Totara Learning Solutions - Totara: The Story So Far & the Next Chapter


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Andy Kirk, Channel Partner Manager for TLS, discusses the progress of Totara LMS, and looks forward to continued innovations and progress with features in the roadmap.

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  • Freedom from vendor lock-in – customers are not tied in to a proprietary vendor
  • Totara Learning Solutions - Totara: The Story So Far & the Next Chapter

    1. 1. Totara, the story so far & the next chapter Andy Kirk Channel Partner Manager, EMEA Totara Learning Solutions
    2. 2. Based on 4 Core Benefits of our Open Source model Freedom to innovate = flexibility and business agility Increased value through significant cost-saving Improved quality through collaboration & openness Mitigating business risk through no lock-in, ability to customise, and greater transparency of value 2011- Our Mission – Transform the market through Enterprise Open Source
    3. 3. Feature set Sales Partners Brand awareness and…Products 3 years of growth
    4. 4. To 2014 - Adoption across all sectors • Approximately 20% of customers are at 10,000 users or above • Several above 250,000 • Organisations large and small - UNICEF, Google, Tesco, Safeway, Sony Europe, British Dental Association, Houses of Parliament, EasyJet
    5. 5. By the numbers 2011: 88 sales (7 p/m) 2012: 118 sales (10 p/m) 2013: 215 sales (18 p/m)
    6. 6. Moodle heritage An important part of our story • But not the main message, or relevant to all users • Strengthening our position with other enterprise LMS vendors • In April alone two Saba Partners joined the Partner network, more joining
    7. 7. Two themes Adding polish, refinement, UI improvements Continuing community engagement, shaped by demand, your input The Roadmap?
    8. 8. • Undertook feedback process with partners & clients for 2.6 • 11 of top 15 highest rated feature improvements implemented • Will repeat this process for future releases over next year. Do use the forums or raise your priorities through Kineo The Roadmap?
    9. 9. More than just new features: widening product range and services: Mobile Social Academy Cloud Seedlings The bigger picture
    10. 10. Multi-device learning with mobile app Access selected LMS content Another good example of collaborative model Already available through Kineo. Will be distributed for core. Totara Mobile
    11. 11. An enterprise Social learning platform A collaborative tool for sharing organisational knowledge A companion and complement to Totara LMS and formal learning – integrate or stand alone Totara Social
    12. 12. Mash-up and share create content Social Networking Create online CVs share for different audiences Ask questions grow knowledge bank Propose ideas Connect without the noise Totara Social
    13. 13. A certification program for Totara practitioners in: Administration and Course creation A complement to partners’ training, this is very much around certification and evidencing knowledge of Totara products. Partners will become certifiers. Totara’s Open Badges and inherent portability
    14. 14. Enrolment underway now for prep webinars First intake starts in August – get involved!
    15. 15. Totara Seedlings A beta release of Totara, unsupported/maintained, for evaluation, developers. Not for production Increased visibility = greater demand for Enterprise version and the quality support only available through partner network
    16. 16. Feature Totara Seedlings (Beta) Enterprise Service License Open Source Open Source Community Innovations   Access to Product Source Code   Certified Totara Solution Partners  Open Source Assurance Program  End of Life Support policy  Features All features, new features Stable versions, Enterprise Support Testing Cycles Untested Enterprise-level Quality Assurance and Performance testing Independent Security Testing  Web-based support 24x5 (2hour response) Product Alerts and Notifications  Consolidate d Service Updates  Security Alerts and Fixes  Access to Community Portal / Knowledgebase  Enterprise Edition Fully featured, tested, stable Product support and backing Upgrade paths Software Update Service  Service Patches  Error correction  Ticketed support  Updates  New Version Releases  Clear, affordable fee