How to Use WordPress & Video


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How to add Video to your WordPress Site

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How to Use WordPress & Video

  1. 1. Let’s Start with some facts, shall we?• As per Alexa, YouTube is the 3rd most viewedwebsite after Google and Facebook• 60 hours of video gets uploaded on YouTube everyminute!• 4,000,000,000- Yes, 4 BILLION videos are watchedevery day• 800 million visitors per month
  2. 2. • 30% of YouTube Traffic comes from the U.S.• 70% comes from the rest of the world• in 2011 more than 1 TRILLION views took place(which is about 140 views for each person onearth!)• YouTube is monetizing 3 billion videos EVERYWEEK!
  3. 3. • Justin Bieber’s Baby video (featuring Ludacris) isthe MOST popular video of all time (as of 3/12)• YouTube Mobile gets 600 million views DAILY!• 500 years worth of YouTube videos arewatched every day on Facebook• 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter everyminute
  4. 4. • 100 million people take a social action on YouTube(likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week• More than 50% of videos are rated or commentedupon by the users• 120 million+ videos have been claimed by YouTubeContent ID• Tens of thousands of full length movies are YouTube facts taken from Infographic on http://techwelkin.comavailable
  5. 5. Here’s what you NEED to get started to use Video withWordPress• A good knowledge of your market / product /service (notice Ididn’t say expert)• A solid understanding of WordPress: • Able to add posts and pages • Comfortable installing, activating and configuring plugins • A good feel for the WordPress dashboard • Able to copy & paste (yep, it’s really that basic) • A desire to simply GET STARTED!
  6. 6. Video Hosting & Sharing• Why you want to self-host your videos • Amazon S3• Why you want to SHARE your videos (Youtube, socialmedia sites) • You don’t need a plugin• The importance of a sitemap
  7. 7. Videos & Traffic• Creating and sharing videos WILL bring more traffic to yoursite• Easy ways to get visitors BACK to your site from videosharing sites• Sharing videos on multiple platforms allows NEW people tofind you!• Different TYPE of engagement
  8. 8. WordPress Options• Free plugins vs. premium •Start with FREE! • ProPlayer • Genesis Media Project• Move up to premium when you need additional functionality(and when you are more comfortable with video)• Video URL & embedding
  9. 9. Video Styles• Screen Capture • FREE options • Paid options• Talking Head (webcam)• Regular video• Slideshows• Power Point /Keynote • FREE options • Paid options
  10. 10. HTML 5 & Responsive Websites• What is HTML5? • latest HTML that allows for video & audio on websites • no need for a flash plugin• Responsive Websites • Can your site be viewed on multiple devices?
  11. 11. Thumbnails, Branding & Links• Thumbnails •Custom thumbnails for self hosted videos (integrating with sitemap) •Selecting the thumbnail for sharing• Branding •Title clips, end clips, music, watermarks •Engaging with your viewers (ask them questions)• Linking •Premium software
  12. 12. Measuring• Are you tracking what’s working? •Utilize what you’re using for WordPress already!• Google analytics• Site stats• Social Stats •YouTube Metrics
  13. 13. If you’re looking for more in depth training on using WordPress & Video, Sign up to get notified when WordPress Video Club opens its doors!