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- Learn how to get out of your own way.
- Learn how to overcome obstacles & life challenges.
- Learn the secrets to a happy & balanced life.
- Plus 31 powerful, motivational quotes!"

Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises

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  1. 1. 1 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  2. 2. Table of ContentsChapter 1 How To Get Out Of Your Own Way Page 4Chapter 2 How To Overcome Obstacles and Life Challenges Page 14Chapter 3 How To Have An Incredibly Satisfying & Successful Life Page 23Chapter 4 31 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Motivated Every Day Of TheMonth Page 31 2 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  3. 3. IntroductionHi there, it’s me, Ashani Mfuko, the Founder of Kiner Enterprises, and I’m so glad that you are reading this e-book today! I wrote this e-book so that you would be inspired, uplifted, empowered, and deeply motivated to pursue your goals and dreams!I am really excited to share this free, motivational e-book with you today becausedaily motivation and inspiration is something that is vital to our lives whilepursuing our goals and dreams. There are so many distractions ready to grab ourattention and focus in this fast-paced world of social media, technology, andmobile devices. We must make a conscious and assertive effort to find the quiettime and space in our daily lives to reflect and reconnect with God, ourselves, andthose we love around us.I want you to know that there is no obstacle or challenge out there that is toodifficult for you to handle. God does not give us more than we can bear. In those 3 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  4. 4. moments when you feel lost, discouraged, or overwhelmed, just take a moment tosay a prayer, and talk to God. He is always there, and he is always listening.In this e-book I will break down some of the most common obstacles that you faceon a day-to-day basis, and share some effective ways for overcoming them, andalso share ways on how you can set healthy boundaries, and be the best version ofyourself, no matter your circumstances. I know that life can be tough sometimesfor us because of external factors and challenges, or even our own internalstruggles. But I also know that things always get better, and that we have the powerto overcome, to adapt, to grow, and to thrive, in every phase of our life, and bounceback from every tough situation. Are you ready to get some soul inspiration,encouragement, and motivation? Let’s do it! Chapter 1 How To Get Out Of Your Own Way"Finding your purpose is not as hard as most think. Believe it or not, youprobably already know your purpose." ~ Marshawn EvansFinding, discovering, and knowing your purpose is always at the core ofeverything that I teach and share with others. Whether I’m one-on-one with aclient, teaching my online course, or speaking at a live event, I always start withpurpose. Your purpose is the foundation for all that you do, and keeps you ontarget as you encounter daily struggles, distractions, and decisions. Once you’resolid in your understanding of what your purpose is, the next step is to stop, andask yourself another important question: Why? 4 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  5. 5. When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, "Why?"Why do I feel the way that I feel today? Why do I work at this job, or in thiscareer? Why do I do what I do every day? Why do I do things the way that I dothem every day?If you havent asked yourself this question in a while, theres no better time like thepresent to get started, and begin reflecting. In some cases, it can be a painful ordifficult process. But it ultimately leads to enlightenment, understanding, and aclear path ahead of you. Once you understand the why of a situation, the howbecomes a lot clearer, as well as who, what, and where.Too many times we get stuck doing things because its what weve always done, orits what our parents did, or what other people think we should be doing. Othertimes, were the culprit in the monotonous and counterproductive actions andthoughts of our daily lives, which then lead to habits, and ultimately create ourreality.It is imperative to reflect on your life, your choices, your habits, and your actionsdaily, in order to have clarity about where you are in life, and where youre going."Would you rather end up at the place you stubbornly insisted upon, or the placewhere you belong?" ~ Mandy HaleAsk yourself the following five questions to get started:1) What do I believe is the God-given purpose for my life?2) What are my unique gifts/talents? 5 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  6. 6. 3) How am I using my unique gifts and talents to fulfill Gods purpose for mylife, and also bring fulfillment and joy into my life and the lives of others?4) What are my top three goals for the following categories: mymarriage/relationship, my family, my career, my finances, my home, my future,my health, my legacy?5) What can I do today, this week, this month, this year, to maximize my uniquegifts and talents, and reach my goals?These five questions are just to get you started on the right path, so that youcan be sure that youre not just doing things out of habit, or for the wrongreasons.Divine Reflection and Guidance"There is never a moment when God is not in control." ~ Mandy Hale 6 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  7. 7. I find all of the answers that I need related to my lifes purpose, and how I shouldspend my time and money on a daily basis, in what my pastor calls, "the prayercloset". This doesnt mean that you actually go into a closet to pray. It simply is theact of getting alone with God, in a quiet place, where youre not just talking to God,but more importantly, youre listening to his divine direction for your life. Somepeople refer to this time as meditation.The ways that I stay on target every day, or get refocused, when I feel like I mightbe getting off track, is through reading my bible, through prayer, and throughintensely listening to Gods voice. Oh, and I cant forget, by being obedient to whatI hear God directing me to do. Thats one of the most important parts. Lots ofpeople know what the right thing is to do, but they just choose not to do it. Dont beone of those people. When you hear or feel God moving you in a certain directiondont fight it, go with it."Never let anyone talk you out of a place God told YOU to enter." ~ MarshawnEvans How To Use The Desire To Give Up To Your AdvantageDo you ever feel like giving up? Do you ever feel like just calling it quits, andsaying (as we do here in New York City), "Fuggetaboutit!!"? Great! Guess whatthat means? Youre on the right track!!Yes, you are (No, Im not crazy)! 7 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  8. 8. Here are some reasons why we typically feel like giving up:1) Youre exhausted, and feel like your efforts are in vain, so whats the point.2) Youre not getting the results you want, within the time frame that you had inmind.3) Youre frustrated because of financial challenges or obstacles, and feel likeyou cant go on.4) Youre overwhelmed.5) Youre depressed."Your possibilities have massive value, but only if you do something about them.Now is when." ~ Ralph Marston 8 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  9. 9. How To Use The Desire To Give Up To Your Advantage 1) Youre exhausted, and feel like your efforts are in vain, so whats the point? More than likely, you are actually at a point where youre making significant progress, but you just cant see it yet. This is the time of your life that separates the really successful people, "the winners", from the people who never quite reach their full potential. You are very close to a breakthrough, so you should not give up now. Its like when you start eating healthier and exercising more in an effort to lose weight. You have a certain goal in mind for how many pounds you want to lose. But for the first week or two, you may not be able to see any noticeable changes. However, this is the time when your body is really beginning to change. You just cant see it. This is also the hardest part of a weight-loss journey because youre working so hard, and sacrificing, but not getting any visible reward/gratification. My advice to you? Hang in there! Youre closer than you think!2) Youre not getting the results you want, within the time frame that you had inmind. So you were committed to making a change, an effort, or taking a risk inyour business, career, or relationship, and then.....nothing. You knew that it wouldtake time, but heck, you didnt think that it was going to take THIS long! Guesswhat, heres a quote for you, from my mentor and inspiration, MarshawnEvans, "Just because God doesnt move on your timeline doesnt mean that Heisnt moving." That says it all. We typically want things to happen faster than isrealistically possible. But most importantly, if God is delaying something, its for areason. Focus your energy on learning the lesson, and gaining wisdom from theprocess. Then, when that end reward finally comes, youll be wiser, stronger, andhave a bit more patience and gratitude as a result.3) Youre frustrated because of financial challenges or obstacles, and feel likeyou cant go on. Welcome to the club! You are not alone! We all face financialchallenges and setbacks. Its a part of life. Some situations are more extreme andmore difficult than others, but either way, feeling this way is totally normal, sodont feel bad about it. Just do what you CAN do. There are many actions that you 9 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  10. 10. can take each day to better your situation during lean times. You just have to getcreative. I also recommend writing down a plan for what you will do now, andwhat you will do when times of financial flourish come back your way. This willgive you hope, and keep you focused on the future, and not stuck in your current,temporary situation. Ultimately, you want to learn how to be content in everysituation. Don’t let money (or the lack thereof) determine your level of joy,happiness, or personal value. “I know how to get along with humble means, and Ialso know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learnedthe secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance andsuffering need.” ~ Philippians 4:12 (New American Standard Bible (©1995)4) Youre overwhelmed. I believe that feeling overwhelmed is Gods way of tellingus that were carrying a burden that were not supposed to bear. It means that either:1) you need to ask for and get help. Or, 2) you need to let something go. Nowsometimes that "thing" you need to let go of isnt a physical item. It could be thatyou need to let go of guilt, your past, shame, someone elses expectations of you,negative people or thoughts, and so on. Or maybe its time for you to hire ababysitter, an intern, a personal assistant, or a home cleaning service. Feelingoverwhelmed is a sign that something needs to change. Its your job to figure outwhat that is. Do you need to go to bed earlier? Do you need to do more of thethings that you love and enjoy, and stop working all the time? Do you need a breakor a vacation? Take time to figure out whats wrong, and why youre overwhelmed,and then do something about it.5) Youre depressed. This is serious. If you feel like your depression is out ofcontrol, or really dominating your life, you should definitely visit your health careprovider, and seek the professional help, therapy, or medication that you may need.This is nothing to be ashamed of. While youre doing that, take time every day todo those things that make you happy and feed your soul. This can be anything fromdancing, singing, playing an instrument, doing Yoga, spending time with yourkids, or loved ones, reading a book, going to church, praying, meditating, writing,etc. Make time to do those things that make you feel whole, joyous, and happy,from the inside out. Write down plans for the future, things you want toaccomplish or experience. Also, help someone else. Whether you volunteersomewhere, become a mentor, or just actively seek out opportunities to help thepeople in your circle, this is a great way to breathe some new life into you. Takingthe focus off of you, and helping someone else, not only benefits them, but itmakes you feel valuable, purposeful, and fulfilled in many ways as well. Lastly, Ibelieve that prayer changes things, and there are some things that only God can 10 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  11. 11. truly heal us from. You were not created to live in depression and constant despair.God wants you to live a life that is full of joy and happiness. So don’t forget topray, and ask God for help and for healing. He will do it!"Never think that Gods delays are Gods denials. Hold on. Hold fast. Hold out.Patience is genius." ~ George Louis LeClere De Buffon How To Get What You Want In Your Life, Career, and BusinessAfter getting married, a couple in the newlyweds ministry at our churchrecommended a very popular book for my husband and I to read called, "The 5Love Languages - The Secret To Love That Lasts" by Gary Chapman. This bookfocuses on helping couples communicate better, and learn what each othersprimary "love language" is. It is truly an incredible book, and I highly recommendit. The general idea is that, my primary love language may be different from yours,which means, whats important to me is different from whats important to you.What makes me feel loved, valued, and appreciated, more than likely is differentfrom my husband, and usually isnt exactly the same for most couples.This is where it gets interesting.My husband and I took the quiz in the book after trying to guess what each othersprimary love language might be, and it was extremely accurate. It basicallyconfirmed what we already knew about each other. But it also gave us anopportunity to learn even more about whats most important to each other, and howwe can spend more time and energy doing the things that we each value the most. 11 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  12. 12. The 5 Love LanguagesWords of AffirmationQuality TimeReceiving GiftsActs of ServicePhysical TouchImagine spending your time and energy every day on something that you THINKis important to your staff, clients, boss, students, friends, family, spouse, or child,only to be disappointed because theyre not appreciating it, or reciprocating in theway that you would like.Its easy to blame the other person or people for being ungrateful, insensitive,selfish, or unprofessional. But theres a good chance that whatever youre doing,whatever you’re offering, or how you’re communicating or interacting with them,is not as valuable to them, as it is to you. You might say to yourself, "If someoneoffered this to me, or did this for me, I would be ecstatic, and I would respond likethis....!" Well, great. Thats you. Youre different from other people.You may be putting your time and energy in the wrong places (places that are oflittle or no importance to the other person).So, what do you do?#1 Ask People What They WantThe best way to get what you want is to give someone else what they want or need.And the best way to find out what that is, is to simply ask. Find out what theyvalue, whats important to them and what matters to them.Disclaimer: Some people dont know what they want. So you have to get a littlemore creative in order to help them articulate what they want. 12 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  13. 13. Ask them questions like:- What do you love to do?- What makes you happy?- If you had $1 million dollars, how would you spend it?- What are some things that I can do to make you feel loved and appreciated?- Whats the one thing that stresses you out the most?- Whats the one thing that would make your life less stressful, and happier?- How do you treat yourself? What do you do to pamper yourself?- When do you feel loved and appreciated the most?- What are some of your pet peeves?- What is your passion?- If money wasn’t an issue, and you could do whatever you wanted every day,what would you do? How would you spend your time?- What motivates/inspires you?- What are some of your personal goals, and how can I help you to reach them?Asking questions like these will help you to learn whats important to your clients,your boss, your students, your friends, family, your significant other, your child,etc. 13 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  14. 14. At the end of the day, if youre not getting the results, response, or reaction that youwant out of the people around you, you may need to learn what their “lovelanguage” is. Find out what the best way is to communicate with them, whatmatters to them the most, what makes them feel valued and appreciated, and whatdrives them to make decisions, and take positive action. This is one of the absolutebest ways for you to get what you want out of your life, your career, and yourbusiness. Chapter 2 How To Overcome Obstacles and Life ChallengesIf theres one thing in life that is guaranteed (besides death and taxes), it’sproblems. We all face them, and have to deal with them on one level or anotherevery day. Problems are infinite!But, I have some good news for you today....SOLUTIONS ARE ABUNDANT!!For every problem that exists, there is a solution. Period! In some cases, thesolution may not be easy (simple and easy are not the same thing). In other cases,the solution may take you out of your comfort zone, push you to grow in areas 14 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  15. 15. where youre weak, and take some time. Nonetheless, there is a solution to everyproblem.Here Are 4 Common Life Problems, and Their Simple Solutions:Problem #1 I dont make enough money.I think that 99% of the population would agree with this one! Not making enoughmoney is a bit complex though, because sometimes when people say this, whatthey really should be saying is, "I have too much stuff to maintain on a monthlybasis, and I need to let some of it go, so that I will have more money", or, "I amputting all my time and energy into work that is not fulfilling, and not helping meto create the lifestyle that I want to live". So, sometimes, its not just about makingmore money, its about what you do with the money that you make, and also, howfulfilling the work is that youre doing to earn your money. To make a ton ofmoney doing something that is degrading or dishonest, doesnt work. To make aton of money, but then not have the time or energy to enjoy it, and spend time withthe ones you love, doesnt work either. So, you have to put things into perspective,and then you will be able to figure out how you can improve your quality of lifefinancially, and otherwise. Ultimately, if lack of funds is a major issue for you, youwill need to do whatever it takes to make major changes in two areas: 1) decreasehow much you spend each month on your bills and expenses, and 2) find waysto increase your income at the same time. It’s as simple as that. Will that be easyfor you? It depends on how bad you want it, and how much you’re willing tosacrifice to improve your financial situation. But the key is to take action now toimprove your situation, and to not spend your time focusing on or talking about theproblem itself.Problem #2 I dont have enough time.Time, is extremely valuable, and it is limited. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and youcan never get it back again. So it is up to you to make time work to youradvantage. Time is a matter of choices. You choose how you spend your time. Ibelieve that you should budget your time, just like you budget your money, in 15 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  16. 16. order of priority. If your priorities are family, health/fitness, your career/business,and hobbies, then your time should be distributed as such, in order of importance.Trust me, this really works. What Ive found is that, once you are clear about whatyour priorities are, and what your values are, related to your time, you begin toteach other people to respect and value your time as well. This includes saying no,a lot! This also leads to people approaching you about various things, with theunderstanding that, youre very busy, and may not be able to participate in the waythat they would like, and thats okay. Get on track with time management byprioritizing, saying no to things that dont line up with your priorities/values/goals,and by teaching others to respect and value your time.Problem #3 I cant deal with difficult people.Ah yes, difficult people. Theyre everywhere, arent they?Well, I have a quote for you that speaks volumes, "Think about what you saybefore you say it. What you WANT to say is usually different than what youNEED to say."~ Marshawn EvansI was just having a conversation about this with someone on Twitter the other day.She was explaining how difficult some of her co-workers and supervisors are towork with, and how she struggles with holding her tongue a lot of the time. Myresponse to her was, you cant control what other people do, you can only controlhow you respond to it, and YOU are accountable for your actions, no matter what.Its not easy to remain calm, and keep your composure when someone is lashingout at you, but if theyre already in a negative state of mind, joining them in thatspace wont do either of you any good. When in doubt, listen to what they have tosay, then step away, take a break, and let them know that youve heard what theyhad to say, and you will get back to them with a response shortly. Cool down, lookbeyond their emotions, and find the root of the problem, and then address that.There are so many reasons why people act the way that they do. Sometimes, byyou remaining calm, and letting them know that you hear where theyre comingfrom, and understand their thoughts/feelings, they are able to cool down, and walkaway with even more respect for you than they originally had. 16 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  17. 17. Problem #4 I need to get more customers, clients, students, supporters, jobs,and funding...I have a 2-part solution for this problem, to get you started on the right foot.- Build Relationships. Figure out who your target audience is, and who the peopleare that can help you reach your goals. (And the answer, “everybody, becausedance is universal", is not acceptable.) Get specific about who youre targeting andwhy. Write out a description of the qualities/traits/demographic of your targetcustomers. Then do some research to find out the best ways to connect with them.Do they love Twitter, but spend less time on Facebook, or vice versa? Are they allover YouTube? Are they involved in a certain dance membership organization?Find out where they are, and then make sure youre there too, to add value to theirlives in some way. Find out how what you have to offer might benefit them, and atthe appropriate time, share it with them. But build genuine, mutually beneficialrelationships first.- Build A Tribe. Once youve cultivated some relationships through people likingyou and what youre about, and trusting you as a result, you will be able to build acommunity of people who all support and are interested in what you do. Nowyoure getting somewhere. Build your tribe through your e-mail subscriber list(most important), and through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so that you canhave a consistent and organized way to stay connected with them. This way, youwill be able to send them targeted messages that lead to the positive actions thatyou want them to take. Building your own tribe takes time, but it is the mostimportant thing you can do for success in your marketing and branding efforts.When you’ve done this effectively, you will begin to attract the types ofopportunities and people that you want, without having to constantly hustle andseek them out on your own. There are many doors that will open up to you whenyou have an extensive network, and a loyal tribe of fans, followers, andsubscribers. You can also become a real power player based on your social mediapresence and influence, which can lead to lucrative business opportunities and asignificant and positive impact on your community as well. 17 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  18. 18. My Top 5 Ways To Make A Tough DecisionA while back, my company, Kiner Enterprises, went through a major transition.My company was originally founded as a dance teacher staffing company,providing long and short-term teaching artists to dance studios, schools, and artsorganizations. This is how we started out, and it’s what we were known for. Butafter about three and a half years of running the business, I knew that I needed achange. My goals, desires, and interests had shifted, and also the reality of runningthat type of business made me realize that, it wasn’t actually the right business forme.So I began the process of soul-searching about what I wanted my business tobecome in the long-term, what my passion and purpose really were, and what typeof lifestyle I wanted to have as an entrepreneur. It was a very difficult decision andtransition to make, especially since my company was only known for that onething. But it was absolutely worth it!Now more than ever, I feel like my company, my work, my purpose, and mypassion, are all in alignment, and I have the peace, joy, and daily excitement toprove it!You may be wondering about what steps I took to finally come to this difficultdecision. I will share them with you below.My top five ways to make a difficult decision:1) Seek Peace. After a year of contemplation, I literally felt uneasy for about aweek straight, and it intensified every day, until I finally stopped what I was doing, 18 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  19. 19. sat quietly, and addressed the feelings that I was experiencing. When thingsaren’t quite right, you won’t have any peace. Seek God, pray, meditate, anddo whatever it takes to get your peace back.2) Do a Self-Assessment and Evaluation. I watched and took note of some of mypersonal habits, feelings, and patterns as it related to various aspects of running mybusiness every day. What I noticed was the areas that I would procrastinate in ornot follow through with, were the very areas that I no longer enjoyed, and had nopassion for. I also wrote down my personal and business goals, straight from theheart, and realized that they weren’t the same as they were three years prior. Sothat just proved to me that it was time to make a change. You have to evaluateand re-evaluate your personal and professional goals, at least once a year.You, and the world around you, are constantly changing and evolving, so it’simportant to check in with yourself to see if there are any things that you needto change, let go of, or re-prioritize in your life.3) Seek Sound Advice. Once I came to my decision, I spoke to those around methat I respected and trusted, to get their feedback, and I was amazed. When sharingmy decision with my husband, his response was, “I knew you were feeling thatway, and tried to tell you to make that transition a long time ago.” Classic, huh?My other confidantes that I spoke with were so supportive, agreed with me 100percent, and began sharing great ideas on how I can build things going forward,based on my brand new business model and plan for my business. Speak to thosearound you who you trust, and who you know you the best. They will be ableto give you valuable insight into your situation, and offer support to you whenmaking a tough decision.4) Take Action. Although my decision to restructure my company’s businessmodel was the right decision, it was also a difficult one. I mean, I was essentiallygoing to have to start from scratch all over again. I also struggled with questionslike, “what will people say?”, “what do we do next?”, “how do we build on thisfoundation that we’ve already established, in a smart and beneficial way?” You’vegot to ask yourself the tough questions, and also answer them! And ultimately,take action to bring about the new life, and change that you so desire.5) Start Fresh. Since making this decision, I’ve allowed myself to have a brandnew vision and open mind about what direction I want my company to go in. Nolimitations, no expectations, nothing but an open forum where new ideas can becultivated, explored, and allowed to grow. This is one of the benefits of making atough decision. Once you make it, you’re free to create something new and 19 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  20. 20. different, with no limitations. This of course applies to any sort of decision,whether it is about your business, your career, your relationship, your livingsituation, going back to school, or changes in your beliefs, values, health, andwellness. Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck on a particular path, because that’sall you’ve ever done, or that’s the path that you’ve been on for so long. Don’tbe afraid to start fresh.So, what has happened since I made this difficult decision? I have peace, I’mhappier, I feel free, and I feel more fulfilled in my work. I am more passionate thanever about expanding the company in ways that I’d never even imagined before,and changing the dance world for the better, in a huge and significant way.Amazing new business opportunities have begun to open up! Plus, I’m helpingmore dance artists to improve their quality of life, and I know that more growthand success are on the way. I am focusing solely on the things that I am trulypassionate about, and are aligned with my life’s purpose, and it feels great!So really, the hardest part of making a difficult decision, is accepting the factthat you have to make it. Everything else after that is gravy. What you’ll findis that, after you’ve made the tough decision, the fun really begins. “5 Deadly Thoughts on the Road to Success”Back in 2009, I hosted a teleseminar entitled, “Dance Your Way Into BusinessSuccess”. Two of the major concepts that I spoke about during this teleseminarwere: “You have to create your own “Big Break”, and “You must face yourfears”. If there’s one thing that many of us have learned in the current economyit’s that, waiting for someone else to make you successful or to create opportunitiesfor you is a complete waste of time, and will only prevent you from reaching yourgoals and dreams.I believe that when it comes to your life, your career, or your business, you cannotafford to be passive, be a bystander, or expect others to recognize your talents and 20 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  21. 21. create the blueprint for you that will lead to success and prosperity. Only You cando this.Here are 5 Deadly Thoughts on the Road to Success and How To Overcomethem: 1) There just aren’t any opportunities out there. 2) I don’t have the money. 3) What if I fail? 4) No one’s ever done it before. 5) I don’t even know where to start.1) “There just aren’t any opportunities out there.” – Yes, there are. If you feelthis way, you probably need to do more research, and even enlist the assistance ofsomeone else to help you. If the opportunity isn’t there, then that’s even better!That means that you can be an innovator, and create something completely new!Finding and creating opportunities is no easy task, and will require some seriousdetermination, education, and tenacity on your part. But remember, just becauseit’s difficult, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Keep searching! If you can’t findwhat you’re looking for, then create it!2) “I don’t have the money.” – With the internet, do-it-yourself websites, and theexplosion of social media, which is totally free, you don’t necessarily need a ton ofmoney to get started. Now granted, I don’t recommend starting a business with nocapital, but don’t let that minor obstacle stop you. Save up, get creative, start small,barter services, network, and go from there.3) “What if I fail?” - There’s a good chance that you will. Let me rephrase that.There’s something called a “learning curve” in business, which is basically a fancyway of saying, “I failed a bunch of times along the way, and learned from mymistakes.” Remember, failure is not permanent. It is part of the learning process.There’s ALWAYS a way to bounce back from failure, and the main way is, get up 21 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  22. 22. and try it again (a little smarter). It’s also great to have a mentor to help lead andguide you along the way, so that you can avoid a lot of mistakes that others havemade, learn from their mistakes in advance, and make faster progress.4) “No one’s ever done it before.” – This is a no-brainer! Obviously, that meansthat there’s a great opportunity for you to do something really special. And guesswhat, since you have no competition, you have a really great advantage! What areyou waiting for? Do a little market research to find out if people would beinterested in your idea, and discover if it’s a viable concept or not. More thanlikely, someone else has probably attempted to do what you want to do, so you cancheck out where they may have gone wrong, and use that as an opportunity tocreate something even better.5) “I don’t even know where to start.” Ok, this is a tough one. Not! Grab a pieceof paper, and a pen, or better yet, go to your computer, and put on paper what yourideas are. That’s how you start! After that, ask yourself the Who, What, Where,Why, and How about your idea; Who would be interested in this product/service?What will it be used for? Where will people go to access this product/service? Whywould potential clients be interested in this product/service? How will I market itto my target audience? Then share your idea with a few trusted friends andcolleagues, to get some feedback.See, how easy that was? Now you’re on your way! I would also recommend doingsome soul-searching to determine the motivation behind your particular idea. Is itsomething that you’re passionate about? Are you good at it? Do you have a lot ofknowledge about that particular area, or do you simply think it’s a way to makesome fast cash? Are you willing sacrifice and deal with the stress, instability, andpressure that you may have to face along the way? Are you in it for the long haul?Answer these questions, and don’t be afraid! Step out on faith, and walk in yourpurpose. Anything less would not only be sad, but boring! Go for it! 22 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  23. 23. Chapter 3 How To Have An Incredibly Satisfying and Successful LifeA couple of years ago, I went through a very stressful time in my life, and becamevery careless with my diet and exercise regimen, and ended up gaining about 30lbs. Now as a professional dancer, that might as well have been 50 or 60 lbs.!During that time, I of course was not happy with the condition that my body wasin; however, it took a while for me to get to the point where, it was time to wake upand make a change. Mastering the power of focus is part of what got me out of therut that I was in (along with God’s grace, and a lot of prayer).When it comes to your body, we all know that we need to “eat healthy and exerciseregularly”. But what happens when life takes over? Maybe you’re stressed becauseof financial problems, or trouble in your relationship or marriage. What if you,your child, or a loved one, is sick, and the emotional stress is taking its toll on you?What if you’re struggling with emotional trauma or pain from your past? Eatinghealthy and exercising regularly isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds under thesetypes of circumstances. We must, however, put things in perspective, and start todevelop the habits that will help us to succeed, reach our goals, and be happy andjoyful, from the inside out.To master the power of focus, you need to do three things:1) Understand that the power of focus lies in your hands. You choose what youfocus on. You can focus on your circumstances, or focus on God. You can focuson the positive or focus on the negative. Therefore, the power of focus can workfor you, or against you, it’s up to you to choose. Focus is an action word, a verb, adecision, and it is crucial in your daily life. If you’d like to lose weight, you mustfocus on that vision of your physical self, and your life, once you are in a healthyplace again, and nothing else. This will allow you to overcome the junk foodtemptations that you are confronted with every day, because your focus is on your 23 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  24. 24. goal. This is just one example. The goal is to focus on what you want to create,rather than what you dislike about your situation.2) Set goals, focus on them, and begin crawling towards them. I use the word“crawl” because it’s usually the little steps that we take each day that make themost difference. It’s okay if you can’t take huge steps and make huge strides rightnow. Every little bit counts. It’s unbelievable to me how much we can accomplish,or change in our lives by doing, or not doing something, once or twice a day. Taketime to meditate or go for a walk for just 5 or 10 minutes, in the middle of the day,and see how different you feel. Choose to stop working from home at 8 pm everynight, and watch how much more relaxed, happy, and productive you will bethroughout the day. Make a decision to spend an extra hour or two with yourchildren, or on learning a new skill. The same goes for going to sleep 30 min. or 1hour earlier than normal. Figure out what will work for you, set your goals, getfocused, and do it today!3) Your thoughts become actions, and your focus begins in your ownmind. Are you a negative thinker? Do you always see the glass as half-empty?Well, if you focus on the negative, then that’s what you’ll always get. Choose to bepositive and see the positive possibilities in people and situations. That way,negative people or occurrences (although they will come) won’t sway your new-found mastery of focusing on the positive and what you want. You can always puta positive spin on any given situation if you try hard enough. But remember, itstarts with your inner dialogue. Overcome negative thoughts with positive ones,and you will see your life start to change for the better.By the way, no one ever said that this would be easy. But it’s crucial to be activelycontrolling and streamlining what you focus on from day to day. Otherwise, yourmind will be controlled by your circumstances, and by what others say, do, orthink, and believe me, you don’t want that! "Mastering the Power of Focus" Part 2 24 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  25. 25. Have you ever done a particular task or activity while you were distracted, thenagain when you were focused? Could you see/feel a difference? Were the resultsdifferent?Im from the school of thought that, in order to do something well, and get it donein a timely manner, you need to focus on that one particular thing, preferablywithout interruption, if possible. I dont say that because its easy to do, butbecause, based on experience, its the way you get the best results, and get thingsdone within a reasonable time frame. That’s how I actually was able to write this e-book. I shut everything down around me, and focused on writing, and nothing else,until this e-book was done.However, if you think that by simply "focusing", your phone will stop ringing, e-mails will stop coming through, or people will refrain from disturbing you, I wouldsay that youre a bit delusional! Thats not going to happen.Mastering the power of focus means being able to block out that which is aroundyou (or even within at times), or anything outside of what youre focusing on, inorder to complete a task or activity, fulfill a purpose, or reach a goal.Ever wonder why your parents used to say to you, "no TV until your homework isdone"? Because they wanted you to focus on the task at hand, and get it done.How do you think gold-medalists, professional athletes, performing artists, publicspeakers, etc. are able to excel under very stressful and high-pressurecircumstances? They have mastered the power of focus.Beware…Now I must warn you, some people may not appreciate your new-found "power offocus" attitude, because it means that they may not have the same access to youthat they once had. You may take a little longer to get back to someone, or youmay have to say no on occasion, because while youre focusing on one thing, otherpeople/things have to wait. People in general, tend to have a lack of patience, 25 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  26. 26. especially nowadays with the speed of technology that weve all grown soaccustom to. So be prepared for some opposition.If you start to feel guilty, or wonder if its all worth it or not, just think about yourdoctor. Would you want him/her to examine you, and two other patients at thesame time? Would you mind if he/she was texting while doing surgery on you? Orwould you prefer that his/her total and complete focus was on you, until the task athand is complete? You already know the answer to that question. How To Use the Power of "No" To Get What You WantHave you heard of the Bravo networks reality TV show "Bethenny Ever After"?This show is all about the NY Times best-selling author, celebrity chef, lifestylebrand maven, and creator of the "Skinnygirl Margarita", Bethenny Frankel, and hercrazy life with her husband Jason, and daughter Bryn. Im a huge fan of the show,and really admire Bethennys work ethic, and well-deserved success. In Bethennysbook entitled, "A Place of Yes", she shares "ten rules for pursuing your goals withauthenticity and drive"."Its easy to say no, to say I cant, to expect the worst, and to doubt yourself.But life can be better than "not bad" or good enough. It can be amazing." ~Bethenny FrankelI love the idea of "A Place of Yes". The idea that you should say yes, I canaccomplish my goals, yes; I can have, and deserve to have the life that Ive alwayswanted.But, the flip side to the Yes that gets you want you want for your career, business,and personal life, is the power of the word, No, that will prevent you from gettingoff track, and keep your mind and environment safe from unhealthy distractions. 26 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  27. 27. At the beginning of 2011, inspired by Chris Brogan, I wrote a blog post about mythree words for the year that were going to help direct my path and choicesthroughout the year. One of those words was discernment.To me, discernment means, knowing when to say yes, and when to say no. Ivefound that the things that I say no to in my life, business, and career, areequally as important as the things that I say yes to.As I get older and wiser, I learn more and more every day, how empowering it is tosay no. So, I believe that you can use the power of NO, to get the life that youwant.Say NO to:- Negative people and environments- Distractions- Self-Doubt and Self-Pity- Desperation- Settling- Useless opportunities- Working for free- Naysayers- Fear- Unhealthy eating- Lack of exercise- Smoking- Overworking- Unhealthy relationships- DebtWith life being so short, and all of us having a limited amount of time each day toaccomplish our goals, handle our responsibilities, and spend quality time withloved ones, saying no is something that we all need to become a lot more 27 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  28. 28. comfortable with. Saying No to the wrong things for your life or your business,will empower you, open you up, and free you up, to say Yes to right things. My Top 5 Secrets To A Happy and Balanced Life1) Put Yourself First. Let me clarify this point before I explain it. I put God firstin my life, above everyone and everything, and my husband is second, sotechnically Im third. But what I mean by "put yourself first" is this:  Put Your Mental & Physical Health and Well-Being First.  Put The Relationships That Matter To You The Most First. Ive been known to postpone non-urgent work, in order to spend some quality time with my husband or a day with my niece at the park, and Im proud of it!  Put Your Priorities, Personal Goals, and Happiness First. One thing that Ive learned is, what is urgent to someone else, isnt necessarily urgent to me. Dont make other peoples priorities, your priorities. Stay focused.  Put Life Balance First. Your life cannot be all work, and no play. Your life cannot be ALL of any one particular thing. You need to have balance. Meditation, Exercise, Work, Play, Downtime, White Space, Rest, Relaxation, Entertainment, Learning/Reading Time, etc.2) Keep or Create White Space In Your Life. I read an article online about theconcept of having white space in your life, and its so important. White space isthat time where you can just think, and be alone with yourself in your own mental 28 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  29. 29. space. Its a bit different from meditation. You can think of it as the space thatcreates a time for meditation. Its a time that you leave blank, as opposed toscheduling things to take up every minute and every hour of your day, until you goto sleep at night. Its basically empty space or time in your day/week, where youreable to think, process, reflect, and not get caught up being busy doing "stuff", withno time to actually think about what youre doing, and why youre doing it.3) Stop and Think About What Youre Doing and Why. Be very careful ofroutine. Sometimes we can get stuck in the routine of doing certain things, whileforgetting why we started doing them in the first place. Its very easy to continuedoing things out of routine, so be sure to stop every so often and ask yourself,"Why am I doing this?" You may find out that you no longer need to be engagingin a certain activity, task, or job, or with a certain person. Or you may simply findan extra bit of motivation and inspiration to get you refocused on your purpose andyour goals.4) Learn To Delegate. There are some things that you really shouldnt be spendingyour valuable time on every day, and you (and I) know it. Delegating can be a littlescary at first, and can backfire if not done properly. But its something you and Imust learn to do, if we want to live the balanced and happy life that weve alwaysdreamed of. Its pretty simple. Start with delegating the things that you like to dothe least, then move on to those areas that are not exactly your strengths. Take thenext step, and find (or hire) someone to take over those tasks for you. You will notonly be more productive as a result, but youll be happier too!5) Give Yourself Permission To Be Un-Productive. TV, movies, video games,sports, reading a book or magazine, these are all things we do simply for thepleasure and enjoyment of doing it. It may not help your career or business grow,or help you mark any tasks off of your to-do list, but it sure feels good! Yes itdoes! Allow yourself to have time where you dont have to think, accomplishanything, or even be productive. Give yourself time to just be, and have fun. Spendtime with your loved ones, and enjoy those precious moments with them. Life isshort. You deserve it. 29 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  30. 30. Plus, three more…"Learn to take risks in life. If you win, you can lead, and if you lose, you canguide."~ Brittney Moses6) Take Risks - How will you ever know what is possible, if you never take a risk,and try? There arent too many guarantees in life, and at the end of the day, what doyou have to lose? Just go for it!"It takes courage to BE who you really are. Choosing to live out your purpose ismore powerful than you realize." ~ Marshawn Evans7) Put Yourself Out There - We all want to be liked and accepted, and hey, noone likes to be judged or criticized. But, the only way to reach your full potential,and experience the success of your dreams, is to put yourself out there. Yeah, youmay encounter some haters, but the rewards of putting yourself out there, andhaving a positive impact on someone’s life, outweigh the stress of possiblecriticism or negative feedback."When you do what you can do, God will show up and do what you cant do." ~Joel Osteen8) Feel The Fear, Do It Anyway - Its always scary to try something new ordifferent, and step into the unknown. But that doesnt mean that you shouldnt stilldo that thing that scares you. Thats where the most awesome things happen: rightoutside your comfort zone. 30 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  31. 31. Chapter 4 31 MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH“You were born with purpose and passion. Its up to you to seek out that purposeand find your passion.” ~ Billy Cox“No vision is permanently stopped by lack of finances, but by lack of faith &courage, & an unwillingness to step out & take risks.” ~ Bob Gass“Dont let rejection keep you down. Often out of our greatest rejection comes ourgreatest direction. Other people do not determine your potential.” ~ FredAjamagra“The easiest path is often so crowded you cant make any progress. So the moredifficult path actually ends up being easier.” ~ Ralph Marston“Sometimes the longer you have to wait for something, the more you willappreciate it when it finally arrives.” ~ Kim Garst 31 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  32. 32. “You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” ~Fred Ajamagra“Cast down fear and start walking in your God given potential.” ~ Farrah Gray“Success comes to the man who does today what others were thinking of doingtomorrow.” ~ Fred Ajamagra“As God promotes you, remember where you came from. Our choices createecosystems. Use Gods favor to promote & help others.” ~ Sandi Krakowski“Success is attained not by those who start big, but by those who maintain theirmomentum long enough to get big.” ~ Ralph Marston“Owning your own platform is better than renting out space on someone else’sstage.” – Marshawn Evans"Count up all the hours youve given 100% focus to a TV screen. They are livingtheir dream. Are you living yours?" ~ Tony Gaskins"Dont let the good life become the enemy of the great life." ~ Hanns-Oskar Porr"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself onfire." ~ Fred Sero 32 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  33. 33. "When ye are prepared for a thing, the opportunity to use it presents itself." ~Edgar Cayce"Be thankful for what you have; youll end up having more. If you concentrateon what you dont have, you will never, ever have enough." ~ Oprah Winfrey“God will NEVER bring you to something that He hasnt given you the powerand strength to overcome.” ~ Kimberly Jones“When your priorities are in the right place, distractions become easy torecognize.” ~ Marshawn Evans“Its okay to say "Thanks, but no thanks." Thats called discernment.” ~ MandyHale“Dont plan and then pray for God to make it work. Pray and find out whatGods plan is.” ~ Joyce Meyer“God doesn’t always lead us the easiest way, but He leads us in the way that willgrow us & prepare us.” ~ Victoria Osteen“If no one gives me an opportunity, I will make my own...No Excuses!” ~ FarrahGray 33 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  34. 34. “We are here to grow and evolve and to change...not to stand still. Make yourmove!” ~ Mandy Hale“Your destiny is not determined by your critics. Rise above the criticism and runyour own race.” ~ Joel Osteen“NEVER hold your head down, NEVER say I can’t, NEVER limit yourself, andNEVER stop believing in yourself.” ~ Kimberly Jones"Studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidlybecause they are clear on their values and what they really want for their lives.The same studies show that they are slow to change their decisions, if at all. Onthe other hand, people who fail usually make decisions slowly and change theirminds quickly, always bouncing back and forth. Just decide!" ~ Tony Robbins,Awaken the Giant Within, p. 49“Count up all the hours youve given 100% focus to a TV screen. They are livingtheir dream. Are you living yours?” ~ Tony Gaskins“People achieve success when they take a leap of faith and face what they don’tknow and move forward with fierce determination.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki"People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If youare kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you arehonest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, peoplemay be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgottentomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never 34 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
  35. 35. be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you andGod. It was never between you and them anyway.” ~ Mother Theresa“What got you to where you are wont necessarily get you to where you need tobe. To be "called" means youll always be moving from something, towardsomething. “If what youre doing isnt working, seek God for fresh instructions.If your goal is to fit comfortably within the framework of where you started andmake no waves, youll never enjoy what God has for you up the road. You cantpray for growth and resist change.” ~ Bob GassI never judge a risk by the probability of success. I judge it by the value of thegoal. ~ Rick WarrenDid you enjoy this e-book? Do you feel motivated, empowered, and inspired topursue your passion with purpose? I hope you do!If you enjoyed this e-book, please feel free to share it with a friend or familymember, and let’s send a wave of positive energy across the world! 35 The Motivational Manifesto To Improve Your Daily Life. | Brought to you by Kiner Enterprises
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