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Mc Gladrey Club Team Profile

  1. 1. Experience the power of being understood… …a profile of the McGladrey Club Practice… RSM McGladrey, Inc. and McGladrey & Pullen LLP are member firms of RSM International – an affiliation of separate and independent legal entities.
  2. 2. Sharing Our Understanding… Industry-Dedicated Leaders Proven Industry Commitment Readily Available Industry Resources Reliable Industry Insight Timely Industry Information Effective Industry Tools Value Added Deliverables
  3. 3. Industry-dedicated leaders Tammy Tassitano, CPA Partner / National Director of Club Services O 800.966.0428 Tammy currently serves as the Director of National Club Services, responsible for overseeing the private club industry group for RSM McGladrey | McGladrey & Pullen, which currently provides services to more than 300 private club clients. Tammy provides clients with a complete range of hospitality related audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. She has 20 years of experience serving hospitality organizations and specializes in planning, executing and supervising audits for the private club/association industry. Additionally, Tammy is responsible for the preparation of the Firm’s annual statistical review of more than 180 private clubs throughout Florida titled Florida Trends in Private Clubs. Tammy is a frequent speaker and has given presentations on hospitality related topics at local, regional and national CMAA, NCA and HFTP conferences. She is also a contributor to CMAA’s Understanding Club Finances and the manual tentatively titled Managing the HOA-POA Residential Golf Community.
  4. 4. Industry - dedicated leader Philip G. Newman, CPA, CIA Director O 800.966.0428 Philip G. Newman, CPA, CIA has twenty years experience in public accounting, predominantly serving the private club industry. In his role as Director of Hospitality Consulting with RSM McGladrey, Inc., Phil is responsible for projects throughout the United States, including internal control and governance reviews, operational consulting, benchmarking studies, strategic planning and the development and delivery of education products and tools for Club Boards, CEOs and CFOs. He has served on the Global Board of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) and is a frequent speaker at regional and national conference for HFTP, the Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA), and the National Club Association (NCA). A regular contributor to industry publications, Phil was a member of the CPA sub-committee involved in the preparation of the Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs and also a contributing editor to the NCA publications “Club Governance Guidelines: A Path to Organizational Excellence.” Phil was also a contributor to the HFTP/CMAA publication, “Understanding Club Finances.”
  5. 5. Industry-dedicated leader Frank T. Compiani, CPA Partner O 800.966.0428 Frank Compiani has more than 30 years of experience providing audit, accounting and other financial services to businesses in the private country club, hospitality and not-for-profit industries. Frank is a member of the McGladrey & Pullen Board of Directors and he previously served as the Executive Managing Director overseeing the Florida practice of McGladrey from June 1996 through April 2009. In addition to offering traditional accounting and tax services, Frank has assisted club members in the turnover or transition from developer control and has extensive experience evaluating and designing the internal control environment for private clubs and not-for-profit organizations. Frank’s thirty-plus years of hospitality industry experience position him to provide valuable management and operations advice. Frank is the Past Chair of The Economic Council of Palm Beach County and a member of the Board of Directors of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County. He was named 2009 Community Leader of the Year by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and received the Palm Beach Ultimate CEO Award in 2008. Frank established the Palm Beach Chapter (now the Gold Coast Chapter) of the Hospitality Financial and Technical Professionals (HFTP).
  6. 6. Industry-dedicated leader Jeffrey A. Ross, CPA Partner O 800.966.0428 Jeff Ross leads the firm’s Florida Real Estate and Hospitality practice. Jeff works closely with clients to provide audit, accounting, tax and business planning services. He has extensive experience in auditing real estate developers, hotels and resorts, and private clubs, having worked with some of the largest and most prestigious resorts and clubs in South Florida on a continuing basis since 1988. In 2002, Jeff was appointed as the real estate accountant representative for the Construction Oversight Review Committee of the Palm Beach County School Board. He was awarded the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Florida Atlantic School of Accounting in 2001 and is involved as an instructor in McGladrey’s continuing professional program. Jeff has been designated by the firm as real estate development industry specialist and concurring reviewer. In 2005, Jeff received the McGladrey Achievement Award for Excellence, one of only two partners in the Firm to receive the award.
  7. 7. Industry-dedicated leader Robert M. Salmore, CPA, CHAE Director O 800.966.0428 Bob Salmore is a Club Services Director with McGladrey’. Bob leads the Club Service Team in the West Palm Beach office, which provides accounting and consulting services to nearly sixty (60) member-owned private clubs throughout Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. In addition to offering traditional accounting and tax services, his responsibilities include evaluating operating procedures and accounting controls, with a particular emphasis on the food and beverage operations in private clubs, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Bob also represents resident groups and club members in the turnover or transition of community associations and clubs from developer control. In addition, he has provided professional services for litigation support and has given testimony as an expert witness. Bob’s thirty-plus years of hospitality industry experience position him to provide valuable management and operations advice. He has published articles on a wide variety of topics including F&B cost controls, management techniques to improve employee performance, establishing a club-wide environment of honesty and integrity, and the proper accounting treatment of natural disaster cleanup expenses. Bob authors the Club Accounting column in The Boardroom Magazine and is a frequent speaker at private club and hospitality industry conferences.
  8. 8. Proven industry committment
  9. 9. Readily available industry oriented resources
  10. 10. Reliable industry insight
  11. 11. Timely industry information
  12. 12. Effective industry tools
  13. 13. Value added deliverables Standard with your service offerings: Tailored benchmarked results Ongoing discussions on industry issues
  14. 14. We invite you to experience the power of being understood Tammy Tassitano, CPA Phil Newman, CPA, CIA National Director Club Services Director, Hospitality Consulting 800-966-0428 800-966-0428