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  • 1. Breaking down Music videos from different decadesLike a Virgin is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Madonna,released on November 12, 1984 by Sire Records. It was re-released worldwide in1985.It was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, produced by Nile Rodgersand directed by Mary Lambert.Genre - Dance-pop, synthpop singing towards the camera, eye contact with the camera to look likeshe is singing to the audience. Singing on a boat very seductively.Sound- Up beat- Fast paste- Pitch (high)Camera Shots- close ups- Wide shot- cut away- Point of view shotCamera angles- Low angle- Eye levelNarrative/Mis en sceneNot much of a story to the Music video, When singing like a Virgin she is wearing awhite dress which gives the impression of purity and innocence. The music videois provocative in some places such as when dancing she touches her body quite alot which contradicts itself by her singing like a “virgin touch for the very firsttime” then the way she is dancing and acting within the video. Also in the videothey have a shot of a lion which could be symbolic to the male character
  • 2. whomakes her feel like a virgin and that he is very masculine. Very plain locationlooks like in Venice, cannel and boats.Camera movement- panning- tracking- hand held shotEditing- Cross cutting- TransitionsHer main audience is females from the age of 16 – 50s as she was a very popularartist in the 80s and still today is doing just as well and also mixes with ourgeneration of female artists like Christina Aguilera, Britney and Nikki Minaj. Shehas her Madonna wannabes who look up to her and would love to be just like her.RepresentationThis video has sexualize she’s very seductive wearing not a lot of clothing and alsoby the way she dances.This also represents being innocent and purity by wearing a white wedding dressand by the way she is singing about a man that sweeps her off her feet.Love the Way You Lie is a song recorded by American rapper Eminem for his 2010studio albumRecovery. Released on the 10th August 2010. The Music Video wasinfluenced by Rihanna’s and Eminem’s Ex relationships. Produced and composedby Alex da Kid,the music video for "Love the Way You Lie" was Eminems third tobe directed by American filmmaker Joseph Kahn. Eminem record company isShady Records and Rihanna is Def Jam Recordings.Genre - Hip hop, pop
  • 3. Performance Both singing towards the camera, eye contact showing a lot of emotion in therefacial expressions to relate to the lyrics of the song. Cross cutting to two differentlocations Rihanna and Eminem singing in front of the house and the actors MeganFox and Dominic Monaghan showing the relationship between them.The audience is a mixture from having two different artists one who is pop/R&Band another one that is hip pop so they have a massive audience males andfemales from the ages of 14 – 40. People can relate to this video by the problemswithin the relationship.RepresentationThis music video represents relationship between two people and how they canbe troubles within the relationship. Also sex by the way she is acts with him thetension between them both and by the clothes she wears. Also the life stylehaving troubles a rundown city nothing to do and how they drink there emotionsaway.Sound- Up beat- Fast paste- RapCamera shots- close ups- Wide shot- Cut away- shot reverse shot- Point of view shotCamera angles- Low angle- Eye level- Bird eye view- High angle- Dutch tiltNarrativeShows a relationship between two people in love, how they are not in a goodplace, they fight (physically, mentally and verbally) drinking and living in no fitstate. Shows they easily forgive each other by fighting one minute then tookissing each other very passionately. How they torment each other, shows howthey respect each other and how the relationship is no serious relationship excepta bullying and game.Mis en sceneLocation America, a rundown city a house which looks run down a barn house oldand not well looked after. Costume, basic clothing for young adults, for man
  • 4. jeans, and T-Shirt, for woman Vest and Denim Shorts.Camera movement- panning- tracking- hand held shot- Crane shot- Zoom lenses-Aerial shotEditing- cross cutting- Transitions- shot reverse shot-match on match actionsChasing Pavement is the second single from soul singer Adele. It was releaseddigitally in Ireland on 13 January 2008.It was directed by Mathew Cullen ofproduction company Motion Theory.Record company XL recordings.Genre - Soul, R&B, pop is mainly females I would say ages 15 – 40 who can relate to her songs asthey are very mean full and very emotional.Representation in the video of again a relationship how it’s on the rocks, normallifestyle and working class status.PerformanceAdele singing in a car with her partner in the driver’s seat and her in the passengerseat. Showing each lyric through her facial expressions and you can see thetension between the couple and showing how he is reacting through his facialexpressions to what she is singing. Cross cuts from the narrative to the
  • 5. performance.Sound- Low beat- Slow paste- pitch (mid)Camera shots- close ups- Wide shot- Over shoulder shotCamera angles- Birds eye view- slanted- High angle- panning- trackingNarrativeBeen a car crash characters on the floor on a path, Using there physicalmovement (dancing) to put the story across. Amazingly dancing lying down andthere shadow looks like they are dancing standing up. And by the body languageshows the tension and atmosphere between the actors.Mis en sceneLocation in a forest, costume paramedic costume, normal average day clothing,jackets looks like its cold weather winter.Camera movement- panning- tracking- hand held shot- Crane shot- Zoom lenses- Aerial shotEditing- cross cutting- Transitions- shot reverse shotYou Know Im No Good is a song by the English recording artist Amy Winehouse,released as the second single from her second studio album, Back to Black.Released in 2006. The music video, directed by Phil Griffin (who also directed thevideo for her previous hit "Rehab). Record label, Universal Music Group.
  • 6. Genre - Soul, R&B, jazz, blues mainly female ages 15 – 30 middle class.RepresentationRepresents an average lifestyle. Shows troubles between her and othermen.Casual clothing.PerformanceSinging while doing the narrative. Singing to other characters and towards thecamera.Sound- Up beat- Mid paste- Pitch (mid)- TempoCamera shots- close ups- Wide shot- Point of view shot- Extreme close upCamera angles- Birds eye view- panning- High angle- Low angle- Mid angle
  • 7. NarrativeShowing everything with her lyrics for example “meet me down stairs at the barat home” there is a shot of this scene. Also “up stairs in bed with my ex boy” ascene in bed with her ex. Showing the relationship between the couple and thetroubles they have within the relationship, how the relationship has caused lot oftrouble and darkness within them. The Story is about Amy’s relationships with allthe male characters.Mis en sceneLocation a dark room with props to make different scenes such as bringing in abar, the interview room at the police station a desk and recorder and for kitchen acooker. Costumes, suits, averageevery day wear, Uniform for barman.Camera movement- panning- tracking- hand held shot- Crane shot- Zoom lenses- Aerial shotEditing- cross cutting- TransitionsShot reverse shot"Bleeding Love" is a pop/R&Bballad recorded by British singer Leona Lewis, fromher debut album, Spirit. Co-written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder (andproduced by Tedder), the song is the albums lead single (Lewiss official secondsingle following "A Moment Like This"), released in the United Kingdom andIreland in October 2007.There are two music videos for "Bleeding Love". The firstwas directed by Melina Matsoukas and was filmed in Los Angeles and Lewisfilmed a second video in New York City for the US release of "Bleeding Love". Thetreatment for the video was written by Ryan Tedder, and centres on a storylineinvolving Lewis arguing with her boyfriend, played by model Nicholas Lemons. Itwas directed by JessyTerrero. Record company Syco.
  • 8. Genre - Pop, R&B females ages 14 – 30, middle class who are mainly British as wonXFACTOR.RepresentationOf a down to earth lifestyle but also glamorous as wearing floor length gowns. Ofrelationships and the troubles within the relationship.PerformanceSinging towards the camera, eye contact in a room all alone dark with a spot lightupon her.Sound- Low beat- Fast paste- Pitch (high)- TempoCamera shots- close ups- Wide shot- Cut away- shot reverse shot- Point of view shotCamera angles- panning- High angle- Low angle- Mid angleNarrativeShows four relationships and how they are turned up side down by the male inthe relationship being unfaithful and having an affaire with another woman. Itshows all four of these relationships by cross cutting between them and showinghow they are so similar and how shows when the females find out how they react
  • 9. with the other half.Mis en sceneA block of flats, with four different apartments.Bedroom, bathroom and livingroom. Costume, underwear, sexy/seductive outfits, dresses male charactersaverage day wear.Camera movement- panning- tracking- hand held shot- Crane shot- Zoom lenses- Aerial shotEditing- cross cutting- Transitions- shot reverse shot- match on match action