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Linked In Bio Slides V.3 Q409

  1. 1. Kieron Sambrook-SmithIndependent Software Vendor (ISV)Business Management & Exit StrategiesQ4 2009<br />
  2. 2. My Profile<br /><ul><li> Specialise in small-medium sized ISV build & exit
  3. 3. Background selling large scale solutions for Systems Integrators
  4. 4. Global experience – EMEA, US, Eastern Europe, India, Asia Pacific
  5. 5. Sales and marketing led, underpinned by new product/market strategy
  6. 6. Requiring key business process & culture changes
  7. 7. Funding, floatation, trade sale, add-on & MBI acquisitions
  8. 8. Technology sector experience:
  9. 9. Microsoft conferencing & collaboration product add-on’s for secure information exchange (SIE) environment
  10. 10. IP network service provisioning and business process automation
  11. 11. Software based data warehousing
  12. 12. Business rules based J2EE rapid application development (RAD)
  13. 13. Large scale Microsoft implementations
  14. 14. Banking process improvement systems
  15. 15. Business & technology consulting and services</li></li></ul><li>Management Buy In (MBI) value £18m<br />CEO and owner<br />Security software<br />Government & commercial sectors <br /><ul><li>1H09 approval/exclusivity to acquire from Board of Directors and main investors (2 global Venture Capital companies)
  16. 16. Recognised as market leader, requiring investment/growth strategy
  17. 17. Further details subject to confidentiality</li></li></ul><li>Green ICT Solutions (current) Start-up<br />Founder & CEO<br />Carbon reduction and cost savings solutions in the office computing environment, VAR & Advisory Services<br />All sectors, government focus, Reference:Director at business partner (Insight Direct), SVP at ISV Verdiem<br /><ul><li>Founder & CEO, set-up & funding
  18. 18. Huge opportunity catering to European Union wide Carbon Reduction (CRC) legislation and cost savings</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Significant partnerships with large global Systems Integrators and software hardware resellers
  19. 19. Value add through software sales process support to partners, technical evaluations to prove savings and business case workshops to further bolster and accelerate customer procurement</li></li></ul><li>Boldon James, QinetiQ (2.5 years) value £20m<br />Global Sales & Marketing Director (Boldon James, a QinetiQ company)<br />Security plug-in software for Microsoft communications and collaboration products<br />Secure government, defence & intelligence sectors , Reference: 2 Director level managers<br /><ul><li>Board level role, P&L responsibility, 7% ownership
  20. 20. Remit to ready company & execute trade sale – achieved £20m sale to QinetiQ, October 2007
  21. 21. Significant culture and corporate strategy changes to 21 year old company</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Comprehensive renewal of sales, marketing, development & support functions; significant business process and culture change across the company
  22. 22. Company repositioning from single product; Email security, through MMHS (Military Message Handling Systems) solution set, to new market space; Secure Information Exchange (SIE) solutions
  23. 23. Alignment with Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) strategy resulted in $300k partner marketing funding, installation into 8 global Solutions Centres and significant sales channel
  24. 24. Successful expansion of current territories and new sector growth; new product sales (company’s largest ever deal at £5m) and Enterprise Agreement (£48m)</li></li></ul><li>Product & market repositioning at Boldon James<br />Expand single product to solution set, aligned to Microsoft Unified Communications<br />MMHS <br />Military Message <br />Handling System<br />Secure Information Exchange (SIE) positioning <br />Create new market space and align to Microsoft platforms <br />Directories<br />Other Microsoft UC Platforms<br />IM, Video conferencing, VoIP, Document Management<br />Profilers<br />SAFEmail<br />SAFEchat<br />SAFEmail<br />Gateways<br />SAFEmeeting<br />SAFEoffice<br />SAFEconnect<br />Microsoft Unified Communications (UC)<br />Formatted <br />Messaging<br />Exchange<br />Email<br />Exchange<br />Instant Messaging<br />LCS<br />Email<br />Exchange<br />Conferencing<br />OCS<br />Desktop<br />Office <br />Documents<br />Collaboration<br />SharePoint<br />New SIE products<br />Gateways<br />
  25. 25. Intelliden (3 years) value £67m<br />Sales Director, EMEA (Intelliden)<br />IP network service provisioning, activation and configuration management<br />Telecoms & banking sectors , Reference: VP EMEA and CTO<br /><ul><li>P&L responsibility, 40,000 share options
  26. 26. Remit to create new markets/large key account sales to ensure £34m mezzanine funding & trade sale</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Built sales, marketing, product management and customer support capability outside U.S. (12 FTE’s)
  27. 27. Product repositioning for EMEA marketplace from network configuration management tool to IP service provisioning and activation application, allowing flow-through integration with OSS/BSS components such as inventory, billing and order management; enabling Telco’s to compete with global SI’s Managed Services businesses. Also created SOX compliance proposition for banks.
  28. 28. Incorporation of product set into IBM Global Services’ IMS (IP Multi-media Services) proposition
  29. 29. New country sales into U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Africa
  30. 30. £20m sale to UK telco British Telecom Global Services (BTGS)</li></li></ul><li>Marketing <br />Destabalise opposition<br />Branding<br />XML<br />GUI<br />API<br />Network<br />Visibility<br />Control<br />Zero errors<br />Performance<br />Provide<br />Manual activation<br />Commissioning<br />Management<br />Assure sync<br />Inventory sync<br />Real-time<br />Inventory =<br />Rt provisioning<br />API = flow-thru<br />Product Management<br />Flexible services<br />Faster time 2 market<br />New services<br />Converged services<br />Co-managed services<br />Differentiation<br />Field Engineering<br />Commissioning<br />Fault resolution<br />New model<br />Skills transfer<br />Productivity<br />Assure<br />Fault resolution<br />Conformance<br />CERTS<br />Audit & Compliance<br />Self healing<br />Product repositioning at Intelliden<br />S & M<br />Network configuration management to OSS/BSS business value<br />Customer / SP <br />relationship<br />Overall Business <br />High value service revenue<br />Wholesale substitution<br />Customer acq = upsell<br />Reduced Op cost<br />Customer<br />On demand<br />Self-service<br />New SLA<br />Pricing model <br />Service choice<br />Lock-in<br />Value & <br />Loyalty<br />Sales<br />Reactive to proactive approach improves service levels<br />Standardisation = Lower coo<br />Issues <br />eg. Sarbanes-Oxley<br />Intelliden<br />S & M<br />Network & Operations<br />
  31. 31. Aruna (1 year) value £8M <br />Sales Director, UK (Aruna) now<br />Software/Intel based data warehousing technology<br />Telecoms & banking sectors, Reference: Chairman & CEO and CTO<br /><ul><li>P&L responsibility, 3,000 share options
  32. 32. Remit to create new proposition, markets and large account sales
  33. 33. Angel investment key to growth (£1.7m)</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Built sales, marketing, development & product support team to 22 FTE’s
  34. 34. Created telco revenue assurance, banking reconciliation & SI data unification solutions
  35. 35. Created data mart addition to IBM Global Services’ Data Warehousing SWAT team solution set </li></li></ul><li>Oracle DW<br />Depts create <br />own local DM’s<br />Aruna<br />DM’s<br />Ad-hoc query<br />Aruna’s English language i/face<br />provides conversational query speed <br />100x <br />faster<br />Users<br />Users manage <br />bulk of query /<br />BO reporting reqs<br />BO <br />Reporting<br />Low cost,<br />very high<br />performance<br />S<br />L<br />A<br />Operational<br /> source <br />systems<br />Smaller EDS <br />team supporting only<br />complex reporting reqs<br />Support<br />Improve SLA, renegotiate<br />contract pricing upwards<br />& reduce delivery cost<br />Expensive & slow<br />Oracle/Sequent<br />DM<br />Product repositioning at Aruna<br />From accelerated database technology to data unification tool for SI’s, reconciliation solution for banks and revenue assurance for telecoms<br />Investment<br />Capital<br />Markets<br />Retail <br />Aruna<br />&apos;overall view&apos; of lending <br />across the banks various systems…<br />…large amounts of detailed data, highly interrelated in Aruna, and optimised for complex query analysis<br />
  36. 36. Versata (1 year) value $1B<br />Regional Sales Director, UK (Versata)<br />Business rules based J2EE Rapid Application Development (RAD)<br />Telecoms & banking sector focus, Reference: Chairman and VP EMEA<br /><ul><li>20,000 share options, £30k personal investment
  37. 37. General sector, promotion included U.K. channels</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>New channel and direct sales to various banks
  38. 38. Incorporation into Cap Gemini ADC (Accelerated Development Centres) </li></li></ul><li>Digital/Compaq (3 years)<br />Account Director, Reuters/Global Banks (Digital/Compaq Global Services)<br />Computer hardware, software & services solutions<br />Banking sector focus, Reference: Head of EMEA Managed Services business<br /><ul><li>Hired to build services business in Reuters account (EMEA)
  39. 39. Promoted to global banking sector solutions sales</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>£40m Cisco hardware deal with Reuters
  40. 40. £18m relocation & technology renewal deal with West Deutsche Landesbank (WestLB)</li></li></ul><li>Amdahl (5.5 years)<br />Technology Consultant, Marketing Manager (EMEA) and Sales Manager, Amdahl/DMR Consulting now<br />Computer hardware, software & services solutions<br />All sectors, Reference: Head of EMEA services business (Ex) and EMEA Marketing Director (Ex)<br /><ul><li>Promoted from technology consultant through 2 year marketing placement to sales
  41. 41. Selected for MBA programme</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li>Led marketing initiative that entered Amdahl into European distributed computing services market
  42. 42. New customer win - £1m p.a services contract with J.Sainsburys Plc</li>