Adapt Multi-Device Learning Webinar - January 22nd 2014


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City & Guilds Kineo and community partners share the key features of Adapt Learning, including its responsive design in HTML5.

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  • Adapt Multi-Device Learning Webinar - January 22nd 2014

    1. 1. How to evolve your responsive learning with Adapt Sven Laux Paul Welch Lindsey Coode Chris Jones (CG Kineo Technical Director + Adapt Learning Project Lead) (CG Kineo Head of Learning Technology Innovation) (Content Development Manager at Learning Pool) (Developer at Sponge UK)
    2. 2. Multi device world • Most of us now carry significant processing power and use multiple types of devices every day. • We expect to access services on the go. • Growing acceptance of BYOD (bring your own device) • With new device types come new access patterns • Scrolling is no longer an issue • Different interactions and device capabilities challenge us to rethink how we design e-learning
    3. 3. How Adapt fits • Adapt is a framework developed and donated by City & Guilds Kineo • Uses responsive design -> enables a single version of the course • Developed in HTML5 • Proven on many client projects • Your opinion: What is more relevant to you? • single version (responsive design) • embedding specific device capabilities
    4. 4. Adapt in action…
    5. 5. What is responsive elearning? Single version of your course delivered to multiple devices Built in everyday web technology (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) Many other benefits
    6. 6. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should One course that works on multiple devices is a significant development Making the entire course available on mobile isn’t often the best approach Less is often more
    7. 7. Put scrolling at the heart of your design Your learners are already doing it Device proof your learning Meaningful navigation Everything above the fold More flexibility
    8. 8. Think about the big picture first Think about how the layout and the visual treatment of the entire page can be used to support the content Wireframe it …and then share it
    9. 9. Prototype, test and share Talk to the Front End Developers Early proof of concept and full QA on all target devices Engage your learners Share and seek feedback
    10. 10. Content is King! Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water Consider the overall user experience Engage your learners Meaningful interactions
    11. 11. Adapt Technologies Chris Jones Lead Developer, Sponge UK
    12. 12. Adapt Technologies HTML5, Javascript & CSS Node.JS Bower, by Twitter Grunt.JS
    13. 13. Adapt Community Site The community site provides a place for everyone to discuss the project and discover more about using the framework.
    14. 14. Adapt Developer Site The developer site provides a place for technical discussion and access to the framework components.
    15. 15. Get involved…….
    16. 16. Learn More Visit us at Learning Technologies 2014 Olympia 2, London. 29 – 30 January City & Guilds Kineo – Stand 142 Learning Pool – Stand 34 Sponge UK – Stand 154 Free tickets at
    17. 17. Thank you / questions Learning Technologies Stand: 142 Learning Technologies Stand: 34 Learning Technologies Stand: 154