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LEGO educational play area products.

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LEGO play area brochure

  1. 1. With LEGO’s fame……it will become an easy game!
  2. 2. Organise your affairs more efficiently as of todayLEGO’s new Play Tables and Play Walls are characterised by a particularly cheerful and colourfulappearance. Due to their exuberant design, they fascinate kids immediately. Since all LEGO productshave been designed and manufactured from child-friendly and durable materials, they comply with the highest safety and quality requirements. Yet they take up little space and provide you with the tranquillity to come to business in a highly efficient way. 9805 LEGO DUPLO Play Wall Value Pack Utilise your wall space efficiently with these popular Playwalls. Can be used in combination with all DUPLO sets (incl. Letters, Numbers, and DUPLO basic bricks) and are therefore suitable for a wide age range (1½ - 12 years). Practical storage bins beneath the boards mean that the next piece is always within reach. 9804 LEGO DUPLO Play Wall9806 LEGO 4-seats Play Table See article 9805, but now onlyBoth the table and the stools are manufactured one Play Wall. Dim. 77.0 x 38.5 xfrom high quality beech wood including a laminate 19.0 cm (l x h x d).coating at the tops of these. This wonderful Tableis characterised by a modern and colourful design.A strong net container is located in the middle soall bricks are always easy to reach and to store. A set of 144 LEGO DUPLO bricks is included. The product is very efficient with the available space: when not in use, the seats can even be removed under the table. Furthermore, you can always extend your playcorner at a later point because 2 (or more) Play Tables fit in exactly from a shape perspective.Dim. Play Table 90 x 90 x 46 cm.Dim. Seats 35 x 23 x 28 cm (l x w x h).
  3. 3. 9809 LEGO multi Play Table for 2 children This multi-functional Play Table fits in practically any space and offers ample play value to at least 2 kids. Since this table is furnished with 2 yellow containers, the building bricks are always within reach. The table top can be easily and quickly reversed (by an adult). In doing so, LEGO construction activities can be changed to e.g. drawing, colouring, writing, etc.. You can use both DUPLO and LEGO bricks (not included) with this table. A set of Stools (article 9817) or Chairs (article 9818) can be ordered optionally (not included with this table). Dim. 72 x 48 x 47 cm. 9817 LEGO Stools 9818 LEGO Chairs With these 2 Stools, the For additional comfort party will become complete. you can now equip your Your multi Play Table will multi Play Table with offer place and lasting fun these 2 ergonomically to all small visitors of your designed LEGO Chairs. play corner. Function and pleasure come fully together.4509 LEGO Play Table + 3 chairsThis brand new LEGO Play Table isextremely child-friendly: no sharpedges but nicely rounded triangularshapes that invite children to playsafely and securely.The scandinavian design ischaracterised by the three primarycolours of red, yellow and blue aswell as the 3 LEGO base plateswhich are neatly integrated withinthe table top. On these groundplates, kids can build both withDUPLO and LEGO bricks (bricksnot included). With this professionaltable, you receive also threebelonging LEGO chairs in the samebright colours. This very completepiece of play furniture is suitable fora maximum of 6 children (3 seatedand 3 standing). In the middle of this LEGO Play Table, a plastic container is located in which DUPLO and or LEGO bricks can be easily stored. The table itself has been manufactured from FSC-certified durable wood and both the table top as well as the chair tops are being protected by a melamine coating. Dimensions: height 55.9 cm en maximum width 101.6 cm Age indication: 3–10 years
  4. 4. 9027 LEGO DUPLO Bulk set 9306 LEGO Bulk setThis bulky set contains no less than 144 bright Just imagine! A vast collection of 610 classiccoloured bricks in different sizes and shapes LEGO bricks in different sizes, colours and(incl. 2 base plates). Can be used in combination shapes. Children just cannot get enough! Thiswith all LEGO DUPLO Play Walls and LEGO set fits with all LEGO Play Tables. For kidsPlay Tables. Suitable 18 months and older. 3 years and older.SUPPLEMENTARY SETS9531 LEGO DUPLO Numbers&MosaicsWith loads of number and sign tiles, this big set provides the perfect wayfor future mathematicians to get a head start on investigating numbersand learning to count, add and subtract. The mosaic tiles also allowchildren to create countless patterns while learning all about shapes,colours, sequences and symmetry. This comprehensive set consists of240 mosaic tiles, 108 number tiles, 4 white DUPLO building plates (25.5x 19.0 cm), 12 double-sided full colour inspiration cards, a booklet withtips and tricks as well as a sturdy LEGO Storage box (with lid). 9546 LEGO DUPLO Mosaics A large 258-piece set for investigating 2D patterns and symmetry, and for introducing sorting and geometrical activities. Children will bring alive the most fascinating models. For children from 3 years and onwards.9530 LEGO DUPLO LettersThis Letter set provides enough material for introducing letter andword games in an interesting and motivating way. These 156 tilescome in upper and lower case and present learning as a time filler.Fits with all Play Walls. From 4 to 12 years.
  5. 5. LEGO Soft is one of the latest and most innovative products from the LEGO Company. Theunique part of these big bricks is the soft material from which they are manufactured. This exceptionally safe and awarded product can be most easily integrated within any play corner and waiting space area. The main characteristics of LEGO Soft: • durable and stable material • pleasantly soft yet very firm • sound-deadening, no noise on hard surfaces • extremely safe in use, no sharp edges • easy to clean (hygienic) and tidy up • both for indoor and outdoor use • leave no scratches on other materials The bricks make up stable and firm constructions. Dimensions brick (2x4 studs): 19 x 9.5 x 7 cm. Soft and flexible, yet very durable and stable material.9020 LEGO Soft Starter SetChildren build quickly and easily huge models with these soft bricks. This big set contains 84elements like decorated bricks (smiling mouth, eyes), small and large roof tiles and many basic bricksin 4 different colours and 2 different formats.LEGO STORAGE9920 LEGO Storage Box XL (including lid)The largest LEGO Storage Box! In this box you can easily store yourcomplete DUPLO and LEGO collection. Thousands of LEGO bricksor hundreds of DUPLO bricks will easily find their way. In the bottomof the box, some small holes are present so you can use this productalso to wash and clean your brick collection occasionally. Dimensions:43.2 x 43.2 x 19.2 cm (l x w x h). LEGO Storage Box L (including lid) Are you looking for a clean and neat playcorner? Then this big sturdy box will be very practical for storing the LEGO and DUPLO bricks. The storage box is easy to stack and comes with a transparent lid. Dimensions: 42.5 x 31 x 25.5 cm (l x w x h).9841 LEGO Storage Box M (including lid)This original LEGO storage box is very practical and easy to stack. Thetransparent lid allows you to store DUPLO and/or LEGO bricks free ofany dust. Each box has drainage holes so that LEGO and/or DUPLObricks can also be washed in the containers. Dimensions: 42.5 x 31 x 15cm (l x w x h).