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Eleanor hart.nca

  1. 1. Eleanor Hart: How An AdviceColumnist Guided A FloridaCommunity And Addressed Issues ofGender and RaceDr. Kimberly Wilmot Voss, Associate ProfessorLance Speere, Visiting InstructorUniversity of Central Florida
  2. 2. Women’s Pages• Brides• Society• Four Fs• Advice columns
  3. 3. Miami Herald• Post-World War II• Dorothy Jurney & Marie Anderson• Penney-Missouri Awards
  4. 4. Eleanor Hart• Eleanor Hazlett Ratelle• Ohio State University• Miami in 1940• Column with a Hart• Papers at Historical Museum of South Florida
  5. 5. Column With a Hart
  6. 6. Gender Roles• Employment• Marriage & Relationships• Education
  7. 7. “Working Mothers” Letter• “The mother who seeks employment outside of the home, unless her husband is physically or mentally unavailable to work, should have the title of mother denied her. Perhaps these are harsh words. Yet, can’t a great proportion of the ills plaguing our society be attributed to the breakdown in family life?”
  8. 8. Hart’s Response (in bold)• “The working mother lazy? She works doubly hard because she has two jobs instead of one. Few of her ilk spend lavish amounts on maid service, gold- plated lunches and fancy clothing. Her biggest money expenditure is competent day care.”
  9. 9. Gender: Education• A Mother: “My husband says a college education is wasted on women and you don’t need a diploma to be a mother.”• Hart: “Is college wasted on women? Certainly not – not on all women at any rate!”
  10. 10. Integrating Neighborhoods• Following Brown v Board• Miami was largely segregated• 1966 conversation in column
  11. 11. Idealist Letter• “If a Negro family were to move next door to me, I’d welcome them, regardless of what these same friends would think. But the truth is, I will still be living in an un- integrated neighborhood, leaving behind me a lot of unhappy and angry people. Yet, if I refuse to sell to a Negro, I will be perpetrating the unreasonable, unjust system of segregation that exists in most of our city today. Please advise.”
  12. 12. Hart’s Immediate Response• “You can’t ‘please’ all factions. Whatever your decision, someone will ‘dissent.’ Your dilemma is one that other residents in this area are facing. We welcome their comments.”
  13. 13. One Week Later: 2 letters For• “The reason so many people are against integration is that they are ignorant of the Negro. Should Idealist sell her house to a Negro family, I’m sure her neighbors will find that the Negro isn’t as different from his white brother as the bigots, trouble- makers, etc. would have us believe.”
  14. 14. One Week Later: 2 LettersAgainst• “Civil rights should not be taken from one race and given to another. That is intrusion of privacy and freedom.”
  15. 15. Two Weeks Later: 5 LettersAgainst• “Our freedoms have been tragically breached. I believe zoning should be legal in building a neighborhood of a specific race if a majority so desires.”
  16. 16. One Month Later: 3 Letters• Complexity of issue• Times were changing
  17. 17. Six Weeks Later: Two Letters For• “As long as the attitude exists that one Negro family in a white community is too many, so will the problems and potential problems.”
  18. 18. Two Months Later: FinalColumn• “To follow the crowd instead of one’s conscience is what the masses of Germans did while Hitler exterminated millions of Jews.”
  19. 19. Impact• Numerous letters• Increased coverage of race in women’s section