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Project In Physics Iv Project In Physics Iv Presentation Transcript

  • Project in Physics Submitted by: Kimberly Mondejar IV – St. Thomas
  • Healing with LIGHT
    • “ Star Trek scanners…
    • May not be science fiction
    • after all. ”
    • Over the past years, several technologies and advancements have been developed; all with the same mindset: MAKE LIFE EASIER.
    • Just recently, a new advancement has been made in the field of Physics and Medical Technology. Laser light. This idea has been running on the minds of scientists for several years now. Before, it was just used on small pieces of matter, now it awaits to touch the human body cells.
  • Healing with Light?Optical Technology ControlsLiving Cells
    • How is it related to Physics?
    • What are its pros and cons?
    • How can you improve it?
  • How is it related to Physics ?
    • A laser is a device that emits light (electromagnetic radiation) through a process called stimulated emission . The term laser is an
    • acronym for light amplific atio n by stimulated emission of radiation . Laser, in all its types and forms, is part of the study under OPTICS. This is due to the fact that Optics is the study of light .
    • Optics is a branch of Physics, specifically Classical.
  • What are its pros and cons ?
    • It’s all about manipulating the cells, and it has always been feared that laser light in the body tend to damage the structural units of living organisms. However, the presence of an abundant protein called antin , made it possible not to harm the cells but affect only its skeletons. And as stated in the article, this laser light could be useful for cancer research and also on tissue repair acceleration. Although scientists are now more confident with this new advancement, it still imposes problems such as the cost and its availability. Plus, body cells may be strong but they sure are delicate so manipulating them may have its side effects. Moreover, the study about laser light hasn’t ended yet and I doubt if it will ever.
  • How can you improve it ?
    • Inspired by Star Trek, I would like to make this healing laser light more portable and handy .
    • Plus, a screen must be installed in order to see the movement and direc tion of the cells that it manipulates and also a tracker of the person’s health. (may include body temperature, temperature of the outside environment.. etc.)
    • I believe that to have such thing within the immediate reach of a person will really make life better and more convenient.
  • That in all things,
    • God may be glorified.