Reading 142 aspca project final


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Reading 142 aspca project final

  1. 1. By Kimberly Laguna ASPCA
  2. 2. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA and their location is: 424 E. 92nd St New York, NY 10128-6804ASPCA Partnership Marketing enables diverse companies to benefit from the enormous appeal of animalsAmerican Society for thePrevention of Animals
  3. 3. The organization’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals thorough the United States which stated the founder Henry Bergh.The ASPCA works hard to rescue and save animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide.Mission of ASPCA
  4. 4. What influenced me on choosing ASPCA is that I have seen a lot in the news how some animals are being treated.I also saw how animals from the farm were being treated cruelly by the farmers.Personal Connection
  5. 5. The inputs of the ASPCA program is that they need help on anything.They need volunteers.Also if people want to help improve the lives of animals they can donate 60 cents a day and help an animal’s life change.Inputs
  6. 6.  Launched in 2007, the ASPCA Partnership is a focused effort to create a country of humane communities, where animals receive the compassion and respect they deserve, and where there is no more euthanasia of homeless animals simply because of a lack of resources. ASPCA partner communities are cities or regions whose major animal sheltering agencies have applied and been accepted to work with ASPCA experts to save animals most at risk in their neighborhoodsOutputs
  7. 7. The community needs to care for animals some are helping to adopt a pet instead of buying one at a store.The program needs as much help from anyone so they can help reduce the number of animal cruelty.Community Need
  8. 8. These are the states that are all over the United States that are members of the association. Austin, TX Buncombe County, NC Charleston County, SC Cleveland, OH Miami-Dade County, FL Oklahoma City, OK Sacramento, CA Shelby County, AL Spokane, WA Tallahassee, FL Tampa, FLOutputs (cont)
  9. 9. AllASPCA programs and services originate from one of our organizations three core areas. These are: ◦ Community Outreach- focuses on providing positive outcomes for animals at risk, and includes our own shelter services ◦ Animal Health Services- provides a wide variety of resources for pet parents. ◦ Anti-Cruelty Initiatives- is the branch of the ASPCA that halts and prevents animal cruelty through professional education, enforcement anti-cruelty laws and by lobbying for stronger humane legislation nationwide.Process
  10. 10. The outcome of this organization is that you will feel happy of helping and benefiting animals in need.Outcomes
  11. 11. The ASPCA program promotes critical thinking by making you collect and analyze the information that you are taking in. It makes you think about the problem inductively about animal cruelty.Critical Thinking
  12. 12. The Critical Action of the ASPCA program is that it makes people take the action of doing something to improve or help this program without animal cruelty.Critical Action
  13. 13. The ASPCA program provides critical reading because you read about their websites and makes you start to pay more attention about your reading or at least think about it for a minute.Critical Reading
  14. 14.  The shuttleworth  The ASPCA is also foundation is working on finding fomented on taking volunteers that are action about the interested in things that are need improving the ways of to be done. They are life for animals in in search for which helps the world innovators who are to become a better helping to change the place. world for the better and are looking for some support.The Shuttleworth Foundation
  15. 15.  Some things that you can do to help are:  Learn how to report animal cruelty and Start a neighborhood watch program This is one of the most easiest ways to help animals around your community for example have a list of people for example a vet or a humane law officer. Also within your neighborhood get to know the animals around and invite neighbors to join you and then everyone can keep an eye and watch out if people abuse their pets.  Volunteer at an animal shelter or animal rescue organization.  Or join the ASPCA at /Home/Get-Involved in which they will provide information by your email.How can you get Involved
  16. 16. Getting Involved