Evaluation question four


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Evaluation question four

  1. 1. Evaluation – Question Four By Kimberley Ware
  2. 2. Who would be the audience for your media product?
  3. 3. Audience All Films have a target audience in mind when they are being made. For romantic Comedies this is a particular target audience which can be broken down in demographics and psychographics, this includes:● Gender● Age● Social Class● Ethnicity● Attitudes● Values● Lifestyles● Opinions All of these things are what makes an audience appeal to a certain genre or not like another genre. As everyone is different there is different genres that appeal to different people or a wider rage of people. As not everybody likes Sci-fi films or horror films as they have different demographics and psychographics to everybody else.
  4. 4. This graph shows that films the public are watchingand who is watching which film. It shows that romanticcomedies are watched and liked by females under theage of 35, with parents and in social class A or B but itis very close percentages in the social class whichshows that romantic comedies can be enjoyed by anysocial class. For our secondary audience it would befemales over the age of 35, with parents and againwith little differences between the social classs.However our film will also appeal to Males withgirlfriends/wives as the girlfriends/wives will want to goand watch romantic comedy films which means thatthey will watch the film too. This is why we have quitea high percentage of males over 35.
  5. 5. This graph shows that women watch more filmsthan men. The graph also tells us that the thepeople who are the heaviest film watchers areaged between 16-34 which is our targetaudience. Also it tells us that females have thehighest number of people that attend thecinema with 1168 of females watching films atthe cinema in the last three months and only1060 males, this suggests that our targetaudience is perfect as we are aiming towardsfemales.
  6. 6. BBFCThe BBFC’s Watch & Rate service allows content owners, rights holders, distributors and platforms to obtaincost-effective digital age ratings. This is a non - governmental rating from ratings U - R18. It considers thecontext, tone and impact that consists through out the whole film taking point of the main issues whichinclude:discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour, language, nudity, sex, theme and violenceViolence - Little to No ViolenceLanguage - Moderate, Mild Language not dwelled uponSex/Nudity - Mild References to Sex and NudityThemes - Romance, humour, conflict.Considering the information from the above on our Rom Com film I Can Explain we have rated our film as a12. This rating is quite common in Rom Com films and since the content of our film is very similar to otherRom Coms we decided to use a 12 as our rating also considering all of the above information and the mainissues to consider in a BBFC rating.
  7. 7. Target audience member profileDemographics For Primary Target AudienceName- Jasmine WareAge- 21Gender- FemaleOccupation- Reception/AdminSocial Class- C2Psychographics For A Primary AudienceInterests- Spending time family, Doing hair and make-up, Shopping, listening to music, Socialising withfriends, Watching Films i.e. Rom-comsOpinions and Attitudes- One door closes so another door can open, Caring, Loud, BlondeJasmine is a perfect example of our target audience as she is in the middle of the age range and is a femalewho loves romantic comedies as well as having a boyfriend which she makes watch rom-coms with her. Sheis also in a social class which had a high percentage of audience which watched rom-coms.
  8. 8. ConclusionIn conclusion our film in aimed at females under theage of 35 in any social class. With a secondaryaudience of females over the age of 35. We will alsotry and attract males with a good looking female leadand any males with partners. We wanted to base ourfilm on something that all of my group and myselfwould like to go an watch as we fit the target audienceand we feel like it is every girls dream to be rushed offtheir feet by their own prince, so we wanted to create amodern day fairytale like most romantic comedies.This makes it easier to attract our target audience asevery women has the same dream.Film opening - I Can Explain