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  • 32%=White; 36%=Hispanic; 14%=Asian; 5%= African American; 0.6%=American Indian; 2%=International.
  • English Composition courses are offered as one semester or two semester options for entering Freshmen.
  • 32%=White; 36%=Hispanic; 14%=Asian; 5%= African American; 0.6%=American Indian; 2%=International.
  • More information available at Online, web-based program ; easy to use; students plan, write and revise essays online. Faculty can create topics or use prompts from the Topics Library (Caveat: most effective with 5 paragraph, persuasive essay). Criterion provides diagnostic surface structure feedback (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure) & holistic score within 20 sec. for students; errors are highlighted but not corrected . Instructor personalized feedback is facilitated. Simple registration process—students purchase Access cards through bookstore; Cost $12.95 per student/semester; only one access card per student, regardless of number of classes. First and last submission and summary reports available. Bilingual feedback available (Spanish).
  • About Criterion The Criterion SM Online Writing Evaluation service is a web-based, instructor-driven, comprehensive instructional tool that helps students plan, write and revise essays. Instructors can create their own topics or select from the Criterion topic library at any level from fourth grade through upper-level college. The system provides annotated diagnostic feedback and a holistic score to both student and instructor within 20 seconds so that students can quickly review, revise and resubmit essays. Instructors can also provide their own feedback within the system, as well as view summary reports of Criterion feedback.
  • Demographics 679 students responded; online survey (23 items, 3 open-ended) Fresh=139, Soph=90, Junior=193, Senior=223, Grad=15, Unknown=19 African-American= 22; Amer. Indian=4; Asian Amer./Pac. Island= 99; Hispanic= 225; White= 235; Other= 65; Unknown=29   Gender No significant differences of opinion between female and male students.   Class Standing (point-biserial r’s, all at p<.05 or less) Minority students were significantly more likely to agree that… than White students: - Criterion has helped me improve my writing. - Using Criterion has helped me become a better writer in the long run.
  • Many faculty wanted to use the program for research papers; they often misunderstood the 1,000 word limit for holistic scoring (not a limit for text editing). This misunderstanding was clarified during training in the second semester. This spring many faculty using the program now feel that they are able to use it better since they understand its capabilities and limitations.

Criterion  21st cen symposium Criterion 21st cen symposium Presentation Transcript

  • ETS Criterion® Using Computer Technology to Improve Student WritingPresentation for 21st Century Teaching Symposium, San Jose State University Kim V. Morin, California State University, Fresno Patricia Backer, San Jose State University September, 2012
  • Improving Student Writing InitiativeCurrently Active102 Faculty 319 Classes8, 990 Students September 2012 2
  • How This All BeganIn 2009-I was looking for a solution! September 2012 3
  • All GE Courses have a Writing Requirement: 1,000 words – lower division 2,000 words – upper division Must be iterative with opportunities for revision September 2012 4
  • I Believed In Giving WritingAssignments To Students…“Writing helpswith –Making personal connections –Problem solving –Reasoning –Communicatio n skills.” September 2012 5
  • Especially with the needs of students on our Campus…DEMOGRAPHICS: First generation college: 68% English proficiency: 63% freshmen require English remediation Prior instruction in grammar often inconsistent September 2012 6
  • But I Kept Asking… “Where Is the Time to Grade All of Those Essays?” September 2012 7
  • So I Discovered…ETS Criterion® A Computer Essay Scoring program September 2012 8
  • About ETS Criterion®• Students write and revise essays online• Diagnostic Feedback / Holistic Score within 20 seconds• Faculty can create their own prompts or use the ETS Topics Library• Errors are highlighted but not corrected September 2012 9
  • About ETS Criterion Instructors can provide comments Quick access to summary reports Bilingual feedback available (Spanish Simple Registration • Students purchase Access codes through Bookstore -$13-$15 • One fee provides student use in all classes per term/semester September 2012 10
  • So Far, Evidence suggests- Criterion® helps improve student writing when combined with effective instructor practice Criterion® appears useful for editing grammar and mechanics Students who use Criterion® are more engaged with the writing process September 2012 11
  • Surveys-What Students LikedAvailable online 24 hours a dayIt allowed them to correct grammaticalor mechanical errors before turning in apaperIt gave immediate feedback September 2012 12
  • What Students Found Challenging:Criterion® identified technical termsor citations as errorsThe program identified errors but didnot correct themThe program did not grade forcontent September 2012 13
  • Faculty Feedback – Positive Comments Papers were easier to grade The program improved their students’ writing skills Students spent more time revising written assignments Program promoted critical thinking about writing process September 2012 14
  • Faculty Feedback - Challenges  Made mistakes identifying errors  Did not reduce their workload  Did not do as much as they had hoped  Questioned the cost for the students  Not as effective for technical writing September 2012 15
  • Comments From Students “Awesome program. I find it really useful.” “I like that it is really convenient and I found myself using the program for all my classes.” “I started noticing themes in my writing that could use improvement.” September 2012 16
  • Student Videos Click Here to View Playlist on YouTube September 2012 17
  • Criterion Pilot at San Jose State Tech 198, Technology & Civilization 137 students enrolled First research paper assignment due 9/20 96 students submitted their first drafts on time September 2012 18
  • Error Analysis September 2012 19
  • Take A Tour ETSCRITERIONOnline Tour Click Here September 2012 20
  • Contact Information September 2012 21
  • ISWI Broadly Endorsed & Supported By: Writing Competency Subcommittee (subcommittee of Senate’s GE Committee) Professional Development Subcommittee (subcommittee of Senate’s Personnel Committee) Chair of the GE Committee Office of Undergraduate Studies Division of Graduate Studies Institutional Research & Assessment Planning Director leading faculty ISWI Assessment Team Provost’s Office as implemented by the Associate Provost through the Center for the Scholarly Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CSALT) & Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT) Note: The ISWI program was originally conceived and facilitated by Associate Provost Dr. Ellen Junn in Fall, 2009. September 2012 22