Sweet music in harlem


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  • Multipleaward winning children’s story book for 3rd-5th grade students. Beautifully illustrated by Famed illustrator Frank Morrison.We created an amazing appBook is about Jazz musicWe will discuss later how valuable the experience will be to kids
  • The image scans were of low resolution with not so well defined objects. They were scanned images since the original source was canvas paintings. We had to process graphics to increase level of detail so that it looks sharp on the target device i.e. ipad. Earlier in the semester we figured out that every animation/ interactive object had to coded using the CAanimation framework. It was difficult to make it work with both the portrait and landscape screen orientations as one page is displayed for portait and two for landscape on the ipad. Apart from the above major problems,App discoverability problem, how do we get the word out?How do we get noticed on the App store among thousands of apps?
  • Awards We created interactions which didn’t even exist before
  • Edutainment= education+ entertainmentEducates interest about jazz music and its origins
  • We have been trying to give the best possible user experience to the user.Right from the outset when we started working on the app we placed usability was no. 1 priorityFrom the demo, we observed we have been able to put forth a great experienceEditing graphics, creating animations and content is a time intensive process. Lack of graphical resources in the right format made it harder to complete the processWe also wanted the iPad We have created additional content not just transforming the physical book to an electronic one. (animations, games, music, voiceovers)
  • Although the learning experience has been slow but it has been a fruitful one. I have no prior experience programming apps. No detail too small! Even creating small interactions gives so many problems during practically implementing it.For example, we showed you the UI View pop ups to display text in an enlarged manner. It looks so simple to Touch- and it pops up another touch and it disappears. But isn’t so simple, there are so many factors to consider while implementing it. Every animation/ interaction is modular. We are planning to use the elements in future work.
  • Fonts, presentationGood quality-> pleasing on the eyes -> good reviews-> hopefully more sales! - Domino effectFor extracted objects every detail taken care of, color, gradient, anti-aliasingMention and add picture that we demoed the app in the iOS app showcase organized by Apple. From the great response and encouragement we got we are confident that the app will do well on the App Store.Received great feedback and suggestions at the iOS app showcase – modularity (to convert other books),To incorporate an educational game, contribute to enhancing the learning process – suggestion
  • These big publishers have multiple titles, best authors with best selling books with consistently high ratings. They use a popular book as a spring board to launch successive titles, ads also give them high visibility. Money power coming into play!They also have deals with schools which ensures a market for their content. Time to market- getting the ebook out within a few weeks of the launch of the physical book helps in establishing the title in the market. Nowadays, for no a name guy to break into the app store is very hard. Making $$$ is even harder.
  • Since is a fairly large project, we still have to tie a few things up. We need to integrate more interactive elements, multimedia.From the suggestions of the App showcase, we have thought about two formats.Click to see the meaningReplace word in sentence with an equivalent meaningWe are currently talking with Lee & Low publishers to work out the licensing agreementsWe aim to have the availability of the ebook and a QR being advertised on the physical copy of the book.
  • All in all we have strived hard throughout the semester to deliver an intellectually stimulating and visually enhancing experience at low cost.The e book format ensures instant gratification. You want it? You get it! Tonnes of paper is being saved in the process, preventing loss of forests. Agree that data centers are major electricity consumers but with datacenters powered by green and solar energy, I believe its on the positive side.Absolutely, fantastic learning experience to let our creativity run wild.
  • This class was fun, unlike.any.other. class I have taken so far, thoroughly enjoyed class time discussing current events.Thanks everyone for this awesome experience.I believe we should have a networking group either on Facebook or Linkedin for this class.
  • Sweet music in harlem

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