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WorkWear ppt WorkWear ppt Presentation Transcript

  • WorkWear
  • Workwear brands in AustraliaAre you currently on the lookout for high quality workwear clothing for the employeesin your company? Do you want to know what brands offer the best quality Workwearwithout compromising value for your money? With all the different brands ofworkwear clothing available on the market today, how will you be able to tell which ofthem is the best? This article highlights some of the best brands of workwear apparelin Australia. You might want to check them out below.
  • is a clothing company that was established in Sydney by Mr RobertAdock in 1926. This company has long been a part of Australian history. KingGeegained recognition due to their quality and heavy duty overall. Sincethen, they’ve expanded to other kinds of work garments that boast of qualityand exceptional craftsmanship. View slide
  • has adapted with the different needs of various work environments over theyears. We can easily see their dedication and passion to their craft in the quality ofthe Workwear they produce. Their products are guaranteed to give comfort andprotection while allowing people to work in the best way possible regardless of thework conditions or environment they are in. King Gee is one of the pioneers in theAustralian industrial work clothing industry and they are often used as a benchmarkby other companies that are also specializing in industrial work clothing.KingGee has often pushed the limits of developing work garment to new levels; theyhave been acknowledged for some of their popular innovations such as theWorkcool2 and the new Tradies Work View slide
  • may have come a long way ever since they sold their first overall, but onething is for sure—they will never compromise the quality of the items they offer theircustomers. You can be sure they will only offer the best work clothes for men andwomen at the best prices.BisleyBisley has been around for more than 55 years and is also recognized as one of themost trustworthy and reliable brands when it comes to industrial and protectiveworkwear clothing in Australia. Bisley has been in the business ever since the 1950sand today, they are known to produce a wide range of Workwear clothing startingwith business work uniforms, safety work wear and casual office wear for both menand women.
  • makes Bisley stand out from its competition? It’s the competitive prices ofcourse! However, besides the competitive rates by which this company offers itsproducts, they also make sure that their products are made of quality and durablematerials.Bisley is one of Australia’s leading work clothing brands because they uphold old-fashioned values and offer value for money without compromising on product qualityand customer service.VISITECAnother popular brand that promises to provide the best workwear clothing is Visitec.Visitec is known to have a single purpose in mind for every Australian worker andemployee—to keep them safe while working.
  • the last 15 years or so, Visitec Workwear has grown to become one of the leaders when itcomes to quality high-visibility workwear clothing for different industries in Australia, NewZealand and China.Visitec continues to be known as a company that constantly comes up with new innovationsand makes use of new technologies to create better quality work clothing. Visitec Workwearis designed specifically to adjust to extreme work environments and situations. Theirproducts are manufactured following the highest quality and design standards to make surethat the person wearing it will be comfortable and safe whilst carrying out work.Visitec workwear comes with a 100% workmanship warranty.
  • (Durable N Comfortable)DNC or Durable N Comfortable Workwear brand has been serving theindustrial, safety, hospitality and food, corporate and Government sectors ever since 1996.There are about a thousand products that DNC customers can choose from. They do notonly have the widest range of work clothing but they also have those with the mostmodern designs and highest quality fabrics.DNC guarantees their clients that garment they offer are designed, made and tested withthe highest standards. They make sure that only the best materials are used in producingthe clothing. Besides using only quality materials, they also test the garments forshrinkage, fit, comfort, size, colorfastness and durability.DNC takes pride in the quality of their products. If you are not satisfied with one of theirproducts, they will gladly replace or refund it, whichever you please.
  • MOVERPrime Mover is a brand that is often identified with high quality, durable and affordableWorkwear. Although this company is still fairly new (it only started in 2003), they havegained quite a reputation for providing products that are focused on quality and safety.Prime Mover is known to manufacture and distribute its different products all overAustralia and it has also become one of the fastest growing brands in workwear in thecountry. With over 1300 stores in Australia, what more could be enough proof to back upthat claim?Prime Mover also provides budget friendly work apparel for companies that are stillstarting out.STUBBIESFounded in 1972, Stubbies has been consistent in providing Australians not only withquality work clothing but also casual wear and school wear. Australians have come to loveand trust this company especially when it comes to different types of clothing.
  • Stubbies brand was established by the Edward Fletcher and Co. clothingmanufacturer. Stubbies has become part of the Australian culture that it has evenassimilated into the Australian language. The word Stubbies is translated in the Aussielanguage as “strong shorts for men”.So, there you have it! A list of some of the best and trusted brands in Australia when itcomes to quality Workwear. If you’re planning on getting work clothing for youremployees or workers, then it would be wise to check out each of the brands mentionedabove. Try to compare the items they offer and the prices they quote for each of them. Itwill be easy for you to find the clothing brand that meets your needs and demands whenit comes to work clothing.