AnalytixInsight Corporate Presentation 2014


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  • AnalytixInsight Corporate Presentation 2014

    1. 1. Big  Data  Analy,cs.  Ac,onable  Insights. TSXV:ALY January, 2015
    2. 2. Safe  Harbor  Statement   •  Statements  about  the  Company’s  future  expecta5ons  and  all  other  statements  in  this  presenta5on  other  than  historical   facts,  are  “forward-­‐looking  statements”  within  the  meaning  of  Sec5on  27A  of  the  Securi5es  Act  of  1933,  Sec5on  21E  of  the   Securi5es  Exchange  Act  of  1934,  and  as  that  term  is  defined  in  the  Private  Securi5es  Li5ga5on  Reform  Act  of  1995.  The   Company  intends  that  such  forward-­‐looking  statements  be  subject  to  the  safe  harbors  created  thereby.   •  The  informa5on  in  this  document  contains  informa5on  rela5ng  to  the  Company  that  is  based  on  the  beliefs  of  the  Company   and/or  its  management,  as  well  as  assump5ons  made  by  any  informa5on  currently  available  to  the  Company  or  its   management.  When  used  in  this  document,  the  words  “an5cipate,”  “es5mate,”  “expect,”  “intend,”  “plans,”  “projects,”  and   similar  expressions,  as  they  relate  to  the  Company  or  its  management,  are  intended  to  iden5fy  forward-­‐looking  statements.   Such  statements  reflect  the  current  view  of  the  Company  regarding  future  events  and  are  subject  to  certain  risks,   uncertain5es  and  assump5ons,  including  the  risks  and  uncertain5es  noted.  Should  one  or  more  of  these  risks  or  uncertain5es   materialize,  or  should  underlying  assump5ons  prove  to  be  incorrect,  actual  results  may  vary  materially  from  those  described   herein  as  an5cipated,  believed,  es5mated,  expected,  intended  or  projected.  In  each  instance,  forward-­‐looking  informa5on   should  be  considered  in  light  of  the  accompanying  meaningful  cau5onary  statements  herein.  Factors  that  could  cause  results   to  differ  include,  but  are  not  limited  to,  successful  performance  of  internal  plans,  the  impact  of  compe55ve  services  and   pricing  and  general  economic  risks  and  uncertain5es.     2   2  
    3. 3. 3   BIG  DATA  ANALYTICS;  ACTIONABLE  INSIGHTS   v  Ac,onable  narra,ve,  insights   and  analy,cs   v  B2B,  Mobile  and  Online   plaBorms   BIG  DATA   Retail   Pharma    research  
    4. 4. 4   Financial Analytics CapitalCube Healthcare Pharma and Biotech Retail analytics Social media analytics Market research, advertizing Science and Research v Proprietary  predicAve  analysis  tool   v Data  integrated  from  mulAple   sources   v Extensible,  customizable  domain   Cloud based platform across industries v 100  billion+  data  computaAons  daily   v Cloud  based,  Scalable  architecture   v Produces  acAonable  narraAves,  not  just   numbers   Analy,xInsight:  Cloud  based  Predic,ve  Analysis  PlaBorm    
    5. 5. Analy,xInsight:  Going  beyond  the  standard   5   Aggregate Integrate   Aggregate   data  from   various   sources   Process     Process   raw  data   Analyze   Numerical,   interpreted   analysis       Insights   Ac,onable,   auto   generated   narra,ves,   predic,ve  and   prescrip,ve   analy,cs   For Discussion Purposes Only. Strictly Private and Confidential. v  Current  demonstrated  applica,on  –  equity  &  ETF  research  narra,ves   (     Current  market  offerings   AnalyAxinsight  
    6. 6.  Financial  Analy,cs  -­‐  CapitalCube   Current demonstration of Analytixinsight Engine For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   v  Ac,onable  and  readable  analysis  on   companies  across  100  exchanges   worldwide   v  Covers  more  than  45,000  equi,es  and   ETFs       v  More  than  100  billion  computa,ons   per  day  on  financial  data   v  Stockwall  app  covers  16  exchanges   across  North  America  &  Europe   v  Offers  mul,-­‐language  and  highly   customizable  capability  facilita,ng   ease  of  deployment   6  
    7. 7. CapitalCube  –  Value  added  financial  analy,cs   v  100  billion+  computa,ons  using   company  filings   v  Rela,ve  valua,on  algorithm  to  pick  up   upside/  downside  for  every  company   v  Algorithm  generates  fundamental   scores  and  dividend  quality  scores  for   every  company   v  Earnings  analysis  score  evalua,ng   company’s  quarterly  and  annual  filings   as  soon  as  company  reports,  currently   in  beta  tes,ng   v  Algorithmically  generated  wriben   narra,ves  and  reports     7  
    8. 8. CapitalCube   Financial   PlaBorm   Retail  User   8   CapitalCube  Business  Model     •  App  available  for  download   on  Apple  App  Store  and   Android  Play  Store   •  Pre-­‐loaded  on  Samsung  ,   Miia  and  Netrange  Smart   Devices   Mobile  App   Customized  soluAons  for  business  users   Composer  :  IP  Licensing  for  Content  CreaAon   Connect  :    Content  DistribuAon  and  Licensing    B2B   •  Analysis  of  over  50,000   equites  and  ETFs   •  Stock  screening  and   valuaAon   •  Make  and  track  your   porWolio  
    9. 9. The  Mobile  Advantage   v Roughly  20%  of  all  mobile  users   have  or  are  conducAng  a  financial   acAvity  on  their  phone   9   v According  to  eMarketer,  25%  of   the  world  populaAon  uses  a   smartphone  (1.76  billion  people)   First  mover  advantage  in  mobile:  key  to  big  data  analyAcs  
    10. 10. Stockwall:  Financial  App  for  Smart  Devices   v  Seamless  app  tying  real  ,me  stock  price,  company  analysis  from  CapitalCube  and  a   trading  plaBorm  –  Easy  to  use  app  for  financial  analy,cs   10   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    11. 11. v  Only  financial  app  with  real   ,me  quotes  and  automa,cally   generated  narra,ves/research     v  Stockwall  to  be  a  “go  to”  app   for  financial  informa,on     v  Preloaded  on  devices   v  One  stop  app  for  real  ,me   quotes,  analysis  and  trading     v  Stockwall  can  have  an   interna,onal  release  with   mul,-­‐  language  capability     Stockwall  –  Business  Case   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   11   Real  Ame   quotes   AutomaAcally   generated   acAonable   analysis   MulA  -­‐ language   capability   Trade  execuAon   capabiliAes,   External   content  
    12. 12. Going  Mobile  :  Expanding  with  Samsung   v  Agreement   with   Samsung   Electronics   to   offer   equity   analysis   plaBorm   on   all   Samsung  smart  devices  –  phones,  tablets,  wearables  and  smart  TV.                                                                            -­‐  The  mobile  offering   v  Currently  preloaded  with  Samsung  smart  devices   v  Mobile  offering  to  allow  access  to  big  data  analy,cs  to  millions  of  users  worldwide   v  Aim  for  Stockwall  to  be  one  stop  app  for  equity  analysis  and  trade  execu,on  on  all   smart  devices   12   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    13. 13.  Samsung  –  A  partner   v  Samsung   released   new   devices   at   the  IFA  tech  conference  2014,  Berlin   held  on  Sept  4   v  Stockwall   unveiled   as   key   content   partner,  co-­‐marketed  with  Samsung   Galaxy  Note  Edge   v  Deal  terms   v  Pre   loaded   in   Samsung   smart   devices  ~250  million  devices   v  Revenue   share   approx.   70:30   per   download  per  month   v  Content   comprises   real   ,me   data,   a n a l y , c s   p o w e r e d   b y   “Analy,xInsight”   13  
    14. 14. Expanding  the  mobile  offering   v  Miia     v  Deal  to  preload  Marketwall  app  on  Miia   phones   v  Poten,al  for  larger  subscriber  base  and   expanded  subscrip,on  revenues   v  70:30  revenue  sharing  arrangement   v  Miia  market  share  growing  larger  than  that  of   established  players  in  Italy     v  NetRange  MMH  GmbH   v  Leading  white-­‐labeled  Smart  TV    ecosystem   provider  behind  more  than  60  global  brands   including  Sharp,  TCL,  Skyworth,  Hisense,   Changhong,  JVC,  Pioneer  and  Loewe   v  First  Finance  App  to  be  preloaded  into  this   ecosystem   v  40+  million  users   14  
    15. 15. Mobile  user  valua,on     15   v  Average  revenue  per  user  (ARPU)  is  one  of  the   key  metrics  in  valuing  tech  firms   v  Google’s  ARPU  is  $45,  with  Facebook  and   Twiber  are  at  $7  and  $3  respec,vely   Valua,on  per  user   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   v  Apps   like   Instagram,   Whatsapp,   Snapchat,   Skype   are   valued   for   acquisi,on  of  behavioral  data   v  Youtube,  Spo,fy,  Supercell  are  valued   for  content     *valua,on  as  of  June  2014   Analy,xinsight  brings  together  unique   analy,cs  content  on  robust,  expanding   plaBorm  across  devices  and  geographies  
    16. 16. B2B  –  Strategic  partnership   v  Foray  into  enterprise  B2B  with  India-­‐ based  Iris  Business  Solu,ons  (Iris)     v  MoU  to  acquire  30%  stake  in  Iris  –   world’s  leading  XBRL  conversion  service   v  Regula,ons  make  XBRL  filings  mandatory   v  Iris  top  line  of  $12  million  FY  2014;   Expected  to  grow  at  least  30%  YoY   v  Partnership  to  use  IRIS’  unique  financial   data  offering  and  leverage   Analy,xinsight’s  big  data  analy,cs   plaBorm  to  generate  proprietary  content   and  insight   v  Analy,xinsight  expects  at  least  $5  -­‐  $6   million  of  topline  from  B2B  partnerships   16  
    17. 17. CapitalCube:  Pipeline   17   v  Contracts  with   v  AOL  (dailyfinance)  to  run  earnings  analysis.   First  season  complete,  second  to  be  run  in  Feb   2015   v  Dow  Jones  (Wall  Street  Journal  )  displays   “compe,tor  informa,on”  on  their  quotes  page   (   v  A  leading  European  stock  exchange   v  Proposals  for  content  licensing,  revenue  share   on  page  views  and  traffic-­‐for-­‐content  to   v  Leading  buy  side  news  and  content  syndicator   v  Large  US  trade  advisory  site   v  Stock  exchanges  and     v  A  leading  finance  portal     For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    18. 18. Analy,xInsight  :  The  complete  offering   v  Engine  absorbs  any  input  big  data,  rules   and  logical  narra,ves  to  produce  desired   reports   v  Scalable  to  other  applica,ons  such  as   social  media  analy,cs,  retail  analy,cs   etc.   v  Currently  demonstrated  in  financial   analy,cs   v  Preloaded  Stockwall  app  on  Samsung,   Miia  and  NetRange  plaBorms   v  Samsung  associa,on  implies  growth   aligned  with  mobile  penetra,on   v  Composer  and  Connect  for  enterprise   plaBorm   v  Partnership  with  IRIS  to  leverage  XBRL   data  into  analy,cal  insights   18   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   Financial   analy,cs   Online.Capitalcube   for  retail   Composer  and   connect  for  B2B   Stockwall  for  mobile     Retail   analy,cs   Analy,xinsight   plaBorm   100   billion+   compu ta,ons   Narra,ve   genera,on   Value   added   analy,cs   Robust   mobile   plaBorm   Global   reach     B2B   applica,ons  
    19. 19. Beyond  Financial  Analy,cs  –  The  Future   19  For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   Other  financial  asset  classes  -­‐  ETFs,   Op,ons,  Debt,  Commodi,es.       Business  model  extension  -­‐  Services,   Custom  Implementa,ons,  mobile   plaBorms   Sector  expansion  :  Healthcare,  Insurance,  etc.   Each  a  $20+  billion  market    
    20. 20. Management:  Proven  Exper,se   v  Prakash  Hariharan,  Chairman       Formerly  one  of  Canada’s  leading  porBolio  managers  at  Front  Street  Capital  focusing  on  technology  and   growth  related  investments.  Prakash  has  also  spent  ,me  at  Dominion  Bond  Ra,ng  Services,  analyzing  and   ra,ng  structured  investment  products.  He  holds  a  Financial  Engineering  degree  from  York  University,  an   MBA  from  the  Schulich  School  of  Business,  and  an  undergraduate  degree  in  Chemical  Engineering.   v  Chaith  Kondragunta,  CEO       Chaith  was  formerly  the  CEO  of  Stern  Stewart  Europe  Ltd,  and  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Stern  Stewart  India.   Chaith  has  frequently  wriben  and  spoken  on  corporate  performance  and  analysis  with  The  Economist   Group,  CNBC,  Bloomberg  TV,  and  Euromoney.  He  has  a  Masters  in  Computer  Engineering  from  the   University  of  California,  San  Diego  and  an  MBA  from  Carnegie  Mellon  University.   v  Gautam  PasupuleA,  COO       Gautam  was  previously  Vice  President,  Product  Strategy  at  Fidelity  Na,onal  Informa,on  Services  working   with  financial  ins,tu,ons  worldwide  to  deliver  solu,ons  across  mobile,  online,  branch  and  ATM  channels.   Gautam  has  an  Execu,ve  MBA  from  Columbia  University,  and  also  holds  degrees  from  Pennsylvania  State   University,  and  the  Indian  Ins,tute  of  Technology.   20   All  members  of  management  and  other  insiders  have  a  voluntary  3  year  lock-­‐up  of  equity   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    21. 21. Board  of  Directors   v  Prakash  Hariharan,  Chairman       Formerly  one  of  Canada’s  leading  porBolio  managers  at  Front  Street  Capital  focusing  on  technology  and  growth  related   investments.  Prakash  has  also  spent  ,me  at  Dominion  Bond  Ra,ng  Services,  analyzing  and  ra,ng  structured  investment   products.  He  holds  a  Financial  Engineering  degree  from  York  University,  an  MBA  from  the  Schulich  School  of  Business,  and   an  undergraduate  degree  in  Chemical  Engineering.   v  Chaith  Kondragunta,  CEO       Chaith  was  formerly  the  CEO  of  Stern  Stewart  Europe  Ltd,  and  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Stern  Stewart  India.  Chaith  has   frequently  wriben  and  spoken  on  corporate  performance  and  analysis  with  The  Economist  Group,  CNBC,  Bloomberg  TV,  and   Euromoney.  He  has  a  Masters  in  Computer  Engineering  from  the  University  of  California,  San  Diego  and  an  MBA  from   Carnegie  Mellon  University.   v  Richard  Greco  Jr   Since  2007,  Mr.  Greco  has  been  the  Managing  Partner  of  Filangieri  Capital  Partners,  a  private  venture  capital  and  M&A   advisory  firm.  Mr.  Greco  is  also  a  Senior  Advisor  to  The  Scowcrou  Group.  Mr.  Greco  served  as  the  Assistant  Secretary  of  the   Navy  (Financial  Management  &  Comptroller)  and  also  as  a  White  House  Fellow  at  the  Department  of  Defense.  Previously,   Mr.  Greco  has  been  managing  director  at  Stern  Stewart  &  Co.  Mr.  Greco  has  an  MBA  in  finance  from  The  University  of   Chicago,  an  MA  in  American  foreign  policy  from  The  Johns  Hopkins  University  School  of  Advanced  Interna,onal  Studies,  and   a  BS  in  chemistry  from  Fordham  University.   v  Gregg  Schoenberg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr.  Schoenberg  is  the  Founder  of  Wescob  Capital,  an  investment  and  advisory  firm  based  in  New  York,  and  a  co-­‐founder  of   the  Shellstone  Group.  Mr.  Schoenberg  also  currently  serves  as  a  director  of  Peerform,  a  peer  lending  plaBorm  based  in  New   York.  He  was  previously  head  of  equi,es  and  a  member  of  the  execu,ve  commibee  for  Na,xis  North  America.  Prior  to  that,   he  worked  in  the  capital  markets  department  of  SG  Cowen  in  New  York  and  served  in  the  Washington  DC  offices  of  Senator   Bill  Bradley  and  the  Atlan,c  Richfield  Corpora,on.  Mr.  Schoenberg  holds  an  MBA  from  Cornell  University  and  a  BA  from   Washington  University  in  St.  Louis.   21   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    22. 22. APPENDIX   22  
    23. 23. BIG  DATA  ANALYTICS  :  NEED  OF  THE  HOUR   Current  Scenario   •  Lot  of  DATA,  hardly  and   INFORMATION     •  Analysis  is  purely  numerical   –  no  narraAves   Market  Opportunity   •  AcAonable  InformaAon  from  data   •  Auto  generated  narraAves  –  for   predicAve  analysis   23   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   Massive  opportunity  for  big  data  analy,cs   v  As  of  2012  2.5  exabytes  or  2.5  billion  gigabytes  of  data  created  everyday  -­‐HBR   v  Only  13%  companies  use  predic,ve  analy,cs  and  only  3%  use  prescrip,ve   analy,cs  -­‐  Gartner  
    24. 24. B2B  –  PlaBorm  Services     24   v  PlaBorm   services   for   licensing   and   integra,ng   “Analy,xinsight”   content   and  technology   v  Available  as   v  API   v  Widgets   v  Embeddable  code   v  Provides  “plug  and  play”  facility  for  data   and   graphs   to   be   shared   with   financial   informa,on   providers,   business   websites,  educa,onal  ins,tu,ons,  etc.   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.   v  Uses  “Analy,xInsight”  engine     v  Process   feeds   from   diverse   sources   and   convert   them   to   ac,onable   statements   v  Provides   complete   data   analysis   capability   v  Can   re-­‐use   CapitalCube   data   and   d a t a   m o d e l s   f o r   f a s t e r   implementa,on     v  Can  be  used  to  generate  customized   report  for  business  clients  like  banks,   financial  ins,tu,ons     Content  Distribu,on  and   Licensing   IP  Licensing  for  Content   Crea,on  
    25. 25. CapitalCube    Financial  Analy,cs  offering   Coverage   -­‐  Equi,es/  mutual   funds/  ETFs   -­‐  Limited   companies   covered   -­‐  Regional   -­‐  Equi,es/Mutual   funds/ETFs   -­‐  45,000  ,ckers   -­‐  Global  (across   intl.  exchanges)   Stock   screens   -­‐  Based  on  data   points   -­‐  Restric,ve   -­‐  Predominantly   technical  screens   -­‐  Thema,c/   algorithmic   -­‐  Uses  analysis   output   -­‐  Screens  are   technical  and   fundamental   Performance   reports   -­‐  Limited  updates   -­‐  Only  on  the   selected  company   -­‐  Rela,ve  to  peers   selected   automa,cally   -­‐  Updated  daily   -­‐  Mul,ple   perspec,ves  at  a   given  instance  of  ,me   25   CapitalCube   offerings   There  is  nothing   quite  like  it”   “Analy5xinsight  recognized  as   a  company  using  federal  open   data  in  innova5ve  and   exci5ng  way”  by  The  White   House  Office  of  Science  and   Technology  Policy  (OSTP)  
    26. 26. Revenue  profiles  in  SaaS  /  eCommerce  space   26   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    27. 27. M&A  Ac,vity  in  the  Big  Data  Space   v  Number  of  big  data  investments   has  grown  36%  CAGR  between   2009  and  2012   v  Total  dollars  invested  grew  at  a  50%   CAGR  from  2009  to  2012   v  Big  Data  M&A  dominated  by  big   technology  companies  in  2012   v  Vmware  acquired  Cetas  souware  -­‐       Apr  2012   v  Most  transac,on  values  in  2012  were   not  reported   27   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
    28. 28. Key  takeaways     v Unique  sector-­‐agnos,c  cloud  based  plaBorm   v Mobile  plaBorm  available  pre-­‐loaded  in  Samsung   phones,  TV  and  wearable  devices   v Scalable,  expandable  business  model   v Low  breakeven  economics,  High  Margins   v Abrac,ve  Valua,on,  Ac,ve  M&A  trends  in  the  sector   28   For  Discussion  Purposes  Only.  Strictly  Private  and  Confiden,al.  
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