Serials- ILL collaboration SUNYLA 2010


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Collaboration between Serials and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) led to major reduction in CCC bill. SUNYLA 2010 presentation.

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  • Good afternoon, my name is Kim Myers and I am the manager of Interlibrary Loan Services at the College at Brockport. You may wonder why someone from ILL is speaking at SerialSIG+. Serials and ILL have collaborated closely for the last few years. Today, I’m want to share with you some surprising results we found on our Copyright Clearance bill this year.
  • Before I talk about copyright, I just want to be sure we are allOn the same page. Does everyone know about the Rule of 5?Greg?
  • Well, yes there is that Rule of 5 (secs), butHere we are going to talk about the Rule of 5 for Copyright.
  • We do our copyright report every April for charges accumulated the previous calendar year. So when I talk about 2009, I am talking about the report I just finished in Apr 2010, that covered 2009.
  • Our historical data shows that over the course of 3 yrs, our copyright bill went from just under $2K to just over $4K.What would it be this year? An informal poll of some library staff brought estimates of $3500 - $6000. So imagine our surprise when…..
  • That got me thinking, and here is one answer I came up with.
  • Susan Perry will share more of that information with you.
  • We spent $1163 on the 2009 CCC bill on these titles.
  • We spent $321 on these titles on the 2009 CCC bill.
  • Our patrons get information that want at their fingertips, and the library saves money!
  • This just shows what percentage of the copyright bill is attributableTo any specific department. Some departments have dropped off the Radar all together (Communication, Chemistry, CJ, Counselor Ed). Are weMeeting more of their needs with the resources we already have ? Do the onesWhose usage went up from 2008 to 2009 represent an area of weakness in ourDatabases that we should try to address?
  • In closing, I would like to ask - Does anyone else look at this type of data in their library?
  • Serials- ILL collaboration SUNYLA 2010

    1. 1. A pleasant surpriseOr what SUNY Brockport found out when they did their Copyright Clearance bill this year
    2. 2. Every April, we have to deal with:• Taxes • Copyright• Showers Clearance• Budget woes Reports
    3. 3. Rule of Five
    4. 4. Copyright Rule of Five• More than 5 articles• Same journal title• 5 years or newer
    5. 5. This was getting scary – what would 2009 bring? Historical Copyright Costs $5,000.00 $4,160.50 $4,000.00 $3,000.00 $2,649.45 $1,971.00 $2,000.00 $1,000.00 $- 2006 2007 2008 2009
    6. 6. $5,000.00 $4,160.50$4,000.00$3,000.00 $2,649.45 $1,971.00$2,000.00 $1,568.52$1,000.00 $- 2006 2007 2008 2009 Wow, what happened here?
    7. 7. Serials and ILL got togetherIn 2009, we found some good trial subscriptions to Taylor and Francis and Sage that produced a gold mine of savings!
    8. 8. New Sage database coverage• • Autism • Journal of sport and social issues • Behavior Modification • Journal of sports economics • European Physical Education • Men and Masculinities Review • Research on social work practice • Human Relations • Journal of child neurology • School psychology international • Journal of interpersonal • The American behavioral scientist violence • Urban education • Journal of language and social • Violence against women psychology
    9. 9. Taylor and Francis titles• Child and Family Behavior • Journal of school violence Therapy• International journal of • Policing science education • Social work education• Journal of gerontological social • Teaching of psychology work• Journal of homosexuality • Women & health• Journal of religion and • High Ability Studies spirituality in social work • Adoption Quarterly• European Journal of Special Education
    10. 10. Win-win situation
    11. 11. What else can the data tell us?Are we meeting the patrons’needs?Who asks for articles?What departments?
    12. 12. Trends in Department usage of articles requiring copyright payment45%40%35%30%25%20% 2006 200715% 2008 200910%5%0%
    13. 13. Questions or comments ?Kim MyersInterlibrary Loan,