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Career Center Pathways Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. Career Pathways www.utdallas.edu/careerVolume 10 | Issue 1 Fall | 2011Ready for a Webcam Interview? Six Tips to Help You Prepareby Matt Berndt1. Know your technology: up and move around during yourWhether you are using Skype, webcam interview. They can seeooVoo, Google WebChat, or you and everything you do.one of the other webcam chat 4. Manage your image:apps avilable for your computer Dress the part! This means youor smartphone, make sure you and everything in view of yourknow how to use the app and webcam. The image you projectits features. The day of your on your webcam is a combinationinterview is the wrong time to of you and your surroundings,learn how to use the application! and you control ALL of this.Don’t wait until the last minute. Take a look at yourself in your webcam communication.Download the app now and start webcam. What you see is whatgetting comfortable using it. 6. Have a “Plan B”: You can the employer will see. Make sure2. Control your light from a nearby window is do everything right and beenvironment: Eliminate all not washing out your picture. as prepared as possible anddistractions! Rommates, pets, Remember, you control the sometimes technology just failsboyfriends and girlfriends, parents camera, how it is positioned and to do what it is supposed to- ask them to leave you alone. the image it captures. Manage do. Make sure you know yourTwitter and Facebook accounts, that image. interviewer’s phone number andyour Pandora account and your email address. Have both ready 5. Double-check your in case you need to use them. AtiPod - turn them off. connection: Wireless the first sign of trouble, alert your3. Allow yourself to focus on communication is great, until it interviewer and see if you can getthe interview: Make sure you are doesn’t work or until the signal the technology issues resolved. Ifbudgeting enough time for the strength is weak. Signal strength you can’t, suggest the telephoneinterview. Be ready to go 10 to 15 is particularly important when as an alternative.minutes beforehand and budget you are transmitting video, soextra time in case the interview make sure you have a fast and Reprinted from Job Choices 2012goes long. Have a glass of water reliable connection (wired or For Business and Liberal Artsnearby and have all of your notes wireless). Test your connections Students, with permission of theready to reference. As with an speed and/or signal strength to National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.in-person interview, you can’t get be certain it can effectively handle 1
  2. 2. A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR 2Welcome to a New School Year by Michael DotyWelcome to a new schoolyear…the Career Center staffhas been busy planning a greatyear of programming for you.All career seminars have beencompletely revamped andthe Fall Career Expo looks tobe one of the best attendedever. There are several newnetworking/preparation events.Plan to attend Resumania, View inside Student Services BuildingCareer Advice and a Slice,Evening with Industry, the FYE the Career Center homepage. or Twitter, get connected whileand SRYE Workshop series, Speaking of the homepage, checking out the new website.Build Your Network! panels, check out the brand new Career The Career Center is reallyand more. You can find dates, Center website; we hope you excited about all that is newtimes, and locations on the find it to be both informative and we hope that you will takeComet Calendar, through your and more interactive. If you’re advantage of all we offer. HaveCareerWorks account, or from not following us on Facebook a really great school year! Career Center shots
  3. 3. PLAYING FAIR What’s Your Part? 3Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker1. Provide accurate informationabout your academic workand records, including coursestaken, grades, positions held,and duties performed.You can, however, refuse toprovide an employer withspecific information about anyjob offers you may have receivedfrom other employers. You do not 4. Adhere to schedules. recruiting process immediately.have to name the organizations Appear for all interviews, on And, let employers that arethat have made you offers, nor campus and elsewhere, unless actively considering you for ado you have to provide specific unforeseeable events prevent you job know that you are now outinformation about what salaries from doing so. And, if you can’t of the running. By informingyou’ve discussed with those make the interview because of an everyone that you’ve got a job ororganizations. Instead, you can unforeseeable event, notify your are headed to graduate school,give broad responses to such career center or the employer at you not only get the chancequestions, naming types of the earliest possible moment. to brag but also to help youremployers—”I’ve interviewed friends who are trying to get onwith employers in the retail 5. Don’t keep employers interview schedules or who areindustry”—and offering salary hanging. being considered for positions.ranges rather than specific Communicate your acceptance ordollar amounts—”The salary refusal of a job offer to employers 8. Claim fair reimbursement.offers I’ve received have been in as promptly as possible, so they If an employer has agreed tothe $25,000 to $30,000 range.” can notify other candidates that reimburse you for expenses youIncidentally, it’s in your best they are still being considered or incur in its recruitment process,interest to research salaries and that the position is filled. your request should be onlyto let employers know that you for reasonable and legitimatehave done so. 6. Accept a job offer in good expenses. faith.2. Be honest. When you an accept an offer, 9. Obtain the careerConduct your job search with you should have every intention information you need to makehonesty and integrity. Do not of honoring that commitment. an informed choice about yourlie or stretch the truth on your Accepting an offer only as future.resume, applications, or during a precautionary measure is It’s up to you to acquire theany part of the interview process. misleading to the employer information about career and may restrict opportunities opportunities, organizations, and3. Interview genuinely. for others who are genuinely any other information that mightInterview only with employers interested in that employer. influence your decisions aboutyou’re sincerely interested an employing organization.in working for and whose 7. Withdraw from recruitingeligibility requirements you when your job search is completed. Reprinted from Job Choices 2012meet. “Practice” interviewingis misleading to employers— If you accept an offer or decide For Business and Liberal Artswasting both their time and that full-time graduate or Students, with permission of themoney—and prevents sincerely professional studies are for you, National Association of Collegesinterested candidates from using notify your career center and and Employers, copyright holder.those interview slots. withdraw from the on-campus
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA KNOW HOW 410 TIPS for Using Social Media in Your Job Search by Lindsey Pollak professors, neighbors, and other blog, comment on the posts of close contacts are the best people industry bloggers you admire. You to provide you with “warm” referrals might just catch the eye of a reader to the contacts in their networks. who is hiring. The bigger and more authentically your network grows, the more 8. Share. One of the best ways access to opportunities you’ll have. to maintain a strong professional1. Develop a professional presence. network is to support other peopleWhat do people find when they 5. Be a joiner. Another way to by sharing helpful information likeGoogle you? If the results aren’t form valuable relationships is to articles, blog posts, and YouTubeprofessional, take down those join online communities with which videos. A small, helpful gesture likeparty pics and create a professional you already have an affiliation. This forwarding a link is a great form ofpersona. Set up a profile on LinkedIn, might include your university’s networking (and the recipient willwhich is a 100 percent professional LinkedIn group, the Facebook fan likely help you in return).network, and add professional details page of a nonprofit you support,to your Google, Facebook, and or an industry association listserv. 9. Keep people up to date. StatusTwitter profiles. Once you’re a member of a group, updates are another smart form of you can comment on discussions, networking. Update your LinkedIn,2. Fill your profiles with keywords. meet people who share common Facebook, and Twitter status withAll of your social media profiles interests and find exclusive job information about events you’reshould include key words and listings. attending, books you’re reading,phrases that a recruiter or hiring or other career news. To remindmanager might type into a search 6. Tweet. Twitter is an amazing people that you’re job hunting,engine to find a person like you. The tool to research and connect post updates such as, “I had a greatbest place to find relevant words with recruiters, industry experts, second interview this morning -is in the job listings that appeal to and potential employers. Even cross your fingers for me!”you and the social media profiles of if you set up a Twitter profile topeople who have the positions you “listen” more than you tweet, 10. Use social media to acewant. you’ll get enormous value out of interviews. Before a job interview, the information you’ll discover. study the LinkedIn profiles, Twitter3. Use LinkedIn to find your path. Plus, many organizations are now feeds, and blogs of the people andNot yet sure what career is right tweeting out their job postings organizations you’ll be meeting.for you? Take a browse through - don’t miss this new source of The more preparation you do, theLinkedIn. Comprised of more than 65 opportunities. more confident you’ll feel - andmillion professionals, LinkedIn offers the more likely you’ll be to make aa huge database of other people’s 7. Blog. Consider staking your great impression and land the job!career paths from which you can own ground in the social mediagather ideas about companies, job world. You can blog in writing ortitles, or professions that might be a video about your career interests, Reprinted from Job Choices 2012good fit for you. campus life, travel, sports, activities, For Business and Liberal Arts or anything else. Blogging (as Students, with permission of the4. Get personal. When you’re long as you keep it clean) can National Association of Colleges andlooking for a job, your online network demonstrate your knowledge and Employers, copyright holder.can and should include friends passion to a potential employer. Ifand family. Parents, classmates, you’re not interested in your own
  5. 5. READY, SET, GO! for an Internship 5 by Kortney House Looking to get some exposure to Ready to get started? Just follow these your possible future career, build your simple steps: resume, and connect with professionals 1. Create a CareerWorks account andImportant Contact in your industry of choice? Go for an upload your resume.Information internship! 2. Attend an Internship Information Internships are a fantastic way to gain Session either in person or online. See hands-on experience in the working utdallas.edu/career for a schedule. world. They allow you to see what it Access the online session at: could really be like to work in your Students/Alumni – Internships – Online area of interest and to hone skills Internship Information Session. that will help you succeed in your (International students on F-1 visa must career. They can affirm that you are attend a CPT Information session in heading in the right career direction, person and complete work authorization as well as demonstrate aspects of an paperwork before beginning an internship.) industry that are not your preference. Internships even help you make 3. The Internship Coordinator will connections between the theories contact you to confirm eligibility. and practices you learn about in the classroom and the ways in which they 4. Search for internships! play out in the professional arena. They give you a golden opportunity to meet 5. Complete the “Report an Internship” professionals in your field to ask them section in CareerWorks. The Internship questions about the industry and make Coordinator will assist you with academic connections for the future. credit or transcript notation options and other required paperwork. The internship program at the Career Center is designed to empower you to seek out and obtain internship opportunities, and to be successful in the experience. As an added bonus, you can choose to get academic credit or transcript notation for your internship. The Career Center Internship Coordinators are here to help you!
  6. 6. CAREER EVENTS 6 resumania graduate sChool exPo Thursday, Sept. 8 Wednesday, October 12 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Clark Center Galaxy Rooms, Student Union Get ready for Fall Career Expo by having your resume critiqued by an Meet Representatives from law industry professional. schools, medical schools, business, Fall Career exPo engineering & computer science, Wednesday, Sept. 14 and other programs, including evening with industry 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. UT Dallas. exPo edition Main Gym, Activity Center Tuesday, Sept. 13 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Meet employers with internship, reverse Career exPo Faculty Dining Room, full- and part-time opportunities! Friday, October 21 Dining Hall 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. All Majors! All Career Fields! Network with employers For UT Dallas students and alumni! Galaxy Rooms, from various industries. Great Student Union opportunity to practice your Professional business attire networking skills. and Comet Card or Alumni ID Employers will visit Student REQUIRED Organization booths and meet UT Dallas student leaders Career adviCe & a sliCe evening with industry Friday, October 14 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 15 Galaxy Rooms, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Student Union Faculty Dining Room, Dining Hall Participate in round table sessions Network with employers from to learn about various industries. various industries. Contact Us? Hours of OperationStudent Services Building Phone: 972-883-2943 Office Hours:SSB 3.300 Fax: 972-883-2431 Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 am - 6:00 pm careercenter@utdallas.edu Fri. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm utdallas.edu/career Thank you to the following contributors of articles to this publication: Michael Doty • Kortney House Editor: Kimshi Hickman