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Social Media Minefield: Legal Problems with Recruiting Through Social Media

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Marywright 120326114508 Phpapp02 (1)

  1. 1. Social Media Minefields: Legal Problems in Recruiting Through Social Media
  2. 2. AgendaPrivacy Background Social Company Checks Media Policy
  3. 3. PrivacyWhat is“privacy?” "the  quality  of  being  secluded    from     the  presence  or  view  of  others”  
  4. 4. Privacy What is “privacy on the Internet?”“An individuals right to determine:•  what information they would like others to know about themselves;•  which people are permitted to know that information; and•  the ability to determine when those people can access that information." -- Elias Bizannes (OpenWeb Foundation, Australia)  
  5. 5. PrivacyLegal Basis 4  Common  Law  Privacy  Claims   •  Public  disclosure  of  private  facts.     •  Portraying  an  individual  in  a  false  light.   •  Use  of  an  individuals  name  or  likeness.     •  Intrusion  into  an  individuals  private  solitude  or  seclusion.    
  6. 6. PrivacyCommonIssues•  Physical  Searches  •  Video  Surveillance  •  Internet  and  E-­‐Mail   •  Right  to  Organize     •  GINA   •  Fraternization   •  Testimonials  and  Endorsements  for  Employer   •  Monitoring  Employee  Use  of  Social  Networking  Sites  
  7. 7. PrivacyCommonIssues •  HIPAA   •  Social  Security  Numbers   •  Identity  Theft   •  Security  Breach   •  Employer  Trade  Secret,            Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information  
  8. 8. PrivacyReasonableexpectationof privacy. Terms of Service (TOS) create "reasonable expectation of privacy” on the Internet Determine which Networks Your Company Will Use Learn the TOS for that Network
  9. 9. PrivacyWebsite’s privacy policy≠ privacy Facebook Users can block access to personal information through onerous opt-out procedure**** Twitter Searchable by e-mail, no privacy between members for any tweet****Although Facebook makes a lot of noise about privacy: it’shard to understand their rules; and it doesn’t apply to Apps.
  10. 10. PrivacyWebsite’s privacy policy≠ privacy Google Buzz G-mail contact lists are indexed by Google LinkedIn Fully searchable by members, access to connections MySpace Members can search for other members but full blog may be password protected
  11. 11. Background ChecksWhat are you looking for?
  12. 12. Background Checks •  Driving Records •  Credit History •  Reference Checks •  Military Service Records•  Criminal and Civil Records•  Verification of Professional Licenses•  Verification of Education and Past Employment•  Bankruptcy and Workers’ Compensation Records•  Verification of Social Security Number and Past Addresses
  13. 13. Background Checks Rules•  Limited in time to post-offer, pre-employment period.•  Job-related information only.•  Kept Confidential.•  All applicants or no applicants, not on a selective basis.  
  14. 14. Background Checks Fair Credit Reporting ActWhen employers hire a 3rd party to conduct abackground check or obtain reports from outsideagencies, such background checks and reportsare subject to FCRA.
  15. 15. Background Checks•  Background Financial Information•  Personal Information •  About Employee or Applicant •  For permissible “employment purpose” •  For evaluation of an individual for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention.  
  16. 16. Background Checks ReportsConsumer Reports: General Financial and Personal DataInvestigative Consumer Reports: In-Depth Character Investigation  
  17. 17. Background Checks NoticePrior to obtaining any consumer report Clear, Conspicuous, Written Disclaimer Obtain Written ConsentPrior to obtaining Investigative Consumer Report Clear, Conspicuous, Written Disclaimer Mailed within 3 days of request Include statement of rights  
  18. 18. Background Checks Adverse ActionBefore taking adverse action, provide:•  Copy of the report•  Contact Information for reporting agency•  Statement that agency did not make adverse decision•  Notice of right to obtain copy  
  19. 19. Background Checks Not includedMedical informationArrest records older than 7 years Unless annual salary > $75,000 Convictions always allowed
  20. 20. Background Checks MisconductFCRA  excludes  investigations  into  employee  misconduct  conducted  by  3rd  parties.  If  adverse  action  relies  upon  report,  employee  entitled  to  summary.  
  21. 21. Background Checks DisposalFACTA:    Fair  and  Accurate  Transactions  Act  of  2003  •  Reasonable  protection  and  disposal  measures    •  To  prevent  identity  theft  
  22. 22. Social, Friendship, Invitation-based Networks Professional, Career-based Networks   Personal/Affinity or Company BlogsSocial MediaWhat social networksdo Recruiters use?
  23. 23. 1.  Find Active Candidates 2.  Find Passive Candidates 3.  Promote Company to Attract Candidates 4.  Peer Regression to Source CandidatesSocial MediaHow do Recruiters usesocial networks?
  24. 24. •  Unauthorized Access •  Union Organizing Efforts •  Astroturfing & Sock Puppets •  Unusable InformationSocial MediaWhat legal issues doRecruiters encounter?
  25. 25. Stored Communications Act: •  Prohibits unauthorized intrusions of stored electronic information •  Provider exception with notice to users A recruiter cannot intentionally access stored electronic communications withoutSocial Media authorizationUnauthorized Access
  26. 26. National Labor Relations Act: Protected Speech •  Affords employees the right to engage in “concerted activity” “collective activity” •  A recruiter cannot make a hiring decision based upon concerted protected activity.Social MediaUnion Organizing Efforts
  27. 27. Astroturfing •  Corporate sponsorship of grassroots activity •  False community action Sock Puppets •  Online identity for deception of community •  Praise, defend, support site and purpose •  Used on Corporate/Affinity SiteSocial MediaAstroturfing & Sock Puppets
  28. 28. So, if information is accessible does that mean you can use it to make an adverse hiring decision? Not Necessarily!Social MediaWhat legal issues doRecruiters encounter?
  29. 29. Not Private Accessible Properly Obtained Now can you use information from the Internet? Not Necessarily!Social MediaWhat legal issues doRecruiters encounter?
  30. 30. Why not? •  Protected Class •  Financial Problems •  Arrest Record •  Workers’ Comp. Claims •  Medical Condition/Disability •  Complained About Boss/ EmployerSocial MediaUnusable Information
  31. 31. Why not? •  Lawful Off-Duty Conduct •  Political Beliefs •  Lack of Reliability •  Access to OthersSocial MediaUnusable Information
  32. 32. •  Decide whether employer will search social media in hiring.•  Search consistently and in a uniform manner.•  Notify candidates of intent to search. Company•  Use social media only after Policy initial interview. Social Media•  Define the job and what information is relevant to it.
  33. 33. •  Identify the sites you will review to obtain relevant info.•  Read, understand, comply Company with site’s TOS.•  Never misrepresent yourself to gain access. Policy•  Never coerce another to obtain access. Social Media•  Document all sites visited.
  34. 34. •  Store only usable information with application.•  Insulate decision-maker from raw data.•  Base decisions only on usual information (“scrubbed”) Company•  Train recruiters, publish policy, Policy advise decision-makers.•  Document legitimate, non- Social Media discriminatory reason for decision.
  35. 35. Questions
  36. 36. Social Media Minefields Presented By 415-442-4810