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Development of ancillary texts 2ppt

  1. 1. Development of AncillaryDevelopment of Ancillary TextsTexts
  2. 2. Advertisement- Poster styleAdvertisement- Poster style We took several photos in different locations to find which best suits the codes and conventions we are aiming to employ and what effects we could create in the ancillary texts. We decided the location shown in both these photos was most appropriate in comparison to, the person acting as our artist, sitting on the floor or in a corridor, for example. In this location the red curtains as a background comply with the theme of red throughout this production. This photo would act as the main background to this advertisement to be edited and altered to fit the desired look. The process of this shall be outlined in the following few slides.
  3. 3. This is another of the photos we took in this location, however the props (or lack of) are more appropriate, whereas the expression of the artist is not. Therefore the prop of the flowers have been cut from this image and edited into the original alternate image (shown on previous slide). The clear surface by the feet is also more desirable than the clutter in the other photo, so this aspect was also incorporated into the original image. Furthermore the radiator and blank wall in the background does not look very appealing so the image was altered to extend the curtains to the floor. This includes the blank wall behind the wooden ‘shelf’.
  4. 4. As wings of this design shall be worn in the music video they have been inserted into this poster as though the girl in the photo is wearing them. The wings were cut out of the photo below. In photoshop the wings were then edited to look darker and fit the colour scheme of the poster more appropriately. The logo of our production name was inserted into the poster the same way as the inside of the CD cover
  5. 5. We next inserted the text and edited it to look like different textures and styles. A shadow effect was applied to “So much for MY HAPPY ENDING” as it is appropriate to our continuing themes.
  6. 6. Front of CD caseFront of CD case The front of the CD case was created by cutting out the head and neck of the singer from another photo taken for these ancillary texts. It was then edited to make the colours come across as more bold than in the original picture. The face of the singer was used as part of the ‘star construction’ which is where the continuation of the association of the track with the singer is portrayed; a style and look is created for the artist. The audience then link this style easily through the different formats which the artist is shown: the music video and in this case, the CD case and poster.
  7. 7. The wings in the background were inserted from the same cut out as the one used in the poster advertisement, however were completely filled out in one colour, therefore to continue with the bold ‘look’ the brightness and contrast have been altered to make this part of the ancillary text appear as a direct contrast with the background. The petals and rose were cut out of other photos and inserted into the frame. A few of the petals were also edited to look darker. The title of the track “My Happy Ending” and the artist’s name “Avril Lavigne” were inserted with red text over the top of the images to appear clearer on the background of predominantly black and white. The black random lines were inserted to create the effect of it having been slashed. Therefore distorting the image.
  8. 8. Inside of CD coverInside of CD cover The photo was taken in the dark with the standard flash on the camera. This was the create the idea of perspective and shadow in the distance. It also shows the reflection of the keys in the piano. (A theme of our music video) We cropped this image to the size appropriate to fit the inside of the CD case and inserted the lyrics of the song in red text. We used the colour red because it stands out clearly from the black and white background and red is one of our themes throughout all aspects of the music video. This is due to the connotations it holds and their association with the modern rock genre.
  9. 9. The text did not fit in one column and be large enough to read clearly so we created a new text box and cut some of the text across. We found that the text looks more aesthetically pleasing when centralised. To the red text we then added the white shadow effect. This gives the idea of smoke and incorporates another of our continuing themes. We next added our logo which was created separately in Photoshop to make it easy to pull across into our other Photoshop files, where our ancillary texts have all been created.
  10. 10. Back of CD caseBack of CD case This photo was taken at the location of one of the flashbacks. It represents several things with the changing colour of the leaves. The leaves die, like the relationship has in the storyline of the music video. Autumn represents change through the changing of the leaves and essenially the landscape as it would metaphorically to the characters in the music video.
  11. 11. This photo has been used as the background to this aspect of the ancillary text. It has been manipulated by converting it to black and white and changing the brightness and contrast to enhance the shadows. We inserted text with the title of the song, and the length of it, in time. A further text box was inserted saying ‘Avril Lavigne’, the artist. We changed the colour of the text to red to continue with the colour themes throughout this project, in conjunction with the connotations associated with these themes. This also means the text stands out and can be read more easily
  12. 12. Here is where three photos have been inserted and changed into black and white The third photo (at the bottom) has been scribbled over with a rubber to distort the image while still being able to tell what it was supposed to show originally. This reflects the contents of our music video. There is a scene in it where the girl in the flashback scribbles out some photos, as though attempting to erase the past.