HEALTH 2009 Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking


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HEALTH 2009 Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking

  1. 1. HEALTH Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking May 1, 2009
  2. 2. Average Age of First Alcohol – 12.5  Average Age of Regular Alcohol Use – 13.9  Percent Reporting Alcohol Use in Past 30  Days  Grade 6 – 5.2%  Grade 8 – 17.4%  Grade 10 – 32%  Grade 12 – 41.8%
  3. 3. At their own home – 46.2%  At someone else’s home – 30.8%  Open area, like a park, etc. – 11.5%  Restaurant, bar – 7.7%  In a Car 3.8% 
  4. 4. RISK factors enable teen drug and  alcohol use PROTECTIVE factors help prevent teen  drug and alcohol use According to the student survey, what are the risk and protective factors in Columbia County?
  5. 5. School Religiosity Success and Commitment Low family Family and mobility and Neighborhood Attachment transitions Peer attitudes not favorable to Opportunities and Antisocial Behavior; Rewards for Prosocial Perceived risk of Involvement Drug Use, Low Intent to Use
  6. 6. Sensation seeking, Perceived Friends’ Use of Availability of Drugs, Gang Drugs Involvement Poor Family Community Management Disorganiza and Family tion Rebelliousness, Early Conflict Initiation of Drug Use & Antisocial Behavior, Community Norms Interaction with Favorable to Alcohol Antisocial Peers, and Drug Use Depressive Symptoms, Peer Rewards for Antisocial Behavior
  7. 7. • Help parents communicate clear expectations Family about drug use and underage drinking • Help parents monitor teen behavior and Management activities. • Use social media tools to connect and inform Community parents • Parent to parent contact for monitoring teen Disorganization activities Community Norms • Communicate community and parental disapproval of drug use and underage drinking Favorable to • Reinforce messages about the risks of drug Alcohol & Drug Use abuse and underage drinking
  8. 8. It’s Fun!  It Connects People and Strengthens Bonds  It’s a Good Way to Share Information  It’s Where Our Kids Are  Why Facebook? Hundreds of Columbia County parents use  Facebook.  It’s a powerful tool for connecting parents and information
  9. 9. HEALTH in Columbia County wants to help you have a Safe Teen Party! Enter to win the Safe Teen Party Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will receive all three gift certificates ($100 value) for a summer party for friends or family. $50 Wal-Mart gift certificate  $25 Dairy Queen gift certificate  $25 Pizza Inn gift certificate  Take the Parent’s Pledge to Prevent Teen Drug and Alcohol Use; then, enter the contest online at the HEALTH in Columbia County blog.* This contest is open to adults, ages 21 and over, in Columbia County, Arkansas. One entry per household please. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on May 31, 2009. * Printed entry forms are available at select locations in Columbia County.