Steve Rayson's Learning at the Speed of Need | Learning Insights Live 2014
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Steve Rayson's Learning at the Speed of Need | Learning Insights Live 2014




At the Learning Insights Live event, hosted by Learning Provider of the Year City & Guilds Kineo, Managing Director Steve Rayson discusses the recent findings of the Learning Insights Report, and challenges audiences to consider how they can practically apply these in their workplace.



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  • Consumerisation of IT
  • BP IT&S – Rory SonyEE
  • Informal and user generated learning content expanding e.g. videos, podcasts, blog articles, slides, Google hangouts, webinars, etc.Social learning expanding through online networks, that allow commenting, ratings, and sharing.
  • Easyjet badge (Induction)- siteGoogle Analytics – Sony
  • New way of continuous assessment – issuer, earn, display
  • question

Steve Rayson's Learning at the Speed of Need | Learning Insights Live 2014 Steve Rayson's Learning at the Speed of Need | Learning Insights Live 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Learning at the speed of need Steve Rayson @steverayson
  • “Insights are the new currency...” Please use your phone, tablet or laptops Share your thoughts, tips and insights #kineolive
  • Annual Insights Survey What are trends? What are the challenges? What works for you?
  • “Digital Darwinsim – when technology evolves faster than society can adapt.” Brian Solis
  • “A fundamental shift is taking place where learners are owning the learning, not L&D teams.” Nigel Paine
  • 1 Learning is pervasive Learning is continuous, collaborative & connected. Lives outside a learning management system. You can’t control it.
  • Generation C
  • 2 Social Learning Learners forming their own groups and seeking help from their networks
  • “Never underestimate the power of learners to help each other and learn from each other”
  • Social learning Users adopting new technologies - Facebook Groups - Webinars
  • 3 2014 Year of Mobile Learning?
  • How many devices do you use in a typical day? (Desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets) 1. 2. 3. 4. One Two Three More than 3
  • 3 2014 Year of Mobile Learning? Multi-Device Learning
  • Responsive Elearning One version that responds not multiple versions
  • 4 Opportunity to design higher empathy learning "The future of education is empathy and relevance." Brian Solis
  • The web is adaptive and personalised Amazon and Google are highly personalised based on your behaviour Amazon knows what sites you visited, what you looked at, prices you were offered, where your mouse hovered.....
  • 19
  • Compliance elearning course High system Adaptive & personalised Contribute & collaborate Immersive & real Low empathy High empathy Resources Books Coaching Mentoring Low system
  • 5 Line managers are critical
  • Higher empathy approaches - Coaching Mentoring Feedback Reflection
  • 6 Managing the potential chaos What‟s L&D‟s role in the „Learner Spring‟? Curate resources and toolkits Champion good practice Connect individuals
  • Google Aligned With L&D Wants people to find authoritative and high quality content
  • Content Authority - Social Signals Number of shares signals how valuable content is.
  • Author Rank
  • Content Authority - Authorship Google concerned with the author and their authority in the topic, now tracks authors and displays them.
  • 7 Assessment is different in a pervasive learning world
  • Open Badges
  • 8 Internal staff development Recruit for attitude, motivation, …„Will not skill‟ Growth in Apprenticeships
  • Download Employer toolkit
  • 9 Where web technology goes, learning will follow. What does the future hold?
  • Hummingbird – First new Google Algorithm for 10 years Semantic search understands meaning.... Users asking questions not searching keywords.... Predicts what you want....
  • Towards Maturity 2013 Survey 94% of employers want to improve delivery of learning at the point of need. Google Now predicts what you want and gives it to you before you ask for it.
  • Learning At The Speed Of Need What are your insights? What are your tips? Share the Love Add to Twitter
  • Thank You! Insights Report Available at