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  1. 1. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill - Post Campaign Summary Executive Summary Campaign Overview:Jimmi’s Bar & Grill is a family-owned bar serving the community of Fullerton in California. The goals for Jimmi’s Bar & Grill were getting college students to the establishment, helping increase alcoholic beverage sales from $150,000 to $180,000 and increasing brand identity. In addition, we emphasized the objective of driving traffic to the website to increase awareness of the brand and achieve Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s goals. Therefore, Google AdWords was used to help drive traffic to the website and achieve a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1.2% and uphold an Average Position (Avg. Pos.) of 1.2. Three campaigns were created to achieve these goals: Promotions, Brand and Entertainment. Key Results: Through the above campaigns, AdWords added significant value to Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website. The overall campaign goals were achieved. According to our client, sales revenues are on target to reach $180,000 this year and he has seen an increase in college students attending the tavern. In addition, our client mentioned that a number of customers came to establishment based on seeing the ads on Google and decided visit to the bar. The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) allowed our team to learn how to better optimize online marketing and generate stronger leads for Jimmi’s Bar & Grill. Conclusion: The overall campaign resulted in driving more traffic to Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website. We spent $250 out of the $250 budget. We did not surpass the 1.2% CTR goal, the final result was .15% CTR. We had a goal of 1.2% for the Average Position and our final result was 2.2%. This was feasible because there was a low competition for the keywords used in the campaigns. In addition, the final count of impressions was 221,371 and the original goal was 20,833 impressions. This was a contributor to the low CTR rate. The use of Google Tools such as the Opportunities Tab, Traffic Estimator, and Keyword Tool were beneficial in during this assignment. Future Online Marketing Directions: Given the increase of traffic to Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website during the campaign, we recommend Jimmi’s Bar & Grill continue to use Google AdWords. The Brand and Entertainment Campaigns generated the highest CTR and therefore should be continued. The Brand and Entertainment campaigns had successful ads and keywords, which would helpful if they continue to use AdWords in the future. If Jimmi’s Bar & Grill is committed to increasing their Promotions campaign, the ad examples have a substantially developed start with impressions and average position. AdWords is a great tool for increasing online presence in an easy, cost effective manner. 1
  2. 2. Industry Component Campaign Overview: The overall goal of this campaign was to increase traffic to Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website in order to meet the goals of 1) getting college students to attend the establishment, 2) increase sales revenue from $150,000 to $180,000 and 3) increase brand identity. Three AdWords objectives were set in the Google Challenge Pre-Campaign Strategy Report to achieve the above objectives: 1) do not exceed an average CPC of $1.00, 2) achieve a CTR of over 1.2% ($250 as the budget/$1.00 average CPC= 250 clicks out of 20,833 impressions), and 3) maintain an Avg. Pos. of 1.2. The positioning focused on having a high Average Position with highly relevant ads and a low CPC by utilizing long tail keywords with high Quality Scores. Operational Details: The account was active from April 12, 2013 to May 3, 2013. The account was active twenty four hours a day/seven days a week for the three week campaign. Table 1 shows the total and daily budget spent by campaign and week. At the end of Week 1 the actual budget spent was under the planned budget. Thus, the budget was adjusted for Week 2 by increasing the daily budget for the Brand, Entertainment and Promotions campaigns. Table 1: Total and Daily Budget Spent by Campaign and Week Brand Campaign 50% Entertainment Campaign 20% Promotions Campaign 30% Total Per Week 100% Week 1 20% $9.76 ($1.39 /per day) $14.42 ($2.06/per day) $2.71 ($.38 /per day) $26.89 ($3.84/per day) Week 2 32% $18.89 ($2.69/per day) $50.48 ($7.21 /per day) $4.90 ($.70/per day) $74.27 ($10.61/per day) Week 3 48% $60.74 ($8.67/per day) $84.46 ($12.06/per day) $4.29 ($.61/per day) $149.49 ($21.35/per day) Total Per Campaign $89.39 ($12.77/per day) $149.36 ($12.77/per day) $11.90 ($1.70/per day) $250 In order to ensure the success of each campaign, close attention was paid to the keywords and Ad Groups. In most cases, these keywords were broad match so the ads would not be highly relevant to the searched terms. The specific keywords were more effective but garnered fewer clicks. The given keywords examples were too broad, which is why the campaign totaled higher impressions versus the CTR rate. Evolution of Campaign Strategy: There were four major changes that occurred during the campaign: 1) adjusting keywords from phrase exact matches to more general words to all the 2
  3. 3. campaigns, 2) adding additional ads to the Brand campaign, 3) deleting and creating ads from the Promotions Campaign, 4) adding more keywords to the Entertainment Campaign. The first major change was adjusting the keywords of all the campaigns. During the second week, changes were made to the keywords. The initial keywords were changed from exact phrase keywords as the keywords were too specific. For an example, we initially used the keywords "Jimmi's Bar and Grill" and "Bars in Fullerton", but did not garner any clicks or impressions. After analyzing the campaign, the decision was made for broad keywords to further develop the campaign. The use of keywords such as, "Bars" and "Fullerton" were added to the Brand Campaign. This strategy not only allowed more clicks, but more impressions. The increase of clicks and impressions enabled further promotion the objectives to improving the brand identity of Jimmi's Bar and Grill. The second major change was creating additional ads to the Brand Campaign. During the second week of the campaign, two new ads were created to the Brand Campaign. There was concern as the clicks and impressions and building brand identity was a major objective for Jimmi's Bar and Grill. One of the original ads was, "Local family owned bar located near Downtown Fullerton". The campaign did not receive any clicks or impressions with this ad example. Therefore, the decision for additional ads was created to further develop the campaign. For an example, one of the new added ads was "Neighborhood dive bar located in the heart of Fullerton." This ad helped to garnish over 1,200 impressions and 4 clicks to help improve the overall Brand Campaign. In addition, the third major change was deleting three ads from the Promotions Campaign. The three ads were under review for several days. The two of the three ads related to promotions on Cherry Whiskey and Jagermeister. Our client wanted to try and showcase their drink specials on AdWords to see if that would drive sales into their establishment. The third under review ad was related to happy hour. Our client mentioned happy hour as one of their specials for promotions. The ad read, "Happy Hour on beer, wine, and shots at Jimmi's Bar and Grill." By the second week, this ad was deleted. These changes were essential to improve and develop the Promotions Campaign. In addition, these changes likely proved to be effective by focusing attention towards driving clicks and impressions for the Promotions Campaign. The final major change was adding additional keywords in all our three campaigns. During the first week, a number of keywords were added. By the second week, the 3
  4. 4. understanding of effective keywords was realized. The realization of improved and effective keywords allowed for increased impressions. During the third week, the decision was made to add almost twenty additional keywords to the campaign. For an example, keywords such as "Fullerton Bars" and "Fullerton, CA." were added. As a result of these changes, the campaigns received additional clicks, impressions, and ultimately more views on our client's website. Table 2: Example of Most Effective Ads Brand Campaign, Brand Ad group. Search query: Fullerton, Bars, Pool Tables. Entertainment Campaign, Happy Hour Ad group. Search query: Happy Hour, Fullerton, Drink. Jimmi's Bar and Grill $1 Pool Games at Jimmi’s Bar & Grill! Jimmi's Bar and Grill Jager Drink shots on Thursday at Jimmi’s Bar & Grill in Fullerton Key Results:Prior to using Google AdWords, Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s website received 40clicks during the three week period prior to the campaign. According to Google Analytics, the website received 331 clicks while using AdWords during the 3 week campaign period, which is a significant increase in site traffic. The overall CTR of .15% didn’t exceed 1.2%. Moreover, the average CPC was $.76 which met the anticipated goal of <$1.00; this was because the majority of the clicks came from keywords with high Quality Scores and very low CPCs. The goal of achieving 250 clicks was accomplished; we had 331 clicks, which were 81 clicks over our initial goal. Lastly, with a final Average Position of 2.2, the goal to obtain an Avg. Pos. of 1.2 was also not met due to more competition than originally expected. In spite of not achieving all the goals, the campaign was successful as it generated the appearance of more college students and increased sales for Jimmi’s Bar & Grill. Table 3 depicts the account’s overall performance. Table 3: Overall Account Performance Campaign Clicks Impr. CTR Avg CPC Cost Avg. Pos. Brand 147 121,452 0.12 $0.61 $89.39 2.2 Entertainment 147 55,214 0.27 $1.02 $148.71 1.8 Promotions 37 44,705 0.08 $0.32 $11.90 2.9 Total 331 221,371 0.15 $0.76 $250.00 2.2 Some of the effective keyword combinations were keywords involving the brand name such as [Bars]. These keywords and other similar ones had a very high Average Position, low CPC, and high CTR. Some of the other keywords that were effective were “Fullerton”, “Jimmis Bar & Grill” and “Fullerton California.” Figure 1 shows the top 5 performing keywords by clicks. Figure 1: Best Performing Keywords by Clicks 4
  5. 5. Some of the ineffective keyword combinations were from the Entertainment Campaign such as [party events] and [Cherry Whiskey]. The keywords related to party events and Cherry Whiskey were too expensive for the allocated budget and, therefore, couldn't achieve a high enough Avg. Pos. to receive any clicks. The campaign's biggest success was allocating more of the budget to the Entertainment Campaign which increased the amount of times the ads were shown and therefore increased its CTR. At the end of Week 1, the Entertainment Campaign's CTR was .22%. By the end of Week 3, the CTR had increased to .33%. This campaign was the most successful campaign with high clicks and an average CPC of $1.02, and the Branding Campaign finished in a close second. This was due to keywords with high Quality Scores and highly effective ads. Figure 2 illustrates the breakdown of total clicks for each campaign. Figure 2: Campaign by Clicks Another successful strategy was adding keywords to the Entertainment Campaign and changing exact phrase keywords to less specific words for all campaigns. This campaign ended with a CTR of .27%, which is a modest increase over its CTR of .22% in the first week. This is likely occurred as the campaign had less specific and relevant keywords. The Promotions Campaign was a problem as it received many impressions, but very few clicks. Three ads involving drinks and happy hour specials were deleted after being under review. Keywords such as "sports" and "drink specials" continued to have a low CTR for this campaign. The biggest failure was not finding effective words, resulting in low performance. Another factor was an insufficient number of ad groups were not created to effectively segment the campaign. Despite this campaign being the least successful, it ended with a .08% CTR due to major modifications throughout the campaign. Table 4 below shows the overall performance of the Ad Groups at the end of the campaign. As seen through the performance metrics, many of the original Ad Groups did not receive many clicks because of their narrow focus and high keyword cost. Throughout the campaign, ads were modified and replaced with relevant and broad keywords. A very small portion of the budget was used at the beginning of the campaign; therefore money was allocated for improved words and ads. After these modifications, the overall Average Position increased to 2.2 and the CTR was .15%. Table 4: Metrics by Ad Group 5
  6. 6. Conclusion: Jimmi’s Bar & Grill’s AdWords account was successful and generated 331 clicks with a CTR of .15%, and an Average CPC of $.76. The account success was achieved by creating highly focused Ad Groups, allocating the budget towards more successful campaigns and keywords. The modification of underperforming keywords helped improve each campaign's CTR. Some ads were deleted in the Promotions Campaign which may have affected overall metrics. Given the information now known through the optimization process, pre-campaign goals will likely be achieved in subsequent campaigns. Future Recommendations: Jimmi’s Bar & Grill should continue online advertising with AdWords and continue to create brand awareness through this form of online advertising. Not only is this a cost effective form of advertising, but generate additional leads for Jimmi’s Bar & Grill. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill offers a unique selling point with competition by creating an establishment with inexpensive drink specials and entertainment. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill has the ability to communicate its brand through online channels, which generate ROI and leads for increased business growth. It is recommended Jimmi’s Bar & Grill keep the Brand Campaign and Entertainment Campaign due to their successes. Additionally, Jimmi’s Bar & Grill should experiment with the Promotions Campaign due to their ability to gain a high Avg. Pos. at a low CPC. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill should allocate $25 per week every week to have successful advertising campaigns. It is extremely important to geo-target all future campaigns Jimmi’s Bar & Grill decides to run on Google AdWords since, according to Google Analytics, 54% of their search traffic comes from Los Angeles, Fullerton and Anaheim. In conclusion, Jimmi’s Bar & Grill has the ability to successfully compete on Google AdWords and create a large online PPC presence. Learning Component Learning Objectives and Outcomes: Overall, the team hoped to gain a better understanding about Google AdWords and the functions to promote business success. The ultimate goal was 6 Week(s) CTR Cost Avg. Pos. 1 2&3 Brand Campaign   0.12% $ 89.39 2.2 Brand Ad Group   0.12% $ 89.39 2.2 Entertainment Campaign   0.27% $ 148.71 1.8 Entertainment Ad Group   0.27% $ 148.71 1.8 Promotions Campaign   0.08% $ 11.90 2.9 Promotions Ad Group   0.08% $ 11.90 2.9  represents active
  7. 7. to learn how to make a successful campaign with a high CTR and a low CPC. The team also learned how to effectively allocate the budget after problems with under spending during the first week. There were questions asked during the pre-campaigns but most were answered as we progressed through the project. The team worked diligently together to meet the learning expectations with the daily monitoring of clicks, money spent and effective ads. This campaign improved the team's confidence to use Google AdWords in the future. A key outcome the team will remember the success of working together as a group. It takes substantial effort to coordinate schedules and discuss key issues. In addition, the team learned information about online consumer behavior, through search term reports and Google Analytics. For example, the aim was to think like Jimmi’s Bar & Grill customer in choosing effective keywords, the respondent from searches showed differences from the aim. Through Google Analytics ,the team saw the website content traffic and learned how to successfully target the campaign. The Brand Campaign was extremely effective and by far the most successful campaign with a CTR of .27%, an average CPC of $1.02, and an average position of 1.8. Total ad spend in the Brand Campaign was $148.71 for 147 clicks. Group Dynamics: Overall, the team worked very well together. The prominent challenges were the billing of develop the account and how to make effective keywords. The challenge of billing was linking the credit with the AdWords account. In the beginning, the challenge of the specific keywords resulted in a low amount of clicks. By the middle of the campaign, general keywords were used resulting in increasing clicks for the three different campaigns. As a result of effectively handling of issues and great communication, the team worked very well together as a team. In the past, when the team had group projects, they were trapped in groups where group members did not fully contribute. In addition, the team expected the campaign project to be difficult due to limited experience with Google AdWords, but it was a lot easier than anticipated. The tutorials and examples gave great insight to learn about the project. Google AdWords is user friendly with many tools and opportunities to ease with understanding. Client Dynamics:Being that the client was the father of two of our team members, this allowed ease for the team to meet with him. The client was very eager to be associated with Google AdWords. The client loved hearing updates about the status of the campaign. He would email back regarding any questions about his business in a timely matter. The team was able to ask him multiple questions and get his input on the different marketing strategies. He gave insight into what his business was trying to market and how he wanted his business 7
  8. 8. to be represented on Google AdWords. As a result of clear communication and easy access, the team did not have any problems with the client. He gave freedom when making the specific ads and allowed the team to update his website with different ads created in Google AdWords. In addition, the team installed Google Analytics on his business website. He had never used Google Analytics before and appreciated the ability to track visits for the website. The team did not have any issues linking Google Analytics to the team Google AdWords account. James was a great client and we would definitely recommend him for future projects. Future Recommendations:For future recommendations, the team realized additional ideas to increase the effectiveness of a future AdWords project. One recommendation was to create a different campaign other than event planning. The promotions campaigns only received a total of nineteen clicks while the other two campaigns received almost 150 clicks each. The event planning campaign was a good idea to try and get customers into the establishment, but it was not effective on Google AdWords. Jimmi’s Bar & Grill didn’t receive any parties planned. The team expected someone to book a party, but it was not successful. Another recommendation for the future is to add many keywords in the first week of our campaign. In the first week, we focused on the topics of ads and budget our keywords to be placed on the first page. In the second week, we noticed the effectiveness of keywords. We felt this strategy hindered the ability for more clicks and improved impressions during the first week. Overall, the team learned an endless amount of information during the project that further help in future team projects. The team has a greater understanding of the effectiveness Google AdWords. The Google Online Marketing Challenge was a positive experience and it showed the value for local businesses to be promoted on Google AdWords. 8