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Communispace case study copy

  1. 1. Communispace Case Study As a brand manager, I would use Communispace's community service for developing my products. It would be helpful to have a well represented and established company find valuable market research for my products. Communispace is the leader in brand market research within online communities. Communispace has a great reputation and has worked with many high profile companies. According to Exhibit 1, Communispace has worked with high profile companies such as Best Buy, Unilever, Pepsi, Kellogg and the Home Depot. In addition, Communispace is known for developing great relationships with clients and community members. Communispace allows clients to be very involved in the activity and research process of their projects. The pricing of their service is also appealing and attractive with service prices under $10,000. The establishment, reputation and pricing of Communispace illustrate great reasons to develop a working relationship with their company. I would use the Communispace service for the development and feedback stages of launching a new product. Their services would provide information towards branding, valuable consumer feedback, and the competition of other similar products. According to Exhibit 2, the main examples of their client uses are product innovation, developing insight, marketing and brand competition. My company would mainly use product innovation and developing insight. Insight gathering would be the most beneficial. According to Exhibit 2, insight gathering would discuss trends, attitudes, preferences and listen to the members main ideas. In addition, one of the most important features Communispace offers is "qualitative research reports that capture the consumer insights obtained and that offered actionable recommendations for managing" (Keinan 1) for a specific project. The Communispace service would provide valuable and insightful information for my project.
  2. 2. The Communispace market research tool allows for many advantages compared to other tools. Communispace has a niche in the research market for their service tool. Some of the advantages are quality feedback, smaller communities, lower costs and convenience. Communispace prides itself on listening to both its clients and members in their community. This allows them to develop and gather quality responses from community members. In addition, Communispace is a private and smaller based community. The community consists of 350 communities. Communispace believes this specific environment allows for a long-term relationship, which members believe their input is being heard and develop trust with Communispace. This market research tool allows for lower costs. Communispace offers their service for an average price between "$5,000 to $10,000 per project" (Keinan 3). This is a reasonable price as some internal companies conduct "a broad-based survey of several hundred or several thousand individuals which could cost from $10,000 to $100,000. And a single focus group could run upwards of $15,000" (Keinan 8). This online marketing tool is also convenient as members do not have to leave the comfort of their homes to provide their insights and feedback. The Communispace marketing research tool creates many advantages to their clients and members. The Communispace marketing research tool has some disadvantages compared to other marketing tools. The most prominent disadvantages are time and inaccuracy of the online sample. A project with Communispace consists of a 12-month contract, which is a long time to wait for complete information about a product. Communispace mandates a 12-month contract to understand "broad insights that evolved slowly, such as how one's brand was perceived over time, and for answers to pointed questions, such as whether a potential television ad was liked or disliked" (Keinan 2). This type of contract may be unappealing to some clients desiring faster
  3. 3. feedback. Another disadvantage is the accuracy of online members. This marketing tool features online aspects, which can be inaccurate or deliver concerns. Some concerns with online communities are the representativeness of the targeted population, gathering enough members to provide feedback and the identity of members. Respondents can make up information about themselves and provide unrelated information because there is not a direct verbal or visual communication from the members. Online communities also propose the problem of continuously gathering enough respondents to keep the pace of their communities. Communispace has many competitive advantages compared to their competitors. The main competitive advantages are listening to their community members and establishing smaller communities. The Communispace community is purpose-driven and focused on delivering feedback. According to Table A, community members felt the company truly valued their opinion. In addition, the members somewhat disagreed on the company not making changes based on their feedback. This shows members feel involved and "their individual voice mattered more" (Keinan 5). Another competitive advantage is smaller communities. Communispace uses a small, private community to gain quality insights and feedback compared to "large public online communities, such as Proctor and Gamble's VocalPoint with 350,000 members" (Keinan 5). A smaller community allows members to feel more involved and deliver a more personal environment. Communispace believes a personal environment conveys a greater level of trust and insight. The Communispace business model is effective and capable of thriving success. The business model consists of creating small and private online communities to provide valuable feedback to product-based clients. The business is designed and developed on the internet, which allows quicker feedback to their clients. These clients have the ability to observe current
  4. 4. community responses by logging into their system. The technological aspects of Communispace are important as the world continues changing into different forms of technology. As technology continues to evolve, people will continue to vie for immediate and quicker feedback. The Communispace business model produces value in their relationships with associates and feedback from their members. The company works with respected companies and vies to establish long-term relationships with their associates. The Communispace company is different than other companies by forming small, private online communities. Communispace is a leading online market research company and should continue to be successful as they grow with technology advancements. Works Cited Keinan, Anat (2009). Communispace. Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing.