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    Kinect Kinect Presentation Transcript

    • KINECT SDK for Windows7 NUI Developmenthttp://kimeunseok.com
    • KINECT SENSOR LIST CAMERA3D Depth Sensors 3D Depth Sensors Multi MIC Motorized Tilthttp://kimeunseok.com
    • KINECT SDK FOR WINDOWS 7 http://kimeunseok.com
    • RequirementsHardware Requirements • Computer with a dual-core, 2.66-GHz or faster processor • Windows 7–compatible graphics card that supports Microsoft? DirectX? 9.0c capabilities • 2 GB of RAM • Kinect for Xbox 360Software Requirements • Microsoft Visual Studio? 2010 Express • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (installed with Visual Studio 2010) • Kinect for Windows SDK Beta download pageDevelopment Language • C++/C# http://kimeunseok.com
    • Speech RecognizationMicrosoft Speech Platform Runtime, version 10.2Microsoft Speech Platform - Software Development Kit, version 10.2Kinect for Windows Runtime Language Pack, version 0.9 http://kimeunseok.com
    • NUI Skeleton Tracking - Up to 2 skeletal recognition. -Recognizes 20 major areas, the name of each part there. - Finding information on the skeleton C++: NuiSkeletonGetNextFrame C#: SkeletonEngine.GetNextFrame http://kimeunseok.com
    • NUI Skeleton Tracking SAMPLE http://kimeunseok.com
    • Kinect SDK : How to develop? using Microsoft.Research.Kinect.Nui; Which can be used to recognize the people directly, including classes using Microsoft.Research.Kinect.Audio; Class meetings related to speech recognition. http://kimeunseok.com
    • KINECT The treatment of Parkinsons disease http://kimeunseok.com
    • STEP 1 : Image OverlayDepth and compose an image using the Skeleton.With this feature, you can create the program guide. http://kimeunseok.com
    • STEP 2 : Motion recordingIt is a tool that can be check to observe the movement of the targetThe data will be authoring into a text file, it can be more accurate movement. http://kimeunseok.com
    • STEP 3 : Motion ControlThe user’s motion can be controlled by the device.This technique has been developed using the infrared and the skeleton.Using this technique can build a help-Program. http://kimeunseok.com
    • STEP 4 : Clapping CheckIn advance, your body measured and accurate data will be analyzed.The user’s behavior can be analyzed by the measurement of thje distanceOf their two hand distance.The accuracy of this pattern is very low, but it will continue to improvethroughout the research. http://kimeunseok.com
    • KINECT The remaining challenges. http://kimeunseok.com
    • STEP 4 : Clapping Check앞서 개발한 모든 툴을 종합하여, 적외선 상 거리와 양손 끝점의 거리를 측정하고이를 통해 사용자가 박수를 쳤는지 아니면 빗나갔는지 체크한다.‘사용자의 체형을 사전에 저장’ 해야만 정확한 데이터가 측정될 것 같다. http://kimeunseok.com