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Term Life Insurance: The simplest form of Life coverage, term insurance is no more than a matter of premiums and a death benefit. The name fits since term insurance\'s span of coverage lasts only a specified period of time; if the insured dies while the policy is in force, the death benefit will be paid to the designated beneficiary.

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Simple Term

  1. 1. SIMPLE TERM Life FA R M E R S Level Term Life insurance that’s fast, simple and easy.
  2. 2. Isn’t life complicated enough?
  3. 3. Simple Term Life . * It takes just a few minutes to apply for Farmers Homeowners or Auto That’s why we created insurance. Why can’t applying for Life insurance be that fast, simple and easy? Well, now it is, thanks to Farmers Simple Term Life insurance. In just a few minutes you can apply for level term insurance coverage, and you may receive a decision by the next business day — or sooner. All without medical exams, lab tests, or filling out lengthy forms. *Policy form 2005-261-271 series
  4. 4. It is affordable level term Life insurance coverage with premiums that are What is Simple Term Life? guaranteed to remain level for 10, 20 or 30 years, depending on the term of coverage. Premiums will change at the end of the level term period.
  5. 5. Simple Term Life fits your busy life Save with Farmers multi-line discounts on your Homeowners, Renters and Auto insurance when you add a Simple Term Life insurance policy. • Takes just a few minutes to apply • No medical exams or tests required • No lengthy forms to fill out • Underwriting decision by the next business day or sooner. • $50,000 to $150,000 of coverage • Premiums as low as $10 a month
  6. 6. Personalize your coverage For just a few dollars more, the following riders and benefits can be added to personalize your Simple Term Life insurance policy to fit your special circumstances. • Waiver of Premium1 – premiums are waived during a qualifying disability, which protects you against loss of valuable Life insurance coverage. • Accidental Death Benefit2 – If death results from a qualified accident, our Accidental Death Benefit provides additional coverage. Added coverage cannot exceed the base policy’s principal sum or total more than $150,000 on all policies. • Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness3 is available for no extra cost. If you are diagnosed with a specified terminal illness while your policy is in force, this rider gives you the option to request payment of a portion of the policy’s death benefit. The amount available will vary and will be calculated by Farmers Life at the time of the request. Your Farmers agent can help determine which riders and options are best for you. Policy form 2000-97B WP series 1 Policy form 1997-100 ADB series 2 Policy form 2004-127 ABR-TI series 3
  7. 7. Of course, we all hope for the best. But we have to prepare for the worst and handle what life deals us as best we can. That’s why there’s Why Life? Life insurance. Life insurance can help ensure that your loved ones achieve their hopes and dreams, even if you or your spouse aren’t there to see them through. Life insurance is truly for the living. And while you hope you never need it, it feels good to know the security is there . . . just in case.
  8. 8. Life lessons Farmers’ Simple Term Life insurance is designed to make getting Life coverage simple. Some things you should keep in mind when considering Life insurance coverage: • Get Life insurance when you’re healthy. Don’t wait until you find something wrong . . . then it might be too late. • Don’t count only on employer-sponsored Life insurance — it’s probably not enough. • Stay-at-home spouses need Life insurance as much as spouses working outside the home. Simple Term Life insurance can help safeguard your family’s financial security by providing a death benefit that can be used to: • Help pay off a mortgage • Help fund a child’s college education • Provide family income • Pay off personal debts • Pay final expenses
  9. 9. Simple Term Life insurance is: So fast It takes just a few minutes for you with the help of your Farmers agent to complete, sign and submit the electronic application. You could receive the underwriting decision by the next business day – or sooner. So simple No long forms to fill out. Everything can be done while you’re taking care of your other insurance needs. So easy Unlike the typical Life insurance application process, the Simple Term Life insurance application has fewer questions, and there are no medical exams or lab tests required. None!
  10. 10. Ask your Farmers agent for a quote About our company Don’t wait until you can’t qualify for Life insurance. Take advantage of Farmers New World Life Insurance Company has a proud history Farmers Simple Term Life insurance today. Premiums start as low as $10 a stretching back to 1910, when the company started as New World month. Plus, by adding Life insurance today, you can save with Farmers’ Life Insurance Company. We are a member of the Farmers Insurance multi-line discounts on your Auto and Homeowners insurance coverage. Group of Companies, which includes one of the largest insurers of What you save may even cover your Life insurance premium. autos and one of the largest insurers of homes in the United States. For additional information on Company financial strength and ratings, Call your Farmers agent or stop by today to get a quote on Simple Term ask your Farmers agent. Life insurance. You’ll be glad you did.
  11. 11. This is a general description of coverage and is not a policy contract. Please refer to the contract for specific details. Products and features may not be available in all states and may vary by state. Discounts apply to selected property and casualty coverages, perils and policy types and may vary by state and eligibility. 36-1038 8-06