Partnership integration
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Partnership integration






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  • There is almost no circumstance under which an HR Integration Manager would not be assigned to a new partnership project. The IR would have the authority to select the right leaders for the new partnership. He or she would also conduct and evaluate results of the SWOT Analysis and determine which positions to create to achieve strategic goals, the roles of these positions, as well as the correct personnel “fit” for each position. Company XYZ must also ascertain whether the recruitment and training programs of any potential partner work with its own.
  • It is crucial to have both partners using the same performance evaluation metrics for staff to ensure both partnership participants are contributing commensurate quality output. If downsizing is necessary, how will it be implemented? Company XYZ must be diligent in making sure unnecessary jobs are eliminated, rather than making broad cuts. Also, the cuts must be thoroughly communicated, value must be added to the jobs remaining through investing in remaining employees, and the reductions must be part of a long-term plan for increased efficiencies. Since Company XYZ is structured horizontally as a learning organization, partnering with a vertically structured company may create staffing deficiencies in their inability to work collaboratively. A thorough Action Plan, overseen by the Integration Manager, is vital to creating the policies required to guide staff integration.
  • Company XYZpromotes from within and, therefore, may find integrating with a partner who sources managers externally because their lower-level management is not usually prepared for promotion and succession. It must be determined how much input the partner will have in management team selection. The Integration Manager would be responsible for ensuring management possesses both functional and interpersonal skills.
  • In forming a partnership, Company XYZ must guarantee all cultural differences in staff recruiting and training are identified and overcome. In some cultures, politics and nepotism play a major role in career advancement, which would not assimilate well with the culture at Company XYZ. It is important for the Integration Manager to select managers who can develop staff to modify their culture to meet strategic objectives.
  • The choice should be made based on the two criteria on the horizontal and vertical axes.Reference: “Restructuring For Strategic Gain.” AccessedFebruary 5, 2011.

Partnership integration Partnership integration Presentation Transcript

  • Company XYZ .
  • Staffing Selection and HR Considerations Should Human Resources Integration Manager be assigned? Has HR SWOT Analysis been performed to help formulate staffing strategy? Do hiring/training programs and requirements complement?
  • Staffing Selection andHR Considerations(continued) How is performance evaluated? Will downsizing be necessary? Is partner structured vertically or horizontally? Has an Action Plan been developed?
  • Developing and SelectingPartnership Management Do partner succession plans complement? Does partner have voice in management selection? Will selected management have skills to overcome both strategic and cultural hurdles?
  • Potential Corporate CulturalIntegration Issues Cultural differences in staff hiring and training. Cultural barriers to promotion and career advancement. Have internal and external environmental scans been conducted to identify whether strategies and objectives are in line with organizational culture? Can the culture be easily modified?
  • Four Methods of CulturalManagement Integration – both cultures are preserved and integrated into partnership. Assimilation – domination of one culture over other due to both cultures’ perception of culture’s superiority. Deculturation – unwilling disintegration of one culture. Separation – cultural autonomy maintained.
  • How to determine whichmethod to use? How much do members of the acquired firm value preservation of their own culture? Very much Not at all Very attractive integration assimilation Perception of the attractiveness of the acquirer’s culture Not at all separation deculturation attractive
  • Before entering anypartnership, CompanyXYZ must be able toanswer the question:Can staff, leadership, and cultureeffectively combine to supportpartnership strategy?