Kimin Electronics Eng Out (2011.1.1)
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Kimin Electronics Eng Out (2011.1.1) Kimin Electronics Eng Out (2011.1.1) Presentation Transcript

  • Contents KIMIN 1 Company Profile Electronics 2 Company Organization Introduction 3 Product Road Map 4 Major Products : LCD TV 5 Major Products : Other Display Products Jan. 01. 2011 Kimin Electronics Marketing Dept. 6 Summary
  • Executive Summary : Why Kimin Technology Leadership Pro: idiom, MPEGLA DTV, Dolby, Apple, HDMI Official Licensee LG Electronics Official Supplier (Set maker) Be a new entrant to technology oriented market Product Leadership Variety Inches from 12’’~ 70” Users friendly convenience products Over 10 years skilled engineers and labors Total quality management Best ODM/OEM Cost Leadership Partner KIMIN Mostly source from Gumi, a center of industry Competitive own Product Line Cost leadership Partnership Leadership Good relation with LGE and major USA local distributors Long term partnership with leading technology innovators Partnership Leadership Delivery Leadership Specialized experiences in OEM/ODM with high technology Known as a speedy company Customized product manufacturer 2/20
  • Company Profile Company Name KIMIN Electronics Co. , Ltd CEO Sangwon Ryu (Steven Ryu) Foundation 1991 Address 293-4 Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongbuk, South Korea Motto Hospitable Factory, Enjoyable Working, Developing Thinking Own Brand IPION, LUMITAS ODM Brand LG,ZENITH, Made for iPhone /iPod, others URL Major Business LCD TV for Hotel/Hospital/Consumer GUMI RJP, Control & Set-top Box for Hotel/Hospital TV IP Card, IP TV DID, Touch Screen TV iPhone/iPod Docking Others each customized products 3/20
  • Company History 1991. 1 KIMIN Electronics Founded (LG DTV development service) 2005.1 KIMIN Electronics co., ltd. Founded 2 ISO9001 certified, Supply control box to LG Electronics 3 Export control box to LGEUS (Zenith) 5 R&D center certified (Korean Industrial Technology Association) 6 Registered as venture company 7 ISO14001 certified 11 Awarded for export $1,000,000 trophy 2006.8 Export 4 models of LCD TV to LGEUS (Zenith) 11 Awarded for export $5,000,000 trophy 2007.4 Designated as a LGE LCD Display ODM company 10 Designated as a star venture company in Gyeongbuk 2008.3 Developing IP card for US/Korea market 2009.4 “KOTRA Seal of Excellence”(Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) 2010. 3 Apple “Made for iPod/iPhone/ iPad “Licensee 4/20
  • Awarded 5/20
  • Company Organization CEO Managing R&D Factory Marketing Support Hard Soft Manufac Cabinet QA Sourcing HR Finance Domestic Oversea ware ware -turing 6/20
  • Factory, Manufacturing line Office building Factory Warehouse Line A Line A Line B 7/20
  • Factory, Manufacturing line Total Land Size Total 106,755 Sq. Ft. Total Building Size Total 134,050 Sq. Ft. Factory Building Production Line 46,601 Sq. Ft. Ware House 54,601 Sq. Ft. Others 6,864 Sq. Ft. Office Building Total 24,324 Sq. Ft. Other Area Total 1,657 Sq. Ft. Line # Item Capacity per Month Line A 32” LCD TV 18,000 units Line B 42” LCD TV 15,000 units Total 32,000 units 8/20
  • Product Road Map TLL-1100 APG-300 iPhone Dock IT/TV Linker LST-4100 HCS-5610 IP CARD STB 1000 C-Box, STB 110F RJP 101M 110W 110S 301B 401W 37’’ LCD LED TV 47’’ LCD Healthcare LCD Worldwide LCD TV 26” LCD 20” LCD 32” PDP Touch Screen LCD 42” PDP MPEG4 LCD 32” LCD 50” PDP 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 9/20
  • Major Products – Consumer LCD Digital/Analog TV 26” Sales Points 1. Luxury and slim Design Luxury Design, . Kimin’s own tool (except 22’’ 47’’) Touch Button . Soft Touch button . Invisible speaker 32” . 178 ° Swivel Stand button 2. Picture Quality . LG IPS Panel (178 ° Viewing) . 720p HD, 1080p FHD Swivel Stand . Increase picture quality circuit 3. Customized sound system; Dolby 42” 4. New multimedia compatible . HDMI, USB 5. Low Stand-by power ; met CEC 6. Multi-Languages OSD LG IPS Panel vs. Others 7. Closed-Caption/V-Chip Source : LGE Training Materials 10/20
  • Major Products – Home Theater LCD Digital TV 47” Sales Points 1. Luxury and Practical Design 2. Picture Quality . LG or Samsung Panel . 47’’ 500, 70’’ 600cd/㎡, Brightness . Increase picture quality circuit 3. Customized sound system . Dolby digital sound . Coaxial digital audio jack 70” . Enhanced Noise Reduction . Auto sound control 4. New multimedia compatible . HDMI, USB 5. Multi-Languages OSD 6. Closed-Caption/V-Chip for US 11/20
  • Major Products – Touch Screen LCD DigitalTV 32’’,42” Sales Points 1. Luxury and attractive Design . Kimin’s own tool . Soft Touch button . Invisible speaker . Swivel Stand button 2. Picture Quality . LG IPS Panel (178 ° Viewing) . 720p HD, 1080p FHD . Increase picture quality circuit 3. Customized sound system 4. New multimedia compatible . HDMI, USB 5. Low Stand-by power ; met CEC 6. Multi-Languages OSD 7. Specialized in soft touch screen 12/20
  • Major Products – Hospital/Hotel LCD TV 22”, 26’’ USA Hospital Grade 32’’, 42’’ (Pillow Speaker/RS232C Control) Commercial Interface menu Kensington Lock (except 22’’) Users’ friendly convenience : close caption, auto channel/volume.. New multi media compatible : USB(MP3,JPEG), HDMI 32’’,42” USA Hotel Grade (Pro: idiom, MPEG2/MPEG4 Decoding) Video on Demand, Pay per View Commercial Interface menu Kensington Lock 180 ° swivel Stand New multi media compatible : USB, HDMI, MTI, RJP Background Source: Microsoft Office Online 13/20
  • Major Products– Personal Commercial 12” IDS-20W/20G iPhone/iPod Docking, 2 USB, 1 Audio in Design Identity Convenience Technology IPION (APG-300) • Portable looking • Digital Interface • US Hospital Grade • DVD Player : 1HDMI, USB • AT/NT/Clear QAM Mountable • Slim LED TV WIFI Through RJP Wirelessly display PC screen to TV/MNT 14/20
  • Major Products– Remote Jack Pack . New hotel guest experiences of convenience RJP-101M . Support guests’ portable multimedia's; notebook, video games, MP3 now iPhone, iPod soon RJP-110F . Support Video : HDMI, S-Video, AV, PC Video Audio : Stereo/Mono Audio AC power, Ethernet port, USB port RJP-110W . Desk or Wall mounting . PIP function based RJP-110S . Specialized in matching with LG Hotel TV RJP-301B Source: Hotel TV Introduction, LGE, 2007.1 RJP-401W 15/20
  • Major Products– 42’’ Digital Information Display Memory 128 Mbytes SDRAM, 16 Mbytes Flash Memory O/S Embedded ST Linux, Kernel Version 2.6 Internal Storage 4GB USB Flash Memory (up to 16GB) TV Control MPI Interface Video Decoding MPEG2/4, H.264 (Supports a streaming and a local play) Resolution 1080I, 720P, 480P Brightness 700cd/m² Image Decoding JPEG, Windows BMP Audio Decoding PCM, MPEG1/2 Layer 1,2,3, MPEG2/4 AAC, Digital AC-3 A/V Output HDMI or DVI + Stereo (HDCP) Net (W x H x D) 554.7 X 961.7 X 98.2(mm) 16/20
  • Major Products– Kiosk Features • Currently be displayed at airports in US • Bling Bling Neon-Signal • Plan to launch at CNN and other public places • The double-sided upright Stand • Capable 42’’ 47’’ LCD TV or Monitors • Customized design available 17/20
  • Major Products– IP Card IP card is a device which enables the HD streaming at normal TV. It receives HD movie contents from IP network, and plays it on TV display without any glitches. Features Video & Images • Real-Time HD streaming up to 1080i • Local video file playing • Still image displaying External enclosure • (Jpeg, Windows Bitmap) Video Server with TV/MNT • Adobe Flash Player • RSS Feed Viewer • True Type Font • Play list and scheduled play • Remote screen capture lP Card Management Server Video & Images With TV/MNT • Controller based on PC Source: IP Card Promotion material, LGE, 2008.8 18/20
  • Technology Summary Digital TV Part • ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T and CI Card FHD TV for worldwide Analog TV Part • NTSC, PAL, SECAM and 2, 3 Multi system Protocols for • Hospital and Hotel TV with versatile protocols Commercial – MPI, MTI products – Own Protocol – RS232C Kiosk Part • Information Display Monitor through USB and LAN with Dynamic LED Control Exteriors Flat panel • LCD Panel : HD, FHD 60hz, FHD 120hz application • LCD Panel : 12’’,19’’,22’’,26’’,32’’,37’’,42’’,47’’,70’’ part • Ultra Large size Multi Panel Display by using 2 x 1, 2 x 2, 3 x 1 panel array, landscape and portrait • Touch Screen Signal • Transfer HDMI signal transfer part • And it was applied to RJP products. 19/20
  • Thank You • TEL : 82-54-462-0100 • FAX : 82-54-462-7500 • E-mail : 20/20