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Why have a library blog

  1. 1. Why would you have a Library blog? Kim Yeomans – St Martin of Tours, Rosanna St Martin of Tours LRC Blog
  2. 2. Our school Our LRC Blog helps us to community make connections… Students/classes within in our schoolAuthors &Illustrators A global community Other school libraries Other schools & teachers
  3. 3. Encourage writing – Raise the comments, LRC profile Promote blog posts, books and Ripper Reads Introduce reading Web 2.0 Tools Our LRC BlogFlatten our LRC walls enables me to … Share student work Communicate Teach with authors Resource & Cybersafety & illustrators teach units & blog of work etiquette
  4. 4. Our students’ reasons for why your school should have a Library Blog… Dear All The people that are reading this….. Dear Miss Y We think your library should have a blog Our Blog is part of our school. It says because things about the LRC and some things about our school Saint martins Of Tours. You can find out what’s new in the LRC There are some things from the children because we only have library once a week here and our teacher is so awesome. Our You can go on the LRC blog to find out things blog is really exciting because when you You can find out more about new books check it every week there is always You can watch videos something new. You can visit websites about your favourite So if you want a blog or you are thinking books about it get one. It is so cool for the You can see things that other grades have world to see! done from Emily O 4V You can see how many visitors we have had You can find out when new books are coming out Hi Miss Y, We can send comments to Miss Y I like our LRC blog because I think From 3BY it sets apart our LRC from others. It is also a great way to keep in touch with others that’s easy. From, Connor
  5. 5. Web 2 Tools I use… Animoto Fotobabble PhotoPeachSlideshare
  6. 6. Audio Boo Web 2 Tools I use… Poll Daddy ToonDoo Photo Peach - Quiz Voki
  7. 7. Creating your Library blog Global 2Global2 (formerly Globalteacher) is an Edublog campus site which means thesesites are ad free and have other features not available on standard Edublogs blogs Getting Started with Global2 Blogs Edublogs Education blogs for students, teachers and institutions. Free and paid blogs Getting started with Edublogs Edublogs Teacher Challenge – take yourself step by step through this challenge
  8. 8. Useful websitesIntegrating Technology in the Classroom – Kathleen MorrisTeaching Generation Now Subscribe to their Tech Tools for Teachers newsletterDevelop a Personal Learning network (PLN)Personal Learning Network – with SLAV and SLV. Join it next year and developyour own PLNDear Teacher who wasn’t on Twitter by Edna Sackson (@whatedsaid)Join Twitter – the best staffroom in the world!
  9. 9. As librarians, we cannot assume that other people will evervalue the library like we do unless we are out thereconstantly promoting and publicising what the library does.