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Project brief

  1. 1. 1 Project Brief Lakeview Cafe
  2. 2. 2 CONTENT No. Title Page Cover page 1 Content 2 1. Introduction 1.1Project Description 3 1.2 Project Objective 4 1.3 Project Benefits 5 2. Stakeholders 2.1 Primary Users 6 2.2 Authorities 6 3. Authorization Approval 7 4. Site Analysis 8 5. Proposed Site Options 9 6. Proposed Concept and Design Brief 6.1 Building Features 10 6.2 Visual Statement 11 6.3 Siting and Orientation Requirements 12 6.4 Spatial Requirement 12 6.5 Services 12 6.6 Building Materials and Finishes 13 6.7 Accessibility 13 7. Budget 14 8. Deadline 15
  3. 3. 3 1. Introduction 1.1 Project description The project involves the construction of a new cafe (Lakeview Cafe) for Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The cafe will be built on the man-made lake at Taylor’s University campus. The cafe is to be built using one-way glass, meaning that the exterior will be reflective while the interior walls will be clear and see-through. The cafe will also include an exterior water feature. Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus’ man-made lake
  4. 4. 4 1.2 Project objective The main objective is to build a new cafe at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. In doing so, the new cafe needs to be able to respond to the aims of the client and should be able to embody and deliver the following elements and characteristics: Experience o provide a unique dining experience o floors are made of transparent glass that allows customers to enjoy the unique experience of dining on a lake o customers enjoy a spectacular view as the walls can be seen through o spectacular water feature where water cascades over the outer walls Environmentally-friendly o fully utilise the lake without disrupting the natural scenery o does not cause disturbances to the lake’s natural environment o priority is given to the ducks, geese, fish and other inhabitants of the lake when considering the design of the café o the roof is decorated with real plants to produce a natural green feel Comfort o provide comfort while giving a natural feel o The cafe is built such that it functions mainly on natural lighting and ventilation. o Real creepers hang down from ceiling beams
  5. 5. 5 1.3 Project benefits Provides a unique new dining experience Enhances the beauty of the lake The construction itself will be an architectural masterpiece Increase publicity of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
  6. 6. 6 2. Stakeholders 2.1 Primary Users Staff and students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 2.2 Authorities Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) Taylor’s University Faculty Management
  7. 7. 7 3. Authorization Approval No. Procedure Authority Time to complete 1 Submission to Local Authority Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) July 2013-November 2013 2 Obtain Development Order Planning Department July 2013-November 2013 3 Obtain Water Approval SYABAS July 2013-November 2013 4 Obtain Hoarding & Signboard Approval Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) July 2013-November 2013 5 Obtain RORO Bin Approval Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) July 2013-November 2013 6 Obtain Landscape Approval Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) July 2013-November 2013 7 Obtain Building Plan Approval Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) July 2013-November 2013
  8. 8. 8 4. Site Analysis TAYLOR’S UNIVERSITY MAN-MADE LAKE Location of site for Lakeview Cafe
  9. 9. 9 5. Proposed Site Options Although, Lakeview Cafe aims to be a cafe that is actually built on the lake, there are a number of reasons why alternative sites should be considered including the possibility that the natural scenery could be destroyed by the construction of a cafe on the lake as well as threats to the lake’s natural flora and fauna. Accordingly, the Building Committee were charged with the task of identifying whether there were any other suitable sites in the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus area that should be considered for the cafe’s new home. These were the proposed sites: Site A (preferred site) - At the far end of the lake, on the lake. Site B - On the empty land area beside the lake. Site C - Built above the car park nearest the lake. Site B and C were proposed because they both provide views of the lake. Thus, they possess the ability to fulfill the theme of Lakeview Cafe.
  10. 10. 10 6. Proposed Concept and Design Brief 6.1 Building Features No. Item Details Features Requirements 1. Sanitary Amenities 1 Male washroom and 1 female washroom 4 cubicles each 2 sinks and 2 toilets each. 2. Dining Area Indoor only Tables and chairs 10 tables and 40 chairs (4 chairs to a table). 3. Indoor Lounge Separate from dining area Seating and entertainment 3 couches, 2 pool tables, 1 television set. 4. Outdoor lounge Only drinks are served. Tables and chairs 5 umbrella tables and 15 chairs (3 chairs to a table) 5. Kitchen Preparation of all food items. Storage and basic kitchen requirements. 4 stoves, 2 ovens, 2 microwaves,4 sinks workspace, 2 fridges 10 cabinets and a ventilation shaft. 6. Drink Station (non-alcoholic) Serves drinks only. Bar and seats. 4 bar stools. 7. Rubbish/Refuse area For garbage disposal. Outdoor and indoor. 5 indoor bins and 3 large outdoor bins. 8. Cleaner’s store Small store room. Located near bathrooms. Cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals.
  11. 11. 11 6.2 Visual Statement Lakeview Cafe will be developed using the latest environmental and sustainable considerations. It is intended that Lakeview Cafe will provide a fully functional facility, which becomes a hub of activity throughout the year. Ensuring the cafe is able to deliver its promise of providing a unique experience to customers will be of primary importance, however, it is also important that the facility provides a welcoming appearance, which is homey and comfortable. The building should present an image consistent with the campus environment and current ecological sustainable development (ESD) principles without dominating the landscape. It should be: Low key but distinctive Be readily identifiable and welcoming Be constructed of high quality, durable materials Include principles of ESD design Maximise the use of the available open site Seamlessly integrate with the local environment Minimise the impact of the built environment on its surroundings Express image and functions of Lakeview Cafe Repeat, borrow or redefine landscape and building elements from the local surrounding area
  12. 12. 12 6.3 Siting and Orientation Considerations The building’s siting and orientation should: Take advantage of the views Take advantage of natural winds Encourage passive solar design Have a clear and identifiable main entry 6.4 Spatial Requirements It is expected that the cafe will have only one level. The eventual size of the new building will be driven by a number of factors including: 1. Minimum functional requirements 2. Anticipated growth 3. Site size / location 4. Cost / budget 6.5 Services It is anticipated the cafe’s building’s services will comprise the following: 1. Mechanical o Mechanical assisted ventilation o Air conditioning o Exhaust to all kitchens and toilet facilities 2. Electrical o Lighting (general, feature, security, emergency, exit, etc,) o Power – electrical o Emergency equipment and systems o Security access control, CCTV, intercom o Smoke detectors 3. Communications o Telephone o Wireless LAN 4. Hydraulics o Hot and cold water supply o Sewerage o Rainwater harvesting o Fire protection services
  13. 13. 13 6.6 Building Materials and Finishes All building materials should be carefully selected in respect to: minimising the need for and duration between maintenance; minimising the embodied energy required during manufacture and transport to site; maximise the use of appropriate recycled materials; response to site context, landscape and locality; quality finishes that offer value for money. 6.7 Acessability Access for those with Disabilities -In developing Lakeview Cafe, facility that allow for easy access for the disabled will be taken into account.
  14. 14. 14 7. Budget A range of around RM650, 000 to RM700, 000is considered to be an appropriate total budget for this project depending on scope and quality of work, fittings and fixtures. Item Time for funding Cost (RM) Feasibility Study & Project Planning (Professional services required – allowance only) July 2013-November 2013 5,000 Consultation / Communications (Professional services required – allowance only) July 2013-November 2013 3,500 Fees for Design and Documentation July 2013-November 2013 30,000 Fees for Construction Phase Services July 2013-November 2013 20,000 Construction Costs July 2013-November 2013 450,000 External / Site Works (Allowance only) July 2013-November 2013 60,000 Commissioning and Fit out (Furniture, signage, storage fittings, etc) July 2013-November 2013 85,000 Contingencies (Design and Construction Contingencies) July 2013-November 2013 80,000 Total 661,500
  15. 15. 15 8. Deadline The construction of Lakeview Cafe will commence on the 1st January 2014 and the expected completion date will be a year from then.