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  • 1. Game Design -taekwondo, coupon, game justin
  • 2. Gamification • “The process of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage users and solve problems.” -important things about gamification 1. To induce people to your think 2. To encourage people who play game by using human mentality.
  • 3. MDA framework • Mechanics - Official rules that explain the game of system • Dynamics - player’s motion when player play the game minute by minute. • Aesthetics -sensibility response that game designer lead it by game dynamics
  • 4. Eight Kinds of fun Elements of game mechanics 1.Sensation: game of fun 2.Fellowship: game of social framework 3.Fantasy: game of make believe 4.Narrative: game of drama 5.Challenge: game of obstacle course 6.Discovery: game of uncharted territory 7.Expression: game of selfdiscovery 8.submission: game of pastime 1.Point 2.Level 3.Badges 4.challenges/quests 5.Onboarding 6.Engagement loops 7.leaderboards
  • 5. Taekwondo(ex: badges) Taekwondo badges -badges appear skill of taekwondo. -if you are skilled at any skill of taekwondo, you are given badge that represent skill of taekwondo. -it mostly engages children who don’t like exercise taekwondo.
  • 6. Coupon(ex: point) • Coupon(chicken,pizza,coffee) -when you buy chicken, you get the coupon. - Then you collect coupons that fixed number of coupon. You get the chicken free of charge.
  • 7. Point,leaderboards • When player participate the game ,he get the point. Then he can know his rank. • High rank given the rewards that are very unique. • So people cost lots of Money this game.
  • 8. Reference. • https://sites.google.com/site/gdworkshop/ materials/mda-framework • Lecture material(gamification)