Business principles and ideas


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Combine your craftsmanship and how you approach business. Get to the basics of what a business is and who you are.

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Business principles and ideas

  1. 1. The Craft of Business And an Opportunity for You Chris Sita and David Kim Subscribe to growth blog ( Craft of Business 1
  2. 2. Why Talk About This? This might be good for you if you are: • Lost in the details, news, advice • Distracted by others’ success stories • Chasing endless number of ideas • Have ideas but not sure how to apply them Craft of Business 2
  3. 3. What is Business? Forget what it can be. Simply, a business is: • An offer and a way to deliver it to customers • A solution, for which customers pay. Interesting. A business is really just two things. An offer and customers who value that offer. Craft of Business 3
  4. 4. A Business is Craft of Business 4 • Intersection is revenues • Bringing the two together => distribution strategy => is like gravity offer Commodity Good Service Experience Solution customers$ Img source: Sue me, Scotty!
  5. 5. What is Craft? • Craft is a profession that requires skilled work. • Quality craft takes time to master. Interesting. A craft is really just two things. A skill cultivated over time, sometimes very long time. If you become a master, people will make a bust of you, like they do of Beethoven. Craft of Business 5 Img source: Wikimedia
  6. 6. A Quality Craft is • Beautiful • Timeless • Human • Valuable • Unique Craft of Business 6 Img source: Wikipedia Chartres Cathedral – North Rose Window
  7. 7. Craft of Business • There are businesses that are basic solutions delivered to customers for money. • You can do more and be more if you cultivate a sense of craftsmanship. • You can make your business more human, more timeless, more beautiful, more valuable. • Most importantly, it should be unique to you and recognize it takes time to build something good. Craft of Business 7
  8. 8. What Can You Do? • If you could teach someone anything (or sell anything), what would it be? • Who would you teach it (or sell it) to? • How much would you offer it for? • How much would s/he pay you for it? • Not enough to get the ideas firing? Craft of Business 8
  9. 9. When in doubt, 2x2 your offering Mass- consumption Artisanal – mass produced Do something else Artisanal – hand crafted Craft of Business 9 Craftsmanship CustomersManyFew HighLow
  10. 10. Still High-level, but … • That’s the point. Start with who you are, and where you fit in, and recognize there are customers for what you might offer. • Along the spectrum, are you more interested in profit or in craftsmanship? The question and answer is unique to you. • Ready for more? Check out order of magnitude of offerings. Craft of Business 10
  11. 11. For more Feedback? Suggestion? Tell us, or send us $19 bills via email. Craft of Business 11 Chris Sita David Kim @findinbay