Future of Sakai @ UNC: 2013 and beyond
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Future of Sakai @ UNC: 2013 and beyond



This is the presentation made at the UNC Faculty Showcase on November 2, 2012. It tells the story of Sakai @ UNC: Where we've been and where we can go...

This is the presentation made at the UNC Faculty Showcase on November 2, 2012. It tells the story of Sakai @ UNC: Where we've been and where we can go...



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Future of Sakai @ UNC: 2013 and beyond Future of Sakai @ UNC: 2013 and beyond Presentation Transcript

  • A story of adventure, intrigue & overcoming all odds 1
  • The setting of our story is Chapel Hill, NC. 2
  • The time and context is ancient. 3
  • 2007Things happening outside & inside our setting Sakai Action Group 4
  • 2008 Sakai Pilot 5
  • 2009 Sakai grows (RomL) 6
  • 2010 Sakai grows, is approved 7
  • 2011 Formal announcement 8
  • 2012 Migration complete 9
  • Consider:If you gave birth to a child in 2007, when shetakes her first breath, the iPhone is released.By the time she sets foot on the school busfor kindergarten, the iPad retina display isreleased, e-books are common, andinstructors are teaching online courses toclasses of 160,000 students. That’s lot ofchange in 5 short years! 10
  • At the same time, Sakai at UNC was atwinkle in our eye in 2007 and 5 yearslater, we are completing our migration. 11
  • The rate of (rapid) technological changeversus the (slower) rate of institutionalchange creates a natural tension. 12
  • Not only are there rapid technologicalchanges affecting our heroes and heroines,but there are other dark forces... 13
  • The rising cost of education calls into question access and value. 14
  • Year after year of budget cuts have left state-funded institutions reeling. 15
  • And there is more wickedness lurking about. 16
  • There is an abundance of freely available, high-quality content. 17
  • And while we thought we were taking aninnocent walk in the woods, we nowrealize that we’re in the thick of it.Education today is complicated and wecan’t walk out the same way we walked in. 18
  • Further, learners today know how to collaborate online quickly, cheaply & instantly if they wish. 19
  • They expect to be able to participate fully intheir communities - producing & consuming. 20
  • These changes can be unsettling and leave us questioning our roles as educators. 21
  • Our team shares this unease. We areresponsible for the campus learning system -arguably the most important academic systemfor higher ed institutions. There has beendramatic change in this realm as well. 22
  • 1997 1999 20052008 2010 20112012 23
  • This is a snapshot of a few selected systems.1997 1999 2005 However, since April 2012 there has been a dramatic increase of platforms released for large scale online courses. New technologies become “the new normal” and all of our expectations are shaped by2008 them. 2010 2011 Everything is changing...2012 24
  • Change is often hard to accept. It can bescary. Some might believe the best approachis to “hunker down” and hope the stormpasses. 25
  • But look around. Doing nothing won’t getyou out of the forest. And going back doesn’tappear to be a good option, either. Looks likewe need to build a path forward... 26
  • We can do it! 27
  • This is one of the fundamental reasons wemoved to Sakai. While we can’t control therate of tech change outside, we can managethe evolution of our learning platform in waysthat are fiscally and pedagogicallysustainable and responsible. 28
  • There’s no place like home. We have theenergy, creativity & material resourcesneeded to be successful! 29
  • Intention + Effort +Community 30
  • We are asking you to be the hero of thisstory and help us build a path out of thewoods. 31
  • It will require your participation. 32
  • And one of the wonderful things aboutcommunity is that everyone has a role to play. 33
  • We propose 3 things: We wish to form aoversight group of faculty, staff & students toreview & improve Sakai. 1 34
  • We want to contribute to a culture of learning& experimentation @ UNC by piloting newtechs that show educational promise. 2 35
  • We want to collect, publish and share dataabout our system and pilots to inform ourcampus discussions and debates. 3 36
  • Join us on this journey. It’s going to be fun! 37
  • Well, (spoiler alert) it won’t always be fun.There will be monsters & threats at times. 38
  • And there will be days when you just don’t have the energy to slay another dragon. 39
  • But we know you will be successful -because you already have a record of it. 40
  • n=3,80097% courses in Sakai 41
  • 3,800 42
  • D.I.Y. migration 43
  • That said, you’re clever. You were born on a Sunday but not last Sunday. We have had some problems. 44
  • Performance At times, Sakai was slow. We fixed that. 45
  • PerformanceManaging large classes We are working with faculty who are teaching large classes (hundreds of students) to identify problems & solutions. 46
  • PerformanceManaging large classesDoing things differently Doing things differently takes time. Just that fact alone can be annoying. 47
  • It’s always darkest before dawn... 48
  • If you can stick with it, you will see a return on your investment of effort. The dawn is breaking... 49
  • We are committed to doing all we can to support you & to improve Sakai! 50
  • We only have this last ambiguous phase before the migration is complete. 51
  • Then we can build our path out of the woods. 52
  • Once out, we can build bridges and newstructures to support learning at UNC! 53
  • It is your turn to take center stage & help us shape the future direction of Sakai in 2013 and beyond. 54
  • 2013 SakaiEnhancements Pilots Upgrade ??? Cmte Thank you! 55
  • kim_eke@unc.eduslideshare.net/kimeketwitter.com/kimekelinkedin.com/in/kimeke 56
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