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Mikro tik router os by som kimsour
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Mikro tik router os by som kimsour

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  • 1. Mikro Tik Router OS
  • 2. What is Router OS  Router OS is an operating system that will make your device :  A dedicate router  A bandwidth sharper  A(transparent) Packet filter  Any 802.11a,b/g wireless device  The operating system of RouterBOARD  Can be also installed On Pc
  • 3. What is RouterBOARD  Hardwhere created by Mikrotik  Rang from small home routers to carrier class access concentrators Mikrotik Router Board
  • 4. First Time Access Null Modem Cable Etherne t Cable
  • 5. WinBox  The application for configuring RotuerOS  It can be download from www.mikrotik.com
  • 6. Download Winbox
  • 7. Conncetion to winbox to router
  • 8. Communication  Process of communication is divided into seven layers  Lowest is physical layer highest is application Layer Application Presentation Session Tramsport Network Data Link Physical
  • 9. Communication Application SMTP HTTP FTP Telnet DNS DHCP SNMP TFTP Presentation Session Enkripsi, dekripsi, mime Transport Network TCP Transmission Control Protocol IP ICMP UDP User Datagram Protocol Routing Protocols RIP, OSPF, BGP Link Mac Address, Switch ARP Physical Ethernet, Wireless, ATM, Frame Relay, PPP
  • 10. Application Presentation Session Tramsport Network Data Link Physical Communication
  • 11. Mac Address  It is the unique physical address of a network device  It’s used for communication within LAN  example,00:A0:C9:14:C8:29 Mac Address
  • 12. IP  IP is an address of a computer or other network device on a network using IP or TCP/IP. For example, the number "" is an example of such an address. These addresses are similar to an addresses used on a house and is what allows data to reach the appropriate destination on a network and the Internet.  It is use for communication over network  Example:
  • 13. Subnets  Range of logical IP address that divides network into segements  Example: or/24 (Limit network)  Network address is the first IP address of the subnet  Broadcast address is the last IP address of subnet  They are reserved and cannot be used
  • 14. Tabel Subnet Subnet Mask Prefix /24 /25 /26 /27 /28 /29 /30 /31 /32 No of IP 256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 Usable IP 254 126 62 30 14 6 2 - -
  • 15. Subnets