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We prresent to you a beautiful haven, located in the green leefy suburb of Lavington.Its a place that is removed and yet close to the metropolitan city of Nairobi. its a fewminutes drive from the Shopping hub that is Westalnds and about 20 minutes from the city centre

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Trident Villas Lavington E Brochure

  1. 1. CR EA T E . L I VE . I N SP I R E
  2. 2. Kenya, a land of infinite natural beauty. Thewarm friendly people, magnificent landscapesand wonderful climate are only some of thiscountry’s appeal. Who wouldn’t want to livehere? This is where we come in. When it comesto development and management of exclusivereal estate, we are at the fore.We go about this the same way houses arebuilt; from the ground up. From inception tocompletion we attend to all the details, all thespecifics, and ensure that everything is asspecified by our clients.Welcome to Trident Estates. Welcome home.
  3. 3. We present to you a beautiful haven, located in the green,leafy suburb of Lavington. It is a place that is removed, and yet close to, the metropolitan city of Nairobi. Located alongLoiyangalani Drive, off James Gichuru Road, the Trident Villas Lavington are a few minutes drive from the shopping hub that is Westlands, and about twenty minutes from the city centre itself, this is, indeed, the perfect place to live. Welcome to Trident Villas Lavington.
  4. 4. The Beauty Inside A villa, by definition, is a large luxury house. This is the quintessence of Trident where the hallmarks are trendsetting design, technological excellence and brilliant finishes.These villas will fulfil all that you desire in your home. Each of the units at Trident Villas Lavington is a masterpieceall by itself. Wherever you look, you are surrounded by quality craftsmanship from the bottom up. Literally. The floors, both upstairs and downstairs, are all laid out in mahogany, and the same goes for the main doors and theirframes. And it doesn’t stop there. Upstairs, crowning this work The Elegance Outside of art, are high quality Gypsum ceilings, spacious wardrobes Outside, you have ample parking for at least two vehicles, and exclusive local and imported sanitaryware fittings in all set upon durable Cabro paving which is also the paving the bedrooms, including the guestroom downstairs. material of choice for the roads and other communal spaces in this exclusive neighbourhood. For your security and that of your family, a perimeter wall with electric fencing rings the entire development and there is only one gate, manned around the clock.
  5. 5. Living It Up For relaxation, family time or entertaining the guests who will definitely want to come see your splendid abode, there’s the large, airy lounge with its large picture windows facing out front. An elegant archway connects the lounge to the dining room, where you and yours can dine like royalty. It’s all part of the package, really. There is the freedom to experiment with different furniture layouts here. After all, the floor is open to your ideas. Precision Meets Perfection In the spacious kitchen, the heart of any home, are precisely designed and fitted cabinets andgranite counter tops with double sinks. Culinary magic is eminently achievable in this space and you can use the large pantry space for all the ingredients you’ll use to cook up a storm.
  6. 6. A Cocoon Of Comfort Upstairs, where three of the four bedrooms are, is a haven of tranquillity. All four bedrooms are en suite, tastefully bedecked in quality Saj Ceramics and Sanindusa tiles and sanitary ware. All of them, with the exception of the master bedroom, have aluminium and glass shower enclosures. There is no need to worry about waterheating bills though as all the hot water is provided by the eco-friendly solar panel heaters installed in each house. A Little Indulgence The master bedroom’s bathroom features a shower and a bathtub, giving you the choice of a quick shower or a relaxing bath. There is also a balcony, exclusive to this room, providing you with an open space where you can relax, read a book or enjoy the sunshine whenever you please. Up here there is peace, a removal of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a sanctuary. It is the essence of home.
  7. 7. Some of the amenities include • 4 bedroom all en suite+ DSQ. • Mahogany floors and gypsum ceilings. • Ample parking for two cars. • Electric fence & 24hr guards.location • Aluminium and glass shower enclosure. • Eco friendly solar panel heater.
  8. 8. FLOOR PLANS Total floor space: 3100 Sq. Feet bath bath bath 02 bath 02 guest bedroom guest bedroom bedroom 3 bedroom 3 pantry cloak cloak pantry bedroom 2 bedroom 2 passage passage kitchen kitchen dressing dressing Dining Dining Lounge Lounge [granito tiles] arched [granito tiles] [granito tiles] arched [granito tiles] bath bath opening opening bath bath master bedroom master bedroom porch porch balcony balcony GROUND FLOOR 1ST FLOOR LAYOUT
  9. 9. CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS ARCHITECTS Melsem Design Consultants, P.O. Box 72105 – 00200, Nairobi PROJECT MANAGERS & CONTRACTORS Project Management & Consultancy Services Limited, P.O. Box 482 – 00606, Nairobi LAWYERS Mohamed Madhani & Co DEVELOPERS Advocates & Commissioners for Oaths Turnpike Holdings Limited, Nation Centre ( 14th Floor, Tower A), Kimathi Street P.O. Box 17592 – 00500, P.O.Box 48539-00100 Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya Email:
  10. 10. TRIDENT ESTATES CREA T E . LIVE . INSP I RE P.O. Box 17592 (00500), Nairobi, Kenya Sales (+254) 700 00 20 20, Office (+254) 700 00 22 22,