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Connected Educator

  1. 1. What is a connected educator?
  2. 2. Starts with…. connected learning develop networks and co-construct knowledge collaborate online interact with colleagues around the globe Powerful Learning Practice
  3. 3. New Culture Emerges Shift away from a paradigm of isolation and closed doors Deep commitment to understanding ideas related learning Conversations turn to topics of practice Active listening to varied perspectives Community of learners moving forward Powerful Learning Practice
  4. 4. What is a PLN?
  5. 5. Personal Learning Network
  6. 6. It’s Personal You choose who you want to follow You choose if you want to actively participate Collaborate, communicate and learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime
  7. 7. Learning Links to blogs, articles, photos, infographics, conferences, and more Education “chats” in real time on a wide-range of topics Follow education “giants”
  8. 8. Network Local, National and International Educators from diverse backgrounds Individuals who share resources, support and encourage learning
  9. 9. Who Needs a PLN? Educators who want to learn and share in a global community Educators who are looking to reach beyond their school community and embrace new pedagogy Educators who want to stay current
  10. 10. Added Bonus PLN’s are social – often the people you follow on Twitter are people you have or will meet face-to-face at education conferences PLN’s freely share of their time and talent, site resources, offer feedback, participate virtually in your presentations
  11. 11. Twitter for Educators
  12. 12. Objectives: Share a basic understanding of Twitter Describe the Benefits of Using Twitter Explain Personal Learning Networks Give Examples of Twitter in the Classroom
  13. 13. Twitter Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets”. Over 500 million active users 340 million tweets daily 1.6 billion search queries per day
  14. 14. Benefits of Twitter 24/7 Professional Development Together we’re Better Find great resources Up-to-the-minute News Best, Free Professional Development, any Teacher can access Self-Awareness and Reflective Practice Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  15. 15. An example- Parent Education Workshop Presentation to parents on Social Media Sent a Live Tweet during the presentation “Giving a Twitter education class to parents right now, pls send your location and how you use Twitter, pls RT”
  16. 16. D.C. Memphis Burlington, MA Iceland Oxford, UK Inga from Iceland, retweets my original tweet sending to her followers NC Central NY Lancaster Wisconsin West Michigan UAE London
  17. 17. Kingston, NY St. Louis, MO Florida So.Cal. New Brunswick, Canada Vermont Ontario, Canada Maine Reading, MA Perth, Down Under NJ Perth, Australia Northbrook, IL
  18. 18. The Backchannel Tweeting during a conference or presentation Allows individuals not at the conference to follow the main ideas. Allows for immediate feedback
  19. 19. One 10 minute Presentation Over 100 tweets From 5 countries Sharing the key points Offering instant feedback
  20. 20. “Passionate learning starts with passionate teachers” - @ksivick
  21. 21. Followers from around the globe let us know they are watching. Hi from Plymouth, U K A big Hello from Glasco, Scotland! Hello from Switzerland
  22. 22. How to use Twitter in the Classroom
  23. 23. Current Events: Keep a projection of live tweets , Students can witness news in real time.
  24. 24. Book discussion: #nerdybookclub
  25. 25. Follow authors
  26. 26. Follow education hashtags
  27. 27. Research Many experts are on Twitter MLA now outlines how to properly cite a Tweet Crowdsource your research, ask others to tweet their best references
  28. 28. Promote Class Blog Tweet the link to your class blog Ask for feedback for specific topic or post
  29. 29. Class Blog
  30. 30. Jake received 6 comments on his blog. Two of the comments were from people living in Ethiopia. “I live in Addis Ababa, which is the capitol of Ethiopia and I like it a lot. The food here is very spicy and delicious and people usually eat with their hands.”
  31. 31. India Germany United Kingdom Revolver map linked to blog, this list hows live “hits” to the student’s log, follow tweeting the link.
  32. 32. Backchannels Ask students to follow tweets during a televised event Model a backchannel and tweet during a conference so students can witness your learning
  33. 33. Start a weekly Chat Send students a poll asking them to vote on a discussion topic Assign a twitter conversation for homework – meet on twitter, get a conversation started Invite global experts, alumni, parents, anyone who wants to extend the conversation beyond classroom walls
  34. 34. Alternatives to Twitter for the classroom