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    Tiatros   crowdfunder Tiatros crowdfunder Presentation Transcript

    • ® Ready for the most innovative ideas in healthcare TM Kimberlie Cerrone kcerrone@tiatros.com 415.378.2838 www.tiatros.com 1 Tiatros dramatically improves efficiency across the healthcare sector by connecting all of the people, clinical information, and real-time health data that is needed to support truly collaborative patient care, clinical research, and clinical trials inside a private, secure mobile cloud.
    • Intuitive, Purposeful Social Networks Insert Chat Text... HIPAA VIDEO CONFERENCE STATUS: ACTIVE 2 Tiatros connects extended clinical and research teams, patients and their families, and anyone else who needs to be participate using a rich suite of social network-styled tools and interfaces that over two billion people (including virtually every doctor in the world) already know how to use.
    • Useful and Easy-to-Use Everything can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, on any Internet-enabled device. 3 On Tiatros, everyone has reliable access to the communications, medical records, specialized medical files, and real-time health data that they need to work efficiently. Everything can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere in the world, on any Internet-enabled device.
    • Eliminating Waste and Delay While Improving Safety and Access “Coordinating any healthcare process is always difficult, time-consuming and labor intensive, whether we’re trying to coordinate with doctors in my hospital, or with doctors cross town or on the other side of the world.” Kim Norman MD Health & Medical Sciences Professor of Psychiatry Director, Young Adult & Family Center UCSF Medical Center 4 Tiatros eliminates hundreds of time-consuming, error prone, manual clinical workflow processes, which are the source of hundreds of billions of dollars of waste and delay in the U.S. healthcare system. For example, a doctor who needs to refer her patient to another doctor for specialized medical care today will typically call the specialist and leave a message. The doctors often call each other back two-three times before they connect. The referring doctor’s office staff usually faxes the patient’s paper medical record to the specialist’s office. The inbound fax sits on an unsecured fax machine until someone on the receiving doctor’s staff puts it into a new patient file. The referring doctor’s office staff must have the patient’s specialized medical files copied to a CD, which is mailed to the specialist’s office. When it is received, the specialist’s office has to send it out to a third party facility to have the files translated back to a machine readable form, which, for a single ultrasound, takes 5-7 business days and costs about $300 at UCSF Medical Center. In contrast, on Tiatros the referring doctor can quickly post a secure message to the specialist, summarizing the patient’s preliminary clinical findings - and attaching the patient’s complete medical record and all of his specialized medical files, e.g., complete ultrasounds and MRIs, to her message. A minute later, the specialist can view everything on his laptop, tablet or mobile phone. He has everything he needs to schedule the first appointment and to start treating the patient immediately. There is an immediate ROI, because Tiatros eliminates several hundreds of dollars of direct care provision costs.
    • Founders and Team Kimberlie Cerrone, Co-founder and CEO C-level @ 9 venture-backed startups 2 IPOs: Net Perceptions $625m; Neurobiological Technologies $287.5m Strategic Dealmaker:  Yahoo! + Ariba M&A: Target Therapeutics, $1.1B acquisition by Boston Scientific Joydip Homchowdhury, Co-founder and CPO 20 years’ experience bringing complex software products to market at Dell + Price Waterhouse Coopers Senior Director, Innovation and Strategy, Johnson&Johnson Healthcare IT Consultant, Technology Strategy, UCSF 16 full-time employees 5 We founded Tiatros in January 2010. Joy led development groups at PWC and Dell that brought complex software products to market. He left a senior healthcare strategy job at Johnson & Johnson to co-found Tiatros. Kimberlie has been a C-level executive at 9 venture-backed startups - at two of which she was part of the team that took the company from corporate formation through a public offering. Kimberlie is a dealmaker and technology attorney by background who practiced at two of Silicon Valley’s top law firms where she worked closely with the founding teams of the some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.
    • Committed Development Partner: UCSF Medical Center UCSF’s Information Security Committee independently verified that Tiatros complies fully with HIPAA regulations and the stringent Univ. of California healthcare privacy and security requirements. UCSF CTO and systems integration team are tethering Tiatros and EPIC Systems. “Tiatros meeting UC’s ‘Gold Standard’ for privacy and security is a very big deal.” Arifur Deepu Global Head, Life Sciences Strategy, Solutions & Partnerships Verizon Healthcare 6 Tiatros has incubated at UCSF from the very beginning. Tiatros’ deep, long-standing relationship with UCSF Medical Center and the extended University of California Health System distinguishes it from virtually every other digital health company - and is critical to Tiatros’ ability to sell to other major medical centers and to partner with with large cap companies. Over 300 hundred members of the University of California’s senior medical faculty, top clinical researchers, and IT, systems integration, tele-health, medical device, privacy and security, regulatory affairs, legal and other experts contribute to Tiatros’ development. We are headquartered on UCSF’s Mission Bay campus at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Partners facility, where our customer engagement team interacts with the most innovative translational medicine researchers on campus. UC audits Tiatros continuously to ensure that we comply fully with all HIPAA regulations and with the University of California’s separate, more stringent privacy and security requirements. UCSF’s CTO and systems integration team are leading the effort to tether Tiatros to EPIC and other EMR/EHR systems.
    • Markets and Market Size Clinical Research Market: $35 billion (U.S.) >$1 billion TAM for Tiatros Research at University of California Health System Clinical Trials Market: $45-65 billion (worldwide) Multi-national pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and outsourcing companies are all looking for acquisitions, solutions and partners that strengthen their ability to coordinate clinical trials and ensure rigorous quality control. Digital Health and Wellness Market: unknown 1/3 of U.S.’ total expenditure on healthcare, or $750 billion in 2013, is wasted. 7 We’ve joined forces with the thought leaders in mobile healthcare, telemedicine, digital health and wellness services, and real-time health data at UC and other top medical centers by targeting our first product to the $35 billion clinical research market. They are using Tiatros Research as the enabling technology platform to study and commercialize a wide range of innovative digital health and wellness products.
    • Real-time Dashboard of Progress and Reports Recruit Ad Click thru Patient Data Collaborate within and between organizations, locations and geographies Referral Network of Clinician database Online Screening e-CRF Patient Data Organization #1 Private Social Messaging, Video Chat, Shared File Library Organization #2 Subject Consents In Person SignUps Case Report Form Designer Electronic Submission Electronic Data Capture Investigators Setup Text Integrated FAX CarePods for each Subject Patient Reported Outcome Subjects Regulatory Bodies Intervention Visibility for each set of users controlled by Study Admins Study CarePodTM Instructions Reminders FORMS Screening, Consents, Quality of Life Handouts Interventions Study Evaluation Schedule Subject Device Data Limited Shared Access to CarePod Monitor Measures, Vitals Subject CarePod 8 Tiatros Research moves the entire process of conducting clinical research into a private, secure, infinitely scalable health cloud to support efficient workflow processes from study design and patient recruitment to reporting study results. Everyone participating in a study conducted on Tiatros Research has timely access to the information and people that they need, so clinical research studies are faster, cheaper and safer. Our early customers are documenting immediate ROIs, and are already signing up to move more research studies onto Tiatros. The TAM for Tiatros Research at just the University of California is an >$1 billion. We’re distributing it on a per subject/per month subscription model that is easy for customers to buy and implement.
    • UC Davis Customer: Tiatros-Enabled Collaborative Patient Care “Specifically, we will test the use of a state of the art, HIPAAcompliant social health networking platform that leverages the combined data, knowledge, expertise, and capacity of cancer patients, family members, and the care team to more efficiently and effectively deliver care.” Taken from Use of mHealth to support nurse-directed care coordination for chemotherapy patients: Improving health, healthcare delivery, and healthcare utilization (Cancer Care Coordination for Chemotherapy Patients) 9 In the next three slides, I’m going to introduce three different use cases to show the range of what our customers are already doing on Tiatros. This UC Davis clinical research project will pay Tiatros over $1 million dollars of Tiatros Research product revenue over the next three years. UC Davis Medical Center doctors and their collaborators at four other major medical centers are using Tiatros Research to study how to use the Tiatros platform to deliver better patient care to the $125 billion cancer care market. They’re helping us position Tiatros to ride the digital health wave by optimizing the Tiatros platform to support truly collaborative care for chronic disease patients, and by publishing Tiatros as the enabling technology standard for digital health.
    • UCSF Customer: Tiatros-Enabled Telemedicine BristolMeyers Squibb funded the UCSF Department of Psychiatry’s Next Mission project on Tiatros. Their goal is to distribute this new telemedicine intervention to hundreds of millions of PTSD sufferers around the world. $100,000 subscription fee and ‘second wave’ product revenue 10 BristolMeyers Squibb has already paid Tiatros a $100,000 subscription fee to conduct this study on Tiatros Research. Their product is a telemedicine-styled protocol that they want to distribute around the world to help hundreds of millions of PTSD sufferers. Since the UCSF/BristolMeyers Squibb product is built and distributed entirely on Tiatros, we will have a ‘second wave’ revenue opportunity when they start distributing it.
    • UCSF Customer: Tiatros-Enabled Medical Devices and Biosensors “Tiatros is a powerful tool for medicine that changes how drugs and medical devices will be tested and brought to market.” Michael Harrison, MD Director, Pediatric Device Consortium Professor Pediatric Surgery UCSF School of Medicine 11 Tiatros’ social layer is a critical advance for mobile medical devices, genomics, and other new forms of health data because it allows digital health data to be managed and displayed to doctors in far more useful ways. On Tiatros, doctors can pull clinical information, when they need it, formatted in useful health data sets - instead of having useless firehoses of naked health data pushed at them from medical devices, Fitbit, etc. UCSF’s mobile medical device and bio-engineering groups have adopted Tiatros as a primary enabling technology for their R&D on new mobile medical devices and biosensors. They are already using Tiatros Research to develop and test three new wireless medical devices. We expect to start a fourth study on a new biosensor indicator of premature labor soon.
    • 5 1/2 Year Revenue Projections 12 We’re on track to exceed our 2013 revenue projections. Our UC customers are virally introducing Tiatros to their colleagues and collaborators, filling our sales pipeline with over twenty of the country’s leading medical centers and institutions. In 2014, we will start co-selling a joint clinical trial product to the big pharma industry under a worldwide distribution agreement with a Fortune 100 healthcare company. The agreement will include a significant, non-dilutive capital infusion into Tiatros.
    • Analysis of Financial Projections 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Projected Revenue $150,000 $1,530,000 $14,875,000 $43,985,000 $74,060,000 $124,010,000 Products (All frameworks are completed) Research Research, Care, Pharma Research, Care, Pharma, Phase IV Research, Care, Pharma, Phase IV Research, Care, Pharma, Phase IV Research, Care, Pharma, Phase IV 9.3% direct 45.5% channel 45.5% license 7.2% direct sale 65.2% channel 27% license 5.2% direct sale 78.6% channel 16.1% license $4,100,000 $5,310,000 $6,510,000 Source of Revenue by % 100% direct sales 100% direct sales 19.7% direct 12.6% channel 67% license Total Direct Sales $150,000 $1,530,000 $2,910,000 YR/YR Direct Sales Growth 5.1X (annualized) Total Channel Sales # of New Research Accounts 1.4X 1.3X 1.2X $1,875,000 UCHS $11,875,000 $39,875,000 $117,500,000 28 20 20 20 20 1.04X 27 YR/YR Growth of Research Accounts Market 1.8X 0.71X 1X 1X 1X U.S. Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide 13 This chart details how Tiatros’ projections are structured, and how we shift from the direct sale of our first product to a largely channel sales strategy. The anticipated worldwide channel distribution agreement gives us a sales strategy to sell into every pharmaceutical company in the world.
    • Competitive Landscape Clinovo Link: http://www.clinovo.com/ Dacima Software Link: http:// www.dacimasoftware.com OpenClinica Link: http://www.openclinica.com/ Oracle's Siebel Clinical Trial Management System http://www.oracle.com/us Veeva http://www.veeva.com/ “A HIPAA compliant mobile solution that integrate providers and patients - no one else does that for us.” Hugh Ma Head of Strategy Healthagen, an Aetna company “...nothing else compares to Tiatros... (Tiatros is) a game changer for healthcare worldwide, which is why I'm investing.” Dr. LaVerne Council First Global CIO, Johnson & Johnson 14 Oracle's Siebel Clinical Trial Management System is the dominant player in the clinical research market today. It is an enterprise-based, database-centric solution with a minimal social collaboration layer. We view Oracle as a potential acquirer or partner, because integrating Tiatros Research to Oracle’s product would add a complementary workflow process layer and the rich social collaboration capability that clinical trial customers are demanding. Another notable competitor is Veeva Systems, which recently had a successful Initial Public Offering.
    • Unfair Advantage •! Development customer alliance with UCSF Medical Center •! Varied product use cases •! Viral references •! Solely owned U.S. and international patent portfolio •! Proprietary know how gained from hundreds of UC experts •! Johnson & Johnson Innovation Partner •! Announcing worldwide product development and distribution agreement with Fortune 100 company at HIMSS in February 2014 15 Tiatros solely owns a robust US and international patent portfolio, and has acquired valuable Know How about clinical workflow processes from its alliance with hundreds of UC experts that would be very difficult for another company to duplicate. Tiatros is a Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Healthcare Innovation Partner. We expect to announce our first worldwide distribution agreement in late February at the HIMSS conference in Orlando.
    • Exit Strategy 16 We believe that Tiatros will be acquired in 18-30 months. Digital health companies with products in the market and premier customers are highly sought after because there are very few of us, and large cap companies in several different sectors want to enter the mobile healthcare market and need to acquire digital health products to do so.