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diary project
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diary project


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement

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  • For the Summary of Findings we took a look at the data file and decided to organize it into 4 different types of food to make it easier to analyze the data and be more accurate.
  • For the most part all of the patterns and trends from the 4 different meals tend to relate. The foods are tend to be eaten at home. The reason for it is because it is the cheapest. It’s the easiest available, and its easier then going to a restaurant when you don’t have much time. The foods are usually picked based on convenience, price and how much time they have to eat the meal and if they enjoy that food. People tend to skip meals because of time restrains at their work, school or in general their own perspectives.
  • Based on these patterns and trends, we can draw some broad conclusions about student’s attitudes and preferences for their meal choices. Going along with the importance of convenience, students chose their meals, and had more positive attitudes about foods that were easier to acquire. While these meals may not have been their first choice, the fact that it was convenient to their circumstance had a greater importance to them. Another conclusion we can draw is that students regretted, or were angry with, expensive meals that they didn’t necessarily enjoy. With more effort and money invested in a meal, students expect higher quality and better taste. Finally, students had much more positive attitudes about healthy meal choices. And healthy eating habits were very important to the majority of students. On the other hand, many of them regretted meals that were less healthy, or where they ate a little too much.Based on the patterns, trends, and conclusions we drew about attitudes and preferences of meals, Team Cameroon came up with a brilliant recommendation.
  • A Food Truck Service. We will have two trucks that are located opposite of each other across campus. Our operating hours will be from 11am to 7:30pm, and we will serve popular lunch and dinner items, as well as offer a snack bar. The main points from the data that drove us to make this recommendation is Meal choices and popularity: based on the data, a majority of students do not eat breakfast, so we decided it would not be ideal to serve breakfast meals. And 2) Convenience: with convenience being a main driver of meal choice, having two locations on campus with affordable food makes it convenient for students who may have classes in one building on campus every day. This way they won’t have to walk all the way across campus to get lunch during their 15 minute break and then try and make it back to their next class in time.
  • As I stated earlier, the main meals we will offer are lunch and dinner. The food choices we will offer will include sandwiches, burgers, and salads. We decided this mainly because, according to the data, the most popular lunch and dinner items were burgers and sandwiches, and unfortunately, there isn’t a really great burger place on campus. We included salads because of the importance that healthy meal choices had on the prevailing attitude about that meal. The greatest thing about these main food items is that they follow the theme of convenience. They are made very simply and quickly, but they still can provide a variety of customization that will satisfy customers who desire specific toppings or sides.Along with the main meals, we will offer a snack bar for students who just need a snack between meals or want to order something quickly. These items will include fruit, cookies, chips, and pastries.
  • We decided a great way to master the art of convenience for our customers is to have an order window and a pick-up window. This will reduce customer traffic and increase service efficiency. But that’s not the best feature that our Food Truck Service has to offer.
  • We will have a mobile ordering application so students can have their food ready for them when they come to pick it up. Now students who only have 15 minutes to order, and eat their lunch, can have their meal picked up within 5 minutes of their class getting out. The app will include all of our food options, with customizable features for toppings and sides. The app also allows students to tell us what time they need the meal ready to be picked up. All we require is that students give us their name, at least a 15 minute lead time, and that they pre-pay with a credit/debit card on the app. This enhances the pick up experience by only having to show either an ID card, or the credit/debit card the purchase was made with, to pick up the order. Students can still use the app and pay with cash, however, they will have to wait in the order line to pay for the meal before picking it up.We hope that with popular food choices, and extremely convenient customer service, our Food Trucks will change the eating experience at Cal State Fullerton.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Team Cameroon Kimberly Bak, Kristen Fregoso, Monika Kosmaczewski, Matthew McCleary, Daniel Orocio, Brian Tucker Pre-order lunch! Eat between classes
    • 2. Summary of Findings Breakfast: Most Common Foods Consumed Where Acquired Where Consumed Why Acquired Prevailing Attitudes 1 None (Most people skip breakfast) 1 Home 1 Home 1 Convenience or Choice 1 Too Busy/ Not Hungry/ Choice 2 Cereal 2 Restaurants 2 School 2 Free 2 Filling/Made full 3 Fruit 3 Fast Food 3 Restaurants 3 Hungry 3 Liked/Favorite 4 Toast/Pastries 4 Dorm 4 Fast Food 4 In a hurry 4 Delicious 5 Eggs 5 Work 5 Work 5 Healthy 5 Wanted More
    • 3. Most Common Foods Consumed Where Acquired Where Consumed Why Acquired Prevailing Attitudes 1 Sandwiches 1 Home 1 Home 1 Convenience 1 Good/Satisfying 2 Asian Cuisine 2 Fast Food 2 Fast Food 2 Fast 2 Healthy 3 Burgers 3 Restaurants 3 Restaurants 3 Favorite 3 Okay/Alright 4 Chicken 4 School 4 School 4 Health 4 Filling 5 Mexican 5 Market 5 Work 5 Cheap 5 Not What I expected Summary of Findings Lunch:
    • 4. Most Common Foods Consumed Where Acquired Where Consumed Why Acquired 1 Burgers 1 Home 1 Home 1 Social 2 Sandwiches 2 Fast Food 2 Fast Food 2 Convenience 3 Pizza 3 Restaurants 3 Restaurants 3 It was there/All that was available 4 Pasta 4 School 4 School 4 In a Hurry 5 Salad 5 Market/Grocery 5 Work 5 Hungry Summary of Findings Dinner: Prevailing Attitudes 1 Tastes Good 2 Delicious 3 Healthy 4 Satisfying 5 Didn't Like It
    • 5. Most Common Foods Consumed Where Acquired Where Consumed Why Acquired Prevailing Attitudes 1 Fruit 1 Home 1 Home 1 Convenience 1 Tastes Good 2 Cookies/Brownies 2 Fast Food 2 School 2 Healthy 2 Delicious 3 Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt 3 Friends 3 Work 3 Hungry 3 Healthy 4 Chips 4 Work 4 Fast Food 4 Filling 4 Satisfying 5 Protein/Granola Bars 5 School 5 Friends 5 Craving 5 Didn't Like It Summary of Findings Snacks:
    • 6. Patterns and Trends • The majority of people chose foods that they liked or were their favorite and only ate things they didn't like when there was no other option. • The most common place food was acquired was at home in all categories. Students tend to eat at home because its cheaper and its more convenient. • Most people skipped meals based on conflicting class schedules. People with classes during a usual meal time skipped that meal. • Burgers and sandwiches were the most popular meal choices for lunch and dinner. They are the food which is the most easily convenient, cheap and tastes good. • Most people picked foods based on convenience, price, and how much time they had to have a meal.
    • 7. Broad Conclusions About Attitudes and Preferences • Most students made their meal choices based on how fast, cheap, and convenient it was to acquire it. • When a meal was expensive, and the student only somewhat liked it, there was more regret/anger. • Healthy eating habits were very important to a majority of the students. Students usually felt better about their meal if it was a healthy choice or regretted a meal if it was fattening or over indulgent.
    • 8. Our New Food Service Recommendation A. Type: Food Truck Service • Two cross-campus locations B. Operating Hours: 11am-7:30pm C. Predominant Food Available: • Lunch • Dinner • Small Snacks
    • 9. Assortment of Meals Offered Lunch & Dinner • Sandwiches • Burgers • Salads Snacks • Fruit • Cookies • Chips • Pastries
    • 10. Mastering the Art of Convenience Quick Service • Order window • Pick-up window
    • 11. Mobile Ordering App • Easy to use • Choose from many options • Customize your order • Pay through the app Pre-order lunch! Eat between classes Pick up • Show ID at pick up window
    • 12. THANK YOU Questions or Comments?