Magick For The Newbie


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Complete and easy course which teaches you how to get what you want in life without using any occult system. Most accurate and complete online and offline course available. Take cotrol of Your Life

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Magick For The Newbie

  1. 1. ==== ====Do you feel powerless in life? Complete and easy course which teaches you how to get what youwant without using any occult system. ====Magick and its usesFirst of all, what is magick? How would you define magick if someone would ask? In my personalopinion, magick is creating change with the power of your mind, will or thought. When donecorrectly, magick is extremely powerful. You might not be able to throw fireballs, but you will beable to "burn" someone with enough power behind that will.Next step is to define the things you need to have, in order to cast a spell. No altars are needed,no athames (a ritual knife), no gods to ask power from. Sure, if you want to and find it useful, feelfree to do whatever you wish. But still, no matter how cool of an altar you have, magick stillrequires at least these 3 basic things:BeliefSure, you can tell your friends that you are a level 9000 Red Mage capable of summoning acatoblepas (a bull-like mythological creature), but if you don´t believe it yourself, it reallydoesnt matter how powerful you say you are.Raising energyOf course belief is not the only thing, you can believe that you can fly all you want, but if you jumpdown from a cliff you just say splat and that is the end of that. Back to business, there areMILLIONS of books on the net. Telling how to summon a succubus, how to cast that magic missileetc. etc. But NONE of them (that I know of at least) tells you how to gain the mental energy thatshocks the socks off your feet. The stupid thing about this is that the techniques I´m gonnateach you are ridiculously EASY. E-A-S-Y. All it requires from you is closing your eyes and somebasic visualization. Start using your imagination people!Energy raising, The glowing hand:Simply close your eyes and raise your hand in front of your closed eyes. Imagine your hand on ablack surface. See the entire hand as well as you can. After you think you have the hang of it, justimagine blue rays of energy seeping from the air to your fingertips. Try to time the drawing withyour breathing. Every time you inhale, see the blue light pass to your fingertips and when youexhale, see it move all around your palm. The more you train, the easier it is to feel the energy.(you can also imagine drawing different substances, like fire, metal or water)Energy raising, EartheningI know the name sounds funny, but it best describes this training. Lie down on the floor(Withoutany clothes if possible). And close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a silver globe, filled withenergy. Now grab the globe(the ground) And draw the energy inside you. Feel your body filling
  2. 2. with the silverish power. Bask in it. Feel yourself growing each time you inhale. You can continuethis as long as you wish. Just open your eyes after you think you had enoughThere are a lot more different techniques, but these I personally find the best. Now lets move tothe more difficult area. Holding the energy you have drawn.Storing energyEnergy holding, Auric VesselNow with auric I mean your aura. Everyone has one and the best part is, It´s all around youAND it has no holes in it (unless you want to of course). Sit comfortably and close your eyes,imagine your aura glowing all around you. Feel your aura all around you, sparkling and flowing. Asyou inhale, draw energy from the ground and as you exhale, move it to your aura, feel it growingas you push energy all around you. Now when it has grown enough, thin it close your skin, feel ittingle as it is powered with energy. You can do this as long as you wish, aura can handle unlimitedamounts of energy.Energy holding, Energy ballsNo, I don´t mean your own balls, pervert. Sit down comfortably again. Close your eyes andmake a "ball" with your hands. Now store energy to the empty space between your hands feel itgrowing as you push energy between them. After you have stored enough, just take the energyand put it in your pocket. Yeah I know it sounds weird, but where else??That ends my magick 101 tutorial for you guys, hope you find these exercises useful, there ARE ofcourse more in my website, for example ways to use it in fights, a few meditation techniques andsome visualisations. Feel free to check it out if you wish.I have hauled a lot of things that I have found helpful myself and stuffed it to my website. Contentabout self confidence, meditation, the occult works AND, even a bit about body language. Hopeyou find it useful. Source: ====
  3. 3. Do you feel powerless in life? Complete and easy course which teaches you how to get what youwant without using any occult system. ====