Friends, Fans & Fun Creating A Marketing Wildfire
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Friends, Fans & Fun Creating A Marketing Wildfire



This presentation was geared towards those interested in learning about the basics of social networking, gaining some ideas and suggestions on using social networking for marketing their business. ...

This presentation was geared towards those interested in learning about the basics of social networking, gaining some ideas and suggestions on using social networking for marketing their business. Presented at the Louisiana Southeast Small Business Development Center and the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo for the Mo/Kansas Automotive Service Association.



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Friends, Fans & Fun Creating A Marketing Wildfire Friends, Fans & Fun Creating A Marketing Wildfire Presentation Transcript

  • Friends, Fans & Fun: Creating a Marketing Wildfire!
  • - How many of u have no idea what Social Networking was b4 2day? - How many have at least 1 profile? - Facebook users? - Who Tweets? - Who uses mobile devices for Social Networking? - Connect on Linked In? - Others? Do Share!
  • What do the following acronyms mean? • lol • brb • btw • rt • omg • g2g • jk • nm • pbm • ppl • fb • pls • ttyl • l8r
  • Social Networking in Plain English
  • Why Social Networking? Viral marketing = marketing techniques which use existing social networking sites to produce increases in brand awareness or other marketing/sales objectives through self-replicating processes On average each adult with a social networking profile has profiles on 1.6 sites, and 39% of adults have profiles on two or more sites. 57% have joined a Social Network, making it the number one platform for creating and sharing content Half of all current adult social networkers say that they access their profiles at least every other day
  • Get the Ball Rolling… Spend a few moments chatting with 3 people around you about cool things you’ve seen/heard from a company which became ‘the talk of the town’. 1. Discuss why it was so good. What made people want to talk about it? 2. Is it something that would get you talking? Why/why not? 3. Share with class
  • To Friend or not to Friend and all the other ?’s STATS USES FAVS • Auto Craftsman • 350M Users • Remain positive • C & C Automotive • +700K fan pages • Share (articles, video, • ASA • Ages 35-44 and 45-54 pics, websites) • AMI showed largest category increase • Introduce new staff, • VISION • 65% of FB users have clients • Larson’s Quality attended college • Post specials/promos Automotive • 5th most trafficked site in • Refer to website • Peak Automotive the world • Create contests – • Gene’s Auto Repair • +30M photos/day remember goal • Dr. Delco’s Car Clinic • 36% of users have an • Connect w/industry • European Performance annual household • Showcase • G&C Tire & Auto income of 50K-75K training/expos Service (what not to • Use reviews tab leave in your car) • Share/Become a Fan website link
  • Do u tweet w/ur tweeps in the Twittersphere? STATS •Fastest growing network–grew by 640% in 2008, 7M growing by 10’s of thousands/week •11 M visits/month •Politicians, brands, big co’s and celebrities embrace it USES •Follow other industry prof’s and RT, share pics, tips, tidbits of useful info in under 140 chars •RT good, positive, useful content – Stay + •Use search to find potential clients, DM new followers, Create lists FAVS •@askpatty, @communitytire, @identifixdotcom, @ptenmagazine, @automotive_news •Why? They’re relevent, +, engaged. I can RT them, connect, and share valid info
  • ru ??? 1. +53m users in more 1. Connect, Connect, than 200 countries Connect 2. 30% are 35-44, 29% 2. Professional networking are 45-54 3. Strategic alliances 3. Avg income = 50-75K 4. “Diagnosing electrical 4. There are some jobs issue on 08 Mercedes advertised exclusively S63” on LI 5. Recommend others!! 5. 86% have attended 6. Introduce others! college 7. Share profiles to 6. Executives from ALL connect others – be a Fortune 500 ‘connector’ companies 8. Join groups and become involved!
  • 1. Social networking site built on Ning platform 2. + 1.8M networks on Ning 3. 39M users DEFINE 4. Inside985 at more than 2,300 users/Inside919 ~100 (Dec 09) 1. Very much like FB – the difference is that it is limited to your area code and business professionals USES 2. Manage events, Post pics, videos, invite others!! 3. Start your blog here! 4. Use ‘about me’ for yourself! “about biz’ for your biz info.
  • Blog:: A contraction of the phrase “web log”. Usually written by one person and updated regularly. Arranged in reverse chronological order. Commentary or news on a particular subject. Some blogs are simply online diaries. Built on an interactive format where readers can comment & share. Fantastic “search engine food”. It’s best if you incorporate it into your website. It has revolutionized how people receive their news. , ,
  • Get the Ball Rolling… How many of you have seen the “Wedding Dance Video”? Let’s watch: The Wedding Dance
  • Get the Ball Rolling… Why did you like this video and why do you think so many people shared it with their friends? Wedding Dance Video Stats: viewed over 52 million times Artist is now advertising the song on their YouTube site with a direct link to download #19 All time ‘top favorite’ (#3 in entertainment) #51 All time most discussed (#8 in entertainment) Brainstorm for 5 minutes on a video/contest/giveaway which you can create in your shop to share on FB/Twitter/YouTube using the reasons you pointed out on the Wedding Dance video. Discuss why it might ‘go viral’ and how you will share it.
  • 1. Have a complete profile 2. Let the ‘about you’ be …. 1. Join every SNS out there. Choose your About you not your business! flavor. Follow the directions! 2. The one with the most wins! NOT true. Be friends with those you know. 3. Participate Positively! 3. Become over friendly with those you 4. Be Real. Show your don’t know well. personality. 4. Spamming! Unless someone asks you 5. Become a resource for your ‘inspirational quote of the day’ 6. Introduce others don’t send it to them. 7. Think – permanent! 5. Don’t let your profile become ‘digital dirt’. 8. Be polite. Don’t hide behind 6. Don’t join every group under the sun. the computer. Be selective. 7. Don’t be pushy. 9. Follow-through! Be a Go- 8. Don’t be overly sensitive. Giver! 9. Don’t be rude or disrespectful. 10. Take it offline. 10. If you wouldn’t share it with your mom, 11. *Use * pastor or boss – don’t share w/the world!
  • Etiquette Tips for Success • Decide on a ‘friend strategy’. You know the old adage “you are the company you keep”. Some sites have robust privacy settings which allow you to control who sees what; however, as a good rule of thumb: if you don’t want your mom, pastor or boss to see it – don’t post it. • Don’t ignore friends or friends of friends. If someone took the time to write you a personal ‘note’ or ‘message’ you should at least take the time to respond. Notice I didn’t say accept. If they do not fit into your friending strategy don’t feel pressured to accept but do have the courtesy to respond. • If your answer is no – offer an alternative. If you only connect on FB with social friends then offer to connect professionally on Linked In or Twitter. • When trying to ‘friend’ someone you’ve met and want to foster a relationship but they may be ‘on the fence’ be sure to include a message explaining why you want to connect and where you met. • Don’t make people feel awkward. If you are a “connector” and you want to introduce 2 friends who may not know one another – make a call or private email ahead of time then make the online connection. Be sure to explain why you feel they’d be a great connection for one another. Don’t do it unless it’s a ‘no-brainer’.
  • Etiquette Tips for Success • Posting in the ‘heat of the moment’ often backfire. Be careful and thoughtful before posting. • Don’t send requests over and over again. Really- once is enough. • Your “wall” is PUBLIC. Don’t share your private information here. TMI! • Too much self-promotion will ruin your Social Networking Reputation. The goal is for people to want to connect with you! Not cringe every time they see your name. • Do not grab contacts email address/addresses and add them to your contact lists. Not appropriate. Permission! Permission! Permission!
  • Time Management Tips The average user spends more than 50 minutes/day on Social Networking Sites. If that works for you – great. For many people jumping on the social networking bandwagon is stressful because they hear about how much time others spend online. Here are some tips: Prioritize – set a goal/plan and schedule it. Set a goal and a time limit. My husband laughs. If you have 15 minutes – set a timer and set a goal before you log on of what you plan to do. •Check in on specific friends •Look at videos •Check out photos/comment •RSVP for events •Upload pics/videos •View only your news feed Do not be naïve to believe that you will jump on and jump off – it will not happen – unless, you have a plan. Use tools. There are tools available like TweetDeck, FriendFeed, RSS and more to help you manage your profiles, what you follow and more. Research and find the one(s) that will help you be most efficient.
  • How to NOT go Viral 1. Create ads which will become the joke 2. Post alarming info on FB (ex: posted about person sneaking around shop setting off alarm stealing car with keys in glove compartment) 3. Call people ‘out’ on things they’ve done; should be positive not negative 4. SPAM 5. Blatantly copy shops in your area. Be yourself – come up with your own plan. (Johnson Lexus commercial) 6. “Badmouth” other shops – even without saying their name. People are smart and know who you’re talking about. Keep it positive. There’s enough negativity out there – let ‘those guys’ do it. Take the high road – always. 7. Post irrelevant info. If you are in a spot of the country where it’s always hot and checking the a/c works at all times know that when post that on FB someone who is locked in their house b/c of a Blizzard will laugh at your post and possibly even ‘share’ it and ask “is this a joke”. It’s ok to post that it’s time for an a/c check but put a little disclaimer (ex: “Wow it’s hot in Florida today! It’s time to get your A/C checked”). Assume nothing. Educate. 8. You want ppl to like you and want to share your info!
  • What’s wrong with this picture? Oh let me count the ways: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  • Gr8 Examples of Bad Mktg! • Links that don’t work • Bad link/url names (,, • A website without contact info –yes, seriously. • Colors that don’t blend – too many colors. • Marketing “to” and not communicating “with” What are the marketing campaigns, gimmicks and examples that drive you crazy?
  • My Fav Viral Mktg Ideas • Facebook Friday @ Swagger Gifts • The Wedding Dance • Doritos – Smash the Superbowl Contest • TGIFridays – “Woody” • Free Food Friday • Peak Patrol • Design & Wine • Take pics of new clients and their car • Take pics of clients and their new car • Photographer (Soul Fusion) kids photo contest • Chase Community Giving • Chef Todd Mohr – Web Cooking Classes
  • Get the Ball Rolling… Decide what your goal will be: Increase brand awareness Bring traffic into the shop (just people in the door) Increase oil change sales (or you fill in the blank) Increase your fans on Facebook/Twitter followers, Blog subscribers… Determine what your budget will be: Will there be prizes involved? If so – what and how much will it cost? How much time do you want to devote to this? What is your timeline? What service or product will you use? What social networking platform will you use? What text/video/pictures will you use? Is it a contest? How long will this run? How often? Who will be involved? Educate your staff and others involved
  • RESOURCES (Online encyclopedia) (Marketing ideas for mktg 2 women) (To create your own Social Networking Site) (My friend, Deidre Hughey) (Gr8 resource for all things social) (My friend, Heather O) (To get your Free Trial to Constant Contact for e-Mail marketing) (Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle) (Go to community and then video – gr8 videos!!)
  • Connect with Me! Kim Walker Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Linked In: Inside985: Modern: Dinosaur: 919 602 6942