrier of divisions amongst the Islamicummah i.e. the poison of ‗Nationalism‘ Allah (swt) says, ―And verily this Ummah of yours is a SINGLE UMMAH and I am your Lord and Cherisher: Therefore Fear Me (and no other).‖ [Surah Al-Muminun: 52]Allah (swt) also says, ―And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Quran), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah‘s Favor on you, for you wereEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 78
  • 79. enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, youbecame brethren (in Islamic ideology), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, andHe saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayath (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.,) clear to you, that you may be guided.‖ [Surah Ali-Imran: 103]How much more it needs to be clear? O dear ummah of Muhammad (saw), for howlong these rulers will keep us divided? For how long they will sell their nationalcelebrations and their political icons to piece us? Indeed nationalism has also beenforbidden by the saying of the Prophet Mohammad (saw): "Leave it. It is Rotten.”(Bukhari & Muslim)” where Prophet (saw) was referring to all forms of Asabiyah,nationalism, racism, and patriotism since it is a source of our division. He (saw) hasalso said, “...People should give up their pride in nations because this is a coalfrom the coals of hell-fire. If they do not give this up Allah (swt) will considerthem lower than a lowly worm which pushes itself through khur (feces). (AbuDawood and Tirmidhi).”Also, the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, narrated by Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud, ―Thereare indeed people who boast of their dead ancestors; but in the sight of Allah theyare more contemptible than the black beetle that rolls a piece of dung with itsnose. Behold, Allah has removed from you the arrogance of the Time ofJahiliyyah (Ignorance) with its boast of ancestral glories. Man is but an Allah-fearing believer or an unfortunate sinner. All people are the children of Adam,and Adam was created out of dust.”Messenger of Allah (saw) also said, "The believers, in their love, mutualkindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, thewhole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." (Muslim), "Thefaithful are like one man: if his eyes suffer, his whole body suffers."(Muslim)Finally it is narrated by Abu Dawud that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, "He isnot one us who calls for Asabiyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fightsfor Asabiyah or who dies for Asabiyah."Therefore, the idea of nationalism is alien to Islamic ideology. It is clearly forbiddenfor Islamic ummah to remain disunited to satisfy the status quo of our rulers who arethe direct beneficiary of the division of Islamic ummah after the fragmentation ofKhilafah at the hand of the colonialist. Indeed it is one our weakness. It is this‗inhuman idea‘ that architected the destruction of Islamic Khilafah State and stillkeeps us separated and disjoined.At this point it is important to note that, the ideological bond of Islam continued to bethe basis of the relationships amongst the Muslims for over a thousand years. Islambrought together the Arabs, the Berbers, the Romans, the Persians and the Indiansand united them to form ‗ ‘ i.e. as one ummah, as described in the Qur‘an.Islam therefore, united people irrespective of their colors, races, richness, status orlanguages. It was this ideological bond, based on profound Islamic aqeedah thatprovided the strength and might to the Islamic Khilafah State in its campaign tospread the word of Allah (swt) across the globe. Essentially, it was this bond that theEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 79
  • 80. Kuffar worked so hard to destroy. Many attempts have been made in the 1300 years ofthe Islamic rule to quell the might and the power of the Islamic State. The False line of Divisions The Islamic Khilafah StateThe Project of Nationalism, Division, Occupation, and IndependenceIndeed the ummah of Muhammad (saw) today must understand that, these artificialboundaries placed amongst us by the British and French back in 19th and 20th centuryhas remained as one of the most important impediments for the Islamic ummahtowards their unity. This is the poison that keeps the Iranian, Egyptian, Turkish,Pakistani, Indonesian or Saudi Army inbarracks while the ummah in Iraq, After the destruction of Khilafah State,Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, and the British foreign minister, when hePalestine dies at the hand of Kuffar and addressed the British Prime Ministerthe mushrikun. Indeed we must ask the shortly before World War II, was quotedquestion, ‗why in the midst of Saudi as saying, ―We must put an end toArabia and Iraq there is another country anything that brings about any Islamiccalled Kuwait, while these people have unity between the sons of Muslims. Assame aqeedah, share same destiny?‘; we have already succeeded in finishing‗Why these countries are disintegrated, off the Khilafah. So we must ensure theyfor whom and to serve what purpose?‘ never arise again, unity for the Muslims whether be it a cultural or intellectualIf anyone studies the history of unity.‖ And the foreign minister in frontindependence of around 57 Muslim of the House of Commons after thecountries, s/he will explore that, all the Lausanne Treaty (that ended Khilafah)Muslim countries today were unified of July 24, 1924 said ―the situation nowunder Uthmani Khilafah before she was is that Turkey is dead. And she willcolonizlized by the Britain and France with never rise again because we havethe help of traitors like Mir Jafor in destroyed her moral strength, thesubcontinent, Sharif Hussein, his son Khilafah and Islam.‖Faisal and ‗Adbullah, Abd al-Aziz ibn Saudin Saudi Arabia, Mustapha Kamal in Turkey etc. Moreover, the colonialists encouragedMuslims to establish political parties on the basis of unislamic concepts calling forindependence and separation from the Uthmani Khilafah during 17th and 18th century.This was done by the encouraging and supporting various nationalistic ideas, callingfor false division, tribalism, and aspirations to seek power with the mercy of the kuffarcolonialists. These colonial projects were later solidified by the establishment of Araband Turkish political parties such as the Turkiyyah al-Fatat Party, the Union andEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 80
  • 81. Progress Party (also known as ‗Young Turks‘), the Arab Independence Party, andCovenant (al-‗Ahd) Party etc. After colonalizing the Uthmani Khilafah they havedivided the ummah into more than 50 pieces andgranted so called independence one by one only the governor of Bombay fromafter being sure that a loyal slave has been put in 1919 to 1924, Mountstuartpower to serve them. Indeed all those who hold the Elphinstone commented verytitle of ‗father of the nation‘ in the Islamic world clearly and unequivocallyare ‗time tested slaves‘ of the west. This was part of that, ―We must not dream oftheir policy of ‗divide and rule‘. perpetual possession, but must apply ourselves to bring theIndeed the governor of Bombay from 1919 to 1924, natives to a state that willMountstuart Elphinstone commented very clearly admit of their governingand unequivocally that, ―We must not dream of themselves in a manner that isperpetual possession, but must apply ourselves to beneficial to our interests asbring the natives to a state that will admit of their well as theirs (rulers).‖governing themselves in a manner that isbeneficial to our interests as well as theirs(rulers).‖Moreover, after the destruction of Islamic Khilafah State and shortly before the WWIIBritish foreign minister, when he addressed the British Prime Minister was quoted assaying, ―We must put an end to anything that brings about any Islamic unitybetween the sons of Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off theKhilafah. So we must ensure they never arise again, unity for the Muslims whetherbe it a cultural or intellectual unity.‖ And the foreign minister in front of the House ofCommons after the Lausanne Treaty (that ended Khilafah) of July 24, 1924 said ―thesituation now is that Turkey is dead. And she will never rise again because we havedestroyed her moral strength, the Khilafah and Islam.‖In fact the Uthmani Khilafah state has been succeeded by the following nationstates due to betrayal of agents with the help of colonialist. Just take a look!! Albania Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Brunei Croatia Cyprus Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Georgia Greece Hungary India Indonesia Iran Iraq Jordan Kazakhstan Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Liberia Macedonia Malawi Malaysia Maldives Malta Mali Moldova Montenegro Morocco Nigeria Pakistan Palestinian and occupied territories Qatar Romania Parts ofRussia Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Somalia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine UnitedArab Emirates Uzbekistan Yemen.Based on their stated objective ‗the project of granting independence‘ started invarious parts of the world especially in the Islamic world. Indeed, the organizationcalled ‗International Christian Community‘ remodeled as ‗International Community‘and then again modified as ‗League of Nations‘ and finally transformed to ‗UnitedNations‘ became the default colonial office to grant or reject independence of variousnations. It is this criminal Christian office from which the illegitimate and spoilt son ofEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 81
  • 82. Britain i.e. ‗Israel‘ was approved as an independent state. How strange it is that, theChristian club that granted independence of ‗Israel‘ gives certificate of independencefor various Muslim lands! Indeed the legality of those titled as father of nations invarious Muslim countries like Sheikh Mujib, Jinnah, Kamal Pasha, Abdul Aziz IbnSaud and others came from the same origination that legalized ‗Israel‘! What a mimic!Just imagine in the beginning of 20th century there were only around 55 states in theworld and most of the division was in Europe and today we have more than 210independence states! In fact from the year of 1990 onwards we have 33 newindependent states. Which unified land has been divided to create these satelliteindependent states? Indeed ‗freedom and independence‘ for a nation state in 19th,20th and 21st centuries was a colonial project. The example of Kosovo, South Ossetia,Slovakia, Palau, Serbia, Montenegro, East Timor, etc clearly highlights this fact. Manynations may have fought for this, but none has earned it. The independence oroccupation of a land is at the mercy of UNSC. The creation and recognition of Israel inone hand and the example of Palestine with more than 65 years of blood and sacrificeson other hand is a clear proof of this!Moreover, if someone takes a look at the following table, it will be even more clearthat, division and occupation was the project that colonialist implemented whoeventually settled for granting independence only after putting ‗trusted and suitableagents‘ with their ‗system of governance‘ and ‗secular political parties‘ like MuslimLeague, Congress, Young Turks etc to transform the land into a covert form ofcolonialization with their system. The British have left the subcontinent back in 1947however, the subcontinent has gained independence with British law still in practice!Moreover today the condition in Iraq with Al-Maliki or in Afghanistan with HamidKarzai clearly highlights how those projects are rerun even these days. Country Independence From** Brunei Independence granted by United Kingdom in 1984 Sudan Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1956. Grenada Declaration of independence granted by United Kingdom in 1974. Kosovo Independence declared from Serbia in 2008 supported by UNSC. The Gambia Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1965. Ghana Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1957. Mauritius Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1968. Tunisia Declaration of independence from France in 1956. Bangladesh Initial independence was granted by United Kingdom and later on Britain through India, instigated independence from Pakistan in Dec 16, 1971. Sierra Leone Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1961. East Timor Independence granted by Portugal in 2002 after annexing it from Indonesia. Jordan Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1946. Guyana Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1966. Kuwait Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1961. Mozambique Independence granted by Portugal in 1975 Djibouti Independence granted by France in 1977 Algeria Independence granted by France in 1962. Liberia Independence in 1847. Maldives Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1965 join Benin Independence granted by France in 1960. Niger Independence granted by France in 1960 Côte dIvoire Independence granted by France in 1960.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 82
  • 83. Chad Independence granted by France in 1960. Central A. Republic Independence granted by France in 1960. Pakistan Independence granted by the United Kingdom on August 14, 1947. Indonesia Declaration of Independence day granted by the Netherlands in 1945. The Netherlands acknowledged Indonesian independence and sovereignty in 1949. Afghanistan Independence granted by United Kingdom control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919. Currently occupied by NATO led by colonial USA and Britain and France. Kyrgyzstan Independence granted by USSR in 1991. Malaysia Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1957 Uzbekistan Independence granted by USSR in 1991. Tajikistan Independence granted by the Soviet Union in 1991. Armenia Independence granted by the Soviet Union in 1991. Cyprus Independence from the United Kingdom on August 16, 1960, but Cyprus Independence Day is commonly celebrated on October 1. Nigeria Independence granted by United Kingdom in 1960 Guinea Independence granted by France in 1958. Iraq Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1932. Latter on in 2003 it was again occupied by colonialist USA. Croatia Independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Azerbaijan Independence granted by the Russian Empire in 1918. Independence re- granted by the Soviet Union in 1991 Turkmenistan Declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Turkey Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Uthmani Khilafah by United Kingdom and latter granted independence by United Kingdom. Morocco Independence granted by France and Spain in 1956 Lebanon Independence granted by France in 1943. Albania Declared by Ismail Qemali in 1912 and signalled the end of five centuries of Uthmani Khilafah rule with the help of British. Yemen South Yemen Declaration of independence from United Kingdom in 1967. Romania Independence declared from the Utmani Khilafah in 1877 with the help of British and France. UAE Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1971. Tanzania Declaration of independence granted by United Kingdom in 1961. Bahrain Independence granted by the United Kingdom in 1971 Kazakhstan Independence granted by the Soviet Union in 1991. Qatar The assumption of power of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed al-Thani, ancestor of the current ruling family, in 1878 after fragmenting from Khilafah with the help of British. Libya Independence from Italy. However, celebration of this day was abolished after the "revolution" of September 1, 1969. ** Other countries KSA, Armenia, Egypt, and Syria Iran etc were disjoined from Khilafah much earlier.Moreover, countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan and most part of Europeand central Asia etc have earlier been broke away from Uthmani Khilafah with thehelp of Britain-France (axis means 3 party alliance). Furthermore, the British andwestern colonial office like United Nations by recognizing them as independent stateshindered the Islamic Ummah from achieving unity in future. Furthermore to cementon their plan of division and separation, they have created organization called Arableague or Oh! I See (OIC) on nationalistic basis. Indeed after the destruction ofKhilafah back in 1924, the words of British Foreign Minister Lord Curzon appear tohave best demonstrated the Khilafahs significance when he announced to the Houseof Commons "We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unitybetween the sons of the Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off theEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 83
  • 84. Caliphate, so we must ensure that there will never arise again unity for the Muslims,whether it be intellectual or cultural unity"As per the third reason, before citing any ayath from the Glorious Qur‘an or anyHadith from Sunnah of Rasul‘Allah (saw), let us observe the following lists. Dearreader, can you recognize them? These are all Muslim rulers. But do you know whatthey love most? To whom their allegiances belong? Upon whom they have their iman?Indeed it is their Kafir colonial masters.Dictator/King Military Dictator Democratic SurrogatesSani Abacha Kamal Attartuk Zulfikar Ali BhuttoGamal Abdul Nasser Hosni Mubarak Newaz SharifAnwar Sadat Omar al-Bashir Benzir ButtoIslam Karimov Saddam Hussein Yousuf Raza GilaniAdeeb Shishkaly Muammar Gaddafi Asif Ali ZardariHosni As Zaim General Suharto Jalal TalabaniAbdul Qareem Kassem General Ayub Khan Nouri al MalikiHafez Al Assad General Yahya Khan Mahmud AbbasBashar Al Assad General Zia ul Haq Ibrahim AbboudKing Hussein bin Talal General Parvez Musharraf Shiekh HasinaKing Abdullah bin Hussein Major General Ziaur Rahman Khaleda ZiaKing Fahd bin Abdul Aziz General Hussain M. Ershad Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoReza Pehlavi - Shah of Iran General Moyeen U Ahmed Yasir ArafatKing Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Gaafar Nimeiry Shiekh Mujibur RahmanThe Islamic ummah understands who they are, where their allegiances are, what theirsources of power are, and what they aim to achieve. Indeed by reflecting on thefollowing statements very carefully we can understand their reality even clearly. Peter de la Billiere, the UK commander in the first Gulf War, explicitly explained the importance of keeping these dictators in power in the Islamic world. He talked of the need to maintain the Saudi regime: ―As we, the British had backed the system of sheikhly rule ever since our own withdrawal from the Gulf in the early 1970s, and seen it prosper, we were keen that it should continue. Saudi Arabia was an old and proven friend of ours…It was thus very much in our interests that the country and regime should remain stable after the war.28‖ In 1958 the UK Joint Intelligence Committee said that ―The maintenance of our interests in the Persian Gulf states is dependent on continued stability in the area. At present only the Rulers can provide this. No alternative regimes are in sight, certainly not regimes which could provide the stability on which the maintenance of British interests depends. A failure to support any one of the Rulers would weaken the confidence of the others in our ability and willingness to protect them. It is on this confidence that our special position in the Gulf chiefly rests.29‖28 From a booklet titled ‗Supporting Dictatorship and Tyranny: Traditional Tools in Western ForeignPolicy‘ by Hizb ut Tahrir Britain. Page 23-2429 Nationalist and radical movements in the Arabian Peninsula, 10 February 1958, Public Record Office,CAB 158/31Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 84
  • 85.  Craig Unger, an American writer and Journalist who has recently wrote a book titled‘ „The Fall of the House of Bush‟ has commented the relationship between USA and Saudi Arabia as ―Never before in history has a president of the United States— and Im really referring to both President Bushes—has had such a close relationship with another foreign power... we had a pact with Saudi Arabia in a relationship thats gone back 40 years... we get oil, we sell them weapons, and part of the pact was we didnt look too closely at what was really going on in Saudi Arabia.‖ Moreover at a speech in front of the then Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in London in 2000, speaking of the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, Tony Blair said that he was a ―man of great vision and leadership‖. Obama in 2009 visited to Middle East including Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. When he visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey Obama refused to criticize the dictatorship, choosing instead to praise the king of KSA for his ‗wisdom and graciousness‘. In an interview with the BBC just prior to his departure to the Middle East, the BBC‘s Justin Webb asked Obama directly, ―Do you regard President Mubarak as an authoritarian ruler?‖ Obama replied ―No…I tend not to use labels for folds‖. He also described Mubarak as a ―force for stability in the region‖. Kenneth Michael Pollack is a noted former CIA intelligence analyst and expert on Middle East politics and military affairs. He has served on the National Security Council staff and has written several articles and books on international relations. In 2004, his book, ‗The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict between Iran and America‟ has detailed regarding Iran-USA relationship behind the well known veil of public rhetoric and said that after US invasion of Afghanistan ―They [Iranians] also provided considerable assistance to Operation Enduring Freedom. Tehran offered to allow American transport aircraft to stage from airfields in eastern Iran to assist operations in western Afghanistan. It agreed to perform search and- rescue missions for downed American airmen who bailed over Iran...The Iranians weighed in with the Northern Alliance and helped convince it that Washington was deadly serious and that therefore the Northern Alliance should participate fully in the American war effort30.‖ Finally in November 2001, Tony Blair welcomed the head of Pakistan‘s military junta, General Musharraf, by saying ―So, Sir, thank you very much for your support and your help and once again let me repeat our very warm welcome to you here.‖List of Crimes of All Criminal Rulers in Muslim WorldThe crimes of these criminal rulers are countless. Here is just a few: The first crime is that they rule the Muslim world without any quality. They should immediately quit and repent. They are the agents of the western masters like America, Britain etc.30Kenneth Michael Pollack (2004) The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America,Random House, 2004, ISBN 1-400-06315-9.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 85
  • 86. Allah (swt) says in the Glorious Qur‘an, Surah Ibrahim: 03 ―Those who prefer the life of this world instead of the Hereafter, and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah (i.e. Islam) and seek crookedness therein - They are far astray.‖The Prophet (saw) said , ― Every traitor will have a flag on the Day of Judgement to identifythem according to the amount of their treachery; there is no traitor of greater treachery thanthe leader of the people.‖ (Muslim/ Bukhari) In Picture: The Crime of One Criminal, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 86
  • 87.  They are the one who keep the false division amongst us like Durand line in Pakistan and Afghanistan border to aid their master‘s plan to delay the unification of the ummah into one single Islamic Khilafah state, as ordered by Allah (swt). They are the one who uses Muslim army on payroll of the west in helping the continual crusade against Islam, and Islamic ummah; the Qur‘an, and the Prophet‘s (saw) Sunnah, all around the world. They are the one who uses Muslim army to stabilize and clean the wastage left by their colonial masters in various parts of the world under the guise of UN peace keeping mission. This therefore destroys the morale of the Islamic army to fight against the colonialists who kill Muslims, occupy Muslim lands, violate the honor of the Qur‘an and the Prophet (saw) and eliminate the desire for becoming shaheed (martyrs). They are the one, who keep Islamic army in barrack while Israel, the spoilt son of the west kills our brothers and sisters, the beloved ummah of Prophet (saw) in Palestine on daily basis for last 70 years. They are the one, who keep Islamic army in barrack while the Kuffar west kills, occupies and humiliates Islamic ummah in various parts of the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia, Sudan, Somalia etc. They are the one who close the border of Egypt in Rafah crossing while Muslim mother, sister, elders, children wants to take shelter into Egypt and save them from Israel phosphorus bomb, while allowing the western nude women to enter into Egypt and enjoy the holiday in the beach of Mediterranean by wearing bikini. They are the one, who implement secular man made Kufr law, thereby declare themselves as ‗Al-Hakim‘ instead of Allah (swt). Yet they force the ummah to follow their rule otherwise they put the ummah in jail and persecution. They are the one who establish so called traitors as ‗Father of Nation‘ while Allah (swt) has declared in the Qur‘an that, Ibrahim (a.s.) as father of Islamic ummah. They are the one who hand over the resources of Islamic ummah to the hands of colonial companies and deprives the ummah from the blessings of Allah (swt). They are the one who put the workers for Khilafah and callers of ummah‘s unification in jail and subjugate them to medieval punishment. They are the one who force Muslims to follow capitalism that denies the role of Allah (swt) in our life. And many more……..Indeed Allah (swt) says,―Aforetime, as a guidance to mankind, And He sent down the criterion [of judgment between right and wrong (this Quran)]. Truly, those who disbelieve in the Ayath(proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, for them there is a severe torment; and Allah is All-Mighty, All-Able of Retribution.‖ [Surah Ali Imran: 04]Moreover Abu Maryam al-Azdi narrated that the Messenger of Allah ‫صلى اهلل عليه وسلم‬said: "Whoever is put in charge of any of the affairs of the Muslims andremains aloof from them and pays no attention to their needs andpoverty, Allah will remain aloof from him on the Day of Resurrection, andwill pay no attention to his needs and poverty." (Abu Dawood, Ibn Maajah, Al-Hakim.)Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 87
  • 88. Indeed Prophet (saw) said, “The only fear I have for my Ummah are astrayleaders (who will lead them astray)” (Ahmed/ Tirmidhi).Therefore, for the Islamic ummah to regain her glory like the past during the time ofProphet Muhammad (saw) and afterward during the time of Khilafah ar-rashida andthe subsequent periods over 1300 years, it is important that they recognize these perilsand obstacles so that they can break the shackles, remove these criminals, and discardthem in the dustbin of the history and truly liberate them with the help of Allah (swt).Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 88
  • 89. Chapter: 08 THE SOLUTIONEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 89
  • 90. IntroductionIn the final segment, efforts have been made to understand the solutions for theIslamic ummah in her quest for revival, in her effort to resume the authority of theworld, in her obligation to rule the world according to the command of Allah (swt), inher inevitable possibility of becoming the only mover and shaker of this world byestablishing a new world order of justness, accountability, and prosperity.Indeed the solution must not come from any human mind; rather the solution shouldbe guided by Allah (swt), the Omnipotent, the All Knowing, the All Powerful. Allah(swt) says in the Glorious Qur‘an,Indeed in the life of Messenger of Allah you have the best example to follow for himwho hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allahmuch.‖ [Surah Al-Ahzab: 21]Therefore, the life of Prophet (saw) clarifies the way to follow for bringing back theshield of the Islamic ummah, the Islamic Khilafah State, back to her life again. Surelyfollowing His (saw) methodology is the only guarantee for success for the ummah.This is because He (saw) had come to this world once and established the first IslamicKhilafah State once in the city of Madina. There is no scope for trial and error, neitherany scope for deviation from His (saw) method. That‘s why He (saw) is the Messenger!The methodology requires adherence to a three step process followed by Prophet (saw)in His (saw) honorable struggle of 13 years.1. Establishing an ideological political party calling for the return of Islam i.e. the Islamic Khilafah State as Allah (swt) says in the Qur‘an, ―Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Al-Ma‘ruf (i.e. Islamic aqeedah and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (Kufr and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they who are the successful.‖ [Surah Ali-Imarn: 104]2. The undertaking of intellectual and political struggle on the basis of Islamic ideology to expose the falsehood of the kufr system and its concepts like man-made law i.e. secularism, freedom, free market, and democracy etc. And also to create awareness, and engage the Islamic ummah in work for Unity, Khilafah, and Shari‘ah as the solution for her and for the whole of mankind. Indeed the chronology of verses revealed from the first revelation to the last is a clear testimony of that. And also to expose and struggle against the imperialists‘ designs and aggression against Islam and the Muslims. Furthermore to account, expose, and undertake brave struggle against the criminal agent rulers who have abandoned the Qur‘an and Sunnah in ruling; who deny the Ummah her rights and oppress her; and serve the enemies of Islam and the Muslims i.e. the disbelievers Jews, and polytheists.3. Seeking the material support from the people of power, i.e. the military in various parts of Islamic world to uproot the colonial system and its slave rulers forEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 90
  • 91. reestablishing the Islamic Khilafah State. Indeed the ‗pledges of Aqaaba‘ and the support of Sa‘ad ibn Mua‘adh (r.a.) is a clear proof of that.Briefly the objective of first two stages is to ensure a viable political processundergoing to culture the Islamic ummah with Islam, to share the ummah‘s concernsacross the globe through political means and styles, to expose the colonialist‘s agendain Islamic world and to take the Islamic ummah to a level where she will see thecolonialist as colonialist, not as friend; and see Islamic Khilafah both from aqeedahand intellectual perspective as the only alternative to western occupation, corruptionof secular democratic and dictatorial system imposed upon her.Regarding the third stage, it is upon the people of power, military influential‘s inIslamic ummah to support the call for Islamic Khilafah and uproot the colonialpuppets, colonial systems, and artificial colonial boundaries of divisions amongst theummah and replace it with Islamic Khilafah State.Life without Amir ul-Mu‘minun Life after destruction of Khilafah is characterizedIndeed the destruction of Islamic Khilafah at the by a history of decline,hand of colonialists back in 1924 was utterly a division, occupation,shocking wound. The Islamic ummah could not subjugation, humiliation,believe that. Never has she imagined that such a vast political unrest, andauthority of Khilafah will one day come to an end. bloodshed. Moreover, theThe ummah was so socked that she even requested establishment of spoilt son ofthe traitor and conspirator Mustafa Kamal to take the west, Israel in 1948 hastitle of Khilafah. The ummah was so shocked to see added salt to this injury onthat there is no Khaleefah for the ummah!! daily basis. The killing and imprisonment, occupationIndeed this marked the end of 1300 years journey of and subjugation, violation ofIslamic Khilafah State established by the very hands ummah‘s honor has becomeof Prophet (saw) back in Madina in 623 C.E through the order of the day. LaterHis (saw) noble struggle with the help of Allah (swt). on, the legacy of PalestineThis marked the end of the once giant the leading has been continuing for thenation, the Islamic Khilafah State expanding from Islamic ummah with newSpain to Indonesia and Middle East to Central Asia. A lands joining the list likeleading nation that lead the world in science, Kashmir, Gujarat, Bosnia,technology, medicine, healthcare, business, Kosovo, Chechnya, Algeria,accountable governance, justice, peace and in Azerbaijan, Caucasus,prosperity. Grozny, Turkistan, Bukhara, Samarkhand, Xinjiang,What has been the life after the destruction of Somalia, Iraq, Sudan,Khilafah for the Islamic ummah? It is characterized Afghanistan and Pakistanby a history of decline, division, occupation, etc due to war on Islamicsubjugation, humiliation, political unrest, and ummah by colonial powersbloodshed. Moreover, the establishment of spoilt son like USA Britain, France, andof west, Israel in 1948 has added salt to this injury for Russia, etc.daily basis. The killing and imprisonment, occupationand subjugation, violation of ummah‘s honor has become the order of the day. Lateron, the legacy of Palestine has been continuing for the Islamic ummah with new landsjoining the list like Kashmir, Gujarat, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Algeria, Azerbaijan,Caucasus, Grozny, Turkistan, Bukhara, Samarkhand, Xinjiang, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan,Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 91
  • 92. Afghanistan and Pakistan etc due to war on Islamic ummah by colonial powers likeUSA, Britain, France, and Russia etc. Moreover, in the name of freedom andindependence the unity of Islamic ummah has been shattered into pieces of satellitestates controlled from Washington, London, and Paris. These pseudo-independentstates have been assigned with leaderships those are the very beneficiary of the west aswell.The situation at the time was summed up by David Fromkin, Professor, and expert onEconomic History at the University of Chicago ―Massive amounts of the wealth of theold Uthmani Khilafah were now claimed by the victors. But one must remember thatthe Islamic Khilafah had tried for centuries to conquer Christian Europe and thepower brokers deciding the fate of those defeated people were naturally determinedthat these countries should never be able to organize and threaten Western interestsagain. With centuries of mercantilist experience, Britain and France created small,unstable states whose rulers needed their support to stay in power. The developmentand trade of these states were controlled and they were meant never again to be athreat to the West. These external powers then made contracts with their puppets tobuy Arab resources cheaply, making the feudal elite enormously wealthy whileleaving most citizens in poverty‖The Signs of Revival of Islamic Ummah: Completion of Stage I and IINot long after the destruction of Uthmani Khilafah State in 1924, a prominent faqeeh,mujtaheed mutlaq, scholar Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabahani along with Sheikh AbdulQadeem Zallum, Sheikh Ahmed Ad-Dao‘or and others (may Allah be pleased withthem all) tried to crystallize the idea of revival for the Islamic ummah and concludedthat, ―Islam is a complete system of life. It cannot be fully implemented without astate. Moreover, Islam cease to exist internationally due to the destruction of theKhilafah state and the only way Islamic ummah can be liberated is by reestablishingthe Islamic Khilafah State according to the method of prophethood‖. EventuallySheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabahani established Hizb ut-Tahrir or the ‗Party of Liberation‘in 1953 in al-Quds.Once the process of revival of the Islamic ummah started, back in 1953 by Hizb ut-Tahrir, it captured the imagination of the Islamic ummah, who has seen more thanthree decades of colonial brutality in Palestine and in other parts of Middle East bythat time. Moreover, they have also observed how these rulers, put in place by thecolonialist Britain and France after Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 beheaded theummah and left Palestine for being feasted by Britain and its spoilt son Israel.However, prior to the first Gulf war, the Muslim ummah, as one complete andcollective whole, did not intellectually perceive with full clarity and crystallization, theAmerican or British animosity against Muslims that the Hizb was talking about,although they could sense it. Many thinkers and scholars in the Islamic world couldnot sense full extent and grave nature of the treachery of the Muslim rulers, and didnot see the West as an outright and avowed enemy. But, after the first Gulf war, boththe American animosity and the complicity of the Muslim rulers became evident. Notonly the Gulf regimes lost credibility for allowing the opportunistic American bases inthe Hijaz and other places, but also those scholars who justified the gulf war. Evenbefore the first gulf war the Islamic ummah showed her readiness in the message forunification. However the Islamic ummah strongly sensed the gulf between themselvesEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 92
  • 93. and the rulers. Indeed the first Gulf War in 1990s has immensely helped the Islamicummah to understand the context of the message of Hizb ut-Tahrir in terms of unityand Khilafah. This huge vibration of the ummah since the first gulf war along with themercy of Allah (swt) has elevated the call for Islamic Khilafah State in Arab peninsulato reach to the global Muslim ummah. By late 1990s Hizb ut-Tahrir reached to everysingle continent and become a transnational andtruly unified global Islamic movement, calling for However, the west and itsreestablishment of Islamic Khilafah State. The party surrogates especially in thewas successful in bringing educated youths of the Middle East and Central AsiaIslamic ummah to the fold of ‗carrier of Islam‘ and are aware of the fact that, the‗worker of Khilafah‘. Indeed the youths of Islam return of Khilafah andshowed their goodness to their deen. Indeed the unification of Islamic ummahyouth of Islam got the message right! will see an end of western hegemony in Muslim lands. ItHowever, the west and its surrogates especially in means they will lose thethe Middle East and Central Asia are aware of the guarantee of looting ummah‘sfact that, the return of Khilafah and unification of resources from Middle East,Islamic ummah will see an end of western Central Asia, Africa or fromhegemony in Muslim lands. It means they will lose subcontinent. It means theirthe guarantee of looting ummah‘s resources from global reach will be dentedMiddle East, Central Asia, Africa or from the and their hands of occupationsubcontinent. It means their global reach will be will be annexed. It means theirdented and their hands of occupation will be way of life; democratic secularannexed. It means their way of life; democratic capitalism will meet thesecular capitalism will meet the inevitable death and inevitable death andeventually be buried for its crime beyond eventually be buried for itsdescription i.e. WWI and WWII. crime beyond description i.e. WWI and WWII.Therefore the former secretary general of NATOWillie Claes during the end of 20th century has openly stated that, ‗The Alliance hasplaced Islam as a target for its hostility in place of the Soviet Union.‘Moreover, they considered delaying the inevitable return of Islamic Khilafah State asthe most important ‗foreign policy factors‘ after the fall of communism back in 1990s.Because of the foreign policy threat of the reestablishment of Islamic Khilafah, thewest has instructed its surrogates in the Islamic world for starting a project ofdestruction upon the callers of Khilafah by introducing ‗Counter Terrorism Act‘ andrepressing them. In fact America spent billions of dollars to train the puppet leaders indeveloping counter terrorism logistics in Islamic lands. With this law and ‗media waron Islam‘ these colonialist and her agents in Islamic world tries to delude ‗ummah‘ssentiments‘ against the callers of Islamic Khilafah State. Therefore, we see the mediais labeling the resistance movements in Iraq and Afghanistan as ‗militant‘. Howeververy often they failed to realize that if defending one‘s own land is militancy thenGeorge Washington, Nathanael Greene, Horatio Gates, Benedict Arnold, FriedrichWilhelm von Steuben and others are all high profile militants! Moreover, theyportrayed those who work for Khilafah, call for Shari‘ah, and completely denounceviolence in their methodology like Hizb ut-Tahrir as ‗radical or extremist‘.Moreover they introduced different labeling on the Muslims like modernist,traditionalist and conservatives, secular, radical or extremist, and militant. ProjectsEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 93
  • 94. like RAND corporation published a report titled ―Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies‖ in USA to counter the threat of ‗Growing call for Khilafah and Political Islam‘. With these attempts the colonialists hope to distance the Islamic ummah from the duty of working for Khilafah. Indeed in their call they want Muslims to accept a twisted version of Islam where Muslims will not object to their colonial foreign policies in Islamic lands, Muslims will not object to their criminal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, butchering Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir etc. Muslims will not object to their desecration and burning of the Qur‘an, Muslims will not object to their insulting of the honor of our beloved Prophet (ssw). It meansThe systematic medieval torture on Members they are calling for apolitical Islam, civilof Hizb ut-Tahrir in Central Asia for calling to democratic Islam. They are calling for the message of Khilafah and Shari‘ah ‗no Hijab Islam, no love for ummah Islam, no care for Prophet (saw) Islam, no love for the Qur‘an Islam, no call for Umar (r.a.), Abu Bakr (r.a.) like Khilafah Islam; but only salah Islam,―Among the believers are men who have only fasting Islam, and selfish Islam.‘been true to their covenant with Allah, Indeed this is at all not Islam!and showed not their backs to thedisbelievers, of them some have fulfilled Once failed in their attempts to modifytheir obligations, and some of them are Islam that fits their evil objectives duestill waiting, but they have never changed to the khair in the ummah of[i.e. they never proved treacherous totheir covenant which they concluded with Indeed history is witness that,Allah] in the least.‖ [Surah Ahzab: 23] Europe with its medieval torture could not silence the likes ofMuhammad (saw) and huge public enthusiasm Voltaire or Russo, ultimatelyand influence amongst the Muslim masses for leading towards ‗Europeanthe call for Khilafah; the mockery of freedom of renaissance‘. If it was not possiblespeech has been demonstrated by the west and against Voltaire and R0usseauthe work of the Hizb has been obstructed in how come it will be possible fornumber of ways including torture, mass arrest, the likes of today‘s Belal, Abukilling, raping of women members even up to Bakr, Umar, Ali, Yasir andage of 73, banning its activities, and labeling Sumaiyah (May Allah be pleasedHizb as ‗dangerous for civil order and anti with them all) since they believedemocratic‘. The agent puppets in Islamic lands only in fulfilling their commitmentwere instrumental in these objectives. Today to Allah (swt)?only in Uzbekistan there are more than 10,000Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 94
  • 95. members and supporters of Hizb from age 13 to age 70 who are brutally jailed for aperiods of 7 to 20 years. Women members are dishonored in mass up to age of 73 andmembers were put in hot boiling water drum to suffer unbearable oppression. Syriahas killed more than 300 members of Hizb in one night, Gaddafi openly hang themembers of Hizb in day light in public in theirrespective university premises, Saddam Hussein killedhundreds of members of Hizb during 1990s,Musharaff over the 10 years period has persecutedhundred of the members of Hizb. These are someexamples of the brutality inflicted upon the ‗caller ofKhilafah‘ by the puppet rulers of Muslim lands uponthe instruction of their colonial masters. Indeed HafizAl Asad has gone, Anwar Sadat has gone, SddamHussain has gone, Parvez Musharaff has gone, butHizb ut-Tahrir has grown even stronger, resolute withpatience, constancy, help from Allah (swt), and withthe support of the ummah of Muhammad (saw). Everysingle day Hizb is moving one step closer to its goal.For those in the Muslim world in the likes of Hasina,Zardari, Jew Karimov, King Hussain, Mubarak,Gaddafi still mingling with their crusader Americanmaster in their effort to torture the caller of Khilafah,indeed time will decide for you a destiny as Allah (swt)has promised in Surah Buruj in verse 10.―Verily, those who put into trial the believing men andbelieving women (by torturing them, jailing them andburning them etc.), and then do not turn in repentance (to Allah), will have the torment of Hell, and they willhave the punishment of the burning Fire‖ [Surah Buruj: 10]Effects of Aftermath of 9/11The demand for Islamic Khilafah State has growntremendously in the Islamic world for last 10 yearsespecially after the ‗terrorist‘ attack on 9/11. Theaftermath of 9/11 has unveiled true American face tothe Islamic ummah. The democratic invasion ofAfghanistan and Iraq has significantly affected thesentiment of Islamic ummah. Moreover, these twoinvasions have uncovered the mask of the traitors inMuslim land likes the Musharaff, Mubarak, Fahad,Maliki, Karimov, Hasina, Bashar etc. Therefore ineffect, the Islamic ummah continually started to The work for Khilafahembrace the call for unity, Khilafah and Shari‘ah in across the worldIslamic lands.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 95
  • 96. Indeed the work for Islamic Khilafah State by the Islamic ummah led by Hizb ut-Tahrir has forced the west to forget their label of calling Muslims on the basis ofnationalism. Rather, they now call Muslims who demands unification and Khilafah as‗radicals and extremist‘ in transcending boundaries. However, blame of the blamersdid not deter the sincere politicians of Khilafah across the Islamic ummah.In fact in 2007 Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia has amassed more than 100,000 people inone of the biggest stadiums in the world, in the city of Jakarta for a global Khilafahconference, where participants of more than 60 countries voiced their opinion forKhilafah. Latter on in 2009, the Global Ullema Khilafah Conference in Jakarta haswitnessed more than 6,000 Islamic scholars from every single Muslim countriesjoining and reiterating their pledge for working to reestablish the Khilafah accordingto the method of Prophethood which Hizb ut-Tahrir follows without any deviationfr0m 1953.Hatred against Muslims Moreover, if we take a look at the opinion of the Islamic ummah, it is clear proof that, the work ofPaper to Readers: Sorry for stage 1 and stage 2 (of the methodology of ProphetPortraying Muslims as (saw) for Khilafah) has been overwhelminglyHuman realized by the political struggle of the party. Indeed all praise belongs to Allah (swt), who hasTIME Tuned In 14th Sep, 2010 given khair (goodness) in the ummah. Alhamdulillah the Islamic ummah today is not theFirst, it was offensive and same as 20 or 30 years back!!insensitive to build an Islamiccenter two blocks away from Opposition to USA is growing in Islamic World:Ground Zero. Now its offensive  A survey on 25th Feb 2009 by University ofand insensitive to publish Maryland at the USA found that, Muslimsphotos of American Muslims expressed their opposition to US militarypeacefully praying, on or presence in Muslim countries. Asked aboutaround 9/11. whether Islamic ummah approves the goal to ―the remove the presence of US and its basesThe Portland Press Herald has and its military forces from all Islamicapologized to its readers for countries,‖ large majorities endorse this goal-publishing images of Muslims including 87 percent in Egypt (83% strongly),celebrating the end of 64 percent in Indonesia (21% strongly), and 60Ramadan, which this year percent in Pakistan (38% strongly). Incoincided with the 9/11 December 2006 72 percent endorsed the goalanniversary. (37% strongly) in Morocco when asked this question. The same survey asked specifically about the US naval forces based in the Persian Gulf. It found widespread opposition across the Islamic world, though it is strongest in the Middle East. Respondents in eight Muslim countries were asked ―Overall, do you think having US naval forces based in the Persian Gulf is a good idea or a bad idea?‖ On average, 66 percent said it was a bad idea; only 13 percent called it a good idea. Opposition was largest in Egypt (91%) and in Palestine (90%), followed by Turkey (77%), Jordan (76%), Azerbaijan (66%), and Indonesia (56%). In Pakistan opposition was lower (45%) but only 1 percent said it was a good idea.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 96
  • 97. Moreover, on an average, 71 percent majorities in the Middle East disapprove of US bases in the Gulf; only 14 percent approve. This perception was strongest in nations in or near the Middle East—83 percent in the Palestinian territories; 77 percent in Egypt and Azerbaijan; 74 percent in Turkey; and 71 percent in Jordan. Moreover the survey found widespread majority believing that, the United States seeks ―to weaken and divide the Islamic world,‖ and this belief seems at least as strong now as it was two years ago. In Egypt 87 percent said they thought this was a US goal (82% definitely a goal). In Indonesia, 62 percent said so, though they were less categorical about it (22% definitely a goal). In Pakistan, 74 percent said it is a US goal (55% definitely). In late 2006, 78 percent of Moroccans said this was a US goal (49% definitely). This question was also asked in four other Muslim nations. Large majorities everywhere saw weakening and dividing Islam as a US goal: 87 percent in the Palestinian territories, 82 percent in Turkey, 80 percent in Jordan, and 65 percent in Azerbaijan.America is seen as a Hypocritical, Hegemonic Power: Majorities in Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan see the US as hypocritical about international law. In Egypt, two thirds (67%) thought so, while 20 percent saw the US as showing leadership. In Indonesia majority of 55 percent thought the US is hypocritical; only 12 percent thought the US has shown leadership. In Pakistan, four out of five respondents (78%) saw the US as hypocritical (shows leadership, 20%). Among respondents in five other Muslim countries who were asked this question, in four people saw the US as hypocritical by substantial majorities, while one was divided. 81 percent of Turks said the US is hypocritical, and only 6 percent saw it as a leader on international law. Most in Azerbaijan (78%) also said the US is hypocritical about international law. In Palestine 72 percent held the same view. In Jordan, 64 percent said the US is hypocritical against only 19% thinking otherwise. Again the belief that it is a US goal to ―maintain control over the resources of the Middle East‖ is so widespread as to be consensual, and is especially strong in Middle Eastern countries. This is seen as a US goal by 88 percent in Egypt, 67 percent in Indonesia and 62 percent in Pakistan. In late 2006, 82 percent in Morocco agreed the same. This question was also asked in four other countries in or near the Middle East, and in each the belief that the US holds maintaining control of Middle Eastern oil as a goal was especially strong. Ninety percent said it was a US goal in Azerbaijan (definitely, 74%); 89 percent said so in Palestine (definitely, 70%); 89 percent said so in Turkey (definitely, 77%); and 87 percent said so in Jordan (definitely, 82%). The assumption that it is a US goal to ―expand the geographic borders of Israel‖ is a widespread view among most Muslim nations polled. In the Middle East large majorities hold this view, including in Egypt (86%) Palestine (90%), and Jordan (84%). This is also a strong majority belief in Turkey (78%) and in late 2006, 64 % of Moroccans expressed this view, according to the same survey. The US is perceived as showing disrespect toward Muslim countries that many think is purposeful. Given three options, only 12 percent on average across nine Muslim countries said ―the US mostly shows respect to the Islamic world.‖ A substantial one in three (33% on average) said this is not intentional, saying ―The US is often disrespectful to the Islamic world, but out of ignorance andEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 97
  • 98. insensitivity.‖ However, 44 percent thought ―the US purposely tries to humiliate the Islamic world.‖ Thus 77 percent on average said the US was disrespectful. In a separate WPO poll a majority of respondents in six Muslim countries said that the US uses its power in a coercive and unfair fashion. Asked, ―In our government‘s relations with the US, do you think the US more often treats us fairly or abuses its power to make us do what the government wants?‖ Majorities said that the US abuses its power coercively; in Palestine (91%), Turkey (87%), Egypt (66%), Azerbaijan (63%), Indonesia (57%), and Jordan (51%).Islamic Ummah Supports Unity, Khilafah and Shari‘ahIndeed the west has failed in their effort to stop parties like Hizb ut-Tahrir to spreadthe message of Khilafah, unity and Shari‘ah. The most brutal and harshest measuresof oppression in every single Muslim lands against the political struggle and the callfor Khilafah rather became counterproductive. A survey on 25th Feb 2009 by University of Maryland found wide spread support for political unity amongst Islamic ummah, demand for Khilafah and Shari‘ah while raising opposition against violence. As of 2009 regarding the support of the long-term goal for Islamic governance i.e. ―to unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate‖, 70 percent in Egypt, 69 percent in Pakistan, 51 percent in Indonesia support this goal. In late 2006, 71 % in Morocco were in agreement to this as well. Another issue of significance is ―to require a strict application of Shari‘ah law in every Islamic country;‖ in Egypt 81% said they agreed with this goal. In Pakistan response was similar at 76%; in Indonesian 49% support it compared to 42% disagreed. In Morocco in late 2006, 76% support this agenda. When asked whether they agree with the goal ―to keep Western values out of Islamic countries,‖ majorities in Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan said they did, in largely the same numbers as they had in 2007 (88% in Egypt, 76% in Indonesia, 60% in Pakistan). In Morocco in late 2006, 64% agreed and 21% disagreed. However, in no country surveyed in 2008 did more than 14 percent disagree with this goal. Similarly, majorities in these three countries continue to support the goal ―to stand up to America and affirm the dignity of the Islamic people.‖ Eighty-six percent of Egyptians, 69% of Indonesians, and 56% of Pakistanis agreed with this goal (in Pakistan 30% did not answer). Nowhere did more than 15 percent disagree in 2008. In 2006, Moroccans agreed with the goal by 69 to 19 percent. Finally in Egypt 81% said they agree with the fact that goal of ―a strict application of Shari‘ah law in every Islamic country‖, 65% strongly agreed while only 12 % disagreed. Pakistanis were similar with 76% agreeing with this goal (52% strongly); 5% disagreed. Indonesians, however, agreed by only a narrow majority: 49% supported the goal, while 42% disagreed. In Morocco in late 2006, 76% agreed with this goal.Muslim Women also Demand Khilafah and Shari‘ah:According to New York Times polls conducted by The Gallup Organization found that,Muslim women dont see themselves as oppressed. In an interview conducted face toface in 8 predominantly Muslim countries suggests that, ‗a majority of therespondents did not think adopting Western values would help the Islamic worldspolitical and economic progress.‘Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 98
  • 99.  Moreover the survey found that, the Muslim women voiced concern about ‗general decay of moral characteristics and degradation of women in the west‘ as the primary disliking factors. An overwhelming majority of the women polled in each country cited "attachment to moral and spiritual values" as the best aspect of their own societies. In Pakistan, 53% of the women polled said attachment to their religious beliefs was their countrys most admirable trait. Similarly, in Egypt, 59% of the women surveyed cited love of their religion as the best aspect. Moreover, when asked what they resented most about their own societies, a majority of Muslim women polled said that, ―a lack of unity among Muslim nations, (western exported) violent extremism, and political and economic corruption were their main concerns‖. Indeed for all of these concerns western secular democracy, colonialization, and capitalist economic system works as the root causes. The return of Islamic Khilafah State will only solve the crisis. Moreover, in 2010 Muslim women in Jakarta held a ‗Women International Khilafah conference in Jakarta‘ where more than 6,000 women professionals, students, civil society leaders joined the conference and voiced support for change in political process in Muslim lands. In the same year, Muslim women in ‗Ukraine‘ arranged a large ‗Khilafah Conference‘ where more than thousands women from all walks of life have joined the conference. Moreover the call for Khilafah is becoming louder amongst the women in Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, and also amongst the muslimah living in the west.Western Leaders Openly Talk about Khilafah and its ConsequencesAmerica is aware of these facts and figures in Islamic ummah. She is aware of theconsequences. In December 2004, The National Intelligence Council of the CIApredicted that in the year 2020 ‗a new Caliphate’ Recently, Pat Buchanan, co-would emerge on the world stage. The findings were founder of The Americanpublished in a 123-page report titled "Mapping the Conservative magazine andGlobal Future". The aim of the report was to prepare advisor to three formerthe next Bush administration for challenges that lie American presidents, Nixon,ahead by projecting current trends that may pose a Ford and Reagan said, "Ifthreat to US interest. The report was presented to the Islamic rule is an idea takingUS president, members of Congress, cabinet hold among the Islamicmembers and key officials involved in policymaking. masses, how does even theMoreover, recently, Pat Buchanan, co-founder of The best army on earth stop it?"American Conservative magazine and advisor tothree former American presidents, Nixon, Ford andReagan said, "If Islamic rule is an idea taking hold The former secretary generalamong the Islamic masses, how does even the best of NATO Willie Claes duringarmy on earth stop it?" the end of 20th century has openly stated that, ‗The Having failed to win the ‗war on Islam‘ and ‗battle Alliance has placed Islam as of hearts and minds‘ now they are trying every bit a target for its hostility in to delay the ummah‘s emotion merging together place of the Soviet Union.‘ eventually leading towards Islamic Khilafah State. At the same time the western governments are preparing themselves to the eventual return of Khilafah. In fact both the 2002 and 2006 versions of the Pentagon‘s Quadrennial Review demonized Muslims, Islamic countries and Islam, in various guises, as grave threats to US security. The highest US officials wereEmerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 99
  • 100. convinced that America‘s greatest ideological challenge is what they call ‗a highly politicized form of Islam‘ and that Washington and its allies cannot afford to stand by and watch Muslims realize their political destiny, the Khilafah. Senior policy makers have ‗warned‘ of the consequences of the Khilafah‘s re- establishment. Former President George W Bush, in a speech to the American nation in October 2005 stated that ―the militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses, enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region, and establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia.‖ Donald Rumsfeld, during the invasion of Iraq confirmed, ―Iraq would serve as the base of a new Islamic Caliphate to extend throughout the Middle East and which would threaten the legitimate governments in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This is their plan. They have said so. We make a terrible mistake if we fail to listen and learn.‖ It is for these reasons America has imposed a Viceroy for the Middle East because the Muslim rulers cannot be propped up by an outside force for much longer. Moreover, in the words of former US Vice President Cheney "They talk about wanting to re-establish what you could refer to as the Seventh Century Caliphate. This was the world as it was organized 1,200, 1,300 years, in effect, when Islam or Islamic people controlled everything from Portugal and Spain in the West; all through the Mediterranean to North Africa; all of North Africa; the Middle East; up into the Balkans; the Central Asian republics; the southern tip of Russia; a good swath of India; and on around to modern day Indonesia. In one sense from Bali and Jakarta on one end, to Madrid on the other."The Final Stage of Emergence of New World Order:Objective survey of Islamic ummah‘s sensation and aspiration led by global Islamicpolitical parties like Hizb ut-Tahrir on the one hand and the desperate measures takenby west and its allies with the help of criminal rulers in Muslim lands on the other,suggests that; the ummah is at a boiling state like the ‗water boils in kettle‘. Hizb ut-Tahrir has spread the message of unification, Khilafah, Shari‘ah in around 50countries from Morocco to Indonesia; from Middle East to Central Asia. By the will ofAllah (swt) the party was successful in unmasking the face of colonialists and itsagents. The Islamic ummah no longer rally behind the traitor rulers like they did in50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.At this stage, the focused priority work that remains is convincing the people of powerin Islamic armies, the generals across the world about their duty towards Allah (swt).The message to the people of power in the Islamic army is to help the deen of Allah(swt). The message is ‘be the Ansar’ of 21st century, like the one in Madinaduring the time of Prophet (saw).’ Asking the Generals in Islamic ummah tosupport the call for Khilafah materially and establishing the Islamic Khilafah state byuprooting the system of kufr and the traitor agents who has been put in place by thecolonialists. The message is ‘be the Sa’ad ibn Mua’adh31 and Ussaid ibn31 Both Sa‘ad ibn Mua‘adh (r.a.) and Ussaid ibn Hujair (r.a.) were companions of Prophet Muhammad(saw). They are the one who were the leaders of famous tribes in Madina, the ‗Aws‘ and ‗Khajraj‘respectively. Moreover, Sadd ibn Mua‘adh was the General of his tribe. They provided the materialsupport to Prophet Muhammad (saw) in establishing the first Islamic Khilafah state in Madina in theplace of Aqqaba in the ‗2rd pledge of Aqqaba‘. This event once and for all changed the history of theworld. By the will of Allah (swt) when Sa‘ad ibn Mua‘adh (r.a) died, Prophet (saw) said «‫ال عرش اهتز ل د‬ ‫ق‬‫― »معاذ ب ن د ل وف اة‬The heavens have trembled at the death of Sa‘ad ibn Ma‘adh.‖ Such was Sa‘ad that ‫سع‬Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 100
  • 101. Hujair of today’. There should not be any ambiguity regarding the role of Muslimarmy and the commanding generals. They are the Sa‘ad ibn Mua‘adh of today. Thereshould not be any doubt regarding this final and finishing work. It is simple; no todemocracy, no to dictatorship, no to bloody revolution but yes for Khilafah andShari‘ah. The process is as simple as that the army to take power and hand it over tothe Hizb ut-Tahrir as this is how Sa‘ad Ibn Mua‘adh (r.a.) did by handing over thepower to Islam (Prophet saw) and promising the protection of the authority of Islamin establishing the first Islamic Khilafah State in Madina al Munawarah. Indeed thepropaganda of the west can‘t pollute this method.Alhamdulillah signs are there that, the Muslim armies have the likes of Sa‘ad today.According to a senior Obama Administration official interviewed by journalistSeymour Hersch in 2009, the official acknowledged that "Hizb ut Tahrir haspenetrated the Pakistani military and now have cells in the Army." Surely they arethe sons of ummah of Muhammad (saw) to give allegiance to Islam and will make thedeen of Allah victorious! Western bribe, threat, mockery, propaganda and force can‘talter this very inevitable of human destination. Surely the army of Muhammad (saw)will return.Indeed the military of the Muslim armies are becoming more and more concernedregarding the sorry state of the Islamic ummah despite the fact that, Muslims armieshave been forced to fight Muslims in supporting American war on Islam according tothe dictate of the agent rulers. However, the opposition of such fight is very strong andis at a boiling stage due to their obedience to their deen. Surely the west is testing theMuslim armies with their iman and allegiance to Allah (swt). The west is playingdangerously. We believe these armies are the inheritors of Sa‘ad ibn Mua‘adh (r.a.),Ussaid ibn Hujair (r.a.), Khalid Bin Walid (r.a.), Sa‘ad bin Abi Waqqas (r.a.), SalahUddin Aiyubi, Saifuddin al Qudus, Tariq Bin Zayeed, Muhammad Al-Fateh,Muhammad bin Qaseem and others. May Allah (swt) be pleased with them all.Ameen. Indeed the army of Muhammad (sws) will return. Recently a high power delegate of Pakistani army has ‗cancelled‘ their tour of USA due to disrespect shown to them by USA officials. The army of Islamic ummah has started to realize that ‗America is falling‘ and ‗Islamic ummah want to see the return of Islam‘. Former ISI chief, Lt. General Hamid Gul in an interview with Al- Jazeera on Feb 2010 suggested that, when ‗faith and freedom is attacked…for them surrender is no option and fear is no policy‘. This is a clear testimony of the morale shared by vast majority of Islamic army in defending their lands and defending their deen. Moreover, in the war against Islam the Pakistani Army is reluctant to fight against its people. Again, in Egypt in the year of 2008-09 the government sacked a number of Army officials regarding their dissatisfaction of how Hosni Mubarak allied with Israel in handing over the people of Gaza to Israeli Defense Force. The event sparked anger amongst top army officials in Egypt and Hosni Mubarak sacked around 20 army officials.when his soul was carried to his Creator, Jibreel (a.s) came to the Prophet (saw) and said: «‫ال ع د را ن‬ ‫ب ه م‬‫ماء أب واب ه ف ت ات؟ الري ال صالح‬ ‫تح م‬ ‫ل‬ ‫― ال عرش ه وت حرك الس‬Who was this good soul who died? The gates of ‫ل‬ »the heavens were opened for him and the throne moved.‖ This is narrated by Haakim and authenticatedby al-Dhahabi; also Imam Ahmad reported it with an authentic chain of narration.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 101
  • 102.  In Bangladesh in the year of 2008, the criminal Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina conspired against the military at the directives of India in an Indian effort to weaken the Bangladeshi army, which is historically hostile against polytheist India. With her support, India was able to inspire a BDR mutiny that killed 57 top ranked army officials in Bangladesh. Later on the Bangladesh Army strongly and emotionally resented against Hasina government and in the process, Hasina over a period of around past 2 years, sacked around more than 50 army officials. Indeed these are sign of Islamic army‘s animosity towards the secular, democratic western surrogates. Moreover, recently, in Azerbaijan, where 98% population is Muslim, the Ministry of Defence has reportedly banned the overwhelmingly-Muslim countrys soldiers from performing the daily prayers in their barracks. According to Azerbaijans Centre for Protection of Freedom of Conscience and Faith ……with enormous wealth of (DEVAM), army officials in Goranboy city have possibilities, huge military, banned the daily prayers based on a verbal control over strategic decree from the countrys Defence Ministry. resources and locations, the This has created upheavals amongst the army desire of the Islamic ummah ranks in the country. for Khilafah, continuous According to ‗The Nation‘ on 14th Sep 2010 Islamic political and Britains Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) intellectual struggle across the admitted that the possibility of a military coup is Islamic world, and the real and it does have "a contingency plans for upheavals in the Muslim British staff and the UK nationals in Pakistan in armies 0n the one hand and case of an emergency or a military coup". the attitude of the west towards Islamic ummah, In Indonesia in 2009 former Army chief has occupation of Palestine, Iraq, openly called for Khilafah in Muslim lands and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, pledged his support for the work of Khilafah. support for despotic dictators and secular democrats, perpetual battle of hearts andFinally, with enormous wealth of possibilities, huge minds, the Islamphobia in themilitary, control over strategic resources and west, desecration and burninglocations, the desire of the Islamic ummah, of the Glorious Quran,continuous Islamic political and intellectual insulting of Prophetstruggle across the Islamic world, and the upheavals Muhammad (saw), thein the Muslim armies on the one hand and the complicity of the Muslim rulerattitude of the west towards Islamic ummah, towards the west and enemiesoccupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, support for the of Islam on the other has paveddespotic dictators and secular democrats, perpetual the way towards the birth of abattle of hearts and minds, Islamphobia in the west, ‗new world order‘.desecration and burning of the Glorious Quran,insulting of Prophet Muhammad (saw), thecomplicity of the Muslim ruler towards the west andenemies of Islam has paved the way towards the birth of ‗new world order‘.It is now up to Generals of Muslim Armies in Cairo, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Dhaka,Jakarta, Tehran, Istanbul, Tripoli and elsewhere in Islamic lands to support the deenof Allah (swt) by providing material support, thereby following the footsteps of Sa‘adIbn Mua‘adh (r.a.), to Islamic political parties like Hizb ut-Tahrir working forrestabilising Islamic Khilafah State; so that the promise of Allah is realized in our time.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 102
  • 103. So that we become the leading Ummah, the witness to mankind, ‗suhada Ala‘nnas‘ asAllah (swt) says and obligates.Allah (swt) says, ―O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm.‖ [Surah Muhammad: 07)O Allah! We the current generation of Islamic ummah want to see the return of ourAmir ul-Mu‘minun. O Allah we want to see the Amir Al-Jihad to administer lessons forthe colonial powers and liberate your slaves across the world and complete your favourupon us. O Allah! We the current generation of Islamic ummah want to see our Amirul-Mu‘minun leading us in salah in the Masjidul Aqsa at least once in our lifetime.Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.Indeed the rest is at the hand of Allah (swt), the Lord of ‗Asr‘.Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 103
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