Ignite MPLS: Kim Opitz presents "Living Freelance"


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5 minutes. 20 slides. no second chances. Here at my second Ignite presentation [March 4, 2010 in Minneapolis, MN], I presented resources and inspiration for "How to leave that salary job and live freelance." Definitely check out the people and resources listed -- ! A link to the video presentation will be included soon.

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  • Ignite MPLS: Kim Opitz presents "Living Freelance"

    1. GET THE HELL OUT how to leave that salary job and live freelance presented by Kim Opitz Rribbitz Creative Communications llc Minneapolis 3.4.10 @Rribbitz
    2. have an idea. it’s all about passion Minneapolis 3.4.10
    3. don’t be dumb. credit card debt & other financial stupidity Minneapolis 3.4.10
    4. no excuses. it’s a level playing field, so suit up Minneapolis 3.4.10
    5. fake it ‘til you make it. Minneapolis 3.4.10
    6. get help. get a free business mentor from SCORE http://score.org Minneapolis 3.4.10
    7. cover your ass. get a smart attorney who specializes in small biz, like: Jeffrey C. O’Brien Attorney at Law @ jeffobrien Minneapolis 3.4.10
    8. cover your ass. use a kick-ass billing system Minneapolis 3.4.10
    9. cover your ass. get the backup system that’s made for small biz: http://MNBU.net @MNBU Minneapolis 3.4.10
    10. learn how to write. handwritten thank-you notes: still in style Minneapolis 3.4.10
    11. use your mouth. real life conversations still count Minneapolis 3.4.10
    12. use your ears. it’ll make you more interesting Minneapolis 3.4.10
    13. now, work that ass off. Minneapolis 3.4.10
    14. Arik Hanson, APR www.arikhanson.com @ arikhanson “One word: Relationships. Everything I do as a solo counselor centers around relationships. Start building your network now. Pay attention to it every single day. It will be the single most important thing you do.” Minneapolis 3.4.10
    15. Joe Zeigler www.MrWrite.biz @ JZMrWrite “Write a business plan. Don’t think, ‘It’s just me, and I’m gonna do this thing.’ Put it on paper - it will force you to identify your unique proposition and help you visualize your success.” Minneapolis 3.4.10
    16. Adria Richards www.ButYoureAGirl.com @ adriarichards “I looked at what people valued in my work when I was employed full-time; it was how I treated customers, how I listened and followed up. I made that the core of my consulting business.” Recommended reading: The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss Getting Real, by 37 Signals What Color is Your Parachute?, by Richard Bolles Minneapolis 3.4.10
    17. Minneapolis 3.4.10
    18. Minneapolis 3.4.10
    19. Minneapolis 3.4.10
    20. Rribbitz Creative Communications llc Kim Opitz www.Rribbitz.com @ Rribbitz Take a leap. I dare you. Minneapolis 3.4.10