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How can we engage more people in the user experience process? How can we get team members excited and engaged? How can we push the diversity of ideas created?

Using games, with a diverse group of individuals, will help to open people's minds, facilitate fun, and most importantly, encourage creativity. Agreements, discussions, and debates are encouraged and fostered in an open and inviting environment. This type of environment speeds up the idea generation and evaluation process. Focusing on great activities for the idea generation process, digs up opportunities and ideas that exist within the people you work with. This set-up allows for divergent thinking to occur, that eventually builds into convergent thinking which leads to rapid iterative prototyping and testing.

We will look at ways to plan, run, and execute brainstorming sessions in a manner that is set up for fun and function. We will review ways to use games to help cultivate an atmosphere that generates ideas and prototypes. Through images, samples, and stories, we will see how games can be put to use to produce tangible results. I have taken my experience in game design, teaching, and user experience, and applied it to the people, which is at the core of creating great ideas and products!

The purpose of this talk is to show how cultivating a highly diverse group of people, with fun and games, can create productive meetings and innovative brainstorming. Design, Development, and Management members will benefit from learning new opportunities to add to their creative process.

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Creativity through Play

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