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Example of online presentation

Example of online presentation

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  • 1. Online PresentationFor your next presentation you aregoing to create an onlinepresentation. Every student will maketheir own presentation.
  • 2. What you need to do• You need to create a • When your presentation with 15-20 presentation is finished, slides. you can email it to me.• These slides should You will also need to contain audio (sound) sign up for clips http://www.slideshare.• You will need to say net/ what you think about And upload your your classmates’ work. presentation to the internet.
  • 3. Topics• I suggest one of these topics:• A) A city or town• B) Fashion• If you have your own idea for a topic, feel free to use it.
  • 4. Example – Jeddah• What is the name of the city?• How many people live there (what is the population)?
  • 5. History• How old is Jeddah?• Where can you see historical parts of the city? (Balad)?• Why did people come to Jeddah?
  • 6. Geography• Where is Jeddah?• What is the name of the sea by Jeddah?• Is Jeddah a bigger city than Riyadh?
  • 7. Climate• What is the weather like in Jeddah?• Does the climate change in summer and winter?• Do you like the weather here?
  • 8. Attractions in Jeddah• What is there to do in Jeddah?- Corniche- Malls- Museum
  • 9. Reasons to Visit Jeddah• Why do people come to Jeddah?• Business• Religious reasons
  • 10. Economy• Is Jeddah a rich or poor city?• Where does the money in Jeddah come from?
  • 11. Opinion• What do you like or hate about Jeddah?• Do you want to live here for the rest of your life?