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    200 200 Document Transcript

    • A Guide to Mailing forBusinesses and Organizations July 2004
    • Welcome to theUnited States Postal Service
    • INTRODUCTION 2 What Is Business Mail? 4 Methods for MailingR E TA I L M A I L I N G 7 Retail Mailing ServicesSERVICES 10 Choosing a Mailing Service 12 Adding Extra Services 14 Choosing a Postage Payment Method 16 Understanding Your Mailpiece Shape 18 Preparing Your Mail 20 Example 22 Retail Postage RatesDISCOUNT MAILING 25 Discount Mailing ServicesSERVICES 28 Choosing a Mailing Service 34 Choosing a Postage Payment Method 36 Preparation Overview 44 Sorting Overview 48 Mail Entry Overview 52 Example 56 Discount Postage Rates 58 Where to Go From HereONLINE MAILING 61 Online Mailing ServicesSERVICES 64 NetPost Mailing Online Service 66 NetPost CardStore Service 68 NetPost Premium Postcard Service 69 Online Shipping LabelsADDITIONAL 72 Mailing for Nonprofit OrganizationsI N F O R M AT I O N 74 Getting Help From Mail Service Providers 76 Encouraging Customers to Reply 78 Reviewing Content EligibilityREFERENCE 81 Glossary 88 Index
    • A Guide to Mailing for Businesses and OrganizationsWelcome to the United States Postal Service.This guide explains the domestic products and servicesavailable for businesses and organizations. 1
    • What Is Business Mail? Business mail includes all the ways mail is used to accomplish the goals of your business or organization. Bills, invoices, catalogs, coupons, solicitations, newsletters, magazines, merchandise, and advertisements in any quantity are just some of the items businesses and organizations mail every day. What Can Business Mail What Are the Benefits of Help You Do? Business Mail? Whether you are starting a new Targeted organization or maintaining an You can choose which established company, mail is demographics will receive your an important tool for reaching mailing, so you can be certain that your customers, members, or your message will arrive at the employees. Business mail can home or business of someone who help you: is likely to be interested in it. Acquire Flexible Attract new customers and With mail, you can send a millionINTRODUCTION expand membership. postcards, a single parcel, or anything in between. You can take Retain and Grow advantage of a variety of valuable Strengthen relationships with and cost-effective mailing services customers and members. Sustain to fit your needs and your budget. long-term relationships. Expand the scope of activities through new Measurable products and services. Since you direct your mailings, you know when your message or Fulfill product will be received and can Fulfill orders and complete measure your return on investment. transactions. Strengthen confidence in your organization Universal through ongoing communication. The Postal Service can reach every business and household in the country six days a week. You benefit from the established relationship between the Postal Service and your customers. 2
    • POSTCARDS Often the least expensive way to send advertising, invitations, and business reply mail.LETTERS Large postcards, envelopes, and folded pieces, such as announcements, bills, and newsletters. You can find moreF L AT S Large or thick envelopes and flat, information about rectangular mailpieces, such as preparing an magazines, newspapers, catalogs, advertising mail circulars, or important documents campaign, obtaining that should not be folded. an address list, and customer success stories at www.usps.com/ directmail.PA R C E L S Items that are not flats, letters, or As a nonprofit postcards, such as thick envelopes, organization, your thick or rigid books, small and large goals may be different boxes, and poster tubes. from those of for-profit businesses, but your mailing benefits and processes are the same. Unlike for-profit businesses, however, you may qualify for special rates. For more information, see page 74. 3
    • Methods for Mailing Depending on your needs and resources, there are three different approaches to using mail for your business. R E TA I L M A I L I N G DISCOUNT MAILING ONLINE MAILING SERVICES SERVICES SERVICES Page 7 Page 25 Page 61 With retail mailing services, you With discount or “bulk” mailing From desktop to doorstep, online can easily send any quantity of mail services, you can receive significant mailing services let you use your at full postage rates without any postage discounts for larger computer to upload or create special preparation. Address, mailings by preparing and sorting postcards, letters, and newsletters. add postage, and send—it’s fast your mail according to Postal Your mailpieces are printed, and easy. Service guidelines and depositing prepared, and delivered directly to it at designated locations. Discount your customers.INTRODUCTION • Easy mail preparation mailing services involve some • Convenient drop-off options • No permit or mailing fees extra work, but they can help you • Expedited services available • Discounted postage rates save money. available • Reduced postage costs • Mail anytime from your desk • Many options available • Promote your business and create a professional image 4
    • TA S K S R E Q U I R E D F O R E A C H M E T H O D O F M A I L I N G Retail Discount Online Services Services Services Who are you trying to reach? Establish an address list What are you mailing? Design your mailpiece (size, shape, weight, and content) How will you plan and complete your mailing? Meet minimum volume requirements Choose a mailing service Choose a postage payment method Construct your mailpiece Sort your mail Pay an annual mailing fee Fill out a postage statement Deposit your mail 5
    • Headline Subhead 7 Retail Mailing Services 10 Choosing a Mailing Service 12 Adding Extra Services 14 Choosing a Postage Payment Method 16 Understanding Your Mailpiece ShapeR E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S 18 Preparing Your Mail 20 Example 22 Retail Postage Rates Tips come here if they are present. 6
    • Retail Mailing ServicesRetail mailing services provide a fast and easy way to mail. When youuse First-Class Mail postage on a letter or a bill, you are taking advantageof retail rates. You can send any number of mailpieces using retailservices. Even when you have a large quantity of mail, using a retail mailingservice may be your best option for ease and convenience.A D V A N TA G E S COST• Mail any quantity. The postage depends on the• Deposit your mail at any post service you select and the office, collection box, or characteristics of your mailpiece. your business mailbox. Your Some services are based on letter carrier can also collect weight; others are based on your mail. weight and distance; and others• It’s the same kind of service are based on weight, distance, you use for your personal content, and shape. mailing needs.• You do not have to apply for a permit or pay an annual mailing fee to take advantage of retail rates. 7
    • Retail Mailing Services Retail mailing services let you prepare and send mail quickly and easily.R E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S 8
    • P L A N N I N G A R E TA I L M A I L I N GTo send a successful mailing, carefully consider the following steps. 1 CHOOSING A MAILING SERVICE The six retail services can accommodate any mailing situation. 2 ADDING EXTRA SERVICES Extra services can provide additional protection and delivery information. 3 C H O O S I N G A P O S TA G E PAY M E N T M E T H O D Postage for retail services can be paid in four ways. 4 P R E PA R I N G A N D A D D R E S S I N G YO U R M A I L Careful preparation of your mailpiece, including a complete address, helps to ensure accurate and timely delivery. 5 D E P O S ITI N G YOU R M A I L You can deposit most stamped or metered mail in any blue collection box, at your office mailbox, or give it to your letter carrier. For security reasons, Priority Mail paid with postage stamps and weighing 16 ounces or more must be deposited at a post office retail counter or handed to your letter carrier. 9
    • Choosing a Mailing Service The six retail mailing services can accommodate any mailing situation. SHAPE CONTENT SPEED COST SERVICE Any mailable 1–2 days $$$ Express Mail item* money-back based on guarantee weight 70 lbs or less Any mailable 2–3 days $$ Priority Mail item* (average) based on weight and distance if 70 lbs or less over 1 lb Any mailable 1–3 days $$ First-ClassR E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S item* based on Mail weight 13 oz or less Merchandise 2–9 days** $ Parcel Post and gifts based on weight, distance, and shape 70 lbs or less Permanently 2–9 days** $ Bound Printed bound printed based on Matter material weight, distance, and shape 15 lbs or less Media 2–9 days** $ Media Mail based on weight 70 lbs or less * Certain hazardous ** Except Alaska and materials are excluded. Hawaii. See page 80 for more detailed content restrictions for each service. 10
    • Express MailThis money-back guaranteed overnight to two-day service includestracking, proof of delivery, and insurance up to $100. Delivery to mostdestinations is available 365 days a year with no extra charge forSaturday, Sunday, and holiday delivery. Express Mail envelopes andboxes are available at many post offices.Priority MailThis service is typically used to send documents, gifts, andmerchandise. Priority Mail envelopes and boxes are available at many Express Mail andpost offices. Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes let you sendFirst-Class Mail your item for one lowThis service (or Express Mail or Priority Mail) is required for personal rate, regardless ofcorrespondence, handwritten or typewritten letters, and bills or weight. The distinctivestatements of account. It also may be used for any mailable item, packaging has impact.including advertisements and lightweight merchandise.Parcel PostItems such as gifts and merchandise can be sent using Parcel Post.Bound Printed Matter You can mail letters,Contents are limited to permanently bound sheets of directory, flats, and parcels fromadvertising, or editorial matter, such as catalogs or phone books. the United States toBound Printed Matter is less expensive than Parcel Post. other countries. AsMedia Mail with domestic mail,Contents are limited to books, manuscripts, sound recordings, recorded you can choose thevideotapes, and computer-readable media (not blank). Formerly called best service based on“Book Rate,” Media Mail cannot contain advertising, except eligible speed, cost, and extra services. To learnbooks may contain incidental announcements of books. Media Mail is more about options forless expensive than Parcel Post. international mail and to calculate postage, visit www.usps.com/ global or call 1·800·ASK·USPS. Your post office can also help you send mail internationally. 11
    • Adding Extra Services Extra services can provide additional protection and delivery information. Certificate of Mailing Registered Mail Provides evidence of mailing. Provides maximum security. Return Receipt Discounts are available Includes proof of mailing at time of Provides a postcard with the date for four or more pieces. mailing and the date and time of of delivery and recipient signature. $0.90 delivery or attempted delivery. It is Must be combined with another the most secure service the Postal extra service. Return Receipt for Certified Mail Service offers. It incorporates a Merchandise service also is Provides proof of mailing at time system of receipts to monitor the available. of mailing and the date and time movement of the mail from the of delivery or attempted delivery. Restricted Delivery point of acceptance to delivery. $2.30 Confirms that only a specified Insurance can be added up to person (or authorized agent) will Return Receipt can be added to $25,000. Fee based on value of receive a piece of mail. This service confirm delivery. item. Starts at $7.50 costs $3.50 and is available only $1.75 extra at time of mailing. Return Receipt can be added to if you also purchase Certified Mail, $3.25 when requested confirm delivery. Insured Mail (more than $50),R E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S after mailing. $1.75 extra at time of mailing. Registered Mail, or COD. Insured Mail $3.25 when requested Special Handling Provides coverage against loss after mailing. Provides preferential handling for or damage up to $5,000. Delivery Confirmation fragile or perishable items. It must Fee based on value of item. Provides the date and time of be used when mailing items such Starts at $1.30 delivery or attempted delivery. as honeybees and day-old poultry Proof of mailing is provided for $0.45-$0.55 sent as Parcel Post. insured items. Return Receipt can Free when you print Priority Mail $5.95-$8.25 be added to confirm delivery. labels from www.usps.com. Collect on Delivery (COD) $1.75 extra at time of mailing. Signature Confirmation Allows the Postal Service to collect $3.25 when requested Provides the date and time of the postage and price of an item after mailing. delivery or attempted delivery from the recipient and give it to the and the name of the person mailer. The Postal Service maintains who signed for the item. You the delivery record. The goods can request a hard copy of must be ordered by the addressee. the signature. $1.80 Fee starts at $4.50 $1.30 when you print Priority Mail labels from www.usps.com. Delivery information is available: Most indemnity claims Many of these extra You can use an by hard copy for insured, COD, services are available endorsement, such registered, or Express for international mail. as “Return Service at www.usps.com Mail can be filed at any Requested,” to have a by calling 1·800·222·1811 post office. For more mailpiece returned if it information, go to your cannot be delivered. local post office or visit See page 41 for more www.usps.com. information. 12
    • E X TR A S E RV ICE S AVA I L A BLE FOR E ACH M A I LI NG S E RV ICE PROOF PROTECTION C O N F I R M AT I O N of deposit in transit of deliveryExpress Mail Receipt provided at time Insured Mail Date and time of delivery of mailing provided, and signature ($100 coverage already of recipient available included, more can be upon request added)Priority Mail Certificate of Mailing Insured Mail Certified Mail Registered Mail Delivery Confirmation Signature Confirmation Registered MailFirst-Class Mail Certificate of Mailing Insured Mail Certified Mail Registered Mail Delivery Confirmation* Signature Confirmation* Registered MailParcel Post Certificate of Mailing Insured Mail Delivery Confirmation*Media Mail Signature Confirmation*Bound Printed Matter * for parcels only Most extra services Forms and labels for provide proof of extra services are deposit. available in your post office lobby or from your rural letter carrier. 13
    • Choosing a Postage Payment Method You can choose from several forms of postage that make it easy to mail right from your office. .00 37USA S TA M P S M E T E R E D P O S TA G E Stamps are available in various You can use a meter to affix exact denominations and designs. There postage to your mailpieces. The is no need to obtain a permit or pay meter stamp shows the amount fees, no matter how many stamped of postage paid. Using a postage pieces you send. meter is fast, efficient, and secure and enhances the professional look For security reasons, Where Can I Get Stamps? Priority Mail paid withR E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S of your mailpieces. • Post offices postage stamps and How Do I Get a Postage Meter? weighing 16 ounces • ATMs You lease a meter from an or more must be • Select grocery and retail stores authorized provider. To find out deposited at a post • Select banks more about postage meters, office retail counter • By phone at 1·800·STAMP·24 including authorized meter or handed to your • By mail with Form 3227 letter carrier. providers, visit www.usps.com/ • Online at http://shop.usps.com postagesolutions. To use a postage To find a location near you, visit meter, you must obtain a license. www.usps.com/locator. How Do I Apply for a Meter You can use any What Are My Payment Options? License? of these postage Your post office accepts cash, You file an application (Form payment methods for checks, major credit cards, and 3601) for a meter license through international mail. debit cards. If you pay by check, your meter provider. There is no you must show a photo ID. You application fee. can pay for your online and phone How Do I Pay for Postage? stamp orders with a major credit All postage meters are remotely card. You can pay for your stamp reset by your meter provider— orders by mail with a check or you do not need to go to the post money order. office. Your meter provider will give you information about the payment options currently authorized by the Postal Service. 14
    • $0.00 MONTH DAY YEAR US POSTAGE FIRST-CLASS MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL CITY STATE ZIP CODE U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEW YORK NY PERMIT NO. 1 10161981RW0012BPERMIT IMPRINT P C P O S TA G E T E C H N O L O G YThis postage payment method You can use PC Postageinvolves the use of a printed or technology to purchase and printhand-stamped permit imprint. You postage from your computer at anymust have a mailing of at least 200 time. PC Postage is easy to usepieces or 50 pounds to be eligible for all mailing needs, from lettersfor this method. Mailings must be to labels for packages. It enablesprepared in specified containers you to print the exact postageand deposited at the postal facility needed and to keep track of mailingwhere your mail will be verified. All expenses.pieces in your mailing must weigh How Do I Get It?the same amount unless authorized PC Postage software and servicesby the Postal Service. are leased from authorizedHow Do I Apply? providers. To find out moreYou must file an application and to see a list of authorized(Form 3615) for a permit and pay a providers, visit www.usps.com/one-time application fee at the post postagesolutions. To useoffice where your mailings will be PC Postage technology you For Priority Maildeposited and where your postage must obtain a license. and Express Mail,will be paid. use Click-N-Ship How Do I Apply for a License? to pay for postageYou pay the application fee at each PC Postage providers prompt you and print labels atpostal facility where you deposit through the application process www.usps.com/your mail. You must use your (Form 3601) online. There is no clicknship. Usingpermit imprint at least once application fee. Click-N-Ship addsevery 24 months or you will have Delivery Confirmation How Do I Pay for Postage? to Priority Mail at noto apply again and pay a new Pay for postage through your additional charge.application fee. PC Postage provider. See page 71 forHow Do I Pay for Postage? more information.Postage is paid from an accountyou set up at the post office whereyou will enter your mail. 15
    • Understanding Your Mailpiece Shape The Postal Service classifies the shape of your mailpiece by its dimensions. Postcards DIMENSIONS Letters DIMENSIONS 6-1/8" max. 4-1/4" max. 3-1/2" min. 3-1/2" min. Height HeightR E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S 6" 5" Length 11-1/2" 5" Length max. min. max. min. maximum thickness 0.016 inch maximum thickness 1/4 inch minimum maximum minimum maximum length 5 inches 6 inches length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches height 3-1/2 inches 4-1/4 inches height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches thickness 0.007 inch 0.016 inch thickness 0.007 inch 1/4 inch Diagrams not to scale. For letters and postcards, length is the dimension parallel to the address. 16
    • Flats DIMENSIONS Parcels DIMENSIONS 12" max. 6-1/8" min. Girth Height Length 15" 11-1/2" Length max. min. length the longest side of the parcel girth measurement around the thickest maximum thicknessinch maximum thickness 3/4 part of the parcel minimum* maximum length 11-1/2 inches 15 inches length + girth length + girth cannot exceed 108 inches height 6-1/8 inches 12 inches (Parcel Post cannot exceed 130 inches) thickness 1/4 inch 3/4 inch * Flats exceed at least one of these dimensions.Unusual Shapes and SizesSometimes a mailpiece requires Parcel Post: First-Class Mail Envelopesadditional postage because it is • Parcels larger than 34 inches (1 ounce or less):a certain shape or size that is long, 17 inches wide, or • Square or flat-size envelopesdifficult to process on mail sorting 17 inches high • Envelopes on which themachines. To make sure you’re • Parcels less than 6 inches long, address is written parallel topaying the correct postage, visit or 1/4 inch thick, or 3 inches high the shorter edgewww.usps.com (click on “Calculate • Parcels weighing more thanPostage”) or call 1·800·ASK·USPS. 35 pounds • Parcels weighing less thanThe following are examples of mail 6 ouncesthat will require extra postage, • Books or printed materialknown as a “nonmachinable weighing more than 25 poundssurcharge”: • Tubes and rolls 17
    • Preparing Your Mail Careful preparation of your mailpiece helps to ensure accurate and safe delivery. ENVELOPES AND BOXES ADDRESSING Letters, Greeting Cards, and Address Quality Military Mail Other Documents Quality addressing is the key to Military addresses must show the These can be sent in standard achieving accurate and speedy full name with middle name or initial white, manila, or recycled delivery. and PSC number, unit number, or paper envelopes. Items needing ship name. Replace the city name Placement extra protection can be sent with “APO” or “FPO,” and the stateR E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S Print the delivery and return in bubble-lined, padded paper, with “AA,” “AE,” or “AP,” and use addresses on the same side of or waterproof envelopes. the ZIP Code designated by the your envelope, card, or parcel. military. Boxes The addresses or address labels Sturdy paperboard boxes may be should be written or placed Address Lists used for weights up to 10 pounds. parallel to the longest side. Address or mailing lists can be Heavier parcels require a sturdy purchased from a mail service Return Address grade corrugated fiberboard. If you provider if you don’t maintain your A return address helps return are reusing a box, cover all previous own. Lists should be checked your mailpiece to you if it is labels and markings with a heavy and certified for address quality undeliverable. Some mailing black marker or adhesive labels. to ensure the highest rate of services require a return address. successful delivery. For more Cushioning ZIP Codes information, see page 42. Boxes should allow enough room Using the correct ZIP Code ensures for cushioning materials around efficient and accurate processing the contents. You can use and delivery. newspaper, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or shredded paper for Marking cushioning. For more fragile items, If you deposit your mail in a mailbox use foamed plastic or padding, or a collection box, you must placing the cushioning inside hollow write in the postage area of your items as well. mailpiece the name of the service you are using, such as “Priority Sealing Mail,” “Parcel Post,” “Bound Printed Make sure to tape the opening of Matter,” or “Media Mail.” If you go to your box and reinforce all seams your post office, the clerk will make with 2-inch wide tape. Use clear or service markings on your mailpiece brown packaging tape, reinforced for you. packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, or twine because they can get caught in mail processing equipment. 18
    • ENVELOPES AND BOXESDelivery AddressPlace the delivery addressparallel to the longest side ofyour mailpiece.City, State, and ZIP CodeTo find the correct spellingof a city name and stateabbreviation or to find a ZIPCode, visit www.usps.com or call1·800·ASK·USPS. Using the correctZIP Code helps direct your mailmore efficiently and accurately.Return AddressPlace the return address in theupper left corner on the same sideas the delivery address.PostageUse stamps, a postage meter,or a PC Postage system to affixthe correct amount. You cancalculate postage rates online atwww.usps.com.Extra ServicesPlace labels for extra servicesabove the delivery address and tothe right of the return address, orto the left of the delivery address. For Express Mail, you must use the free address labels provided by the Postal Service. 19
    • Example Retail mailing services can meet your business mailing needs. Darren Bailey, the owner of an online rare and used book business in Pittsburgh, has decided that the speed and ease of retail services provide the best solution for his mailing needs. He usually uses Priority Mail to send merchandise. In addition, Darren insures his mail and adds Signature Confirmation, which lets him know who received the merchandise, to protect both his business and his customers. Choosing a Service A large portion of Darren’s mailing is comic books, which can be mailed as flats, but he also sells bound books, some of which cannot be mailed as flats because of their size and shape. He has the option of sending the books by Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail (13 ounces or less), Parcel Post, Bound Printed Matter, or Media Mail.R E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S Things to consider Speed Cost Shape and weight of mailpiece Where the mailpiece is being sent Extra services such as Signature Confirmation and insurance 20
    • SCENARIO 1 SCENARIO 2 SCENARIO 3He needs a 3-pound rare book He needs a 3-pound book to He has a box of vintage comicthat was ordered two days before arrive in California by the end of books going out to a regularthe holidays to arrive in Iowa on the week so his customer can customer. He wants to addtime. Darren also decides to add write a review for a publication. insurance and get confirmationextra insurance. that they were received by the addressee. Book to Iowa: Book to California: * 3 lbs Vintage comic books * 3 lbs to New York: * make sure that it arrives * should be there by the before the holiday! * 3 lbs end of the week! * rare book – add * should be boxed insurance! * make sure they arrive! * add insurance! Express Mail Priority Mail Bound Printed Matter· Speed · Speed · Cost (less expensive than· No extra charge for Saturday, · Cost (less expensive than other mailing services) Sunday, or holiday delivery Express Mail) · Extra Service can be· Automatic insurance up to $100 · Extra Service can be added to confirm delivery· Free tracking added to confirm delivery For convenience, · Insurance can be added Darren leased a postage meter so he To Iowa To California can purchase postage To New York Postage $ 21.05 Postage $ 8.55 by phone and apply Postage $ 2.26 the exact amount of Insurance up to $100 $0 Delivery Confirmation $ 0.45 Signature Confirmation $ 2.20 postage he needs. Tracking $0 Insurance (for $100 value) $ 1.80 Total Cost $ 9.00 Subtotal $ 21.05 Visit www.usps.com Total Cost $ 6.26 for a Ratefold (Notice 123), which lists all Additional Insurance $ 4.00 postal rates and fees, (for $500 value) or use the Domestic Rate Calculator to Total Cost $ 25.05 automatically calculate postage for the shape, weight, and destination of your mail. 21
    • Retail Postage Rates For complete domestic and international rates, visit www.usps.com or call 1·800·ASK·USPS. Simplified Rate Chart Effective June 30, 2002 EXPRESS MAIL PRIORITY MAIL F I R S T- C L A S S M A I L Flat-rate envelope..........$13.65 Flat-rate envelope........... $3.85 Postcard ........................ $0.23 1/2 lb............................ $13.65 1 lb................................. $3.85 1 oz *.............................. $0.37R E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S 1 lb............................... $17.85 Other rates are available up 2 oz ................................ $0.60 to 70 pounds and are based 2 lbs ............................. $17.85 3 oz ................................ $0.83 on weight and distance. 3 lbs ............................. $21.05 4 oz .................................$1.06 For example, the postage for 4 lbs ............................. $24.20 a 5-pound parcel would cost 5 oz .................................$1.29 $6–$12. 5 lbs ............................. $27.30 6 oz .................................$1.52 Other rates are available 7 oz ................................. $1.75 up to 70 pounds. 8 oz .................................$1.98 9 oz ................................ $2.21 10 oz .............................. $2.44 11 oz .............................. $2.67 12 oz .............................. $2.90 13 oz .............................. $3.13 For heavier weights, use Priority Mail. * Surcharge for nonmachinable items: $0.12 (see page 17). One ounce is approximately equal to four sheets of paper plus a standard envelope. 22
    • PA R C E L P O S T MEDIA MAIL Sending MailRates are based on weight You can send mail by: 1 lb...................................$1.42 • dropping it into a blueand distance. For example, thepostage for a 5-pound parcel 2 lbs ................................ $1.84 collection box. • leaving it in your mailbox.would cost $4–$10. 3 lbs ................................ $2.26 • taking it to a post office.Nonmachinable items require 4 lbs ................................ $2.68additional postage (see page 17). For security reasons, Priority 5 lbs ................................ $3.10 Mail paid with postage stamps and weighing 16 ounces orB O U N D P R I N T E D M AT T E R Other rates are available more must be deposited at up to 70 pounds. a post office retail counterRates are based on weight,shape, and distance. or handed to a letter carrier.For example, the postage for Pickup Servicea 5-pound parcel would cost Call 1·800·222·1811 or visit$2–$4. www.usps.com to have your Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Parcel Post items picked up. This service is not available in every area. $12.50 23
    • 25 Discount Mailing Services 28 Choosing a Mailing Service 34 Choosing a Postage Payment MethodDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES 36 Preparation Overview 44 Sorting Overview 48 Mail Entry Overview 52 Example 56 Discount Postage Rates 58 Where to Go From Here 24
    • Discount Mailing ServicesDiscount mail, or “bulk mail,” is your best option if you mail in volume.In order to claim these lower rates, you must have a minimum quantityand do some additional work to make your mail easier for the PostalService to handle.A D V A N TA G E S HOW DOES IT WORK? COST• A proven, cost-effective Your discount depends on the • The postage depends on the business tool mailing service you choose and mailing service you choose• Offers a lower price on postage the work you do. For example, if and the characteristics of your for the work you perform you mail 1,000 letter-sized flyers mailpiece.• Can accommodate a variety to everyone in your ZIP Code • For any discount mailing, you of business needs advertising your businesss sale, must do some of the work the• Gives your business or it would cost $0.37 per piece for Postal Service would otherwise organization a professional retail First-Class postage, or $370. do. The work you do, such as image with customers preparing, sorting, and entering If you mail 1,000 flyers using• Can promote your business or your mailing, can lower your Standard Mail to everyone in your organization name through use postage costs. ZIP Code by adding a barcode, of permit imprint, postage meter, • You must pay an annual mailing sorting them by carrier route, and or PC Postage technology fee at each facility where you depositing them at the post office enter mail. Different mailing that handles their delivery, you services may require separate might pay as little as $0.12 per fees. piece, or $120. • Other optional aspects of a discount mailing, such as using permit imprints, business reply mail, or mailing endorsements, may require additional fees. 25
    • Discount Mailing Services Understanding the effort involved with a discount mailing can help decide whether it is right for your business or organization. CHOOSING BETWEEN DISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES AND R E TA I L M A I L I N G S E R V I C E S Even if your mailing has the required number of mailpieces to qualify for a discount rate, you still have to perform some of the work the Postal Service would normally do to receive the discount. When deciding whether to undertake a discount mailing, you should consider: • Your technology Your technology and equipment, such as computers and software, will influence the discount services you can use and the time it will take you to complete the work. • Your budget The amount of money you spend on a mailing is more than just the costDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES of postage. You should also consider the cost of designing and printing your mailpieces and obtaining a mailing list. If you can’t dedicate the technology or time to a discount mailing, consider using a mail service provider or retail mailing services, which let Nonprofit Standard you quickly prepare and send your mailing. As your business grows, your Mail rates are resources may allow you to take advantage of discounts. Discount rates available for are not available for Express Mail or Priority Mail. authorized nonprofit organizations. You must first apply for MAIL SERVICE PROVIDERS authorization to mail at nonprofit rates at You can get help with discount mailing from a business that specializes in your local post office designing, preparing, and sorting mail. These businesses, typically called and adhere to the “mail service providers” (see page 76), can help you with a single part of content restrictions a discount mailing, or you can hire them to handle the entire mailing, from associated with creation to mail entry. Mail service providers can help you with: Nonprofit Standard • purchasing or renting an address list. Mail. See page 74 for • managing your address database. more information. • designing and printing your mailpieces. • sorting your mailpieces. • combining your mailing with other businesses’ mailings to get a better postage rate. Discounts are available • entering your mail into the mailstream. for larger volumes of international mail. Service options include International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift, Publishers’ Periodicals, and Books and Sheet Music. For rates and standards, visit www.usps.com/ global. 26
    • PLANNING A DISCOUNT MAILINGSeveral steps are involved in the discount mailing process. A successful discount mailingrequires careful consideration of each step. 1 CHOOSING A MAILING SERVICE Which mailing service you choose depends on the shape, weight, and content of your mail, along with speed of delivery. 2 C H O O S I N G A P O S TA G E PAY M E N T M E T H O D The Postal Service offers four ways for you to pay for and apply postage to your mailpieces. 3 P R E PA R I N G YO U R M A I L “Machinable,” “nonmachinable,” and “automation” are the three ways the Postal Service classifies how mailpieces are prepared. These classifications are based on the ability of your mailpiece to be processed on Postal Service equipment. 4 S O R TI N G YOU R M A I L Sort your mail according to Postal Service standards. 5 E NTE R I N G YOU R M A I L The minimum requirement is to enter your mail at the business mail entry unit (BMEU) or post office where you hold a mailing permit. You can receive additional discounts by transporting your mail closer to where it will be delivered. This section explains the steps for completing a discount mailing. First choose a mailing service, then a postage payment method. After these choices have been made, you prepare your mailpieces, then sort them by Postal Service standards. Finally, you enter your mailing at a postal facility. For each step, you will need to complete the minimum level of work required by the Postal Service. You may also choose to complete higher levels of work to receive greater postage discounts. In some cases, the characteristics of your mailpieces will determine which rates and discounts are available to you. 27
    • Choosing a Mailing Service The shape of your mail can help you determine which mailing services are available to you. Postcards DIMENSIONS Letters DIMENSIONS 6-1/8" max. 4-1/4" max. 3-1/2" min. 3-1/2" min. Height HeightDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES 6" 5" Length 11-1/2" 5" Length max. min. max. min. maximum thickness 0.016 inch maximum thickness 1/4 inch minimum maximum minimum maximum length 5 inches 6 inches length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches height 3-1/2 inches 4-1/4 inches height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches thickness 0.007 inch 0.016 inch thickness 0.007 inch 1/4 inch For letters and postcards, length is the dimension parallel to the address. First-Class Mail Standard Mail Periodicals Postcards and letters can be Letters containing mailable items This service requires prior sent using First-Class Mail. This not required to be sent using authorization by the Postal Service. service is required for personal First-Class Mail can be sent using Typical Periodicals are newspapers, correspondence, handwritten Standard Mail. Standard Mail is magazines, and newsletters. or typewritten material, and bills typically used for advertisements or statements of account. It may and flyers. There are no postcard also be used for any mailable rates for Standard Mail, but item including advertisements postcards can be mailed at the and lightweight merchandise. letter rates. Additional content This service is typically the fastest restrictions must be met for service offered within discount mail. authorized nonprofit mailers. 28
    • Content Qualifiers Speed Postage First-ClassThe following items must be • 13 ounces or less 1–3 days $$ Mailmailed as First-Class Mail: • 500 or more pieces• bills and checks per mailing• statements of account• handwritten materials• typewritten materials• personal correspondenceGenerally, Standard Mailcan be mailed at First-ClassMail rates.Content Qualifiers Speed Postage StandardMaterials such as: • less than 16 ounces 2–9 days* $ Mail• circulars • 200 or more pieces or 50• advertisements pounds or more per mailing• solicitations for donation• newsletters• small merchandise• printed matter not required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or Periodicals MailContent Qualifiers Speed Postage PeriodicalsAuthorized periodical •1 or more pieces 1–7 days* $publications such as: per mailing• newspapers• newsletters• magazines * Except Alaska and Hawaii.See page 80 for moredetailed contentrestrictions. 29
    • First-Class Mail Flats DIMENSIONS Flats can be sent using First-Class Mail. This service is required for personal correspondence, 12" max. handwritten or typewritten material, and bills or statements of account. It may also be used for any mailable item, including advertisements 6-1/8" and lightweight merchandise. min. This service is typically the fastest service offered within discount mail. Standard Mail Height Flats containing mailable itemsDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES not required to be sent using First-Class Mail can be sent using 15" 11-1/2" Length Standard Mail. Standard Mail is max. min. typically used for advertisements, flyers, and catalogs. Additional content restrictions must be met for authorized nonprofit mailers. Periodicals maximum thickness 3/4 inch This service requires prior authorization by the Postal Service. Typical Periodicals are newspapers, minimum* maximum magazines, and newsletters. length 11-1/2 inches 15 inches Bound Printed Matter height 6-1/8 inches 12 inches Flats can be sent using Bound Printed Matter. Contents are limited thickness 1/4 inch 3/4 inch to permanently bound printed * Flats exceed at least one of these dimensions. sheets of directory, advertising, or editorial matter, such as catalogs or phone books. Media Mail pieces See page 80 for more can also be prepared detailed content as flats. restrictions. 30
    • Content Qualifiers Speed Postage First-ClassThe following materials must be • 13 ounces or less 1–3 days $$ Mailmailed as First-Class Mail: • 500 or more pieces• bills and checks per mailing• statements of account• handwritten materials• typewritten materials• personal correspondenceGenerally, Standard Mailcan be mailed at First-ClassMail rates.Content Qualifiers Speed Postage StandardMaterials such as: • less than 16 ounces 2–9 days* $ Mail• circulars • 200 or more pieces or 50• advertisements pounds or more per mailing• solicitations for donation• newsletters• merchandise• printed matter not required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or Periodicals MailContent Qualifiers Speed Postage PeriodicalsAuthorized periodical •1 or more pieces 1–7 days* $publications such as: per mailing• newspapers• newsletters• magazinesContent Qualifiers Speed Postage BoundPermanently bound printed • 15 pounds or less 2–9 days* $ Printedmaterials such as: • 300 or more pieces Matter• advertising per mailing (50 or more pieces• promotional material for barcode discount only)• directory material• editorial material * Except Alaska and Hawaii. 31
    • First-Class Mail Parcels DIMENSIONS Small parcels can be sent using First-Class Mail. This service is required for personal correspondence, handwritten or typewritten material, and bills or statements of account. It may also be used for any mailable item, including advertisements and lightweight merchandise. Girth Standard Mail Small parcels containing mailable items not required to be sentDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES using First-Class Mail can be sent Length using Standard Mail. Standard Mail is typically used for lightweight merchandise. Additional content length restrictions must be met for the longest side of the parcel authorized nonprofit mailers. girth Parcel Post measurement around the thickest Small and large parcels typically part of the parcel containing gifts and merchandise can be sent using Parcel Post. Bound Printed Matter Small and large parcels can be length + girth sent using Bound Printed Matter. length + girth cannot exceed 108 inches Contents are limited to permanently (Parcel Post cannot exceed 130 inches) bound sheets of directory, advertising, or editorial matter, such as catalogs or phone books. Media Mail Small and large parcels can be sent using Media Mail. Contents are limited to books, manuscripts, sound recordings, recorded videotapes, and computer-readable media (not blank). Informally called “Book Rate,” Media Mail cannot contain advertising, except books can contain incidental announcements of other books. See page 80 for more detailed content restrictions. 32
    • Content Qualifiers Speed Postage First-ClassThe following materials must be • 13 ounces or less 1–3 days $$ Mailmailed as First-Class Mail: • 500 or more pieces• bills and checks per mailing• statements of account• handwritten materials• typewritten materials• personal correspondenceGenerally, Standard Mail canbe mailed at First-Class rates.Content Qualifiers Speed Postage StandardMaterials such as: • less than 16 ounces 2–9 days* $ Mail• advertisements • 200 or more pieces• solicitations for donation or 50 pounds or more• merchandise per mailing• printed matter not required to be mailed at First-Class Mail rates or Periodicals MailContent Qualifiers Speed Postage Parcel PostAny mailable matter that is • 70 pounds or less 2–9 days* $$not required to be sent as • maximum length + girth isFirst-Class Mail or Periodicals 130 inchesMail. • 50 or more pieces per mailing (for barcode discount or destination entry rates)Content Qualifiers Speed Postage BoundAny permanently bound printed • 15 pounds or less 2–9 days* $ Printedmaterials such as: • 300 or more pieces Matter• advertising per mailing (50 or more pieces• promotional material for barcode discount)• directory material• editorial materialContent Qualifiers Speed Postage Media MailMaterials such as: • 70 pounds or less 2–9 days* $• books • 300 or more pieces• printed music per mailing (50 or more pieces• videotapes (recorded) for barcode discount)• CD-ROMs (recorded)• computer-readable media (recorded)• printed educational charts * Except Alaska and Hawaii. 33
    • Choosing a Postage Payment Method Postage for discount mail can be paid in four ways. Some methods require special equipment and all require you to fill out a postage statement. .00 M E T E R E D P O S TA G E You can use a meter to affix How Do I Pay for Postage? postage to all discount mail except All postage meters are remotely Periodicals. The meter stamp reset by your meter provider— shows the amount of postage paid. you do not need to go to the postDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES office. Your meter provider will give How Do I Get a Postage Meter? you information about the payment You lease a meter from an options currently authorized by the authorized provider. To find out Postal Service. more about postage meters, including authorized meter providers, visit www.usps.com/ postagesolutions. Meter License You must have a license granted by the Postal Service to use a postage meter. You apply for this license through your provider on Form 3601. The license allows you to meter mail and names the licensing post office where you must enter your mail. How Do I Apply for a Meter License? You must file an application (Form 3601) for a meter license through your meter provider. There is no application fee. A meter is licensed for only one postal location. You must complete Form 3615 (no fee) and enter your discount mailings at this location. If you want to enter your mail at more than one location, or if you want to enter your mail closer to its final destination, consult your local post office for more information. 34
    • $0.00 MONTH DAY YEAR US POSTAGE FIRST-CLASS MAIL PRESORTED CITY STATE ZIP CODE FIRST-CLASS MAIL U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEW YORK NY PERMIT NO. 1 USA Presorted Std 10161981RW0012BPERMIT IMPRINT P R E C A N C E L E D S TA M P S P C P O S TA G E T E C H N O L O G YA permit imprint uses a printed or Precanceled stamps are available PC Postage allows you to printhand-stamped imprint to indicate for discount First-Class Mail or postage from your computer forthat postage has been paid for all Standard Mail. You affix a stamp to all discount mail except Periodicals.discount mail except Periodicals. All each piece of mail you are sending. How Do I Get It?pieces in your mailing must weigh Precanceled stamps are available PC Postage software and servicesthe same amount unless authorized from the post office, or you can are leased from an authorizedby the Postal Service. request authorization to use a provider. To find out more precanceled postmark.How Do I Apply? and to see a list of authorizedYou must file an application (Form How Do I Apply? providers, visit www.usps.com/3615) for a permit at the post office You must file an application postagesolutions. To usewhere your mailings will be entered. (Form 3615) at each post office PC Postage technology you where you will be entering your must obtain a license.Is There a Cost? mail and paying postage.You pay a one-time fee to set How Do I Apply for a License?up your account. You need a Is There a Cost? PC Postage products promptpermit account at each postal There is no application fee. you through the applicationfacility where you enter your mail. process (Form 3601). There is no How Do I Pay for Postage?Additionally, you must enter at least application fee. The face value of the stamp mayone mailing with your permit imprint not cover the cost of the postage. How Do I Pay for Postage?during a 24-month period for the Any remaining postage is calculated Set up an account and pay forpermit to stay active. Otherwise, and paid at the time of mailing. postage through your provider.you will have to pay the accountset-up fee again prior to your nextmailing.How Do I Pay for Postage?Postage is paid from an accountyou set up at the post office whereyou enter your mail. 35
    • Preparation Overview Preparing your mailpieces according to Postal Service standards allows your mailpieces to be processed more efficiently. In addition to shape, the Postal Service classifies mailpieces by the way they are prepared. These classifications are based on how efficiently your mailpieces can be processed on Postal Service equipment. The Postal Service classifies all mailpieces into one of three categories: • Machinable. If you prepare your mailpiece so that it has an accurate address and can be processed on Postal Service equipment, your mailpiece is “machinable” and eligible for “presort” rates. • Nonmachinable. If your mailpiece does not meet the machinable standards, you may have to pay the presort rate plus a “nonmachinable surcharge.” • Automation. If your letter-size or flat-size mailpiece is machinable and displays the correct barcode, you can qualify for lower, “automation” rates.DISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES MACHINABLE MAIL NONMACHINABLE MAIL A mailpiece is machinable if it A mailpiece is nonmachinable if it First-Class Mail flats or parcels can be sorted on Postal Service cannot be sorted by Postal Service weighing 1 ounce or less if: processing equipment. Sorting equipment. A nonmachinable • it has an aspect ratio (length machinable pieces is less work surcharge may be added to divided by height) of less than than sorting nonmachinable pieces. mailpieces that do not meet 1.3 or more than 2.5. Machinable mailpieces must meet machinable standards. Additionally, • it is more than 6-1/8 inches specific standards, including size, nonmachinable letters require extra high or 11-1/2 inches long or shape, and weight. Machinable steps when you sort your mail. 1/4 inch thick. parcels with barcodes are eligible Examples of a nonmachinable for a barcode discount. mailpiece include a: Parcel Post parcel if: First-Class Mail letter weighing • it measures more than 34 inches 1 ounce or less, or Standard Mail long or more than 17 inches high letter weighing 3.3 ounces or less if: or more than 17 inches thick. • it has an aspect ratio (length • it measures less than 6 inches divided by height) of less than long or 1/4 inch thick or 1.3 or more than 2.5 (a square 3 inches wide. envelope has an aspect ratio of • it weighs less than 6 ounces or 1, making it nonmachinable). more than 35 pounds (for books • it is over 4-1/4 inches high and other printed materials, the and/or 6 inches long and is less weight limit is 25 pounds). than 0.009 inch thick. • it contains more than 24 ounces • it is polybagged, polywrapped, or of liquid in one or more glass enclosed in any plastic material. containers. • it has clasps, strings, or buttons. • it contains 1 gallon or more • it is too thin or too rigid. of liquid in metal or plastic • it has a delivery address containers. parallel to the shorter side of • it is a metal-strapped or the mailpiece. metal-banded box. • it contains items such as pens, • it is a can, roll, or tube. pencils, or keys that create an • it is an insecurely wrapped, uneven thickness. unwrapped, paper-wrapped, or sleeve-wrapped article. • it is a metal or wood box. 36
    • MACHINABLE MAIL DIMENSIONS POSTCARDS DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 5 inches 6 inches height 3-1/2 inches 4-1/4 inches thickness 0.007 inch 0.016 inch LETTERS** DIMENSIONS Positive customer response to a unique and eye- minimum maximum catching mailpiece may justify paying length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches the nonmachinable surcharge. height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches thickness 0.007 inch* 1/4 inch F L AT S * * DIMENSIONS All Standard Mail parcels are subject to the “residual shape” minimum maximum surcharge. length 11-1/2 inches*** 15 inches height 6-1/8 inches*** 12 inches thickness 1/4 inch*** 3/4 inch PA R C E L S * * DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 6 inches 34 inches height 3 inches 17 inches thickness 1/4 inch 17 inches * Letters over 4-1/4 inches high and/or 6 inches long must be at least 0.009 inch thick.** The content, design, weight, or shape of a mailpiece may cause it to become nonmachinable. These elements are listed on the previous page under “Nonmachinable Mail.”*** Must exceed one of these dimensions. 37
    • A U T O M AT I O N M A I L Your cards, letters, and flats Barcodes for Cards, Letters, and Flats can receive significant postage To receive the automation rates for cards and letters, all of the pieces in discounts if they are prepared your mailing must have a delivery point barcode. Automation rate flats according to automation must have a delivery point barcode or a ZIP+4 barcode. All barcodes standards. Your mailpiece meets must meet placement, size, and legibility standards. Software is available automation standards and for printing barcodes from your address list. qualifies for automation rates if it meets the specific addressing, #XXXXXXX****3-DIGIT 777 barcoding, and design standards JANE PUBLIC 99 OCEAN PARK DR established for your mailing ANYTOWN TX 77777-0000 service and your level of sortation. There are no automation rates forDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES parcels, but machinable parcels Parcel Barcodes are eligible for a barcode discount. For Package Services (Parcel Post, Bound Printed Matter, and Media Mail) For more information about mailings of 50 or more machinable pieces, parcels may receive additional automation standards, refer to discounts if they are prepared and barcoded based on the standards for the Quick Service Guides (see your mailing service. Each piece in a barcoded parcel mailing must have page 58), which provide a summary a correct 5-digit barcode and meet certain placement, size, and legibility of the standards for automation standards. For Standard Mail, the minimum volume needed to receive this cards, letters, and flats. discount is 200 pieces or 50 pounds. Barcode discounts are not available for First-Class Mail parcels. JANE PUBLIC 99 OCEAN PARK DR ANYTOWN TX 77777-0000 ZIP 77777 Letters The aspect ratio (length divided by height) must be between 1.3 and 2.5, inclusive. Flats Two different machines sort automated flat mail, each with its own set of preparation standards. To receive automation rates, your mailpiece must meet the standards for either the Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100 (AFSM 100) or the Flat Sorting Machine 1000 (FSM 1000). Maximum Weight for AFSM 100 • First-Class Mail cannot weigh more than 13 ounces. • Periodicals cannot weigh more than 20 ounces. • Standard Mail must weigh less than 16 ounces. • Bound Printed Matter cannot weigh more than 20 ounces. Maximum Weight for FSM 1000 • First-Class Mail cannot weigh more than 13 ounces. • Periodicals cannot weigh more than 6 pounds. • Standard Mail must weigh less than 16 ounces. • Bound Printed Matter must meet the criteria for the AFSM 100. 38
    • A U T O M AT I O N M A I L D I M E N S I O N S POSTCARDS DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 5 inches 6 inches height 3-1/2 inches 4-1/4 inches thickness 0.007 inch 0.016 inch LETTERS DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches thickness 0.007 inch* 1/4 inch F L AT S ( A F S M 1 0 0 ) DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 6 inches 15 inches height 5 inches 12 inches thickness 0.009 inch 3/4 inch F L AT S ( F S M 1 0 0 0 ) DIMENSIONS minimum maximum length 4 inches 15-3/4 inches height 4 inches 12 inches thickness 0.009 inch** 1-1/4 inches*** * 0.009 inch if greater than 6 inches long or 4-1/4 inches high ** Greater than 1/4 inch if less than 5 inches long*** 7/8 inch if greater than 13 inches long 39
    • ADDRESSING AND ENDORSEMENTS Accurate addressing and the proper use of endorsements can help your Simplified Addressing mail get there. (“Postal Customer”) can be used for mail Addressing for Discount Mail sent to all delivery Address quality is the key to automation compatibility, barcode accuracy, points on a rural route sorting accuracy, and carrier route coding, as well as the timely or to all boxholders at processing and delivery of your mail. Minimum standards for address post offices without quality for discount mailing services include Move Update requirements city carrier service. and requirements for updating ZIP Codes. Government agencies may also use the Simplified Addressing format for official mail sent to all deliveryDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES points on a city route Basic Address Quality Standards or to all boxholders at Predirectional in Correct suffix for any post office. delivery address line MR & MRS JOHN A SAMPLE delivery address Delivery address Secondary address information, including 5505 W SUNSET BLVD APT 230 information apartment number, placed on the same line Correct ZIP Code HOLLYWOOD CA 90028-8521 Correct spelling of Standard state street name abbreviation Correct spelling of city name Automation Address Quality Standards POSTNET Barcode (Required for automation discounts) MS MILDRED DOE Attention Line (Optional) BRAKE CONTROL DIVISION Group, Department, Division Name (Optional) BIG BUSINESS INCORPORATED Business / Firm Name (Required) 12 E BUSINESS LN STE 209 Delivery Address (Required) KRYTON TN 38188-0002 City, State, ZIP Code (Required) 40
    • EndorsementsAncillary Service Endorsements tell the Postal Service how to handle ABC COMPANY 1234 MAIN ST PRESORTED FIRST-CLASS MAIL U.S. POSTAGE PAIDa mailpiece if it cannot be delivered as addressed. Reasons for NEW YORK NY ANYTOWN NY 11111-0000 PERMIT NO. 1nondelivery can include instances when the recipient has moved or ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTEDthe address is missing information, such as an apartment number. JANE PUBLICBased on the endorsement, the mailpiece will be forwarded to the 99 OCEAN PARK DR ANYTOWN TX 77777-0000addressee’s new location, returned to you, or discarded. If you usethese services, you must pay any additional charges for forwardingthe mailpiece, returning the mailpiece to you, or notifying you of the Endorsementnew address, depending on the mailing service you choose. First-ClassMail is forwarded or returned at no additional charge.What Do the Endorsements Do?Change Service Requested tells the Postal Service to dispose of theundeliverable mailpiece and to inform you of your addressee’s newlocation or why the mailpiece can’t be delivered. This service helpsyou eliminate inaccurate addresses from your address list.Forwarding Service Requested tells the Postal Service to forward themailpiece to the addressee’s new location or to return the mailpieceto you if the recipient has not filed a change of address order in the last12 months.Return Service Requested tells the Postal Service to return the mailpieceto you with the addressee’s new location or the reason why it can’tbe delivered. This service is beneficial when you are sending valuableor personal items.Address Service Requested tells the Postal Service to forward themailpiece to the addressee’s new location or to return the mailpieceto you if the recipient has not filed a change of address order in the last12 months. Additionally, you will receive a notice of the addressee’snew location or why the mailpiece cannot be delivered. This service ishelpful when you want to get a mailpiece to the addressee and youwant to keep your address list updated.How Do the Services Work?Simply place the name of the service you want to use directly belowthe return address or in another Postal Service-approved place onthe mailpiece.For more information, see Quick Service Guide 015 at http://pe.usps.govor visit your local post office. 41
    • ADDRESS LISTS You can achieve better results Requirements for Checking Your List and avoid wasting postage The Postal Service suggests that you check the accuracy of your address on undeliverable mailpieces list at least once a year. However, in order to qualify for discount rates, by checking the accuracy of you are required to check the accuracy of certain aspects of your addressDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES your addresses. list on a regular basis. To qualify for: Why Check Your List? • Presorted rates, you must verify the 5-digit ZIP Codes at least In order to reach as many of your 12 months prior to mailing. customers as possible, you • Automation rates, you must verify the complete addresses with should frequently check the CASS-certified software at least 180 days prior to mailing. accuracy of your address list. • Carrier Route rates, you must verify the Carrier Route information Consider the following: at least 90 days prior to mailing. • 16 percent of Americans Move Update is required for all discounted First-Class mailings. A Postal change addresses annually. Service-approved method must be used at least 180 days prior to • 43 million people move the date of mailing. National Change of Address service includes each year. Move Update. • One out of every six families By signing your postage statement when you enter your mail, you are moves each year. saying that you have properly verified the addresses on your mailpieces. 42
    • Ways to Check Your ListThe Postal Service offers many ways to check the accuracy of youraddress list. Mail service providers also offer Postal Service-approvedproducts and services for list maintenance. For more information, visithttp://pe.usps.gov and click on “Address Quality.”Checking List Accuracy Through the Postal Service• www.usps.com. Use this Web site to check the ZIP Codes in your address list.• Mailing List Service. You can submit a printout of your address list to the Postal Service and any changes will be marked. There is a fee for this Although the Postal service, which is available through your Address Management System Service does not office. Contact your local post office. provide address lists,• Publication 65, ZIP Code Directory. Use this book at your local post many outside vendors office to look up ZIP Codes. sell or rent lists. These lists usuallyChecking List Accuracy Through a Mail Service Provider can be tailored to• CASS-certified software. This service will take your computerized allow you to reach a list and run it through special software that standardizes the specific geographic addresses, corrects the ZIP Codes and any spelling mistakes, and area or a particular demographic group. adds the ZIP+4 codes. If you buy or rent a list• National Change of Address (NCOA). A licensed vendor will run your from a vendor, you mailing list through software that updates addresses for your customers will need to ask if the who have filed a change of address order with the post office. The addresses are updated advantage to using NCOA is that you clean up your list before you mail. and correct. For You also know in advance how much it’s going to cost (because a additional information, vendor charges by the address). With an ancillary service endorsement see page 77. you get the same result (a corrected address) when you mail, but you won’t know how much you’ll pay in fees until after the corrections come back. 43
    • Sorting Overview Mailpieces that are sorted by ZIP Code may receive lower postage rates. SORTING Discount postage rates are The opposite page shows a affected by the level of sorting you typical sort; however, different do. With some discount services, discount services have different you may be required to sort your standards. Refer to the QuickDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES mail to 5-digit or 3-digit ZIP Codes. Service Guides (see page 58) to A single mailing usually includes find the standards that are required multiple sort levels. Each level for your discount service. may be charged a different rate. Presort software can help you with The Postal Service provides trays the sorting process. Inexpensive and sacks for sorting your mail. software will sort and print your Letters are sorted into trays. address labels by ZIP Code First-Class flats are sorted into according to the standards of your special flat trays. Parcels and all chosen mailing service, as well as other flats are sorted into sacks. create tray and sack labels, sorting documentation, and completed postage statements. A list of Postal Service-certified software is available at http://pe.usps.gov (click on “Address Quality”). Remember, you must have enough mailpieces to meet the minimum quantity for the discount mailing service you choose. 44
    • U N D E R S T A N D I N G H O W S O R T I N G W O R K S ( F I R S T- C L A S S M A I L L E T T E R S ) 07310 5-DIGIT Mo ntg om Ne wa Individual ZIP Codes ery St. rk Av Mailpieces that are sorted to 5 digits 07305 e. share the same ZIP Code and are usually AI L concentrated in one small town or 07305 U.S.M Grand St. IL neighborhood. If you don’t have enough S.MA 07315 00 U. Jersey City mailpieces to fill a tray for the same 5-digit AI L ZIP Code, use 3-digit sortation. 0 7 3 01 15 U.S.M 78 0731 07307 3-DIGIT All ZIP Codes with same first 3 digits After sorting all possible 5 digits, all 07306 remaining mailpieces that share the MAIL 07304 same first 3 ZIP Code digits are grouped 073 U.S. 95 07310 07305 together. If you do not have enough IL 073 U. S.MA 78 07311 mailpieces to fill a tray for the same 3-digit MAIL Jersey City ZIP Code, use the AADC sortation. 073 U.S. 07302 AADC Automated Area Distribution Centers After sorting to the first 3 digits, all 070XX remaining mailpieces are sorted to L AADC U.S .MAI Automated Area Distribution Centers 071XX 073XX (AADCs), which are areas that serve AIL Jersey City AADC U.S.M 95 several 3-digit ZIP Codes in one area of 072XX 070XX AIL the country. If you do not have enough AADC U.S.M mailpieces to fill a tray for the same AADC 070XX presort area, use mixed AADC sortation. Hartford MIXED AADC AADC Mixed Automated Area Distribution Stamford Centers AADC After sorting to AADCs, all remaining AIL mailpieces are sorted to the mixed AADC M IX E AADC D U.S.M West Jersey AIL AADC level. Mixed AADC presort includes mail M IX E AADC D U.S.M Jersey City that is sent to all parts of the country. AIL M IX E AADC D U.S.M Philadelphia 95 AADC 45
    • CARRIER ROUTE SORTING If your mailing is highly concen- The opposite page shows a trated in one area, you may be typical carrier route sort; however, able to take advantage of the different discount services have Carrier Route rates offered in some different standards for CarrierDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES discount services. To use this Route rates. Use the chart on rate, your mailing must have page 58 to find the appropriate a minimum number of deliveries Quick Service Guide. on a single letter carrier’s route. Carrier Route rates are available for: For most Carrier Route rates, you will have to sort your mail in • First-Class Mail the order that the letter carrier will • Standard Mail deliver it. • Periodicals • Bound Printed Matter 46
    • U N D E R S TA N D I N G C A R R I E R R O U T E S O R T I N G ( S TA N D A R D M A I L ) 10 125 75% Basic Carrier Route High Density Saturation Your mail qualifies for the Basic Your mail qualifies for High Your mail qualifies for Carrier Route rates if you have Density rates, which are lower Saturation rates, which are 10 or more mailpieces going to than Basic Carrier Route rates, lower than High Density rates, the same carrier route and you if you are mailing 125 or more if you are mailing to at least sort the pieces in the sequence mailpieces to the same carrier 75% of the total possible the carrier delivers the mail. route and you sort the pieces delivery points on a single in carrier route sequence. carrier route or to 90% of the total residential addresses on a single carrier route, and you sort the pieces in carrier route sequence. 100% Simplified Addressing You may be able to use a Simplified Addressing format (e.g., “Postal Customer”) for Saturation rates if you mail to all delivery addresses on a rural route or to all boxholders at post offices that don’t have city carrier service. Government agencies may also use the Simplified Addressing format for official mail sent to all delivery addresses on a city route or to all boxholders at any post office. 47
    • Mail Entry Overview You must take your mail to a business mail entry unit or post office where you hold a permit. ORIGIN ENTRY Discount mail cannot be placed in a blue collection box or handed to your carrier. It must be presented at a business mail entry unit (BMEU) or designated postal facility where you hold a mailing permit. The Postal Service has thousands of facilities that can accept your mail.DISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES The staff at your BMEU can answer your mailing questions and help ensure that your mailing is prepared correctly. In addition, many BMEUs offer training seminars for new mailers. Your BMEU or post office can provide some of the supplies you will need, including stickers, trays, sleeves (tray lids), sacks, tray labels, postage statements, and instructions for sorting your mail. To locate a BMEU near you, visit http://pe.usps.gov (click on “Postal Links”). You can enter discount international mail at the same facility where you enter your discount domestic mail. 48
    • TH E PROCE S S O F E NTE R I N G YOU R M A I L Apply for Permit When you apply for a mailing Obtain authorization to permit on Form 3615, pay the enter discount mail and pay fees, and receive authorization to appropriate fees at a postal enter mail at that location, check facility near you. the hours of operation and find out where to bring your mail. Postage Statements Postage statements are forms When entering a mailing, you use to describe your mailing submit a completed postage and compute your postage. statement. Documentation to support the information on the postage statement and the rates claimed may be required. Presort software programs can complete your postage statement for you. Verify When you bring your mail to the The postal employee will check BMEU or post office, a postal to ensure that your mail is employee will verify that your correctly prepared and paid for. mailing matches what you claim on your postage statement. The postal employee will also check to see that your mail is properly sorted and is eligible for the rates claimed. Postage Payment Once your mail has been verified, Payment must be made before you will pay based on the postage or at the time of mailing. payment method selected earlier. For more information, see pages 34 and 35. 49
    • D E S T I N AT I O N E N T R Y D I S C O U N T S If you are mailing Standard Mail, Periodicals, Parcel Post, or Bound Mailers who live near a Printed Matter, you may be eligible for further discounts if you enter large mail processing your mail closer to its destination. plant may be able to take advantageDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES After your mail is verified and postage is paid at the facility where you hold of destination entry your permit, you can take your mail to one of three places to receive discounts simply a destination entry discount: a destination bulk mail center (DBMC) (or by driving a short destination area distribution center [DADC] for Periodicals), a destination distance to enter their sectional center facility (DSCF), or a destination delivery unit (DDU). The mail. You may want discount you receive depends on which of these locations you choose. to consider holding your permit at one To find more information on destination entry or to find locations, please of these facilities. refer to www.usps.com/businessmail101. Your local BMEU or post office can help you understand your options. 50
    • L E V E L S O F D E S T I N AT I O N E N T R Y DBMC DSCF DDU Destination Bulk Mail Center Destination Sectional Destination Delivery Unit Center Facility (local post office) There are 21 DBMCs in the U.S. There are 350 DSCFs in the U.S. There are more than 33,000 DDUs in the U.S. For this discount, you may You can receive a greater You can receive an even greater choose to enter your mail at a discount by entering your mail discount by taking your mail destination bulk mail center. at a destination sectional center to a destination delivery unit. The 21 bulk mail centers in the facility. To qualify for DSCF Standard Mail and Periodicals United States handle mail for rates, your mailpieces must be mailings that are taken to a large areas. An auxiliary service addressed for delivery within the DDU must be claimed at Carrier facility (ASF) sometimes acts as service area for that particular Route rates and addressed for a DBMC. To qualify for DBMC DSCF. delivery within the service area rates, your mailpieces must be for that particular DDU. Available for: addressed for delivery within the Available for: service area for that particular • Standard Mail DBMC or ASF. • Periodicals • Standard Mail • Bound Printed Matter (Carrier Route only) Available for: • Parcel Post • Periodicals • Standard Mail (Carrier Route only) • Bound Printed Matter • Bound Printed Matter • Parcel Post • Parcel Post 51
    • Example Discount mailing services can be a cost-effective solution for your business needs. Natalie Fowler, the owner of a neighborhood coffeehouse, recognizes the advantages of using mail over other advertising media. She wants to begin a mailing program to advertise her seasonal and specialty coffees to households and businesses in her surrounding neighborhoods. She plans to send large mailings on a fairly regular basis. Natalie thinks that discount mailing services could offer the most cost-effective mailing method. Natalie uses the following steps to complete her mailing process. 1 ORGANIZING THE MAILING Qty: 1000 Quantity, Shape, and Content Shape: Letter For her first mailing, Natalie wants to send 1,000 advertisements for a Content: Advertisement seasonal promotion two months from now. Since she will pay an annual 1 oz First Class 1 oz Standard mailing fee of $150, Natalie must mail 1,000 advertisements betweenDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES Mail (delivery Mail (delivery two and four times a year to make her mailings cost-effective compared in 1-3 days) in 2-9 days) with retail rates. $ 0.352- $ 0.268- Natalie has designed a 1-ounce letter with content that is considered 0.164 0.278 advertising by the Postal Service and is therefore eligible for Standard per piece per piece Mail rates. She also has the option of sending the advertisements as First-Class Mail. Address Lists and Addressing Since Natalie does not have her own address list, she contacts several mail service providers and finds a list that is formatted correctly and has been verified in the last six months using CASS-certified software. Natalie decides to purchase this list of 1,000 households and businesses in her surrounding neighborhoods. She plans to print the addresses on labels and affix them to her envelopes. 2 C H O O S I N G A P O S TA G E PAY M E N T M E T H O D How Will Natalie Pay Postage? Visit http://pe.usps.gov To make mailing easier, Natalie decides to preprint her envelopes with for additional rate a permit imprint. She will not be charged for postage until she enters her information or request mail at the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). a Ratefold at your local post office. To use a permit imprint, Natalie fills out an application (Form 3615) at the BMEU where she will enter her mail. Natalie pays a $150 annual mailing fee and a one-time $150 setup fee for her permit imprint account. 52
    • Standard Mail Machinable Automation (Presorted) $ 0.268- $ 0.219- 0.222 0.164 per piece per piece3 PLANNING FOR DISCOUNTS Mail Preparation: Automation or Machinable? Standard Mail Natalie must now decide whether to prepare her mail as machinable letters Automation or automation letters with barcodes. She talks to a Mailpiece Design Analyst from the Postal Service and finds that her mailpiece meets the size, shape, 5-digit sort and design standards for machinable letters. To support her mailing program, Natalie recently purchased inexpensive $ 0.190 - 0.164 per piece presort software that provides printed address labels with barcodes in presort sequence, mailing documentation, and postage statements. Since her address list is already CASS-certified and the mailpieces contain barcodes, she can mail at the lower automation rate and save $0.08 per piece. Level of Sorting Because Natalie’s mail is going to the same local area, she knows her Standard Mail Automation mail will need to be sorted only to 5 digits. Natalie realizes that she has * 5-digit sort two options for sorting her mail: doing it herself or hiring a mail service Enter at BMEU Enter at DSCF provider. If she does it herself, she can print her labels in ZIP Code order (no destination ( DSCF destination and have her employees place the mailpieces into trays she gets from entry discount) entry discount) the post office. If Natalie hires a mail service provider, they can print her advertisement, address and stuff her envelopes, apply postage, sort the $ 0.190 $ 0.164 mail into ZIP Code order, and put the mail into trays. Ultimately, Natalie per piece per piece decides to do this mailing on her own but knows that if she needs help she can hire a mail service provider at any time. My BMEU is in an SCF, so I can use the DSCF rate. Mail Entry Natalie will enter her mail at the BMEU near her business. When she calls the BMEU to check on its operating hours, she discovers that the BMEU is located within a Sectional Center Facility (SCF), which is a postal facility that processes the mail on its way to the delivery post office. Because the When you hire a mail BMEU and the SCF are in the same location, Natalie can take advantage service provider, you of the Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) discount. may be able to avoid paying certain fees, such as the annual mailing fee and the permit imprint fee, by using the mail service provider’s permits. 53
    • 4 F I L L I N G O U T T H E P O S TA G E S TAT E M E N T What Is a Postage Statement? Natalie is required to give the BMEU clerk a completed postage statement, which is a form that documents the volume of the mailing and the postage payable or affixed. The presort software Natalie bought will help her fill out the proper postage statement. By signing the postage statement, she certifies that the mail meets the eligibility and addressing standards for the rate claimed. Which Postage Statement Should Natalie Complete? Each discount mailing service and postage payment method has its own postage statement. Natalie can find postage statements at her post office, BMEU, or at http://pe.usps.gov.DISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES page 1 The permit number is on United States Postal Service Post Office: Note Mail Arrival Time the receipt that Natalie Postage Statement — Standard Mail Letters and Flats received when she first Permit Imprint applied for a permit. For letters subject to the nonmachinable surcharge and pieces subject to the residual shape surcharge, use Form 3602-RS. Permit Holders Name and Address, Telephone Name and Address of Telephone Name and Address of Individual or Mailer Information and Email Address If Any 330-555-3485 Mailing Agent (If other Organization for Which Mailing Is Prepared (If Natalie Fowler than permit holder) other than permit holder) Areas in gray are filled 5000 Fifth Avenue in by Postal Service Anytown, NJ 10000 USA employees. CAPS Cust. Ref. ID __________________________________________ Dun & Bradstreet No. _________________________ Dun & Bradstreet No. ______________________ Dun & Bradstreet No. ____________________ Natalie is not a federal Post Office of Mailing Processing Category (DMM C050) Mailing Date Federal Agency Cost Code Statement Seq. No. Number of Containers Anytown, NJ 05/31/03 3 trays agency; she leaves this Mailing Information Letters Permit No. Flats Weight of a Single Piece 0 6 2 5 Total Pieces field blank. 109 Automation Flats (DMM C820) 0 ____ . ____ ____ ____ ____ pound 1000 For Mail Enclosed Within Another Class If Sacked, Based on Total Weight Bound Printed Library Media Parcel Periodicals Matter Mail Mail Post 125 pcs. 15 lbs. both 62.5 lbs For Automation Rate Pieces, Enter Date of Address For Enhanced Carrier Route Rate Pieces, Enter Date For Enhanced Carrier Route Rate Pieces, Enter Date Natalie enters the total Matching and Coding (DMM A950.3.0) of Address Matching and Coding (DMM A950.3.0) of Carrier Route Sequencing (DMM M050.4.0) number and type of 0 4 3 0 2 0 0 3 containers. ____ ____ / ____ ____ / ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ / ____ ____ / ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ / ____ ____ / ____ ____ ____ ____ Postage Computation (DMM P013) For Automation Letters and Flats (3.3 oz. or less) Total From Part A (On reverse) 164 Total From Part B (On reverse) For Presorted Letters and Flats (3.3 oz. or less) Natalie figures out her For Enhanced Carrier Route Letters and Flats (3.3 oz. or less) Total From Part C (On reverse) cost on page two of the For All Letters and Flats More Than 3.3 oz. Total From Part D (On reverse) postage statement. Postmaster: Report total postage in AIC 130. Total Postage (Add lines above) 164 For USPS Use Only: Additional Postage Payment (State reason) Natalie fills in the weight of the mailpiece in Postmaster: Report total adjusted postage in AIC 130. Total Adjusted Postage (Add additional postage to total postage) decimal pounds to four digits. The mailers signature certifies acceptance of liability for and agreement to pay any revenue deficiencies assessed on this mailing, subject to appeal. If an agent signs this form, the agent certifies that he or she is authorized to sign on behalf of the mailer, and that the mailer is bound by the certification and agrees to pay any deficiencies. In addition, agents may be liable for any deficiencies resulting from matters within their responsibility, knowledge, or control. The mail service provider Certification The mailer hereby certifies that all information furnished on this form is accurate, truthful, and complete; that the mail and the supporting documentation comply with all postal standards and that the mailing qualifies for the rates and fees claimed; and that the mailing does not contain any matter prohibited by law or postal regulation. who sold Natalie her I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits information requested on this form may be subject to address list gave her the date that the list was criminal and/or civil penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Signature of Mailer or Agent Name of Mailer or Agent Telephone last verified with CASS- Natalie Fowler 330-555-3485 certified software. Weight of a Single Piece Are figures at left adjusted from mailers entries? Yes No 0 ____ . ____ ____ ____ ____ pound If "Yes," Reason Total Pieces Total Weight nly T t lP t R d St (R i d) 54
    • 5 L O O K I N G AT C O S T S Natalie uses the back of her postage statement to find that her cost for postage will be $164 for automation Standard Mail. For this first mailing, Natalie will also have to pay the $150 annual mailing fee and the $150 permit imprint fee. However, she will be able to recover these costs over time with the money she saves on future discount mailings. page 2 The Postage Standard Mail Letters and Flats — Permit Imprint Statement Wizard Presort / P Natalie uses Section A is a free interactive Entry Automation Number Entry A Discount Discount Rate of Pieces Total Discount D because she is mailing program that helps A Automation Rates — Letters and Flats 3.3 oz. (0.2063 lb.) or Less B Presort letters at an you fill out your automation rate. postage statements. None A1. 5-Digit Letter .190 x _________ pcs. = $_________ None B1. 3/5 A2. 3-Digit Letter .203 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B2. B3. Ba 3/5 Visit http://pe.usps.gov A3. AADC Letter .212 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B4. Ba Natalie enters the for more information. A4. Mixed AADC Letter .219 x _________ pcs. = $_________ A5. 3/5 Flat .261 x _________ pcs. = $_________ DBMC B5. 3/ number of pieces she B6. Ba A6. Basic Flat .300 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B7. 3/ is mailing. DBMC A7. 5-Digit Letter .169 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B8. Ba A8. 3-Digit Letter .182 x _________ pcs. = $_________ DSCF B9. 3/ A9. AADC Letter .191 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B10. Ba Natalie multiplies the B11. 3/ A10. Mixed AADC Letter .198 x _________ pcs. = $_________ B12. Ba number of pieces by the A11. 3/5 Flat .240 x _________ pcs. = $_________ postage rate to find her A12. Basic Flat .279 x _________ pcs. = $_________ Total — Part B cost for postage. DSCF A13. 5-Digit Letter 1000 164 .164 x _________ pcs. = $_________ All Lett A14. 3-Digit Letter .177 x _________ pcs. = $_________ D A15. AADC Letter .186 x _________ pcs. = $_________ None D1. Sa Natalie’s total cost for A16. 3/5 Flat .235 x _________ pcs. = $_________ D2. Hig postage is $164, which A17. Basic Flat .274 x _________ pcs. = $_________ D3. Ba she reports on page one of the postage D4. 3/5 164 statement. Total — Part A (Carry to front of form) $_________ D5. Ba ECR Rates — Letters and Flats 3.3 oz. (0.2063 lb.) or Less C D6. 3/5 None C1. Saturation Letter .152 x _________ pcs. = $_________ D7. Ba C2 High Density Letter .164 x pcs. = $ 55
    • Discount Postage Rates For more information on domestic and international rates, visit http://pe.usps.gov or your local post office. Simplified Rate Chart Effective June 30, 2002 F I R S T- C L A S S M A I L Non- Automation automation Letter-Size Flat-SizeDISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES Presorted Mixed AADC 3-Digit 5-Digit Carrier Mixed ADC 3-Digit 5-Digit AADC Route ADC 1 oz $0.3522 $0.309 $0.301 $0.292 $0.278 $0.275 $0.3412 $0.3332 $0.322 2 $0.302 2 2 oz 0.577 0.534 0.526 0.517 0.503 0.500 0.566 0.558 0.547 0.527 3 oz 1 0.761 0.718 0.710 0.701 0.687 0.684 0.750 0.742 0.731 0.711 4 oz 0.986 0.943 3 0.935 3 0.926 3 0.912 3 0.909 3 0.975 0.967 0.956 0.936 5 oz 1.211 — — — — — 1.200 1.192 1.181 1.161 6 oz 1.436 — — — — — 1.425 1.417 1.406 1.386 7 oz 1.661 — — — — — 1.650 1.642 1.631 1.611 8 oz 1.886 — — — — — 1.875 1.867 1.856 1.836 9 oz 2.111 — — — — — 2.100 2.092 2.081 2.061 10 oz 2.336 — — — — — 2.325 2.317 2.306 2.286 11 oz 2.561 — — — — — 2.550 2.542 2.531 2.511 12 oz 2.786 — — — — — 2.775 2.767 2.756 2.736 13 oz 3.011 — — — — — 3.000 2.992 2.981 2.961 Postcard4 0.212 0.194 0.187 0.183 0.176 0.170 — — — — 1 For each additional ounce, computed postage includes $0.225 for presorted and automation rates. The rates include a $0.041 discount for presorted and automation rate pieces weighing more than 2 ounces. 2 Nonmachinable surcharge might apply: presorted and automation $0.055. 3 Weight not to exceed 3.3 ounces. 4 Single rate applies to a double postcard when originally mailed; reply half of double postcard must bear postage at applicable rate when returned unless prepared as business reply mail. 56
    • S TA N D A R D M A I L PA R C E L P O S T — MEDIA MAIL PA R C E L S E L E C TRates are based on shape, 5-Digit Basicweight, and level of sortation. Rates are based on weight, 1 lb................ $0.80 ........ $1.12Nonprofit rates are also destination entry, and zone.available. Pieces weighing For example, the postage for 2 lbs ............. $1.22 ........ $1.543.3 ounces or less pay a a 5-pound parcel can cost 3 lbs ............. $1.64 ........ $1.96per piece rate. Pieces over between $1 and $6. 4 lbs .............. $2.06 ........ $2.383.3 ounces pay a per pieceplus a per pound rate. Pieces 5 lbs .............. $2.48 ........ $2.80 B O U N D P R I N T E D M AT T E Rprepared as parcels also pay Other rates are available upthe “residual shape surcharge.” Rates are based on shape, to 70 pounds.For example: weight, zone, level of sortation, and destination entry. For• the postage for a machinable FEES example: letter weighing no more than 3.3 ounces can cost • the postage for a 1-pound Annual Mailing Fee* between $0.222 and phone book mailed as a $150.00 $0.268. parcel can cost between Annual Destination Entry Fee• the postage for an $0.539 and $1.574. (for Parcel Select and Bound automation (barcoded) • the postage for a 1-pound Printed Matter only) letter weighing no more clothing catalog mailed as $150.00 than 3.3 ounces can cost a flat can cost between between $0.164 and $0.219. $0.462 and $1.497. Permit Imprint Application Fee• the postage for an enhanced $150.00 carrier route letter weighing * Separate annual mailing fees no more than 3.3 ounces must be paid for presorted can cost between $0.12 First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and $0.194. and Media Mail.One ounce isapproximatelyequal to four sheetsof paper plus astandard envelope. 57
    • Where to Go From Here Quick Service Guides, which provide a summary of each mailing service, including rates and procedures, are available at your local post office, BMEU, or online at http://pe.usps.gov. Quick Service Postcards and Letters Guide Number First-Class Mail Presorted Letters and Cards—Nonmachinable ..................... 130 First-Class Mail Presorted Letters and Cards—Machinable ........................... 131 First-Class Mail Automation Letters and Cards .............................................. 140 Standard Mail Presorted Letters—Nonmachinable ........................................ 630 Standard Mail Presorted Letters—Machinable ............................................... 631 Standard Mail Automation Letters .................................................................. 640 Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route Letters .............................................. 642 Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route—Automation Letters......................... 644 Periodicals Nonautomation Letters ................................................................ 230 Periodicals Automation Letters....................................................................... 240 Designing Letters and Cards for Automated Processing ................................ 810 Tabs and Wafer Seals .................................................................................... 811DISCOUNT MAILING SERVICES Flats First-Class Mail Presorted Flats...................................................................... 132 First-Class Mail Automation Flats ................................................................... 141 Standard Mail Presorted Flats ........................................................................ 632 Standard Mail Automation Flats ..................................................................... 641 Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route—Flats and Parcels............................ 643 Periodicals Nonautomation Flats .................................................................... 231 Periodicals Automation Flats .......................................................................... 241 Designing Flats for Automated Processing..................................................... 820 Parcels First-Class Mail Presorted Parcels.................................................................. 133 Standard Mail Presorted Irregular Parcels ...................................................... 633 Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route—Flat and Parcels ............................. 643 Parcel Post..................................................................................................... 710 Bound Printed Matter..................................................................................... 720 Media Mail...................................................................................................... 730 Designing Parcels for Automated Processing................................................. 830 Many business mail entry units (BMEUs) offer training seminars for discount mailers and can answer your mailing questions. To locate a BMEU near you, visit http:// pe.usps.gov and click on “Postal Links.” 58
    • CHECKLIST FOR DISCOUNT MAILERSTo successfully complete a discount mailing, you should be familiar with all of thesteps covered in this section. Use this list to review these steps as you beginyour discount mailing. Choose a Mailing Service ........................................................................... p. 28 Choose a Postage Payment Method and Get the Required Mailing Permit ................................................................. p. 34 Prepare Your Mailpiece............................................................................... p. 36 Get an Address List .................................................................................... p. 42 Check the Accuracy of Your Mailing ........................................................... p. 43 Sort Your Mail............................................................................................. p. 44 Fill Out a Postage Statement ...................................................................... p. 54 Enter Your Mail ........................................................................................... p. 48 59
    • 61 Online Mailing Services 64 NetPost Mailing Online Service 66 NetPost CardStore Service 68 NetPost Premium Postcard Service 69 Online Shipping LabelsONLINE MAILING SERVICES 60
    • Online Mailing ServicesFrom desktop to doorstep, the Postal Service offers several onlineservices that combine the speed of the Internet with the effectivenessof traditional mail. Online services allow you to select or design amailpiece and enter addresses or upload an address list. Your mailpiecesare printed, prepared, and delivered in as few as one or two days.A D V A N TA G E S HOW DOES IT WORK? COSTNetPost Mailing Online offers NetPost Mailing Online services Prices depend on the postage,a variety of printing and allow customers to submit production, and featuresmailing services. electronic documents and mailing you choose. Postage discounts lists via the Postal Service Web site. are available with many• NetPost is cost-effective, simple, The Postal Service sends those NetPost services. and time-saving. files to a contract printer, who• If placed before 2 p.m. EST, prints the items and enters them your order will be in the into the mail. mail the following business day, regardless of how big From your computer you can your order is. create or choose from an array• NetPost can provide a of postcards or greeting cards, or discounted postage rate by you can upload files you’ve created automating and presorting for letters, flyers, booklets, or your mail. There is no minimum self-mailers. The Postal Service number of pieces required. helps you send them to everyone• NetPost does not require you on your mailing list after you to apply for a permit or pay an create or select the design. You annual fee. can upload your address list or type in the addresses manually. NetPost services are securely transmitted to the print site closest to the recipients’ addresses. The documents are then printed, addressed, stamped, and transported to the post office for processing and delivery. 61
    • Online Mailing Services Online mailing services provide convenient alternatives for mailing at retail and discount rates.ONLINE MAILING SERVICES 62
    • PLANNING AN ONLINE MAILINGSeven easy steps are involved in the online mailing process. 1 CHOOSING AN ONLINE MAILING SERVICE Select an appropriate online service for your mailing. 2 UPLOAD A DOCUMENT OR CHOOSE AN IMAGE Choose or create a design for your mailpiece. 3 UPLOAD OR ENTER ADDRESSES You have the choice of uploading a formatted address list or entering individual addresses by hand. 4 ENTER RETURN ADDRESS Enter the return address of your business. 5 REVIEW AND APPROVE DOCUMENT Review and approve your document online before it is printed and mailed. 6 PAY F O R M A I L I N G Payment can be made using a credit card or NetPost’s debit account program. 7 R E C E I V E E - M A I L O R D E R C O N F I R M AT I O N You will receive e-mail confirmation that your mailing has been accepted and mailed. 63
    • NetPost Mailing Online Service Upload your documents for printing, addressing, and delivery to your customers. How Does It Work? Which Mailing Services How Much Does It Cost? Using NetPost Mailing Online, Are Available? Although the price varies you can create postcards, letters, Your mailing can be sent by according to the printing and booklets, and self-mailers/flyers First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, or the delivery options you select, on your desktop computer Nonprofit Standard Mail services. you can estimate the cost at that adhere to the size and shape www.usps.com/mailingonline/ What About Address guidelines required by the quickcal/index.html. Standardization? Postal Service. With NetPost, you get free address How Do I Pay? You can upload your documents standardization, meaning that Payment can be made using and either enter your addresses ZIP Codes are automatically verified a credit card or NetPost’s debit or upload your address list, which for accuracy and, where possible, account program. you can store in a secure online corrected or improved. Discounted address book. Mail merging, which rates are then applied to all of lets you add variable data fields, the mailpieces with addresses is available so you can further that have been successfullyONLINE MAILING SERVICES personalize your mailings. standardized. After you upload your documents, What Are the Accepted File you can preview them and submit Formats for Address Lists? them. They are then transmitted • ASCII comma or tab delimited securely to print sites near your NetPost provides (.csv or .txt) recipients’ addresses. authorized nonprofit • Corel WordPerfect 7.0-9.0 organizations with Your pieces will be printed, • Microsoft Access 95, 97, the option of mailing addressed, and delivered. Orders or 2000 Standard Mail at placed before 2 p.m. EST are • Microsoft Excel 95, 97, or 2000 nonprofit rates. You printed and mailed the following • Microsoft Word 95, 97, or 2000 must first apply for business day, and you have the authorization to mail at option to schedule mailings up to nonprofit rates at your 30 days in advance. You will receive local post office and e-mail confirmation that your order adhere to the content has been accepted and mailed. restrictions associated with nonprofit rates. Find NetPost Mailing Online at Visit www.usps.com/ www.usps.com/mailingonline. mailingonline/ nonprofit_faq.htm to find out more. 64
    • W H AT T Y P E S O F D O C U M E N T S C A N I C R E AT E A N D S E N D ? There are four kinds of documents POSTCARDS LETTERS you can create, and all (except postcards) can be printed with full color, one color, or black ink. More specific information about the choice of paper, text, and graphics, orientation, page sizes, margins, and merge data can be found on the Web site at www.usps.com/ mailingonline. 4-1/4" x 6" postcards printed 8-1/2" x 11" sheets, folded and The Postal Service accepts on white cardstock and using a sent in a dual windowed #10 the following types of files Microsoft Word template. envelopes (4-1/8" x 9-1/2") or left for upload on Mailing Online: unfolded and sent in a 9" x 12" • Microsoft Word 6.0, 95, 97, flat envelope. or 2000 • Adobe PDF 3.0 or 4.0 • Adobe Postscript Format • Adobe PageMaker 6.5 • Corel WordPerfect 7.0-9.0 • Corel VENTURA 7.0 or 8.0 • Quark 3.2 or 4.0 BOOKLETS S E L F - M A I L E R S / F LY E R S Documents of up to 96 pages 8-1/2" x 11" documents folded in (48 double-sided sheets) printed thirds and sealed along the top on 11" x 17" sheets of paper that edge with two adhesive tabs. Up are folded in half so they read to eight pages can be uploaded like a book. Can be sent in an and will result in a four-page envelope or as a self-mailer. double-sided self-mailer. 65
    • NetPost CardStore Service Upload your own image or choose from an online gallery to send quality greetings to your customers. What Are Personal Connect and How Does It Work? Which Mailing Services Are Business Connect? With NetPost CardStore, you can Available? Personal Connect and Business create and send greeting cards or All cards are sent using Connect are the two kinds of postcards. Both options let you First-Class Mail and can be accounts available at NetPost choose an image for the front of sent to both domestic and CardStore. Personal Connect is for your mailpiece from an extensive international addresses. individuals and their mailing needs, online gallery or upload your own If you’d like to have your printed and Business Connect offers images in JPEG format. You can cards returned to you, with or one centrally controlled business save your images to a personal without addresses and postage, account that can be accessed by account to use with future mailings. they can be shipped to you using multiple users. A variety of fonts and ink colors Priority Mail or Express Mail. complete your design choices. Both Personal Connect and What Are the Accepted File Business Connect let you choose You can either enter your addresses Formats for Address Lists? from a selection of images manually or upload your address Comma separated value (.csv) designed for every occasion or list, which you can store in aONLINE MAILING SERVICES formatted files from most word upload your photo or other artwork. private address book. Salutation processing, database, and Both let you upload your address merging lets you personalize your spreadsheet applications are lists and store them in a private message to each of your recipients acceptable. address book. with a custom salutation, such as “Dear Jim.” How Much Does It Cost? For an annual charge of $50, Prices vary according to the type Business Connect customers can After you upload your documents, of greeting you select and the take advantage of some specialized you preview and submit them. added postage. The more you features including a central gallery They are then transmitted securely, purchase, the more the production of their images and logos. Full-color printed, assembled, and mailed the cost drops. logos and handwritten signatures next business day if ordered by can be included on greetings. 8 p.m. EST. How Do I Pay? Unlimited numbers of people in Payment can be made using a You have the option to schedule your company can access your credit card or invoicing through a mailings up to a year in advance. corporate account, and everyone corporate billing account. An e-mail confirmation that will have their own account history, your order has been accepted and handwritten signatures, and profile mailed will be sent to you. information. You can even set up automatic mailing schedules for future mailings. Find Personal Connect online at www.usps.com/netpost/cardstore/ pconnect.htm and Business Connect online at www.usps.com/ netpost/cardstore/bconnect.htm. 66
    • W H AT T Y P E S O F M A I L P I E C E S C A N I C R E AT E A N D S E N D ?Upload Your ImageYou can upload your image to create a greeting and choose fromthe following three options: 5" X 7" FOLDED CARD 5" X 7" OVERSIZE 4 -1 / 4 " X 6 " P O S T C A R D WITH ENVELOPE POSTCARD 100-pound cardstock with a 100-pound cardstock, 100-pound cardstock, matte finish sent in an envelope UV-coated with a glossy finish. UV-coated with a glossy finish. of 80-pound stock. Must be sent at First-Class Mail letter rates because of the dimensions.Choose from the Image GalleryIf you choose an image from either the Personal Connect or BusinessConnect galleries, you can choose from the following two options: 5" X 7" FOLDED CARD 5" X 7" OVERSIZE WITH ENVELOPE POSTCARD 100-pound paper stock with a 100-pound cardstock, matte finish sent in an envelope UV-coated with a glossy finish. made of 80-pound stock. Must be sent at First-Class Mail letter rates because of the dimensions. 67
    • NetPost Premium Postcard Service Connect with your customers by sending high-quality full-color glossy postcards you create online. How Does It Work? Which Mailing Services Are W H AT T Y P E O F M A I L P I E C E S With this service, you can create Available? C A N I C R E AT E A N D S E N D ? full-color, high resolution, full-gloss All postcards are sent using postcards that are printed on heavy First-Class Mail with a 110-pound stock with a UV coating permit imprint and can be sent 4 -1 / 4 " X 6 " P O S T C A R D on both sides. You can choose an to domestic addresses. image for the front of your postcard What about Address from the extensive online gallery or Verification? upload your own images in JPEG Addresses are automatically format. Save your images to a verified, and discounted rates are personal online image gallery to use applied to all verified addresses. with future mailings. What Are the Accepted File Use an image or type up to 18 lines Formats for Address Lists? of copy to appear in the message Comma separated value (.csv) 110-pound sapphire-treated portion of the postcard.ONLINE MAILING SERVICES formatted files from most word cardstock, full-gloss coated You can enter your addresses or processing, database, and on both sides with a 1/4" white upload your address list, which you spreadsheet applications are border on the front, ink-proof can store in a secure online address acceptable. and scuff resistant. book. Message merging, which lets How Much Does It Cost? you include up to 13 merge fields of Prices vary depending on how information, is available so you can many pieces you send and the further personalize your mailings. design you select. After you upload your documents, How Do I Pay? you preview and submit them. Payment can be made using a They are then transmitted securely credit card or NetPost’s debit to print sites and assembled and account program. mailed the next business day if ordered by 8 p.m. EST. You have the option to schedule mailings up to a year in advance. You will receive e-mail confirmation that your order has been accepted and mailed. Find NetPost Premium Postcard Service at www.usps.com/netpost/ premiumpostcard.htm. 68
    • Online Shipping LabelsYou can print shipping labels and pay for postage onlineusing Click-N-Ship.How Does It Work? Which Mailing Services Are How Do I Pay?Using Click-N-Ship, you can print Available? Pay for postage with any majorshipping labels with or without credit card. There is no charge for • Priority Mailpostage for Express Mail and labels without postage. If you print – Includes no-fee DeliveryPriority Mail from your computer. your labels without postage, you ConfirmationTo print labels with postage, simply can use postage stamps or meter – Signature Confirmationregister on www.usps.com and strips or take the mailpiece to a available at a reduced feepay for postage online with your post office. • Express Mailcredit card. The labels will print • International mail How Do I Mail?with PC Postage indicia. – Global Express Guaranteed Drop your Express Mail and PriorityOnce you register, you simply fill – Global Express Mail Mail pieces with PC Postagein the mailing address and weight labels in a Postal Service collection Do I Need Any Specialof the mailpiece, and rates will be box. You can also hand your Equipment or Supplies?calculated for you. Then choose mailpieces with postage to your All you need is a computer withbetween Express Mail or Priority letter carrier, schedule a pickup an Internet connection and aMail and whether you want to print online, or drop them at your local laser or high-quality inkjetand pay for postage or print without post office. (600 DPI) printer. Your browserpostage. Then print! should be Internet Explorer 5.0 Find Click-N-Ship online atOnce you’ve printed your label, or later or Netscape 4.7 or later. www.usps.com/clicknship.you will get a confirmation screen Labels can be printed onwith your label number to use for 8 1/2" x 11" paper and glued orchecking the delivery status on the taped securely to the package.Track & Confirm site. If you print a Self-adhesive labels arelabel with postage, you will also get recommended and can be easilyan e-mail confirmation. ordered online. What about Standardizing and Saving Addresses? Addresses are automatically standardized and the complete ZIP Code added. You can save frequently used addresses in your online address book. Sort your addresses by name, business, or address and quickly select one for label printing. 69
    • 72 Mailing for Nonprofit Organizations 74 Getting Help From Mail Service Providers 76 Encouraging Customers to Reply 78 Reviewing Content EligibilityA D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N 70
    • Additional InformationMany factors affect your mailing choices. This section describes nonprofitmailing, mail service providers, and reply mail options and explains howthe content of your mailpiece can affect your mailing options. 71
    • Mailing for Nonprofit Organizations Are Nonprofit Organizations Identifying Your Mailpiece How Do I Apply? Different From Business For Nonprofit Standard Mail, the Organizations apply for Mailers? name and return address of authorization to mail at Nonprofit Nonprofit organizations and the authorized nonprofit Standard Mail Rates by submitting businesses use discount mailing organization must be printed Form 3624, Application to MailA D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N in the same way. Nonprofit on the outside of the mailpiece at Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates organizations authorized by the or prominently displayed on at the post office where the Postal Service are eligible for the material being mailed. organization intends to mail. For additional savings on Standard information about nonprofit rate Mail rates. Eligibility to use eligibility and how to apply, see nonprofit rates is based on both Publication 417, Nonprofit Standard the organization’s eligibility and Mail Eligibility, online at http:// the content of the mailpiece as pe.usps.gov or pick up a copy at established by federal statutes. You your local post office. can find complete rate information online at http://pe.usps.gov. To apply for authorization to mail at Nonprofit Periodicals rates, see Handbook DM-204, Applying for Periodicals Mailing Privileges, at http:// pe.usps.gov. 72
    • Organization Eligibility Mailpiece EligibilityOnly certain types of nonprofit As an authorized nonprofit organization, you can send only your own mailorganizations may qualify for at Nonprofit Standard Mail rates. Additionally, the material that you sendauthorization to mail at Nonprofit must meet certain content standards.Standard Mail rates. Nonprofit rates Advertising Contentare considerably less than regularStandard Mail rates. Typically, Advertisements cannot be mailed at Nonprofit Standard Mail rates if theythere are eight categories of promote any of the following:organizations that may be eligible: • Credit, debit, or charge cards• Agricultural • Insurance policies, unless they are promoted to members, donors,• Philanthropic supporters, or beneficiaries of your organization and the policy• Educational coverage is not otherwise generally commercially available• Labor • Any travel arrangement, unless the arrangement is promoted to• Scientific members, donors, and supporters of your organization, and the travel• Veterans contributes substantially to your organization’s qualifying purpose• Religious • Advertising for products or services that are not substantially related to• Fraternal your organization’s qualifying purposeMore recently, Congress authorized Product Contentnonprofit rates for voter registration The following products are mailable at Nonprofit Standard Mail rates:officials and national and statecommittees of political parties. • A low-cost item. Cost is based on the price your organization pays to acquire the product and not the sale price. Because the value isSimply being an IRS-approved adjusted each year, you should see the Domestic Mail Manual onnonprofit organization does not http://pe.usps.gov (section E670.5.11) to find the current value of aqualify an organization for these low-cost item.rates. The following types of • An item donated to your organizationorganizations are typically ineligible • Certain periodical publicationsfor nonprofit authorization:• Automobile clubs• Business leagues• Chambers of commerce• Individuals• Mutual insurance associations• Political organizations• Service clubs• Social and hobby clubs• Trade associations• Citizens’ and civic improvement associations• Associations of rural electric cooperatives 73
    • Getting Help From Mail Service Providers Mail service providers can help with your mailings in a number of ways. W H AT I S A M A I L S E R V I C E P R O V I D E R ? A mail service provider is a company that specializes in creating and preparing mail. Advantages • Mail service providers save you time by doing all or part of the work for you. • A presort bureau may be ableA D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N to combine your mail with other customers’ mail to take advantage of lower rates. • You don’t have to invest in software or equipment. • You may not have to pay permit or annual mailing fees. • You can compare your costs and efforts in preparing the mailing yourself to the costs of paying a vendor to do some or all of the work for you. • Nonprofit organizations can benefit from mail service providers just as for-profit businesses can. 74
    • Presort Bureaus and Address List Vendors Print and Publishing ServicesLetter Shops List vendors collect and sell Printers and publishers specializePresort bureaus and letter shops information about consumers in all forms of traditional printspecialize in preparing mailings and businesses. You can buy communications, includingfor customers. Some of these or rent a mailing list to target catalogs, direct mail, brochures,businesses will do the entire your intended audience. Address and publications. They may alsomail process for you, from printing list vendors can also correct, provide mailing services.your mailpiece to depositing it standardize, and update your Parcel Consolidatorsat the post office. You can find mailing lists. You can find these Consolidators streamline the parcelthese businesses by doing a Web businesses by doing a Web search, shipping process for businessessearch or by looking in the phone looking in the phone book, or that mail parcels in volume.book under “letter shops,” “mailing visiting www.usps.com/directmail. From cost-effective Parcel Postservices,” or “printing.” Not all purchased or rented lists destination entry options to parcel have addresses that are correct, pickup, sorting, postage payment, checked, updated, or certified. and transportation—they can To make sure that you are getting simplify your fulfillment processes. a list with accurate addresses, Working in conjunction with the ask your vendor about the list’s Postal Service, the consolidators National Deliverability Index (NDI), save you money by mailing your which rates the percentage of parcels closer to their ultimate addresses in that list that are destination. For a list of vendors, deliverable. The NDI rating allows see www.usps.com/shipping/ you to compare the quality of consolidators.htm. addresses from several lists and to choose the one that has the highest accuracy rating. Remember to ask your vendor for documentation that shows the addressing updates have been met (see page 43). 75
    • Encouraging Customers to Reply Some businesses and organizations provide envelopes, cards, or labels for their customers to reply. What Is Reply Mail? What Is the Difference? Businesses and organizations that With BRM, MRM, and CRM, depend on orders and payments you provide your customer with by mail have a vested interest an envelope or card that has in incoming mail and may want your return address preprinted to use tools that encourage their on it. Businesses who ask their customers to reply. Reply mail customers to submit their payments is a method with which you can to locations other than their usual provide preaddressed envelopes, business address may find this postcards, and labels, with or particularly valuable. without postage, to customers for With BRM and MRM, businesses reply purposes. pay the postage for their Benefits of Reply Mail customers. Customers use the Customers are provided a quick envelope, postcard, or label that and easy response tool. For is preprinted with the businessA D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N businesses and organizations, address and drop it in a mailbox. You can find Business reply mail encourages a response. Reply Mail and For all BRM services, a business Courtesy Reply Mail Kinds of Reply Mail or organization pays postage and templates at http: The Postal Service offers three a fee for each piece when it //pe.usps.gov by kinds of reply mail within the U.S.: receives the reply mail from the clicking on “Mailpiece Postal Service. Design.” Along with • Business Reply Mail (BRM) • Metered Reply Mail (MRM) With MRM, you apply prepaid templates, you can • Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) metered postage to each piece for also find links to mailpiece design your customer. analysts and Quick Using CRM, a business provides Service Guides. its customer with a preaddressed envelope and the customer applies postage. International Business Reply Service allows addressees worldwide to return mail to the United States without affixing postage. There are special format standards, and you can use your domestic business reply mail permit. Contact your post office for details. 76
    • B U S I N E S S R E P LY M A I L ( B R M ) for each 1-ounce letter you receive You maintain an advance deposit NO POSTAGE back, you pay $0.37 for postage account at the post office. High NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES and a $0.10 per piece fee, totaling volume qualified BRM is best if $0.47 per piece. You maintain you expect 34,650 or more pieces BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 0000 ANYTOWN NY an advance deposit account at returned in a quarter. the post office. High volume BRM POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE ABC COMPANY is best if you expect 950 or more 1234 MAIN ST ANYTOWN NY 11111-0000 M E T E R E D R E P LY M A I L ( M R M ) pieces back a year. Business Prepays Postage Basic Qualified BRMBusiness Pays Postage For customers that are sure to By making your reply mailpieceAfterwards respond, Metered Reply Mail automation-compatible, you canThe four types of Business Reply (MRM) is a simple solution. You are receive greater discounts. YouMail (BRM) allow you to receive not required to fill out any forms fill out an application and payFirst-Class Mail and Priority Mail or pay any fees. All you need is a an annual $150 permit fee andback from customers and pay meter. The postage is equal to the an annual $475 accounting fee.for the postage when the mail is First-Class Mail rate and has no per Instead of paying the First-Classreturned to you. When designing piece fee. A special endorsement Mail rates for the returneda BRM mailpiece or label, you must is required above the delivery mailpiece, you will pay a qualifiedconsult with your local post office address. BRM postage rate of $0.34. Further,or business mail entry employee. the per piece fee is reduced fromThe mailpiece must conform to a $0.10 to $0.06 per piece. Therefore, C O U R T E S Y R E P LY M A I Lspecific format, including a specific with basic qualified BRM, for each (CRM)ZIP+4 code assigned by the post 1-ounce letter returned, you payoffice. The type of BRM that you $0.34 for the return postage and a PLACEchoose will depend on the volume STAMP HERE $0.06 per piece fee, totaling $0.40of returns you expect. per piece. You maintain an advance ABC COMPANYBasic BRM deposit account at the post office. 1234 MAIN ST ANYTOWN NY 11111-0000For basic BRM, you fill out an Basic qualified BRM is best if youapplication (Form 3615) and pay expect 850 or more pieces returnedan annual $150 permit fee. When per year.you send your mail, you can include High Volume Qualified BRM Customer Pays Postagepreprinted envelopes, postcards, High volume qualified BRM is For Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM),or labels. You pay the First-Class similar to basic qualified BRM in your customer affixes postage toMail rate for the returned mailpiece that the reply mailpiece must be a preaddressed envelope that youplus a per piece fee for each automation-compatible, the return enclose in your mailing. No fees arepiece you receive back. For postage is based on qualified required for CRM.example, with basic BRM, for each BRM rates, you fill out an1-ounce letter returned, you pay application, and you pay an annual$0.37 for First-Class Mail postage $150 permit fee and an annualand a $0.60 per piece fee, totaling $475 accounting fee. You must$0.97 per piece. also pay an $1,800 quarterly fee,High Volume BRM which reduces your per piece feeFor high volume BRM, you fill out from $0.06 to $0.008. Therefore,an application and pay an annual with high volume BRM, for each$150 permit fee and an annual 1-ounce letter you receive back you$475 accounting fee. You still pay pay $0.34 for the return postagethe First-Class Mail return postage, and a $0.008 per piece fee, totalingbut the per piece fee is reduced $0.348 per piece.from $0.60 to $0.10 per piece.Therefore, with high volume BRM, 77
    • Reviewing Content Eligibility The content of your mailpiece affects your range of mailing service options. MAILPIECE CONTENT Sometimes what you mail may Express Mail Periodicals restrict your available mailing Mailable matter up to 70 pounds Publications (e.g., magazines, services. For example, while any can be sent as Express Mail. newspapers, and newsletters) mailable matter (except certain that are published at a regular Priority Mail hazardous materials) can be mailed frequency of at least four times Mailable matter up to 70 pounds as First-Class Mail, bills, statements a year and that meet otherA D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N can be sent as Priority Mail. of account, and personal eligibility standards can be sent correspondence must be mailed First-Class Mail as Periodicals. Periodicals have as First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Mailable matter up to 13 ounces historically been considered a Express Mail. can be sent as First-Class Mail. primary means of communicating Matter completely or partially news and information to the Sometimes what you mail may handwritten or typed, personal general public. expand your available mailing correspondence, bills, and services. For example, a small To mail at Periodicals rates, a statements of account must catalog or certain printed matter publication must first be authorized be mailed as First-Class Mail, including printed letters can be by the Postal Service. There is a Priority Mail, or Express Mail. mailed as either First-Class Mail or one-time $375 application fee. Standard Mail. Standard Mail While the rates for Periodicals are Mailable matter less than 16 ounces often less than Standard Mail rates, that is not required to be sent as Periodicals receive a higher level First-Class Mail or as Periodicals of service. In addition, further can be sent as Standard Mail. discounts (e.g., nonprofit and classroom) are available for authorized publications of certain qualified organizations. Periodicals service is available worldwide. A copy of the application and instructions on how to complete the form can be found in Handbook DM-204, Applying for Periodicals Mailing Privileges. Handbook DM-204 is available online at http:// pe.usps.com. Parcel Post Mailable matter up to 70 pounds that is not required to be sent as First-Class Mail can be sent as Parcel Post. 78
    • Bound Printed Matter Hazardous, Restricted, andMaterial that consists of advertising, Perishable Mailpromotional, directory, or For safety reasons, most hazardous Hazardous materials include:editorial material that is securely materials are nonmailable. • Corrosivesand permanently bound (not Restricted and perishable items • Explosivesloose-leaf in binders), consists are either nonmailable or mailable • Flammable liquids and solids,of sheets of which at least only under specific conditions. It combustible liquids90 percent are imprinted by a is the responsibility of the mailer • Gases (under pressure)process other than handwriting or to fully meet all requirements prior • Infectious substances, etiologictypewriting, contains no personal to mailing. For more information, agents, clinical specimens,correspondence, and is not contact your manager of Business Certain hazardous biological products, sharps, otherstationery (such as pads of blank Mail Entry or see Publication materials cannot used medical devicesprinted forms) up to 15 pounds can 52, Hazardous, Restricted, be mailed as Express • Miscellaneous hazardousbe sent as Bound Printed Matter. and Perishable Mail, at http:// Mail, Priority Mail, materials (i.e., dry ice, pe.usps.gov. or First-Class Mail.Media Mail magnetized materials) For more informationBooks of eight or more printed The following are examples • Other regulated materials– on restricted andpages with only incidental blank of hazardous, restricted, and domestic (ORM-D) nonmailable matterspaces and no advertising except perishable items. These are not • Oxidizers, organic peroxides read Publication 52,for incidental announcements complete lists, but they provide • Radioactive materials Hazardous, Restricted,of books, 16-millimeter or narrower an idea of the types of articles • Toxic substances (poisons) and Perishable Mail,width films in positive print for included in each category. which is available at Restricted matter includes:viewing (excluding films sent to your post office oror from commercial theaters), • Batteries http://pe.usps.gov.catalogs of such film of 24 pages • Controlled substances and drugor more, printed music (bound or paraphernaliain sheet form), printed objective test • Firearmsmaterials and accessories, sound • Alcoholic beveragesrecordings, video recordings, play • Liquids and powdersscripts and manuscripts, printed • Matter emitting obnoxious odorseducational reference charts, • Motor vehicle master keysloose-leaf pages and their binders • Sharp objects (knives,consisting of medical information, switchblades, stilettos)and computer-readable mediacontaining prerecorded information Perishable matter includes:up to 70 pounds can be sent as • Dead animals or parts of animalsMedia Mail. • Eggs • Live animals • Meat and meat products • Plants and plant products 79
    • GlossaryA Baddress area distribution center (ADC) barcode (BC)(1) The location to which the A mail processing facility that A series of vertical bars andPostal Service is to deliver or receives mail and distributes spaces that represent a numericreturn a mailpiece. It consists mail destined for a wide range designation such as a ZIP Codeof certain elements such as of specific ZIP Codes. or package identification code.recipient name, street name, The barcode facilitates automated aspect ratioand house number, and city, state, processing by barcode readers and The dimension of a mailpieceand ZIP Code. (2) The portion of scanners. expressed as a ratio of length (thean envelope or parcel which shows direction parallel to the address) barcode discountthe delivery location of the recipient divided by height. For example, a Available for certain types ofof the mailpiece. postcard 5-1/2 inches long by mail that bear a specified typeAddress Change Service (ACS) 3-1/2 inches high has an aspect of barcode and meet minimumA process that centralizes, ratio of 1.57. An aspect ratio volume requirements.automates, and improves the between 1.3 and 2.5, inclusive, is Bound Printed Matter (BPM)processing of address correction required for letter mail automation A subclass of Package Servicesrequests for participating mailers. compatibility. For First-Class Mail for material that weighs no moreThe Postal Service transmits letters that weigh less than one that 15 pounds and consists ofaddress correction information ounce, aspect ratio is used to permanently bound sheets, at leastto a central point where the determine whether a nonstandard 90 percent of the sheets are printedchanges are consolidated surcharge applies. with advertising, promotional,electronically, by unique publication automated area distribution directory, editorial matter or aor mailer identifier, and transmitted center (AADC) combination of these.to the mailer. An area distribution center that bulk mailaddress correction service uses automation to process Mail that is generally rated forIf mail cannot be delivered as automation-compatible mail. postage partly by weight and partlyaddressed, this service allows Also see area distribution center. by the number of pieces in thethe sender on request, using automation-compatible mail mailing. A rate discount is giventhe appropriate ancillary service Mail that meets postal based on the mail preparation workendorsement, to obtain the specifications concerning done by the mailer and the place ofaddressee’s new (forwarding) design, size, machine readability, mail deposit.address (if a change-of-address and characteristics so that itorder was filed), or the reason bulk mail center (BMC) can be scanned and processedthe mail cannot be delivered A highly mechanized mail by automated mail processingas addressed. processing facility that is part of equipment. the National Bulk Mail System. Thisadvance deposit account automation discount facility distributes Standard MailAn account into which a mailer A postage reduction offered to and Periodicals in containerizeddeposits funds that are maintained mailers who barcode their letters form such as sacks and pallets, andby the Postal Service which and flats and meet addressing, Package Services in both piece andpostage, per piece charges, and readability, and other requirements containerized form.other fees are deducted. for processing on automated business mailadvertising mail equipment. Any mail sent by any business,A sales product or promotional auxiliary service facility (ASF) using any possible mailing methodmessage mailed directly to A mail processing facility that has and service.customers or prospective clients. its own service area and functionsAlso known as direct mail. as a bulk mail center (BMC). 81
    • D business mail entry unit (BMEU) classification Delivery Confirmation The area of a postal facility where The grouping of mailable matter into An extra service that provides mailers present mailings for mail classes and subclasses by rate the date and time of delivery or, acceptance that require postal categories, according to content, if delivery was attempted but verification, such as presorted weight, size, and preparation not successful, the date and time and permit imprint mailings. standards. of the delivery attempt. business reply mail (BRM) Classroom Rate delivery point barcode (DPBC) A service that allows a permit A Periodicals rate that is available to A POSTNET barcode that holder to receive First-Class an authorized mailer of educational, represents the ZIP+4 code Mail and Priority Mail back from scientific, or religious publications generally and the last two digits of customers and pay postage for scholastic or religious the primary street address number only for the returned pieces. instruction. (or post office box, etc.) and a These pieces must have a specific correction digit. The DPBC allows Click-N-Ship address and format. When the automated sortation of mail to the A service at www.usps.com that mail is delivered back to the carrier level in walk sequence. allows customers to print shipping permit holder, postage and labels from their computers with or delivery sequenced mail per piece charges are collected, without postage for Express Mail Mail that is arranged by a mailer usually through an advance and Priority Mail. Customers pay for in delivery order for a particular deposit account. postage online with a credit card, carrier route. and the labels will print with PC delivery unit C Postage indicia. The postal facility where the carrier carrier route (CR) coding accuracy support cases the mail for delivery. (1) The range of addresses system (CASS) destination bulk mail center assigned to one carrier for the A service that improves the (DBMC) rate delivery of mail. This can include accuracy of delivery point A rate available for Standard Mail, city routes, rural routes, and barcodes, ZIP+4 codes, 5 digit Parcel Post, and Bound Printed highway contract routes. ZIP Codes, and carrier route Matter that is properly prepared, (2) A discounted postage rate information on mailpieces. transported, and entered by available for all pieces to the same collection box the mailer at the BMC or other city route, rural route, highway A blue street mailbox with the designated postal facility that contract route, post office box Postal Service logo used by the serves the delivery address on section, or general delivery unit. public to deposit mail. Each box the mail. carrier route sortation is equipped with a security lock.REFERENCE destination delivery unit The practice of sorting mail by It has a uniform appearance and (DDU) rate carrier route to qualify for reduced a nationwide identification system A rate available for Periodicals, postage rates. The term is a general that distinguishes the type of Standard Mail, Parcel Post, and descriptor of the available rates service provided at each box. Bound Printed Matter that is for this type of preparation, which collect on delivery (COD) properly prepared and entered include Enhanced Carrier Route An extra service that permits a by the mailer at the postal facility Standard Mail, automation carrier mailer to mail an article and have its that serves the delivery address route First-Class Mail, carrier route price and the cost of postage plus on the mail. Periodicals, and carrier route a service fee collected from the Bound Printed Matter. destination entry recipient. The process of transporting and certificate of mailing Computerized Forwarding depositing mail at the postal An extra service that provides a System (CFS) facilities that serve the addresses receipt as evidence of mailing. A centralized program that provides on the mailpieces in a mailing. The certified mail address correction information mailer receives additional discounts An extra service that provides to mailers and forwards mail for destination entry mail. the sender with a mailing receipt to customers who have moved destination sectional center and delivery information. A record and filed Form 3575, Change of facility (DSCF) rate of delivery with the recipient’s Address Order . A rate available for Periodicals, signature is kept by the Postal courtesy reply mail (CRM) Standard Mail, Parcel Post, and Service. Certified mail must be sent A preaddressed return envelope Bound Printed Matter that is as First-Class Mail or Priority Mail or postcard that business mailers properly prepared, transported, and and may be combined with return provide to a customer for returning entered by the mailer at the SCF or receipt and/or restricted delivery a remittance, order, or response. other designated postal facility that service. The customer pays the postage. serves the delivery address on the mail. 82
    • Idirect mail Express Mail indiciaAnother name for advertising mail A mailing service that provides Imprinted designations onsent to targeted markets to help expedited delivery. This is the mailpieces that indicate postagerenew, maintain, or grow business. fastest mail service offered by the payment (e.g., metered postage or Postal Service. Global Express Mail permit imprint).discount mailing services service is available from the UnitedServices that allow mail to be insert States to most other countries.sent at reduced rates, including A letter, card, or other item placedFirst-Class Mail, Standard Mail, extra services inside another mailpiece.Periodicals, and Package Services. A mail service for a fee in insured mailDiscount mailing services, also addition to required postage, An extra service that providescalled bulk mail, direct mail, that provides proof of mailing, indemnity coverage for a lost,advertising mail, and presorted and/or delivery, or security and rifled, or damaged article, subjectmail, usually involve higher volumes insurance. Extra services include to the standards for the serviceof mail and require sortation and registered mail, certified mail, and payment of the applicablespecial preparation. insured mail, certificate of mailing, fee. Insurance is available for restricted delivery, return receipt,discount rates merchandise sent as Express return receipt for merchandise,Reduced postage rates offered Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Delivery Confirmation, Signatureto mailers in exchange for higher Mail, Standard Mail, and Package Confirmation, and collect onstandards of mail preparation, Services. delivery. Also called specialsortation, and destination entry. services. International Business ReplyDomestic Mail Manual (DMM) MailPostal Service manual that contains An international mail service thatthe basic standards and rates for F allows envelopes and postcardsdomestic mail services. First-Class Mail (FCM) to be distributed in certain foreign A mailing service that includes countries for return without postagedrop shipment all matter wholly or partly in prepayment to the original sender inTypically the movement of a mailer’s handwriting or typewriting, all actual the United States.product on private transportationfrom the point of production and personal correspondence, all International Mail Manual (IMM)to a postal facility closer to the bills and statements of account, The Postal Service manualdestination of those pieces. and all matter sealed or otherwise containing standards and rates for closed against inspection. mailing from the United States to flat other countries.E Flat-size mail. Flat-size mail exceedseligibility at least one of the maximumThe qualification standards, such dimensions for letter-size mail Las content, shape, and preparation, (11-1/2 inches long, 6-1/8 inches lengththat a mailpiece must meet for high, 1/4 inch thick) but does not Generally, the measurement parallelspecific rates or discounts. exceed the maximum dimensions to the direction of the address of for flats (15 inches long, 12 inches a mailpiece as read. For parcels,endorsement high, 3/4 inch thick). Dimensions length is the largest dimension.An authorized marking on a are different for automation ratemailpiece that shows handling letter flats. A flat may be unwrapped,instructions or extra services. Letter-size mail. Mailpieces, sleeved, wrapped, or enveloped. including cards, that are at leastEnhanced Carrier Route 5 inches long, 3-1/2 inches high,Standard MailMailpieces weighing less than G and 0.007 inches thick, but not more than 11-1/2 inches long, 6-1/816 ounces and prepared in the girth inches high, or 1/4 inch thick.sequence delivered by the letter The measurement around thecarrier. thickest part of a mailpiece. letter shop . See mail service providerentry facilityThe Postal Service mail processingfacility that serves the post office Hat which the mail is entered by the hazardous materialmailer. Also called origin facility. Any article or substance designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as posing an unreasonable risk of health, safety, and property during transportation. 83
    • M machinable manifest mailing system move update The ability of a mailpiece to A postage payment system that Addresses on all discounted be sorted by mail processing enables the Postal Service to First-Class Mail must be updated equipment. (Compare with accept and verify the weight or within 180 days before the mailing nonmachinable.) rate of permit imprint mailings. date with a Postal Service- Often used for non-identical approved method. machinable parcel weight pieces. A parcel that can be safely sorted by mail processing machinery. Media Mail A subclass of Package Services N mail class National Change of Address that consists of books, sheet music, The classification of domestic mail (NCOA) printed educational charts, film, according to content (e.g., personal An address correction service videocassettes, CD-ROMs, or other correspondence, which must be provided to mailers by the Postal computer-readable media. mailed as First-Class Priority Mail or Service through its licensees. The Express Mail). Merchandise Return Service licensees match computerized An extra service that allows an mailing lists with change of address mail service provider authorized company to provide data, and NCOA provides current, A private vendor that provides a a customer with a special mailing standardized, and ZIP+4 coded wide range of mailing services label to return a shipment addresses for all residential and such as printing, address quality without the customer prepaying business movers before the mail and standardization, sorting, postage. The company pays enters the mailstream. transporting, and entering mail for the return postage. a client. NetPost Services meter Allow customers to create mailing See postage meter. documents and address lists on A group of mailpieces within the same mailing service and mail meter stamp a computer and transmit them processing category that may Postage printed by a Postal electronically via the Postal Service be sorted together under the Service-approved postage meter Web site (www.usps.com) for appropriate standards. Also, the or PC Postage system directly on printing by a third-party vendor and action of depositing or presenting a mailpiece or a Postal Service- delivery by the Postal Service. mail at a post office. approved label. news agent mailing agency metered mail A person or concern selling See mail service provider. Any class of mail except Periodicals two or more Periodicals with postage printed by a Postal publications published by more mailing fee than one publisher.REFERENCE Service approved postage meter. An annual fee charged for mailers to use certain discount metered reply mail (MRM) nonmachinable mail options. A preprinted return envelope or Mail that cannot be sorted on mail card provided as a courtesy to processing equipment because of mailing process size, shape, content, or address customers. The postage is prepaid Steps followed to prepare, pay legibility. Such mail is normally by the meter license holder. postage, and enter mail with the processed manually and could be Postal Service. Each method of military mail subject to a surcharge. mailing has its own process. Mail that bears a U.S. military delivery or return address and that, nonmachinable surcharge mailing service An additional charge on some in some stage of its transmission, Class of mail (that is, Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, is in the possession of the First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Parcel Post pieces that are Department of Defense. Periodicals, and Package Services). nonmachinable. The classification of domestic mail minimum size standard is based mainly on content (such as The smallest dimensions allowable nonmailable matter personal correspondence versus for all mailable matter. Except for Items such as hazardous printed advertising). keys and identification items, a materials that are not permitted in mailpiece less than 1/4 inch thick the mailstream. mailpiece must be rectangular and meet nonprofit Periodicals A single addressed card, letter, flat, the minimum criteria listed below; discount rate or parcel. otherwise, it is nonmailable and is A discount for authorized nonprofit mailpiece design analyst returned to sender: Periodicals publishers. Postal employees located in larger • At least 5 inches long Nonprofit Standard Mail cities that specialize in helping • At least 3-1/2 inches high A subclass of Standard Mail that is customers with the design of • At least .007 inch thick available to qualified organizations their mailpieces. specified by U.S. statute and approved by the Postal Service. 84
    • Oonline mailing services piece rate Presorted First-Class MailSee NetPost Services and The postage charged for each A nonautomation rate category for aClick-N-Ship. piece in a mailing. For certain mailing that consists of at least 500 discount mail, a pound addressed mailpieces and is sortedoversized rate rate is charged in addition to and prepared according to PostalParcel Post rate for pieces the piece rate. Service standards. This mail is notexceeding 108 inches but not required to include a barcode.more than 130 inches in combined postagelength and girth. Payment for delivery service that presorted mail is affixed or imprinted onto a A form of mail preparation, required mailpiece, usually in the form of to bypass certain postal operations,P a postage stamp, permit imprint, in which the mailer groupsPackage Services or meter impression. pieces in a mailing by ZIP CodeA class of mail that includes the or by carrier route or carrier postage evidencing systemsubclasses Bound Printed Matter, walk sequence (or other Postal See postage meter.Parcel Post, and Media Mail. Service–recommended separation). postage meterparcel Presorted rates A secure device that generatesMail that does not meet the mail Discounted postage rates. In indicia imprinted on or affixed toprocessing category of letter-size exchange for lower postage rates, mailpieces to show prepaymentor flat-size mail. It is usually mailers sort their mail using of postage. Postage metersenclosed in a mailing container the ZIP Code destinations on are available for lease only fromsuch as a box. the mailpieces. authorized manufacturers.Parcel Post printed matter postage stampA subclass of Package Services Paper on which words, letters, A gummed or self-adhesive paperwith rates generally based on characters, figures, or images stamp affixed to mail as paymentweight and zone. (or any combination of them) not for postal services. having the character of a bill orParcel Select postage statement statement of account, or of actualParcel Post mail that qualifies Documentation provided by a and personal correspondence,for destination entry rates and is mailer to the Postal Service that have been reproduced by anyentered at a destination bulk mail reports the volume of mail being process other than handwritingcenter, sectional center facility, or presented and the postage payable or typewriting.delivery unit. or affixed, and that certifies that Priority MailPC Postage Technology the mail meets the applicable First-Class Mail that weighs moreSecure technology used to eligibility and addressing standards than 13 ounces and, at the mailer’spurchase and print postage using a for the rate claimed. option, any other mail matterpersonal computer or other device. pound rate weighing 13 ounces or less. AnyPeriodicals A rate charged based on the mailable matter may be sent asA class of mail consisting weight of a mailing in addition to Priority Mail.of authorized magazines, a piece rate. prohibited matternewspapers, or other publications precanceled stamp Any material that is illegal to mailformed of printed sheets that are Stamps canceled by printing across because it can kill or injure anissued at least four times a year the face before they are sold to individual or damage other mail.at regular, specific intervals from a mailers for bulk mailings. Also, a This includes certain poisons andknown office of publication. stamp designated by the Postal controlled substances and certainpermit Service as a precanceled stamp flammable or hazardous material.Any authorization required without cancellation marks. Thesefor specific types of services, stamps are used for Presortedpreparation, or postage payment. First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Q Nonprofit Standard Mail. Qualified Business Reply Mailpermit imprint presort (QBRM)Printed indicia, used in place The process by which a mailer Business reply mail that isof an adhesive postage stamp or groups mail by ZIP Code to qualify automation compatible. QBRMmeter stamp, that shows for discount rates. pieces must meet certain designpostage prepayment by an specifications and may be eligibleauthorized mailer. for the lowest per piece fee available for BRM and for reduced automation First-Class Mail postage rates. 85
    • R rates return receipt simplified addressing The postage cost per piece or The mailing card (PS Form 3811) An alternative addressing format pound to mail. signed by the addressee of an used when delivery of identical article and mailed back to the mailpieces is requested to every Registered Mail sender as evidence of delivery. customer on a rural route or Registered Mail is the most secure This extra service is available for highway contract route, or to all service offered by the Postal a fee when using Express Mail, post office box customers at a post Service. Through a system certified mail, collect on delivery, office without city carrier service. of receipts, the Postal Service mail insured for more than $50, Instead of listing a name and monitors the movement of a registered mail, or return receipt for address, the mailer may use “Postal mailpiece from the point of merchandise. A similar service is Customer.” Simplified address acceptance. The sender receives available for international mail. may also be used by government a receipt at the time of mailing, agencies for official mail sent to and a delivery record is maintained return receipt for merchandise all stops on city routes and post by the Postal Service. This service An extra service that provides the office boxes at post offices with city also provides optional indemnity sender with a mailing receipt and a delivery service. in case of loss or damage. return receipt. A delivery record is maintained by the Postal Service. single-piece mail reply mail It does not include insurance Mail sent using retail rates. Refers collectively to Business coverage and does not provide for Reply Mail, Meter Reply Mail, and single-piece rate restricted delivery. Courtesy Reply Mail. Retail postage rates available for individual pieces of Express Mail, residual shape surcharge A surcharge applied to Standard S Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and Package Services. This type of rate Mail parcels. sack contrasts with rates available for restricted delivery A container generally used to discount mail. A supplemental mail service that transport flat-size mail, parcels, and loose-piece mail. sortation generally limits who may receive an The distribution or separation of item. This service is available for a sectional center facility (SCF) mail by ZIP Codes, range of ZIP fee when used with certified mail, A postal facility that serves as the Codes, or carrier route. collect on delivery, insured mail, processing and distribution center and registered mail. for post offices in a designated special handling geographical area, defined by the An extra service that provides restricted matter first three digits of the ZIP Codes preferential handling in dispatch and Any item on which certain mailing of these offices. Some SCFs serve transportation. The service doesREFERENCE restrictions have been imposed more than one 3-digit ZIP Code not itself insure the article against for legal reasons other than the range. loss or damage. Special handling risk of harm to persons or property is available only for First-Class Mail, involved in moving the mail and service options Priority Mail, and Package Services. that require specific endorsements The mailing services offered by the and markings. Examples include Postal Service, including Express stamp motor vehicle master keys, Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, See postage stamp. alcoholic beverages, firearms, Standard Mail, Periodicals, Parcel Standard Mail odor-producing materials, certain Post, Library Mail, Media Mail, and A mailing service (class of mail) liquids and powders, and batteries. Bound Printed Matter. that comprises the subclasses of retail mailing services Signature Confirmation Regular Standard Mail, Nonprofit Services that allow any quantity An extra service that provides Standard Mail, Enhanced Carrier of mail to be sent at single-piece the recipient signature and Route Standard Mail, and Nonprofit postage rates, including Express the date and time of delivery or Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, attempted delivery. Mail. Circulars, printed matter, and Package Services. Retail pamphlets, catalogs, newsletters, mailing services generally direct mail, and merchandise can do not require any sortation or be sent as Standard Mail. special preparation. subclass A division of a mailing service (class of mail). surcharge An additional fee for certain nonmachinable mailpieces. 86
    • Ttray zone chartA container used by the Postal A table that shows the zoneService and mailers to hold letters number between 3-digit ZIP Codeand First-Class Mail flats. It is prefix areas.used as a basic unit of mail zoned ratequantity for purposes of preparing A rate structure for certainmail to qualify for discounted Priority Mail, Periodicals (exceptpostage rates. nonadvertising portion), Parcel Post, and Bound PrintedV Matter that is based on weight and distance.verificationA system of checks used todetermine if a mailing was properlyprepared and if the correct postagewas paid.Wwalk sequenceThe order in which the letter carrierdelivers mail for a route. This orderis required for most Carrier Routepresort mail.weighted feeThe fee charged the sender forStandard Mail pieces endorsed“Address Service Requested”or “Forwarding Service Requested”that are returned as unforwardableor undeliverable.ZZIP CodeThe system of 5-digit numericcodes that identifies the individualpost office or delivery stationassociated with an address.ZIP+4 codeThe nine-digit numeric code thatidentifies the individual deliverystation, sector, and segmentassigned with an address.zoneA number that expresses thedistance that a zone rate mailpiecemust travel from point of entry topoint of delivery. It is based on theair mileage along a great circle linebetween three-digit ZIP Code prefixareas of dispatch and receipt. Thismileage range is converted to azone number. The Postal Serviceuses eight numbered postal zonesfor computing postage on mail. 87
    • Index A Business Reply Mail (BRM) E Addressing 18–19, 40, 52 76–77 Endorsements 41 Simplified 40, 47 Basic 77 Entry See Destination Entry and Address Lists 18, 42–43, 52 Basic Qualified 77 Origin Entry Accuracy 42–43, 75 High Volume 77 Extra Services 12–13, 19 NetPost 64, 66, 68 High Volume Qualified 77 Certificate of Mailing 12–13 Providers 26, 75 C Certified Mail 12–13 Verification of 42–43 Carrier Route 46–47, 59 Collect on Delivery (COD) 12 Address Quality Standards 40, Basic 47 Delivery Confirmation 12–13, 42–43 High Density 47 21, 69 Advertising Matter 3, 11, 28–29, List Requirements 42 Insured Mail 12–13, 20-21 30–31, 32–33, 78–79 Rates 56–57 Registered Mail 12–13 Nonprofit 73 Simplified Addressing 47 Restricted Delivery 12 Saturation 47 Return Receipt 12 Application Forms Sorting 46–47 Return Receipt for Merchandise Mailing Permit 48–49, 52, 74 CASS-Certified Software 42–43, 12 Nonprofit 72 53 Signature Confirmation 12–13, PC Postage 15, 35 20–21, 69 Postage Meter License 14, 34 Certificate of Mailing 12–13 Special Handling 12 Permit Imprint 15, 35, 52 Certified Mail 12–13 Tracking 69 Reply Mail 76–77 Change of Address 42–43 Express Mail 10–11, 13, 19, 78 Stamps by Mail 14 Checklist for Discount Mailers 58 Contents 10–11, 78 Automated Area Distribution Click-N-Ship 69 Labels 15, 19, 69 Center (AADC) 45 Collect on Delivery (COD) 12 Rates 22–23 Automated Flat Sorting Machine FREFERENCE 100 (AFSM 100) 38–39 Content 3, 10–11, 28–29, 30–31, 32–33, 78–79 Fees 57 Automation 36, 38–39, 40, 42, 59 Annual Mailing 25, 49, 52, 57 Flats 38–39, 56, 59 Restrictions 10–11, 28–33, 78–79 Destination Entry 57 Letters 38–39, 53, 56–57, 59 Permit Imprint 15, 35, 52, 57 Nonprofits 73 Auxiliary Service Facility (ASF) 51 Reply Mail 76–77 Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) 76–77 B First-Class Mail 10–11, 28-29, Barcode 36, 38, 40 D 30-31, 32-33, 59, 78–79 Discount 25, 36, 38, 40 Delivery Confirmation 12–13, 21, 69 Contents 10–11, 28–29, 30–31, Basic Carrier Route 47, 59 Delivery Point Barcode 38 32–33, 78–79 Book Rate See Media Mail Destination Bulk Mail Center Mailing Online 64, 66, 68 (DBMC) 50–51 Rates 22, 52, 56 Bound Printed Matter 10–11, 13, Sorting 44–45, 46–47 30–31, 32–33, 38, 59, 79 Destination Delivery Unit Contents 10–11, 30, 32, 79 (DDU) 50–51 Flat 3, 10–11, 17, 30–31, 59 Discount Services 30–31, 32–33 Destination Entry 50–51, 57 Automation 38–39 Rates 23, 57 Machinable 36–37 Destination Sectional Center Facility Retail Services 10–11 Mailing Online 64–65 (DSCF) 50–51 Nonmachinable 36 Bulk Mail See Discount Direct Mail See also Discount Rates 22–23, 56–57 Mailing Services Mailing Services Shape 3, 17, 30 Bulk Mail Center (BMC) 50–51 Discount Mailing Services 4-5, Sorting 44, 46–47 Business Connect 66–67 24–59 Flat-rate Envelopes 11, 22 Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) Flat Sorting Machine 1000 27, 48, 52–53, 54 (FSM 1000) 38-39 88
    • Forms See Application Forms and Media Mail 10–11, 13, 23, 32–33, Postage Payment Method 14–15,Postage Statements 59, 79 34–35, 49, 52G Content 10–11, 32–33, 79 Metered Postage 14, 19, 34Girth 17, 32 Discount 32–33 PC Postage 15, 19, 35 Rates 23, 57 Permit Imprint 15, 35Global Delivery Services See Retail 10–11, 13 Postage Stamp 14, 19International Mail Metered Postage 14, 19, 34 Precanceled Stamp 35H Metered Reply Mail (MRM) 76–77 Postage Rates 22–23, 56–57Hazardous Materials 79 Military Mail 18 Postage Statements 42, 44,High Density 47 48–49, 54–55I N National Change of Address Postage Statement Wizard 55Insurance 11, 21 See alsoInsured Mail (NCOA) 42–43 Postage Stamp 14, 19Insured Mail 12–13 NetPost 60–69 See also Online Postcard 3, 16, 28, 59 Mailing Services Automation 39International Business Reply Nonmachinable 17, 22–23, Machinable 37Service (IBRS) 76 36–37, 59 Mailing Online 64–65, 66–67, 68International Mail 11, 12, 14, 26, 48 Nonmachinable 36–37 Flats 17, 22, 36L Letters 17, 22, 36, 59 Rates 22, 56Labels 18–19 Parcels 17, 22–23, 36 Reply Mail 76–77 Click-N-Ship 69 Shape 3, 16, 28 Nonmailable Matter 79 Extra Services 12–13, 19 Precanceled Stamps 35 Printing Online 69 Nonprofit 3, 64, 72–73 Preprinted Envelope 76–77Letter 3, 10–11, 16, 18–19, 28–29, O Online Mailing Services 4–5, 60–69 Preparation 18–19, 36–43, 5359 Addressing 18–19, 40–41 Automation 38–39 Online Shipping Labels 69 Design 18–19, 40, 75 Machinable 36–37 Origin Entry 48–49 Mailing Online 64–65, 66–67 Presort Bureau 74–75 See also P Mail Service Provider Nonmachinable 36 Package See Parcel Rates 22–23, 56–57 Print and Publishing Services 75 Reply Mail 76–77 Package Services 10–11, 32– Priority Mail 10–11, 13, 20–21, 78 Shape 3, 16, 28 33, 38, 57, 78–79 See also Parcel Content 10–11, 78–79 Sorting 44–45, 46–47 Post, Bound Printed Matter, and Online 66, 69 Media MailLetter shop 75 See also Mail Rates 22Service Provider Parcel 3, 17, 18–19, 32–33, 36–38, Reply Mail 77 59, 75, 78–79License Promotional Material 31, 33, 78–79 Machinable 36–37, 38 Postage Meter 14, 34 Q Nonmachinable 22–23, 36, PC Postage 15, 35 Quantity 29, 31, 33, 52 56–57M Shape 3, 17, 32 Quick Service Guides 59Machinable 36–37, 53, 59 Sorting 44, 77 R Flats 36–37, 59 Parcel Post 10–11, 13, 23, 32–33, Ratefold 21, 52 Letters 36–37, 53, 59 59, 78 Rates 22–23, 56–57 Parcels 36–37, 38, 59 Content 10–11, 17, 32–33, 36, 78 Registered Mail 12–13Mailing Lists See Address Lists Discount 32–33, 38, 50–51 Rates 23, 57 Reply Mail 76–77Mailbox 7, 9, 23 Business Reply Mail (BRM) Retail 10–11, 13, 17Mailing Permits 48–49, 52, 55, 74 76–77 Sorting 44, 50–51, 75Mailing Services 4–5 Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) Parcel Select 57 Retail 6–23 76–77 Discount 24–59 PC Postage 15, 19, 35 International Business Reply Mailing Online 60–69 Periodicals 28–29, 30–31, 38, 46, Service 76Mailpiece Design 3, 16–17, 18–19, 50–51, 59, 78 Metered Reply Mail (MRM) 76–7736–37, 38–39, 53, 59, 76–77 Nonprofit 72–73 Restricted and Prohibited Matter 79Mail Service Provider 26, 43, Permit Imprint 15, 35, 52, 57 Residual Shape Surcharge 5752–53, 54, 74–75 Personal Connect 66–67 Restricted Delivery 12 Postage Meter See Metered Retail Mailing Services 6–23 Postage Return Address 18–19 Return Receipt 12 89
    • S Saturation 47 Shape of Mail Card 3, 16, 28, 37, 39 Flat 3, 17, 30, 37, 39 Letter 3, 16, 28, 37, 39 Parcel 3, 17, 32, 37 Signature Confirmation 12–13, 69 Simplified Addressing 40, 47 Sorting 44–47 Special Handling 12 Stamps 14, 19 Precanceled 35 Standard Mail 28–29, 30–31, 32–33, 59, 78 Contents 28–29, 30–31, 32–33 Nonprofit 72-73 Rates 57 Sorting 44, 46–47 Supplies 48 T Tracking 11, 21, 69 Trays 44–45, 48 Tubes 3, 10, 17 V Videotapes 11, 32–33, 79 Z ZIP Code 18–19, 40, 42–43, 44–45 ZIP+4 38, 43REFERENCE 90
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