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Published article on digital media for Kenya Institute of Management Magazine for the month of November publication. Article is on page 42-43.

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Kenya Management Journal

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2009 CONTENTS COVER 11. Real estate magnate reaps big KABA WINNERS PROFILES 19. SME of the Year - InvesteQ CAPITAL 22. Lifting the weights of excellence - Muscles Health & Fitness Centre 11 24. KABA Winners pictorial Cover: Daniel Ojijo - Real 26. Rising to the top through 'soft estate business magnate reaps big skills' training 34 28. Low cost healthcare concept succeeds 30. Daring youth entrepreneurs - Decision- Intrepid Data Systems making demystified OPINION 32. Corporate power and authority: The dilemma of a company manager CONSUMER INSIGHT 52 Image Matters: 40. Understanding ‘bottom of the Throw the pyramid’ consumers perfect office bash BOB SAYS 44. A wake up call: Balancing work and private life MANAGERS' STYLE 58 East Africa's 50. End year goodies for your loyal holiday clients destinations NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 1
  2. 2. EDITORIAL PUBLISHER THE KENYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, Luther Plaza, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Nyerere Road/University Way Roundabout FOREWORD P. O. Box 43706, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya Email: • Website: EDITORIAL COMMITTEE : David Muturi, Nicholas Letting, Miriam Chege, Selina Makokha, David Mwaura and Leah Munyao EDITOR: Carole Kimutai ( REVISE EDITOR: Judy Munyinyi DESIGN & PRODUCTION: Nelson Ngaara ( CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Moses Kemibaro, Diana Kubebea, Jerry Okungu, Macharia Mwangi, Andrew Toboso, Boniface Ng'ahu, Sammy Makokha, Patrick Gathara, Kinoti Gituma, Eileen Lasker, Sammi Nderitu, Mwingirwa Kithure, Eudiah Kamonjo, Tom Odhiambo, Kate Kibaara, Richard SME today, multi-national Mukoma, Derek Bbanga, Allan Bukusi, Sharon Kisire, Carole Kimutai, Charles Kimani and Bob Paterson tomorrow COVER PHOTO: Teddy Mitchener LAST MONTH, THE Kenya Institute of Management had the special privilege SALES: Anthony Githendu (, of honouring Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) during the KIM Cynthia Mumbi ( Annual Business Awards (KABA) gala. This is the second year for KABA and Mary Ngumbi ( Elizabeth Mbinya ( the interest by SMEs to participate in the assessment exercise has been overwhelming. It is encouraging to see entrepreneurs opening up their companies to us and allowing us to extol them for a job well done and also KIM OFFICIALS point out areas of improvement. These SMEs have potential to become major Dr. Arch. Reuben Mutiso - Chairman multi-nationals and KIM is honoured to play an active role in ensuring that Alfred Lenana - Vice Chairman the dreams of these daring entrepreneurs are actualised. Constantine Kandie - Chair, Membership This month, MANAGEMENT brings you the inspiring stories of some of Development Committee the KABA winners. We have candid interviews with entrepreneurs who tell us Dan Awendo - Treasurer/Chair, Finance and Investment Committee how they started out, how they are building their business empires and the Charles Tanui - Chairman, Audit, Risk & Governance dreams they have for their companies. If you are planning an exit from formal Committee employment, grab a notebook and jot down some ideas. Eng. Kariuki Muchemi - Chair, Media Services Committee Our cover story is dedicated to another entrepreneur who has Auma Kapere - Chair, KIM School of Management transformed the real estate sector in Kenya. Daniel Ojijo started out with one Philip Kisia - Chair, Centre for Leadership, company and today he owns a multi-billion property consortium. He saw Governance & Development Committee opportunities and grabbed them - literally. Richard Konzoro Isiaho - Chair, Centre for As always, we have put together informative content. We have published Enterprise Development an interesting report on understanding the bottom of the pyramid Committee consumers. Many of us are guilty of ignoring those people defined as Salome Gitoho - Chair, Human Resource ‘living below a dollar a day’ but as the writer says, they could be the key to Development Committee increasing your profit margins. If you are doing your 2010 business strategy, Mary C. Mwaniki - Council Secretary this is an article worth reading and in the spirit of empowering managers, we David Muturi - Executive Director/CEO David Mwaura - Director, Operations have an executive coach handling the Managers Advice column. Nicholas Letting - Director, Strategic Business Units As we edge towards the end of the year, we are glad for the support and Leah Munyao - Director, KIM School of Management immense feedback we receive from you. Enjoy reading the issue! -7802 August 2009 ISSN 2074 Now available • 3 • $5 • KShs.8,100 TShs. 6,000 • UShs.8,100 Bold Leadership UShs. 300 • • TShs. 6,000 • 3 • $5 KShs. 300 ISSN 2074-7802 Julius Kipng’etich: Getting ip David Muturi holds a Bachelor of Education (Business Studies and Education), ershright 2009 Bold Leadit right as a CEO as a CEO August it s.8,100 • 3 • $5 0 • USh : Getting TShs. 6,00 tich 300 • a Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship option) and is currently in East Africa Julius Kipng’e KShs. pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya and the current CEO of the Kenya Institute of Management. COYA 2009: Subscription form on page 60 The magic of winni ng companies 09: COYA 20 of winning The magic SPECIALanies RE: comp FEATU Business diversificati > on: FEATURE: Yes:or s or No? No? 6 16400 1 157003 SPECIAL ation Ye 2 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT Business diversific 6 164001 15700 3 > > 003 157 4 001 6 16
  3. 3. BRANCH NETWORK • Naivasha • Eldoret • EastGate Head Office & Central Warehouse • Ronald Ngala • Kubwa • Kitui P.O. Box 61600 – 00200, Nairobi. • Machakos • Embu • Kasarani Tel: 020536305-9 / 020553045, • Komarock • Narok • Hazina Fax: 020554131, NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 3
  4. 4. LETTERS Only focused leadership will deliver Vision 2030 BUSINESS QUOTES Thank you for the article titled: Vision 2030: Much more than brick and mortar that was published in the October issue of MANAGEMENT. I have Because Kenya has not conducted a started warming up to the idea of Vision 2030 although I still believe survey in the last 20 years, the country the government needs to do a better job in educating Kenyans and lacks adequate, timely and reliable encouraging innovation by creating a platform for people to forward ideas data, which is key to policy formulation, that can be used to actualise most of the Vision 2030 projects. But most planning, training and utilization of important, the success of Vision 2030 lies in the hands of our leaders and I human resources. highly doubt if the current leadership can take us to the ‘promised land'. If Mrs. Beatrice Kituyi, Permanent for the last decade we are yet to decide on a new constitution, then Vision Secretary Ministry of Labour when she announced a National Manpower 2030 might as well be wishful thinking. Survey will be carried out next year, for Joan O the first time in 20 years. Nairobi In the 1997/8 El Nino, Kenya lost Sh66 billion in transport damage, Sh52 billion in power outages. Increased rainfall may lead to an increase in diseases like Rift Government too has good Valley Fever and Malaria. managers Prof. George Krhoda of the University of Nairobi while presenting findings of a study on the effects on climate change. I congratulate the MANAGEMENT team for doing a marvellous job of featuring managers from the private sector. It is encouraging to know This Bill has become necessary because that we have good leadership in many of Kenya’s private companies. We attempts by the Government to use are always pointing fingers at the government for managing this country market forces to lower prices and poorly. I think you should extend this forum on good leadership and Government exhortations to traders not to overcharge consumers have not management practices to include the managers in government. There borne fruit. are very many managers who are making an impact in the public sector Ephraim Maina (Mathira, Safina) who by upholding excellence and integrity in the way they manage. As you sponsored the Price Control (Essential condemn what is bad, recognise and openly praise what is good and Goods) Bill, 2009 that gives the Minister working. I am sure these stories will provide tips to other government for Finance power to fix the maximum managers who may not be running this country effectively. retail and wholesale prices for maize, maize flour, wheat and wheat flour, to Moses K ensure consumers are not exploited. Nairobi Whereas banks and financial institutions of yesteryears in Africa would have previously yielded and vanished in such turmoil, the banks of today with stronger capital bases and The views expressed in this journal are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the stronger regulatory bodies have suffered views of the Institute. severe challenges, but on the whole The Editor welcomes articles from readers on subjects of interest to the Institute or to managed to withstand these external Management practices. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. shocks. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Omar Ben Yedder, publisher of African We welcome any feedback from readers. Please include your name, address and Banker magazine. telephone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or space. Mail: MANAGEMENT Journal, The Kenya Institute of Management, 2nd and 3rd Floors, Luther Plaza, off University Way Roundabout/Nyerere Road • P.O. Box 43706 - 00100 • Tel: 2445600, 2445555 • E-mail: 4 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  6. 6. INDUSTRY NEWS KDN Subscribers enjoy greater bandwidth This announcement its bandwidth infrastructure to provide its means clients previously enterprise customers and the common receiving 1 Mega byte per public with enough capacity to meet second (Mbps) now enjoy their varying personal and business 4 Mbps and only pay for needs. “The demand for increased 1Mbps; the other 3 Mbps bandwidth is being driven by our are offered free of charge. customers who have started to embrace “The increase in the broadband culture and butterfly bandwidth is part of KDN’s lifestyle,” said Wulff. commitment to support KDN’s focus on home broadband our clients by providing users with Butterfly Home office them with a world class connection and SME businesses through Kai Wulff, CEO Kenya Data Networks infrastructure and adequate the broadband service has created bandwidth capacity that will compelling alternatives for internet users INTERNET USERS HAVE reason to smile ensure an unmatched quality of service to choose from. The new broadband after Kenya Data Networks quadrupled its capacity is targeted at the rapidly and a world class Internet experience,” bandwidth offering for all its existing and growing demand for international high- said Kai Wulff, KDN’s CEO. new clients. This offer went into effect on speed connectivity and is expected to KDN has been very proactive in October, 21 2009. upgrading its capacity and the quality of offer efficient and increased content. Airline passengers to pay for their tickets via MPesa A WEEK AFTER Safaricom launched the M-Pesa International Money Transfer (IMT) allowing the Kenyan diaspora to send money home, M-Pesa has now launched an innovative service that allows passengers to book, confirm and pay for their air tickets through their mobile phones. This new service follows the signing of a partnership between Safaricom and three local airlines; East African, Air Kenya and Aircraft Leasing Services (ALS). The objective of the new service is to make it easier for travellers to book their airline tickets from their mobile phones and pay through the M-PESA money transfer service. “Customers incur huge costs The new service will allow passengers to book, confirm and pay for their tickets via MPesa and the inefficiency associated with having to commute and carry cash booking reference and instructions Safaricom also launched the M-Pesa to pay for such services. With this new on how to pay through M-Pesa. Once IMT after partnering with selected service, our subscribers can now book, they make payments, they will receive agents in the UK who provide the make confirmations and pay for their a confirmation SMS with their booking cash-in location for senders to transact. regional airline tickets from their data- details. Currently these agents are Western enabled mobile phones, wherever they Pilots for the innovative service began Union, Provident Capital and KenTV. are,” said, Michael Joseph Safaricom CEO. in July 2009 culminating in its launch. The maximum amount that can be sent To use the service, subscribers will Safaricom has targeted to recruit over abroad at any one time via M-Pesa is KSh be required to log on to the Safaricom one million data subscribers in the next 30,000. Additionally, senders in UK can website from their three months through such innovative send a maximum of £1000 per month to mobile phones, select their preferred services, as a key plank of its push to Kenya. Currently, the service allows one flight, enter their names and mobile increase its penetration of Kenya’s data way transfer of funds from UK to Kenya. number upon which they will get a market. 6 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. INDUSTRY NEWS KIM to boost Kenya’s blood banks By Diana Kubebea THE KENYA INSTITUTE of Management blood needed to meet transfusion has launched a countrywide corporate needs in the country. Presently, social responsibility programme that the number of blood units is aimed at boosting the country’s collected has fallen drastically blood banks. Last month, the Institute from 150,000 to 60,000 blood conducted a special blood donation drive units in the entire country. The in conjunction with Bloodlink that saw objective of the CSR activity employees and students donate 70 pints is to ensure that the country’s (approximately 39 litres) of blood. “Blood citizens continue to be vibrant is very important. With the ongoing and healthy. “With the success of countrywide shortage of blood, there is the initiative this year, we have David Muturi, Executive Director of KIM (left) leads the blood donation drive need to sustain the banks with a steady decided to launch a 2010 KIM supply of safe and fresh blood,” said National Blood drive that will drives will be carried out strategically to David Muturi, Executive Director of KIM. be carried out throughout the entire ensure that each blood bank or hospital According to research, Kenya is facing country. Considering that KIM has 17 in all provinces in Kenya are sufficiently a major shortfall in the availability of safe branches around the country, the blood catered for,” announced Muturi. Ethiopian firm Holland Car Plc named Africa’s top SMME ETHIOPIAN COMPANY, HOLLAND Car Plc has been declared the top small business in Africa. The announcement was made during the third Africa SMME Awards event held in South Africa last month. “Judging by the entries received from all over the continent, the event certainly seemed to have captured the imagination Diaries & of African entrepreneurs,” Tadesse Tessema Alemu, Holland Car PLC, said Prof Ethiopia receive the award from Dr. May Mkhizethe, the Premier's Wife in Kwazulu Natal Province. Nicholas Biekpe, the 20 Calendars 10 president of the Africagrowth Institute in Cape Town. “With the current global financial crisis strangling small businesses worldwide, this sector needs all the encouragement it can get from African governments and African lending institutions,” he said. Businesses that enter the awards are expected to be well established, in good financial shape and enjoy a reputation for quality, integrity and service. Furthermore, they should operate in a socially responsible manner, support community development efforts, and create a work environment in which their employees can learn and grow. According to the judges, Holland Car Plc won the overall 2009 Africa SMME Award because of the company’s ability to create and sustain jobs in a challenging environment. The business is built on solid business principles and has established itself as a world leader in manufacturing, assembling and distribution of its products. The Africa SMME Awards is an initiative of the Africagrowth Institute and is set to become an annual highlight on the African entrepreneurial development calendar. NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 7
  8. 8. INDUSTRY NEWS Diamond Trust goes to Diani DIAMOND TRUST BANK (DTB) has opened a branch in Diani, Coast Province. This increases the bank’s total branch network in Kenya to 23, following the opening of other branches in several parts of the country this year. “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch at Diani in the South Coast to support all our customers and extending our exceptional Mahmood Manji, Diamomd Trust Bank Chairman and Najib banking services to them, particularly those in the tourism sector who Balala, Tourism Minister make an ATM transaction moments presently have to travel to Mombasa for their banking. The branch will also after they opened the DTB branch in Diani, South Coast. service customers from all surrounding areas including Ukunda, Kwale, Ramisi, This becomes the fifth branch in Coast province. Msambweni and Shimba Hills,” said Mahmood Manji, DTB’s Chairman. KQ pilot receives Finlay's closes tea extract historic award factory, expands new one LOCAL TEA EXTRACTS manufacturing firm, James Finlay (Kenya) Ltd has commenced a phased closure of its 40 year old Mara Mara Tea Extracts factory in Kericho in Rift Valley province. In the meantime, the firm has outlined plans to expand its state of the art Saosa Tea Extracts factory, also in Kericho, as part of a strategy to maintain market competitiveness in the global tea extracts market. James Finlay’s sales volumes have in recent times been hit badly by the economic downturn and increasing competition from lower cost production centres. Meanwhile, costs in Kericho have been rising rapidly due to inflation and Mara Mara is no longer able to compete on the global stage. Finlay’s General Manager in charge of Tea Extracts, Isaiah Cheruiyot, said the decision to close Mara Mara had only been made after full consideration of all available options. “We have tried to keep the operation going for as long as we can by reducing capacity to one line in the hope that sales volumes might pick up but this hasn’t happened. We now have no choice but to consolidate at Saosa if we want to remain globally competitive. Otherwise CAPTAIN IRENE MUTUNGI, (pictured) a Kenya our tea extracts business will not be viable and we risk losing more jobs if we Airways pilot has received the prestigious don’t act now.” Africa Travel Awards 2009 as the first female Consequently, the company plans to transfer some of its production African Airline Captain. An airline captain is equipment from Mara Mara factory to the modern Saosa Complex and invest in a new line there as part of the consolidation into a single, more cost the ultimate position for a professional pilot efficient factory. The closure, Cheruiyot assured, will be phased over one year which begins as a first officer or co-pilot. to ensure a smooth transition of manufacturing operations to Saosa and Captain Mutungi received the “Africa make it easier for staff to be redeployed to other parts of the company. Legend of Travel” Award during the 5th The consolidation is expected to result in a reduction of approximately AKWAABA: Africa Travel Market gala held in 430 people, out of a total number of 720 Tea Extract employees in Kericho. Lagos, Nigeria. The award was presented by It is anticipated that through a combination of redeployment and voluntary early retirement (VER) any redundancies will be minimised. The company, His Excellency Sir Dawda Jawara, the former Cheruiyot added, will also provide generous severance terms and do its best President of the Republic of The Gambia. to find alternative employment for staff affected. “Every effort will be made “Her pioneering role as the first female to avoid forced redundancies and priority will be given to staff who lose their African Airline Captain has opened up jobs when other vacancies arise in other parts of Finlay’s in Kericho”. numerous opportunities for other ladies Finlay’s has been growing tea for over 90 years in Kericho and is one of in Africa, extending the available pool of Kenya’s largest tea growers. It recently expanded its horticultural business in Kenya with the acquisition in 2007 of Flamingo Ltd. which has extensive skilled manpower in the continent,” said Titus flower farms and fresh produce farms around Lake Naivasha and Mt Kenya. Naikuni, KQ Group Managing Director and Finlay’s now employs over 22,700 people in Kenya making it one of the CEO. KQ has over 340 pilots four of whom are largest employers and investors in Kenya’s agri-business sector. Finlay’s is the female captains and 22 female co-pilots who world’s largest supplier of quality tea extracts, dealing with all of the world’s are in charge of over 130 daily flights. top beverage companies. 8 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. INDUSTRY NEWS Equity named micro finance bank of the year in Africa EQUITY BANK HAS, for the second year The African running, been named the Micro Finance Banker Awards Bank of the Year in Africa during the 2009 recognize the annual African Bankers Awards ceremony continent’s successes held in Istanbul, Turkey. Equity Bank won in banking and the award in a category contested by reward among other Accion, Nigeria, Blue Financial Services of things, achievements, South Africa and UBA Nigeria. record earnings, Equity Bank was named the Micro innovative practices, Finance Bank of the Year in Africa and commitment “for assisting local communities and to corporate social aspiring entrepreneurs to raise finance, responsibility and ultimately contributing to their growth gender equality over and development.” The awards ceremony the last one year. coincided with the World Bank’s critical Omar Ben Gerald Warui, Equity Bank's Operations Director is congratulated by the CBK global discussions on the state of the Yedder, publisher Governor on receiving the award. world’s financial systems which was also of African Banker held in Turkey. magazine, said capital bases and stronger regulatory While receiving the award, Equity African banking and financial institutions bodies, have suffered severe challenges, Bank’s director for Operations and had not remained unscathed by the but on the whole managed to withstand customer service, Gerald Warui said the global financial and economic crisis. “Whereas banks and financial institutions these external shocks,” Yedder said. award demonstrates the resilience of the microfinance sector in Africa in reducing of yesteryears in Africa would have This year’s event was organised by poverty and accelerate the attainment of previously yielded and vanished in such African Banker magazine and supported the Millennium Development Goals. turmoil, the banks of today, with stronger by the African Development Bank. Cash price for local content developers MOBILE PHONE MANUFACTURER Nokia is offering a KSh 10 million cash prize for developers and innovators of local content. The Nokia “Calling All Innovators” competition for local Kenyan content is open to anyone with bold ideas and tremendous talent. Whether it is someone new to mobile phones or an experienced coder, Nokia is offering new opportunities for local developers to grow their business. The competition challenges mobile and web application developers to submit entries for content in any category within the Ovi Store (Applications and Widgets, Video, Personalization, Games, Audio, Flash & Active idle widgets) with a focus on Internet Innovation, Flash, Mobile Games and Social location. “The designers of the best ideas for applications will be entered into a second stage where finalists will gain access to the beta environment and the tools to develop their ideas. This part of the competition allows developers to be creative and to use their personal experience from using navigation tools to develop applications that will really add value to the user,” said Agatha Gikunda, Nokia Head of Messaging for East and Southern Africa. The deadline for the competition is 15th of November 2009. The winner will be announced on December 10, 2009. All competition entries should be submitted at NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 9
  10. 10. Daniel Ojijo, the Executive Chairman of Mentor Holdings 10 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. COVER STORY Real estate magnate reaps big By Carole Kimutai F DANIEL OJIJO was president, he would bring down all the bungalows in Nairobi and swap them with sky scrapers. That’s how radical Ojijo, the Executive Chairman of Mentor Holdings can get – and he has no apologies for it. NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 11
  12. 12. COVER STORY It is a Friday and I am seated at the and organises the Kenya Homes Expo, started working for the government,” he boardroom of Mentor Holdings which brings together players and reminisces. located on sixth floor of New Rehema stakeholders in Kenya’s property sector. His entry into the real estate business house. The building stands towering happened after his friends convinced over three storey residential flats and Thirst for success him to join the marketing department from the boardroom window, I get Ojijo’s story is one fuelled by a craving of Imperial Shelter. “I started as a real an excellent panoramic view of the for success and determination. He credits estate agent and worked my way up Westlands neighbourhood that is his formative years at Mawego Technical to the position of Property Director.” gradually becoming more commercial Secondary School for influencing his However, Ojijo still held on to his dream than residential. Below, I can see several choice of career. “I did carpentry and of becoming a business man and after six residential lawns and in the distance I majored in masonry,” he says. Back years, Ojijo decided it was time to go it notice a building under construction that in the 1980s, technical schools were alone and the rest, as they say, is history. looks like a modern multi-storeyed office equivalent to today’s national schools. “I bought Villa Care, a real estate building. After Mawego, Ojijo proceeded to Nairobi company that was going down in 2000. Ojijo is certainly in the right School for his ‘A’ levels and later joined Back then companies were waiting for business at a right time. This is when Egerton University where he graduated clients to call them but when I acquired Kenya is rapidly urbanising with an with a Bachelor of Science degree in the company, I had a mindset to first of average annual growth rate of 3.9%. Chemistry and Mathematics. all turn its fortunes around and secondly, Ojijo is the proprietor and force behind After university, Ojijo’s first employer be a leader in the sector. I went out Mentor Holdings, a real estate/property was the government of Kenya where into the market aggressively looking consortium that deals with anything and he worked for the Ministry of Science for clients,” he says. Ojijo adds that to everything in real estate development. and Technology, in the Department of succeed in the real estate business one This ranges from property management, Patents and Trade Marks. After a two requires persuasion and marketing skills. valuation, consultancy and development year stint, Ojijo joined Imperial Shelter As Ojijo went out looking for and interior decor. The business has Limited, a real estate managing company. clients, he was able to spot other also diversified into media and events; “It was my dream to be a business man. opportunities in the market and like the company publishes Homes Kenya, a I was inspired by a real estate agent a shrewd businessman, saw a chance bi-monthly publication on properties, who showed my first house when I to expand his business. “We would get 12 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  13. 13. COVER STORY A model of flats being constructed by Sigimo Enterprises. clients asking us if we could manage to spend millions of shillings and after looking for a steady income from the rent their properties, others wanted to know convincing them that their money is in of his houses, we ensure the money is if we could recommend any contractors wired to their bank accounts at an agreed or consultants who could manage their “Developers must date. We also keep them informed and development projects and others wanted updated on developments in real estate.” advice on whether to buy or build.” abide by the rules The fact that he has several The opportunities presenting led - make sure you companies dealing with different aspects Ojijo to register various companies of property development has proved dealing with construction, property get the designs to be an added advantage as his clients development and valuation. Among approved and are able to get most solutions under these companies are; Mentor Group - a when a project one roof. To keep his customers happy, real estate, project management and Ojijo has also had to invest in training consultancy company, Nairobi’s Best starts, quality his employees and use the internet as Homes - a company dealing with high- checks should a marketing tool. “The Kenyan diaspora end properties, International Valuers, is looking to invest at home and, to tap Kenya Interiors, Home Fix and Sigimo be done at every into that market, we have put a lot of Enterprises - a private residential stage to ensure information on property on our website. developer that builds houses for sale and The site has also attracted many people rental. “Our housing projects are located that the right locally and this strategy has proved very in some of Nairobi’s most desirable standards are successful.” locations like State House, Riverside, met.” Ojijo admits that the property Kilimani and Kileleshwa,” he says. industry has been infiltrated by many unscrupulous players. “I blame both the Keeping customers happy safe hands, the herculean task is keeping government and the players!” he says In the multi-billion property business, them happy.” Ojijo has maintained his citing an example of Namibia which has Ojijo deals with clients with very high high clientele by providing solutions a vibrant real estate association that expectations. “These are people willing based on their needs. “If it is someone regulates the players. “Agents need to NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 13
  14. 14. COVER STORY SECRETS OF MY SUCCESS BUILDING BLOCKS OF MY BUSINESS “Be aggressive, innovative and be willing to take risks. Fear prevents people from doing a lot of things. You cannot know the potential of any investment unless you take a risk.” WILLING TO LEARN “As an entrepreneur you start a business thinking you know everything but along the way you realise you don’t. Don’t be shy to consult with your staff and even go back to school. I am currently back in class doing my Masters in Project Management. By the time I am 50 years old I want to have several degrees.” GETTING MONEY FROM THE BANK “Show a bank a very good business proposal. Don’t give up when they turn you down, go and knock other doors. Success belongs to people who go out to make things happen. There are many people who get discouraged very fast and don’t believe in themselves.” AN ENTREPRENEUR’S have a body where they can regulate that the right standards are met.” A report HEART themselves and come up with codes of by the Architectural Association of Kenya “As an entrepreneur you must practice.” revealed that 65% of urban buildings are appreciate that many things can Speaking just days after the sub-standard and unapproved. affect your business. Some things collapse of a building in Kiambu that Of major concern for Ojijo is the issue you have very little control over and killed 16 people, Ojijo points a finger of human capacity. “There seems to be you have to have a strong heart and at developers who take short-cuts. an acute shortage of engineers who think rationally at all times. When “Developers must abide by the rules - cannot cope with the current growth. A there is a crisis, remain calm, stay make sure you get the designs approved few years ago, the City Council was aware sober, get a solution and move on.” and when a project starts, quality checks of any construction happening and their should be done at every stage to ensure inspectors were assigned to projects.” For 14 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  15. 15. COVER STORY entrepreneurs venturing into the property business Ojijo advises them to be ready to abide by the rules and spend money. “There are no short-cuts in real estate because you cannot afford to compromise on quality,” he advises. Ojijo wants to see sanity restored to the real estate industry. However, bringing developers together has been a challenge and has been one of his one of his greatest desires. Through the Homes Kenya Expo and the Homes Kenya magazine, Ojijo storey building with 20 flats, developers this can be done through the private has provided a forum for players and should be allowed to increase floors sector but only if the government stakeholders to the industry to meet. The and accommodate more people on the supports the sector.” Support from the Kenya Homes Expo is the only exhibition same piece of land. This would ease the government according to Ojijo, includes in Kenya that is held two times in a year cost of housing in Nairobi and we would providing incentives like finance, land, and brings together contractors, banks, have more people afford to live in better providing infrastructure like roads, water, consultants and interior decor suppliers dwellings.” sewerage and electricity. “This sector as exhibitors. employs many people and it could “The government employ even more if the government Lucrative business came and offered to partner with us. If Ojijo openly admits that there is money always talks it provided the infrastructure and zero in the real estate business. Kenya’s about providing rated tax on building materials then the population in 2007 was estimated at 37.2 million and is projected to increase affordable cost of construction would be much lower.” to 42.2 million in 2012. “There are about housing for its There is a huge demand for new 4.3 million houses required up to 2030,” notes Ojijo. Considering that more than citizens and housing units in urban areas. The demand stands at 150,000 units annually 60% of the Kenyan population is younger this can be done but only 23% of this demand is being than 25 years, it is clear that the demand through the met. Due to the cost element, more than for adequate housing will rise steadily 80% of the new houses are constructed as those aged 20 and below reach private sector for high and middle-income earners, adulthood and start family life.” but only if the leaving out the low-income earners According to Ojijo, the government holds the key to opening up the government whose present demand is about 48% of the total new houses required in Kenya. country’s real estate sector and should supports the “This is one of the areas the government encourage more players to come in. Ojijo says the government should revise the sector." can partner with the private sector to provide affordable housing.” outdated building plans and adopt a Ojijo is looking at a bright future modern city plan to accommodate the However, due to the huge capital as far as his business is concerned. As a growing population. “Some buildings outlay required, a lot of entrepreneurs parting shot he says he has succeeded in should be knocked down and replaced have shied away from the sector. “The business because of taking risks which, with sky scrapers. For example in government always talks about providing he confirms, have paid off handsomely. Eastlands, instead of building a four affordable housing for its citizens and NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 15
  16. 16. Photo/Sammy Makokha. BUSINESS PICTORIAL Francis Ngambi, Co-operative Bank Brand Manager (left) receives a trophy from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Chief Executive Benjamin Cheboi hands President Mwai Kibaki after the bank won the Best Financial Institution Stand over a partnership pact to Zain Corporate Communications Director Michael Okwiri Award at the Nairobi ASK International Trade Fair. Co-op Bank is one of the biggest during the launch of the Helb/Zap Loan repayment facility. The Zap system is lenders to agriculture in Kenya and has lent billions more through the Co-operative aimed at making easy and convenient tranfer of funds by HELB members students Movement. Looking on is William Ruto, Agriculture Minister (second right). and enhance positive listing with credit reference bureaus of all loanees who have completed their loan repayment. Photo/Sammy Makokha. Najib Balala, Tourism Minister (centre) and Cecily Mbarire, Tourism Assistant Catherine Ochieng (left), Judge, Kisumu Premier Expo-2009 presents a trophy to Minister, (right) unveil Kenyatta International Conference Centre's Second Housing Finance team, Lucy Njogu and Charles Muthee (centre) for emerging the Strategic Plan that aims to implement measures to rehabilitate and modernise winner in the Banking, Finance and Mortgage category during the Homes Expo KICC. Looking on is KICC Board of directors' Chairperson Amina Ahmed (2nd left) held in Kisumu. Looking on is Lydia Limbe of Next Level Public Relations. and Jennifer Opondo, KICC Managing Director (left). Dr. Gitahi Githinji former General Manager Marketing and Circulation, Nation George Mwangi, East African Cables Group Managing Director (left) and Media Group (left) and Helen Brand - Global CEO of Association of Chartered Joseph Kinyua, Group Finance Manager admire the firm’s FiRe 2009 first Certified Accountants (ACCA). After signing a Memorandum of Understanding runners up award trophy. EAC was awarded the trophy in the Industrial, where NMG will produce a quarterly publication entitled Finance for Business. Commercial and Services category in recognition of its superior financial reporting standards by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. 16 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  17. 17. BUSINESS PICTORIAL Photo/Sammy Makokha. George Kivindyo, East African Safari Air General Manager Commercial (right), Michael Joseph, Safaricom Limited Chief Executive Officer and Capt Dino Bino Bisletti, Air Kenya Express General Manger during the launch of a new Safaricom service dubbed Easy Travel Service. The service will enable Safaricom for East Mutua Kilaka, Ministry of Finance Economic Secretary (left) flanked by Michael African, Air Kenya and Aircraft Leasing Services (ALS) book airline tickets from Waweru, Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner General, cuts a tape during the their mobile phones and pay through the M-PESA money transfer service. official opening of National Taxpayers week. The launch is aimed at reviewing the performance at KRA and challenges facing. Onyango Obiero (left), Gulf African Bank Head of SME Banking, explains the Hon. Amos Kimunya presents Jerry Njuguna with a gift for a being winner in the features of the SME Credit Facility to Dahil Hassan (center) and Medina Chirchir men's category during the KIM Managers Golf Tournament 2009 held in October. (right) of Comutell Ltd. during the launch of the SME products. The offering is tailor-made to suit various sectors. Photo/Sammy Makokha. Eng. Joseph Njoroge, Kenya Power and Lighting Company Managing Director during this years' financial results at a Nairobi hotel that saw an increase in Non- Michael Joseph, Safaricom Limited Chief Executive Officer giving a talk on Fuel power purchase cost of 57% due an increase in bulk tariff. innovation during the KIM monthly public lecture that was held in October. Joseph gave a case study of Safaricom and how it has used innovation to stay ahead of competition. NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 17
  18. 18. KABA Sustainability: Driver of innovation here at home like drought, power black investments - Smart companies start outs amongst others, all of which are small, learn fast and scale rapidly. impacting negatively on the cost of These companies benchmark, but doing business in Kenya, and the returns the goal is to develop next practices for our businesses. These are times that - not merely mimic best practices call for a focused management style, • Stay wedded to the goal while planning and leadership from those who constantly adjusting tactics are expected to steer their organisations • Build collaborative capacity - Form to greater heights in these turbulent alliances with other businesses and times. governments The key to progress, particularly in times • Use global presence to experiment of economic crisis, is innovation. The In the future, only companies that essence of business innovation lies in make sustainability a goal will frequently challenging the status quo; achieve competitive advantage. whether the intention is to merely This means rethinking business Vimal Shah, CEO BIDCO Oil Refineries was the sustain existing products or services models as well as products, Chief Guest during the KABA gala through piecemeal improvements, or to technologies, and processes. completely disrupt the existing market In conclusion to those who will receive The KABA award is or business system through radical various awards and recognitions, undoubtedly a key milestone inventions. Sustainability is now the CONGRATULATIONS for your hard for this country towards the key driver of innovation. We all need work and efforts; don’t dim the lights. achievement of Vision 2030. to realise that there is no alternative Ultimately, you are all winners even The awards seek to identify and publicly to sustainable development. It is only for those will not receive any award. recognize Small and Medium Enterprises the sustainable corporations that will This should be an encouragement (SMEs) that demonstrate excellence emerge from today’s economic crises to for you to keeping working. Continue and integrity in their management and upset the status quo. benchmarking with the best practices leadership practices. This is the reason Finally, to become sustainable; so that you not only increase your why we are all assembled, to support and • Don’t start from the present, start company’s revenues, but turn encourage the development and growth from the future - Ask yourselves into a word class organization of our SMEs. what the millstones on the path to ready to mentor other Today though, we are faced with so the desired future are? upcoming SMEs. many challenges, from the global • Ensure that learning precedes financial crisis, to our own problems 2009 KABA Winners CATEGORY WINNER 2009 SME of the Year InvesteQ Capital Ltd Strategy & Management Practices InvesteQ Capital Ltd Market Presence Raiser Resource Group Procurement & Logistics Winnie’s Pure Health Human Resources Management Winnie’s Pure Health Information Communication Technology Metropolitan Hospital Ltd Business & Financial Results InvesteQ Capital Ltd Quality & Productivity Melchezidek Hospital Environment, Health & Safety Uzuri Manufacturer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Taifa Sacco SPECIAL AWARDS Judges Award Muscle Health & Fitness Centre Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Winnie Nyaga – Winnie’s Pure Health Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Philip Nyamwaya & Stephen Ogolla - Intrepid Data Systems 18 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  19. 19. KABA Dan Awendo, CEO, InvesteQ Capital Ltd and his team receive the SME of the Year Award Banking on the unbankable By Macharia Mwangi C ONVENTIONAL BANKING A trained accountant, Awendo financial solutions to its SME clients. SYSTEMS applied in emerging worked with Loita Capital Partners ‘Big banks’ have in the past markets the world over been International for 10 years where he was considered lending to SMEs an shy in lending to Small and pivotal in setting up accounting and unattractive venture due to a range of Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Most financial standards for the company. factors among them high transaction financial institutions have hitherto He ascended the corporate ladder costs and collateral requirements, hence structured their operations in favour of to the position of Group Financial the credit rationing that has impeded large enterprises and have more often Controller but later moved to Loita Asset growth in the SME sectors in most than not applied conservative policies Management, a flagship brand of the developing countries. For many SMEs, when serving SMEs. But InvesteQ Capital Loita Group as General Manager. At the management of costs amid pressures Limited has turned around the lifelines of time, the company was not handling on revenue is a priority. Ensuring sound many small business owners by providing clients with less than US$ 1m in revenue. cash flow management is critical in these them with innovative and appropriate In 2002, at 32 and armed with hope and tough economic times, when the effects business and financial solutions that seeing an opportunity to serve small of the global financial crisis and home promote the stability and growth of their start-ups, InvesteQ was born. grown business pressures have pushed enterprises whilst providing an attractive businesses between the devil and the value proposition for its stakeholders. Different from others deep blue sea. MANAGEMENT caught up with Dan While most commercial banks and micro Awendo says InvesteQ was born out Awendo, the Chief Executive Officer of finance institutions (MFIs) still have their of the boredom and unexciting nature InvesteQ CAPITAL Limited. The company concentration on retail and corporate of the accounting job and a burning took home the 2009 SME of the year clients and micro businesses respectively, desire to venture into business. “I saw an Award. InvesteQ also bagged the InvesteQ has managed to differentiate opportunity to lend and provide advisory Strategy and Management Practices and itself from the rest of the financial services to SMEs,” says Awendo. “We Business and Financial Results Awards solutions providers in the market by started with no capital and no money respectively. offering short, medium and long term set aside for anything. All we had was NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 19
  20. 20. KABA a conviction to set new benchmarks in the products introduced into the market challenges. Some of these include limited the industry by focusing on excellence, were largely on trial. InvesteQ CAPITAL capacity in market availability, as well service delivery beyond client has, as a result, been able to create as entrepreneurs’ lack of knowledge of expectations and integrity,” he says. confidence in the market for both its SME how to run a successful business while Awendo started off with a laptop clients and its partner banks. InvesteQ maintaining low operational costs. Most and three employees, him included, CAPITAL has secured the support of three businesses are still one-man shows and for one and a half years. “The financial local banks for its credit business giving lack the necessary support functions obligations were strenuous but we had the company a unique opportunity that provide businesses with the the determination and favour of God to continue supporting the financial operational depth to grow. Some of these on our side,” says Awendo, a staunch requirements of SMEs as they seek to support functions include accounting, Christian. Initially registered as TradeCo grow their businesses. legal affairs, marketing and IT. Other CAPITAL, InvesteQ was predominantly challenges faced by SMEs include lack engaged in the business of arranging "InvesteQ CAPITAL of a clear government policy or legal Trade and Asset Finance for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises. In 2004 finds itself framework on the SME sector. This, Awendo advises, can be TradeCo CAPITAL evolved into a public competing with reduced by the government acting as company with an institutional framework to position it for growth and expansion. commercial catalyst for growth of SMEs’ venture capital institutions in the country. The The company’s name was changed to banks in certain government should also actively play its InvesteQ CAPITAL to underscore the fund-of-funds role to the venture capital changed nature of its mission to include product institutions specifically supporting SMEs. Venture Capital. It also increased its capital base to reflect the seriousness offerings despite In a sector that employs most of the 9.4 million working people in Kenya, with which it intended to engage in its its status as a there is a need to introduce more target market. InvesteQ seeks to deepen the financial services industry in Africa non-deposit entrepreneurship courses and training for upcoming businessmen despite by creating a fully fledged Private Equity taking financial the attendant costs. Most banks do not and Venture Capital Fund in addition to creating innovative financial products institution." provide their clients with the necessary entrepreneurial training, mentorship and services for distribution to both users and support services to convert and suppliers of capital. The company has to date grown by business-minded people into successful providing structured working capital entrepreneurs. Secret for growth facilities to businesses, personal loans InvesteQ CAPITAL finds itself What is their secret for growth? to employees of those businesses, as competing with commercial banks in “Our business is based on the Kingdom well as financial services such as fund certain product offerings despite its principles and sound Christian values management and capital raising services, status as a non-deposit taking financial for success since you will always find corporate and financial advisory, asset institution. The company depends favour with God and favour disqualifies finance and financial services training. primarily on its shareholder capital and qualification,” says the self-made The company operates under the fund credit lines from partner banks to fund its entrepreneur. “The institutionalization management license issued by the CMA. portfolio of SME clients in the market. of the business from a one-man family Awendo notes that their strategy Some commercial banks in Kenya business into multi-ownership company of helping SMEs has seen some of embracing corporate management also these businesses become credible and have embraced universal banking by helped in idea mobilization by pooling therefore more attractive to banks that incorporating stock broking, investment ideas, capacity and experiences together,” may have previously locked them out banking and even insurance services adds Awendo. due to heavy collateral requirements. in their stable of product and service InvesteQ CAPITAL also won the hearts “Some have even outgrown us. This is a offering. Most of the MFI’s in Kenya have of their financial partners and has been big plus to a sector which remains the also made a move towards deposit taking able to do substantial business due to driver of the country’s economy,” he adds. and are looking to offer a wider range of the loyalty with banks. “The input of According to the Economic Survey 2008, services and products to their clients. our staff cannot be gainsaid. We have a the private sector created 72,000 new InvesteQ CAPITAL is determined to qualified, experienced and empowered jobs in 2007, and accounted for 67% of continue differentiating itself as a niche team that we always encourage to do the total employment in the same year. SME financial services solutions provider. best for our clients,” reveals Awendo. “Our vision hinges on being the financial A licensed manager by the Capital Sector challenges partner of choice to SMEs in Africa,” Markets Authority (CMA), InvesteQ Despite efforts by various financial Awendo says, explaining that InvesteQ is CAPITAL has performed successfully institutions to bridge financial gaps will work to provide end-to-end financial over the last three years even though among SMEs, the sector is still faced with solutions to its SME target market. 20 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  21. 21. Empowering SMEs for Growth SME Finance Asset Finance Investment Management Structured Trade Finance Talk to us! Ambassador Court, Suite No.A4, Milimani Rd, opp. Heron Hotel • P O. Box 56977-00200 Nairobi, KENYA . Tel: +254-20-2730980/1 • Cell: +254-722-403311 • Fax: +254-20-2727783 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 21 Email: •
  22. 22. KABA Lifting the weights of excellence Passion for fitness and health bears fruits for entrepreneur who bags the KABA 2009 Judges Award. By Sammi Nderitu T HE AMBIENCE OF Muscle Health and Fitness Centre (MH&FC) reception is alluring. A visitor is welcomed by glass doors and walls engraved with images of people Photo/KIM Library exercising. The door opens after swiping a card through an electronic reader. “Come in, let me show you around,” says Philip Lime, a fitness instructor at the gym. As we walk in, I am awed at the magnificent view of the Nairobi National Park. “Each piece of equipment here has its own specific purpose,” explains Lime as he mounts one of the machines. “This is a cardiovascular machine. You can regulate the speed at which you want it to move,” he explains. We are then invited to a tour Maurice Wambua, Director (left) and Peter Mutavi after receiving the Judges' Award of the fitness centre and we start with the steam and sauna and aerobics rooms, corporate company as a human resource among other companies. Through the changing room, boxing, beauty and the officer. I felt I needed to engage staff partnership, staff from these companies resting rooms. “Exercise is a lot of work. in health activities so I sought ways to were able to access various facilities at Some clients opt to take a nap here to this and that’s how I ended up owning a the fitness centre and his clientele grew relax their bodies before heading home,” fitness centre,” explains Wambua. rapidly. A holder of a Masters Degree in says Lime as I stare at the neat beds in Wambua’s other motivation was to Business Administration, Wambua says the resting room. create an affordable environment where he runs MH&FC as a corporate company. people would keep fit and stay healthy. He also says that among the reasons why Household name He notes that established membership he decided to do an MBA was his passion “We pride ourselves with state of the art clubs are expensive and out of reach to use knowledge to create employment equipment, qualified and experienced for many people and he desired to opportunities. instructors. We are a household name open a modern facility that would offer offering all services associated with body quality fitness services and also compete Excellent customer service fitness, complete with steam and sauna with the other clubs. At the beginning, MH&FC is proud to have taken home facilities,” says Maurice Wambua, MH&FC’s MH&FC principles were to offer the best the KABA (KIM Annual Business Award) Director. service driven by quality customer care, Judges Award. Wambua credits the win “We started operation between late affordability and quality. “Due to this we to centre’s excellent customer service. 2003 and early 2004. Our beginning was have become the best training facility in “This was our first time in KABA and small. I was alone at the time. Now this Kenya,” he says. being declared winners of the Judges facility has employed 25 people and the After leaving his human resource Award surprised us. It was a great asset value here is worth KSh 40 million!” job to venture into business, Wambua’s moment for us.” An inspiring story and I find out instinct took him back to the corporate As people continue to increasingly what motivated him to open the centre world where he went hunting for clients. become aware of their need to exercise, considering the kind of investment His hunt was successful as he signed many fitness centres are coming up and required. “My motivation to have a fitness contracts with leading companies like competition increasing as well. Is MH&FC centre was born while I was working for a Zain, Kenya Airways, General Motors feeling the heat? 22 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  23. 23. KABA “Competition is there. However, Lime says that the gym has tailor to.” Despite of this challenge, MH&FC through proper research, offering top made products to fit every client and has is working harder to market itself and notch services and making our prices mechanisms to review clients’ progress increase business. “We are marketing affordable, we remain ahead of the after every two months. “Fitness review ourselves through newspaper and game.” is necessary as it helps clients to monitor magazine advertisements, distributing The fitness centre targets individual their progress and also help them not fliers, and creating partnerships with clients − who make up a bulk of the to compromise their body formation.” other companies. Recently we gave centres membership − and corporate The gym also invites body experts to huge discounts to Nakumatt shoppers clients. MH&FC plans to venture into give professional talks to its clients for who regularly use their smartcards. We managing in-house gyms for corporate educational purposes. are also approaching other companies organisations and also targeting local so that we can have mutual beneficial and international sports teams. Business challenges relationships.” “When a client registers at the gym, All has not been rosy as running MH&FC On individuals or companies Wambua the first thing that we do is create a file has come with its own unique challenges. draws motivation from, he answers then include measure and record body “When we started, we were confronted without hesitation: “Martin Oduor- mass index, weight, height and other by lack of capital as the initial cost Otieno of Kenya Commercial Bank, Titus body measurements. Thereafter we of equipment was too high. Getting Naikuni of Kenya Airways and Vimal discuss with the client to determine his/ qualified instructors and penetrating the her objective,” explains Lime. Shah of Bidco.” Wambua advises SMEs market were also issues that did not work According to Lime, many people have to recognise their customers needs and out easily,” says Wambua. wrong objectives when they go to the offer products and services that are of For now, the business seems to have gym. He says there are instances where high quality and affordable. His future overcome the challenge and now has to people go to the gym desiring to lose plans include having a gym at the city deal with the increasing cost of power. weight yet when an assessment is done, centre and in Mombasa. “I have all the “For the last four months the cost of they are found to be underweight hence equipment ready. I want to manage more running the business has gone up due losing weight will affect their health. Such corporate clients as well as partner with to power rationing and increase in its clients are counselled and helped to have professional organisations to develop costs. We are paying more than we used the right objectives. products that will fit into their style.” Photo/ Charles Kimani Look good feel great! Muscle Health & Fitness (K) Ltd, the only 5star health and fitness institution welcomes you to a new revolution in health & fitness. Priding ourselves with the state-of-the-art equipment, qualified and experienced instructors, ample and secure parking, with a serene view of Nairobi central business district and the Nairobi National Park, we are a household name offering all services associated with health and fitness, complete with massage, steam and sauna facilities. Today we are the leaders in the health and fitness industry with over 5 years of experience and market dominance. Most people know us best as the providers of: • Gymnasium • Corporate Team Building • Aerobics • Aero Biking • Salon & Beauty Products • Sauna and Steam Services • Massage Services Join us today and experience the revolution. Vision Plaza, 4th floor, Mombasa road, P. O. Box 26349-00504 Nairobi,Tel: (020) 828434, 2503967 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 23 Email:
  24. 24. KABA WINNERS GALLERY InvesteQ Capital Ltd CEO, Dan Awendo is all smiles after his company won three awards, SME of the Year Award, Strategy and Management Practices Award and Business and the Financial Results Award. All cheers for Winnie’s Pure Health, winner of the Procurement and Logistics Award, Human Resource Management Awards and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A victory dance from Metropolitan Hospital after being announced winners of the Information Communication Technology Award. Taifa Sacco all the way from Nyeri came and conquered. They won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award. 24 NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT
  25. 25. KABA WINNERS GALLERY Bernadette Mungai, Chief Manager, KIM Centre for Proud winners, Uzuri Manufacturers Ltd, celebrate the winning of the Enterprise Development giving her speech during the Environment Health & Safety Award. KABA gala. All smiles from Melchizedek Hospital staff who won Quality and Ian Ng'ethe leads Raiser Resource Group in accepting the Market Productivity Award Presence Award. Muscle Health and Fitness (K) Ltd pose for a photo after receiving the Judges’ Award Philip Nyamwaya (right) and Stephen Ogolla (2nd right) of Intrepid Data Systems receiving the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award. NOVEMBER 09 MANAGEMENT 25