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En50322 1

En50322 1






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    En50322 1 En50322 1 Document Transcript

    • Transforming Sound into Knowledge Sequence Note EN50322-1 (Max SPL Standard)IntroductionThis sequence follows the test standard detailed in EN50322-1 for measuring the maximum sound pressure forportable music players and the earphones/headphones they are bundled with. The test involves loading aweighted pink noise stimulus file (as specified by IEC 268) onto the portable device and playing it through theearphones at the player’s maximum volume. The earphones are positioned on a head and torso simulator rd(HATS). The signal from each ear is recorded, and a 1/3 octave curve is analyzed. An A weighting is applied tothe curves, as well as a free field correction for the HATS. The values between 20 Hz and 20 kHz are summed,and the A weighted equivalent sound pressure level must be below 100 dBSPL. Final Display for EN50322-1 sequence 580 Harrison Ave, Suite 2A • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-556-4104 • Fax 617-556-4145 • www.listeninc.com -1-
    • The sequence runs 5 separate trials. In between each trial the headphones must be removed and placed on theHATS once again. This is done to average out any variability that may be due to the fit and sealing of the deviceunder test. The results from each trial are averaged to calculate the final LAeq values, which must be below 100dBSPL to be in compliance with the standard.This version of the sequence, updated for SoundCheck 11.1 makes use of the multiple virtual instrument feature(records on two RTAs simultaneously) as well as the batch processing feature in post processing and limit steps.Software Requirements  SoundCheck 11.1  2004 - Post Processing  2005 - RTA  2009 – StatisticsHardware Requirements  Head and Torso Simulator (with Free Field correction curves)  Microphone Power Supplies (SoundConnect or equivalent)  4231 calibratorHardware Setup & Calibration 1. Load the file IEC 268_1 pink.mp3 or IEC 268_1 pink.wav onto your portable music player and set the device to maximum volume. 2. Connect the HATS microphone outputs to the preamplifiers, and connect the preamplifier outputs to inputs 1 and 2 on the soundcard. 3. Calibrate the HATS ears as per the instruction in the SoundCheck manual. 4. Open the free field correction curves for your HATS into the memory list. Save the two curves into the single file HATS FF Correction Curves.dat located in the sequence folder. Overwrite the existing file. 5. Connect the earphones/headphones to the player, and fixture them on the HATS according to the manufacturer’s fitment instructions.You are ready to start the sequence. 580 Harrison Ave, Suite 2A • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-556-4104 • Fax 617-556-4145 • www.listeninc.com -2-
    • System diagramSequence LogicType Step Name # Out In (Overall sequence) Reference Standard AllRec Curves 1 // Recalls weighting curvesRec HATS Correction 2 // Recalls HATS FF correction curvesMes Start Stimulus 3 display step wait for confirmation jump on pass to # 5: RTAMes Reposition 4Acq RTA 5 Ear Sim L Ear Sim RPos Free field correction 6 // Applies HATS correction // Calculates the power sum betweenPos LAEQ 7 20Hz-20kHzPos LAEQ 8Sta Data Mean 9 580 Harrison Ave, Suite 2A • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-556-4104 • Fax 617-556-4145 • www.listeninc.com -3-
    • Lim Left Ear LAeq 10Dis EN50322 display 11 display step jump on pass to # 4: Reposition jump on fail to # 4: Reposition jump after 4 repetitions to # 12: EN50322 final display overwrite curvesDis EN50322 final display 12Mes Test Complete - Max SPL 13 580 Harrison Ave, Suite 2A • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-556-4104 • Fax 617-556-4145 • www.listeninc.com -4-